Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Military Benefits are Basic Necessities
— Cenocracy: On the path of a New Government —


Only at rare intervals in the development of a subject, and then only with the involvement of a few, are theoretical entrepreneurs (Sociologists, Revolutionists, Social Reformers... etc,) engaged in introducing radically new concepts. The normal practice is to apply established principles to new problems so as to extend the range of phenomena that can be understood in some detail in terms of accepted fundamental ideas. The problem is, with respect to trying to improve social conditions by way of a governing pattern such as that which exists in the U.S. (and multiple places elsewhere), is that the standard ideas of governance are part of the problem and can not be used as an accurate instructional precedence for introducing necessary changes. It is of little value to try to enforce democratic principles as the tried and true method for advancing practices of social reform, when there is no large scale application of democratic principles in use in the first place. Labeling a form of government a Democracy (or Communism or Socialism) when it is clearly based on the principles of an Oligarchy, Corporatocracy, or Plutocracy, is a laughably stupid exercise.

For example:

...Even when, as with the quantum mechanics of Werner Heisenberg (formulated in terms of matrices; 1925) and of Erwin Schrödinger (developed on the basis of wave functions; 1926), a major revolution is initiated, most of the accompanying theoretical activity involves investigating the consequences of the new hypothesis as if it were fully established in order to discover critical tests against experimental facts. There is little to be gained by attempting to classify the process of revolutionary thought because every case history throws up a different pattern...

—Thus making it extremely difficult for "pattern looking" Intelligence agencies to identify the making of far ranging historical events... because they lack both the sensitivity and sensibility of recognizing the under-currents of beginning Revolutions which inculcate the energy of a spontaneous emergent property defined by a time and place measured by fate that they dismiss as an irrelevant spectral figure, or claim such as an anomaly when it is discovered such agencies are thought to have been behind such social instigations. They very often deliberately ignore the writing on the wall because it is they who have written it and want to see how effective a given tactic is, so as to add it to their arsenal of insidious activities.

Adapted from: "Physical Science, Principles of." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

In other words, since the necessary alterations needed for developing a better functioning society can not possibly come from the corridors of a corrupt and backward government existing in the U.S. and so very many other countries as well, We The People must fashion an observed practice which will direct the course of the present government into the obsolescence which we deserve to have initiated. We The People desire a better government but the present form of social functionality based on the greed of a few, is in our way. We must do whatever is necessary to rid the world of their kind... (and if necessary, their genetic kind)— no matter whether they are in business, government or religion. No doubt some of them may seek to label us disparagingly, because we no longer wish to abide by a status quo river of nonsense that they have learned to navigate and build dams, dead-end causeways, as well as sand bars for the rest of us.

In the following comments concerning military benefits, I have come across those who claim that those entering military service are entitled to them because so many have lost their lives in the service of their country. They don't want to discuss the situation rationally, they want to discuss it emotionally. They don't want to evaluate the situation in terms of how many would gladly serve but are for one reason or another are denied entry, nor that most people entering the military do not see combat, that some entering deliberately choose jobs to avoid combat, and that some are Conscientious Objectors, or that so many of these presumed patriotic individuals Would Not enter military service if it wasn't for their ability to receive some career, schooling or basic living benefit. In other words, they enter into the military because of some benefit other than as a patriotic gesture. The benefits act in accord with the activities of contract killers and their support.

Despite all the situational reasons and rationalizations one cares to provide for this or that instance, the fact remains that certain members of society are provided basic entitlements which should be viewed as basic necessities for living in today's world. This is not to say that military personnel are not deserving of benefits, but that the criteria for providing such basic elements of survival should be available to every single citizen. If you want to egotistically define military service as some great god-like extraordinary virtue deserving of some National endowment and recognition, that's fine... but make such an endowment mean something more than just the sustenance required for an above poverty level of living. The following so-called benefits of military personnel should not be viewed as examples of extolled reward. They are the fulfillment of basic living requirements that every single person should have.

