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Women must throw out their old moth-ridden Archetypal Wardrobe.

The stage acts and scenery (garments, costumes, jewelry, language, prop accoutrements) so prevalent in the many styles of White washing, Black washing, Brown washing, Red Washing, Yellow washing, LGBTQ washing, etc., will not correct centuries of being emotionally, mentally, financially and physically screwed by men and the unscrupulous self-serving leadership roles of women; whose psyche has embraced a male-dominant world-view concealed beneath the mannerisms and dress associated with a presumed women's progressive trail-blazing efforts— that are not under-scored with the ego-centricities characteristic of many male leaders who use the labors of the many to support and enrich the profits of a few... sustained by a hierarchy of laws and traditions long past their time of attrition.

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Androgyny - Archetypes - Astrology
(A misinterpreted Trinity for Enlightening One's Consciousness)...
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Yin and Yang polarities
(Another illusion-producing philosophy)
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Brain Hemisphere Attributes
(The beginning of an Awakened Female Psyche)

"You-ness- We-ness- Us-ness"

"Me- Myself- I"

Little, non-essential things bogging you down.

They-ness- Their-ness Them-ness

Hyper-sensitivity Hyper-awareness Female Super-sanity

(Female "intuition" is one of the old Archetypal garments distributed widely by men who want to control women by asserting "given" labels that women eagerly wear to attract those men who like ancient clothing... like fig leaves, animal skins, and raw/lewd nudity)
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A New Age of humanity can spring forth from a collective acknowledgment.


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The following information is intended for usage in a larger discussion involving the Female Psyche within the corridor of examination related to the idea that women must get rid of what I am referring to as an "Archetypal Wardrobe", in order for the female psyche to be emancipated from the long history of male oppression... though men have also suffered at the hands of a few who have gained positions of power which enable them to oppress everyone.

While the information was not initially generated as a treatise on the concept of the Old Soul, it may at some future date be used for this purpose. Nonetheless, for the purpose at hand, it is being rather narrowly restricted and therefore can be viewed as a truncation of a much larger exposition on the Old Soul concept which others have pursued from their vantage point, with or without an ulterior monetary incentive. I have no desire to detract from the serious and sincere thesis of others whose experience in the domain of the Old Soul may well dwarf my own approach. Irrespective of any perceived shortcomings, however, and though I at times may be presupposing that which others do not apprehend from their perspective of personal application, there at present is an unspoken of acceptance for the usage of a 'poetic license' in the discussion of the Old Soul topic.

Again, as has already been mention elsewhere in the larger discussion, it is being assumed that the female psyche is a separate entity distinct from the male brain activity and is not confined to being defined by her sexuality. So too is it being assumed that many women are in a ready, willing as well as able position to be freed from all suspected dependencies, inter-dependencies... real or imagined within or outside the context of a defined relationship... worldly practicalities notwithstanding nor taken-for-granted; in order for the female psyche to "come unto its own being". It is a trek that may lead some along paths which venture through such episodic considerations as virgin birthing, mother Earthing, and various formulas of matriarchialism, but knows these are mere way-stations onto a greater realization of a self that extends beyond pedestrian labels such as soul, spirit and other-worldly interpretations inter-mingled with some individualized metaphysics. Likewise, in so doing, let us review esoteric practices in the same manner such as are found in Wiccan ceremonialism, Astrology, Tarot card reading, spiritualism, gemology, herbal remediations, witch craft and sorcery, as well as those activities presently viewed as normalized career pursuits recognized as conventionalized professions such as in medicine, teaching, corporate business, politics, entertainment, sports, and the like. Just because they are normalized in a given era does not mean they are not barriers to further development... for oneself, a few others, or the whole of humanity.

