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Women must throw out their old moth-ridden Archetypal Wardrobe.

The stage acts and scenery (garments, costumes, jewelry, language, prop accoutrements) so prevalent in the many styles of White washing, Black washing, Brown washing, Red Washing, Yellow washing, LGBTQ washing, etc., will not correct centuries of being emotionally, mentally, financially and physically screwed by men and the unscrupulous self-serving leadership roles of women; whose psyche has embraced a male-dominant world-view concealed beneath the mannerisms and dress associated with a presumed women's progressive trail-blazing efforts— that are not under-scored with the ego-centricities characteristic of many male leaders who use the labors of the many to support and enrich the profits of a few... sustained by a hierarchy of laws and traditions long past their time of attrition.

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Androgyny - Archetypes - Astrology
(A misinterpreted Trinity for Enlightening One's Consciousness)...
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Yin and Yang polarities
(Another illusion-producing philosophy)
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Brain Hemisphere Attributes
(The beginning of an Awakened Female Psyche)

"You-ness- We-ness- Us-ness"

"Me- Myself- I"

Little, non-essential things bogging you down.

They-ness- Their-ness Them-ness

Hyper-sensitivity Hyper-awareness Female Super-sanity

(Female "intuition" is one of the old Archetypal garments distributed widely by men who want to control women by asserting "given" labels that women eagerly wear to attract those men who like ancient clothing... like fig leaves, animal skins, and raw/lewd nudity)
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A New Age of humanity can spring forth from a collective acknowledgment.


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The following information is intended for usage in a larger discussion involving the Female Psyche within the corridor of examination related to the idea that women must get rid of what I am referring to as an "Archetypal Wardrobe", in order for the female psyche to be emancipated from the long history of male oppression... though men have also suffered at the hands of a few who have gained positions of power which enable them to oppress everyone.

While the information was not initially generated as a treatise on the concept of the Old Soul, it may at some future date be used for this purpose. Nonetheless, for the purpose at hand, it is being rather narrowly restricted and therefore can be viewed as a truncation of a much larger exposition on the Old Soul concept which others have pursued from their vantage point, with or without an ulterior monetary incentive. I have no desire to detract from the serious and sincere thesis of others whose experience in the domain of the Old Soul may well dwarf my own approach. Irrespective of any perceived shortcomings, however, and though I at times may be presupposing that which others do not apprehend from their perspective of personal application, there at present is an unspoken of acceptance for the usage of a 'poetic license' in the discussion of the Old Soul topic.

Again, as has already been mention elsewhere in the larger discussion, it is being assumed that the female psyche is a separate entity distinct from the male brain activity and is not confined to being defined by her sexuality. So too is it being assumed that many women are in a ready, willing as well as able position to be freed from all suspected dependencies, inter-dependencies... real or imagined within or outside the context of a defined relationship... worldly practicalities notwithstanding nor taken-for-granted; in order for the female psyche to "come unto its own being". It is a trek that may lead some along paths which venture through such episodic considerations as virgin birthing, mother Earthing, and various formulas of matriarchialism, but knows these are mere way-stations onto a greater realization of a self that extends beyond pedestrian labels such as soul, spirit and other-worldly interpretations inter-mingled with some individualized metaphysics. Likewise, in so doing, let us review esoteric practices in the same manner such as are found in Wiccan ceremonialism, Astrology, Tarot card reading, spiritualism, gemology, herbal remediations, witch craft and sorcery, as well as those activities presently viewed as normalized career pursuits recognized as conventionalized professions such as in medicine, teaching, corporate business, politics, entertainment, sports, and the like. Just because they are normalized in a given era does not mean they are not barriers to further development... for oneself, a few others, or the whole of humanity.

