Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Runaway Slave
Why (a) Growing Dependency on Big Government is Destroying America

— Movie Review —
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Advocating a limited government philosophy is like the word "nigger" being adopted by a younger black culture as an item of self-possessed affectionately interpreted identification to be haughtily embraced as a signature coat -of- arms and rallying flag to preserve at any cost. The "White-dom" of a limited democracy is to be the new "Black-dom" interpreted as a new Kingdom to take charge of. Just as the word "nigger" or "hillbilly" or "redneck", etc., are embraced by some as emotionally acute identifications, present civic-oriented Black leaders want all blacks to embrace a doctrine of limited government so that they (at least a marginal few) can achieve what they define as a deserved entitlement due to them because of some trek of aspiration focused primarily on some personal career-defined gain. But it is not a vision for all of humanity. In other words, some Black Leaders (and organizations) want the whole of the Black community to buy-into their "limited government" perspective, and non-Blacks to adopt the idea they are doing what is best for all... even though many non-Blacks are fighting against such nonsense because it is but one of many practiced hypocrisies. Many black people see through the nonsense of other blacks such as Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the NAACP. While many black social thinkers want the intelligence of blacks to be fully recognized, they do not want this intelligence to be keenly focused on the absurdity being presented by some black social activists. In other words, they want more Blacks to be recognized for having above average and superior intelligence... but not use it to be discriminatively efficient in recognizing the ignorance of effect being used by some Black intellectuals. Hypocrisies exist on both sides of the white/black tracks.

But disagreeing with Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the NAACP does not mean such observers are likely to turn their 'full steam ahead' sociological periscope and crow's nest binoculars in the direction of those whose ideas were only superficially bulletin-board in the Runaway Slave movie... particularly when nothing of substantive merit was deeply discussed nor attached with a plan for making a transitional move into a presumed better society, (and whose iceberg tip presentation showed an egregious amount of "black snow" atopped with a flag indicating yet another effort to establish some sociological event from which an institution might be architectured, to advantage the whole of the Black Community but only a select few in other "colored" communities... though "white" is not an included color.) Nor should we overlook the self-congratulatory efforts posed in a presumptiveness heralded by the officious rendering of credential recitation... and yet for all the existing credentialization going on in the country, the public is subjected to a Presidential pageantry of idiots who follow on the heals of other idiots attempting to secure an over-embellished civil servant job. Yes, this too is a practiced hypocrisy.

And it is spectacularly dishonest of the so-called Black Community of intellectuals to intimate a need for the Community of Black intellectuals existing in so many different ways of life, to focus their above average, superior, and in some cases... even genius level of perspicacious talents towards an analysis of the Black social conditions in contrast to or because of the White social conditions; as it is being presented by particularly out-spoken members of their national community— and yet expect these same men and women (and in some cases children)... to assume a three monkey See No Evil- Speak No Evil- Hear No Evil as it pertains to their own "kind"... and yet like most communities, has barely begun to practice a four monkey philosophy as an incorporated sociological observance... or there would be no sex-oriented advertisements, magazines, pornography or the repetitive teaching of voyeurism in multiple television shows and movies (and trying to pass off sexual promiscuousness and permissiveness by calling it an art form, as some do with smoking, drinking, puking and the like... because such "artists" have no real talent to speak of):

3 monkeys philosophy (14K) 4 monkeys philosophy (58K)

Interestingly, there are no monkeys lined up to portray a taste, smell, touch, imagine, feel nor Think No Evil. In short, the human condition is full of hypocrisy... yet this is no excuse for perpetuating an hypocrisy such as the present government practice, once it is realized. But realization as a widely acknowledged public venue of agreement to push for remediation of social problems through an effective and efficient form of New Government (a Cenocracy), needs multiple Cenocratic-styled movies to begin its own invasiveness into the mindset of a public whose attention span is often short and needs repetition to act as a prompt to integrate memorization. While other hypocrisies involving a Cenocracy may emerge and be later identified, we can incorporate a flexibility in governance to quickly address a poorly executed functionality. And it is of some regard to voice the opinion that some of the presently seen hypocrisies will be dispensed by the introduction of a New Government to be practiced... since some hypocrisies may be of a generated reflex that produces a presence akin to a magnetic field that may not be seen with the naked eye, but whose effects are felt and can be measured by sense-enhancing instrumentation.

