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Screw the Geneva Convention

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The Geneva Convention was a series of international diplomatic meetings that produced a number of agreements, in particular the Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts, a group of international laws for the humane treatment of wounded or captured military personnel, medical personnel and non-military civilians during war or armed conflicts. The agreements originated in 1864 and were significantly updated in 1949 after World War II.

It is unfortunate for humanity that the story of the Geneva Convention was due to the act of Henry Dunant who was initially seeking rights for a business venture, thus identifying yet another act of commercialism to bring about some war related activity, (or let us say Capitalism), and not the rights of humanity. Although his personal intent did change for the benefit of all in his proposals for behavior during wartime, there was no Geneva Convention on ending all military conflicts. Instead, the Geneva Convention just made a tribute to warfare by including rules of what has turned out to be an International pastime&mdash a game, which is having an active military... and active militaries need something to do in order to "keep their edge" (fighting readiness), even if it means aligning itself with the devil to make a deal. The devil having many disciples found in political security departments, businesses, and religions, all of whom have a stake for keeping humanity in a state of hyper-vigilance.

Yep, now that Trump, Representing the US Government, has taken the law into his own hands and pardoned a convicted war criminal named:

"Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher, a member of the elite Navy SEALs, who was accused of murdering an unarmed Iraqi teenager in 2017. Gallagher was ultimately convicted of a lesser charge involving posing with the dead body, but Trump reversed the officer’s demotion earlier this month".

President Trump defends ouster of Navy secretary

Gallagher Trio

Most likely he will be able to retire with a full pension. If you have political connections you get to have a different type of justice system working for you in that you are permitted to have no statutory of limitations imposed on anything you do because taking retirement or simply resigning your position absolves you of all wrong doing. Welcome to the double-standard, hypocritical America!

The crimes committed by Gallagher is considered by some to be an atrocity. But as noted in the above image, he is supported by a like-minded wife and friends, and no doubt by relatives and colleagues who share the same type of criminal mind as he harbors... albeit claimed as behavior induced by an act of war). Let us not be too surprised when the rest of the world's Militaries now say SCREW THE GENEVA CONVENTION! concerning acts of atrocity committed during a war-defined activity. And since journalists are so eager to use the word "war" so often such as in the case of a Trade War, War against Drugs, War against Poverty, War against Homeless, War against the multiplicity of Civilian inequities, War against Disease, etc., including alternatives related to war such as conflict, revolution, insurrection, battle, theater, campaign, etc., any and all actions against Americans at any time and place, can be legitimized as an act of war.

No doubt Trump would also have pardoned Hitler, Mussolini, and every single Nazi for any and all crimes against humanity, because their visibility provides him with an ability to stand in the center of attention like so many Narcissists desire. Trump likes to surround himself with the environmental presence of criminality where he feels best at home, because its stink is like someone who likes to spend time on the toilet reading what is written on the walls, some of which is not being contributed by Trump. Trump likes to take deep breaths of the smell of criminality, because it reminds him of his brand of analism.

But why stop he with letting Eddie Gallagher go Scott free and also rewarded by being able to remain in the Military? We might as well use his idiocy as the adopted military and civilian rationale and let everyone in Leavenworth prison out, because so many of them have committed lesser crimes than Gallagher. In fact, we ought to give them all medals and be able to return to military service, including giving them all back pay and restoring their rank, if they so desire. No less, let us set free all those in civilian prisons as well. Most of them did not commit atrocities against other humans as Gallagher did, yet are being subjected to a double-standard that the US and other governments claim they do not practice. Let us not be so hypocritical in our judgment. In fact, we might as well not have a military and civilian judicial system since we now have a government which permits an idiot in a political position to pardon any and all by way of a neurotic whim... so long as it provides them with notability. And journalists are happy to supply him with all the news copy he wants... thereby feeding his narcissistic inclinations of neurotic self-worth.

The American people are screwed. They can not be respected anywhere in the world for letting such an ignorant fool be the main representative of the Nation. And because there are enough fools in the US to cast a vote for the Idiot who may well win the next Presidential election, all those millions against him are subject to the same fate of being 'atrocitly' attached without regard to any conduct by those naming themselves as a combatant against the US.

Talk about setting a precedent that will have lasting undesirable effects against Americans and those that support America; we must all now be aware that the Action of Trump in freeing a convicted war criminal means the gloves of war are taken off... just as they are not worn in bare fist fighting where no holds are barred from being used; those who identify themselves as being anti-American need not show any mercy, any regard for decency, nor any regard for man, woman or child, regardless of age, gender, religion, occupation, or other personal attributes. Americans are screwed.

This is the new reality of America. In an Age of Irrationality we are expected to worship an idiot consecrated into a political position by way of a phony practice of Democracy by an out-dated Constitution and irrelevant Congress that sits on its hands and uses the idiot to excuse themselves from doing anything of positive importance because an electoral college majority uses the court jester as a projected image of their own non-sensical world view.

Let us join in the motto, nay the chorus, nay the mantra, nay the International Anthem of all other countries militaries in saying SCREW THE GENEVA CONVENTION! Since we are at war with the US government in one respect or another, be it about commerce, the environment, nuclear weapons, equality, civilian rights, animal rights, or whatever... all actions of atrocity are now considered to be lawful. There is no need for decency, nor fairness, nor respect, nor any morality. The US is our enemy in one respect or another and we must abuse it just at it is enabled to abuse any and all under the guise of a war label. All of America and its allies must now suffer the consequences of an idiot put into position by an inept government. Needless to say we need a New Government, a Cenocracy!

Date of Origination: Tuesday, 26th November 2019... 2:15 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Tuesday, 26th November 2019... 4:33 AM
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