Does the concept of the "Old Soul" represent some measure of Spirituality, or are the two separate entities? Does Old Soul refer to wisdom, insight, intelligence, and all things good and wonderful, or is it an excuse, a shield or a sword to fend off having to follow one or another herd mentality? Do we portray the concept of an Old Soul with the picture of a child, aged person, or some scene in nature such as an ocean, flight of birds, field of flowers, dawning sun, yawing sun full moon... etc.? Can the concept of Old Soul be represented by poetry, sculpture, music or some solitary person walking on a beach with a trail of footprints. Or, is the concept as well as the many different types of definitions and representative values, the expression of a man-engendered archetypal wardrobe akin to a scolder's bridle or dog muzzle?... No doubt used in cases where women spoke out against abuses in the home, church, work houses, and government... and like the social muscle that the LGBTQ cult is trying to impose on society enabling it not only to practice its many forms of nonsense but force the public to pay homage to it as if it were some Heaven-sent revelation of emancipation for a long-buried truth that needs to come out of hiding... in order that its many forms of idiocy can be sanctioned as an alternative form of assume philosophically valuable truth to be equated with its alphabetically jumbled logo as a sort of god-revealed code of authorized authenticity. Indeed, let us ask if the Old Soul label is the monogram on a socially accepted wardrobe that has been created by men oppressing women so much so and for so long, that they become self-absorbed and define various self-absorptions... whether shared with others or not, with labels meant to assuage feelings that might otherwise be labeled as despondency, fear, rejection, uncertainty, helplessness and hopelessness? Or is it the reflection of some inner strength, some inner determining, some inner capacity that can be nurtured in order to bring forth a brighter Age of humanity?

Is the present concept and definition of "Old Soul"
a type of Mask under a different name; albeit provided
with an ideological cosmetic and costume jewelry that has
become mystically labeled to make it appear superiorally-natural
and thus become so invaluable as a personalized characteristic of social
honorability as to be erected on a pedestal beyond the reach of an analytical
review as to its socialized propriety of possession and inferred propensity to provide
an unequaled revelatory perspicacity, yet be somehow lessened by too much attentiveness?

Example of a Scolder's Mask Exampe of a shame mask
Example of the Scolder's Bridle

See also:

What does the two-word phrase "old soul" mean? Do any of the following references actually have anything to do with what a "real" Old Soul means or are they simply opinions reflecting a personalized narration of experiences shared and observed in the commonality of humanity? Does the concept "Old Soul" an expression of Ego, misunderstanding, mislabeling, and over-looked masking of an ongoing deterioration of the solar system that some people are more sensitively responsive to, but because of their seemingly benign behavior, are interpreted as suggesting a uniqueness as a means of putting "New Age" clothes on behavior that can and should be alternatively interpreted instead of permitting the term "Old Soul" to be individually defined and thus individually represented? Since there is no established "Old Soul Agency" to regulate the usage of such, and no national... if not international meeting of those who claim to express some authoritative knowledge of the subject, we must ask if such "Old Soul" advocates are afraid of coming together... likewise for a "meeting of minds" for all the described esoteric perspectives whose wares are presently subjected to a Black Market type of pedaling misinformation and an assortment of assigned goods and services? If what they claim is true, why are they afraid to organize? How may Old Soul charlatans are there? Is the Old Soul concept merely a philosophy or is it an actual behavioral condition that should be encouraged through funding? Should we have mandatory public school classes on some, many or all of the now named esoteric subjects? Because the "esoteric arts" of New Age promise consume the lives of so many, and they are consumers of various paraphernalia that they think is or will be useful in their pursuit of enhancing their gift(s), can we not investigate claims to uncover the true from the false... and those that need to be developed because they hold promise for humanity?

