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As a philosophical exercise, it behooves social reformers, government protestors, security officers, and the general public to consider the possibility that protest methodologies may be escalated to more definitive exercises because current "legal" efforts for the public to bring about progressive change on behalf of the people are futile. No less, the mentality of military personnel and para-military police/security officers is one in which they will do as they are instructed by their superiors and will not STAND DOWN in order to STAND UP for the right of the people to use assertive methods to create a better government because peaceful protest efforts are futile.

Protestors must be forewarned that their efforts to create a venue for what they believe to be needed and necessary changes to existing government functions (laws, policies, ceremonial observances, traditions, etc...), will most likely be confronting a village of psychopaths colloquially referred to as a village of idiots— who think of themselves as an (elected)... "chosen people" and because of this specialized pronouncement, rhetorically view themselves in a humorous way as a village of idiot savants... who are best suited to deal with an insane world. This village of psychopaths have created for themselves a castle of protectionist laws which contain a multitude of obstructionist moats and drawbridges along with an entourage of various security personnel to thwart the collective Will of the people who are positioned to be disenfranchised from having any real political clout. Only those who are permitted to work and live within the defined walls of the castle have any measurable means of effecting progressive changes to government.

Because it has been established that The most psychopaths live in Washington D.C., and that their collective madness is interpreted... by them... and their like-minded ilk in other legislative bodies, corporate boardrooms, and religious enclaves as sanity and those who would think to protest against them as being "misguided", "unrealistic", "unknowledgeable", "out-of-touch-with-reality", "confused", "disturbed in thought", "irrational", and numerous other descriptive labels meant to disguise their own ineptness and insanity that is projected outward onto others who have no real voice in the politics of their lives but are forced (or face various penalties for non-compliance) to live at the behest of such psychopaths; one's protest methodology must take the presence of their collective psychopathology and its defense mechanisms very seriously. Previous models of protest methodology, like early methods of attacking psychopaths who lived behind castle walls in ancient times protected by archers, catapults and various "dropping or trickle down" techniques (such as rocks, feces/urine, sacrificial bodies, pitch, burning debris, etc...), did not work and required new approaches in order that a comprehensive siege could take place on behalf of those who fought on the side of a Cause that was for their mutual benefit. Hence, protest methodologies of old rarely work against those who are versed in the art of this type of Cold War maneuvers. Protestors of today must develop new strategies... as well as become aware of those enemies in their midst who claim to be engaged in a protest against the same foe and want to be interpreted to be an "enemy of your enemy" (typically recited as an "enemy of my enemy")... such as those in the LGBTQ fertility cult. Their interests are not specifically oriented towards pursuing a reformation of government to suit the developmentally progressive needs of the entire populace. Their self-centered orientation based on sexuality makes them vulnerable to manipulation, ambush, bribery, and numerous other measures that can be taken advantage of by the enemy... thus leaving oneself with a traitor in their midst who may play the part of an operative for the other side.

It can not be over-stated that the LGBTQ orientation is the resurgence of an ancient psychopathology in the guise of a different language espousing the same perversions of old... which came to be sanctified by business, government and religion because many authority figures came to participate in the self-same forms of emotional (not compassion nor love), mental (not intellectual), and physical orgiastic practices. Modern expressions have taken on their own formulas (practices and definitions) of human-centered bestiality. Protestors seeking a positive change in government for the betterment of humanity must become aware that not all protestors with their subjective protests are viable compatriots to your Cause with its wider breadth and depth of considerations and concern. Just because someone is claiming to protest for equality does not mean it is a value directed towards an application for increasing the measure of everyone's Inalienable rights. Some protests are singularly directed towards establishing particularized gains for a specific group to acquire an upper hand that can eventually be used against supporters who may not practice the perversions of a group, but believe that everyone should have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Such expressions of freedom were used by those groups in the past who sought for support against oppressive government bodies which were eventually subdued and enabled them to impose their own will on their supporters, and forced them defer to their Will, which advocated that THEY should have the freedom to direct the Will of others and not be subject to the Collective Will of everyone with the freedoms of speech and choice. Their Cause is not the Cause for Humanity, but for their own world-view that has become more and more pressed to perpetrate expansive forms of perversion. While some say that they represent evil... and even claim them to be the devil, they do not pursue this rationale by thus establishing the imperative that to dispense with the devil is to exterminate them. But one must be wary of such evil for it has many disguises and entreaties to secure your advocacy by creating conditions that will subject you to manipulations that you will want to guard against revealing to others in a social venue whose perceptions you once shared having a former normalcy. In other words, you will be duped into an advocacy you know better than to accept, but do so as either a mechanism of protection or an adopted adaptation like those with a compartmentalized hyper-vigilance while having to swim amongst a social pool of predators.

