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Yep, believe it or not, the Covid-19 pandemic is labeled an enemy. It seems the U.S. government can't get away from viewing every thing from a military perspective. While it doesn't view poverty as an enemy, nor the false democracy as an enemy, nor the hypocritical justice system as an enemy, or earthquakes, forest fires, corporate crooks, and multiple other public dangers as an enemy, the virus is an enemy that can only be viewed of in terms of a militarist preoccupation. Compare the recent upper left propaganda poster with those of World War I and World War II:

A military proganda mentality rises to the surface once again.

Comparing government financial support during the pandemic of 20- 21
America's stimulus checks compared to other governments

Here is a view of the so-called "American Dream" that many people outside the country do not appreciate from the perspective of those who live within the boundaries of the U.S. No doubth they might well dispell illusions of their own countries that others fail to realistically see when thinking of traveling to their world. Reality of the internal day-to-day situations for most people is that they know all too well that direct experience dispells the illusions and delusions. For example, while there are many young people who think they are going to become rich and famous if only they could get a chance, they often either come to realize that their dream was a fool's errand or that the perceived dream from a naive perspective is not all that it amounts too once the position is obtained. Far too many otherwise come to blame someone or some event on their lost opportunity, when they never actually had one to begin with. They simply exchange one illusion for a delusion with which they use as a crutch unto their dying day.

The American Dream is not only dead, but it actually was never born for most people.
U.S. Counties Where American Dream is dead

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