Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Military Benefits aren't Benefits
— Cenocracy: On the path of a New Government —


Military Benefits aren't Benefits, they are basic living necessities that every citizen should be guaranteed. If veterans were truly honored, they would receive true distinguishable benefits and not that which every single citizen should be entitled to, and not subjected to policies whose wording acts as governing methods of deterrence and a menagerie of obstacles; such as when terms like "available" and "access" are legalized maneuvers to take advantage of various human vulnerabilities which prevent social programs from reaching everyone whose livelihood would be thereby assisted.

In this day and age,
Military Benefits are basic social needs
that every Citizen should be entitled to.

Practicing various ceremonial acts such as during graduation exercises, promotion, burial, weddings and badges or medals— are not military benefits... they too are common everyday practices that many feel are a necessary characterization of life... with the only difference being the time, place and garments worn. Just because a flag is folded and given to a grieving survivor or that a 21-gun salute is provided, does not change the fact that such practices are little more than extensions of a basic burial requirement observed by millions. In other words, burials are a necessity... they should not be construed as some specialized benefit just because of the added features of a flag, uniformed individuals, a concerted social solemnity, and a numerically referential 3 X 7 symbolism whose origin is steeped in superstition.

The usage of communally needed necessities as tokens of esteemed benefits, suggests ideas revolving around actual benefits to be given Military personnel, are starkly impoverished considerations in the minds of those trying to invent some incentive to lure people into performing deeds that may well result in turning them against previous observances of morality... particularly when forced into confrontational situations with those who are labeled "the enemy", who are likewise perhaps having to deal with mixed emotions and intellectualisms regarding the taking of another person's life... based on a globally observed sentiment and sensitivity to fellow human beings that may not have been as much of an issue in combat situations of centuries past.

The U.S. government and Pentagon (and global counter-parts in other countries), don't actually have any idea of what benefit to offer to a public as an incentive for the possibility of carrying out a contracted killing against others labeled "the enemy". Like so many who choose to go into a business involving the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and medicinal interventions; these stalwart affected entities choose a representative amalgamation of these basic needs as that to be presented as a benefit. What adulterated hypocrisy! But in order to perpetuate the illusion that what they are providing is a benefit and not merely a basic necessity, overall social conditions must be maintained in such a state of dysfunctionality that multitudes suffer a disabling, disparaging and disenfranchising lack of such necessities... and will readily concede, because conditions force them into a mental compliance thereof... that an offer of such is truly a benefit to worship the government and military for... all because such entities saved them from experiencing the very social conditions they themselves have an active part in creating.

If society was functionally able to provide everyone with the basic necessities of living in today's world, then offering such necessities as a benefit would be seen for what they truly are... and that is as a carrot dangled in from of a hungry beast of burden. It is suicide for a government to create policies enabling the whole of the public to enjoy the reality of necessities when they are needed to be used to fuel the fantasy of benefit to lure people into accepting employment in an occupation they might well prefer to do without, but are forced to "choose" to enlist because there is nothing being offered in society that is comparable... because there are no government policies enforcing businesses and religions to effect standards of providing basic living necessities, without having to kowtow to a system of anti-democracy like that practiced by the military... and particularly noted by the fact that no leadership position is ever filled by a process of voting.

In order to make such needs appear as exceptional and exclusive benefits to a selective group of uniquely deserving Citizens, as rewards paid for by a grateful and doting public who are not likewise enabled to receive such basic needs; the Government, in collaboration with business and religious entities... must keep social conditions in varying states of deprivation which assist in obstructing the whole of the Nation from diverting its course away from an endless cycle of needless discriminatory impoverishments and self-defeating deprivations, which promote social conflicts into incongruities of contradictory legal entanglements that torment misperceptions into misunderstanding which perpetrates misconduct into exacerbated and exasperated attitudes of frustration and mistrust of authority... whose observed laws, rules, edicts, policies and overall philosophical strategies for survival— force many of the people to lead Silent Lives of Desperation; which come to be expressed in myriad forms of anger, frustration, disenchantment, isolationism (Hermitages), indiscretion, violence, criminality, self-injury, ideological regression, scarification, mental illness, and numerous other symptoms and symbols of personalized conflict, turmoil and generalized disequilibrium of body, mind and spiritually.

Such a state of affairs, if honestly contemplated, concentrated and coordinated in the direction of those perpetrating what amounts to as a falsification of Democracy (a peoples government); the inevitable result will be a Revolution___ from which will spring a New Government (a Cenocracy) that will effect a National Purpose away from the dead-ended course presently undertake, and continues to waste valuable resources that could be better used elsewhere in our collective pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

The government, backed by the military, deliberately contrive governing policies which makes it advantageous for such entities to thrive by way of advertised delusions and illusions. The functional practice of an Actual Democracy is an illusion. The functional usage of basic necessities as an extollable military benefit is a delusion. Included in such a system of practiced narcotic trafficking is the usage of the drug called "patriotism". And the word "honor" can be added as a second drug in a cocktail which includes the notion of believing one is contributing to the maintenance of some supposed great and virtuous Democracy... and yet the level of democracy being practiced is like a single drop of rain that has come into existence by entrapping a bit of dust... like the irritation of sand in a clam which encases it in layers of pearl to be romanticized into some extraordinary value... but is little more than an oyster's action of blowing it's nose, coughing up sputum, or wiping its butt. Yes, this is the age of hypocrisy we live in and abide with because of a perpetuated stupidity amongst so many different social leaders.