But let us also acknowledge that one of these hypocrisies is the Black perspective... (and it is astonishing to think that many so-called educated Blacks hold this opinion)... that the social issues interpreted and defined as social problems (for the Nation), can be mitigated by altering societal policies, rules, regulations and laws which will enable more Black people to prosper... though it is philosophically implied as a means to help everyone. Because the "Racist" label or some other discriminatory definition does not provide the incentive for an alteration in public perceptions to push for change that will enable more Blacks to obtain some personalized version of a leadership position... in that the word "Racist" and other singular-mindedness does not provide Blacks with the desired support from non-Blacks; the idea of needing limited government based on some sort of "conservative" has become the adopted mantra (instead of "aggressive" which is associated with "progressive" because of the aural laden rhythm called rhyme used by wanna-be poets using rap as a new oratory formula of philosophical conjecture). It is like the absurd advertisement slogan once used by General Motors when it claimed that "what is good for General Motors is good for America". Both examples reek of a practiced ego-centricity.

If we were to remove all Whites and other "colored" peoples from America and let the Black Community have access to all the prevailing resources, social problems inherent in the Black culture would not be resolved. There is a problem with the practiced social pecking order amongst Blacks, just as there is with Whites, Native Americans and other groups. There is jealously, hatred, envy and numerous other emotionally-laden characteristics because the same formulas of behavioral training and subsequent modification contribute to the production of social problems. Creating more Black millionaires will not solve social problems caused by a deficient governing system. If the Black Community were to take over America and persist in the usage of its governing system, devastating social issues will persist. No matter what race, what group, what ethnicity comes to dominate in America... the decade after decade resurgence of social problems will persist because the occurrence of such dysfunctionality is built into a system drawn up in an age that is distinctly different from the present one, and yet we of the present are subjected to governing ideas developed in such an era.

If every University, every business, every religion, and every government position were filled with a person of "color", or a homosexual, or a jew, or a white, or whatever statistically defined minority group you would care to mention; this would not help us solve the litany of social problems existing before us... if we persist in trying to solve them within a governing structure that does not permit the functionality of resolution to be practiced; and is in fact supported in its perpetuation by business, religion and a rote teaching education system... because those in charge don't know any better, and are not being taught anything better... if they must rely on the superficial rendering of information being provided in films such as the Zeitgeist duo, the Venus Project, and Rundaway Slave... much less the preachings of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the NAACP. Having more Blacks in leading positions does not solve economically-aligned social problems for everyone. Far too many of the so-called solutions of Black social problems are inter-twined with a Black culture-derived pecking order that is placed in a position of honor, no matter how many Black lives are sacrificed. If Black lives matter, than such lives should not be treated so matter-of-factly by such an inconsequential social observance, when there are more pressing issues involving all of life trying to co-exist in a decaying planetary environment. In other words, the priorities of the Black Community are just as pathetic as are those of the White and other communities effecting their own brand of egocentricities within the specificities of their own cultural superficialities that are given more importance than they actual deserve.

Another of the grand hypocrisies being observed by humanity is to conclude that social problems are an inevitability of our species, and the best we can do is to somehow manage them with an observed judiciousness, compassion, and practiced wisdom developed byway of an accumulated knowledge. This so-called logic is the result of an adaptive mental conservatism in response to a decaying environment that is participating in a gradual depletion of resources that can not be stopped, but only delayed. Part of this degradation is a winnowing away of cultural values once esteemed, but are not being replaced by that which will prop up the culture to effect the development of a new esteemed value system. Business, government and religion are all being affected. While a disintegration is inevitable, we can put in place a new growth, by pursuing the development of a New Government (a Cenocracy). Granted there will be those individuals and institutions which will try to undermine Cenocratic efforts because they will refuse to relinquish their grasp of a past they identify with and have learned how to survive in... but acknowledgment thereof will assist us in safeguard preparation. Likewise, we must be wary of those practicing the old wolf in sheep's clothing value of deception in their efforts to promote disabilities which will produce conditions more favorable to their ulterior motives.

For all their ego posturing— seen when addressing one another by some title, like those braggarts of ancient times when the words lord, baron, countess, prince, sir, lady, etc., were used as a means to render others to a state of deference when in the presence of some practiced nobility; Blacks are trying to establish a like-mindedness when using their titles... particularly the "Preacher" patch worn in the form of a white collar. But like so many nobles who used their titles to conduct untoward taken advantages on those who yielded and expected to be treated with greater civility and respect by those claiming to be one's Betters; such titles are often little more than tools of manipulation used by any and all that wear them... because they think, like so many elected officials, that the ascribed title automatically endows them with some guarantee of greater wisdom, insight, ability, intelligence and superior countenance... when in so very many cases, simpletons are merely being given an opportunity to practice guesstimations, assumptions, and other trial -and- error suppositions. No one should be impressed by such foolish nonsense reminiscent of the antics of a court jester. It is easy to permit the King to parade through town wearing no clothes as an expression of senility, exhibitionism, or dementia... if societal observances have been conned into the servitude of indulgence.