While many of us will agree with one or another definition of the "Old Soul" concept, are we in agreement because all share the same or similar level of wisdom, insight and intelligence, or ignorance of a subject that has not been thoroughly analyzed? Has human ego got in the way of a more definitive truth and realization, like alchemists striving for the development of gold from base metals because we are more interested in traditions of understanding then we are in more progressive explorations? Can't children be benefited by an introductions of ideas that can be usefully applied to enhance their lives more fully as they mature, or are the esoteric arts a "For Adults Only" concoction of self-entertainment by channeling one's energies and resources into activities which promote a child-like atmosphere amongst like-minded adults? Are there far too many adults wanting to practice a mentality of tradition with respect to the esoteric arts because they are comfortable with a given level of expressed ignorance thereof... and can use their ignorance as a means to provide themselves with an excuse for not permitting the esoteric arts to grow up beyond all the nonsense now being pursued? Is the concept of the Old Soul to be permitted to be the requisite philosophy of those who indulge in personalized forms of aloneness which provides them with a perch to observe the fray of the multitude and provide observations of the multitude chasing its own tail, whereby they are then given the title of sage for an ability that many others can adopt by means of instruction instead of a road or school of hard knocks that many others shrug off because they have been brought up to develop a tougher emotional, mental and physical hide? Is the "Old Soul" phrase a reference to sensibilities that can be taught and nurtured to children if there was private or public funding for, and that the result could be applied in a practical manner for assisting humanity? Is the Old Soul reference more in tune with a male psyche or a female psyche... and if promoted, would eventually produce a viable matriarchialism or different-than-now patriarchialism?

  • Someone who has a greater appreciation and understanding of things that might be dismissed by others their age. An old soul would have a different taste in things than the mainstream media. They are often wise beyond their age or appearance.— Urban Dictionary
  • An old soul, or a person with an old soul is someone who appears to be much wiser than their actual age would lead you to believe. They tend to be thoughtful, and are excellent listeners, and they don't€™t tend to get flustered. They tend to be very objective and non-judgmental.— Origin of "Old Soul"
    • An old soul is a person who has came through life many times and are sometimes wise beyond their years, all of these return to the pit.
    • The saying originates from a 1708 English nursery rhyme "Ole King Cole Was a merry aulde (old) soul".
  • Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World by Aletheia Luna

Old King Cole rhyme Old King Cole rhyme revised

In preparing the way for a modicum of understanding the female psych... where it has been, where it is, and in what directions it may choose to pursue, a look at those ideas set (or sat) upon by women which are generally described as deep, ancient, mysterious... even vague, illusory, and questionable... but customarily interpreted by many as embodying a potential source of power or empowerment that requires a personal commitment, a relationship... if not a devotion and reverence (unstinting belief) in order to be uncovered... need to be surveyed. Again, the described intention is to unravel whether or not their is a distinct "female psyche" or is just a flavor of a male psyche... though the obverse can be suggested as well. In any event, it is being assumed that there actually is a distinct female psyche and that it has been buried by centuries of male rubbish which has made it difficult to emerge as its own specialized entity of sustained growth and development without adopting a male form of bark, exoskeleton, sheathing, pruning, etc... It is necessary to call the present social orders throughout the world as examples of male rubbish, only because specific environmental forces are being overlooked by the whole of humanity, and if so recognized, are interpreted as illusory by a human population of Earth that promotes individualized and group formulas of ego-centricity. Yet, so many of the world's problems are caused by the actions of a few men affecting the behavior of both men and women, instead of the collective Will of the Many causing the Causers of so many problems to accede to a better path.

