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Runaway Slave
Why (a) Growing Dependency on Big Government is Destroying America

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runaway slave 1 (63K)

Here is another film that is a welcomed participant in sociological efforts to address perceived problems, issues and circumstances... though it is primarily focused on a precipitated American Black (or Negro) orientation... and is herein noted as an unassigned (unlabeled) dichotomy to the actions, activities and attitudes of White Americans... even though a distinct contrast between American Blacks and American Whites is presented in a "politically correct" fashionability.

In other words, the word "dichotomy" is not part of the language being used, nor are the words "opposite" or "binary"... though duplitic sets such as conservative/progressive [or radical], Democrats/Republicans, Left/Right, past/present old/young, and unconscious/awakened are... though some readers may care to claim the presence of others as well. While some who watch the film may be offended by the implied contrasts and will then be more inclined to disparage the film's contents by denoting an abundant leaning towards Black Sociological standards of interpretation... others welcome the opportunity for Blacks to be as offensive as they want... so long as the offensiveness is in the context of revealing insights of disparity and are not used as an excuse to practice violent belligerence. We don't care to witness idealism promoted by egocentricism tied to deep seated insecurities... no matter how semantically complex rationalizations are used for justification based on some believed in sufferance that needs to be avenged. In other words, it's past time for all sides to put their money where their mouth is, ante-up, and show one's cards face-up. We've had enough of the machinated secrecy nonsense so prevalent in the exercises of Corporations, government and religions.

The heavy reliance on an old language suggests a re-play of old ideas with old terms placed into a new context... and is much like the superstition of luck being used as the logic for a repeat performance of some past accomplishment. While such terms were at one time promoted as progressive inclinations, they have now become the stock and trade of a mindset which has shackled us to a dead-ended repressive conservatism that is damaging not only to the Black community, but all cultures within the nation who are kept from being empowered to speak as one voice. Old ideas and word uses are being thrust into an adopted form and applied to current orientations. Solving problems frequently requires the adoption of new words... of a new language, as a representation of a new vision with a new strategy. Such words as television, automobile, cell-phone, computer, superstition, atom, encyclopedia, mathematics, Sociology, and Cenocracy (New Government) are examples.

Harriet Tubman (50K)

But let us interject a note of additional plain language regarding the Runaway Slave film. It is our suggestion that all those who can visualize themselves as a Runaway Slave, must bring themselves to stop running... because there is no territorial sanctuary where any of us can escape to. The problems of perceived slavery and indentured servitude have taken on culturally imposed themes of expectation, that many of us find ourselves at odds with. We can no longer conform to rotely-configured ideologies which our minds, for one reason or another, have stepped outside the the accepted boundaries of convention. Whether amongst our own "kind" denoted by race or ethnicity, or the larger Nation-state of our presence within and the observed rationale(s) thereof... something has happened... something from the core of our being has been awakened... and we have yet only begun to surmise why we are thus affected while those around us remain oblivious of what has emerged as a revelation. We are changed. Though try as we might to return to our former ignorance, our former selves which existed in some measure of an unconscious state... we come to realize there is no return for us... like some metamorphic or evolutionary stage having been transgressed... we are not the same person we once were... and therefore must seek out those who share in this new perspective, and proceed to advance the cause for creating a better, a more just civilization for all.

Ms. Tubman could not possibly have seen a time when the image of an Underground Railroad would be played out as a Nation-wide theme amongst the feelings and inclinations of millions... far beyond the handful of people she assisted in gaining freedom. America is now a Nation of multi-varied slaves... many of whom have banded together with their own political agendas as an attempt to force government policies to free them from a perceived bondage... and many of whom remain as singular individuals having surveyed the ideological landscapes of such groups; to note disparities as well as similarities amongst them... but finding no group particularly focused on a wider and more encompassing ideal of needed emancipation for the entire Nation. Many of us know there is no place to run to, and that our sanctuary lays in the promise of seeking to develop a New Government, since the present one is pervasive in its tentacled reach throughout the Nation... and even throughout the world by way of globally adopted attitudes involving an assumed democracy that we know is a practiced illusion of a possible Full and Actual deliberation thereof.

Ms. Tubman's efforts can be noted as a small representation of a larger Cenocratic ideal in the making. And though the "underground railroad" was an imaginative illustration of her activities in an era when the railroad was a dominant social theme, we of today know that such a nostalgic portraiture, however affectionately we sentimentalize the image; can not bind us to the usage of reflected-on admirations when the present age provides us with multiple forms of transportation involving different sense effects... some subtle, others more prominently possessive. For all her efforts, she deserves a rest given by those of a new generation who must take over and expand such duties of consciousness and spirit. It is in such a spirit of consciousness and heart that the Runaway film no doubt tries to advance. We acknowledge this.