If the so-called honorable, virtuous and unassailable democracy were so very great and strong as it is presented, then it would not have to be protected by a military security service whose organizational methodology and functionality is anything but democratic... and readily displays the character profile of a Socialism and Communism... like so many street gangs, criminal organizations, religions and businesses.

The government, in association with the military-industrial complexification of social entanglements, are the purveyors of defining social circumstances in accord with their motives. Likewise the definitions of Communism, Democracy and Socialism. No less, if an accident, injury or attack occurs, we are expected to adopt their rationale... in order that they may impart a response so that a few can reap huge rewards for previous political contributions. And though this is widely known and practiced, and otherwise deemed a corruption; the practice continues because those in leadership silently agree it is part of a necessity of doing business in "the real world" (of their ideological making); but that the public is not permitted to engage in such activity because it would then be unfair competition for them. It is therefore to their advantage to disavow and condemn its usage... and if caught, either deny it or find some scapegoat so that the main players are safe from prosecution, public scorn and condemnation.

Such is but a micro-representation of an existing mentality in this Age of Irrationality caused by a globally practiced, planetary influenced ego-centricity. It is a here -and- now perspective cast into the framework of a past there -and- then, but is interpreted as some metaphysical contrivance adopted as an alternative conspiratorial theme— because those in leadership positions are overwhelmed by an indulgence in primivities of contemplation which cause them to reflexively thrust their efforts like an early hominid grunting at a shadow seen during the full moon of a socially practiced ignorance.

Thus, let us reiterate in plain language... the so-called benefits being offered to Military personnel do not honor them in as much as they dishonor the public by being denied to them as a basic necessity that every single citizen should be entitled to. The argument of choice, of having an all "volunteer" military service, must be placed into the context of its appearance where deprivated socio-economic conditions, caused by inept governing policies perpetrated by a self-serving military-industrial complex; make it appear that such basic necessities are a laudable benefit... instead of a modernized version of the antiquated practice of alms giving.

Cenocratic Democracy Billboard (47K)

Assumed benefits can only be interpreted as such so long as conditions promoting this definition remain a viable contributing factor. If social circumstances were effectively being practiced as they should be... with a full measure of democracy in a government structure designed for such an accommodated practice; the use of basic necessities as a benefit would readily be noted as a farce. If there was full employment in the civilian sector and this provided for the same level of "benefits" esteemed to military personnel, enlistment might well hit rock bottom. Particularly if the "citizens' democracy" (a Cenocratic Democracy) were permitted to practice a full complement of its presently denied capability.

We The People deserve a Cenocracy... And we will have our Cenocracy... One way or another.

We can have a peaceful and productive transition, or we can take our lead from those in authority who wish to impose their Will on others by using the forces of violence and destruction, backed by self-serving laws enabling them to perpetuate antiquated ideological premises that the public have grown out of as illustrated by social problems that can not be resolved using the old strategies employed by those in commerce, legislation and spiritually... whose designs are problematically magnified by being confined to sub-standard practices of Democracy being used to conceal different formulas of adulterated Communism and Socialism... whose actual origins of intent bespeak of a genuine concern for the well being of All Humanity... but are typically mangled by the ulterior motives of an ignorant and corruptible leadership.

Again, presumed military benefits are not benefits. They must be seen for what they are... as basic necessities for living into today's world. Such a realization must be acknowledged so that the nation, in fact all of humanity, is enabled to march forward into the next campaign of its evolutionary development with the necessary resources of body, mind and spirit which will enable us to not only "hold the line", but succeed in advancing against whatever "oppositional forces" we may meet in our journey into a new frontier of human exploration (diseases, space exploration, nutritional deficiencies, insect infestations, environmental decay due to the Earth's slowing rotation, receding moon, expansion of galaxy and Sun, etc...) ... without the usage of imperialist colonialism promoted by the spurious indiscretion of socio-pathology labeled "manifest destiny", "right of eminent domain" or "civil asset forfeiture" and other disguised criminalities.

Note: this page is intended as a companion page to that entitled "Military Benefits are Basic Necessities". The following list of benefits are similarly illustrated on the other page:

These two practices are erroneously called a Democracy.
(Though they might be viewed as extremely Limited practices thereof.)
The Military Reality
(sponsored by the public)

  1. A worry-free Health care system.
    (No insurance or co-pay nonsense.)

  2. A free Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
    (Or you can get paid for not living on base.)

  3. A free Basic income program.
    (Everybody has an income).

  4. A free Recruitment, Education/training system.
    (Recruitment tests can define initial trainability.)

  5. A free Legal system.
    (Often better skilled than civilian public defenders.)

  6. A free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
    (Take all you want but eat all you take.)

  7. A free Laundry system.
    (In many instances of training).

  8. A free Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
    (Advances in pay-grade are widely available.)

  9. A freely standardized wage scale.
    (Minimum and maximum wage scales are set.)

  10. A uniform code of Military Justice.*
    (Needed to go along with a uniform code of conduct.)

  11. A free paid-Vacation allotments for everyone.
    (Everyone is typically offered 30 days vacation per year.)

  12. A free clothing requirement and uniform allotment.
    (Work and dress uniforms establish continuity and solidarity.)

