Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Providing an Alternative


Many, Many, Many people both in and outside authoritative positions are aware that we need a fundamental alteration in our social self-governing program called Democracy... irrespective if you want to insist on it being referred to as something else. These same people may well have a specific personal complaint, or agree with one or another of someone else's. And just as you might want to join in a crowd to march on Washington or some other respective centralized government organization, you need to provide an alternative. For example, you can't simply make a complaint against someone for not providing you with an opportunity for employment, and then look to them to create one out of thin air. Whereas you may be angry, and you want to point a collective finger at those or that thought to be the perpetrator (i.e. "reason") for your particular problem, if not the problem experienced by thousands, they, believe it or not, may be totally in the dark about what to do. While they would actually like to assist you and others, they may not know what to do.

Thousands, if not millions of people would gladly join in your protest if you would only provide an alternative to be enjoyed by everyone. Not just you in your particular circumstances, and not just your assumption that thousands of people are experiencing the same and that "everyone" feels the same way, though you might be hard-pressed to provide any actual data to confirm your perspective. While it is easy to throw stones during a moment of rage, we need to approach an assumed wide-spread social problem with an other-than lynch mob mentality. You do not want to hurt others in your attempt to resolve a problem which then compounds the circumstances of the initially sought for resolution. Fighting fire with fire is not always an apt method for each and every circumstance. Sometimes, a larger problem must be addressed. But it can not be included in our equation until it is recognized and defined. Indeed, the recognition thereof may lead us to realize our scope of what we first thought as "the" problem, was considerably short-sighted.

Let us approach an appreciation of individual social problems in terms of a collectivity, since we are a social collectivism. As such, there are lots of different social problems which appear to go unresolved by current governing methods to address public concerns. But even if there was only one problem being shared by thousands of people, it remains a collective problem. If a particular form of social governance can not find a resolution, even if one is offered, it is clear that a new type of social governance should be adopted. Another reason to adopt a new type of governance is its inability to inadequately address the public's concerns and complaints. However, there may still remain the absence of a viable means of resolving an issue. For example, those in the past who engaged in an overthrow of their government, frequently found themselves in the position of having to create one, but had no real idea of how to go about setting one up. Fortunately, the adoption of a Cenocracy will not be started from a bare bones skeletal approach like a quilt "coming together" by adding bits and pieces together.

However, let us be honest, the adoption of a Cenocracy does not automatically ensure that every single problem, or any problem, for that matter, will be solved. Indeed, there may be numerous problems that the public is not collectively aware of, which require large shifts in our collective thinking about singular and multi- layered issues. Nonetheless, even if one or more problems are not immediately resolved, we will be experiencing the circumstances together, and not left standing on some street corner with an out-stretched hand and sign suggestive of being kept in the dark.

For those of you expecting to get a job immediately after the adoption of a Cenocracy, is a rather naive expectation. Many jobs do not have an "immediate" hiring policy. In fact, you can be interviewed, take a physical, have a background check, fill out a tax deduction form and even receive company documents with or without an orientation, only to find yourself waiting for a call that may or may not come in a desired amount of time. With this said, it must be understood that the adoption of a Cenocracy will create a different type of social consciousness from which will arise a different formula of economics. It will be a long adventure, in an uncharted domain to say the least, so get your walking sticks and begin by placing one foot in front of the other... and let's get going. The future awaits us. Path finders to the front, flame keepers in the middle, and historians to the rear,... to ensure no one removes the bread crumbs, bent twigs and mile markers we leave in our wake.

Initial Creation and posting date: Thursday November 13, 2014
Updated Posting: Thursday, December 4, 2014