The LGBTQ "community" is the expressed madness, an expressed psychopathology of perversive and pervasive digressions exhibited by those whose self-obsessions are an anachronistic orientation that was practiced in deep and dark places of a phallic-worshiping antiquity and is a present day analogic example of the cause of the many psycho-social-sexual- related problems that the women of India are facing today (due to ancient practices of organized sex-related celebrations in which men were given free license to dominate woman as they sought fit [particularly the Rajahs who viewed their subjects as property]; thus rendering the then populace subject to the widespread government-sponsored practices of social complexification which promoted an expectation of engaged-in sexually perversive orientations, celebrations, and orgies under the guise of state, business and religious sanctity— which provided for public-paid-for operational sanctuaries that were advertised as rational and reasonable variations of phallic (lingam/Siva) and vulva (yoni/Shakti) worship tied to ancient fertility cults whose initial innocent practices by the naive who were seeking supernatural assistance for a generative well-spring of growth in living matter... became subverted by the machinations of those who adulterated such original observances into expressions of practiced perversion... just like the Lesbian-led (pseudo-matriarchal) LGBTQ cult of today in its strivings to establish itself in every social corridor as being rational instead of the psychopathology which it actually is.

The "L" representing "Lesbian" leads the lineup of this (LGBTQ) alphabetic moniker, thus displaying an attempted dominance over men who are represented by the "G" and hold an inferior second place in the array. The first two letters are singular representations of gender, while the third and forth are reserved for a pseudo-form of androgynous (male + female) characterization. As for the "Q"... while some say it refers to the general monogram of "queer", others define it with a reference to the idea of "questioning"... an thus renders both of these ideas into a separate category of "multiplicity" to be distinguished from the first two double-letter indicators: (Singular, Double, Multiple-meanings)... but is little more than another philosophical valuation of monism, dualism, pluralism...thus signifying a tri-partite organized pattern that the human mind frequently engages in, though many users are not even aware that they do so.

It should be noted that while the past practices of fertility cults were not intended as acts of obscenity with the human body in terms of generative principles and capabilities, these genuinely mindful practices became adulterated into deranged ceremonialisms to feed the lust of a few who had learned how to create circumstances in-tune with their underlying lustful motivations which the naive accepted as a truth... Such as barren women being told that they could conceive after spending a night in a religion-related structure in order that a certain god could come and mate with them, all the while the lustful religious authority played the part of this god. No doubt some measure of intoxication may well have been employed. Over time, the widespread adoption of the practiced perversive orientations by business, government and religions of the past (and now the present day and age with the acceptance of the LGBTQ nonsense); led to a society whose functionality rested on a required orientation to perverted and adulterated fertility processions that has now created problems for those women (and men) of India (and elsewhere) whose mentality has evolved into that which does not present the world with the ancient type of psychopathology. Because we can see the effects of what a culture once oriented towards various perversions of sexuality have wrought on the woman of today who encapsulate a wider expansiveness of consciousness, there is no way to actually describe, in detail... what problems the present LGBTQ perverted outlook of reality and accompanying practices will have on future peoples.