If military service is to actually mean something pertaining to some exceptional trait of character, even though such characterizations live in the Many who are denied entry into military service because of discriminatory and exclusionary practices, the military personnel should receive entitlements that actually represent a Nation's respect and honor (and not over-valued military ceremonies of graduation, death, court cases, rank acquistion, etc. meant more for officers)... nor some basic living requirement handouts necessitated by the conditions of a government forcing its society to accept economic policies incongruent to the practice of a full serving of Democracy, and is instead— the minuscule variation of democracy in vogue throughout the world, and has come to replace the old monarchial regimes of old. Indeed, there is need of a new culling... a revolution to dispense with all the variant forms of limited democracy being practice.

...For example, let us take the situation in which U.S. citizens are forced to pay for having a Military complex by way of taxes.1 Under the guise of the rubric "Military Base", what we see is the activity of a Commune (as in Communism). It is a commune, a made-up world with its own laws, own police force, and in short... is the practice of a government with its own social order... The Military Complex is a large Communal setting that practices a Socialism used as a form of protection for the so-called larger Democratic State (because the so-called democratic government is too weak to protect itself on its own merits... due to the fact that no presumed democracy (or Republic) today is the practice of an Actual Democracy):

The Socialist practices of a Communistically-based Military

  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Health care system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Basic income program (Everybody has an income).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Legal system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation allotments.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Communistic) clothing requirement (everyone dresses alike).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) retail outlets (Post Exchange).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as large Communes.
  • Etc., etc., etc...

...and the government practices an extended, but diminished role in perpetuating the Military's Universal Heath care Service by providing a public-funded Veterans health care system2... much of which involves providing treatment for non-service connected medical issues... along with which some receive a monthly pension in accordance with some war-time service criteria, because of employment difficulties wrought by one or more factors that would otherwise make them an undesirable social statistic reflecting poorly on the military and government; but the government refuses to provide these same Health care and Guaranteed Income provisions for everyone because a complete social program FOR EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN would then be defined as an evil an ugly disreputable Communism or Socialism— but remains as a heaven-sent beautiful and highly desirable expression of Democracy or Republic if only a few are given these service provisions as an (Aristocratically practiced/Aristocratically driven) entitlement!...

Let's take another look at the above table set against the circumstances the citizenry are subjected to:

These two practices are erroneously called a Democracy.
(Though they might be viewed as extremely Limited practices thereof.)
The Military Reality
(sponsored by the public)

  1. A worry-free Health care system.
    (No insurance or co-pay nonsense.)

  2. A free Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
    (Or you can get paid for not living on base.)

  3. A free Basic income program.
    (Everybody has an income).

  4. A free Recruitment, Education/training system.
    (Recruitment tests can define initial trainability.)

  5. A free Legal system.
    (Often better skilled than civilian public defenders.)

  6. A free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
    (Take all you want but eat all you take.)

  7. A free Laundry system.
    (In many instances of training).

  8. A free Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
    (Advances in pay-grade are widely available.)

  9. A freely standardized wage scale.
    (Minimum and maximum wage scales are set.)

  10. A uniform code of Military Justice.*
    (Needed to go along with a uniform code of conduct.)

  11. A free paid-Vacation allotments for everyone.
    (Everyone is typically offered 30 days vacation per year.)

  12. A free clothing requirement and uniform allotment.
    (Work and dress uniforms establish continuity and solidarity.)

  13. A free (subsidized) retail outlets source (Post Exchange).
    (Prices are frequently cheaper than civilian stores.)

  14. A free Commune-ity...
    (Large Communes without economic competition.)
The Public Reality
(sponsored by inadequate legislation)

  1. A worry-filled high cost Health care system
    (Run as an insurance-driven protectionist racket).

  2. A high cost Housing system ("ownership" means long-term leasing).
    (Requiring loans or government subsidy.)

  3. No Basic income or employment guarantees program.
    (Far too many able-bodied people are without viable work.)

  4. No free universal Education/training system for adults.
    (Too Many citizens have unmarketable training and education.)

  5. A substandard free Legal system.
    (e.g.: Small claims courts are bad, and public defenders... unskilled.)

  6. No free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
    (Too many people go without food... Charities are commercialized.)

  7. No free Laundry system of any kind.
    (Access to free bathing and clothes washing facilities is a must.)

  8. No citizen Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
    (Disparagement is practiced in a dog eat dog society.)