Does the concept of the "Old Soul" represent some measure of Spirituality, or are the two separate entities? Does Old Soul refer to wisdom, insight, intelligence, and all things good and wonderful, or is it an excuse, a shield or a sword to fend off having to follow one or another herd mentality? Do we portray the concept of an Old Soul with the picture of a child, aged person, or some scene in nature such as an ocean, flight of birds, field of flowers, dawning sun, yawing sun full moon... etc.? Can the concept of Old Soul be represented by poetry, sculpture, music or some solitary person walking on a beach with a trail of footprints. Or, is the concept as well as the many different types of definitions and representative values, the expression of a man-engendered archetypal wardrobe akin to a scolder's bridle or dog muzzle?... No doubt used in cases where women spoke out against abuses in the home, church, work houses, and government... and like the social mussel that the LGBTQ cult is trying to impose on society enabling it not only to practice its many forms of nonsense but force the public to pay homage to it as if it were some Heaven-sent revelation of emancipation for a long-buried truth that needs to come out of hiding... in order that its many forms of idiocy can be sanctioned as an alternative form of assume philosophically valuable truth to be equated with its alphabetically jumbled logo as a sort of god-revealed code of authorized authenticity. Indeed, let us ask if the Old Soul label is the monogram on a socially accepted wardrobe that has been created by men oppressing women so much so and for so long, that they become self-absorbed and define various self-absorptions... whether shared with others or not, with labels meant to assuage feelings that might otherwise be labeled as despondency, fear, rejection, uncertainty, helplessness and hopelessness? Or is it the reflection of some inner strength, some inner determining, some inner capacity that can be nurtured in order to bring forth a brighter Age of humanity?

In some instances the "Old Soul" descriptions read much like a pseudo-religious doctrine, if not some variation of Chinese philosophy (besides the yin/yang varieties of polarization)... not to mention reading like some 1960s-1970s pop-culture/self-help psychology in a condensed (written for the general public) paper-back edition of a pretentiously contrived psychology thesis.

3 types of soul connection
  1. Karmic
  2. Companion
  3. Twin Soul or Twin Flame

Aristotle's 3 substances of the Soul
  1. Matter (potentiality)
  2. Form (actuality)
  3. The compound of matter and form

3 types of Soul
  1. Adam
  2. Sparks of Adam that remain with him
  3. Sparks of Adam which left him

There are three types of Star Children:
  1. The Indigo Children – These folks came to Earth first to begin the transition from our outdated (and let’s face it, sometimes violent) way of thinking.
  2. The Crystal Children – These humans incarnated next to start building the foundation of the new society in which we will eventually all live in peace and goodwill.
  3. The Rainbow Children – This is the new generation of Star Children and these guys and gals will pick up where the Crystal Children left off. They will help us remember our Higher Selves and connection with the Spirit realm where unconditional love resides. Once we have aligned with our True, authentic selves as a society, we can enjoy co-existing with other humans and life forms on the planet.

4 kinds of soul mates
  1. Healing
  2. Companion
  3. Karmic
  4. Past Life

4 signs you're an Old Soul and don't know it
  1. You give advice that's well beyond what your experiences should allow.
  2. You have a passion for old things.
  3. You long for meaningful, deep connections.
  4. You don't understand kids these days.

The 5 Soul Ages
  1. Infant
  2. Baby
  3. Young
  4. Mature
  5. Old

5 signs you're an Old Soul (Law of Attraction)
  1. You wonder why the heck you are even here on planet Earth
  2. You found that (the) law of attraction isn't an idea it's the truth
  3. You have a long term vision for life because you know that patience is a virtue
  4. You know you don't need a reason to smile
  5. You'd rather appear strange to others than be a stranger to yourself

6 signs you're an Old Soul trapped in a young body
  1. You really appreciate alone time (more so than others)
  2. You're a homebody
  3. You listen beyond the words
  4. You prefer to connect with people organically
  5. People know they can count on you for on-the-spot wisdom
  6. Technology is optional

6 Clear Signs You're an Old Soul and Might Not Know It
  1. Old souls travel their own path through life:
  2. Old souls have only a few true lifelong friends:
  3. Old souls have an unquenchable thirst for learning:
  4. Old souls adjust to new situations and surroundings with ease:
  5. Old souls look beyond the mundane and see the bigger picture:
  6. Old souls are spiritual:

7 Rays of Personality
  1. The Warrior (Will & Power)
  2. The Nurturer (Divine Love & Wisdom)
  3. The Strategist (Active Intelligence)
  4. The Mediator (Harmony through Conflict)
  5. The Engineer (Concrete Science)
  6. The Devotee (Devotion & Idealism)
  7. The Humanitarian (Ceremonial Order)

7 soul ages levels by Varda Hasselmann
  1. Level 1 - Act against conventional morals from inner conviction
  2. Level 2 - Honestly admire yourself, dispense with the admiration of others
  3. Level 3 - Combine precise introspection with active results
  4. Level 4 - Unite your well-being with the welfare of the community
  5. Level 5 - Follow a path unwaveringly without knowing where it leads
  6. Level 6 - Impress by being, not by doing
  7. Level 7 - Receive without giving, give without receiving

