Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
So You Think We Have a Democracy eh?


Welcome to those who have come to be conscious of the fact that they are part of a Mule Team Democracy in America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and so many others who have not yet found their way in joining those who are beginning to think that trying to reason with a mule-headed government is a waste of time and the need for a stampede, in the form of a Revolution, appears to be the only means by which overall conditions will improve. Let's take a closer look at Mule Team America that others in their respective countries, under their own circumstances, can well identify with:

Mule Team Democracy (197K)

Americans should be both embarrassed and ashamed that they permit such a disgusting display of idiocy to run rampant in the political and electoral system as described by the ridiculous 2016 Presidential election circus on display for the world to sit back and shake its head in disbelief at such stupidity. When the people are left with having to choose between two dumb blondes that, in either case, the world will be forced to do business with, they rightly discern why there is now a social preoccupation with either mischievous or criminal clowns... whose antics will cause the business community the world over to adopt the rationale of a circus environment beneath a tent of carnivalism and Journalists will obligingly act as frenzied spittle- spewing barkers as a required trench warfare experience as a necessary campaign badge for their career in this day and age.

However, calls for campaign finance reform will not appreciably change the political landscape. Nor will getting rid of the Electoral College. The same line-up of idiotic candidates will arise because of the underlying business related machinations that take place, and collude with varying government officials to exert control for self-centered ulterior motives, and let the public be damned if it doesn't like it. Wall Street could care less who gets elected so long as people can make a buck. The military doesn't care so long as it can carry out its interests... all of which are those defined by a majority. Whereas the government in league with the military says it must engage in military efforts to secure the right of one or another people to have a democracy, yet America doesn't have a democracy itself! The rationale being used is an hypocrisy sold to the public as an illusion promoted by delusionary content attached to varying types of fear mongering tactics.

But please, don't subject those of us at Cenocracy.org or the many other internet sites giving details of a growing consciousness of the many prevailing social governing hypocrisies— to varying forms of derision and ostracism from the human race... as variations of shooting the messenger. We are not the bad guys and gals in an ongoing discussion where the word "Revolution" has now become so commonplace it is expected to be heard... along with considerations of how such an event can be carried out. The reality of heading towards a Revolution is becoming so wide spread it will no doubt occur because of a self-fulfilling prophesy, with those in authoritative positions already thinking in terms of how they might present themselves as a necessary and needed viability when present government structures come under attack and fall to the hands of those wanting to create a more equitable society.

As those who are interested in social reform, our efforts are limited by a governing system that does everything it can to minimize and otherwise disenfranchise the collective voice of the public from being to decide its own fate, good or bad, right or wrong. Not only are we attacked by those who want to keep things in the miserable, anti-democratic state that they are, but they want to denounce the many efforts of different internet sites from expressing opinions that sincerely want to promote social change for good, even though the topic of making changes creates disconcerting apprehensions amongst those who fear alterations from daily routines and the rountinization of such thought processing. We discuss revolution because many of us see no other way of instituting changes that the current system of government denies to the people who are sick and tired of the disgusting nonsense we are being subjected to.

The skeleton of democracy (30K)

Whereas some Americans like to think of themselves as being strong and great (hence the two adolescent slogans used by Trump and Clinton); upon closer scrutiny the fact of the matter is that... metaphorically speaking, America's so-called magnificently strong and great Democracy is a frail and destitute figure of an emasculated shell of humanity which is protected by a military that practices a Socialist organizational formula of Communism that enlisted personnel are led to interpret and describe as a democracy... yet no "uniform" voting-for-leaders election system exists. Democracies don't exist in military organizations because those in leadership positions might well find themselves booted out if an honest election were to take place. Militaries are run as despicable collective dictatorships that the public is forced to accept and regard with patriotic deference to, or else be viewed suspiciously as being undemocratic! Democracies throughout the world are so weak they need to be protected by the demented rationality of gun-wielding Dictatorships! What an enormously egregious hypocrisy humanity must put up with! It's no wonder human progress occurs at the pace of a snail having to dodge the traffic of an enforced boot-stomping public.

Yet, there are no campaign nor electoral practices by which the common recruit might be able to select the leaders of their choice by way of a democratically designed system of governance that frequently directs them to their death... and they are not permitted to exercise even the notion of democratic equality or else be faced with a court martial that might define them as a traitor or deserter, and receive the life-long stigma of having a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharge... simply because they wanted to exercise the right of having a choice... but is an entitlement solely given to the elite who can selectively partial out who gets what duty station, promotion, etc... Democracy, like Communism and Socialism, are being practiced as but shadows of themselves— as silhouettes, while self-serving forms of pre-industrialization types of laissez-faire Capitalism are allowed to prosper as symbiotic organisms that will greedily sacrifice the host society if necessary to make a larger profit... in order to take up residence elsewhere under some other egotistically represented form of Communism, Democracy or Socialism.