  9. An unequalized wage system.
    (Non-livable minimum wages and no set maximum against greed.)

  10. An arbitrarily practiced Criminal Justice service.
    (Called a Justice System of Criminality.*)

  11. No free paid-Vacation allotments for everyone.
    (Stresses of living in a corrupt society creates bad situations.)

  12. No free clothing allotment.
    (Everyone should have clean and weather-appropriate clothing.)

  13. No free (subsidized) retail outlets.
    (The public is often taken advantage of by the crooks of business.)

  14. No free Community-focused co-operative...
    (Towns, Cities, and States often abuse their citizens to survive.)

The Military Justice system:

* It is well known that under most circumstances, the military is set up to protect its own members. However, when a case comes under wide-spread public observation, scapegoats and sacrifices are readily used to protect those in the higher ranks. The Military's use of camouflage, hit and run tactics, sniping, mine setting, intimidation, badgering, ambushing, and numerous other operational tools, are not limited to the battlefield; (and are meant as metaphors in this instance).

The Public Justice system:

* Instead of a "Public" or "Citizen" Justice system, the system of justice in practice is noted with the word "Criminal" (as in "Criminal Justice System"), which many interpret as a declaration of the type of Justice system the people are being subjected to... in that it is the practice of varying criminalities. In many cases, the public is so fearful of having anything to do with the Justice system they would prefer to plead ignorance, lack of memory, and for non-involvement because it is a system felt to be rigged in favor of those who play the game for some career benefit; and is not primarily focused on assisting the public fairly, honestly and judiciously. The system is felt to involve too many instances of arbitrary perception, analysis, interpretation and definition that the innocent dread having to be involved with those in the legal system because it is often abusive and retributive... continually looking to play out some angle to advantage the authoritative players... where fees can be accessed with a commensurate value equal to an increasingly high federal tax burden from which no equal commodity of social value is received; for the pool of monies absorbed into a system that is relying more and more on questionable external sources such as public asset forfeiture and lottery... the latter being referred to as a poor person's auxiliary tax.

And let us include the situation where a person can be provided with a public defender, at no cost... only to wish they hadn't because the public very often has to deal with someone whose legal career began after they took the bar exam half a dozen (or more) times. Public defenders are regularly noted as being inept.

In the case of Small Claims Courts, it is the government that wins out by being provided payment through registration fees... and a person winning a judgment is provided with no assistance to collect the fees owed to them, that may never be paid... because the government washes its hands of any and all obligation after it plays the part of collecting fees and passing judgment. In other words, the public is left out in the cold by a calloused government.

Now let us look at the so-called Democracy definition if the military benefits were given as a Public entitlement:
Hypothetical Public Entitlement to Military Benefits

  1. A worry-free Health care system.
  2. A free Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
  3. A free Basic income program (Everybody has an income).
  4. A free Recruitment, Education/training system.
  5. A free Legal system.
  6. A free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
  7. A free Laundry system (in many instances of training).
  8. A free Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
  9. A freely standardized wage scale.
  10. A uniform code of Military Justice.
  11. A free paid-Vacation allotments.
  12. A free clothing requirement and uniform allotment.
  13. A free (subsidized) retail outlets (Post Exchange).
  14. A free Commune-ity... large Communes without competition.

Military entitlements given to the Public as a benefit are called an act of Socialism.
(And in some instances would be referred to as a Communism.)

This is the rationalized hypocrisy the public is expected to put up with as a patriotically driven insanity.

At this point there is a need to interject the realization that if the public is supplied with the Socialized Health Care that Veterans are, the public will be subjected to a system that is frequently noted as being substandard when compared to that which is available in the private sector for a higher cost. Costs must be radically addressed for all sectors of medical treatment (at the point of a gun if necessary). Health coverage must be taken over by the government so as to rid the public of the protectionist racketeering taking place by insurance companies, and the greed of medical practicioners and medical equipment suppliers. Doctors like to use the argument that they should be able to provide their patients with whatever treatment they deem necessary, which invariable means being able to exercise behaviors that involve higher costs and personal rewards.