Those in the LGBTQ community who assert that various perversions of sexuality were present throughout the world in different ages and covered-up by men individually or collectively... and thus by such an admission claim they are making a revelation for the benefit of humanity in divulging such a reality; overlook the fact that such practices were expressions of a psychopathology of which many variations have been expressed, such as:

  • The madness of "sane" people in authority convicting women of purported witchcraft.
  • The "sanity" of those in authority who validated the rationale for selling and buying slaves.
  • The religious "sanctity" of sacrificing children... or anyone, including animals... to cover up the blood lust of religious authority as a crowd control measure.
  • The "Scientifically based" Goldwater Rule of the APA (American Psychiatric Association) which prevents APA members from offering their views of a public figure’s apparent psychological traits or mental status. (A rule that some are now asking for it to be viewed as being against the public interest when when public figures pose "a clear and present danger to the public’s health and well-being." Psychiatrists call for rollback of Goldwater Rule
  • The religious "justification" of priests to molest children and rape nuns, and have such acts concealed.
  • The "undeniable Truth" of the Pope's Infallibility.
  • The "sanity" of a King's divine right.
  • The rationale of believing Jesus is the prince of peace even though Matt. 10:34 refutes this.
  • The right of a noble to sleep with a woman first on her wedding night. (jus primae noctis)
  • The rational view attached to the idea of a "manifest destiny" which resulted in business, government, and religious-sanctioned practices of colonialism and imperialism which has been slowed but not fully stopped to this day.
  • The view that "collateral damage" of innocent people is an acceptable loss to some purported "greater good".
  • The "obvious" views which once believe the world was flat, that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and that humans evolved directly from apes.
  • The rape, plunder and murder of Native Americans to steal their land.
  • The "justification" for deliberately infecting Native Americans with diseases in order to take their land for exploitation or horses for profit, etc...
  • The "supreme logic" used to justify the dropping of the Atom bomb on Japan.
  • The "Supremacy" perspective of the Nazis.
  • The "rationale" that someone is the President and we should therefore support them (even if they are a recognizable lunatic or womanizer, or rapist, etc...)
  • The "patriotic" perspective of kow-towing to traditions even if they are unjust, don't make any real sense, and define an active despotism.
  • The "sanctified tradition" of defining peace by an absence of war and not an absence of the suffering, poverty and lack of opportunity for improvement that regularly follows a so-called "peace" treaty adoption.
  • The "educated perspective" view that America practices an Actual Democracy instead of a Despotic formula thereof, sometimes referred to as a plutocracy, corporatocracy, plutocratic-aristocracy, etc...
  • The "Equality" rights of the LGBTQ cult perversions.
  • The "sanity" of suicide bombers from the Middle East and those (Kamikaze pilots) of the Japanese Empire in World War II.
  • The "sane justifications" to commit suicide by those subjected to circumstances which are interpreted to be so over-whelming there is only one way out.
  • The "sanity" that the Bible and other Religious texts representing "good" works or the word of some god... instead of presumed ideas of god filtered through the biases of various (typically male) writers whose motivations are not usually present to be accounted for and thus questioned as to their relevancy.
  • The "rationale" that many people are actually studying what are believed to be Natural laws, and not laws of a given nature in a given environment rendering a given perspective as a relativity standard.
  • The "reasonable justifications" of impulsively executed rape by a rapist or theft by thieves, or arson by arsonists, etc...
  • The accepted "it's just business" ethic which allows people to be used and abused without a legal recourse.
  • The "public assistance" idea adopted for conducting small business court, yet winners of a decision are left to their own efforts to collect... and are not guaranteed that they will ever be paid... though the state reaps the reward of court costs.
  • The "fair and just" Electoral College nonsense.
  • The "good and right" perspective of loyal American patriots clamoring to "Make America Great Again", when so many are wondering when exactly was it ever great in terms of not exploiting, killing, or isolating/segregating someone to get its way... and let those who don't think this way, be damned.
  • The "reasonable" ideas once used to deny women, blacks, Native Americans, and other the right to vote.
  • The "Checks and Balances" defense absurdity because the three branches of government often work together against the public and the public has no real say-so in the drafting of laws, that a Peoples Legislative Branch would provide.
  • The "right and proper" usage of allowing the presence of no term limits for government workers, lobbyist aggressions dictating policy changes or adoption, self-providing increased wages and benefits for Congressional members, etc...
  • Etc...