A Socilist-Communistic military organization (60K)

Yet, though the above practices are denoted as benefits, such a description is a ruse since in order for basic necessities (that everyone should have) can be considered as benefits, social circumstances in the civilian population must be INTENTIONALLY promoted by the business, government and religious communities in order that they may better manipulate the public towards accepting their respective world-views that enable them to carry out individualize social programs of personal profitability, however it may be defined in context with the interests of a given agenda. Like so many other countries, the U.S. practices a social system in which various forms of mistrust exude from the practices of various institutions that have learned to make a profit during periods of recession and other conditions of indebtedness by altering the system of debt into a socialism and Communism whereby a system of falsely practiced democracy enables debtors to get bailed out in one fashion or another, yet the ensuing gains (profits) are enforced to be strictly privatized so that a few are enriched even when they practice bad or even criminal activities... all at the expense of the public that has no say so in the matter because their collective voice is minimized by a limited practice of democracy.

And even though we are pointing out flaws with the intent of searching for the elements by which a better formula of governance may be applied, there still are far too many who defend the atrocious hypocrisies by using an applied reverse psychology in that they will freely admit that the system is not perfect, and thus expect all of us to accept the admission as the defining entitlement of having to accept it anyway... and thus let them retain the system of hypocrisy which they have learned to navigate for varying personal rewards... at the expense of the majority. By admitting one or more faults and claiming the position of being imperfect, this is to somehow enable a continuance of the familiar and find that anyone seeking something better is to be viewed as being unpatriotic... or even inhuman, because they strive to think in terms of pursuing improvements that those who are comfortable with a flawed system in which they have carved out a wealth or power providing niche', will be identified as someone who does not measure up to a desired standard that will call for them to vacate their social station and system of personalized reward that prevents others for sharing equally in.

Always when a lack of trust is pointed out, those involved go out of their way to give an exemplary measure of trustworthiness, but thereafter quickly resign themselves to engaging in measures which exploit a given legislative process— laws and cultural practices to hide behind, or distract the public from being able to collectively focus on its untrustworthy practices which typically involve multiple players who want to ensure they too are not discovered; whereby they come forward to assist in further efforts of concealment and attempted credibility support... characteristically aligned with one or more media sources whose own untrustworthy behavior is being revealed as well. In some instances, they try to distract by efforts meant to minimize their duplicity by contriving or exaggerating another's purported wrongfulness... which is a very ancient sacrificial lamb tactic... though the lamb be an adversary, colleague, friend, family member, neighbor, acquaintance, or object of ownership aligned with someone's ego. This is the practice of government having arisen on a planet faced with an incremental decay, from which a culture arises to exploit the many for the interests of a few... whose interests do not necessarily involve an interest in the Many except as a tool of adjustable manipulation.

The people can not rely on business, government nor religious leaderships because all of them have ulterior motives often aligned in a self-serving direction that is counter to the well-being of the larger public... even though a greater number of them might well reject such a statement... and is a comment that needs to be viewed as a statement describing a system of social practices which have lost a component of reflective objectivity and not meant as a derision to beat them over the head with... though honest descriptions can be interpreted in a negative way due to a display of blatant bluntness. It is a sword of truth which kept many of Shakespeare's contemporaries at bay to the point of engaging in tactics of deliberate avoidance, though we of the present find the stark revelations a commonality of our own contemplated observances.

For example, let us take the topic of charity. Many a business enterprise views charity as a means by which a company can give the impression of having some social interest (compassion, deference, etc.) and not be seen as exhibiting an Ebenezer Scrooge profile. In fact, many companies (including government-aligned activities) used workplace forms of manipulation, intimidation and social coercions to obligate employees to either give a set proportion of their income to a given charity (such as the over-valued United Way or Red Cross), or fulfill a time period of required volunteerism, or be subjected to lower raises, few instances of promotion, etc... The Government also views charity as a means to further its standing amongst the perception of the public by ensuring that charities are provided with a subsistence by way of receiving a non-taxed operational incentive. With respect to Religion, charity is viewed as a means by which religious members can fulfill the requirement for entering heaven by way of performing a good day. In short, engaging in acts of charity is very big business. None of these institutions strive to end conditions which promote the need for charity or else the commercial enterprising nature of charity will produce the loss of a multi-billion dollar industry. In other words, we have an institutionalized practice of hypocrisy.

