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Stephen Paddock Is A Hero
(aka: The Las Vegas Shooter)


The Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock is a hero to those who want to strike out at whomever is nearest to them at the time they wish to make a stand or statement, and can be identified as a representative model thereof. However, this does not imply any of us involved with Cenocracy.org do not feel deeply for all those who have personally felt the horrific mass shooting event. Nonetheless, in our efforts to frame the events in some sort of comprehensible narrative of explanation, many of us can provide some relative reason, so long as we do not try to be too logical and are willing to use metaphor, sublimation, projection and other psychological terms in our analysis. However, others may simply try to interject some level of humor into the occasion by saying Paddock hated Trump and he viewed those attending a Country and Western concert as rednecks who supported Trump. Yet, despite the jocularity, we do not wish to present an overall view as if it is lacking in sensitivity to all the victims and the sensibilities of those with an acute ability to empathize.

Yet Stephen Paddock is a hero to those who wish to do harm to America and/or Americans for some actual or imagined wrong... typically committed in the form of some military action or political sanction. Fortunately for those in Las Vegas, Paddock was obviously not a weapons expert, explosives expert, nor military strategist. If he had been, many more lives might well have been taken... and he might have gotten away in order to commit himself to additional events of maiming and killing. While many of us can interject some speculation by trying to add up all the information on him and creating some workable algorithm, and even though one's assessment may be correct, it will still be a guess. No less, even if Paddock made a statement prior to the event, we could not even be sure that his message was based on truth, since his mind may have exercised different gambling odds, which concealed his "tell". Thus, any tale told to us might have been part of an established model of concealment many gamblers use as part of their verbally undisclosed strategy.

In an historical context, while many people might not want to describe Stephen Paddock as an assassin or as a "typical" (relgious/ political) terrorist, and that we don't typically identify individual shooters or bombers (etc.) working for the government (in the capacity of a soldier, law enforcement agent, or spy) as a terrorist or assassin, though they may in fact be characterized as such if a larger definition of the "lone wolf" or "pack wolf", or "lone wolf + 1...2...3" labels are used, a short list of a random survey of different articles about such occurrences may be of value... even though those "lone wolf" events sanctioned by a government or business or religious entity may be wholly underrepresented in order for a more complete analysis to take place. Indeed, in an examination of the idea of "lone wolves", their instruments of destruction are frequently mentioned such as rifles, handguns and bombs. While we don't frequently hear a journalistic or government analyst describing a suicide bomber as a lone wolf assailant, sine they are often the instruments of another's "lone wolf" mentality that may be embracing a religious perspective as a means to manipulate others in carrying out their desired lone wolf oriented attacks, the definition of "lone wolf" should be expanded to include things such as the two separate atomic bombs dropped on Japan in World War II:

The Liberty Web

Was the dropping of the two bombs needed or necessary or even justifiable? If Japan, Germany or Italy had done the same to America, then the whole context would be interpreted in radically different ways. Since it is well known that History is usually written from the perspective of the victors, it's no wonder we have the distorted reality that we do... and can not fathom why there are more and more lone wolves creating greater instances of destruction... since they are doing little more than reflecting and frequently trying to mimic the behavior of their government-as-a-lone-wolf-role-model. And the government continues in its "seeking revenge and retaliation" when it does not get its way such as forcing others to kow-tow to its every whim in which a potential profit is discerned. Here are pictures of three of America's more infamous lone wolf WMD (weapons of mass destruction) instruments, one of which is the parent of the other two offspring:

Parent of two lone wolf instruments
Bomb: The Race to Build - And Steal- The World's Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin
Lone Wolf instrument called Fat man
Little Boy and Fat Man
Lone Wolf instrument called Little boy

Biography: Infamous Assassins
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With respect to government sponsored assassinations, different terms may be used to describe the efforts so as to assert the position that a "greater good" is sought as a result of engaging in a bad act, such as calling an assassination a "government sponsored enterprise".

And let us not forget to include serial killers in the line up of lone wolves... and that they are not always men.