7 Signs Of An Old Soul: Key Points
  1. Old souls are philosophically oriented and strive to see the bigger picture. Their motto is live and let live.
  2. They are generally compassionate and kind but should guard against a streak of arrogance.
  3. They believe there is more to life than money and the relentless pursuit of material possessions.
  4. Old souls are often considered eccentrics when compared to the rest of society.
  5. With so many lifetimes under their belt, they possess many gifts and talents.
  6. They can seem relaxed and unassuming, even in a crisis.
  7. The old soul is mostly detached from the drama of life and prefers to do their own thing.

7 Levels within each of these soul types
  1. Infant souls
  2. Baby souls
  3. Young
  4. Mature
  5. Old
  6. Transcendental and Infinite Souls

7 Signs You're An Old Soul With Many Past Lives
  1. You Live In A City
  2. You Enjoy Being Part Of A Diverse Group Of People
  3. You Were Wise Beyond Your Years As a Child
  4. You Want To Make The World A Better Place
  5. You Feel Disconnected From Your Body
  6. You Believe We're All Basically The Same
  7. You Love Traveling

Here Are 8 Kinds of Souls in This World:
  1. – The Shaman This type of soul is wise and old. They can give great advice as well as truly connect with people around them. Others often feel better in their presence.
  2. – The Server This type of soul is actually a natural caretaker to an extent. They always lend a helping hand. However, they often get overwhelmed. Sometimes, they can also be manipulative.
  3. – The Warrior This type of soul can overcome any challenge and is hard working. They always achieve their goals. However, they tend to have quite the temper.
  4. – The Artisan This type of soul is very expressive and creative. They want to be productive and thrive in the fine arts. In fact, originality is the strong-point of these people.
  5. – The Sage This type of soul is entertaining and charming. They are playful and want to be in public. In case you love jokes, these people are what you need in your life.
  6. – The Scholar This type of soul is naturally curious and wants to learn more than anything else. Sometimes, they seem a bit arrogant, but in most cases, they avoid conflict.
  7. – The Priest This type of soul is motivational. They do whatever it takes to help other people succeed. In addition, they also want to bring inspiration to people that need it the most. That's why they are more likely to have an inflated ego.
  8. – The King This type of soul is actually a leader. The King is more assertive than others and has a strong personality. They are perfectionists, have concentration in their eyes, and come off as a bit demanding.

9 types of soul
  1. Hunter
  2. Caregiver
  3. Creator
  4. Thinker
  5. Helper
  6. Educator
  7. Performer
  8. Leader
  9. Spiritualist

You Are Not...
  1. You are not your body. You have a body, which houses your soul.
  2. You are not your thoughts, worries or fears. You can control your thoughts or observe them as they come and go, which shows that you are something separate to and greater than them.
  3. You are not your titles or roles, like mother, son, employee, writer or friend. They are simply your social masks which you need to wear from time to time.
  4. So then, what are you? You are the deeper essence beneath all of these transient parts of you. You are your soul — your inner spirit.

10 qualities of your inner spirit
  1. You are energy: At a very fundamental level, everything we see as solid is made up of energy particles, including you.
  2. You are divine. There is something pretty magical about the Universe, right? The stars, planets, ocean, rainbows and trees. Well, you are made of the same basic energy particles. So in effect, you are stardust!
  3. You are perfect: The Universe created you exactly as you are. So many dots had to connect for you to arrive on earth as your own unique combination of passions, gifts and quirks. So you are exactly as you are supposed to be. You are perfectly you.
  4. You are eternal: Your energy existed before you were here in this physical body, and your energy will continue to exist after you have finished experiencing life in this physical body.
  5. You are love: When you are born, you are a bundle-of-bliss, loving everyone and everything around you. However, you may have lost touch with your natural state of love because of social conditioning — you may have been brought up to distrust, judge and exclude people.
  6. You are ever-expanding: The Universe is constantly expanding and as a piece of the Universe, you are also naturally inclined to expand — to want more, to give birth to new desires and dreams, to seek personal growth and a better life.
  7. You are powerful: Life is a creative process and you can shape your future with your thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and actions today. If you knew how powerful you really were, you wouldn’t think twice about going after what you really want.
  8. You are safe: Your ego can get battered and bruised by other people doing or saying hurtful things and is constantly worried about life not going to plan, but your spirit knows it can't be harmed and everything happens for your highest good.
  9. You are connected: You experience loneliness because you feel cut off from the Universe and other people. But in reality you are connected to everything — we are not separate entities, we are all "pieces" of the one Universe, like a giant puzzle.
  10. You are guided: You may have seen glimpses of divine timing, synchronicity, signs and miracles in your life already. There is an ever-present energy world, a life force, a field of infinite potentiality, a Divine Spirit, a Universe, that is strangely accommodating of your every desire, if you know how to flow with it.