Whereas the people must hold the charitable practices of business, government and religion in suspect, the same so-called righteous social acts of larger operations involving a multi-country effort needs a different type of accountability assessment in order to evaluate the effectiveness in terms of whether the practiced philosophical premise is just as pathetic as is current charitable functions. For example, the people can not rely on the United Nations or independent organizations such as the Nobel Committee to make the best choices necessary to propel humanity along a better future. For all the intended good extended to a given population experiencing one or another type of deprivation such as involving food, shelter, education, medicine, or other relief; far too many interventions can realistically be recognized as bandaid efforts. While the focus is verbalized as a global intent, the fact remains that most expressions of assistance are isolated regionalities that often assist those interpreted to be experiencing some extreme circumstance... many of which do not become self-sustaining and continually require a protracted external infusion of financial aid or other need... and decisions to continue assistance are sometimes made from perceptions out of touch with an appreciation of furthering a global goal for humanity.

All such organizations that have adopted a globally intended perspicacity, frequently create too many obstacles to long-term, sustained success because they lack a concerted vision beyond conventionalized thinking reflexes which seek to basically improve on standardized practices in health, education, welfare and so on. For example, a people and their culture are assisted out of poverty when then are included (enfranchised) in the larger global franchise of human commerce, only to find that in order to maintain the achieved position they must either continue to exhibit need or else organize themselves into a unit of competition that can either steal, cheat, bribe, intimidate, coerce, connive, or otherwise beat out those that are engaged in a similar enterprise of self-survival.

As a government entity, which becomes its own type of institutionalized culture, they might well use tariffs, taxes, threats of imprisonment tied to laws, etc., as a means of securing a greater economic footing. Other means involve the practice of State ownership, State ownership formulas of personal property exercised through long-term leasing programs (such as having to continually pay taxes on one's home, vehicle, etc... that can be called "citizenship taxes")... and also by limiting the practice of democracy (but claiming a full practice thereof), upsetting measures of the public collective Will by instigating social unrest or economic turmoil, instigating a military conflict, allowing security agencies to operate outside the law, practicing legal double-standards, etc... Like a horse pulling a wagon along a frequented course, various world leaderships carry out their own robber-baron tactics under the guise of a superficialized humanity embellished by the most meager practices of equality, liberty, Communism, Democracy, Socialism, charity, etc., in order to give the impression of a magnanimity none of them have ever experienced and therefore are not enabled to provide because there have been no true role models besides those activities and efforts which permit them to advantage a personalized self-obsession, self-interest and self-regard outside the box of appreciations within the constraints of an environment whose incremental decay is all too often overlooked in the long-term analysis of a comprehensive equation which would better define what is needed and what practices are not a gesture of futility.

Every four years... or be it in a sequence of eight; as Americans seek some symbolic means of establishing a much desired longevity of social stability, the Presidential election subjects the people to a nationally practiced historical regression to various times and places of antiquity in which illiteracy and superstition set the stage for the people believing in signs, or those claiming some interpretive ability to read such indicators because they are self-accredited prognosticators or great truth. It is a recurring moment in the lives of Americans that has become a gangrenous event oozing out into the world through the internet like a disease that disregards all forms of border control... though some countries try to keep its peoples from the infection through various forms of quarantine... except American madness is a difficult threat to inoculate oneself from... when its carriers come in every Journalistic make and model who use various air-borne methods of delivery. Try as one might, though isolated communities persist in their ability to withstand the infection of such insanity, other peoples become embroiled in the narcotic stupor because it provides the entertainment value of scrimmages seen in sports contests.

As the population ages and lives longer, the memory of former political foolishness and stupidity is brought to bear upon assessments of political and electoral activities that have not been improved upon. Whereas it is easy for government idiocy to conceal its recurrence when the affected population lives a short life, enduring lives and memories come into play and deduce that the mind-numbing repetition of stupidity needs to fall by the wayside, either by its own merits of applied legislation, or the people themselves must instigate needed change by whatever method the public brings to bear on the matter... such as with the use of a Revolution. Whereas many speak of a Revolution, few realize that Revolutions are not typically engaged in by a concerted public effort. It is but a few who participate and the remaining populace merely agrees by going along with the alteration of governance in hopes of gaining something better. Yet, the must be prepared that the presence of a Revolution is in the making. They must become aware of it as a means by which an improvement on their behalf is the intent, and that they will truly benefit by having a Solidified Collective Voice with which to give direction to the usage of resources as a universal public entitlement by way of having the practice of democracy greatly enhanced. However, such efforts of introduction can not rely on the acts of Journalists who time and again have shown themselves to be untrustworthy messengers of truth. Far too often they mangle truth into some distorted contrivance for a personal motive.