Infamous Serial Killers
A and E Biography Serial Killers
Wikipedia: Serial Killer

And let us not also forget to include those individual leaders who used their positions to influence or force others to collectively act as a single instrument of death and destruction, such as the Priests urging others to commit to a Crusade, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the Emperors of Rome, English Kings, Spanish Kings, French Kings, (etc.), Mussolini, Bloody Mary, Typhoid Mary, Lyndon Johnson/Nixon (Vietnam), Bush and Cheney (Gulf War), Ante Pavelic, Augusto Pinochet, King Charles XII of Sweden, Charles Taylor, Foday Sankoh, Haji Muhammad Suharto, Ho Chi Minh, Idi Amin, Ismail Enver, Jean Kambanda, Jonas Savimbi, Josip Broz Tito, Kim Il-Sung, Leonid Brezhnev, Leopold II of Belgium, Mao Ze Dong, Michel Micombero, Mullah Omar, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Jozeph Stalin, Tojo Hideki, Yahya Khan, Yakubu Gowon ( 26 Infamous Leaders), etc., etc., etc.

And here is a list of (lone wolf?) journalists (and others) calling for the assassination of Trump:

Times Journo calls for th Assassination of President Trump
Irish editor calls for Trump assassination
Missouri State Senator calls for assassination of President Trump
British Journalist calls for the Assassination of President Trump
Professor of Beyoncé Calls for Assassination of President Trump
Media talking heads continue to call for President Trump’s murder
German Newspaper Editor Calls for President Trump’s Assassination
Trump Haters Call for Presidential Assassination
More than 12,000 tweets have called for Trump's assassination since the inauguration

Nor should we forget how often government entities have acted as Lone Wolves:

The American Government as a Lone Wolf
Persecutions of so-called Pagans & Heathens

Stephen Paddock is a hero to those who want to bring harm to others in order to bring about purposive change, and may have no other readily available means of making a name for themselves. Then again, he may have been living in a surreal mental landscape in which all his activities represented some sort of movie script that he could regain some semblance of controlling the outcome of for the purposes of gain. For example, if you stood looking out from a lofted balcony upon hundreds of people below, they might well remind you of people in a casino whose only motive is to beat you out of some winnings. But irrespective of the scenario one might care to entertain as an analogical correspondence, it is clear that his actions do not represent love or kindness towards his fellow human beings... like those strangers in casinos who could care less whether you live or die so long as they can either take your life savings, or force you into a position of being less than themselves and need to be dealt with from "on high", like a god overhead throwing down bolts of lightning.

Paddock is a hero to protestors who have contemplated the use of violence in order to bring about change in political, business and religious systems which are clearly rigged against the public. In fact, all of life can be viewed as a institution of gaming. For example, it's a gamble who one marries, what vehicle is purchased, whether one lives in a violent weather zone, or one gets excellent teachers, an understanding boss, a viable genetic development, etc... The Universe a gambling casino in which many of us identify one or more people or institutions which are helpful or a hindrance. While some "go postal" and effect the death or injury of one or more co-workers, others effect a "crime of opportunity" on whomever or whatever is near when the impulse to strike boils over beyond the ability of one's ability to contain the frothing. And even though some claim that "violence does no good" or "crime doesn't pay", these are naive perspectives since violence and expressions of force do work or there would be no need of police or a military to bring about change or maintain some status quo according to the dictates of a few who impose their Will on the majority. And as for the "crime doesn't pay" view, this too is clearly erroneous as illustrated by all the many white collar government and business criminalities which take place under the guise of some law which government and business entities are in the best positions to take advantage of the public.

Stephen Paddock is a hero to those strategists who will use him as a model representing the presence of unpredictability in a social environment in which government, business and religion are all formulated on creating conditions of social uniformity which will help them manipulate the public to serve their institutional needs... even though millions of lives are made to suffer to fulfill the greed of a few. No matter all the repetitions in movie scripts, television and radio programming, vehicle designs, clothing fashions, etc., originality of thought and action persists as is illustrated by Nobel Laureates, new diseases, Olympic participants and also Stephen Paddock. And as such circumstances display, the "lone wolf" in science, literature, math, music, architecture, art, poetry, cooking, etc., is alive and well. And Like Revolution, there is no actual way to tell the time and day which they will occur... as a wedge to break apart the many monopolizations the people are being forced to endure... for the sake of a few who wish to prosper no matter how many get hurt.

