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As a philosophical exercise, it behooves social reformers, government protestors, security officers, and the general public to consider the possibility that protest methodologies may be escalated to more definitive exercises because current "legal" efforts for the public to bring about progressive change on behalf of the people are futile. No less, the mentality of military personnel and para-military police/security officers is one in which they will do as they are instructed by their superiors and will not STAND DOWN in order to STAND UP for the right of the people to use assertive methods to create a better government because peaceful protest efforts are futile.

Protestors must be forewarned that their efforts to create a venue for what they believe to be needed and necessary changes to existing government functions (laws, policies, ceremonial observances, traditions, etc...), will most likely be confronting a village of psychopaths colloquially referred to as a village of idiots— who think of themselves as an (elected)... "chosen people" and because of this specialized pronouncement, rhetorically view themselves in a humorous way as a village of idiot savants... who are best suited to deal with an insane world. This village of psychopaths have created for themselves a castle of protectionist laws which contain a multitude of obstructionist moats and drawbridges along with an entourage of various security personnel to thwart the collective Will of the people who are positioned to be disenfranchised from having any real political clout. Only those who are permitted to work and live within the defined walls of the castle have any measurable means of effecting progressive changes to government.

The overall LGBTQ orientation has not shown itself to be either qualitatively or quantitatively better than the history of heterosexuality has historically amassed... but instead continues to display itself as so absorbed in its own self-preoccupations that it can not provide humanity with any substantial gain except as a population control measure used by supportive governments, businesses and religions in their efforts to promote sterilization... and despite instances of perversion amongst those identified as having made a contribution to the betterment of humanity. And yet, argumentatively, one must note that voyeurism for all sexual orientations has increased in various public media outlets, thus describing a deepening change in human values one may describe Hegelistically (or syllogistically) as progressive, the same, or regressive... the latter of which does not necessarily entail a pronouncement of further gains to be made, as if one step back means a future forward gain... like one having to retrace their steps in order to recover something thought to be lost or misplaced... as many want to do by returning to the supposed "real" values and meaning of the ideas fostered by a former era such as that of the founding fathers who created much of the problems we of the present are faced with because of a backwater legislative ideological position maintained by such antiquated documents called the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Bible, Quran (al-Qur'an, Koran), Bhagavad-Gita and multiple other so-called sacred writings— which are long over-due for comprehensive revisions or relegated to museums or curio shops.

In some instances when a person confesses they are of a homosexual/lesbian persuasion and admit an embarrassment and/or shame, attendant characters in television shows and movies are now provided a script which respond with the commentary that there is nothing wrong with the person. By providing such a script, the LGBTQ community wants to create an environment where the public begins to mimic the same sentiment, since so many in the public adopt one or another characterization displayed by one or another actor/actress; as if some spoken script can make any comment or idea socially acceptable and viable. If you create an environment where social leaders (or leading characters in shows) all believe in witchcraft and in order to live as a member of their society you too must adopt the same view or otherwise find yourself in one or more social conflicts, you will do so even if it is against your moral judgment. You simply strive to extricate your presence to the most minimal of interaction so as not to divulge your true thoughts and feelings. The LGBTQ loves such an empowerment of their deluded world orientation... just like the Nazis did but hates being compared to those that some of the LGBTQ community uses to create an image that they have been oppressed and are an underdog that should be assisted. This is why the LGBTQ community has been suggested as being a new model of Nazism. Unlike White, Black, Red and various Survivalist Supremist Groups of today who employ out-dated advancement strategies, the LGBTQ community... just like the Nazis... want to get their fingers into everything, no matter how immoral or illegal just to place their movement into a dominant and controlling position— just like the Nazis did. However, unlike the Nazis who were met with little forceful opposition within their own country, the group gatherings of the LGBTQ community offers a venue that protestors against them can take advantage of to inflict much pain and suffering as well as death. For example, bombs placed ahead of time at Pride marches and festivals can be used as a viable protest option, though this could turn the public against those who use such tactics... unless it can gain a larger support base of active participants to increase such attacks against officials who also support the community. Yet, the same protest strategy can be used by anyone for any public gathering... with or without a business, political or religious ideology.

In addition, there are those in the LGBTQ community who deliberately seek out vulnerable individuals and set up situations which permit them to be emotionally and psychologically ambushed into adopting the same world view. Such instances of socially induced manipulation are all the more important if they can get a Legislator's, Judge's, Psychiatrist's, etc... family member to 'cross over' to their side of a social argument that is not permitted to be discussed in an open public forum whereby the whole of the society can take a vote on the matter and have the results of the vote become law. The LGBTQ community does not like nor want to practice a democracy which promotes and defends a full measure of our Inalienable rights— because it, like so many other self-centered greedy enterprises (like Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, etc...) and other self-indulging individuals and individualisms, have learned how to carve how a workable niche' in the current despotic-formula-of-democracy system that they are trying to decorate and arrange enculturated socialistically indemnified furniture in concert with a social milieu of their own making... thus creating a constrained philosophical box in which the only way to survive is to adopt their deluded self-interests.