In order to get to the core of the female psyche, it may be necessary to introduce a means by which the centuries of male-psyche trash can be made into compost so that the original psyche of the female (that we are assuming exists and is better than the male psyche), can fully flower from a cacoon within a shell beneath a tide of waters in a cave below an iceberg headed towards the abyss of a black hole as an unidentified note in the chorus of white noise heard as a refrain from a mono-tonal reverie exerted by a listless imagination being played as a tune connected with a jack-in-the-box whose handle is accidentally being turned by the jostling of trash on a barge headed towards a sea from a harbor filled with more trash and similar scenarios of unrealized existences. The profundity of such a sleeping, such a vestigial, such a life-awaiting-birth from a heart, mind and soul still in its infancy... nay, in the womb of a virginal presence awaiting for the proper environmental circumstances can not be over-stated. Indeed, it is awaiting the efforts of woman everywhere to join in the same birthing process of its singular emergence... for the functionality can not fit through the birth canal of a single woman acting alone.... nor those who think to embrace such a view in order to further their individual business, political or religious careers and interests. As it stands, women leaders all too often join the male club of leaders under the disguise of being a woman... but actually have no over-riding interest nor ability to utilize the uniqueness of the female psyche, because they label and define it in terms related to male-psyche world-view orientations that include so-called "family values", or hypocritical formulas of peace, or double-standard practices of humanitarianism... all in the name of profit, of control, of greed, of imperialism, of self-centered Nationalism, of genderism, of religious socio-pathology and psycho-ideology, of me or "our group"-first sexual orientations, or the various originating inseminations of artistic endeavor assigned to the processes of creativity, etc....

However, it is difficult for the female psyche to emerge from so much male-psyche imposed trash, (and for many men to be free from so much of the same trash themselves), when humanity is preoccupied with an absorption to engage in activities revolving around attempts to retain or regain some semblance of equilibrium on a planet within a visibly occurring incremental deterioration. When the human life span is short... in relation to geological time scales, as comparatively short (respective of its own existence) as the lives of fruit (vinegar) flies used in genetics experiments (such as the Drosophila melanogaster), but humanity has difficulty in recognizing how short of life span it has had and continues to have; coupled to the misinterpreted idea that the life span of humans has increased due to improve nutrition, medicine, clean water supplies, etc...(and thus mistakenly viewed as being long-lived when compared to other species most of which have even shorter— short lives)... a massive delusion is being embraced world-wide. Humanity's salvation requires that humanity sever the umbilical cord of "mother earth" (and its various mother earth philosophies), by leaving the planet, the solar system, and eventually the galaxy. If the underlying psyche of the female is to emerge, she must promote herself to the creation of one or more arcs in which will be those men sharing a commitment to the salvation of humanity in the long term, whether or not they believe in the idea of a singularly unique "female psyche". Getting away from the planet will help the female psyche to rid itself of so much Earth-influenced nonsense, including those ideas having been generated by its close proximity to the Moon and the Sun and particular groups of stars. In time, the female psyche will come to realize that so many of the adopted alternative ideas of interest related to some semblance of empowerment are little more than reflexes, impulses or unrecognized rhythmic-icities... like sneezes, itches, muscle twitches, coughs, etc..., to which we can apply adopted circadian rhythms, social rituals, traditions, rotation rate specificity of humans and other life forms... (though ideas of specificity are most often related to the dynamics of specialized medicine such as ...pediatric metabolic syndrome...), and let us not forget to include recurring (cyclical, but adapted to specific eras) fads, fantasies, futility, and fatalisms.

Several such areas of interest are viewed in a skeptical way not only by many men... but women as well (defined if not by direct comment than by an absence of practice), because the claims made by proponents of one or another domain of interest are either held in suspicion, have no formal social accredibility such as are given to a business, politics or religious orientation, or are generally considered to be like most philosophical ideas— in that they are open to varying interpretations... and the so-called "power" is some individualized account thereof, with little or no external application... other than as a manipulative tool to be for, on, or against others While the ideas are similar to various business, political and religious perspectives of personalized interpretation, they lack the same level of commercialized interest related to applied seriousness.