Yet, in as much as readers may well be able to add to the above list of purported rationale perspectives which actually define different types of psychopathology in different eras, let us begin this "Protest Options" discussion anew... such that, while this discussion was initially created to document protest options that protestors against the government may think to consider, upon reflection... the idea of "protest" needs to be looked at from the perspective that disagreements between two or more parties may result in one or more of the participants engaging in activities which gets one or more others to comply with their wishes, assertions, demands, requests, etc... For example, a person or group of individuals, be they named a gang, club, company, government, religion, association, etc., may be in a position to create laws or arrange social circumstances to force everyone into compliance. Or different individuals/groups may work together such as the long history of governments and businesses colluding to force the public to do the wishes of business (who bribes the government to assist it by providing campaign funds, gifts, under the table "gratuities", etc...)

One of the ways in which the government colludes with business has been to create a "right to work" law that the general public foolishly interprets they are enabled to work— without hindrance, such as having to pay the dues of the many over-bearing Unions which arose in past decades... to the dissatisfaction of out-of-work employees who could not find a job while other... often select employees had good incomes..., yet the out-of-work employees were forced to continue paying dues and agree to the political opinions of the Union's hierarchy of bosses. Yet the government-backed "Right-to-Work" laws enabled employers a means to not have to be faced with a forceful group of people wanting better benefits and wages. The "Right To Work" law as gotten rid of a lot of Unions to the satisfaction of employers and politicians who might have to curry favor in order to get support from a large pool of specific voters, but it has also provided a means by which businesses are not forced to contend with interconnected groups asking for them to share their profits more equitably. Yet, while it should not be overlooked that the Right-To- Work law is a legalized protest against the public demanding jobs with a fair wage and benefits, it also deludes the public into thinking it means they have a Right to Employment... which it does not guarantee. Politicians love to create social atmospheres where the people accept delusions as reality, like the comical brand of Despotic Democracy currently practiced in America. Businesses and Government like to work with organizations which helps to create division amongst the public so as to act as a wedge against the development of any formidable group organizing in concert to protest for better employment conditions and a better government. By supporting those small groups which are highly vocal and appear to be making ground over the presumed silent majority, both businesses and government help to keep their own self-centered interests intact. Any time the government and/or businesses support a group, one must ask how this benefits them... which usually entails the maintenance of their status quo, since both businesses and government do not like to change, unless the change provides greater rewards for select individuals or the system to be maintained as-it-is.

While the Civil Rights adoption by the government is generally viewed as a good thing... particularly for Blacks, it also helped the government to gain support to remain intact with its fundamental traditions of inequality, the rather idiotic Electoral College, and suppression of an Actual Democracy, such as what the usage of a Peoples Legislative Branch would provide. Black peoples have not really gained that much over some generalized social acceptances which delude many of them into thinking that their vote actually has as much power as they think it does... since no matter whom "of their own kind" or "similar mindset" they vote in office, the person being voted in has to contend with a structure of government that is appreciably against being run by the collective Will of the people, or by the assertions of a single individual having gained a position in government. The government is structured to enable the ability of future legislative cliques in Congress to do away with any provisions that a Black official may have instituted on behalf of the people. In fact, Obama was way ahead of his time and thus could not have been effectively appropriate in the era to which he was elected. There were too many ingrained traditions set against him... and these are the traditions that the people must fight against so as to create a New Government (a Cenocracy). No matter how many gains Blacks think they have won by way of their protests, the government is enabled to protest more loudly by created laws and provisions which bind Blacks to "lift the bale and tow the barge" of its choosing... not theirs. It is not a government Of, By and For the people. This is a ruse. This is an illusion. The people must come to protest for a comprehensive change not only in government, but in the entire banking and economic structure. The piece-meal forms of protest are small gains which come to be undermined by future business and government officials, not to mention religious leaders seeking to exploit the people to make a name for themselves and gain greater personal wealth.

