Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Cenocratic Revolution


When the word "Revolution" is used in the context of political efforts, images of violence, or even terrorism may be evoked, especially when placed into a government-subsidized era of subverting laws through a variety of perpetrated threats, deceptions and hostility using such 'cloak room' disguises as "National Security", "credible evidence", "collateral damage", etc., in order to carry out individually personalized ulterior motives; which, when scrutinized outside the dim lit, crowded, and smoke-filled corridors of business, political and religious machinations; can be seen for the incredulity which they are... Yet, the players involved think it otherwise because they live by the adage that "all is fair in love, war and business" in their efforts to gain some margin of social ascendancy. And although we are angered by the arrogantly applied absurdities of present governing processes that we know must be changed by a collectively voted on distinction and definition; this anger will be channelled into resolute efforts to press for definitive alterations in the structure of government which will ultimately bring about changes in both business and religion as well.

Whereas millions of people are not as gullible and naive as the aforementioned entities would like to think we are, they conclude that without corroborating evidence and witnesses, mere belief is not enough to convict them of any presumed wrong doing; and they will nonetheless be able to receive their retirement pension and leave any remaining conspiratorial ideas as a means of perpetuating their legacy into a prolonged history of public consciousness instead of dying out quickly like so many historical figures. In other words, the public has no recourse to bring them to a state of rendering equitable justice or similar accountability when they are being protected by those and that which are products of the current business, political and religious structures. However, Cenocracy is intent on changing such instances which have plagued humanity for hundreds of generations.

The Cenocratic Revolution is intent on giving the people a means by which it can right many perceived wrongs of Liberty, Justice and Freedom; most of which are not herein outlined for they are multi-numerous and multi-varied. But such intent will require the efforts and energy of an entire nation to support it, or reject it, by way of a Constitutionally mandated ability to conduct Referendums as often, and for what purpose, as the public deems fit by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch. And if at all possible, those involved with the Cenocratic Revolution, whether they call themselves a Republican, Democrat, Cenocrat or some measure of Independent... including those claiming no affiliation with any political party at all, will strive to implement the needed changes in a coherently lawful way.

Be it known that it is not impudence that makes us so forthright; but a seasoned humility of determination to assist ourselves and all future peoples with an opportunity to grow beyond themselves as a collective species that is not being afforded us by current forms of business, government and religious social structures; each of which might want to claim it is not they but one or the other of their counter-parts who thwarts their own efforts at assisting humanity. Nonetheless, an intervention is called for.

But we, as a single people, must want to effect such an intervention— and upon so doing, make a solemn effort with this intent; from which we must not permit ourselves to be diverted from... even in the face of dire privations, a wide-ranging cataclysmic social illness (economic or otherwise), global pandemic, conflict or war, nor even if Charon himself appears to be piered at the outskirts of our consciousness, imagination, and traditionalized rationale. This is not impertinence nor mischievous rashness but a dauntless courage to trespass known frontiers of contemplation as a means of throwing light on old shadows and taking the necessary steps forward.

Though our commitment might well suggest caution when looked retrospectively at from the the hindsight of ages hence, because of all the sufferings humanity has endured; this circumspection is not to be equated with a timidity of irresolute purpose, reticence, nor permit enculterated restrictions to impose self-defeating impositions. Although yet to be described as foresight, intuition, or even a serendipitous chance by way of taking a gamble; such a task is not an easy one, for it may well require simultaneous revolutionary changes in the very institutions we have stood faithfully by without reservation. Each of us during this time and that which follows in the years to come is at this juncture in human history. Such a moment as outlined is at hand... For us to take stock of who we are, where we are, and where we want to go. The vehicle for transporting us to a deserved future is called Cenocracy, by way of a Cenocratic Revolution.

  • The Cenocratic Revolution is not about perpetrating t he images of a marching lynch mob calling themselves comrades, patriots (or "citizens" as during the French Revolution 1); with a directed course initiated by over-zealous impulses suggestive of a wild thirsty herd rampaging towards a direction offering satiety; even though some revolutionists might imagine the pooling of authoritative blood as a ritualistic form of watering hole that might be re-interpreted as such from the following historical phrase of Thomas Jefferson:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

  • And nor is the Cenocratic Revolution about a torch and banner-carrying frenzied group wielding clubs, rifles, chains, tire irons, knives, machetes, shotguns, pistols, Molotov cocktails and an assortment of both homemade and 'confiscated' explosives heading towards some semblance of a ruling class with the intent of subjecting them to a mock trial before they are shot, poisoned, hanged, tortured or be-headed.

  • Likewise, an expression such as "Over-throw the Government" is not meant as a 'catch-all' phrase to evoke images of an armed insurrection carried out through a destructive anarachism whose membership over-turns vehicles, smashes windows, disrespects the rights of by-standing citizens, perpetrates arson and trespassing to loot businesses; and engaging in other mayhem and lawlessness by way of "exaggerated enthusiasm" or malice aforethought.

