Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Runaway Slave
Why (a) Growing Dependency on Big Government is Destroying America

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Some readers may be disappointed that the review of the Runaway Slave movie and the Zeitgeist as well as Venus project productions, did not pertain to some typical formula of recreating the film and its actors in some truncated manner; though there was an attempt to followed this methodology by pointing out both favorable and disfavorable content related to specific scenes as well as the whole of the movies... including an approximation of how the movies should be rated in terms of the implied intent to reshape at least some aspect of society into a better realization.

MalcolmX (19K)

No doubt there may be those readers too young to remember Malcolm X and his philosophy for advancing a Black Nationalist Consciousness in order to address the many social illnesses and stalemates in the black community when confronted by a dominant white society that obstructed and obfuscated sincere attempts in this direction. Instead of fighting the dominant white society or embracing its many evils that many blacks had succumbed to, he was essentially promoting the development of a separate Black government, with its own economy and sociological structure. Essentially, it was a form of Secession... to withdraw all Blacks from a participation in the White society, in order to create what he believed would be a better society for Blacks. He was pushing for the development and establishment of a separate identity to foster a unity of purpose and committed coordination so as to bring about a movement that all Blacks would rally to and thus find support amongst those non-Blacks who shared in the perception that the White society was too stifling and problematic for Blacks and non-Blacks.

While Malcolm preached of irresolute Black independence, identity and integrity, he also practiced indulgences anti-thetical to his Muslim education... which brought him into conflict with those whom he once held an allegiance to and an alliance with. And however promising his views were felt to some, there was no guarantee that the establishment of a Black Nation within the United States, would be a means of getting rid of social problems inherent in a Black-only society. While such problems would be "Black-owned" in that they could not readily accuse a White society of causing them, the presence of a White society could no doubt be used as a scape-goat any time anyone in the Black community began to take too close of a look amongst their own kind as the originator, when it is easier to blame someone or thing external to oneself.

Likewise, Americans who embrace the present government, want to look elsewhere for the cause of their problems, such as accusing Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, the Homeless, criminals, Red necks, Hispanics/Latinos, etc... and very often using the number of incarcerated Blacks as a measuring tool of validity, instead of looking at the disproportion to other races as resulting from an overall dysfunctional government. But simply substituting a Black dominant nation for a White dominant nation will not readily solve Black problems, since so many Blacks have embraced the failing White governing— White philosophy and have adopted White culture orientations as their own... and prefer to see themselves as Americans and not Black Americans, nor Negros or any other reference. Instead of seeing ourselves as a single, global people, there is far too much ethno-centricism being used to offset oneself from all others... yet such an attitude doesn't help humanity solve its many issues... because governments typically do not want the general populace to have much of a say in developing policies they are ultimately forced to comply with.

The "Runaway Slave" movie is a low-keyed Black Nationalism that non-Blacks should not be afraid of, and in fact encourage if their own self-esteemed courage is as secure as they want everyone to believe; so as to permit the Black community to advance self-governing ideas that could then be applied to the entire nation. If the Black community has such great ideas, then let us hear them out... but not if their voice is centered merely on the adoption of a Black Nation in order that Blacks may play out similar roles as non-Blacks... as if stepping into a parallel universe where Black and non-Black social roles are proportionately reversed. In other words, permitting Blacks to set up their own nation can not be in the fashion of simply providing different children with toys to play in the same manner, only because the game pieces have different colors but shaped ideologically the same. We have enough of this sameness being exhibited in theater productions, motion pictures, journalism, art, poetry, modern music, Rap, etc... though the creators no doubt think they are being original or "creative" in a non-mediocre way... which is easy to consider when the standard exhibition of above-average considerations is a celebrated mediocrity with over-indulged in self-complimentation.

Likewise, we don't want to spend trillions of dollars on creating a futuristic society if the underlying governing doesn't function any different than the present government. Speaking about having a different government is different than providing a blue-print for transition to take place. Will Blacks have the same infrastructure, or be able to create a better one if their architects are provided with the necessary funding that only a Black-only government could, and be permitted an exercise of a Black creativity that is presently held in check by conforming to White standards? Will a Black Nation have a better economic philosophy? Will better music than the Rap- crap be developed? Will a better science perspective? If Blacks believe themselves to be superior than non-Blacks due to differences in sports, will they also show us a superiority in intelligence if given the cultural leeway to do so?

