Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
Humanity Is Screwed


The title of this essay is not at all pessimistic. It's actually an honest assessment compiled by reviewing both overt and covert opinions of different people from different walks of life who attempt to portray some level of optimism... as a survival reflex, that overall conditions in life for humanity will improve... though they inherently remain skeptical because their personal memories and readings of history tell them otherwise. On an individual basis, conditions might well improve... for a few whose exclamations are permitted a loud bullhorn of journalistic boasting, because the news media is bought and paid for like so many other advertisement companies offering a service. But, improvements do not appear to be the rule of thumb for humanity the whole. If it isn't the environment which will have the last word, it is some back-stabbing, double-dealing, criminally oriented business, government or religious entity... all of whom will back one another up so long as they can get a cut of some profit for their individual coffers... and let the rest of humanity be damned if it doesn't like it.

  • When the American people are confronted by a system that no longer advances the practice of a 3-branched government and are instead faced with a 1-branch formula derived from party politics, and this is not the government the public signed on for... as taught to them in school— and has subsequently been shown to be a pack of lies; the American people are screwed.

  • When the people are forced to abide by a health care system that is so sub-standard none of our Legislators, their families, nor anyone else in government or medical services industry will go near it; because the people are being provided a palliative... like a slow acting poison. Otherwise, their claims of having legislated an "adequate" Health care system would be used by all of them because it would be second to none, instead of exhibiting a "tossing of scraps" to the public... and have the gall to claim it is an "affordable" system... in that they can be afforded something better at the expense of the public. The people want the same Health care system that Legislators get... because the public's taxes pay for it, and that afforded to businesses through tax subsidies... we must have the same healthcare system or use force to ensure everyone gets the same type of care... or legislators should be the first to go without. Otherwise, the people will continue to be screwed.

  • When businesses are permitted to cross borders in order to exploit the human labor of other societies because their own governments do not provide enough needed assistance, humanity is screwed.

  • When the people are subjected to recurring forms of economic systems that are as inherently unstable as the collective mentality of humanity, "relative stability" is all that can be measured because economic systems are susceptible to the vagaries of various human influenced pollutions such as air, water, soil, food, religion, science, art, politics/law, and the multiple other forms of cultural integrations; as well as the incremental deteriorations of the planet, solar system, and galaxy... presenting us all with the situation we are screwed.

  • When Americans have an elections system which permits the exercise of an Electoral College that legalizes a means by which the collective vote of the people can be undermined... in an incestuous manner by their own political system whose mentality retains a hold on a barbarous primivity, they are screwed.

  • When people throughout the world are manipulated by their respective religions to do the bidding of those who claim to be spokes-people for a god who says they must kill others in order to re-establish some true religion, humanity is screwed.

  • When the people are subjected to a market system economy that is registered by a stockmarket whose increased derivatives of wealth do not equate with a "robust" equality for everyone as exhibited by an increased standard of living, the people are screwed.

  • When the old valuation of being able to circumvent large monopolies to supplant their greed to enable the little guy and gal to obtain a larger income to offset losses incurred by government-sponsored profiteering, humanity is screwed.

  • When the greatest obstacles to advancing towards a brighter future for everyone is caused by the calculated moves of businesses, governments and religions wanting to maintain the solvency of a social atmosphere which enables a few to prosper at the expense of the many, humanity is screwed.

  • When the publics throughout the world are subjected to governing systems advancing unequal rights and economic policies which Legislators do not have to suffer the debilitating consequences of so as to be forced to make corrective changes, humanity is screwed.

  • When the publics of the world have leaderships who do not have the intelligence, wisdom, foresight, insight, and creative thinking skills needed to assist the people as an honest "path finder", thus forcing the people to await some liberator that far too many false prophets attempt to take advantage of; humanity is screwed.

  • When governments will not fund the necessary means to establish civilizations away from Earth and the Milky Way galaxy because environmental conditions on Earth are incrementally deteriorating causing recurring adjustments in belief system rationalizations as a means of maintaining some measure of equilibrium, humanity is screwed.