This "box" is the delineation of parameters framed by way of the LGBTQ community's rationalizations to use subtle enforcements of getting the world to adopt to its mindset instead of seeking to find a place for itself in the world as it is. The community doesn't want to carve out a mere niche as a trade union supporting a specialized occupation with rights equalized to that received by others, but to remake the world in its image as the dominant world-view where the mental and emotional state of everyone becomes an indentured servant to its bidding. Analogously, (and humorously intended) the following images describes the ideological contrasts of institutionalized protest practices:

Traditional guild membership organization LGBTQ guild orientation

The constraint of the aforementioned enculturated sociological parameters create a dimensional demographic interface which attempts to prevent the main-stream public from paying witness to a reality beyond its contorted LGBTQ intellectualisms. Yet it is the exercise of a contortionism created by a human brain attempting to survive in an incrementally deteriorating planetary environment, and Exhibitionally seen in other subject areas such as law, legislation and mathematics. Each of these, including art, music, literature and the many digressions of human-based imagination... pre-occupationally dwells in such as fantasy, "factualized fractionated fictions", and the entrapments of pharmacological inducements— or perturbations of schizophrenia's suite of dissociative compartmentalizations which may use intellectualization as a defense mechanism to ward off real or imagined intrusions to sensitized sensibilities involving unrecognized physiological components of individualized perceptibilities positioned and promoted by a state of hyper-vigilance owing its character to personalized experiences where reason may seek to rhyme not in clang associations but tremulous invocations uttered introvertedly. The LGBTQ community has shied away from its earlier invocations of wanting to explicitly make non-LGBTQ members feel guilt and shame for not harboring a vociferous sentiment in-line with its own pathologically skewed neuroticisms to advance an inclination of sharing in a grief that humanity can not prosper beyond its self-centered politicized indulgences, thus trying to establish a common ground that remains uneven by natural design. The LGBTQ community wants to silence anyone that is in opposition to them, so long as they can have the last, longest and loudest word on any topic they decide to support.

Simplistically stated, this is what the LGBTQ (lost girls and boys totemic quorums) community wants (in their various socially indentured chapters), and are extremely irritated when they find those who do not buy into their distortions of reality and will voice an opposition that articulates their nonsense in clear language... thus exhibiting the fact that their strategy is failing on many fronts, just like Hitler who tried to win greater ground by over-exposure. This is why part of their strategy is to verbally attack any and all who voice opposition, and thus attempt to use such a method of badgering as a straight-jacketing tool to get others to follow suit. If they can badger a public official or recognized company to adopt the same persuasion, they attempt to use such instances as a weapon... like a knife held at one's throat. They want the majority of others to think as they do, or die... in any social manner possible. They don't mind if their are a few dissenters, just so long as the law of the land is in their favor... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like it. The only form of government the LGBTQ community wants is that which advances their 'cause'... despite its currency of effect as a representative model of the ongoing social deterioration the U.S. and other countries are experiencing and earmarks a degeneracy that some may express as a surname.

However, such a strategy of getting social leaders and businesses to align themselves with the LGBTQ community whose alphabetic moniker attempts to express a misguided "strength in numbers" monogram, has increasingly shown itself to be back-firing. When a growing public opposition to the LGBTQ orientation manifests itself, it also manifests itself against not only individual social leaders, but those organizations to which they belong. Hence, there is growing opposition against the government above and beyond mere statistical data kept by some law enforcement agencies... because their traditional ways in thinking about government opposition are outdated. Whereas the LGBTQ community wants to openly display what has been going on behind the curtain (or in the closet, woodshed, basement, attic, etc...), and claim that it is an activity with a long history of occurrence and thus should be labeled as normal, the problem remains that when the curtain is rolled back for all the public to see, the acts of the LGBTQ community and their unnamed or rarely named brethren have still not described a model of behavior that increases the overall viability and progress of the human species. Just because such LGBTQ acts of sexuality may have been occurring since the beginning (or before) recorded history, does not in any way suggest such activities are "normal" in terms of human advancement. And in terms of humanity, the whole of the species itself may be an accidental occurrence if not an obstruction to the evolutionary development of a better species still waiting in the wings, but human activity suppresses its development. If such is the case, then the sterilization of humanity by way of the LGBTQ community's ideological efforts are fortuitous for that species which will come to replace humanity.