With respect to the medical treatment provided to Veterans, It has been said that the materials used in joint replacements and the expertise available for heart surgery are often of lesser quality than what is actually available to those willing to pay more money... often requiring patients to have multiple surgeries because they were either amateurishly performed or the materials used were of the "short-term use only" variety. In addition, many veterans complain that they are being used as guinea pigs to train students who are not being given the necessary over-sight. No less, because of the VA's close ties with the military, there is a combat type of civilian triage being used to effect treatment plans conducted by those who do not actually feel or think that veterans should be entitled to the medical treatment they are being given, because so many conditions are not military-duty related... a type of philosophy reminiscent of the "deserving and undeserving poor" perspective— and very often used in describing public sentiments against criminals.

It has become a common practice amongst businesses, the government and religions to effect a delayed system of dealing with those asking for assistance... when acts of ignoring people are seen as inexcusable. For example, the tobacco industry, with the assistance of the (corrupt and corruptible) Justice system, delayed providing benefits because this would insure many complainants would die... and yet in winning the case, it was the government that got the lion's share of the money. The government is run like a Casino whose "House" rules are rigged against the public... and the public needs a means to rig society against business, government and religion, so as to give them a full swallow of their own medicine... to make them choke like the public is forced to.

Necessaryily so, a national car insurance should likewise be put into place in order to prevent the continue nickle -and- diming activities of insurance companies that practice an incremental increase in insurance costs as a Standard Operating Procedure... whereby they all work together to keep the cost of insurance has high as they can. The idea of letting "market forces" and competion be the guide by which we permit society to operate for "the good of the public" is a ridiculous notion when a "for profit" attitude is the primary concern.

It is the practice of a socialized irrationality to permit a select few (all military personnel) to enjoy a large set of social benefits paid for by the taxes of all tax payers, and yet the tax paying public is not able to enjoy these same benefits... Particularly when the enterprises of the military do not have to engage in various social competitions whose stresses add to an unwelcomed and unnecessary oppression which result in a myriad assemblage of needless social debilities related to health concerns. Typical public competitions with other industries are almost completely absent in the military's communal settings because of an unwritten non-profit operational mandate... though military operations are frequently involved in assisting others with some resource gain... as denoted by the increased usage of the military to participate in policing actions involving economic interests.

When a select few (such as those in the military) are provided with the above entitlements, their roles are defined in terms of honor, privilege, patriotism, duty, humility, magnanimity and a cherished Democracy to give one's life for. But if everyone were given the same entitlements, the event would then be defined as a gross error in public judgment, antagonisms to freedom, justice and the traditionally established values of liberty; as well as an exercise in the multifarious evils of Communism and Socialism. Such is the state of affairs the publics of the world live with today. A supreme hypocrisy. So very few bring to mind the realization that if the present formulas of Democracy are so great, they would then need not rely on communistically-socialist military organizations to be specialized body guards, hired guns and contract killers. Clearly, the so-called Democracies of today are whining rich kids who will do anything to keep what they have, get what they want, and let all others be damned if they get in the way. This is the filthy and disgusting primitive age we live in and perpetuated by the nonsense forms of social governance we are forced to comply with.

Communism and Socialism are alive and well by being concealed under the guise of a falsified Democracy. The so-called American brand of Democracy, for example, is so weak-kneed in its applied phoney "peoples government" principles that it must enlist the aid of a 'Communistically-Socialist Military Dictatorship'3 program as a body guard and strong arm tactic to fend off those in other countries who see the social governing situation as the reality of an hypocrisy. In other words, America can not stand on the legs of its own presumed Democracy, because they are little more than knotted wooden stilts used by a few to give themselves lofted social positions; while the majority are subjected to varying forms of social privation for which they have no alternative but to lean against the stilts and help to prop them up... unknowingly to their own disadvantage.