However, this movie, just like the Zeitgeist 'Moving Forward' and 'Addendum' selections— as well as the Venus Project perspective... is another example of how the movie industry omits tackling the case of a needed alteration in the governing structure that these truncated efforts are focused on. While the movie industry deals with instances of malfeasance, criminal activity, under-handed tricks and the concealment of various issues... it does not deal with the realistic need for addressing the interest of many who want an Actual Revolution to occur. Every disgusting falsification of governing practice must be held up for ridicule in order to instigate a desperately needed alteration in the basic functionality of a government too antiquated for the needs of today's populations. But listing faults in the government is not enough... along with which will be the acknowledgment of the present government's good points. A movie must deal realistically with alternative applications of different structural formulas... or at least one per film, so that it can be seen in practice. The comparisons of an Actual Communism, Democracy and Socialism would be extremely entertaining and informative... particularly to a populace whose formal educational experiences were superficially addressed.

However, in our portrayals of such government formulas it will be necessary to address the feeble arguments not only against such practices, but those which want to intimate some improbability, typically biased by an underlying insistence on perpetuating abbreviated versions thereof in order to better facilitate advantaging specialized ulterior motivations of those who are encapable of visualizing a social structure beyong the typifications they have personally or intellectually surveyed in their experiences and presumptive logical stipulations of what is right/wrong, good/bad, correct/inappropriate... etc. The following selection taken from a larger Britannica article on "Democracy" illustrates the point of a biased interpretation dealing with the assumed definitions of "ideal", "Actual" and even "Democracy" which invited discreditation at the point of an opening departure as an accusation against any possible realization of achievement, much less efforts for adopting trial and error formulations, because noted persons of history concluded defined its limitiations as such, and we are to accept their views as being sacrosanct— and will not be able to depend on standards of typical consciousness being exhibited by so many script writers in advancing a different perception needed for a Cenocratically-focused film:

Actual democracies

Since Aristotle's time, political philosophers generally have insisted that no actual political system is likely to attain, to the fullest extent possible, all the features of its corresponding ideal. Thus, whereas the institutions of many actual systems are sufficient to attain a relatively high level of democracy, they are almost certainly not sufficient to achieve anything like perfect or ideal democracy. Nevertheless, such institutions may produce a satisfactory approximation of the ideal—as presumably they did in Athens in the 5th century BC, when the term democracy was coined, and in the United States in the early 19th century, when Tocqueville, like most others in America and elsewhere, unhesitatingly called the country a democracy.

For associations that are small in population and area, the political institutions of direct democracy seem best to approximate the ideal of “government by the people.” In such a democracy all matters of importance to the association as a whole can be decided on by the citizens. Citizens have the opportunity to discuss the policies that come before them and to gather information directly from those they consider well-informed, as well as from other sources. They can meet at a convenient place—the Pnyx in Athens, the Forum in Rome, the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, or the town hall in a New England village—to discuss the policy further and to offer amendments or revisions. Finally, their decision is rendered in a vote, all votes being counted equal, with the votes of a majority prevailing.

It is thus easy to see why direct democracies are sometimes thought to approach ideal democracy much more closely than representative systems ever could, and why the most ardent advocates of direct democracy have sometimes insisted, as Rousseau did in The Social Contract, that the term representative democracy is self-contradictory. Yet, views like these have failed to win many converts.

Source: "Democracy." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Typical script writers, actors, actresses and producers are as much out of touch with the wide-spread desire for a Revolutionary change in the government structure, as are politicians, journalists and would-be social thinkers still tied to the old notions of seeking change within the status-quo governing formula. Such thinkers have not begun to think outside the conventions of the present government structure because it is an idea rarely discussed openly beyond a mere acknowledgment. No one is pursuing it by developing an actual blue-print, and far too many naive listeners are interpreting a call for Revolution as an inclination to effect violence, destruction and over-all Anarchy... instead of as a call for formative change inherent in the word "Cenocracy". While cataloging and discussing improprieties of government may make a person feel good, they do not create a vehicle for the larger public to accompany them. But, let us be fair... such thinkers are routinely out of touch with the formation of such a motion picture because such a format of protest has not been successfully pursued to fruition beyond the simplistic versions seen in the films mentioned herein. Such people have not been encouraged to produce and combine the material which would make such a film out-sell other so-called "Block Busters" because of its relevance for an eager audience in so very many walks of life.