While the Zeitgeist, Venus Project and Runaway Slave movies are trying to encourage the development of a movement to establish better societies, none of them have as yet established a firmer philosophy with which to create such a rallying effort amongst the diverse and divergent populations in our present day era. We have thousands, if not millions of people following one another expression of this or that perspective and yet have not heard of, or have not seen the representative values (or lack thereof) pertaining to other similar goals for creating a better society. They are, in effect, all acting as rivals in a type of undeclared sociological sports match with their own base of fans... in an age where social communication was either slow or non-existent. For example, when White boys were congratulating themselves for being this or that champion in basketball before the advent of Black players into organized sport representations, they were unaware of the abilities of Blacks. So what do Blacks do? They join in playing the same game that has evolved into a game that now overlooks illegal ball handling such as palming the ball. Whereas the previous rule was to bounce the ball, the fact that so many Black (and White) players couldn't (and often wouldn't) comply, forced the game's rule makers to alter the rules. In other words, the game was adapted for a mixture of players... just like today's governments have... yet the rules are still creating dysfunctionalities. But— only a few are taking into consideration that we need a new game to play. We need a Cenocracy... a New Government formula for today's populations harboring a slow-moving adaptable human biology and physiology that is subjected to a decaying environment for which its characteristics of renewability are finite.

Those who argue that the decaying environment will take billions of years to become totally insolvent are expressing another type of ego-centricity that is damaging to the survival of the entire species like self-serving homosexuality and Nationalism. If every single species on the planet became homo- or lesbo-sexual, life would cease to exist... except for perhaps in those species which have acquired the means for a self-generation viability and are called hermaphroditic... or can perform asexual reproduction such as the vegetative process seen when runners of roots can become detached and form individualized plants. It is not certain by any present standards of interpretation whether homosexuality is increasing in proportion to the size of the world's population, or whether it is a phenomena as a symptom of distress... where people often turn inward... but not so much that they create a community of individuals so self-absorbed that they seek out gratification of one's sensuality in their own gender orientation flirting with sensitivities and sensibilities which characteristically define the other gender.

musk_oxen (34K)

Homosexuals are a community of those experiencing a like-minded undefined neuroticism that is altered to a definition of "alternative" normalcy, because they inhabit a physiology that is particularly vulnerable to stresses produced by a densely packed society (from given eras of relative perception) making adjustments to the forces of planetary, solar system and galactic decay... they are not comprehensively aware of or are able to distinguish as one might a noticeable reflex. Homo- and Lesbo-sexuals are community-based creatures of habitual activation and self-serving "philosophy" (life-style) creators, like other social creatures attempting to establish a social venue for "their kind", and seen in those promoting a nationalistic fervor ... even though many of them would vehemently deny that such a self-indulging situation even exists or that it represents anything but progress for humanity, reminiscent of the self-serving mentality adopted... over time... by cultures such as those practicing ritualized forms of human sacrifice (either figuratively or literally) ... like so many when their religion is scrutinized for its subjective-laden falsehoods. Homo- and lesbo-sexuality are not lone-wolf apparitions or operations having been developed in a vacuum. They are social products of environmental decay, even if the decay is not as readily apparent as a dry river bed, scorched grassland, or game-deficient forest, just as is Black Nationalism, White Nationalism, or any other Nationalism developed as a survival strategy that is metaphorically portrayed by ideas seen in the circling of wagons in an old western, fort and castle building, or back-to-back circling of musk-ox.

Homo- and Lesbo-sexuality are not conducted as a spider-in-a-web survival strategy orientation, though some such oriented individuals are socio-pathic and psycho-pathic predators seen in conventional social orientations as well. If we adopt the perspective that such homo- and lesbo-sexual orientations represent a "third species" of homo (man), then it represents another expression of a biological divergence which ends up extinct... like those with a herd mentality running headlong over a cliff. Homo- and Lesbo- sexuality are externalized scars of a long history of punishments the human species has has and is being subjected to in its attempts to establish some measure of equilibrium in a decaying environmental ensemble.

Governments today are self-serving, self-oriented creatures that are enabled to, and will, if need be... sacrifice portions of their respective populations to perpetuate itself, like a lizard having the ability to loose its tail during a territorial exploration... but being able to replace it. Citizens can be replaced. Nationalists are well aware of this and use it as a justifiable option to some purported "greater good", "higher purpose", or other rationality of their own making. If not too badly damaged, entire civilizations are renewable under current availability of resources. As such, many governments create those who embrace a type of over-zealous patriotism that will gladly sacrifice their career, themselves, their neighbors, friends, colleagues and even their family, if they believe in some "Cause". But killing strangers is easier if they have no connection with them, except to feel disgraced in perpetuating a life on non-accomplishment. Indeed, such people may even sacrifice their country or the entire species, if the "Cause" appears 'Just' enough... hence those whose every waking moment is pressed to interpret every act of destruction and violence as a measure of their interest in wanting an apocalypse, judgment day, or other existence defeating model to be realized.