Another one of the areas with a cult-like demeanor is the notion of "Old Soul" (besides the presumed empowerment provided by (to name but a few which can alternatively be described in terms of money or manipulation focused, girls/boys groups, fun/entertainment, serious/non-serious...etc...):

  • Astrology
  • Wicca (non-witchcraft forms)
  • Wicca (witchcraft formulas)
  • Yin/Yang (masculine dominant perspective)
  • Yin/Yang (feminine dominant perspective)
  • Lunar worship (ceremonialized religious practices)
  • Lunar observance (non-ceremonialized prominent adoption into thinking processes)
  • Archetypes (prominent acceptance of male-influenced labels and characterizations)
  • New Age Discipleship (alternative orientations exist)
  • Old/Ancient Age revivalism (believing secrets exist in ancient ideas and perhaps practices that one can revitalize and gain empowerment from)
  • Parapsychology (which may alternatively describe crop circle ideas, alien orientation/identification, Stone Henge preoccupations, ley lines interest, Nazca ideology, Dowzin, Spirit contact/removal, Ghost hunting, etc...)
  • Subtle energy vibrations/reverberations/concentricity (subtle energizing)
  • Gemology
  • Witchcraft/Sorcery (by those who think the standards of wicca are superficialities)
  • Satanism (as an alternative religion without blood sacrifice or unlawful activities)
  • Satanism (practiced with blood sacrifice due to believing that the old practices are more powerful means of contacting dark forces)
  • Crystal-ology (crystals viewed as having overt, covert, subtle, prominent or other degrees of power for good or for evil, for health or for other personalized interests)
  • Herbalology (alternatively as medicine, magic potions, love potions, healing properties, pharmacology, etc...)
  • Dream interpretation (for fun, for personal understanding or manipulation of one or more others, for monetary/resource acquisition)
  • Seances (Ouija boards, tarot cards, tea leaf reading, "reading subtle signs"), etc...
  • Invocation of divine assistance (prayer: public/private; ritual: public/private; with or without some attending triangle formula or image, bead counting, nudity, supination, taking of a sacrament, paying tithing, speaking in tongues, singing specific song forms, uttering particular words and/or word patterns, etc...)
  • Free-spirit...ology (different definitions abound)
  • Yoga (with or without an accompanying Hindu philosophy)
  • Martial arts (with or without an adopted philosophy such as the yin/yang polarization)
  • Charms (used for a variety of purposes both good and bad)
  • Comedy (as a profession {or social expectation} involving various topics and stage gimmicks (including ventriloquism)... [laughter is sometimes described as a "medicine" or "cure" or "purgative" and can therefore be aligned with elixirs and potions])
  • Tattoo wearing and/or creation (all of which is symbolism with an attached meaning for empowerment and/or simple membership in a given social orientation)
  • Body piercing (open, concealed, self-immolation... piece-meal sacrifice, self-punishment, attempted punishment of another since they may not like the idea of you hurting yourself, etc...)
  • Chants (Native American, Tibetan, Japanese, mumbo-jumbo, Voodooism, OM, Native American with or without a drum beat, bell ringing, dance ritual, Name utterances (like the old idea of having power over someone or something by knowing their name... as in the story Rumplestilskin), etc...
  • Obsession with death, dying, suicide, cremation, graves, headstones, obituary reading, etc...
  • Meditation (in a group or alone, with or without ritual)
  • Conjuring of good or evil spirits, ghosts, demons, monsters, sprites, imps, banshees, etc...
  • angelology (various interpretations exist)
  • Praying power, going to church empowerment
  • Personalized identifications (with the virgin Mary, Jesus, etc...)
  • Reincarnation (with or without believing that someone is the reincarnation of someone labeled as being great)
  • Sexuality (empowerment through sex, sexual conduct, sexual references, pornography, rape, harem keeping, child molestation, bestiality, LGBTQ identification, sexual jokes, etc...)
  • Hierarchical Totemism (multiple forms exist both in and out of institutions)... sometimes referred to as pecking order, social classification, etc...
  • Talismanism (for good or ill... and distinguished from charms (mere jewelry in the form of chained bracelets, anklets, necklaces, or chainless ear-rings, and finger/toe rings)
  • Essential oils
  • Fragrances (power or influence from candles, perfumes, incense, lack of or poor hygiene, lack of or poor housekeeping, smells associated with a given occupation or preoccupation), etc..., and whether intentionally, unintentionally or unknowingly used as a personal social/personal tool.
  • Herbalism (simple gardening, food preparation, pseudo-pharmacology, etc., and distinguished from other uses involving esoteric ritualisms for personal or group influence)
  • LGBTQ (fertility cult headed by a matriarchialism, other-Wise "L" would not hold the preeminent position in the pseudo-alphabet logo that alternatively describes an underlying psycho-dynamic underpinning related to an attempt to socialize varying insecurities, non-creative neurotics, oppression, suppression, regression and various other emotionalized repositories of individualized rationalities attempting to survive in personalized circumstances of socialized irrationality in one's family, job, extended family, neighborhood, church, school, city, state, country... even the whole of Earth may be described at times as a place of backwardness or insanity).

