Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective


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The People are in a State Of War with the government.

This is how this rationale plays out:

In 1783 the People of the United States won their Independence. Its contents set precedents by which all were to abide by. Amongst these are:

  1. The ability to create a government which the people think best fits their safety, security and overall needs... particularly the pursuit of happiness.

  2. The ability to practice our Inalienable Rights of Self-Determination and Self-Representation.

  3. The ability to have a government whose practices are designed by a consent of the governed and the Right and Duty of the People to throw off any government whose object is to reduce them under a Despotism whose administrations seek to deny the people their rights and duties under the Independence Declaration.

    1. It has provided itself with the sole administration of laws over the people who have little to no redress against such laws. The People are denied their right and ability to have their own Legislative Body with an incorporated Judiciary and Executive Branch as a definitive Checks and Balances against a government whose three Branches often Collaborate as a Trust, Monopoly, Cartel, Syndicate, Consortium, etc., against the best interests of the public.

    2. It has created a system of elections and voting campaigns which permit a disproportionate number of officials to have incomes far in excess of the averaged poor, and thus represents a disproportionate body of Representatives who do not reflect the larger body of Constituents.

    3. It has apportioned taxes between the rich and the poor which are grossly disproportionate in both individual and overall collectively proportioned assessments... not to mention the collection of taxes without the consent of the people.

    4. It has provided for the allowance of mock venues of public protest which have little to no effect on altering the consciousness of elected Representatives.

    5. It has created both a military and para-military law enforcement assortment of bodies with taxes-paid-for budgetary incomes enabling them to purchase armaments and ammunitions that can be... and from time-to-time is already egregiously used against a public whose public protections are being provided for by these same perpetrators; and are therefore armed bodies which have not affirmed their intention to STAND DOWN when faced with a public protest to overtake the Government— as a confirmation of STANDING UP for the declared Right of the people to create a government which suits them best. All of them must be obligated to swear an unflinching allegiance to the collective Will of the Public and not to written instruments dedicated to upholding laws frequently found to be anti-thetical to the best interests of the public.

The lack of such a confirmed declaration from all Military and para-Military law enforcement personnel... along with the aforementioned examples of anti-trust violations perpetrated by the government against the people, constitutes that a STATE OF WAR exists between the people and the government. Even though some may designate it as a COLD WAR, it can nonetheless heat up at any moment.

Although some may consider the above list to be too short, or too soft in the necessay content that they themselves have occasioned to develop additional criteria which they feel is more exacting and to the point of their contention, we nonetheless agree on the view that the:

The People are in a State Of War with the government.

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