But, whoa!!! Let us slow down a bit for those readers whose interest in politics and social systems is limited to politics by reading bits and pieces of information from internet source(s) whose writers have similarly limited interests; and thus bring a limited amount of information to bear on a perspective. In other words, in so very many cases, there is very little comparative analysis taking place with other subject areas that help to provide an enlarged view with an attempt to establish some value of comprehensiveness. For example, because the military is like a government unto itself... existing within yet another government (notwithstanding the many operations carried out by those who are affecting their own type of inter-departmental governance and politics in and out of the military); we need to take a look at it because its functionality has such a large impact on civilian life. For example, because the U.S. military stresses that its operational mandate is to be the champion of democracy, it is necessary to point out this belief is an hypocrisy, even if every single person in the military believes it, as do many in the civilian sector.

The Military denoted as a Communist-Socialism Welfare State

It goes without saying that by changing the perception of the Military's philosophy amongst military personnel and the general public, this would have a dramatic effect on overall government policies. For example, because there is so much effort by which governments engage in underhanded instigations of conflict that will require military intervention and thus call for increased spending so that one or another company and government officials can make a fortune off of, imagine the impact if everyone in the military woke up one morning and found themselves living out a lie that they could no longer rationalize as a necessity. By altering the philosophical perceptions of the military belief system by showing the level of its hypocrisy, we can force a change in the overall character of business, government and religion.

The military is the largest and most expensive welfare system all governments— via taxes, have to support. It goes without saying that if no one needed a military, all the money and resources provided to the military could be spent on the whole of public; that is if we didn't have to contend with greedy people in the business, government and religious sectors. In essence, every branch and department of government are different business models with their own belief systems which advance their own mission statements, though realistically, the whole of business, government and religion should have the same mission on behalf of improving life for the whole of humanity.

Let us now also peer into the recesses of ideological considerations for establishing a health care system that is being described as "complicated" by America's court jester of a President, because it is being explained to him by those who want to afford themselves an excuse not to come up with a health care system for everyone on an equal basis; because they do not want to advance a true equality but a more entrenched entitlement system... because they won't go near the pathetic health care system they want the public (to be) forced to take... so that a few can be enriched in a convoluted system. When understanding the dynamics of a simple yo-yo is beyond Trump's comprehension... his egotistical personality is becoming more and more manipulated, whereby— like the dementia exhibited early-on by Ronald Regan and the malformed monkey brain of Bush the minor, there is a developing requirement for Trump to be schooled in what to believe and say in a very public venue so that those in the government can exhibit but another facade to the world... that all is well in their make-believe Emerald city of Washington... by keeping idiots in check. They want the American government to look good so that they can look good even though the presidency is filled by a Dunderhead and his like-minded ilk who are dumber than crash dummies. He can't possibly grasp what is needed for a National health care system being subjected to the dictates of those with a voracious greed... much less grasp the need for initiating a heath care system for everyone in the Northern, Central and Southern Americas... and indeed, the entire world, which is what humanity needs. This can not be achieved with so many greedy people placed into social leadership positions whose compliance to the collective Will of the People must be insured, or their removal must be enforced.

But let us now venture into an area of consideration that is not customarily found on web pages dedicated to revealing problems being effected by governments and businesses (if not religions) in their respective hypocrisies. In this instance, let us refer to the previous remark about the 3 branches of government becoming 1 branch based on party politics. We refer the reader to an article by Mickey Edwards (Feb. 27, 2017) entitled We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government. It's too bad it took him 29 years of a political career to grasp an appreciation what many a housewife, homeless person, and other "average" person has figured out by having listened to the same political nonsense time and again without anyone stepping up to the plate on behalf of the public... except for a line-up of party-line stooges.

And though many a reader might agree with Mr. Edwards' assessment, the problem still remains of where and why such a "3 into 1" fusion has taken place, despite the explanation provided for in the article. Yet, because so many readers do not engage in a comparative analyses of information from divergent sources, they may not be receptive to viewing an explanation which requires a broad perspective. In other words, because we can find the same type of fusion having occurred elsewhere, there must be something other than mere politics influencing the behavior. For example, the words used in the "3 to 1" phrase do not need to be strictly adhered to. One must allow for flexibility in dealing with different subject areas, just as one makes allowances for translations. For example, we can remove the "in" portion of the "into" word to produce the phrase "3 to 1" ratio, though by using a sort of inverse property of addition, we could write it as "1 from 3" or say the former as "3 and 1". While using a strict numerical form of mathematics operation we would have a "2" (3 - 1) or a "4" (3 + 1), it might appear to some that two separate results are being discussed— but the reality is that they are different vantage points of the same occurrence. Hence, the "2" represents a perspective that is too close and the "4" is too far, though both are talking about the same phenomena. It is much like the Lilliputians in the story of Gulliver's travels in which one country prefers to break open an egg at the big end and another country prefers the little end... both of which insist the other is wrong and therefore go to war over the disagreement.