  • No less, the word "Anarchism" should not be misinterpreted to suggest the presumption of orientation towards a regressed mentality one might think embodies a reckless abandonment of social mores and personal responsibility as one might think accompanies the rule-of-thumb exhibited by a school of frenzied feeding piranha. ("Anarchism" actually means social rule without a government which is dependent on if not mutual respect, then at least the voluntary cooperation of individuals and groups.)

Cenocrats do not want to cause a stock market crash or ruin some industry of society as an expression of pent-up frustration for some real or imagined wrong that the infamous "they" did. Businesses close down on their own everyday, and the stock market appears to have an internalized cycle of crash-related mechanisms already in action... because the present economics being practiced is out-dated and needs to be significantly altered to effectively deal with a cyclicity being used by those whose livelihoods will not be significantly altered by a stock market crash. In other words, they use the economy as if they were playing some monopoly game irrespective of how many lives will be affected.

In fact, they may resort to using economic troubles as a means of asserting influence on the public to maintain a social and economic system which best suits their greed. They commonly instigate incremental changes to the economy in order to "see what happens" so that they might produce a circumstance that will reveal a means of making more money by way of an opportunity that they may be overlooking. This is why widespread poverty persists... which also is supported by charities whose own livelihood depends on the continued existence of poverty. Charities do not prosper unless there are continuing conditions for them to prosper in. Social policies and laws which would mitigate those conditions are antithetical to their survival. (The very ancient activities of foraging, scavenging and working in symbiotic packs are very much alive in business, politics and religion...)

Our Cenocratic position is not to be, nor even appear as a threatening entity, but as an enterprising entrepreneurialship which, metaphorically speaking, views a nation as a singular corporation... or all nations as inter-departmental advocates of a singular global in-corporation with a self-serving equitable objective for everyone, despite all the negative reactions from those harboring objections for one reason or another. Mutual cooperation is possible by ridding the world of self-serving entities... be they individuals, groups, businesses, governments or religions who have no loyalty to anyone but themselves... at the expense of all of humanity if need be.

The enterprise of a Cenocratic Revolution can not instigate, can not provoke, nor effect the spilling of first blood. If our opponents spill first blood, then we will seek legal recourse to address it. If and only if legal recourse is not forthcoming or is highly insufficient to deal with the magnitude of an assault, whatever form it might take; then and only then will the consideration of retributive parity take place. If we are met with laws, actions or inactions that to the common person are unconscionable efforts for no other purpose but to thwart our pursuit of a social self-governing program which best suits the better needs and desires of the overall public; we will then be forced to voluntarily dispose of such governing edifices to secure that which is most amiable to the overall public sentiment.

A person can be a Revolutionist but still remain courteous and respectful. In such a case, the word "Revolution" in terms of social dynamics might be better expressed as "Revelation" since new ideas are being fostered to develop a new way of life via a government restructuring. Hence, clarifications of usage might be more easily acknowledged if the terminology of "Cenocratic Revolutionist" is applied as a moniker.

Cenocrats want a lawful alteration in the government structure as designed and ratified by the whole of the public via a Constitutionally mandated ability to have Referendums on any and all issues affecting the nation... if not the world. Cenocrats want the collective voice of the public to be heard and not adulterated by vicarious forms of Representation (or some stupid Electoral College provision as practiced by the U.S.). There are so many government laden incongruities which perpetrate what can be referred to as a stacked "checks and balances" deck of cards; that it is inevitable there will be a confrontation between the public and those whose acumen is sported towards manipulating the government with respect to singular selfish ends.

In expressing a specific concern and consideration for inclusion in a Referendum (because it is a widespread irritant amongst many):

  • Cenocrats want those to be selected for the highest court in the land (the Supreme Court), and the Attorney General to be chosen by everyone and directly answerable to the people (if so established by way of a Referendum).

  • Cenocrats do not want Supreme Court Justices nor the Attorney General selected for singular consideration by one person (such as the U.S. President who frequently shows themselves to be little more than an office manager with an average I.Q. but still doesn't know how to fix a stuck toilet).

  • Cenocrats do not want such important government positions to be contoured along a further selective ("weeding out") path which isolates the public from having any say so about candidates as if who is to run the government is none of our business.

  • Cenocrats want to firmly establish that the government is the business of the public and that who ever is chosen for a particular position must be approved by the real boss, and that real boss in the public. As is presently practiced, the public is relegated to the position of a window shopper when they in fact own the business.