—It is an audience that knows, but has not articulated, nor heard anyone descriptively comment on, that the present conditions for sustaining the present government will not hold up to comparison when they are presented with a formula of governance that is an alternative which is feasably better... and then are provided with a working model to be applied. This is what a Cenocratic-based film(s) will do, and the Zeitgeist, Venus Project and Runaway Slave movies do not reveal. While they all exhibit some measure of "color-blindness", they fail to mention that this presumed sightedness is due to an unseen "elephant and blind men" characterization.

And for those of us who have a deep concern for the need of developing a New Government... A Cenocracy, it is difficult to watch "normal" movies when one experiences the truth-telling tales being presented in such intellectually adolescent portrayals as the movies herein describe... though one might want to refer to the adage that "out of the mouths of babes" can come revelations too innocently accurate not to pay attention to and thereafter heed with purposeful intent. Nonetheless, for the deeply sincere Revolutionist, and despite whatever misgivings one may come away with; once social-thinking people have seen the previously mentioned films, they will come away knowing that there is one needed which will take stock of the arguments which are being posed in various on-line reviews. These films are feather-weight versions of a needed heavy-weight expose'. Analogously, the films are little more than baby rattles, overhead mobiles and fuzzy blankets used to prop up a bottle from which the distorted vision of infants can feed on.

Sadly, and regrettably, "The Runaway Slave", just like the other movies herein mentioned, are laughably cartoonish versions of what is needed... And once such a series of needed films are produced, they will find an audience that will more easily recognize and reject the typical voyeurisms, fantasy and truth-stretching nonsense being displayed by the motion picture industry. A story-line can be produced to whet the appetites of those whose taste is soured by the usage of a documentary looking film-scape that frequently deteriorates into monotonic repetition (as an otherwise -sometimes- valuable technique used without reason in many instances). The World is indeed a stage that the movie industry has appreciated only through the prism of differently framed self-indulgences. We need script writers, actresses, actors, producers and directors who will dare present the public with a motion-picture "play" that will be just as revealing about the need for replacing the present governing structure as did those stage players and production casts of long ago... (though many were undoubtedly killed for making such revelations public... even if the public was aware of the presented ideas anyway.)

While the participants in the movie are undoubtedly sincere in their respective interpretations and expressed analysis, they routinely and collectively provide the portrayal of an obsessive and compulsive cultural introspection that is being fostered, promoted and manipulated by a few to feed the hunger for asserting some assumed authority linked to an antiquated tribalism. Such figures as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP have personalized agendas which persuades some members of the Black (and white as well as Native American) community to heal like a well-trained two-legged black-jacketed watch dog, so that it will not collectively assert its Will... but will be subservient to their leadership— without a vision... because they are not true path finders. They are keepers of the old flames which they strive to keep burning at any cost, because this enables them to retain the vestigial remnants of a leadership role they long for, but are ill-equipped to accurately portray or fulfill. They foment only those kinds of dissent which will help them secure their footing to a pedestal of orated lost causes that some somnambulistically agree with... because it is attached to a promiscuous formula of introspection aligned with a simplistic form of masturbated intellectualisms, which are turned into enculturated fetishes such as many conservative agendas preach.

This introspection is to be similarly equated with self-immolating forms of egocentric and ethnocentric sentimentality which conquers the spirit through community division... where civic leaders all too often are called upon to play the role of community (tribal) counselor, community (tribal) healer, and community (tribal) elder, though many in the communal group are unable to see an identifiable and complementary role for themselves... and thus remain as a fringe element or someone perceiving themselves as an outcast. Unfortunately, civic leaders frequently do not hold a respected position of tribal leadership, even though they have been given a civil title. Owning a title because of a law the public was not permitted to vote on, though they may have been culturally "persuaded" to participate in an election as part of their civic duty; is not the same as being communally recognized with deferred respect, as having the title... it is more like the level of seriousness given to someone to temporarily lead the choosing of team-mates for a game of neighborhood baseball, basketball, football, kickball or red rover- red rover.

And let us not fail to mention the role so many Blacks attempt to play from one venue or another, and that is as "a" (one of several who are acknowledge and acknowledge them) or "the" (their version of a primary) tribal spokesperson... as a substitute or vicacious form of tribal leader. Standing before a crowd unleashes a homo-primivity or primate-primivity of sensuousness that is awakened as an exhiliration of self-absorbtion akin to the "chosen" mentality so frequently seen amongst those with a religious inclination whose ego-centricity is a compensatory sense of reality having surrendered itself to the drunkard level of inebriation framed by a personalized insanity. Yes, let us all succumb to the adoration they play out in this formula of self-gratification for an over-burdened sexuality created by an unchecked hormonal level that they lack the maturity to understand as an exaggerated late development of a falsified precocity, because it belongs to the vagaries of a different socialization cast in the environmental settings of a naive and superstitious past.