Before going further, it may be helpful if the present information is placed into the context of thinking about the development of a system of measurement that might be applicable to the representative "science" business-end of the label "political science". The means of developing a quantitative measuring device would enable present philosophical interpretations to remove at least some of the subjectivity and help to establish a baseline for categorizing subjective (speculative) material into an organized framework because of the underlying expressions of basic cognitive patterns being displayed... but are customarily overlooked by conventional approaches to analysis which utilizes restrictive criteria to assist most researchers in grasping some (traditionalized) subject-relevant interpretation using subject-restricted vocabularies and methodologies for organizing information so as to support established theoretical indices. With this said, perhaps the addition of an excerpt from the Britannica may be helpful in clarifying such a model of thinking, because it represents the old way of thinking while at the same time walks at the territorial edge in defining why there are few who venture far from the familiar and accepted standards:

Since most social theories are speculative in nature, attempts to establish standard measuring sequences or techniques for them have met with limited success. Some of the problems involved in social measurement include the lack of universally accepted theoretical frameworks and thus of quantifiable measures, sampling errors, problems associated with the intrusion of the measurer on the object being measured, and the subjective nature of the information received from human subjects. Economics is probably the social science that has had the most success in adopting measurement theories, primarily because many economic variables (like price and quantity) can be measured easily and objectively. Demography has successfully employed measurement techniques as well, particularly in the area of mortality tables.

Source: "Measurement." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Cover of Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, fast and slow book (10K)

The problem with relying on economics as a poster child is that there is an inclination to use any and all information to make money. With money as the motivating factor, a desperate person making a buck might well claim a particular bit of information is of absolute necessity and therefore relevant, when it actually represents the excitement of a child having caught their first fish. While quantitative results can be acquired, they tend to be selectively oriented and not comprehensively oriented. In other words, if an accumulation of data helps to provide a sizable income, the desire for sustaining the income may be used as evidence that the model having been developed is of great value. For example, the application of psychology and its penchant for using dichotomies that are then applied to economics from which is written a book such as the "Thinking, Fast and Slow" (2011) by Daniel Kahneman which was an intended lay-person's outline of the article "Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decisions Under Risk" (1979), which he and Amos Tversky had worked on; and is part of the older "dual process theory" supposition found in older psychology ideas... and has been explored in the "Let's Talk seriously about Peace" series on Page 18. While there are many "two" ideas (dualities, dichotomies, pairs, twins, etc...), such theorists who rely on this framework dispense with paying attention to any other numerically identifiable patterns (imagine an economist disregarding numbers!), such as the "two" related to one, three, four, etc..., in terms of cognitive patterning. If they did, they would not only catalogue various examples, but eventually come to realize that there is a conservation of number usage taking place and that this limitation appears to be environmentally influenced. Also, such a conservation suggests human imagination is limited as well. All of which is due to an ongoing incremental deterioration in overall planetary configurations that humanity can't do anything about except adopt a behavioral repertoire based on a methodology of developing belief systems that are little more than "adjustable rationalizations" as the required survival mechanism to sustain some measure of equilibrium... like a person on a deteriorating ship in the middle of an ocean supplied with deteriorating provisions and an increasing population to be served, who must rely on some philosophy (or religion, science, art, music, politics, etc...), that has an underlying attitude of "making the best of deteriorating conditions".

