Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Is Human Society Progressing?

— Or are we spinning our wheels because we're too blinded by the
government's "official" or patriotically "credible" illusion of a false
Democracy... to recognize that we're stuck in a mental, emotional and economic rut? —

The democracy illusion (50K)


As a metaphor, the following image provides a general illustration of what many believe is the Historical trail upon which human society progresses from a beginning to some imagined end result:

A biological model of social progression (96K)

Depending upon which culture you live in and the subject(s) to which you are most interested in or comfortable with... each relying on a given vernacular of representing ideas, the beginning— from your perspective, might be referred to with one or another name-label such as chaos, the void, a garden of Eden, a primordial soup, a darkeners, a jungle, a nomadic clan, an agrarian society, Fission, etc...

And the end result— may be labeled Nirvana, Bliss, Enlightenment, Heaven, a Communism, Truth, One-with-the-Universe, Completion, Achievement, Fusion, etc...

Various ideas related to the cocoon metaphor (82K)

Analogously, the cocoon can be viewed as a type of molding (developmental) process used in the manufacture of ceramic or metal products. The word "molting" is used in the developmental stages of some moths and butterflies (which include resting periods). And it is of need to point out that even though the above image displays a "left to right" orientation in development, one might well use a right to left, up to down, down to up, diagonal, circular, square, rectangular, triangular, inter-dimension, time-dilated, etc., configuration.

Since the primary focus of this website is directed towards the discussion for developing a New Government (a "Cenocracy"), it necessarily involves various topics of society such as political science and attendant considerations; let us use the idea of social development as espoused by a Communist perspective, in that they generally believe that human society will progress from a Democracy into a Socialism before the final stage of a Communism is attained and can be referred to as the Communist Trinity, since Communism has a Christian religious component as part of its origin and early attempts at application.

The Communist Trinity:

Democracy → Socialism → Communism

Democracy = Spendthrift... Self-indulging,
Self-entitlement giving,
Well-dressed SON
Socialism - Generous-to-a-fault,
Self-sacrificing, Magnanimous,
Well-meaning FATHER
Communism = Universal Well-being
emerging as a

Because we at Cenocracy.org will sometimes indulge in multi-subject references in our analogical appraisals, there may be an inclination on the part of some readers to interpret a disparity instead of a rough outline in need of further refinement. Nonetheless, in our explorations we sometimes come up with allusions that have some measure of validity as a descriptive inference enabling different perspectives to be considered. For example, let us use the previous caterpillar -to- butterfly image and attach associated labels with the Communist perspective of development in mind, [illustrated with an artistic license that was hard-earned by traveling the American road(s) of poverty and studying in the American school(s) of hard knocks endured by many]:

Progression towards a Communism using a biological model (274K)

Yes, we know there are a lot of negative feelings about Communism and Socialism because of past attempts by misguided adherents to apply what they thought represented some Socialist and Communist ideal. However, the point of the above illustration is neither to approve or disapprove of these ideologies. We are simply applying some general notions to an easily understood biological model of development. Whereas we could have used a mechanical, chemical or a "boxed-up bicycle that needs to be put together" model, we chose to use an image that is widely known... since some people have never assembled a bicycle or piece of furniture into a "finished" product; as judged by whether it looks and functions like a picture on an instruction pamphlet... or what we think it should be.

bike assembly parts list illustration (35K)
(Pictures do not guarantee everyone
will understand what to do in what sequence.)
self assembly furniture (68K)
USF Law Review Forum

Interestingly, by using a model of development in terms of casting which involves multiple sequences in the process of producing a final product, the following image is of interest because it portrays the necessary usage of increased heat (called "firing"), before a given type of product can emerge (in a form that will have to be polished to perfection). The "firing" process may well represent an increase in heat due to global warming.

productionmodel1 (74K)
productionmodel2 (49K)

Stages in the slip casting of a thin-walled whiteware container:

  • Clay powder is mixed in water together with a dispersing agent, which keeps the clay particles suspended evenly throughout the clay-water slurry, or slip.

  • The slip is poured into a plaster mold, where water is drawn out by capillary action and a cast is formed by the deposition of clay particles on the inner surfaces of the mold.

  • The remaining slip is drained, and the cast is allowed to dry partially before the drain hole is plugged and the mold separated.

  • The unfinished ware is given a final drying in an oven before it is fired into a finished product.

Is global warming part of an unrecognized process by which humanity will be formed into a given structure, that would not otherwise come into being? Is the final product the result of an imposed artificial design using our present knowledge of existing materials within the context of environmental conditions humanity has had a hand in creating? Is the product of a worthwhile casting design whose mold is to endure, or is destined to be broken because it produces a faulty design like the three casted liberty bells of America which have all cracked... unable to ring of real, practical and enduring freedom for All the people?