  13. A free (subsidized) retail outlets source (Post Exchange).
    (Prices are frequently cheaper than civilian stores.)

  14. A free Commune-ity...
    (Large Communes without economic competition.)
The Public Reality
(sponsored by inadequate legislation)

  1. A worry-filled high cost Health care system
    (Run as an insurance-driven protectionist racket).

  2. A high cost Housing system ("ownership" means long-term leasing).
    (Requiring loans or government subsidy.)

  3. No Basic income or employment guarantees program.
    (Far too many able-bodied people are without viable work.)

  4. No free universal Education/training system for adults.
    (Too Many citizens have unmarketable training and education.)

  5. A substandard free Legal system.
    (e.g.: Small claims courts are bad, and public defenders... unskilled.)

  6. No free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
    (Too many people go without food... Charities are commercialized.)

  7. No free Laundry system of any kind.
    (Access to free bathing and clothes washing facilities is a must.)

  8. No citizen Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
    (Disparagement is practiced in a dog eat dog society.)

  9. An unequalized wage system.
    (Non-livable minimum wages and no set maximum against greed.)

  10. An arbitrarily practiced Criminal Justice service.
    (Called a Justice System of Criminality.*)

  11. No free paid-Vacation allotments for everyone.
    (Stresses of living in a corrupt society creates bad situations.)

  12. No free clothing allotment.
    (Everyone should have clean and weather-appropriate clothing.)

  13. No free (subsidized) retail outlets.
    (The public is often taken advantage of by the crooks of business.)

  14. No free Community-focused co-operative...
    (Towns, Cities, and States often abuse their citizens to survive.)

The Military Justice system:

* It is well known that under most circumstances, the military is set up to protect its own members. However, when a case comes under wide-spread public observation, scapegoats and sacrifices are readily used to protect those in the higher ranks. The Military's use of camouflage, hit and run tactics, sniping, mine setting, intimidation, badgering, ambushing, and numerous other operational tools, are not limited to the battlefield; (and are meant as metaphors in this instance).

The Public Justice system:

* Instead of a "Public" or "Citizen" Justice system, the system of justice in practice is noted with the word "Criminal" (as in "Criminal Justice System"), which many interpret as a declaration of the type of Justice system the people are being subjected to... in that it is the practice of varying criminalities. In many cases, the public is so fearful of having anything to do with the Justice system they would prefer to plead ignorance, lack of memory, and for non-involvement because it is a system felt to be rigged in favor of those who play the game for some career benefit; and is not primarily focused on assisting the public fairly, honestly and judiciously. The system is felt to involve too many instances of arbitrary perception, analysis, interpretation and definition that the innocent dread having to be involved with those in the legal system because it is often abusive and retributive... continually looking to play out some angle to advantage the authoritative players... where fees can be accessed with a commensurate value equal to an increasingly high federal tax burden from which no equal commodity of social value is received; for the pool of monies absorbed into a system that is relying more and more on questionable external sources such as public asset forfeiture and lottery... the latter being referred to as a poor person's auxiliary tax.

And let us include the situation where a person can be provided with a public defender, at no cost... only to wish they hadn't because the public very often has to deal with someone whose legal career began after they took the bar exam half a dozen (or more) times. Public defenders are regularly noted as being inept.

In the case of Small Claims Courts, it is the government that wins out by being provided payment through registration fees... and a person winning a judgment is provided with no assistance to collect the fees owed to them, that may never be paid... because the government washes its hands of any and all obligation after it plays the part of collecting fees and passing judgment. In other words, the public is left out in the cold by a calloused government.

Now let us look at the so-called Democracy definition if the military benefits were given as a Public entitlement:
Hypothetical Public Entitlement to Military Benefits

  1. A worry-free Health care system.
  2. A free Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
  3. A free Basic income program (Everybody has an income).
  4. A free Recruitment, Education/training system.
  5. A free Legal system.
  6. A free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
  7. A free Laundry system (in many instances of training).
  8. A free Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
  9. A freely standardized wage scale.
  10. A uniform code of Military Justice.
  11. A free paid-Vacation allotments.
  12. A free clothing requirement and uniform allotment.
  13. A free (subsidized) retail outlets (Post Exchange).
  14. A free Commune-ity... large Communes without competition.

Military entitlements given to the Public as a benefit are called an act of Socialism.
(And in some instances would be referred to as a Communism.)

... Both of which become subjected to a barrage of negative commentary and alignment with past mismanaged efforts for creating a better social order under the conditions of a decaying planetary environment, and thus is propagandized into a rationalized hypocrisy the public is expected to put up with as a patriotically driven insanity.

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