It is a boisterous and vituperative mud slinging mêlée where Journalists and other contributors selectively don the verbal garments of a given political encampment and begin campaigning for one candidate or another by indulging in cat-walk displays of various self-interests (for control of public perception by way of manipulation); which was a tactic previously used by seers, sooth sayers, and their accompanying groupies which indulge in the usage of periodic polls that are modern versions of using crystal balls, entrails, tea leaves and the like, which they alone can accurately interpret to divine THE truth— and their representative media organizations are akin to the tablets of Moses written in the form of a tri-lingual Rosetta Stone, Behistun Rock formation, or Galle inscription. And because they are endowed every four (or eight) years with a god-given power of discernment to indicate which poll results are valid and which are not... and that others with their own selectively chosen crystal balls (purchased at the same store) are false prophets; they likewise are in a unique (and in their eyes, enviable) position to claim that the same poll result which was previously used bolster their opinion, is later described as being untrustworthy (to which they may offer the excuse that [the same] sampling ratios are too small to give an "honest" reading)... so that the same polls results are not used to produce a negative effect of their wish-fulfillment attempts (because the variously concocted polling brews have a short expiration date, after which the fabricated stem is rendered into a tasteless and poisonous batch of journalistic rhetorical nonsense). Such is the hypocrisy of the American political and electoral system.

For all the Billions of dollars which have exchanged hands during the political/electoral processing of Presidential candidates, some observers may well claim that the people have not gotten their money's worth.. And yet, others might readily admit that the American public gets exactly what it pays for... a gaudily embellished— deeply shallow leadership superficiality instead of a personified trail blazer that is desperately needed but is not forthcoming... because the present formula of governance prevents it and instead promotes ready-made egotistical-shaped humanized variants of a system obsessed with itself; as a mirror image reflection of the type of limited (falsified) democracy that is being practiced... and is an historical extension of that which the Nation's forefathers introduced as a self-serving instrument to further commercial interests that the people have been conned into believing the illusion that it is a vehicle by which the collective needs and interests of the public can be achieved, and elected leaders (along with those they choose to fill given positions) are chauffeurs who will serve the people with loyalty, dignity and selflessness... instead of creating a bureaucracy of self-affirmation, arrogance, and precedent setting personal entitlements.

For this moment in history displays American ingenuity with a thumb in its mouth and its head stuck deep in its own back pocket. Only an American-styled falsification of Democracy could have produced such a soap-opera fashioned hypocrisy for all the world to watch... and be asked to eventually pay for having a front row seat to watch animated caricatures of verbal burlesque. Come one, come all to the land of a false democracy and the home of a rigged political system auctioned to the highest bidder by a cadre of Journalists whose reporting impartiality is a dichotomy of one-sidedness. The stars on its flag are seen through the window of a dark cell through which the twilight of forlorn hope is being experienced by a populace subjected to an indentured servitude behind bars of a civility which tethers the majority into the state of a minority. It is a confinement endured by the old, the young, and those foolish enough to believe they are endowed with the best form of government humanity can think of; and yet unable to distinguish that its so-called collective voice echoes off the walls of a labyrinthine pit which forges the tool of Capitalism into a whip to beat the public into accepting the illusion that the government is dedicated to them in all their strivings; and yet negligently overlook that it exists as a purposeful means by which the rich and varying public leaderships are provided with the entitlement of exception in justice, freedom, liberty and equality... so long as they contribute to the coffers of the government by way of a fine, fixed bribe, or shared fortuity.

Since the American Government is first and foremost aligned with a Corporate business mentality... and the President is viewed as a Corporate business lackey, it is more frequently and succinctly described by way a short (underlined) adage that can be lengthened in order to be more definitively descriptive: "The business of government is business, and the people have no business being fully enfranchised in it, because they merely play out the role of an indentured servant (who must pay out more than they receive), or are a migrant-immigrant worker provided with the illusion of liberty, freedom and equality... so that a few might enjoy greater self-endowed entitlements". The by-laws of the enculturated government-as-a-business venture philosophy incorporate the valuation of politics to be the standard by which the stock market can be manipulated and the public is used as an audience to cheer or cheer the addition or subtraction of a given legislative proposal (or proposed judicial review) as a concession that may be bought and sold to whet the thirst and surfeit the appetites of a public whose social needs are not being nutritionally met. In short, politics is a commercialized tool of the present design of Capitalism which has been set into the motion by using a media operated system of conveyor belts.