With respect to the usage of magic wands and cauldrons, a case may be made for their sexual connotations such that the wand is a stick suggestive of the penis and the cauldron is the vagina into which things are put... typically associated with women... which also includes a connection with ovens such as in fairytales describing the usage of an oven by some elderly woman. However, in a present day application of spells and incantations we should look at the usage of gang signs that are not only used to ward off potential harm (by rival gang members) but as a means of intimidation, communication as well as appeasement to someone perceived as an alpha. Included here should be the recognition of polarized perspectives between west and east, with respect to the swastika and pentagram (In the East the symbols are generally seen as good, while in the West... they have evolved to represent something evil, though this has not always been the case. With respect to the pentagram, for example, on page 361, of Sex and Sex Worship (Phallic Worship) by O.A. Wall, he describes the Pythagorean pentagram being used as a means to thwart the passage of evil demons, while it is also used to let them enter into this world by the frame of mind of those seeking some empowerment... perhaps against the perceived nonsense of a given era, that many people experience because of some sort of awakened consciousness or super-sanity. It is indeed difficult for those with an awakened consciousness to live during a time in a place where the majority are semi-conscious... if at all. This truth exists today for some who are mistakenly described as an "old soul" when a label such as "ancient soul" or "future soul" might be more appropriate. Then again, the digression by many women into the "alternative arts" of perception and practice, may be an indication they are striving to awaken... not some ancient knowledge which expressed a prescient perspective that some are now searching to evoke in themselves because they think they are somehow aligned with that which expresses to them an extra-normal quality; but that they are unknowingly striving to awaken a new type of prescient perspective that is actually being prevented from emerging because they refuse to throw out their foot-binding, breast-binding, ear/lip distorting, head-flattening, skull-trepanning, teeth-removing, head-bashing, fertility-hedonism (LGBTQ), tattoo-embossing, pigeon-holing, (etc...)— archetypal wardrobe.

Pentagram used is witchcraft
Instead of tentacles, we have pentacles.
(Humorously: instead of "ten"- Decatacles (as in tentacles),
we have "five"- Pentacles)
Star of David with swastika on top of a glowing Sun
Pratik may be a Hindu symbol
that may be unfamiliar to some readers
Left and right turning swastikas along with new imagery

In cataloging the forth-coming soul examples, my primary intent was to gather some representation of a numerical reference, though at times no exact enumeration was used, such as in the case of the word or letter "a" to represent singularity ..., or the quantity "one". As with most things, there is a limitation to be noted. In other words, we don't have 3,333 types of "soul". And as will be shortly seen in the following examples, not only is the value of "7" most frequent, but that the concept of "soul" is sometimes mixed with other ideas such as psychology in terms of outlining biological stages of development from infancy to old age, as well as being mixed with archetypes and Astronomy. Some references to defining the "Old Soul" idea appear to be widespread (with respect to the small sampling of examples I have surveyed), while others are structured around personal experiences involving projection of recognized personal traits onto one or more others, intended to define a uniqueness to oneself by claiming that a personal attribute is a Universal description set in stone. Like so many beliefs, the topic of "Old Soul" is replete with its own share of nonsense. And yet, when taken as but one of similar types of being part of a New Age presentation of Old Age ideas, there is an interesting drama in effect that can be deduced and applied to the present topic of the female psyche.