Governments that become run by a few by way of a "limited government" philosophy, see society as extensions of themselves that they are receptive to embellishing, tatooing, surgically removing, punishing, improving, sculpting, carving on, or whatever. However, governments can be just as dysfunctional if they are run by lots of individuals seeking individual interests which come to conflict with one another. A "more of the same" approach, in which the adoption of an "Actual Democracy" is applied with a society whose members think like smaller "Representative" entities, does not create for a better government, much less overall society. And far too often we have a Nationalist philosophy compounded by government nationalism, religious nationalism, and planetary nationalism... inter-acting as an amalgamated ego-centricity hardened by the flames of psychotic levels of emotionalism.

If people are asked to sacrifice that which defines their identity in order to create a better species, what would they say? We don't know because the question has never, or rarely been asked in any public setting or lent its presence for wide-spread consideration. Collectively speaking, we are not a deep thinking species. We are incredibly superficial and ego-centric. Both of which may be symptoms expressed as a process of the environmental decay we are subjected to. Like a drowning rat that first jumps ship at the impending sign of collapse, and then struggling to maintain dominance of any debris upon which to float... and developing a philosophy of justification the longer one stays attached to a given ideological territory... and then claim others are doing the same with theirs, if the other's engages in a scrutinization of their's... this too is part of their adopted strategy for accepting of that which, in the expression of some youth: "is what it is", (and no manner of rationalization will change it).

Because the "Runaway Slave" movie exhibited a heavy reliance on presenting credentials (as do so many documentary-like productions in an effort to give authoritative weight to a given idea), it was not necessary for this review (and associated comments) to add to such material, nor dwell on rather obvious digressions from what should have and could have been a wonderful expose' on directing society along a better path. Despite the Black Nationalist leanings representing the ideological "limited government" nonsense (which actually means a "limited democracy" ideology) of the Tea Party which was undoubtedly attempting to use a "Black Flavoring" of its short-sighted perspective to increase its influence, the film presented an honest attempt to portray authentic sincerity amongst several Blacks who have taken time to consider perceived social problems and develop ideas for consideration in how to develop corrective measures. But, a black-only, or white-only, or Hispanic-only, or pacific islander-only, or asian-only, or religion-only, or business-only, or limited- government/democracy nationalism is not going to work. Unfortunately, all the films place too much emphasis on a created image in the minds of those in the films, and do not relay a comprehensive ideology pertaining to the stepping stones we need to take. Too much time and effort are expended on singular ideas that infuriate those of us who are deeply committed to bringing about conclusive alterations in society so as to secure a better life for everyone (even those we may not like very much). Changing the architecture of infrastructure alone will not solve problems inherent in a dysfunctional system.

Indeed, when we attempt to source social problems there is no open discussion about such problems as symptoms of a larger issue involving the design and functionality of the government. Likewise, because such design and functionality frequently get their impetus from attempting to address social problems, we find ourselves left with the realization of having to look elsewhere. This "elsewhere" is the practiced ideology of the species in different environmental settings, that all too often adopt some religious interpretation as a guide... and is a guide that consistently uses oppositional frameworks which perpetuate social conditions in a cyclical manner because religious philosophy is not experiencing a needed maturity for the whole of humanity to grasp. Religion is a serious problem for all of us.

Self-absorption with one's own "kind" and a call for creating a separate, self-running community-as-a-nation with its own governing body and economic system so as to address problems/issues related to one's own "kind" is just another "separate -but- equal" orientation being attempted in another era with different tactics and language. This is not to say that such an approach wouldn't be successful, but how then does one contend with one's kind if they don't follow this mentality? We then find that the imagined separation begins to take on the same problems that diversity brings to bear on those who insist everyone should abide by their self-centered perspective. How much hypocrisy are we willing to abide with if the violators are a family member? Do we expect everyone to accept them with the entitlement of some type of ridiculous diplomatic immunity that government's stupidly permit officials to have, regardless if they kill, rape or cause destruction to one's own kind? The retrograde approach to a Constitution-oriented nationalism like that espoused by the Tea Party is not helpful in finding and cementing solutions... except in its ability to use collected funds to create movies which permit the public to take an extended look at naive approaches to fixing social problems... problems -and- issues that are in part perpetuated by the very design of governance they are trying to promote, because they can not see outside the box they want all of us to be squashed in alongside themselves... that subsequently create conditions of an ideological crowding calling for more extreme measures of attempted social improvement... and claim a victory when opposition is too beat up to offer any sustained resistance.