The business of the present formula of government is not in seeing to the needs of the Many, but to give the impression of using tax dollars equitably, by contriving social programs that require the public to engage in various types of gauntlet-like eligibility scenarios and labyrinthine menageries which permit the establishment of bureaucracies to be run by various social-thinkers who would otherwise be part of a Revolutionary force that could improve the formula of government that actually is Of, By and For ALL the people. The business of the present government is not in seeing to the needs of the people (most of whom live out the myopic periphery of the three branches of government)... otherwise the people themselves would be in charge of their government. There is a lack of ownership that must be addressed and can only be addressed by a Revolution, because there are no set-in-place mechanisms by which the Collective Will of the people are permitted to exercise its Will and force the leaderships of business, government and religion to cede the lust for control in order to fulfill their respective motivations which all too frequently exert a negative effect on the people who have suffered and sacrificed all too much, too long, and too often.

It is a government which embodies an embrace of limited equality, limited Justice and limited democracy. It is a government whose adherents to its many hypocrisies try to convince the people to let a few, by way of a small government (dictated by their self-serving tools of measurement); continue to enforce the limitations under various illusions. Yet the problems of society are not caused by too large a government, but by too small of one. For a government that advocates an Actual Democracy is a HUGE government. A government which describes itself as an honest democracy that is represented by the tenet of being Of, By and For All the people is the illustration of a government related to the size of its population. In any respect, such a situation portrays a BIG Government. Those who call for a small government have been tricked into accepting the belief that social conditions can improve if they practice a different formula of limited democracy, limited equality, and limited justice... if a given (limited) set of individuals are permitted to exercise their own methods of self-entitlement.

For this is the land of opportunity... by way of bribery, duping, doping, intimidation... or using laws and a public education system to perpetrate illusions and other distortions of reality... like the so-called fair, honest and decent election of a President who is known the world over for being little more than a glorified office manager supported by a Legislature and Justice system that is as equally unbalanced in character and disposition as the public is forced to exhibit and be content with government-sponsored conspiracy theories and journalistic interpretations meant to bolster their careers instead of seeking and establishing truth... within a system of truth that is as blind as the sword wielding justice system which swings it quixotically about with an unbalanced wisdom which permits, for example, treason against the American public to be committed along with murder against the Iraqi peoples because of some internally executed attack committed by the government against the public.

While examples are aplenty let us pursue this one for the moment since it has been denoted by many writers and readers from varying sociological perspectives: There existed a desired act of retribution and retaliation by Bush Jr. against Saddam for a purported assassination attempt on Bush Sr... by way of guile and deceit performed under the cloak of a war fantasy about weapons of mass destruction which enabled Cheney and Haliburton executives to commit further atrocities just so they could make a buck and he pay them back for their campaign contributions. So long as they could stay out of harms way, since the various insulations of government provide for such an accommodation; they had no qualms about committing human lives to carry out theater maneuvers which provided protection and personalized trail clearings for them to reap personal rewards... bought and paid for by the Public's tax dollars... but the public has little say so in how their collection of money should best be spent.

Bush Jr., Cheney, the Haliburton executives and their many confederates in and out of the military are all guilty of committing war crimes against the American public and the Iraqi peoples... a situation which helped to create the ISIS insurgency and from which other groups are sure to follow— with and without idiotic religious defined precedents. Slowly but surely they will make their way to the shores of America and reap the revenge so many millions of people rightly deserve because the American people permit the government to engage in various atrocities throughout the world... just so a few can create conditions to increase their personal coffers. All of the perpetrators should be tried in a World Court and found guilty... after which given to the peoples of the desert and mercilessly tortured in order to exact payment for all the hell so many people are still having to endure because of them. America is not the land of a full Democracy, but an extremely limited one falsely labeled to give the impression of some exemplary quality which does not exist.

This is the reality of the filth the American people are systematically subjected to by a formula of American justice which enables the elite to get away with theft, treason and murder... and the current President, Attorney General, and FBI director are permitted to lie through their teeth in attempt to perpetuate a pathetic form of (pseudo-democratic) government in order to deny the public having a better one. So-called American Democracy, like so many other falsely practiced democracies throughout the world, are variations of limited democracy... just enough to perpetrate the lie of having a Democracy by way of a publicly taught illusion so that a few can take advantage of the Many. It is a nation in which both politicians and the media want to perpetuate the nonsense of party politics because it favors their personal motivations and not because it provides the people with a greater practice of democratic equality. They are like so many others presently in government whose vision is limited to the grasp of individualized personal greed.

