Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Military Mission, Mischief, or Madness

Twin Towers (74K)

In a September 20, 2015 article by Joseph Goldstein U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies, the shocking revelation that the U.S. military could be participating in a human rights violation of children, not to mention those abuses and degradations of Iraqi prisoners and "detainees" during the 'gulf war'; begs the question of what role direct or indirect, the military played in the destruction of the Twin Towers. If not the military then some para-military group such as the FBI or some confederates. The fact that the twin towers fell on their own footprint raises suspicions particularly when such is accompanied by witnesses claiming to have seen and heard explosions prior to the larger planes-used-as-missles events, and are claimed by government-sponsored experts to be false. In other words, the public is expected to believe what is told to us by government-sponsored testimony and not the perceptions of multiple witnesses.

(Before continuing it is of need to note that the above mentioned article quickly disappeared from headline news, though you could find it if you were looking for it.)

If the military, and hence the government, can overlook abuses to further some goal it believes to be more important (commonly referred to as "the end justifies the means"), the killing of innocent civilians is not above them... nor any government employee or those who would agree to their philosophy. Needless to say, the public is placed into a position of being at the mercy of the government... and We The People have no recourse unless we engage in a Revolution because there are no realistic channels to thwart the actions of those who would use their authority to violate human rights to fulfill a desired mission. And if their desire was an internal department preoccupation to participate in activities in order to keep their skills honed by way of conventional and invented products needing to be tested under actual conditions; then reasons for conduction such activities need to be artificially manufactured... like a presumed attack on innocents... even if its own behavior will exhibit like-minded human rights violations.

The presence of a "chain of command" extending into a political hierarchy as well as a business echelon, assists with the ability of senior officers to conceal themselves by way of having purposely maneuvered one or more junior members into positions that make them available to be scape goats. If the overall seniors need to make a sacrifice of one or more other seniors as a token representation suggesting that no one is above the law and the public can have confidence in the government to do the right thing; such an activity is a theatrical staging.

Some readers will say that it is sometimes necessary to conduct business with one or more devils in order to carry out a mission defined as a greater cause. They may even define the act or order to overlook human rights abuses as a mischievous deed akin to an Administrator, Teacher or Police Officer who overlooks some events by defining them dismissively as "boys will be boys". Then again, another might look upon the whole of such recurrences and define them as representative of madness.

A further representation of this madness is brought to the fore when an employee, such as a soldier, after reacting with vehemence when a violation occurs, and metes out some measure of punishment... is thus held in contempt by their senior officers because they did not follow a written, verbalized or socially imposed acceptance for such an abuse to occur. Here is an excerpt from a larger article about the abuse of boys by Afghan leaders:

Dan Quinn, a former Special Forces captain, was relieved of his command after beating up a United States-backed militia leader who kept a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave. Four years later, the Army is trying to force Sgt. First Class Charles Martland, who helped Captain Quinn beat up the militia leader, to retire. Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. was killed in 2012 by one of the “tea boys” who stayed on base with an Afghan police commander named Sarwar Jan. Other Americans had previously accused the commander of abuse, but he lived with his retinue of boys in the same barracks as Marines.

Readers React to Afghan Allies’ Sexual Abuse of Boys

And there is no telling what atrocities of human rights take place that the public doesn't hear about... and that some would readily turn a blind eye to because they were directed to do so by senior officers. Some readers might well say that violations of human rights taking place in other countries can and should be overlooked if those committing such crimes are working with us to attack a far greater abuser of human rights. That in such conditions our moral standards can justifiably be set aside, just so long as we are not the one's committing the violation. It doesn't matter that our presence is one stipulated by a commitment to stop human rights violations, we can make exceptions so long as we do our job as we are commanded to do so.

Again and again and again, from one generation to the next, the public is subjected to authoritative activities that, when found out, are unconscionable and perhaps need not occurred if the people had a different formula of governance. We The People need a Cenocracy in order to be enabled to collectively address many issues that are being swept under some rug that is conveniently placed to make use of like intentionally placed loop holes in legislated law.

Date Of Origination: Wednesday, September 23, 2015