With the aforementioned list of cultish orientations taken as a whole, some readers might easily imagine an ancient community in which there were multiple personal gods... all being claimed to offer some unassailable power and assurances of well-being, which... in response thereto because of an inflated ego influenced by insecurity and a desire for control to assuage their feelings of powerlessness, prompted some to claim there was only one true god to be followed. As such, all the cultish beliefs and practices provide us with the image of the female psyche living in a social domain era like that of pre- and beginning civilization. (Though we must honestly include mainstream ideas as being little more than large cults, or even in some cases such as mathematics and physics, as esoteric cults). The many divergent beliefs or, if you prefer, 'orientations' being engaged in by millions of women is like independent crafts-people selling their wares in a large market place... like some huge flea market owned by one or two people who charge rent for space to others wanting to sale their wares to a public who are led, conned, influenced, socially or familiarly forced or even dragged towards one or more booths. While businesses charge a fee for one or more of their respective goods, governments charge a tax, and religions charge a tithing... and each likes to take advantage of naturally occurring events that will be a reason for people to adopt their view and pay a recurring fee for it, or like to create conditions which will force people to adopt their belief. For example, it doesn't pay to solve social problems to the extent of eliminating them because the existence of social problems is a means by which business, government and religion can set up relief measures to "manage" the suffering, privation, pain, etc... And yet, while this analogy is easy to grasp, the idea may be more fully realized when comparing the different practices as a single community practicing multi-forms of multi-beliefs, just like the application of imagination to animism, totemism, polytheism, etc...

Looking at the above idea of a primitive communal setting where a multitude of ideas were traded, sold and inter-mixed like artists trying to "improve" the salablility of their own idea by adopting this or that idea from a strict religious perspective, let us look at three different references which highlight this situation (and should be viewed as either a crude/colloquial-vernacular or "intellectualized-vernacular" forms of explanations about historical events)... and not necessarily be interpreted as incorrect just because the reader has some difficulty with the language employed in the description:

About the time of the beginning of our Era* there was a period of great unrest among the thinkers of the world.

—made great inroads on the other faiths, and Judaism underwent many Changes. Then when Christianity came, it too met with all the many other competing ideas, and while at first it was fairly free from Pagan ideas, it soon adopted the policy of making converts by adapting itself to their views, so as not to make a change from one of the other faiths to Christianity not too abrupt or difficult.

The Christian Church took over everything it possibly could and gave Christian explanations for the Pagan festivals, philosophy, etc.; in this way the simple faith of the early Christians became swamped with foreign ideas, but the church-fathers amalgamated all the ideas into one more or less mass of congruous doctrines, so that it has been fairly said, that "modern Christianity is based on pre-Christian Paganism and post Christian Metaphysics." Much of what modern Christians believe is not based on the Bible, but is derived from other sources.

For instance, at a very early stage of Christianity, they believed in One God; the belief was Unitarian; by about the beginning of the third century, the belief that Jesus was a Son of God and was himself a God, prevailed quite generally, and then when a third person, the Holy Ghost was accepted by the Church, the belief was Trinitarian. These two divisions were fairly even in numbers; but the influence of Origen (a fanatical self-castrating zealot) established the theory of the Trinity more and more firmly, until about 400 A.D. the belief in the Trinity was more general. [see also: Hexapla]

The philosophical definition of the Trinity varied much; some holding that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were but different names for the same God, but manifesting himself in different phases, and that the Trinity was of the same order as when Plato and the later philosophers said of man that he was a Trinity of Soul, Mind and Body. So God manifested himself as the Creator (Father), the Redeemer (Son), and the Giver of Life (Holy Ghost); but all three were but manifestations of different functions or phases of the same thing, of the same God. Others, and possibly the majority, believed that each of these three was a distinct individuality, and while they still spoke of One God, they really had in mind three Gods.