Time and again, America looks into its vanity mirror of self-indulgent Capitalism and exclaims itself to be the fairest in the land... like so many other countries that misuse the tool of Capitalism to foster an insatiable greed no matter what gets destroyed or who gets hurt, so long as phrases as "collateral damage", "all's fair in love, war and business", or "it's nothing personal, it's just business"... can be used as excuses to perpetrate untold evils decade after decade; all under the guise of a system of government that is a haphazard shoddiness and explicated dysfunctionality exhibiting enculturated neurotics guided by an underlying psycho-pathology.

This is America the disgusting, by way of a phony (i.e. limited) democracy... that which strives to conceal from the world its true (scarred) face and bipolar demeanor (that uses an egregious formula of Capitalism as its medication) in order to carry out its many misdeeds in secrecy (and denial) from the many publics throughout the Earth; though its double-standard and back-stabbing profile is well known to many governments that likewise project their own type and level of insanity onto their counter-parts. Yet the peoples of the world are unaware that the American public, when viewed as a whole, is a confined political refugee, subjugated to an enculturated internment camp, that must either pledge allegiance to the Government's insanity, or ally with the like-minded insanity cropping up in Brazil, UK, Italy, India, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, China, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Venezuela, Portugal, Slovenia, and so many other places... each in their own respective cultural ways where the malleability of Capitalism typically becomes used as a multi-faceted rusted Swiss-knife, to be used against respective publics so that the ulterior motivations of a few can exert control of the Many and expect the public to rejoice, respect, and revere those in charge... as a politically-styled Three R's education requirement for citizenship... colloquially referred to as "love it or leave it", "patriotism", "honor", "duty", "sacrifice", etc., that they themselves publicly embrace but privately shake their heads in disbelief at how easily people can be duped into believing such superficiality.

Americans are being forced to choose between one who is bad and the other who is worse, and yet both are terrible representations of the greater American ideal that an underlying public consciousness strives for. The people are force to choose in dealing with a devil whose nefarious tactics are well-known, and a devil has not yet had an opportunity to practice their own style of ego-centricism. Such a situation is a disgusting testament that the people do not have a government which represents them. For it is a government persisting on its ability to divide the public and rig the system so that the decision of a few gives the impression of being the collective voice of the Many... or else those enabled to control the rigging don't have to have an actual majority on their side... just the illusion thereof... of which Journalists are all too comfortable with promoting the collective lie of their clan as if it were some objective tool. Yet, they don't care what the public thinks. Nor does the government... or the people would have an actual democracy and not the phony one now in existence. The people would not have to be subjected to a stupid electoral college that is used to undermine the collective will of the people, and they would have the right to request a better lineup of political candidates... as well as the right to write their own Constitution and Bill of Rights and ratified by a Collective Referendum and not some means that undermined the Collective Will.

Such undermining comes in many formulas such as describing the need for balancing a Nation's budget (instead of persisting in an unbalanced one) misses the point of the overall discussion which needs to ensue since neither situations represent a condition in which the needs of the public are being comprehensively met. Worrying about the balance of a budget is a stupid goal when the people are not being served... according to the standards defined by the public and not the ridiculous culture of government that is out of touch with far too many in the public. In other words, balancing a budget may allow certain politicians to stick some feather in their cap for an imagined grand accomplishment; but it is of little value to respect oneself for, if the people's basic needs are not being adequately addressed, with the term "adequate" defined by the people themselves and not some idiotic politician that is permitted to vote themselves in a raise, cost of living allowance and other benefits that many in the public do not share in but are being forced to pay for. There should be no homelessness, hunger, or health vacuum that currently runs rampant throughout many societies in the world... while all politicians are insulated from such harsh realities.. The US version of a National Health Care system (instead of, for example, significantly updating medicare and medicade) is a fool's errand and Obama was the errand boy. The U.S. Political and voting system is in dire need for a rebuild, and it must be done under the direction of the People themselves without the meddling of so many self-oriented politicians. Politicians and their guarded culture have shown themselves to be inept.

