Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
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China's Cenocracy T-shirt (3K)

Note: We have reverted to using the previous Chinese flag T-shirt model, because it has come to our attention (via our non-internet grapevine system being practiced and refined as a "below the government's radar" means of coded communications)... that internet activity in China is becoming more scrutinized and thus prevents an increase in viewership at this site from within China that would be recorded on the flag counter. As such, it can be very "problematic" for someone caught viewing pages which appear to represent an anti- status-quo Chinese government perspective... even though we do not. We simply represent a growing perspective that the Chinese government must adopt a forward thinking vantage point beyond the points it has already embraced with respect to the terrible ordeal the Chinese people faced with respect to a miserable and rather faulty form of Communism.

Because of China's history of rising and falling dynasties due to one or another revolution, the Chinese government can intercede in its own behalf by preventing the development of a public disconcertion of its policies. It is not that the Chinese people think of their government as a monster, but that it needs improvement without resorting to defensive gestures resulting in increased measures of oppression and repression. The Chinese government has enough to deal with in having to confront Trump and his living-in-a-bubble-world reality than engaging in needless social polices that create conflicts with its own public.

It was the convoluted American Political/Election system which chose Trump, and not a Democratic majority of voters. It's no wonder that more and more citizens could careless about voting in a rigged system that undermines the Collective will of the Voting public... particularly when Trump was nominated as winner before all the votes were even counted, because of a childishly run election system! And now Americans has a fully fledged Corporatocracy instead of a Democracy... run by a person who has lived in a bubble most of their life... and many citizens believe in his self-serving delusions! Where is Booth and Oswald when we need them most?

However, so many Americans are fed up with the disgusting political system that they wanted to move towards a different direction than that represented by Hillary Clinton, whose presence appeared to offer nothing more than the same old pathetic nonsense many people are sick and tired of... all because the system is broken... it is being offered as a Democracy but it is the illusion of one that fewer and fewer people are believing in. Hillary represented an old bubble system that has been burst in the eyes of many people, just like religion and business has (even though people still comply with... for the moment... but serious thoughts of having a revolution are already being discussed). But instead of developing a government based on an observable reality, it choose to follow the pied piper called Trump, who is thought by many— going to lead the public towards a drowning just like the Piper in the tale did to rats. In any event, Trump will expect to get paid... a sum equal to the ego in his expanding bubble world.

The Bubble World of Trump (148K)

america's Cenocracy T-shirt  (9K)

The former U.S. flag has been changed to illustrate the reality of circumstances prevailing in a (small "a") america (to reflect its presently directed incremental implosion). The country can not rightly be viewed as a "United" group of states, even though an attempt at reunification may no doubt be attempted by the Military-Industrial Complex (in league with the CIA, other agencies and contracted mercenaries, religious fanatics or some fairy tale lone "menace to the state" attacker); who will assist the government in contriving some internal or external "officially sanctioned credible threat" conflict/terrorist scenario so as to perpetrate a consolidation created through artificiality... even if it means killing, maiming, or either putting citizens into "reconditioning" camps or imprisoning them under falsified evidence such as Bush-the-minor's WMD nonsense which helped him and his cronies commit murder an untold other atrocities and enabled some players to get wealthy off of public funds. No less, the government may otherwise attempt to reunify the public by intentionally creating conditions of various social privation so as to be perceived as a Saviour that should be respected, honored and deferred to... by way of its actions in doling out a redistribution of hoarded surpluses that should be in the hands of the public whose labor and taxes provided the surpluses in the first place, instead of rabidly frothing from the coffers of a select few in business, government and religion... all of whom are subsidized in one way or another by the public and constitute unrecognized forms of welfare payments without the strings which are attached to some in the public when they are a welfare recipient. Double-standard laws are running rampant in america, made more so prevalent when it conducts one of its many multi-faceted imperialist fishing and hunting expeditions that net and bag huge gains for a few at the expensive of the many.

While the presence of the demented fool Trump and his salivating flock of Corporocratic vultures is an example that the people are being subjected to increasing repetitions of history that they are forced to accept because the government is a revisioned type of the old British monarchy in the form of a plutocratic-aristocracy; though it persists in representing itself as some sort of grandly epitomized democracy that does not exist. However, Trump's shake-up of the malignant status-quo government's cancerous falsifications of democracy may be what is needed for the people to realize that neither Trump nor Hillary are what is needed for the people to progress. The People need a Cenocracy! A comprehensively New Government that includes a Peoples Legislative Branch so that the entire public can participate first hand as an active Checks -and- Balances provision which will help establish a factual democracy instead of the stupid "Representative" nonsense that keeps the nation in the same spot generation after generation, like a jalopy spinning its wheels that is being driven by a reverse looking idiot with the gear shift in park that is routinely serviced by stooges.

Cenocranese Cenocratic T-shirt (8K)

In our support of the effort of those who want a Democracy to be established in China so that the people will have the right to both individually and collectively map out their future path, we have embraced this perspective by designating the attempt at such a unique, Chinese-driven progress, the "Cenocranese" movement. It is a Chinese movement towards a Cenocracy (a New —Chinese— Government). However, we must caution the movement's adherents not to adopt the phony brands of democracy being advocated by either the old United Kingdom and the presently divided america. Such a Chinese democracy must promote a most honest application of actual democratic principles than the distorted illusions playing out in the two western countries. We hope that your forthcoming version of Democracy is uniquely suited to the realities many of us know exist, but that many present businesses, governments and religions are insensitive to because the lack of an actual democracy serves their self-interests and not the needs of the people. We wish these pioneers of a future age in the making, all the best in their trials and tribulations against an oppressive and repressive regime that might well invade Taiwan as part of its brand of bullyism.

Wise Dominion's Cenocracy T-shirt (11K)

"W.I.S.E. Dominion" is being used to designate an alternate reference to the United Kingdom since the word "kingdom"... meaning "The King's Dominion" is particularly antiquated and needs to be replaced in order for the people to move in a future direction without being tied to a restrictive past as if still attached to a Monarchial umbilical cord that is used as a leash and collar on the people. The "W.I.S.E" refers to the original Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and English peoples, even though there are many others that are united under the flag due to colonization; and various other tribes with different designations may have inhabited the land(s) in the distant past. It is rather dumb to keep calling oneself a "king-dom" when the overt expressions of such have been largely discarded. The next step is to remove all lingering traces once and for all... in name, as well as deed. Many people in the W.I.S.E. Dominion exhibit the Wisdom to seek a New Government, just as do many in China, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, India, China, etc... We support all those who want a New and Better future for their Nations as members of a global community.)

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