The Democracy of America is a filthy, disgusting lie because it is unable to stand on its own merits as an Actual Democracy. This is why so many feel it is right that they should follow the lead of their (government) mentor... their (government) role model by conforming to the practice of a social communication system of lies equal to that being practiced by the government... though it prefers the people to do as it says but not as it does. Nonetheless, a democratic government shouldn't need a Socialistically oriented (military) body guard to protect it if its values were as precious, honest, fair, and judicious as they are presented to the people in the fashion of an historically outlined public education system of propaganda. It makes the entire citizenry into a bunch of liars who lie to themselves, each other, the world and even to God. Every time someone looks into a mirror and say they are living in an actual democracy with democratic principles... they are perpetuating the particular lie called a Fantasy... and being deemed an acceptable "white lie" by those in authority. (See: 3 Buses of Human Governance)

Because so many veterans feel that their "Service"4 is to be equated with some exemplary human performance, even though most veterans:

  1. Do not see any actual combatant action...
  2. Perform no super-human heroic deed...
  3. And work at a job that thousands of others could do as well (if given similar free training)...

The military, like many systems of education, practice a "Celebration of Mediocrity"... where any person, regardless of who they are, can receive recognition that the public is encouraged to applaud. Putting someone in a military uniform is defined as transforming the person into some elite citizen worthy of a super-standard accolade of approval... without which they might question the futility of their role when seen in the light of day existing out the fairy tale imposed world created by some sort of magical reconstitution of their identity in the world. By creating a world of delusion, the government doesn't need to engage in the act of providing some narcotic, as was sometimes done by military commanders in antiquity... in order to promote the illusion of a person becoming a super soldier. Creating the social aura of a a person under the influence of a Fantasy can work as well... and is often more controllable than a person under the influence of a drug.

— It's no wonder that the Government's Socialist/Commune-istic operational (military) formula is trying to be hidden by sentimentalized patriotic rhetoric instead of being defined as a: System of Spoils5.... Organization of Bribery... or a 'Propagandized Patronization' of Manipulation— that it is...

— But to think or say such is to be subjected to under-the-table social deprecations in an attempt to silence such a view instead of insisting on the right to "Freedom Of Speech"...

— A slogan whose definition is narrowly defined according to those who claim they are entitled to reach the verdict of a distinction according to their political orientation.

It is little more than propaganda to get people to think they are something more than they actually are by becoming a member of a military service organization. The government needs the public to accept the ridiculous persuasions of having performed some exemplary conduct by being in the military, because the reality would keep so many away that the military would not be able to meet its hiring quotas based on a "civilized" blood in - blood out gang membership model in the form of a discharge formula that is held over the head of an individual for the rest of their life... and is in fact similar to the manner in which working for any government entity entitles them to forever holds its thumb on all employees as a point of social compliance.

Military combat units are organized gang memberships with a warrior code who are contracted out to a government that defines the legality of an assigned activity. Members are not permitted to question authority without being subjected to possible severe repercussions... no matter how defensible the member's argument on legal, moral or philosophical grounds. Membership requires a sacrifice of personal judgment, worth and identity for that which is to be substituted for value derived from one's place in a group— a unit and its assigned duties. There is no individual measurement beyond the group or one can not be a true member whose body, mind and soul are one with the unit... that at anytime can be viewed by superiors as a vestigial appendage that can be dispensed with if the need arises to cut one's loses, provide a scapegoat, or eliminate sources of disclosure for questionable activities. It is the mindless world of an automaton whose conscience and consciousness are enabled to operate only within the parameters of a particular group's memorized and practiced delineations of self-support. One's attire, language and mannerisms must be uniformed according to the standards of prejudiced separatism from other units vying for their own personalized distinctions.

The warrior code is an ancient mentality which binds the publics of the world to express an acknowledged deference that acts as a stockade in which all of humanity is enslaved and is not permitted to move beyond such a primitive perspective. It is a code variably represented in sporting events, albeit in fluctuating characterizations needed for civilian standards of sociability. It is a perspective which perpetuates the rationale and accompanying rationalizations in order to sustain its viability. And if the world should begin to look beyond the walls of such a stockade, the people are forced to scamper over a 'politicalized' drawbridge to seek shelter behind ramparts and towers designed in preparation for the manufactured conflicts of those who know of no other type of existence in which they prefer to live... or want others to live.