It is a culture in which lying to the public is not only accepted, but an expected practice necessary for inter-government "negotiations" amongst peer politicians on behalf of a public that wants to rid itself of an over-rated political system... that the people are desperate to improve upon. It is a culture that is striving to keep itself intact and who strive to impress upon the public that it has a desirable relevance, when in fact the efforts to do so often lead politicians and their hired guns to perpetrate crimes against the public, like early volunteer fire-fighters who started fires in order to persuade the public that a full-time, public-paid-for fire department was needed and necessary. It is a culture that wants to maintain sole ownership of being able to decide what they think is best for the people... who are not to be permitted to exercise a collective Will of opinion at any cost, no matter who or what gets destroyed or killed. Whereas the public is permitted to participate in the practice of an illusion concerning democracy, free choice, freedom, liberty, equality and the like... it is not permitted to Actually Practice such qualities of self-governance which are to be preserved as entitlements for a select few that are to be given a separate form of justice as well.

In such a culture, in which multiple laws are generated by a select few because their predecessors have self-designed a one-sided contractual government enabling them to do so; the people are confronted by a situation in which like-minded self-enablers abide by the written rule of law and the in-youth law of rule acceptance to force the public to abide by the dictates in which they are enabled to administer... and are not inclined to examine the applied judicious of a law or rule applied in context within a narrow focus that a government employee or hired public administrator have been trained to enforce; because their livelihood is dependent on the enforcement of narrowly defined constraints typically attended with time-determinant expectations of compliance. In other words, one might define it as a form of bureaucratic terrorism that the people are so accustomed to that they perceive as being normal, just like those in the distant past who were born into government practices of slavery that were socially institutionalized into prevailing economic interests... such as is occurring with present practices of Capitalism in various countries.

No less, the people would have the right to ensure that everyone receives:

  • A necessary basic, livable income (which does not have to be in the form of cash or other conventional bartering tools)... and that is not satisfied by either:

    1. A phony "right to work" philosophy eagerly promoted by the government which businesses use to prevent the Union practice of Collective Bargaining and insure workers will not be exploited or subjected to laws intentionally written with loopholes that businesses employ to circumvent in order that they can take advantage of worker vulnerabilities and not subjected to legal constraints or admonishments...

    2. Or by increasing the minimum wage which has its own overlooked deleterious opposite effects. (Which businesses, governments, religions and the media each... separately or in collusion, attempt to exploit for self-prolificating interests.)

  • Adequate housing (With heating, cooling, running water, etc..., with "adequate" defined by the people and not a bureaucracy that is enabled to provide itself with a separate system of entitlements that the people must pay for but do not themselves have.)

  • Adequate Clothing (With respect to climate and seasonality... with "adequate" defined by the people and not a bureaucracy that is enabled to provide itself with a separate system of entitlements that the people must pay for but do not themselves have.)

  • Medical care (devoid of political nonsense... and yes, this includes dental needs, etc... with "adequate" defined by the people and not a bureaucracy that is enabled to provide itself with a separate system of entitlements that the people must pay for but do not themselves have.)

  • A bona fide Actual Democracy (without all the stupid "Republic-Representation" excuses and "Actual Democracy" defined by the people and not some bureaucracy intent on giving itself an unequal entitlement of Democracy and standard of Equality, Justice, Liberty, Freedom, etc...).

  • Be THE dominant "Checks -and- Balances" provision.

  • Individual property ownership must be distinct from the present government enforced leasing program. (For example, a person can only own a home so long as they pay taxes on it. Their presumed ownership is dependent on perpetually paying taxes, even though the taxes may eventually exceed the cost of the home. This is no different than having to pay for a property a second or more times. The same situation occurs with all property whose functionality as a product of ownership is dependent on whether or not a person pays a regular fee in one respect or another, such as by way of insurance, registration, etc...) This is not ownership, but another form of indentured servitude tied to property, whether it is bought, rented, or leased... and frequently mandated as a social necessity within a given cultural setting.

  • Be able to prevent any and all "anti-human" business practices (which seek to remove humans from internal and external processes which exceed [for example] 3% of the human workforce.

  • Be able to prevent the government from declaring war, a police action or any other labeled rationale involving the military or militant-oriented person or group for engaging a defined enemy under the guise of promoting democracy, because its does not itself practice a democracy beyond the usage of limited exercises thereof.

  • Be able to prevent any and all government employees, contracted or otherwise, from becoming a lobbyist after leaving government employment... until at the very least, ten years has elapsed. (Government employment should not be a training ground for those wanting to undermine the interests or needs of the public... as determined by the public themselves.)

  • Have a fully established "Peoples Representative" membership in Congress. (To "check -and- balance" the House and Senate in the U.S. and be a "House or "Home" of the People in a Parliamentary system containing a House of Lords and House of Commons, both of which do not directly represent the people. Only the people can factually represent themselves... either by being a fully established Legislative Member, or via Referendum... the latter being quite useful in the decision making of all social issues based on a Collective Will, if current systems of electronic tabulation were fully instituted and not incessantly delayed for adoption by those wanting to be able to manipulate voting systems to be carried out by processes which marginalize the collective view of the public in one way or another.)