Paul MacLean's Triune brain idea

With respect to the "3 -to- 1" ratio pattern, most people appear to hold a pen or pencil with three fingers. Hence, we have three fingers holding 1 object. Another example is the occurrence of three colors (red, yellow, green) in one street light and the human brain is sometimes referred to as 3 brains in one according to the Paul MacLean division of a Triune brain: Neo-mammalian (new mammal), Paleo-mammalian/old mammal (limbic system), Reptilian. There are of course other representations of the three -to- one expression such as three punctuations which can end "a" (one) sentence, three Germ layers (Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm) to "each" (singular/one) complex organisms from flat worms to humans (though less complex ones either grow from two germ layers or one layer... thus indicating the existence of a 1, 2, 3 maturational development sequence is a numerical valuation we have to contend with because of its occurrence in different subject areas). And let us also cite the usage of three colors on many "individual" National flags (such as red, white, blue), and three grades of gasoline available at most gasoline pumps in the U.S... noting that diesel is a fuel oil, though if we include it in the line-up we have another type of 3 -to- 1 reference. No less, we have the same three amino acids appearing in DNA and RNA (adenosine- cytosine- guanine) while they are differentially identified by the existence of respectively having Thymine and Uracil... in other words, are three -to-one references just as is the usage of a comma after each third place to differentiate ones, tens, hundreds from thousands, etc... Hence, we can find the 3 "to/and/from/with" 1 formula in genetics, anatomy and in various ideologies, not to mention three large particles (protons- neutrons- electrons) in every atom, 3 families of fundamental particles (stable, unstable, highly unstable), and each particle having three quarks and three anti-quarks; which does not begin to discuss the arrangements of dichotomies as part of a larger perspective involving human cognition. And yet in citing these few examples of 3 to 1 variations, we have not yet attempted to address the origin thereof, though there is a hint of an effort in our naming representations of fundamental states of existence such as solids- liquids- gases in a life necessary chemistry involving the 3-molecules substance known as water.

In terms of from a simple design to greater complexity, as seen in simple and complex life forms and the differences observed in simple complex social structures (such as insects or the large herds seen in multiple mammal groups); we also see this in terms of plant breeding occurrences of both natural and artificially induced instances as can be deduced from the following illustration, though some readers may have difficulty in making the analogical comparison between it and increasing sociological structures exhibiting an underlying usage of a three -to- one ratio (despite the presence of the triplistic division of lower- middle- upper class divisions)— across time periods and generations (not only in the domain of basic biology but human sociology and history as well):

3 -to- 1 ratio example (9K)

Image Source: 3 to 1 ratios page A

In order to address the issue of the "3 to 1" phenomena occurring in various subject areas, noting that even our views of genetics and physics our products of our minds; we must ask what existed so many billions of years ago which may have initiated the three -to- one pattern, and whether or not there is cause for concern if the origin(s) thereof are themselves subject to further change? At present, disregarding the consideration that such an origin exists beyond the present purview of humanity from the vantage point on Earth, that which is to consider... like so many observers of nature in various ancient histories; we turn to the dominant forces of water and solar irradiation. Without either, life as we know it would be impossible. Hence, we find three molecules in every atom of water and the Sun exhibits three "moments" (dawn- noon- dusk). While the three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas, water has representative constructs of all three. And with respect to the Sun, we need to increase our perspective of its influence by taking into consideration that in the very distant past when basic organic molecules were being formed in what is sometimes referred to as the primordial soup or broth; before green and blue algae increased the content of atmospheric oxygen, the rotation of the Earth was much faster than it is today and the Moon had a much closer proximity... thus affecting increased tidal behavior.

Here is a small image illustrating the fusion of the Sun's three "moments" and are no doubt the earliest influence of the Judeo-Christian concept of "three persons" in one godhead (despite the references in Matt: 28:19 and 2 Cor. 13:14); particularly when we note that many a researcher has time and again pointed out the relevance between the "Son" spelling and the "Sun", to give a direct reference to pagan origins of the initial idea and its relationship to the Sun's influence. For example, (The "father" [dawn] wakes you up in the morning. The "Sun/Son" is "suspended" above, beyond and with one's daily life, and the "holy spirit" is an articulated numinous/shadowy presence...transitioning between the light and darkness of comprehension, or the presumption of cyclicity found in the ideas of other cultures referring to birth, life, death—rebirth, life, death... rebirth, life, death... rebirth, life, death, etc...

From: solarmythology.com
History of Research into Solar Mythology and the Bible

The knowledge that the stories in the Bible are actually allegories rooted in Solar Mythology is nothing new. There is evidence that people were well aware of it at the time of the formation of the Catholic Church. There is also evidence that these people were eliminated by the Catholic Church and all books exposing the allegory were burned.