It is pathetically ignorant of those in the presumably educated Black establishment to imagine non-blacks are going to be led by the nose, by some assumed Pied Piper intonation; that pursuing a practice of limited government is the right path for the Nation to take, when so many people, including Blacks, have a greater appreciation of what an Actual Democracy entails. The conservative path of espousing some ridiculous "limited government" idiocy is the path along a trail that narrows all the more in future destinations of increased regulation that would be used to curtail individualism and control an increasingly dense population which will be forced to share dwindling resources... thereby making the presently practiced "resource-based economy" idea (seen in the Zeitgeist and Venus Project movies) appear to be a different form of economics than that already in use, because it represents a different title... and with a title comes some presented entitlements to be deferred to— but have already existed... just not consciously acknowledged socially. The "Resource-Based Economy" title is being used by those in the Zeitgeist and Venus Project communities as if it represents an emancipation from one denoted with the title of Capitalism. The difference is not in the title, but the philosophical practice of exchange... since "Resource-Based Economies" have always been practiced because without some resource no economics is practiced. By presenting an old idea with a new title, a group's amalgamation of beliefs is thought to be advantaged a furtherance if a singular perspective is accepted as being advantageous.

However, what is clearly meant by those advocating a "Resource-based Economy" is the philosophy of a realistic assessment of resources to be used by all of humanity equally. Though this may sound very altruistic, it is a simplistic appreciation of the realities dealing with collection and redistribution of a finite system of resources that has a limited margin of sustainability for a limited population on a planet undergoing decay by people and the forces of the planetary system itself. The idea is not particularly being scrutinized by its advocates nor being presented in any workable model for further examination. It is the same effort (or we should say non-effort) being used by those having participated in the Runaway Slave production.

In addressing societal issues compounded by increased populations that have been made into subservients to large industries instead of small communities that are individually resilient and self-sustaining... though inter-communal trade may be used; the usage of an already practiced "limited government" formula is an impediment to making corrections because the formula of the presently practiced limiting government is the usage of titles by those who are not automatically endowed with some greater wisdom, intelligence, insight, ability and foresight. The presently practiced formula of limited government is appreciably committed to a type of governance with labels and functionality that is far too antiquated to deal with the diversities of a growing nation amongst other nations.

We can not return to the usage of some old model that some assume exists in the U.S. Constitution and would be effective if their interpretation of its contents were used (by the interpretations of a limited few)... and thus regain some imagined former governing sanity. The people need a new formula of governance that has not yet existed. Simply putting more Blacks (or some other racially-denoted person) into pronounced leading or leadership positions does not automatically endow them with some greatness. Analogously, putting a computer into the hands of a monkey does not create a superior monkey, nor necessarily does putting a computer in the hands of millions of humans whose world-view is inclined towards some romanticized notion of an antiquated governing practice... just like putting a badge on a person who is also permitted to carry a weapon, does not give them greater intelligence. If this were so, we would have a nation of police officers with advanced I.Q's. who would necessarily see how ridiculous the people are being treated by a system of laws and justice system that abuses the disadvantaged. Experience garnered (such as through day to day police work) from repetitious events occurring over a long period of time may give the impression someone is... and therefore has always been insightful and more intelligent; does not necessarily make them suitable for other activities calling for the actual usage of adaptable intellectual qualities when such are a requirement.

A common linneage (160K)

The public needs to be made into a governing regulatory body with a fully active and equal participation in the Checks and Balances formula. The present government, in the hands of a few who are delegated to legislate rules, policies, and laws; is the problem, and is but one of several that have developed because of a limited government practice. The size and formulaic labyrinthine machinations of the present government's structure only assists the few with hiding their mistakes, using scapegoats, and be given the allowance of retiring with a full pension for committing wrongful acts... because the collective Will of The people is not entitled to curb these types of entitlements. Neither vicarious Representation nor Petitioning the Government is an honest and effective way by which the public can assert itself as the foremost authority in the government. Limited government is selective... and therefore prejudiced and discriminatory to the citizenry who should be enabled to effect any and all governing functions by a means uniquely tailored to this task, without using a segregationist formula as has now been harnessed to the larger public treated as an indentured servant. Clearly, it is not the size of government, but the functionality of it that promotes a recurrence of disparity, disillusionment and applied distortions of value.