We should all tip our hats to the protest efforts of the LGBTQ community in creating a "selfie" portrait of a generalized human sterilization program akin to the attempted Eugenics program of the Nazis to breed a race of humans which promoted its ideological orientation of a Master Race. The only problem with generalized programs that become institutionalized as a cultural given— is that they eventually become used as the stepping stone towards more specialized and specified processes to meet the desires of a few over the many. Let's give a round of applause to the New Model of Nazism.

Another type of protest strategy can be seen in the situation which Sweden has issued a pamphlet involving preparedness standards for its entire population in the event of a Crisis or War: Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes. As the model of an enlarged protest option, it is necessary that the title and contents be appropriately re-written and directed towards the entire population of Earth because of the idiocy involving the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, Russia, Belgium, Religions, World Bank, Corporations, Charities (United Wary, Red Cross, etc...), drug smuggling, armament sales, etc...:

The Crisis and War Pamphlet issued by Sweden A reconstructed usage of the same idea for everyone else

Perhaps the Swedish government thinks it can stave off the inevitable change in human events to which humanity is on the threshold of by presenting a "could-be-necessary" image to get everyone focused on it in order to use it as a reverse psychology effort. However, such an equation is not only small-minded but short-sighted because the voracious capitalistic wolves are merely trying to jockey themselves into a position so that they can become more financially viable regardless of who wins or loses... and regardless of how many innocents' will have to suffer the consequences of the same nonsense humanity has had to put up with for centuries.

In any event, with respect to protesting, because the police are the ones who may well go head-to-head with protestors, their job-related mind-set in dealing with potential and real criminals in a forceful manner, requires that those protestors who decide to engage in more assertive exercises... must be prepared for a possible confrontation against those who are equipped with protective and assaultive gear. In other words, protestors may well be viewed in the light of a law-breaker who must be forced into compliance with whatever tools and tactics police officers can muster at a given moment. Whatever weapons or protective gear police/security officers have, protestors must be able to overcome.

When you have a police officer whose Rules of Engagement (ROE) philosophy are based on superficial (typically status-quo) readings and renderings contained in information culled from departmental directives, the US Constitution, CNN, Fox News, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc... and routinely thinks that every traffic stop could be a soccer mom or a crazed sovereign citizen or car-jacker with an AK; such a state of hyper-vigilance means that their body has adopted a "quick release" model of an adrenaline rush which protestors must be proactively aware of in dealing with them. In other words, they are not dealing with a person whose mental and emotional state are normal for many in the public in everyday settings, but is normal for their profession. For those unfamiliar with the ROE reference:

Rules of engagement (ROE) are the internal rules or directives among military forces (including individuals) that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which the use of force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied.

Wikipedia: Rules of Engagement

Clearly, in speaking about protest options, we are speaking about the development of a Protestor's Rules of Engagement. In order to establish a personal or group level of protest philosophy, it is necessary to peruse commentary about the different forms of Protest and Demonstration which one may engage in, though one should not readily accept these two sources as being definitive.

Does a protestor develop a strategy that deals with a willfully "crazed" (adrenaline-filled) police officer (or anti-protestor), or should they instead go after those who set the police officers against the protestors? In other words, does a protestor(s) turn their assertions against police commanders or public officials such as a mayor, town council or larger legislative body and their counter-parts such as a Governor, Lieutenant Governor or State Attorney General in order to bring the government to the table of negotiations? When the public begins to think outside the conventions of accepted modes of protest that are particularly useless, the government reacts violently by sending in some form of military-like response to force the public to comply with its stupid perspectives ("Stupid" as designated by a view which disallows the protestor(s) from asserting their own alternatives).

(Note: the usage of the word "Lieutenant", and "General" are being used in an outmoded militant sense, as is the designations "Postmaster General" and "Surgeon General", yet no effort is made to move such positions into a future era that is devoid of their antiquated military-oriented assignments.)

In so very many cases, instead of becoming progressive, such as in providing for an effective means by which the 'general' public can make progressive changes to their government, the government decides instead to confront the public with militant activities such as directing police officers against protestors whom they pejoratively label in a mocking manner as "peaceful" protestors, and have no clue as to why the public increases its efforts in the same manner as police officers increase their tactics to force the people into compliance with a self-serving status quo for a select few. When police officers support counter-productive laws instead of supporting the public's right to create a better government, who then is the true law-breaker when laws are meant to break the Will of the public from seeking a better way of life not defined by a select group of politicians and their political campaign sponsors?