  • Have all Legislation protected by a "Loophole filling" entitlement. (Whereby any and all legislation can not be undermined or protect someone from a crime committed by having realized the existence of an exception, simply because something was overlooked as a necessary inclusion. If something is necessary, or some feature is later found necessary for consideration, then the Legislation can be improved on or scrapped, according to the collective wishes of the public. Like manufactured vehicles, legislation can later be found to be a "lemon" after being put into service. No one should be enabled to take advantage of being protected from exploiting a law. Ignorance of a law is one thing, trying to take advantage of the public's weaknesses derived from deliberate Executive, Judicial and Legislative malfeasance is another.)

No less, the government wouldn't be able to use the Education system and Media to hide the fact that its brand of so-called Democracy is so weak, that it must rely on a Military system that practices a dictatorial socialist and communist form of organization. The disgusting mess the world sees in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is the proverbial tip of an iceberg with respect to the underlying mess running rampant in all the Executive, Legislative and Judicial systems in every State, and there is nothing the people can do to correct the problems except to cower in cowardice, indulge in the rigged system which exists, or respond with a Revolution! Let it be a Revolution dedicated as a standard by which all future efforts at establishing a greater ideal will be measured.

Let's take a look at some American-branded practices of different social philosophies and contrast them with their actual definitions (along with historically promoted varieties of falsification):

American Practiced Communism: An exercise in creating an equality based on entitlements within narrowly defined formulas of Democracy and Socialism.

Actual Communism: An exercise in creating a United, Universal, and Uniform equality by measured limitations of Democracy and Socialism.

(Historical practices of Communism have been dictatorial bureaucratic collectivisms as expressions of narrow-focused leaderships carrying out personal and impractical motivations within unrealistic guidelines... forcibly chained to convictions of single-mindedness.)

American Practiced Democracy: An exercise in choosing a limited selection of undesirable within a contrived time constraint guarded by a media acting as a barking dog (with a bullhorn) that tries to exert pressure on you to take a given path that they think will best serve their journalistic interests because they presume that "What is good for their careers is good (enough) for America"... and whatever they consider is better for America is best for their careers... as well as everyone else they have decided to speak for yet have never been publicly elected to do so.

Actual Democracy: An exercise in creating a system of self-governance within the Communism (commonism/communalism) of a Collective Will of Socialism.

(Historical practices of Democracy have been illusory configurations of self-rule that conceal culturally practiced deferments that a minority collectively wields in order to persuade the majority to do their bidding; while leaving the majority with the impression of having made a collectively tabulated personal decision.)

American Practiced Socialism: Haphazard, pay-as-you-go selective entitlements system for authorized groups (denoted as individuals) meeting various criteria so that the government may use it as a statistic; to give the impression of using tax dollars wisely by serving selective populations in its underlying "divide and conquer" social programming philosophy... to win adherents to its Causal (and scape-goating) practice of duplicity.

Actual Socialism: An exercise in creating a United, Universal, and Uniform equality by way of a Democracy, in order to produce a Communism that allows for an Actual Democracy.

(Historical practices of Socialism have been to impress upon the people they have a certain need(s), and then to control the how/how much, when, where, why, which and by whom the necessity is to be grown, manufactured, stored, labeled, bartered, reduced, withheld, etc... all under a selective leadership assuming it is entitled to make such decisions on behalf of everyone.)

Let us join together in our disgust of so many nations set against various publics of the world and fashion a better way of life through an established better form of Collective social Self-governance. Let us affirm to ourselves that we do not need to live like this, and that we can create a better place for ourselves and those who shall come in the future... if we prepare the way for them. Let us remove from the face of the Earth, the many formulas of detestable government to which insidiously nefarious characters gravitate towards because they will be enabled to carry out their misdeeds against one or another public, and be insulated from personal harm or lack of guarantee to live out their lives to the full, though so many people have to suffer because of them. Hence, let us not only speak of a Revolution! but make preparations to rid ourselves of so many pathetically disgusting variations of the same theme in which a few exert their personal motivations over the many, without the consent of the Many... because all present governments are practicing their own values of limited Communism, limited Democracy or limited Socialism.

Thus, let us speak of a new type and kind of Revolution!
One that history has explored but not yet fully experienced—
To right so very many wrongs being committed against the people.

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