Source: Solar Mythology page 2

It should be noted for those readers that in providing references to the "3 -to- 1" ratio from a variety of subject areas, the inclusion of an example as the Christian concept of the Trinity may incline them to think this essay is about religion, when it is far from the truth. Similarly, when we make the distinction that there is a concentrated representation of "three-patterned" references in the New Testament as opposed to the Old Testament, just as there is a greater usage of "three-patterned" ideas amongst the later American culture as opposed to the early born European cultures, some readers overlook the "before and after" states of being as that which represents a developmental trend... like the 1, 2, 3 maturational development sequence found in the three Germ layers. The fact that there is no reference to the "Trinity"-as-a-word in the Bible at all, yet it is developed from ideas in the "later born" New testament... gives evidence of a developmental change in the thinking of at least some humans into a more pronounced articulation of a three-to-one pattern. An excerpt from the Britannica about the origin of the Trinity (from a biblical and not a developmental perspective) may be of some interest to a few readers, so long as they are cautioned against any inclination to perceive there is any intention on this writer's part to portray any religious advocacy whatsoever. The present essay is not about religion but about an environmentally induced cognitive pattern arising from an adaptation to deteriorating environmental conditions that humanity must adapt to in order or maintain some believed in semblance of equilibrium.

(The Trinity) in Christian doctrine, the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead.

Neither the word Trinity nor the explicit doctrine appears in the New Testament, nor did Jesus and his followers intend to contradict the Shema in the Hebrew Scriptures: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord" (Deuteronomy 6:4). The earliest Christians, however, had to cope with the implications of the coming of Jesus Christ and of the presumed presence and power of God among them—i.e., the Holy Spirit, whose coming was connected with the celebration of the Pentecost. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were associated in such New Testament passages as the Great Commission: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19); and in the apostolic benediction: "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all" (2 Corinthians 13:14). Thus, the New Testament established the basis for the doctrine of the Trinity.

The doctrine developed gradually over several centuries and through many controversies. Initially, both the requirements of monotheism inherited from the Hebrew Scriptures and the implications of the need to interpret the biblical teaching to Greco-Roman religions seemed to demand that the divine in Christ as the Word, or Logos, be interpreted as subordinate to the Supreme Being. An alternative solution was to interpret Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three modes of the self-disclosure of the one God but not as distinct within the being of God itself. The first tendency recognized the distinctness among the three, but at the cost of their equality and hence of their unity (subordinationism); the second came to terms with their unity, but at the cost of their distinctness as "persons" (modalism). It was not until the 4th century that the distinctness of the three and their unity were brought together in a single orthodox doctrine of one essence and three persons.

The Council of Nicaea in 325 stated the crucial formula for that doctrine in its confession that the Son is "of the same substance [homoousios] as the Father," even though it said very little about the Holy Spirit. Over the next half century, Athanasius defended and refined the Nicene formula, and, by the end of the 4th century, under the leadership of Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa, and Gregory of Nazianzus (the Cappadocian Fathers), the doctrine of the Trinity took substantially the form it has maintained ever since. It is accepted in all of the historic confessions of Christianity, even though the impact of the Enlightenment decreased its importance.

Source: "Trinity." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Whereas the following image does not show the slowing of the Earth nor the Moon receding as part of the three-patterned effect the Sun-Earth-Moon complex has made throughout antiquity from which have been established various mythologies, (some peoples reverently reference the Sun, others the Moon, and still others reverently say "Mother Earth"). While the image does show the browning of the Earth's surface, it doesn't describe changes in water, air or soil content... nor changes in business, culture, government, religion, science, or biology/physiology... etc... In other words, the image is rather a simplistic account with the primary intent of displaying the incremental "fusion" of the Sun's three "moments" (dawn- noon- dusk) in a sort of time-elapsed scenario that causes all biological life to make incremental adaptations headed towards an eventual demise, unless humanity gets off this planet, away from the solar system, and away from this galaxy. in addition the second image displays the influential "subliminal" pattern being exhibited by the Sun and Moon. In other words, despite ancient views about the Sun proceeding "across" the sky in a linear fashion, or "over" the Earth in a (circular) dome-like configuration, the path is triangular. No doubt this is what influenced the ideas of pyramid constructions, Native American Tee-pees, arrow/spearheads, V-shaped engine blocks, etc., including truncated or abbreviated variations such as those seen in the flight patterns of migrating birds (Vee-shaped, L or "7"-shaped, and the diagonal line-shaped).

Three moments in one Sun are fusing

Incremental fusion of three solar "moments" either by enlargement of the Sun and/or slowing of the Earth's rotation rate, coupled with the Moon moving away from the Earth (thus affecting a change in the "washing machine" effects of the tides). Some think that the Sun will one day expand to engulf Mercury, Venus and the Earth (thus the apparent "shrinkage" of the Earth in this image with respect to its decreasing distance from an expanding Sun).
Sun and Moon along triangular pathways

Triangular path of the Sun and Moon inflecting a "subliminal" triangular pattern as "after-image" effects on human consciousness.