As with the history of Sociology itself, when during its inception it was believed that social problems could be better addressed by studying society; this view has become over-written with the notion of studying society from a predominant philosophical-only perspective... which includes a philosophy derived from statistical indices, since the articulation of problems by Sociologists or other social thinkers, does not frequently lead to fruitful solutions... particularly when it has created its own tribal mentality... like so many other disciplines preoccupied with internal disputes and vying for leadership positions... similar to that seen in the Black community. Indeed, though Sociologists and Political Scientists may disagree as to the value of one or another particular discipline of study, the areas of career pursuit have become so diverse and fractionated, there are few engaged in a holistic attempt to integrate the accumulation of research into a meaningful understanding... instead of adding to the cumulative micro-density of sub-disciplines... like so many Blacks having contributed to a similar structure and functionality in their own "Black Community" rubric. It is rather easy to recognize that each are a practice of their own ego-centricity.

Yet, neither do the efforts of those who attend political rallies aid in the development of a concerted and collective drive for social reform... except perhaps in motivating others to share in their beliefs... yet those beliefs are not accepted as the controlling mechanism for altering a given policy or instigating one. The people chant, hold banners, verbally and figuratively pat each other on the back, and go home feeling good about participating in their right to protest... yet noting of great substantive change in government functionality or policy occurs. While many insightful comments are made, and people are given a chance to vent personal opinions, these exercises are not accomplishing the sought-for changes. Rarely does one encounter discussions involving the need for a structural change in governance, followed by a discussion of what the design may entail. Far too often, discussions are limited by repackaging old topics that can take up the majority of time used for the overall discussion to take place, which is a reassessment of the old and new repackaging efforts.

It's like witnessing comments being made by two dozen people about a particularly minor observation, and then describing the meeting as a mile-stone marker of accomplishment; though the original reason for the meeting was obscured and sub-sumed into an issue to be addressed by a noted professional... even if they were a part of the problem in the first place! Analogously, it is like a teacher using the old technique of telling students what is going to be taught, then teaching the subject, and then telling them what has been taught. The three-part repetition is an instructive tool not appreciably important when confronted with a quick-study class of students. Similarly, the present practices of government is like an old tool that needs to be severely modified for the current population of varying populations (once called a "melting pot" of different cultures). The problem is that an assumed total amalgamation described by the words "nation", "patriot", "citizen", etc., are inaccuracies which are extremely misleading.

We do not have a University that has a program of professionalism from which the Nation's elected officials come. There are no Presidential Ph.D. courses being offered by any University, which says something about our desires and expectancies for the Executive Branch Leadership position. Political leaders are not particularly bright people. If we do get someone into office by way of the rather haphazard lottery type of election system in practice, they very often have to spend an inordinate amount of time wrestling with the ignorance of idiots in order to get any meaningful legislation passed into law... not to mention having to deal with a system of government not amiable to good governance. America's government is anti-democratic. It is a government so weak in its professed democracy it must rely on a military that is by a system of Socialist-Communism.

Calling for the practice of a more limited government, is forgetting that the past unto the present is such a practice. Whereas a government necessarily grows in its workforce due to an increasing population whose dependent needs require an enlarged pool of workers to deal with requests for assistance... including the collection and accountability of taxes; this growth does not necessarily equate with an increased subjugation to more leaders assigned to new departments. The same role of limited government is there, it is simply more visible. The only way to counteract this is to visible increase the size of government... as it should be, in terms of a practiced democracy. A democracy that is truly Of, By and For The People, represents a HUGE government. If Blacks truly want their lives to change, and that this change can come by way of a collective participation; then they must fight for the implementation of a total government... where all of us truly represent the government as an entitlement of citizenship.

The government must be made to be dependent on We The People... and The Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution must be altered accordingly. Big Government is not destroying America, it is avowed dependency on a limited government tied to antiquated views associated with the idea of a Republicanism that is inefficient and ineffective to the realities of our present age. A limited government as that presently being practiced provides for the means that large groups of people do not matter to its central functioning. The voting system, as an example, with particular reference to the Presidential election: in that the popular vote can be undermined by both the electoral college or over-taken by the Legislature if there is an assumed tie. The voice of the people is consistently undermined. If the people actually mattered, then their voice by way of a nationalized Referendum standard for every single national issue, would be that from which laws get their authority... and all of authority, in business, in government and religion, would be answerable to the people... and not have its authority lessened by someone advocating some greater authoritative relevance to suit their ulterior motives.

And though some reader may remark that a "We The People" formula of Democracy is a type of egocentricism, it is to be related with a larger interpretation of humanity's place in the Universe... and not just the planet Earth and solar system, as was pointed out in the Zeitgeist and Venus Project movie reviews.

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