Being a warrior means everything to them... but they can not live in such a world, to experience all the assumed glorifications of this 'warriordom', unless the rest of the world is forced to comply with this same orientation which is to hold it in great esteem, where even the pretense of humility is to be esteemed as an indication of the greatest patriotism, honor and personal sacrifice by simply being a member thereof. To such an end they need business activity, politicians, religious activity and security agencies to assist in the creation of conditions to foment conflicts... to be the producers by which theatrical backdrops can be set up for specific military-associated actors can participate in a military theater— with the public as a supportive audience that may at times be required to fill the positions of 'extras' called collateral damage. There is great profit in war, in social strife, in their practiced hypocrisies. Such is an age of irrationality, of socialized dementia on a depth and scope that the entire Earth has been made into an asylum. Their mindset and life style is not the arrangements coinciding to a practice of Democracy. In fact, they are part of a mentality the world over which is anti-thetical to the development of an actual Democracy.

The practice of an an Actual Democracy includes:

  • The ability for anyone to run for a public office without jumping through some conjoined fiscal, time dependent, and signatory hoop-jumping process.
  • The exercise of free elections without such elections being contoured to convoluted systems of percentaged proportionism which minimizes and otherwise deliberately denies the preponderance of truth in the majority vote (such as in the case of the U.S. Electoral College).
  • The alteration of a governing system whose parameters force any and all publicly elected officials to practice anti-standards of the public's social self-representative governance.

Since many military actions have been viewed as echoing an anti-Communism— anti-Socialism perspective (due to the bizarre practices put into play by over-zealous authority figures in different countries who have used the terms "Communism" or "Socialism" to conceal personal goals at the expense of a public)... a so-called Democratic or Republic-an (popular) government can not be seen as practicing behavior that it has previously represented as an incomparable evil; by way of its propagandist motives which are ulterior-laden with trying to represent its formula of falsified Democracy (or Republicanism) as being the most desirable formula of governance. In other words, a so-called Democracy or Republic (popular government) as being practiced by the U.S., Britain, or Canada can not be seen to practice an overt expression of Communism or Socialism because they had fought against the actions of countries whose political leadership claimed to be practicing such forms of governance. They must intentionally re-define any usage of such with terms that are best at creating a public's illusion for not having such practices even when they clearly do. All three countries, and many others, are practicing Communism and Socialism but are trying to keep the realization from their respective publics whose liberty, justice and self-governance is being relegated to more and more irrelevance and minimization.

Present Governance as bad Computer code

Any computer programmer worth their salt would readily get rid of the present government programming code and design it anew. There are so many flaws that even the most novice programmer would feel deeply embarrassed if they turned the present phoney forms of Communism, Democracy or Socialism in as a class project; because it would reflect a stuporous state of weekend drunkenness instead of applied study. Not only would the student get an "F" grade for the project, but they might very well be subjected to a disciplinary action of flunking the course, being kicked out of the University, and have their computer taken away from them because they couldn't be trusted with coming up with anything else except for more of the same governing trash the peoples of the world have to put up with. If we look at the government system as an expression of artificial intelligence, it is quickly understood that the programmers involved in its design and maintenance are particularly inept... but attempt to conceal such ignorance in convoluting the system with labyrinthine formulas of bureaucracy... like search engines and operating systems which favor directing people along particular channels... if for no other reason than because they can.

But not only must a new code of governance be written, but there is a need to remove the old internalized authoritative switching mechanisms. However, simply replacing them with newer (younger) versions of themselves is a practice of the old governing program that is inadequate to the task of developing a whole new platform of governance. For example, although Intel and Microsoft team up to co-create contributing elements to serve an idealized higher purpose, the purpose remains aligned with the limitations involving commercial interests. Commercial interests are driving the technologies of chip and code design that will enable the companies to direct the public along fiscally supportive avenues. This predilection becomes a prominent feature of corporate organization and functionality which presents itself as a type of bad computer code. The "mission" statements act as designated code parameters which attempt to create a computing atmosphere like a culture within the confines of a castle wall. Governments are similarly oriented... and thus develop artificial mental and emotional realities consistent with the written codes... even though they are written very poorly. We not only need new code, but new code writers and an evolved reality from a binary to a trinary perspective.