No less, Governments, Businesses and Religions may choose to protest against the public by using one or another form of violence which they have openly and/or secretly instigated. History is full of examples where governments, businesses, and religions have used violence against the public as a protest to assert their views. Very often, all three have worked together to force the public to do their bidding, such as the usage of the military during the Spanish/American war on behalf of the C and H sugar company. Or in Vietnam and other wars where the military was used so as to provide businesses with an opportunity to gain a profit through government contracts, though it was the French throughout Indo-China who created conflicts and animosities. So very often the military is used as a private policing force for companies wanting to make a profit used to provide campaign contributions. The public is easily duped by the commentary of patriotism, or fighting for democracy, or helping freedom fighters, or some other false ideology... that it refuses to look behind the rocks to see who actually fired the first shot in order to create the confrontation in the first place. Very typically, it is the arrogance and bull-headedness of greedy individuals that start the trouble which the public is conned into fighting for. And part of this con involves the tactic of creating specialized groups or teams with exclusive memberships that may entail severe forms of mental, emotional and physical tests. Through exclusion or specialized inclusion, the overall attitude and mentality of the group can be concentrated under a single leadership that members will follow without question... even if one or more leaders is visibly mentally ill, like Donald Trump. Those who want him to be followed because of his position are those who have accepted the role playing dementia past citizens have practiced because of the brain washing that the culture and education system have provided. They are like children still playing a game of "follow the leader" and refuse to grow up.

Large entities such as the government, corporations and religions may use a tactic involving the conditions created by a presumed natural disease or manufactured chemical against those who refuse to comply to their protest assertions. Other options such as that used by some businesses, is to deliberately delay the distribution of goods to their retail outlets in order to force the public to buy more expensive items that are readily available. It is a well-known tactic use by the retailer called Walmart to delay the distribution of goods in order to force the public to purchase more expensive items. Other businesses, especially those in small towns, is to offer only a set kind of goods which will provide the most profit. Very often we see goods over-priced or the usage of price gouging. The public has little protection against such small town retailers, though internet sales has cut sharply into many such deviantly operated small and large town businesses. Other options is to provide a no-return or no warranty policy or prevent return if a package cover is removed, even if the contents have not been viewed. With respect to Walmart, one of it's protest tactics against consumers wanting to pay less which thus hurts company profits, is to carry only one or very few brands so as to limit purchase options, and thus provide a large profit for goods that are manufactured to undersell all other goods of a similar type. Some shelves may appear to be filled with different brands, but they are actually made by the same company or cartel of companies who want to corner a market and thus dupe the public into thinking they are being provided with quality products at optional prices whose profits go to the same place.

Purchasers can also be offered an extended warranty at a cost to the consumer, thus creating an avenue for greater profitability. Such warranties would not be offered if they did not offer profitability. Companies are not in the business to do what is best for the consumer, but what is best for the company. It is a long-enduring protest mantra. Changes in company policy are made only when profitability decreases or consumers develop new protest tactics aimed at a specific company, such as not frequenting it due to incongruities that company officials are oblivious too, and no change in the business hierarchy can forestall the inevitable loss of consumer confidence because all those being hired to "turn the company around" are focused too heavily on creating confidence for investors and not the buying public. It is the greed of the investors which frequently starve and beat a company to death. Such is the case with Sears and its dysfunctionality supported by policies of investor-dominated hypocrisy like placing the name of "craftsman" on multiple items but only offering the craftsman warranty to a few select items. It is a dubious tactic to increase profits that the public gets stung by far too many times to put up with. Thus the public protests against the policies of the company and not its once valued traditions... traditions that need to adopt a 21st (if not 22nd and 23rd) century business ethic that many present day investors of the company fail to understand. Sears no longer has the right attitude of personalized ownership it once had. Whereas it no doubt exists amongst some both inside and outside observers, they are not enabled to forcibly take charge and blaze a new trail of profitability by re-establishing consumer confidence.