No matter how serious a person in a civil leadership position may take their role, it frequently is not accepted with the same level of seriousness by those who may have voted against them or the majority who did not vote at all. The presently practiced electoral processes are increasingly being seen as a joke because they are incapable of providing the people with the best of the best, instead of someone who may be worse than their opposition. This graduated scale of the present electoral system is one which provides the public with a diminished character of true leadership ability or capability, and merely provides a common-place maintenance mechanic... though many lack an actual workplace professionalism.

It is particularly difficult for many of us to respect leadership ordained by a process of voting that is not respected... and that elections very regularly consist of having to choose between the lesser of two evils... because it is a system which does not guarantee the people will have an opportunity to choose amongst the best, brightest and most capable. Most leadership positions are occupied by those whose roles are little more than office managers, and not those who are capable of having any actual visionary approach to solving some perceived social problem... which includes the American Presidency.

Egocentric (8K) Ethnocentric (7K)

Granted that the movie's different speakers offered their particularlized insights into varying sociological dilemmas they are genuinely trying to confront, and that they may well interpret their attempts to be objective efforts by way of thinking outside some assumed paradigmatic box; but they unknowingly remain entrapped inside, because they have not yet recognized the many layers of the box that not only the Black Community, but all peoples of the world are characteristically within... including those leaderships which oppress the peoples of the world. Let us not forget that leaders who oppress are also oppressed by the same systematic confinements articulated Portion of Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation (191K) through the adopted processes of governance. Leaders can not see beyond the grasp of their fingertips if their fingers are curled inward by the walls of a confining regulatory system which has become problematically corrosive to sociological advancements.

Without a social philosophy which provides for an increased parameter of thinking, government regulations and laws compounded by more of the same, create a condition in which the once distant territorial lines of demarcation seen from the perceptions of those living in an age of low population yields and uncharted territories; gave rise to an expressed opinion of limitless growth and a feeling of manifest destiny... that is now seen as a restrictive impediment that creates a pervasive social claustrophobia because there is no presently visible social philosophy... either conservative or progressive... offering an actual Proclamation of Emancipation for this day and age.

Examples of Emancipation Proclamations (from the Encyclopedia Britannica):

  • The British Crown's 1763 proclamation at the end of the French and Indian War meant as a conciliatory gesture to check the encroachment of settlers on their lands, and which subsequently became one of the cornerstones of Native American law in the United States and Canada.
  • Russia's 1861 Emancipation Manifesto dealing with serfdom.
  • Abraham Lincoln's January 1st 1863 Emancipation Proclamation dealing with slavery that was frequently replaced with indentured servitude (and that many today refer to as drudgery or temporary "used and abused" jobs).

Ironically, while the Thirteenth Amendment [1865] to the U.S. Constitution prohibits slavery, and the Fourteenth Amendment [1868] grants full and equal rights of citizenship to African Americans, and the Right to Vote established by the Fifteenth Amendment [1870]; these Constitutional acts did not provide for the absence of exclusionary principles being effected on Blacks in various cultural venues. In the Supreme Court Case of Plessy -Versus- Fergusion (1896) which challenged Louisiana's Separate Car Act (1890), which was a law requiring that all railroads operating in the state provide “equal but separate accommodations” for white and African American passengers and prohibited passengers from entering accommodations other than those to which they had been assigned on the basis of their race.

Writing for the majority, Associate Justice Henry Billings Brown rejected Plessy's arguments that the act violated the Thirteenth Amendment (1865) to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited slavery, and the Fourteenth Amendment, which granted full and equal rights of citizenship to African Americans. The Separate Car Act did not conflict with the Thirteenth Amendment, according to Brown, because it did not reestablish slavery or constitute a “badge” of slavery or servitude. In reaching this conclusion he relied on the Supreme Court's ruling in the Civil Rights Cases (1883), which found that racial discrimination against African Americans in inns, public conveyances, and places of public amusement “imposes no badge of slavery or involuntary servitude…but at most, infringes rights which are protected from State aggression by the XIVth Amendment.”