But let us not overlook that it is from religion that many of our models for social-problem intervention come from, though there is not always an easily identifiable connection because governments typically practice a separation of church and state... thus resorting to an alteration of words that could be construed as pertaining to discrimination based on a religious preference. Take for example the word "Prison" that was previously denoted as "Penitentiary", which was derived from the religious idea of requiring a person to do penance, or adopt the actions of being penitent. In like regard, the actions of providing "alms" to the poor (because religious ideas were used as an intimidating tax rule on the rich called tithing), and later became known as "welfare" when the government assumed some measure of public assistance, in order to gain converts to its philosophy of commercialism, capitalism and corporate practicalities... now supported by a community of journalists whose collective mentality exists in some pre-history orientation of social structuring and tribal leader dominance.

And though one may claim that welfare assistance breeds indolence and teaches an institutionalized form of dependency, one must also note the absence of any other training being provided along with the assistance. Whereas taxes pay "welfare assistance" to military personnel in the form of wages, it also provides classroom and on-the-job training to these same "welfare" recipients... not to mention free housing, food, and medical treatment. No less, upon disclosing such an hypocrisy of social reform to a few citizens meeting specialized criteria of enlistment... which is a discrimination concealing other prejudices... some of which are no doubt important for specific combat situations... we need to broaden our discernment and look at the government's activities pertaining to its own assisted welfare.

For example, the government practices a welfare oriented dependency on goods and services outside its borders that are paid for by the assistance the citizenry provides by way of taxes... and yet not only expects, but forces the citizenry to be self-sufficient by declining to assist them after a given period of time. While such an action may indeed be the incentive needed for a few to seek available employment, this does not mean the overall employment conditions in a given area have been altered, that a person is not simply being forced into an activity which precipitates additional social or health problems, or that the initial problem(s) causing the need for welfare assistance in the first place have been corrected. In other words, the government's rationale for cutting off a person's assistance that force people to make survival adjustments, do not magically alter the conditions which create a need for welfare in the first place, nor the employment environment or the marketable employability of a person.

The government needs to practice the "welfare reform" that it preaches to citizens to experience the brunt of, instead of imposing its double-standard life-style on the people. In terms of welfare assistance that the citizenry gives to the government by way of taxes, the government would not like to be abruptly cut off from its revenue and forced to become self-sufficient instead of relying on survival mechanisms involving multi-various activities with others it could make deals with... including nefarious ones. If the government were forced to eke out a living by hunting for aluminum cans, scraping metal, getting food from garbage cans, handouts and donated items... as well as relying on relatives or the occasional passer-by or religious charity; then maybe it would see the error of its ways. (Though under the current mentality of government it is doubtful.)

It is rather absurd that on one news account we read that State government's are going to deny welfare assistance to many because the money from the federal government is running out; and yet on another news account we read that the government purchased three new submarines for a 22+ billion dollar cost for these naval toys. Something is extremely rotten in government and business for such an hypocrisy to occur.

With respect to the ancient act of religious leaders providing alms as a form of welfare assistance, the continued presence of welfare offices in this day and age admits to the failure of government in its welfare practices, because its inclination is to provide a temporary form of assistance based on the self-perpetuating religious model. Like other charities whose existence depends on a state of charity, there is an inclination to perpetuate conditions which make a "charity life-style" a necessity. Likewise, if conditions presented themselves which permitted the people to do without a government, those who like the "government life-style" would do whatever was necessary to perpetuate conditions which made their existence a viable asset. This is why military organizations, aligned with other government agencies, businesses and religions, need to promote or even create circumstances which make their way of life an acceptable standard of perceived normalcy, such as social problems... by defining one or another as a part of life, as being natural, or a product of human nature.

