Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
New Terrorist Threat


The New one is the old one: Those in government who want everyone to see the world through their eyes so they can play out their inclinations of politics, security, militarism, business, etc. When it is claimed that there may be hundreds, even thousands of ISIS supporters and thus, potential terrorist cells waiting in the wings to be activated by some personalized impulsively-rendered motivation and incentive... why stop the number at thousands? Why not say millions? ...Because it is like an old movie script in which, if one would review the amount of money being stolen in old movies compared to modern "heist" scenarios, there is a clear increase in the amount from thousands to millions. The amount being divulged must be consistant with the era in which it is spoken of... otherwise, it won't be believable. In the future, the word "billions" or "trillions" or some equivalent, will no doubt be used. Whereas in old movies the amount of money taken was in the thousands, the amount of money take today is in the millions. Claims by those who say there might be hundreds or even thousands of potential terrorists are those who will come to be replaced by those claiming millions... that is, when the Earth's population continues to grow and crowding behavior begins to force a 'heightened' sense of fear amongst those who are singled out by the media to provide increased revenues from advertizers seeking venues of increased viewership. The media often plays the part of being a propagandist.

...And if the people don't comply in agreement, those in a position to force a compliance will carry out acts against the public in which to provide proof to validate their claims. They will do whatever, to whomever they want in order to justify their claims. This was done with the old Bush administration with its FBI-backed phoney weapons of mass destruction claim that was tantamount to treason, but no one in government went to jail or lost their pension over. And let us not forget the federal law enforcement fiascoes at the Branch Davidian Complex and Ruby Ridge, though there are others that were not given National media coverage. Even though children were killed by the usage of a tank, though usage of military armament against civilians should be outlawed when those being confronted are not using military armament... there is no need for the military to get involved with domestic concerns because law enforcement has access to military equipment and thus acts as its own military contingent against the public.

Or how about the ludicrous notion that Alqueda had the sophistication to bring the Twin Towers down on their own footprint by being able to place explosives at key structural points... and also forced the F.B.I. to quickly clear up the crime scene because their perspective of who the perpetrators were was the only evidence needed to help the government justify its usage of contrived excuses to carry out a military operation that would allow Cheny to pay back Haliburton for their campaign contributions, and let Bush go after Saddam because he claimed that it was Saddam who tried to kill his daddy. Again, the new Terrorist is an old one... those in authoritative positions whose ulterior motives could careless who they hurt or what gets destroyed so long as they come out ahead... or in suicidal desperation, act like Hitler wanting to destroy everything when they don't get their way.

Those in authoritative positions often act like spoiled rich kids. In fact, before the U.S. government would commit itself to helping out Great Britain and others during World War II, it wanted to make sure it would be repaid... in gold. Justifying entry into a conflict is easy... you only have to instigate an attack against those who will be described as innocents.

But let us talk about potential terrorists from a broader perspective. How about those in religious authority who prey against children with sexual intent? Or those in Corporations who have an extensive lobbying firm to buy favors from politicians by way of promoting one or another law on their behalf... and even a Supreme Court favoring Corporations over the public by ruling that Corporations are entitled to a "Personhood" but are exempt from disciplinary action... yet the public is made to suffer the consequences thereof? In short, the Supreme Court doesn't represent the people, it represents an outdated Constitution that has deteriorated into providing greater gains for a few over the many. Or how about educators who are sexual predators against children? Or how about shoppers on Black Friday who could careless if they trample someone to death? And though there are those who would want to add police officers to this list, police officers on the whole, are not the problem. There are bad employees in all sorts of jobs, including the Legislature, Whitehouse, and garbage collection as well. Police officers are not the problem. The laws are the problem and these are the result of Legislators trying to Represent a public they are out of touch with... and the public has no political means of Nationally discussing and voting on its collective opinion. The present formula of proportioned Representation is a joke. It is a legalized predation against the public. Police officers on the whole are not predators. They are simply trying to force a public to comply with laws that are out of step with a growing divide in consciousness.

There is no reason for the entire public not to be a potential terrorist threat when the people are subjected to government agencies and agents able to commit acts of theft and violence against it, and the public has no viable means for getting a redress of grievances. Government agencies can't police themselves... they back one another up unless they are confronted with the potential threat of a Revolution. Only the very naive believe the government to be innocent and truthful. If Representatives did represent the people, there would be a law established for the people to have their own Legislative Branch and be able to create the laws based on the collective opinion of the public, and not some manipulative politician trying to finagle laws based on some ulterior motive of enhancing their career. When the people are subjected to a government creating stupid laws, or no laws at all when they are needed... and yet it wants to be respected and believed in!

When the world has been subjected to the acts of a government representing duplicity, and are thus fearful of potential more-of-the-same colonialism and imperialism, there is no reason for people not to band together in a terrorist group against those in a government having committed atrocities and various deceits against it. When the U.S. and other governments are being viewed as back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced criminal organizations that might impulsively commit itself to hostile actions fomented by actions of other government agencies such as the CIA and FBI; ISIS views itself as a counter-terrorist group using the same tactics taught to it by governments, religions and businesses wanting to impose their Will on others for the sake of some greed.

When the people are being viewed as serfs and vassals that have no real ownership, there is no reason why people shouldn't be mad at those wanting to use their authoritative goods and services like a drug that is used to force various types of public addiction. For example, no one actually owns a vehicle, home or land... because they have to pay annual taxes on them or be subjected to eviction, confiscation or non-legal usage thereof, such as in the case of not being able to drive their vehicle on roads that are called "public", but actually are government-owned, operated and maintained... through public taxes. A person may have bought their home in years past for a few thousand dollars, but have spent many times over this in taxes... particularly if they have a long life span. They don't ever actually own a home, they lease it for their entire life. Another example is when do-it-yourself mechanics want to be able to work on "their" vehicles, but manufacturers don't want them to, and if they could, would force everyone to go to an over-costly dealership that screws the public at any moment it can. Corporations don't want the public to have any ownerhip, they want long-term leasing agreements like so many drug dealers looking for a stable income. Whereas in fact, companies should be paying the public for advertizing for them by parading around in products with a visible logo. In short, ownership laws are in desperate need of revision.

So, who are the real terrorists? Those who would shoot and bomb you, or those who rape your children through authoritative manipulation? Those who hide behind masks and attack government protected corporate activities, or those who hide behind contrived laws and self-entitlements to vote themselves in raises while the Nation sleeps? Those who use media sources and internet to voice their opinions, or the owners of media operations using such to carry out personal political agendas? Those who steal money through piracy, or those who steal money by claiming it is a right because they are an entitled-to-it government agency?

Did someone say NEW Terrorist threat? There is nothing new about the many forms of terrorism taking place, except for the techniques employed, the garments being worn, and the players involved. And they all use different rationales of justification... many of which are perpetrated by themselves to convince others they are right.

Initially written and Posted: Monday, May 11th, 2015