Source: Pages 330-331, Sex and Sex Worship (Phallic Worship) by O.A. Wall
(Don't purchase the copy printed by Fredonia Books in Amsterdam because it is poorly bound and is missing pages from 218 to 285)

*Note: When O.A. Wall said "at the beginning of our Era", this may seem a bit confusing unless one contemplates an assumption that his usage of "ERA" may appear to be that which is describing AD (after the death of Christ) or even at the Birth of Christ, though in a strict definition: AD (anno Domini, "[the] year of [the] Lord") and BC ("Before Christ"), [or Before the Confusion].) However, if we look again, the "AD" is sometimes described as "the common era" and "BCE" describes "before the common era". Yet again, we could look at "Era" from a geologists perspective, an Asian perspective, a Western perspective, a Native American perspective, an Australian Aborigine perspective, technology perspective, industrial perspective, warring factions perspective, tool usage perspective, Neanderthal perspective, Islamic perspective, Jainist perspective, Hindu perspective, Chinese perspective, Russian perspective, and the many other perspectives of time periods... We don't have to look at time, at one's place in a presumed important historical period, through the narrow, often myopic vision of Christianity ... even though it has been commonly used as a measuring stick to create lines of demarcation between artificially contrive starting and ending points (like Stardates, or the Julian Calendar or the many other types of Alternative Calendars, all of which are aligned with human behavior defined in historical, and not some other terms. The same goes for the other ego-centric orientations sports, entertainment, warfare, politics, revolution, etc., all of which are used by those interested in such topics, as one or another types of measuring rods.

Monotheism has been defined as the belief in the existence of only one god that created the world, is all-powerful and intervenes in the world. A broader definition of monotheism is the belief in one god.[4][5][6][7] A distinction may be made between exclusive monotheism, and both inclusive monotheism and pluriform (panentheistic) monotheism which, while recognizing various distinct gods, postulate some underlying unity.

Monotheism is distinguished from henotheism, a religious system in which the believer worships one god without denying that others may worship different gods with equal validity, and monolatrism, the recognition of the existence of many gods but with the consistent worship of only one deity.[9] The term "monolatry" was perhaps first used by Julius Wellhausen.

According to Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, monotheism was the original religion of humanity; this original religion is sometimes referred to as "the Adamic religion", or, in the terms of Andrew Lang, the "Urreligion". Scholars of religion largely abandoned that view in the 19th century in favor of an evolutionary progression from animism via polytheism to monotheism, but by 1974 this theory was less widely held, and a modified view similar to Lang's became more prominent. Austrian anthropologist Wilhelm Schmidt had postulated an Urmonotheismus, "original" or "primitive monotheism" in the 1910s. It was objected that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam had grown up in opposition to polytheism as had Greek philosophical monotheism. More recently, Karen Armstrong and other authors have returned to the idea of an evolutionary progression beginning with animism, which developed into polytheism, which developed into henotheism, which developed into monolatry, which developed into true monotheism.

(Note: the idea of an "Ur-Religion" comes from the supposed consideration that the early city (?) of Ur near what is considered to be Mesopotamia... the cradle of civilization, Sumer


Human knowledge is such that understanding of religion is inevitably disconsolate and pagan - specifically, Euhemeristic. So it was with classical sociological interpretations of religion, for which sociological accounts were alternatives to realist accounts or religious self-images. In guise of briefs for "detente" or against "reductionism," American sociology of religion has converged upon a realist theory which re-endorses religious self-images. Euhemeristic and realist accounts are compared in order to argue that realist theories of religion are not only bad general theories, they are actually anti-sociological theories. Realism has effectively impeded Euhemeristic accounts within American sociology of religion, although they are being given elsewhere. (Source: Pagan and Christian: Sociological Euhemerism versus American Sociology of Religion.
Michael A. Cavanaugh, Sociological Analysis, Vol. 43, No. 2 (Summer, 1982), pp. 109-129)

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