Religions have protested against the public in various ways since their inception by manipulating emotions and the vulnerabilities of the naive. So too does political organizations which once used the offering of free liquor to sway voters (at least in America). The usage of liquor, sex, drugs and other tools are used as tactics against those who protest a given orientation. The LGBTQ community uses free beer as a "come-on-in-the-water-is-fine" enticement to their annual Pride celebrations which many view as a piranha-filled lake with fake Lochness monster floats staged by the community as a subterfuge concealing the many social diseases swimming about undetected by conventional observations and interpretations. (It is much like trying to explain Germ Theory to those who still hold strongly to the miasma [unhealthy vapors] theory of disease and spout their authoritative perception as common sense because they and their like-minded ilk share the same view. Ideologically, circus and carnival entertainment with clowns and side-show oddities coupled with free booze has been a characteristic trait for decades by many different persuasions of the political spectrum. While different forms of entertainment can be its own narcotic, the compounding of different forms of inebriation can serve to deepen and lengthen the gross errors of perception one can come to accept as a reality because their are others sharing in the same delusions. Additionally, both religions and governments (as well as businesses) use their own respective "laws" (rules, policies, edicts, guidelines, pay-as-you-go-services, etc...) to force the compliance of the public to adopt the world-view of those in authoritative positions.

Bribery through benefits, jobs, insurance and other means is a common tactic against protestors (particularly protest leaderships) wanting equal rights. Governments, through Universities, often pay large salaries to other-wise out-spoken intellectuals who become instructors-with-a-cause. Instead of using their intelligence to assist the public in gaining ground for a full measure of their Inalienable Rights, they instead keep quite and enjoy the life that might be harsh and cruel if they did not have the income provided by education institutions, book sales and speaking engagements. In other words, they don't need to protest on behalf of themselves to improve their conditions when their conditions are already above average in many cases, and the gains to be earned by a conventional protest may be sparse and too wide spread that by way of proportionality, everyone gains a smidgeon of that which is actually needed to make a substantial difference. However, when there are not enough protestors or the protest methodology is not forceful enough to sway authority to adopt greater equality, then the public suffers such as the poor, homeless and other indigent peoples living at a meagre subsistence level. Whereas the public pays for the benefits of basic needs benefits for those in the military, the lack of these same benefits can be seen in the public such as homeless people having to use the restroom of a business, library or public restroom as their primary source for bathing. It is necessary to display a list of the benefits used by the military to bribe citizens to join them, and thus create an atmosphere in which public protests against the military's activities are kept at a serviceable minimum. Public taxes pay for military personnel to have their basic needs met, but many in the public do without.

Basic needs of the military that not all citizens have

A tactic of protest against the public developing an ideology contrary to the views of the military, is by keeping the image of the military in the minds of the public (like a brain-washing technique), such as being present at large sporting or other public events, or having the national anthem hosted by a display of military-uniformed individuals carrying a National flag. Both the military and the government like the pageantry as a means to present the public with a "persuasion" not to think about using force against it in its protest assertions to create a government where the entire public has a full measure of its Inalienable Rights practiced by having their basic needs met, instead of having a government which prefers to use a system of entitlements like that used by Monarchical and Aristocratic systems of the past (and present). To even think about over-throwing the government, much less with force, is supposed to represent a lack of patriotism... even though the military and the government would have no qualms using force against a public demanding a New Government (Cenocracy) that best befits humanity the whole.