12 signs you may be an Old Soul
  1. As a child, you were often alone or misunderstood.
  2. You probably have older, wiser or adult friends.
  3. You had or still have a great interest in nature and animals.
  4. Paranormal phenomena fascinates you as does astronomy, astrology, etc.
  5. Conspiracy theories may also interest you
  6. You could be a solitary lone wolf or have just a handful of close friends that you rely on.
  7. As a teen, you were, or still thought of as a rebel.
  8. You abhor materialism and know instinctively that pleasures of the world are fleeting.
  9. As a result you often appear younger than most your age.
  10. You place no real (?) in University degrees, getting a raise at work, promotions, etc.
  11. You eat differently than most people around you.
  12. Existential Crisis

18 Characteristics of an Old Soul
  1. Being Spiritually Awakened or Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening
  2. Needing Time Alone
  3. Feeling Like Earth is Not Your Home
  4. Kind and Helpful to Others
  5. Forward Thinking
  6. Tries to Improve the World
  7. Tries to Protect the Environment
  8. Loves to Learn and Experience
  9. Dislike of Negativity
  10. Awareness of a One Creator or God
  11. Ability to Transcend Ego
  12. Not Materialistic
  13. Not Narcissistic
  14. Dislike of Power, Greed, Deception, Manipulation and Control.
  15. Bewildered by Others' Behaviors
  16. Love Nature and Animals
  17. Balanced Energies and Personality
  18. Makes the Most of Life

21 Struggles Of Being An 'Old Soul' Trapped In A Young Body
  1. "People my age think I'm boring."
  2. "I think the hardest part is finding people that can understand you. It's kind of a lonely feeling."
  3. "I don't fit in with people my own age. They think I'm uncool or boring. However, older people ONLY see my age and lump me in with immature or inexperienced people. I tend to date older (by 10-15 years) men, which, in my experience, hasn't quite worked yet... I always take the "old soul" thing as a compliment, but I'm not sure it's always meant as one."
  4. "All along, you feel that you are a different bird in the flock. What makes them sad or happy or mad does not make you feel the same. But, on the other hand, I wouldn't like to be any different."
  5. "Finding a male counterpart that gets you, but is young/age appropriate."
  6. "The hardest part is not being taken seriously when you're young."
  7. "Conveying that to anyone who isn't an 'old soul,' and the frustration of sometimes wanting to be in more popular circles, but finding out when you get there that you are and always will be on the outside looking in... and somehow not minding that, even when lonely." -
  8. "I have a hard time letting go and being silly because the old voice in my head makes me feel dumb when I do. Plus, intuitively I sense when something is a bad idea, which can be awesome, but it also makes me a buzz-kill with peers."
  9. "For me the hardest part is not letting other people's words affect my mentality. It sounds ironic because an old soul should know to differentiate between words and truth, but sometimes hearing the word 'old' so many times can be exhausting."
  10. "The hardest part is how frustrating it is to see young souls struggle so much with things that are patently, obviously, true and clear. They haven't learned to flow, the secret to life. They're always swimming up impossible, impractical streams, fighting, fighting."
  11. "Feeling like you don't really belong anywhere and not understanding how some people can be so vapid, shallow and dim." --
  12. "People don't understand that I don't need to have fun all the time. I'm fine being home alone."
  13. "For me, it's difficult to understand the motivations of people my own age, such as their goals and what priorities affect their decisions. I'm stuck in my head a lot, because while my friends are OK to throw caution to the wind for the sake of living life, I always hold back and look at the potential long term plan, end game, and what are my back up plans if I fail the first time."
  14. "It makes me feel mentally superior. It's a compliment."
  15. "Nobody believes me when I say, 'I know.'"
  16. "Being an old soul has made me extremely sensitive and that causes anxiety for me. I can't share the depths of my thoughts with most people because they don't 'get it,' and that can be difficult."
  17. "I feel kind of responsible. And it makes me feel a need to be more mature. And I really like that people think I am grown up but it is a deed of responsibility."
  18. "Finding like-minded people, being considered bitter because you can see the whole picture and it isn't always the fairy tale people want to believe in, being disappointed regularly by your peers because they are still very childish."
  19. "A lot of what mainstream society strives for seems silly."
  20. "Being surrounded by people (both loved ones and those I'm not too fond of) who refuse to or simply cannot see the other side of any given situation. I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language... It can be lonely being both logical and empathetic."
  21. "People come to me for sage advice, then choose not to take it... It's disheartening that I'm not taken seriously."