None of the films deal with deep philosophical considerations that need to be addressed, and then followed up with proposed solutions... if not in the initial film, than one or more subsequent productions. And none of the films offered a blue-print of a functional government, leaving the audience to assume that the present formula is alright... except for a few changes in social conditions. However, the Venus Project did offer the idea of having a government run by an Artificial Intelligence, even if no such A.I. unit has been successfully constructed to run a society of humans, much less who would be doing the programming of such a unit. Heaven forbid if it were a religious, music, sports, military, art, television, radio or some other fanatic.

Whereas it is considered in the Venus Project film that a better society would emerge from a planned (architectured) society laid out in some futuristic theme based on an Earth-centered (geo-centric) absorption, it does not look beyond its Earth-centeredness to note the problem of adapting such a view in the face of a decaying rotation rate, the expansion and burnout of the Sun, the departure of the moon from its orbit, nor the expanding Universe... all of which are incremental effects imposing themselves on life forms that are thus force physically and mentally (ideologically) to adapt and adopt methods for assisting in efforts to maintain an equilibrium of survivability. In other words, the Venus Project... for all its futuristically promising architecture; is a very naive and simplistic philosophy. But so are the Zeitgeist and Runaway Slave movies which don't even attempt to discuss changes to the infrastructure as a means to address social problems as symptoms of the environment we are subjected to. They also are too self-absorbed with promoting singular ideas for constructive sociological efforts.

There are already too many reviews of the films which describe discrepancies, for us to give undue credit beyond the praise given for the sincere attempts to do what most producers, directors, supporting staff and cast have failed to do... even in the form of some aside remark by a character in a story line far removed from any serious venture into the realm of a "social reform" picture. Typically, as note before, most "reality" social portraits only deal with describing the bad or wrong of a situation and not on how to correct it. Such people are neither that distant sighted nor deep thinking. They don't even attempt to ask those who are without being offended by suggestions of directing the course of production along a different path than what is written in a script or superficially thought of by those attempting to express some believed in artistic feeling, thought or vision. And herein lays the problem with the present movies under discussion: It is doubtful that they will try to improve upon the presentation by grasping that which did not avail itself for consideration the first (or second) time around... although we viewers could be surprised.

For example, the "Runaway Slave" second edition could be entitled "The Runaway Slave has stopped running and turned about". The next installment of a "Zeitgeist addendum" and "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" could be entitled "Zeitgeist: The Next Step (or Next Generation)", while the "Venus Project" could be called "Venus Project Travelog" or "Venus Project Supplementary". But such representations must involve a more depth analysis of sociological circumstances along with a blue-print for a transitional application thereof. And please, don't spend an inordinate amount of time on accrediting a person's credentials in an attempt to add some believed-in weight of authenticity or importance to a given subject matter in a testimonial. For all we know, such advocacy could be bought and paid for.

It can not be overstated that we need better sociologically-centered films than the Zeitgeist duo, Venus Project and Runaway Slave productions. They need to be collectively updated into a comprehensive orientation which involves the critiques of such films being voiced on several different web-pages. The movies are much too simplistic and do not deal with the Revolution forming in the minds of us who want purposive change and do not readily align the words Revolution and Anarchism, since Revolutions take place in many subject areas without a shot being fired or building set on fire. It is not the Revolution being portrayed in silly games or television series with a story-line of re-creating the same nonsense as there has always been. It goes without saying that Destruction and violence are made a reality by the stubborness of a status quo that adamantly refuses to change and will intentionally be dismissive of... or obstructive to pertinent sociological efforts for improvement which are desperately required... but are felt to be a threat to those whose conservatism is of the social illness creating, "back pocket"-retentive type. Those of us interested in participating in the creation of such a film, wonder who in the world of film producers will see their way through to initiating and completing such a production(s) without imposing a technique of script editing that "redacts" in the same face-saving effort as the government? And no, we will not supply you with information until you are committed to putting your money where your mouth is.

While we know that such a movie is but a small effort needed to transform the process of governing that is abhorently despicable when the size of the problems are taken into account; such a change can not come without motivation... and the people are left without a means to make their voice heard, and have what is said become taken to heart to lead the transformation; in as much as the need for the V.A. medical system needs to be transformed way beyond its present structure... since everybody should be recieving such assumed great medical care, on the same terms simply because medical care is a basic need and Democracy should be a compassionate vehicle for deliverance, without equal. Likewise for a National Insurance system, a guaranteed income or guarantteed living expense, or some such measure for EVERYONE... instead of using basic needs as a trap for setting people up for in repeated forms of injury, insult and very often disabling behaviors in their attempts to eke out a living. With so much to do, such a movie as we "Revolutionists" want to do, is a good start.

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