The military is but one of several of those government agencies actively involved in creating conditions which ensures its viability and reduction in public protest by being involved in activities which are meant to show the public that its presence is needed... or else the public will suffer (more than it already does). Its collusion with armaments dealers and manufacturing companies (sometimes called the Military-Industrial complex) is not limited to back-scratching contractual agreements between a select number of individuals who gouge the public out of billions of dollars (particularly in being enabled to pursue cost-plus activities in construction and/or manufacturing), since all want to ensure the persistence of their livelihoods by creating or instigating means, moods, and models of real or potential conflict. (The "cold war" was highly serviceable to both the US and Russia until they found other means to accomplish the same means of keeping the public in a state of social dependency). It is simply job security for both the military and their suppliers to keep the world at a stage of war or conflict fear. But So too do security agencies get involved with their cloak and dagger efforts because such a social mood assists them in being able to carry out their own inclinations and provide either a reason or excuse to perpetuate their existence. War, like poverty is not only big business, but are tactics used by businesses, governments and religions to keep the public in a mindset so as not to protest too forcibly to make such institutions change for the better. Protest methodologies against the public take on a variety of business, government (bureaucratic) and religious models in an attempt to create conditions whereby the public will adopt one ideology over another... even if the ideology is against the better interests of the public in the long run

Take for instance the protest methodology(s) of the LGBTQ community. It has adopted the protest strategy of attempting to get their world view(s) inculcated as a "normalized" (i.e. emotionally and psychologically stable) social orientation within a given cultural sphere of activity by engaging in verbal battering activities against those who show opposition... though this pales in comparison to the tactics employed by religions over many centuries.

The word "Homophobic" is but one of several protest slogans used as a derisive term against those who oppose the LGBTQ community, as if it were appreciably suitable and just as sharp a weapon to effectively combat other disparaging terms used against them. This same community has adopted the activity of getting their perspective promoted by being shown in movies and television shows that does not limit their exposure to mere conversation, but by displaying acts of sexuality that they interpret to be correct and normal, despite any evidence to the contrary. It is the same type of rationalized mentality used by those who seek to defend their desire to have sex with four-legged animals or children, or infants. Many attempt to use the same ideas and language that heterosexuals do in describing their sexual activities with one another, be it with language that sets sexual activities aside and simply focuses on emotional awareness, sensitivity and kindness or not. By adopting the language of heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals or heterosexual deviants (such as having sex with children of the opposite sex only), attempt to assert that their thought processes are little different and should thus be viewed as being normal or as a normal alternative to be described as normalcy. Such is but one aspect of the LGBTQ community's efforts to protest against a presumed status quo of heterosexuality in which is concealed an undercurrent of degeneracy as a stable currency of conduct amongst some communities described by historical accounts.

But the present formula of protest-against-the-status-quo used by the LGBTQ community is one in which it is more interested in showing acts of non-traditional sexuality between a man and woman than they are in expressions of love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, insightfulness, creativity, originality of thought, etc..., mainly because such attributes are few and far between, or are acts of mimicry adopted from activities genuinely shared between those having a heterosexual orientation... despite their impulsively aligned responses that heterosexuality is natural and more normal than their preferences. Many in the LGBTQ community actively attempt to point out deviancy in the sexuality of heterosexuals and look at accounts of history in order not only to describe a sustained non-traditional sexual community amongst humanity, but that there are exceptional or authoritative individuals who were active participants in non-traditional sexual acts... as if such accounts provide evidence of normal conduct... in that human sexuality is supposedly as diverse as evolution itself... (like so many poisonous life forms and predators which use camouflage and other insidious tactics of concealment in their various "closets"... like trap-door spiders). Page Origination: Friday, 6th March 2018... 6:05 AM
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