Migrating bird flight formations

The above (to the right) image was adapted from:

--- University of Massachusetts Sunwheel ---

...and you can find a link for the original on this page at the Sunwheel logo:

--- Solar Folklore ---

Source for both images: Threes Hypothesis page 3

A faster spinning Earth would have made the dawn, noon, dusk solar events occur at a faster rate... that we might want to suggest presented the early building blocks of life with a three-patterned stroboscopic irradiation effect... thus intensifying the light/dark exposure which has been noted as being expressly important in biological growth activity. However, with an increased intensity of the sun due to a diminished ozone protective shield coupled with a slowing rotation of the Earth, receding moon, and eventual burnout of the Sun, the dynamics of the Sun - Earth- Moon complex is altering the simple three-patterned event. With respect to the 3 to 1 ratio, the effects of this changing complex are precipitating an earlier arrival of a 3 to 1 "fusion" that occurs when a sun expands along its track of decay. In other words, from our perspective on Earth, the three-patterned "branding iron" effect of the Sun's three stroboscopic events are fusing together, resulting in adaptations which reflect this pattern. This is why we are seeing the phenomena not only in politics, but the Christian religion has a representative model of the influence as expressed in the idea of the Trinity... referred to as "Three persons in one god". All such three -to- one ideas are symbolic references to an environmental influence directed towards a decay. Humanity will perish if doesn't leave the Earth... if not the entire galaxy.

It is necessary for the reader to also be mindful of the rate of slowing and the appearance of different life forms, such that the appearance of the earliest human ancestor occurred within a given rotation rate of the Earth, suggesting humanity may be rotation rate specific. In other words, it may not be possible for humanity to adapt to a greatly increased slowing of the Earth's rotation rate because our biology and/or physiology has a limitation or in mechanical terms, a governor attached to it which prevents humans from existing on a planet with too slow a rotation rate because of established (and therefore expected) biological and circadian rhythms. Let us use the following comments as a starting point in such an idea:

If we assume that the rate of slowing of the earth's rotation has been constant, we can calculate the number of days in a year at various times in the past (Hayward, 1985, p. 95). Suppose we want to know how many days made up a year in the Devonian period, estimated to have been some 400 million years ago. Each day was 20 sec shorter per million years x 400 million years = 8,000 seconds shorter. This means each day was only 21.8 hours long then, as opposed to 24 hours per day now. Since a year is 8799 hours long (24 hours/day x 365.25 days/year, using modern-length days) and this length has not changed, we can calculate the number of ancient days in a Devonian year by dividing 8766 hours/year by 21.8 hours/day, to get about 400 days/year. A similar calculation for the Pennsylvanian period, beginning about 280 million years ago, gives 22.4 hours/day, or 390 days in the Pennsylvanian year.

The reason for choosing the Devonian and Pennsylvanian periods is that we can check to see if these calculations correspond to reality. In certain modern corals and shellfish, we find growth-bands that indicate yearly, monthly, and even daily growth, rather like the annual rings that trees produce. By counting these bands, we can determine how long a particular coral or shellfish lived just as we can for a tree by counting its rings. We can also see that there are about thirty daily bands per month and about 365 daily bands per year for modern corals and shellfish. But careful analysis of the growth-bands of fossil corals and shellfish from the Devonian and Pennsylvanian has confirmed that years in these periods contained more days than years do now, and that the number of days per year for both these periods is remarkably close to the values calculated above.

This correlation between theory and observation is striking. After all, three different modes of dating are used here, and they all correlate with each other. The fossils are dated by the rock layers in which they are found, which dating ultimately depends on radiometric methods (decay rates of radioactive elements). The growth bands in the fossils are biological in origin, depending on the response of the organism to daily, monthly and yearly changes in environment (light, weather, and temperature). The earth's slowdown is an astronomical phenomenon. The three processes upon which the dates depend - radioactivity, biological growth, and tidal friction - are independent processes, yet all three combine to form a coherent, natural picture of what is happening.