21 Signs of a Rainbow Child
  1. A Rainbow child is usually born to a Crystal adult.
  2. Rainbow children choose to incarnate into stable families, whereas, their processors, the Indigos chose dysfunctional environments.
  3. Rainbows are new souls. They come without the baggage of previous incarnations.
  4. They are usually psychic or extremely intuitive. They accept their psychic gifts as a normal part of their life. It's no big deal to them.
  5. They are hyperactive and high-energy. You may even feel a buzz when you are near one as their personal energy fields vibrate so intensely. A Rainbow child might need to run everywhere, or to start hopping, skipping and jumping spontaneously.
  6. They are drawn to bright colors. The brighter, the better.
  7. Their male/female characteristics are balanced, hence the emergence of the gender-neutral culture.
  8. They are passionate, creative and enthusiastic. If you had to assign a tarot suit to them, it would be Wands/Fire
  9. They are impervious to low energy and vibration, shrugging it off and moving on.
  10. They gravitate toward other Rainbows, joining together to form a super high-energy bond.
  11. They have innate understanding that they are connected to, and are part of, all-that-is. They have no sense of separation.
  12. They are natural healers.
  13. They may share some physical characteristics with Crystals, such as their big eyes and clear gaze. Yet whereas Crystal children look deep into your soul, you will never feel judged by a Rainbow child.
  14. Rainbow children reflect your feelings and traits back to you.
  15. A Rainbow child is compassionate. They are here to love humanity and to be of service.
  16. A Rainbow child may be a channel for benevolent spiritual entities.
  17. They are not interested in competing with others, so unlikely to be sporty unless they are doing it for the sheer joy.
  18. Rainbow children forgive easily. In fact, forgiveness is almost an alien concept to them. Acceptance is the kind of forgiveness they practice.
  19. They are strong-willed. Once we might have described them as stubborn, but this is not the case. They are focused on their reasons for being here and anything else is just distraction.
  20. They may not talk until three or four years old. A little like Crystal children, but more so. They are tuned in to the cosmos and don’t€™t need to communicate verbally. They are quite aware of what is going on around them.
  21. Like you, their Crystal parent, they are fearless.

Are "Old Souls" related to or representative of Earth-bound Rainbow children (or "star seeds") that are or will be "Re-awakened" for what some are referring to as the Dawn of a New Age? Are Old Souls rainbow children in a semi-conscious state that is due to and a reflection of the process of transmigrating to this realm of existence? Is it possible to cause them to re-awaken as to who they are and what their purpose is... and that they have widely been misinterpreted to be an "alien presence" with "an Agenda"? Or... perhaps... these ideas all relate to an inaccurately described developmental shift in the brain of humans occurring at different rates but all around the world for many (but not all?) people? And since some people are sensitively aware of physiological occurrences and are not quick to interpret them with common labels or ideas, they grasp onto an alternative suggestion because it appears most plausible... only because they have not encountered a more-fulfilling representation they can both comprehend and contemplate?

The following is labeled a "Top Definition" for the label "Rainbow child", only because those compiling the dictionary have not accustomed themselves to take a wider survey of ideas. In other words, after reading it, you may find it a rather childish and even foolish representation of the idea. No doubt someone who remains an inebriated love-child of the 1960's penned the definition.

A Rainbow Child Is a spiritually aware person who has a strong connection with the divine creator/god. They are said to have an old soul (most born in the 1970's) with spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clair-audience, or clair-sentences. Usually a rainbow child will have a special talent in fine arts of some sort, such as art, music, dance etc. They are said to bring peace and love to earth during the transition of times on the earth. Such a person can also be identified by the unique indigo color found in their auras and they have astonishingly beautiful eyes.