Source: Artificial Intelligence and 3sology

1A so-called "Democratic" taxation system is a Socialist pooling of money meant for improving the quality of life for everyone... at least that's what supposed to happen. In the real world, taxes are frequently collected for the sole purpose of assisting a single entity (such as the military) which necessarily involves a particular citizenry; or is explicitly used to target a social concern as defined by those in authoritative leadership... a leadership that typically does not represent the best and the brightest because the system of government in place is not formulated for this express purpose. The people are forced to accept choosing between one or another person with a particular set of mediocre or sub-par visionary skills. While they may be adequate status quo office managers, they do not have the leadership skills which assist in the development of something better than the recurrence of social problems brought about by a rigged system of Justice, Legislation and Executive action.return

2It should be noted however, that the health care being received by U.S. veterans is not comprehensive. Vision and dental coverage have not been typically covered for non-service connected disabilities (though a comprehensive eye-check and one pair of glasses may be authorized). In fact, many veterans who have a means of getting alternative medical care and insurance coverage will choose it over the Veterans Administration system of care because of personal bad experiences or word-of-mouth comments depicting the medical treatment as sub-par... however, contrary opinions are just as prevalent. One of these opinions assert that while the new (2014) V.A. directive involving updated treatment parameters (which includes vision coverage) may appear to be out of the goodness of the government's heart, in actuality, the intensive analysis of Veteran's eyes gives the government an opportunity to map out a person's eye structure to be used as an auxiliary means of citizen identification, because the government has had difficulty in getting veterans to voluntarily supply blood for a DNA mapping. Ulterior motives are a commonality of human behavior.return

3The "Dictatorship" reference is acknowledged by the fact that there are no communally-public elections by which all military members are permitted to democratically vote on the leader of their choice. All military personnel are chained to links in a command structure (like a dog chained to a staked leash), and must comply to commands given by those selected to lead them... for good or ill. This is why some commanders get killed in circumstances which enable subordinates to conceal their role in getting rid of a bad leader. Such actions are sometimes referred to as "fragging". The so-called chain-of-command frequently becomes a means of obstruction, obfuscation and officious deliberations to conceal ulterior motives not in the best interests of the men and women in a given command.return

4The word "service" in the phrase "thank you for your service" has been turned into a verbal badge of recognition that non-military service individuals whole-heartedly disparage and fully appreciate the reality that most people do not see combat action nor do anything spectacular in their military occupation, and may have deliberately chosen non-combat positions in order to evade the possibility of being killed in a combat situation. Indeed, we do not see this customary phrase being used when greeting a state government worker in the public sector, many of whom do the same sorts of jobs as do those in the federal government's military sector. It is part of the arrogance used as an entitlement by the Federal government opposed to State government positions so as to project itself as being of exemplary character.

Requiring all military individuals to have a High School diploma does not increase the over-all I.Q. standards because the military organization itself is a history of idiocy placed into garments that are supposed to give the impression of a quality of character that does not exist. For example, dog or cock fighting is not improved if those in command require everyone to wear formal wear and drink champagne while sitting in plush observation booths. Historically, military activity is a dirty, filthy, stinking business, no matter if all the participants were forced to attend an academy, express a certain jargon and manner at social gatherings, and otherwise give some pretense of civility.

There is nothing heroic about killing others under a government sponsored license-to-kill edict, regardless of all the pats on the back commanders receive from politicians whose usage of the military is convoluted with myriad forms of ulterior motives. Non-service individuals see the military as a brain-washing effect on millions of people who are led to believe in an over-valued patriotism where there is no great accomplishment to be proud of... because social problems are increasing. Many of those who go into a "Service" do so because they want the overall social benefits that are paid for by taxes but the public is not permitted to share in these benefits because they are redefined as something anti-democratic. Needless to say, hypocrisy is wide-spread in the U.S. and other governments.return

5A System of Spoils is a practice in which the political party winning an election rewards its campaign workers and other active supporters by appointment to government posts and by other favours. The spoils system involves political activity by public employees in support of their party and the employees' removal from office if their party loses the election. A change in party control of government necessarily brings new officials to high positions carrying political responsibility, but the spoils system extends personnel turnover down to routine or subordinate governmental positions. Source: "Spoils System." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.return

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