Source: Are Humans Rotation Rate Specific? page 3

Three -to- one examples

Let us provide you with some additional examples of the three -to- one reference:

3 1
3 grouped (drumming) beats separated by 1 emphasized beat (Native American)
3 ordinary dimensions: Length ~ Width ~ Depth 1 Time dimension
3 fundamental gauge forces: Strong - Weak - Electromagnetic 1 fundamental non-gauge force: Gravity
3 "even" amino acids: Adenosine ~ Cytosine ~ Guanine 1 "odd": Uracil (RNA), Thymine (DNA)
3 basic protein structures: Primary - Secondary - Tertiary 1 composite protein structure: Quaternary

Analytical and synthetic procedures reveal only the primary structure of the proteins—that is, the amino acid sequence of the peptide chains. They do not reveal information about the conformation (arrangement in space) of the peptide chain—that is, whether the peptide chain is present as a long straight thread or is irregularly coiled and folded into a globule.

The terms secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure are frequently applied to the configuration of the peptide chain of a protein. A nomenclature committee of the International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) has defined these terms as follows: The primary structure of a protein is determined by its amino acid sequence without any regard for the arrangement of the peptide chain in space. The secondary structure is determined by the spatial arrangement of the main peptide chain without any regard for the conformation of side chains or other segments of the main chain. The tertiary structure is determined by both the side chains and other adjacent segments of the main chain, without regard for neighboring peptide chains. Finally, the term quaternary structure is used for the arrangement of identical or different subunits of a large protein in which each subunit is a separate peptide chain.

Source: "Protein." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.
3 (DNA) bases code for: 1 amino acid
3 Amino acid Stop codons 1 Amino acid Start codon
3 Domains (Archaea- Bacteria- Eucarya) represent 1 Tree of Life planetary system
Three domain system of Carl Woese
3 (metal) vending coins: Nickels ~ Dimes ~ Quarters 1 relational (paper) form: Dollar bill
3 numbered potatoes: 1 potato ~ 2 potato ~ 3 potato 1 un-numbered 4 (counting game)
3 numbered bits: 2 bits ~ 4 bits ~ 6 bits 1 un-numbered: a dollar (cheer-leading)
3 face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 related Ace card (faceless)
3 typically used face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 less commonly used face card: Joker
3 rhymes: eeny ~ meeny ~ miney separated by 1 (mo) of another 3: (mo ~ toe ~ go)
3 indoor coverings: Curtains ~ Blinds ~ Shades 1 related outdoor: Shutters
3 God labels: He ~ She ~ It 1 relational: Non-Entity (non-existence)
3 numbered bases: 1st ~ 2nd ~ 3rd related to 1 unnumbered: Home plate/base
3 customary years 1 relational: leap year
3 primary cycles: Intake ~ Compression ~ Power 1 relational: Exhaust
3 "element" A-U-M = "OM"
(Birth~ Being~ Dissolution)
1 relational: Silence
3 step shampooing: Wet hair ~ Lather ~ Rinse 1 relational: Repeat as desired
3 female desires for a man: Tall ~ Dark ~ Handsome 1 relational: Rich
NREM (non rapid eye movement)is divided into three stages REM is usually referred to as a single phase
(Despite the fact that a complex set of physiological fluctuations takes place in REM sleep.)
3 part call: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 1 relational: The court is now in session
3 part game call: Apples ~ Peaches ~ Pumpkin Pie 1 relational: Who's not ready hollar I
3 basic forms of matter: Solids ~ Liquids ~ Gases
(Earth- Water- Air)
1 relational: Plasma
3 (metrical foot) stressed syllables 1 relational unstressed syllable
3 guitarists (Beatles): Paul ~ John ~ George 1 relational drummer: Ringo
3 regular U.S. forces: Army ~ Navy ~ Air force 1 relational: Marines (Navy Dept.)
[Coast Guard = Dept. of Transportation]
3 times repeated cadence: Gimme' (give me) your left 1 related: Right (military marching)
Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left----- Right
3 consonants to (four-letter) Cuss Words 1 related vowel
3 possible end punctuations
period- question mark- exclamation point
For one sentence
3 (numerical) feet: 1 foot + 1 foot + 1 foot equals 1 related (word): Yard
3 common body crossings: Legs ~ Arms ~ Fingers 1 uncommon related: Eyes
3 Europeans: D.L. George ~ V. Orlando ~ G. Clemenceau 1 (U.S.A): W. Wilson (Paris Peace Talks)
3 at-bat chances to run 1 relational mandatory walk (ball four)
3 microorganism "vats": Rumen ~ Reticulum ~ Omasum 1 "true" stomach: Abomasum (Ruminants)
3 Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! related to: 1 Step Right Up (Circus Barker)
3 synoptic gospels: Matthew - Mark - Luke 1 idiosyncratic gospel: John
Trinitarian (3) concept related to Unitarian (1) concept
3 original musketeers (Athos, Porthos, Aramis) 1 add-on (d'Artagnan)
3 active brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta) 1 inactive brain wave (Delta)
3 types of cones to the human eye 1 type of rod to the human eye
3 Piaget operational stages: Pre - Concrete - Formal 1 [non-operational] sensorimotor stage
3 Basic gaseous biological compounds:
Hydrogen- Oxygen- Nitrogen
1 Basic solid compound:
3 rows of outer hair cells (mammalian ear) 1 row of inner hair cells
3 imagined places: Paradise - Purgatory - Inferno 1 actual place: Earth
3 common growing seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall 1 less typical growing season: Winter
3 metal ages: Silver - Bronze/Copper - Iron
[Bronze is an alloy of Copper]
1 non-metal age: Stone
(Was there a bone or stick age?)
3 common alternate milk (with fat) forms: 1% - 2% - Skim 1 common standard form: Whole milk
3 interactive identities: i - j - k = 1 resultant quaternion identity: -1
W. Hamilton's quaternion formula: i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = -1
3 gasoline types: Unleaded - Regular - Premium 1 Diesel fuel oil
3 non-gasoline fuels: Diesel - Propane - Natural Gas 1 gasoline fuels
3 Earthly-bound Horsemen plagues:

War- Famine- Pestilence
1 Heaven/Hell-bound Horsemen plague:

3 (physically labeled) psychosexual stages:
Oral - Anal - Genital
1 (non-physically labeled) stage:
Latency period
3 (OK Corral) Earp brothers: Wyatt - Morgan - Warren 1 (OK Corral) Doc Holiday
3 Stanley Miller Chemical Evolution experiment gases:
Methane ~ Hydrogen ~ Ammonia
1 Stanley Miller liquid:
Art Maxim Percentages division:
Art is 75% perspiration (75% = 3)
"and" --- 25% inspiration (25% = 1)
3 basic tea types: Black - Green - Oolong 1 (basic) rare tea type: White
3 basic mathematical operations:
Addition- Subtraction- Multiplication
1 auxiliary mathematical operation:
3 ordinary downs in (American) Football 1 mandatory kick or Hail Mary pass (4th) down
3 customary laws of Thermodynamics 1 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics
3 types of bone: Cortical - Compact - Trabecular 1 relational: Cartilage (pre-bone)
3 U.S. Presidential debates (2004) 1 relational: U.S. Vice President debate (2004)
3 tradition compulsory school divisions:
Elementary - Jr. High - High school
1 non-compulsory school: College/University (or Trade)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Fred - Wilma - Pebbles 1 animal character: Dino (family pet)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Barney - Betty - Bam Bam 1 animal character: Hoppy (family pet)
3 "regular" corners to a building 1 principal Corner Stone to a building
3 foot bones of ancient horses Fused together to make modern horse hoof
3 at-base runners: 1st base - 2nd base - 3rd base 1 at-home-plate grand slam hitter
3 "traditional" size proportions:
Small- Medium- Large
1 commercial profiteering size proportion:
3 flexible downs in American football 1 down to play it safe or risk it all
3 word vulgar expression: God Damn It 1 (3 into 1) single word vulgar expression: Goddamnit
3 meal options: Sandwich - Side-order - Drink called a (1) combo meal
3 single letter blood type designations: A - B - O
(positive or negative)
1 double letter blood type designation: AB
(positive or negative)
3 phase (U.S.) electric service is related to 1 phase (U.S.) electric service
3 parts sand to 1 part cement (mixed with water), is a standard construction formula to mix cement or mortar.
(followed by a comma that both separates and compartmentalizes this three)
Whereby a "Thousands" place can be designated into a one-to-three formula:
— 1,234 —
Happy Birthday to you
(This phrase is said three times)
Happy Birthday to (someone's name)
This phrase is said once (at the third position/interval)

Source: Let's Talk Peace page 14
Prior Source: 3 "2" 1 ratios page C

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