The child expressed such unconditional love making me believe she/he was a rainbow child.

Source: Urban Dictionary

And like any sport or other profession, let us pay witness to competition in the ranks: Rainbows or star children go beyond the psychic abilities of crystal children

Here is a hodge-podge of considerations which fumbled their way onto the landscape while engaged in writing this "Old Soul" episode for the Female Psyche discussion:

  • Need for the establishment of an "Old Soul" community as a sanctuary for entry level as well as variously integrated levels of Old Soul.
  • There is no "Old Soul" regulatory agency that debunks those who are shysters... snake oil sales people.
  • Con artists need to be identified because they falsely portray themselves as counselors, healers, guides, etc., but are pseudo-psychologists, play-acting psychiatrists, wannabe-counselor, etc...
  • The label "Old Soul" is sometimes viewed as an Essence, Energy, Personality Trait, Archetype, etc...
  • The Old Soul reference as a projection of one's believed-in perceptions of oneself represented as rules-of-thumbs for others... and used as a guide towards a better understanding and perhaps provide an income for the person providing the information.
  • Old Souls are young inside even when they are 90 (is ninety to be the beginning of when someone is old? Why is this age singled out?)
  • Through identifying your soul type, you may be able to discover your soul's purpose and begin your inner journey. (common theme of proposed Old Soul ideologies).
  • It is very common to find those who are dissatisfied with most or all available conventions spirituality, philosophy, esoteric venues of consideration.
  • You are not this, not that, nor any of the other male-generated (and female embraced) stereo-typical gender-applied conventions and therefore are not trapped by the misperceptions of yourself or those of others. You are meant to be... but only if you can be freed from the many indentured ideological servitudes. (Get rid of the moth-ridden Archetypal Wardrobe.)
  • Fear of Rejection causes the development of an alternative interpretation of oneself or another that can be used as an acceptable explanation for behavior which might otherwise be labeled as weird, non-normal, strange, different... etc.
  • Various labels used in describing alternative interpretations of similar or mundane, or even extra-ordinary phenomena: Energies, vibrations, reverberations, Kaleidoscopic emanations, poetic intimations, episodic nuances of cosmic cyclicities, rhapsodic fluctuations of complex inter-dimensional confluences, universal principalities of contemplatable contingencies impinging on the trans-generational existentialist properties of promise.
  • The Old Soul concept is an acceptable means of explaining a Sensitive Person's realizations.
  • The Old Soul concept permits a ballpark means of representing a Feeling and Emotions connection or disconnection.
  • There is an inclination for some to establish an Old Soul pseudo-professionalism which can be characterized by some measure of individually administered qualification based simply on interest, sincerity, and knowledge which catalogues a perceived recurrence of the same information as if it alone suggests that it represents truth and not just some Urban Legend formula. Whereas applying such to oneself may not be harmful (in most cases?), this may not be the situation when applied to the lives of others... 1 or more.
  • Interestingly, a cursory review of on-line references to the Old Soul idea do not contain the words "Social Responsibility", humanitarian, charity, magnanimity, visionary, etc..., though they may in one or another non-typical review of the subject.
  • The Old Soul concept provides some with a sense of personal or personalized or personalizable significance, uniqueness. (Perhaps as an attempt to better identify and give meaning to personal perceptions that few or no "one- person" (or information) that one comes into contact with is discussing. Without a readily apparent source of information which helps a person to get a better grasp on perceptions that may be little more than vague impressions, sensations, recurring twitches, etc.., the state of a person's body, mind, and/or emotions may interpret in negative, neutral or positive ways... or seeking to define as such for a conscious or unconsciously driven motivation.

With respect to the Topic of an "Old Soul" this idea may be coupled with two more alternatives such as young, traveled and old soul which the author feels they are somehow qualified to test others for their level of what can be described as a personal "soul realization" based on questions assigned with points arranged in a sequence of answers related to 7 questions, 3 choices for each, valued at 1, 2 or 4 points, instead of including the value "3" and that the result is related to a level of energy. Because there is no actual universally ascribed "soul" configuration that has been established because those who believe themselves to be an "Old Soul" have not made their way to gathering at a Convention in order to establish guide-lines.

Links arranged in numerical in a numerical system of referencing:

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