American liberty is not all that it's cracked up to be (59K)

(Liberty Bell:) large bell, a traditional symbol of U.S. freedom, commissioned in 1751 by the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly to hang in the new State House (renamed Independence Hall) in Philadelphia. It was cast in London by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, purchased for about £100, and delivered in August 1752. It was cracked by a stroke of the clapper while being tested and was twice recast in Philadelphia before being hung in the State House steeple in June 1753. It weighs about 2,080 pounds (943 kg), is 12 feet (3.7 metres) in circumference around the lip, and measures 3 feet (1 metre) from lip to crown. It bears the motto, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” (Leviticus 25:10).

The legend that on July 4, 1776, the bell was rung to signal the Continental Congress' adoption of the Declaration of Independence is untrue; it was rung four days later on July 8 to celebrate the first public reading of the document. In 1777, when British forces entered Philadelphia, it was hidden in an Allentown, Pennsylvania, church. Restored to Independence Hall, it cracked, according to tradition, while tolling for the funeral of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835. The name “Liberty Bell” was first applied in 1839 in an abolitionist pamphlet. It was rung for the last time for George Washington's birthday in 1846, during which it cracked irreparably. On January 1, 1976, the bell was moved to a pavilion about 100 yards (91 metres) from Independence Hall. In 2003 it was relocated to the newly built Liberty Bell Center, which is part of Independence National Historic Park. Some two million people visit the bell each year.

Source: "Liberty Bell." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

However, whereas we are well aware that our attempts to assemble a product may reach an impasse because either an instruction manual or some part is missing, or that the instructions are too complicated; the fact that our efforts come to an end because something or someone prevents us from finishing the task... is not an experience we typically apply to our ideas about historical and social development. In other words, we don't necessarily stop to consider that our progress is being interrupted... or stalled. Though we might readily understand why we can't get a bicycle, barbecue grill or piece of furniture together, that is... to produce what is expected to be achieved as an accomplishment; we do not customarily (as a whole society) see what is impeding our progressive development. Because there are several competing ideas on what is thought should be the end product, we become part of the reason the progress of society remains scattered about the planet in different pieces.

In the Christian perspective, the "Master Builder" who knows the right design, is for one reason or another taking an extended break or lunch, and will return at any time called the "Second Coming". Other religions have their own conception of this same view of having to wait and do good deeds or perform some other preparatory function in order to be ready for the "Coming Signal" such as the blast of a horn described in the Mormon and Islamic beliefs. Yet, be this as it may, in any respect, we humans are still permitted a choice. In short, we have the right to choose whether or not to believe.

But in the case of putting together a better society, We The People do not have a choice except to pick a surrogate (Legislator) to do our work for us. We are forced to be dependent on another so that the dependence grants them a right to self-entitle how much they are to receive for their efforts, even if they are collectively incapable of putting the tandem bicycle together so that we can all ride at the same time to a future destination.

But not only are we unable to fully assist in putting the product of a better society together, we are not permitted to use it to gain the necessary experience for self-governance. The old teaching idea that "practice makes perfect" is not the methodology of instruction used to produce a mature society in preparation for a better future. The people are not permitted to practice a full expression of Democracy because both the voting and law making systems keep the public in a dependent stage of development, like a parent continually stepping in to impose solutions on sibling rivalries instead of letting the children develop their own skills of diplomacy and compromise in order to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

practice makes perfect (58K)

Necessarily so, in our examination of a "practice makes perfect" idea, we should also note that just because an idea is practiced from one generation to the next with improvements being made in design of that to which behavior is applied to be perfected, and even if the practiced behavior has been enjoyed by millions, the mental diagram being carried over from one generation to the next doesn't guarantee the idea will have future applicability. It may act as a sort of "hang-up" (obsession) that humanity may need to be weaned from... though some might argue that it is a "natural" activity based on an underlying mental blueprint which just happened to create a bicycle design because the materials for such were available at the time of developmental ideation. And nor does the recurring usage of the same behavior indicate it had some earlier survival-value remnant... though an earlier version may establish some affection based on a long-standing tradition, even if an earlier design appears rather amusing to the standards of one's own era.

Velocipede circa 1869 (73K)

The following first three images figuratively display a type of potential "We The People" democracy, even though there is only one main driver... since multiple drivers (with independent steering capabilities) using this type of Democracy (like the many phony kinds in use throughout the world today), would create individualized problems with an overall attempt to proceed along a given course direction. Clearly, the usage of a social vehicle permitting the reality of multiple steering capacities would require a new type of design. The next image after these illustrate that while construction was the result of the efforts of many, the fact that there is only only seat for a driver and no others are enabled to join the "ride", it reflects a State-controlled system in which the entitlement of a "ride" is defined to mean the pleasure one is to derive from the camaraderie to be felt by being part of a collective enterprise... with only a very few actually entitled to receive permission to drive. In other words, the whole of a public are not permitted to participate in selecting the direction of society... unless interpreted in the sense that the shape and usage of the vehicle determines its ultimate application of usage, viability, flexibility of adaptation to different environmental terrains, etc... The type of social vehicle we design can determine the path(s) to be traveled, the goal(s), as well as when, where, why, and how we initiate forward momentum.

tandem bike example 1 (45K)
A type of society waiting to be put to use.
tandem bike example 2 (114K)
Another type of society waiting to be put to use.
tandem bike example 3 (57K)
A "peoples (male-dominant) society" put to one type of use.
State authority (100K)
State Authority "I helped build it" reward system.