While Paddock can be viewed as a hero from different perspectives related to different genres of interpretation, it is not our intent to glorify the destruction which he created. Nonetheless, his actions did bring about change... even if he did not contemplate what changes may occur or even cared whether or not any good might come out of the tragedy. His one small effort has created a forum for change that a protest of thousands can not always accomplish. Yet, his action had to be defined as "the worst" by news media... that is until they choose some other event as being "the worst" because their vocabulary appears to be stunted along this line of description owing to the widespread social prevalence of knocking something down in order to imply something else as being better... even though it is more of the same mediocrity being asserted in the social efforts to accommodate standards of minority which are increasing due to an ongoing incremental deterioration of the environment that far too many are rationalizing into niches they adapt to.

Stephen Paddock is a hero to those who realize that heroes do not always save lives at the outset of their exercise. Lives may well be saved hereafter by preventing copycat performers because security measures for outdoor public events will be altered, and people themselves may become more vigilant... that is if they simply don't attend any large scale gatherings where injury and death can occur due to panic, or even concealed in panic by those who wish to engage in some opportunistic behavior that uses panic as an excuse to commit a crime. Just as there are many unsung heroes working in different agencies or as individuals in a community that does not know how to recognize its everyday heroes, Paddock is a hero whose faulty and misguided efforts may nonetheless be salvaged into some meaningful grasp that all is not well in American society, and may be the case in other modern cities as well, but there is poor reporting of the many similar tragedies occurring elsewhere because humanity is not addressing the underlying problems of its existence. It is an existence which is making a single individual capable of carrying out destruction and death that in past ages would have required multiple players.

And in as much as we can describe Paddock in terms of being a hero in philosophical terms of intellectual exploration with respect to a wider context of application, this does not mean we honor and respect him. Let us be clear. His actions were despicable... but they will bring about change. Not the change that some may want, but there will be change at least in the mindset of those taking the time to assess the situation beyond the context with respect to future probabilities. For some, their already prevailing vigilance may well turn into a fashion of hyper-vigilance that, if taken to the extreme, may cause them to fortify their position within a home, car, or place of work to the point of extreme paranoia. And then there are those who will dismiss the occurrence as something that would never happen to them, because such lone wolf attackers are not criminals in the conventional sense and they typically play out their efforts against crowds... and they avoid crowds... plane hijackings, bank hostage scenarios or kidnappings notwithstanding.

Stephen Paddock is a hero. Yet, how dare we even consider such a refrain in this essay? How so very disgusting for anyone to view the Las Vegas massacre as anything but the work of an insane person? Indeed, what a disgusting review of the events to make a claim that he was a hero when so many innocent people suffered. Then again, what forces were at play to mold his character? Was it a mix of disgusting political and business events coupled to the unseen development of an environment in the making which will produce more lone wolf attacks... each of whom set a mark of achievement for how many people are injured and killed? In other words, will the next lone wolf seek to exceed the number as if it were a score to be beaten in an environment where score-boards and scorecards are so much a part of our daily lives that everyone uses a type of tally sheet, whether for doing grocery shopping, manufacturing, energy expenditure during an exercise routine, or bank book auditing? Are there other lone wolves calculating how they might beat Paddock's record of kills... as if it were some private rivalry between hunters of fish caught by anglers, or inches/seconds gained or lost by athletes?

Paddock is a hero, whether or not this statement offends someone's sensibilities. He is a hero to one or another Cause that wants to kill specific others, or just anyone who represents an ideology or detested way of life, like those who ram a vehicle into crowds. He is a hero to some and a villain to others. While some view his actions as irrational and evil, others view him as being as rational as he could in irrational and evil circumstances. And though some may say it is shameful to represent him as being any kind of hero, the definition must be aligned with the context in which it is being illustrated. Taking the "Paddock is a hero" description out of context only details the type of impulsiveness which many criminals engage in. In other words, they leap before looking. But Paddock did not speak of a Cause, or a reason that might provide the (presumably) rational public with a means of understanding his motive... that is, if any motive other than a worked out chain of events "to see what happens" was used. While he may have had a Cause that we might interpret as a reason to agree or disagree with, it only proves that there need not be any overriding Cause in order to kill people or cause destruction. They may do it simply because they have the means to do it, like many who have thwarted the efforts of another simply because of an impulse to carry out an event they were able to since they had nothing else to occupy their time with.