Source: "Plessy v. Ferguson." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

What the above excerpt from the Ultimate Reference Suite of the Britannica on "Plessy v. Ferguson" illustrates, is that even with legal safeguards for advanced social governance directives, more detailed protections for vulnerably afflicted citizens may be required in a distinct outline. Generalities that many of us take for granted as 'explanation enough' for an accepted assumption to be practiced, may be the very orientation used by those wanting to find disagreement with an observance. In plain language, what one sees as a statement of promise to receive, another sees as a recital of their inclination to disregard, because initial words used to make a correction are often too generalized and can be used to offer different interpretations that may have to be fought out in court... though this in no way means the court will have the desire to interpret a law or former ruling favorable to those the law in question was meant to assist. In other words, laws, lawyers and judges can be quite biased... regardless of education and dedication to what they describe is an obvious truth. In the present context of this review, though we social reformists are protesting this -and- that perceived "irregularity" in some social observance, which gives the basis for a given political agenda; the ideological expressions being used are too generalized. Specifically, the views discussed in the Runaway Slave, the Zeitgeist duo, and the Venus Project movies, are little more than chest thumping bravado producing a lot of noise with tonal variations acting as differently heard similar "calls of the wild" language from multiple vantage points... thus giving the impression of distinctions which need to find some semblance of a common ground for vitalizing a singular purpose of advancing the human species that we can do together... and comprehensively with a shared goal.

... Even though emancipation (defined by the words "freedom from bondage") has frequently promoted subsequent inequalities like those of today struggling with insufficiencies of various economic and other basic living needs— as well as those experienced by so many who are released from incarceration and are further surmounted by various social difficulties because cultural mores can prohibit many from obtaining gainful employment or achieve full citizenship status. Without the assistance of a desperately needed Emancipation Proclamation for ex-incarcerated individuals, they will therefore be perpetually subjugated to what is considered by some not as a class system of gainfully obtainable sociability, but a caste system that treats them as a type of dirty, filthy, disgusting (reprehensible) untouchable... thus forcing them to create their own social sub-order of civilization... that can be an attractive lure to those whose non-criminal existence, fraught with inequalities of its own design; co-exist in some fringe social element in a state of weakened personality with its passive characterizations that makes for easy prey by those seeking a compensatory authoritative role in their sub-culture's social ordering.

But the possibility exists that by "giving" all Black peoples in America the same social and economic advantages as non-blacks, would nevertheless create a sub-cultural mentality of those who would strive to develop their perspective into a New Government movement... that might, out of necessity, address issues of disparity that are actually effecting the larger society as well. In other words, there are only so many jobs available for a pool of employees that are forced to seek out alternative forms for gaining an income to meet their needs and wants. If all incarcerated Blacks were not in jail or prison and there would be no recidivism, the increased work force potential defined by high unemployment would be made more poignantly visible. If such individuals did not seek out criminal activity as an attempt to provide themselves with an income, the rolls of poverty would likewise be increased many fold. If one philosophically argues that they would like non-blacks (or non-coloreds) to be removed from employment rolls so that Blacks could then experience some assumed "good life" of long-term gainful employment; shifting the problems from one population to another one, does not address the existing fundamental problems inherent in the larger society... for which some of the blame can be attached to the effective means in which motion pictures and companies advertise life-styles that only a few can actually obtain... but having no actual relevance to healthful living nor happiness.

Because jail and prison allows for a large number of individuals to be excluded from the work force, this does not mean the problems of employment are being solved... they are merely concealed. If we were to permit all positions of leadership (authority) to be taken over by Blacks or other non-whites, this would not necessarily equate with the development of a better society. Changing the color of the vehicle one drives does not alter the available performance of the vehicle... only the superficiality of perception is changed. And is likewise for expecting the improvement of social conditions by merely substituting one politician for another. Politicians do not customarily want to alter the fundamental structure of a government, they simply want to exercise some managerial duty to existing functionality in order to receive accompanying social entitlements that are egotistically-centered, which are allotted to a given position.

While changing "persons of color" for "persons of non-color" (generally denoted as "White", even though neither White nor Black are colors of the color spectrum). While such a practice may no doubt create a better economic standard of living from one racial profile to another... the underlying social problems would remain, having simply been shifted around like board game pieces. Blacks advocating changes for other Blacks, or primarily for themselves (by using a bait -and- switch social protest philosophy)... yet adamantly promote themselves as claiming they are striving to sincerely and specifically help others... are exhibiting a profound ego-centrically contoured "me-ism", that defends its lack of defining corrective social changes for everyone, by saying it is not their job to be the epitome of that which they are preaching. They want society to change for them and their ilk, but not actually for everyone... because true equality means the lack of distinction.

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