If the design of bicycles is a projected reflection of an underlying logic existing in the mentality of humanity that is imposed on the functionality of social structures as well, changing social structures may require an adaptive effort at redesigning simple structures such as sandboxes, swing sets, playground architecture, the unicycle- bicycle- tricycle trinity, classroom seating, public transportation services, etc., since all of them have an underlying arrangement which references basic cognitive themes of numerically identifiable conservations; such as one, dichotomy, Triplicity, the many/multiplicity, three-to-one ratios, the same recurring basic geometric illustrations, single/dual/multiple leadership structures, anarchic/laissez-faire/libertarian/free/open orientations, supply/demand- restrict/flood, etc...

The next image gives some indication of how old the tandem bicycle idea is, though it may symbolize in a mechanical way, the various types of multi-person effort which are more ancient, such as the usage of slaves in the construction of the pyramids... and one might suspect reflects the "in-line" procession humans may have practiced for generations in the various formulas of nomadic seasonal excursions undertaken in search of resource replenishment, or some other "time to move" feeling which prompted a change of scenery; like production managers use as a tactic to keep production line workers awake by having them periodically change positions... which also helps in cross-training as a means to protect business activity that could be affected if any one production worker occupied a position too much, thereby leaving the company dependent on them alone.

Old Tandem-bike (110K)

Practice makes perfect only if practice is permitted. At present, the governing system excludes the public from exercising the learning sessions necessary to collectively discuss and vote on their ideas. In fact, the expected deferment of the people to a legislative body clearly represents the embodiment of the religious notion that the people are to have no gods before the one true god. In other words, they must consign themselves to accepting the "One over the Many" idea in the manner vicarious representation by a "one" (trinitarian) Executive- Legislative- Judicial body; even though the national motto of E pluribus unum means "out of Many, One". In other words, the nation says one thing and yet practices its opposite in forcing the people to let its three branches act out the singular role of a "checks -and- balances" trinity and the "Many" of the public are reduced to the negligibility of a crowd paying it homage.

E Pluribus Unum:

A national motto of the United States of America, meaning "From many, one", or "out of many, one", referring to the integration of 13 independent colonies into one country, and that has taken an additional meaning, giving the pluralistic nature of American society from immigration.

Source: Wordweb dictionary.

If the three-patterned slogan "Practice Makes Perfect" reflects an actual reality of cause and effect, then we can not reach a developmental stage of sociological perfection if we are kept from practicing... and must therefore collectively decide to engage in the tried and true tactic of liberation from suppression by way of rebellion... in order to free ourselves from the Executive branding iron, the Legislative shackles, and the whip of the enforcing judiciary. If we can not have the freedom to collectively choose our own destiny, then it is better that we die in our struggle for real freedom then remain a slave to such oppression... or no idea will be permitted to prosper— to develop into the character of its true self; be it anarchism, communism, democracy, feminism, libertarianism, socialism, theology, or what may come that exceeds all such ideas put together.

cocoon in jar (33K)

Let us not be as a caterpillar having spun a cocoon attached to a twig placed into a jar whose lid has holes that are slowly being covered up by the suffocating darkness of environmental problems— governments will not collectively assume the responsibility of addressing with functional deeds instead of empty words meant to placate a populace more sensitive, sensible and serious about confronting global issues that impact all our lives. Let us rid ourselves of the many ignorant leaderships whose only notion of green is in the accumulation of American dollars. We can not permit ourselves to be sacrificed for their greed. And though we can imagine, because of global warming, that the jar with the cocoon is set atop a stove burner with a slowly increasing flame; the eventual butterfly development of a social ideology may not be a process that can be accelerated and nurtured by the occasion of a deteriorating environment.

Nor can we permit the continuation of a government whose historical development occurred by way of reactionary responses to various social events, and can not be called a government-by-way-of-an-explicit-design. Particularly when it refuses the populace to move beyond the cocoon of Capitalistic-protectionism which suspends the animation of further public development into its internalized properties waiting to emerge when environmental conditions are right.

In attempting to answer the question of whether humanity has progressed or not, it would appear as if it is more in tune with chasing its own tail like a neurotic dog. In the minds of some leaders, they live in a make-believe world that the Earth and humanity are in a relatively stable state of existence that will continue for a very long time and there is little need to be concerned with measured changes in the environment's direction— which suggests the effects of an eventual planetary demise that was once calculated to take place over long expanses of time; as accelerated to the point that human attempts to intervene at this point will be marginally effective... but that we must make every effort to forestall a level of destruction affecting all life forms— in the same incremental fashion.

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