Stephen Paddock is a hero just as Hitler is a hero to some. Just as some villains seen in motion pictures are defined as a "necessary evil" that another can exploit for their own purposes... such as the character of the Devil in religious contexts, and the ever-changing villains of convenience used by governments, or the marketable villains used by business entrepreneurs. He is a hero to those who use the context in order to get donations of money, blood and other resources (such as newspaper copy readership) that they want to fully exploit because their activities depend on such villains to be their economic and social partnership hero. While such exploiters-of-the-public do not publicly name Stephen Paddock as a hero or that they readily seek out the events of such villains as a partnership in their efforts of resource allocation, this is exactly what it amounts to... just like those companies and individuals who make a profit off of war... all the while they claim that the war is madness... but there is nothing they can do about it except make the most of a bad situation... and the next and the next, and the next... because no one is looking for a means to stop the recurrence. A recurrence that acts like a statistic of recidivism created by a social environment of bad politics, government, business, and religion.

If the events in Las Vegas are as bad as they are being portrayed, then no one should be able to make any profit whatsoever off of them. Since if profit is permitted, there is no actual concerted effort to create decisive methods of intervention which prevent them from occurring again... unless even more profit is permitted to be used as a means for "attempting to develop the development of a developed assumption that may never go from blackboard to application, unless even more profit is permitted by those in charge to form a committee that authorizes a committee to choose a committee committed to the commission of creating a committee to study the problem that several other committees must review and then conclude to turn it over for yet another committee that must recess for the summer and take it up at some future committee meeting... if funding can be made available by yet another series of committee meetings.

An applicable model of intervention should be the single profit... and not the costs allocated to those who believe the greatest deterrent is to have expensive military equipment in the hands of police officers... whose employment is not one on which police officers are hired due to any great intellectual acumen. A comprehensive interventionist model involving a revamp of the entire political/governing environment should be the recognized hero for us to honor and respect above and beyond all those whose individualized heroic efforts saved lives. And no, there shouldn't be any legislation whose passage has the name of a politician on it as if they are the final and foremost hero.

If Congress wants to be portrayed as a hero, it needs to develop a comprehensive one-payer health care system that every single person in the Nation is obligated to partake in (including every single politician and corporate officer), because there are no other health care systems available. This includes a consolidation of the Veterans health care system with a public system where a Veterans and Veterans family division are established, and is the one and only overall system that every single person in the Nation has to use... but no one is forced to pay for it through a program such as the present one in which people are placed into a position of either paying up or being financially punished... like many a robber-baron's extortionist practices has effected against the people. The present Health Care system is an extortionist practice coupled to an insurance co-pay system that nickels and dimes the public to death, and must be put to death itself. In effect, many government policies act as lone wolves that destroy millions of lives in a slow, eroding way that goes overlooked by the news media because no one is shooting a gun or rifle.

For those of you who contemplate the Las Vegas events of 10-1-17, and describe paddock as evil that will leave indelible impressions of a gunman, the photo below... like the one seen during the Twin tower events of 9-11-2001, exhibits a silhouette:

Silhouette of a rifle can be seen
Las Vegas shooter left behind calculations for targeting crowd, source says

The so-called "calculations" by Stephen Paddock may have nothing to do with the shooting event, but since Journalists don't routinely reveal their "source" (that may be nothing more than the journalist themselves making something up in order to create more copy), the public is not permitted to see these so-called "calculations" in order to make up their own minds and label them according to their own interpretation. Too many journalists are creating so much make-believe suppositions it's no wonder the idea of "fake news" has become a household word so that Journalists have joined the ranks of used car salesmen, politicians, snake oil peddlers, and the like.

Here's the silhouette-of-the-devil photo seen during the Twin Towers 9-11 events:

Twin Towers devil image

Pareidol is the technical term for our penchant for finding specific images amidst randomness. Just as people see all sorts of images in clouds, so viewers can find anything from an ordinary ball of smoke to the face of Satan himself in these kinds of pictures. But do we really need to find the visage of the devil here to know that evil was behind the events pictured?

Faces in the Cloud

Then again, since it is often cited that a picture is worth a thousand words (or a word a thousand pictures), it's no wonder phones and computers can come with a camera. In the future, every person may have several cameras built into their physiology... besides the one called the brain since its memory can degrade very quickly.

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