Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Movie Review List


The list of following "Society Improving" perspectives in the format of movies, have been watched and reviewed. Such reviews are not meant to be a word -for- word, frame -by- frame analysis as might an engaged detective in a criminal case or an Epidemiologist seeking out some elusive clue to a disease. Granted, there are those who would prefer to focus on some other represented point or pictorial image. As such, the reviews are nonetheless enough so that particular points can be brought forth for consideration. In any respect, our conclusion is that... thus far, all of the movies fall far short of what is needed to start either a national or international concentrated "movement" for progressive change... though each has their adherents.

In our attempts to find other movies that are focused on advancing some social change program, there is a large deficit in the presence of those which propose some definitive change in overall governing functionality. The majority of films attempting to raise public awareness focus on a specific issue... many of which are presented in a story telling fashion, with no interest in attempting to provide a solution to one or more future similar events, or keep them from occurring in the first place.

There are numerous issues that none of the movies brought up... and instead focused on that information fitting their primary perspective of intended promotion. We fully understand and appreciate this. But such an acknowledgment does not dismiss the fact that we need a movie(s) with a greater concentration of many other social issues addressed in the holistic framework of an enlarged vision that can be understood in multiple and divergent walks of life. We can't be so creatively minded that we strive to produce that which is claimed as a work of art, if its appreciation is limited to a small segment of a given population who share a similar mindedness and worldview— relegated to being identified as an esoteric genre... like an artist attached with some avant-garde label that sticks with them as an authoritatively assigned personification that they are forced to predispose themselves to... and thus interpret their creations as some fringe element sculpturally cast as a ne'er-to-do-well. Analogously, we can not let ourselves indulge in geocentric, egocentric, nor ethnocentric orientations that address singular issues in minor ways for this or that group or population, instead of multiple issues in a major one... for everybody.

While there are no doubt detractors who are negative about most things, and use the internet to voice vituperations from the haven of anonymity; these antagonistic drum beaters have no interest in providing a perspective with the intent of promoting either improved versions of the topic in question, or some amalgamated approach at creating some new vision as we Cenocrats propose. And this vision must propose, in the language of the people... as Dante Alighieri did with his epic poem (later named) "The Divine Comedy", which he wrote in Italian instead of the Latin preferred by the learned people of his day.

In short, we need to take stock of what is being presented, address the presentations through the various lenses of both advocates and critics; add to this the perspectives of others who may or may not as yet seen the films, but nonetheless have a sincere interest in promoting corrective social changes... and then make a series of additional movies to be shown in multiple venues... including classrooms.

For example, in one such movie we can show what was presented to us by the Occupy participators, and then contrast this with that which was not effectively illustrated... such as the lack of any unified leadership and the absence of a concerted focus that the whole of the public could visibly see and understand, as well as rally behind. In addition, it might be of interest to show what impact the occupy participators might have opportuned, if they had marched as a coordinated group with a patch on uniformed arms which indicated a purposeful orientation... instead of the then generated obtuseness and politically self-destructive disregard of public property and public thoroughfare by engaging in "camp outs" (instead of the sixties styled "sit ins") which resulted in unwarranted levels of left-over debris, as if to resemble some to-be-respected concrete form of civil or social disobedience.

In other words, while we respect the Occupiers (and other social theorists) for their efforts, such efforts might easily be improved upon like changing the scenes in a play, or altering a script, as many of the participators may have themselves already reflected on... and note that a different strategy might well have been more effective.

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