Protestors must be better equipped and organized and utilize tactics which will ensure they do not lose ground and can take ground(s) as needed... unless loss-and-gain options are utilized as algorithmic exercises or as a truncated syllogism colloquially referred to as a method of one's madness. However, in all cases, the protestor(s) must have a developed manifesto and accompanying rationale that is publicly known so that its merits can be surveyed by the public in order to gain support... even if journalistic sources side with the government because their place of business practices a stultifying Conservativism against a level and type of progress which they are fearful of since they are accustomed to a given niche they have carved out for themselves. The present intellectual war of many protestors (who may or may not use electronic games of combat as an accepted social sublimation), must be altered to include intellectual exercises which develop strategies to be employed in real situations. Check, double-check and triple-check the intellectualization of your strategic scenarios... and don't forget that those you may have to confront typically rely on brute force since police officers and their counter-parts are rarely recognized for having any serious level of advanced intelligence. Intellectuals must train their intellectualizations on developing protest methodologies which will provide positive gains towards developing a better government than the present nonsense we are forcibly disposed to endure.

In one type of protest example, security service officers (even TSA [security offices at airports], rent-a-cop and armored vehicle personnel) are neither trained nor prepared for assaults against them personally as a protest expression... during periods of day-to-day employment that are otherwise everyday docile events. In other words, they and other officials are sitting ducks to those who know how to create socialized "duck blinds" and utilize imaginative models of camouflage to effect a "protest statement" by attacking them, even if the statement is not readily known to journalists or the general public. The protestor with such a perspective, regardless of how their actions may be defined by the media in a negative way, may nonetheless view their efforts in a positive way to "wake the public up" in order to realize the same ideas which they hold... though no formal statement may ever be made public. There are many people who have encountered a security service personnel that does not feel threatened by them and yet leaves the officer open for assault because they are not trained to be vigilant against an attacker that does not fit the typical profile of a government protestor or potential attacker, like many a children who in the past were strapped with an explosive during military conflicts such as Vietnam. The same goes for patrol officers making routine traffic stops. It is difficult to be prepared for that which is uncommon or otherwise takes place serendipitously that is sometimes referred to as a crime of chanced-upon opportunity that sets the stage for similar future events.

And yes, it goes without saying that anyone conducting violent forms of protest may become journalistically labeled as a terrorist in order that the government receives an assumed public support to effect a retributive form of so-called "justice" in a heavy-handed form of reciprocity. Imprisonment, mutilation, suffering and even Death may await those who involve themselves in such protest maneuvers. All despotic formulas of democratic practice as that seen in the United States, Britain, etc., resort to definitions and media-sponsored representations to create a public image that enables them to carry out selective forms of punishment which are very often expressions of passive-aggressive violence or even the suicidal "aggression turned inward" which can be used against a public like Hitler and various economic tragedies.. One need not be killed by a knife, bullet, bomb, burning, etc..., when the government can effectively use the laws which it created to conduct activities which create dire social conditions... and thus euphemistically kills, maims, or imprisons a person through various social ostracisms. Welcome to America the so-called Beautiful. Unless one looks too closely at a government that needs to be revamped.

Whereas the harm of security personnel, government officials, clergy and business executives may be interpreted as acts of terrorism and senseless violence, bringing some to remark that violence doesn't work to effectively bring about desired changes because crime— any crime, does not pay... the reader must be reminded that most nations have military and police forces ever-ready to inflict violence against a non-compliant citizenry and that it is governments, businesses and religions (not to mention) charities, which frequently engage in legalized activities which very often skirts the defining line of criminality. In short, crime does pay and it pays very well for those who get away with their acts... particularly those who persuasively use intentionally created loop holes in current laws as justification for pursuing their self-centered greed promoted by their personalized organizational ideology, be it called patriotism, god ordained religion, or good business. Violence does work, that's why governments pay to have a force of personnel trained to inflict violence... like standing armies being used to inflict punishment on those who don't allow government-protected commercial interests to make a profit. The military is often used to carry out personal agendas that have nothing whatsoever to do with ensuring a democracy that military organizations don't practice anyway.

While most people have no wish to harm any security personnel and in fact view them in a favorable and thankful light, their vulnerability to attack illustrates the general vulnerability of most people... even those who may have a security detail. Getting to someone who has a security detail could be viewed as an opportunity for fun... even if as a prank (that may or may not be viewed in a humorous light by security personnel who have been caught with their pants down). There is always a moment of vulnerability that can be exploited. While identifying it and being in a position to take advantage of it may be difficult, lots of presumed insurmountable obstacles can be breached. Hence, for those who may be disgusted with current protest activities that either bog down or lead them into dead-ends, there are alternatives one can consider. Below are but a handful along with a superficial rendering of what positive, neutral, or negative consequences may ensue. Again, let it be noted that the following is an intellectual exercise and not a statement of intent. And no, none of us at Cenocracy.org own any firearms, bomb making equipment, nor have a chemistry set. And neither do any of us have criminal records, take drugs, seek solace in alcohol inebriation or religious, sports, and music fanaticism. Then again, humorously noted, there may of course be someone somewhere that is reading this and has a few dozen biological, chemical and/or nuclear bombs that can be carried in a lunch sack, thermos bottle, or wallet size cigarette case.

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