  • Cenocrats want to expressly place themselves into the primary leadership position as is presented in the phrase "a government Of, By, and For ALL the people". They do not want this absurdly compromised into displacing the public into a subsidiary role by way of a governing style which practices multiple forms of vicariousness termed By-proxy, Representative, substitute, temporary, pinch hitter, stand-in, electoral college, etc., and various other surrogate approximations which often amount to devices equivalent with loaded dice, magnetised roulette wheels, marked cards, slanted billiard tables and Mickied drinks.

The confirmation or denial of a professed "suitable" candidate chosen by a single person's political motivations, is by a Legislature whose membership often has less common-sense credentials and intelligence for making such selections than the public at large. If such Representatives think they are as god-like as they would like us to believe, let us test their theory by placing a gun to their heads and squeezing the trigger... figuratively speaking, of course.

Another irritant in the U.S. is the usage of the Electoral College nonsense for the purpose of choosing a President (and he or she gets to choose a Vice President!). The Electoral College was set up as, believe it or not, a "compromise" between a Popular Vote, Congressional Appointment, and selection by way of Inheritance... such as in the case of Monarchial rule passed from one generation to the next. This so-called "publicly chosen" compromise was selected by the Congress and not by the people through any Referendum. Again and again and again the people are duped into thinking that the decisions of the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive branch are the best choices. To use a colloquial expression: They're full of it.

It is a given that Authoritative figures, or those striving to achieve some semblance there of, generally do not want their constituency, their flock, their membership, their employees, etc., to usurp their authority by being smarter than they are. Such figures tend to find some means of distracting or deluding such a perceptability. When words, laws, or threats do not suffice, they may try to find a weak spot such as sexual orientation, financial difficulty, falsified documents, illegal transactions, or even create evidence to give the impression of some irregularity... all with the sole intent of distracting not only someone they perceive to be a threat to their authority, but also distract others from viewing the one or more persons as eligible candidates to replace them. In short, they don't want you to express a greater clarity of vision which can be described as a sobriety. They don't want you to be sober. They want you intoxicated and will go out of their way to find out which drug(s) (money, sex, fame, alcohol, family, church, education, music, etc.), can be used against you.

Authority, generally speaking, want you to be just as sober as they are, even though the practiced sobriety may itself be an illusion or delusion. Unless of course your differing sobriety is directed towards assisting them in their drunkenness for prestige, power and control. In effect, they want you to join in their form of "getting high", for however long it can last... like teenagers smoking pot and taking a roller-coaster ride. They want you to jump off your sobriety wagon and join them in the saloon of their choice... with all its different forms of gambling. Once they get you hooked, they want to be the soul supplier of the type and duration of sobriety as they see fit. Such is the case for present businesses, governments and religions.

The "Powers That Be" might well try to dissuade the people from implementing the formulations of a Cenocracy in order to insure they remain in poser and control. These "dissuasions" may take any number of forms such as causing social discord so that disharmony preempts attempts at creating an organized attendance of activity which is coherent and decisive.

Such dissuasions might well be in the instigated form of:

  • Large masses of unemployment (which might seem illogical).

  • Usage of illogical activities which seem antithetical but gives them the appearance of innocence and opens an opportunity to "suggest" directly or indirectly someone else as the perpetrator of a social problem.

  • Claims of attacks by Terrorists (of which they are the instigators)... and may be a reversed usage of the act of early American colonialists who dressed up as Indians to throw tea into Boston Harbor.

  • Pretended (selectively directed) or actual biological attacks with materials they have access to (and were stolen or lost in shipment).

  • Create shortages of food, water, medicine, heating oil, petrol, electricity, etc.

  • Initiate an epidemic and provide marketable forms of "creditable evidence" for the need to keep them in power and control.

  • Initiate a war, pestilence, or assumed "act of nature" through proximal or distant sources and channels.

  • Destroy or kidnap buildings, monuments, people to incite outrage that will conceal an ulterior motive which involves those with pecuniary, strategic or other interests which the may practice and gain (knowledge, property, money, etc...).

  • Create dysfunction in the housing sector, insurance sector, or overall economy.

  • Bribery to individuals and/or groups to be more amiable to them and hostile to their detractors... or give a silent deference to by ignoring their detractors.

  • Create one or multiple disruptions to produce fear, disorientation and disorganization.

  • ...and other forms of fear-provoking propaganda.

The public direction towards a viable Cenocracy must be hyper-vigilant to events which are geared towards a disruption of their efforts because many of those existing in the "Powers That Be" realm do not govern their activities by the same sort of consciousness the general public does. They have no qualms about creating momentary or prolonged chaos which includes a stock market crash because they will not be unduly affected by such. Their resources and means of retreating to a more pleasant venue in the interim are not hampered as are the majority. They have no qualms about maiming, killing or destroying and claiming it was due to someone else. Compulsive lying is a second, if not first nature to them. And they might well do it with a smile, handshake and a monetary gift as they stab you in the back.

They would like nothing less than to disrupt any project in its initial process of activity, or denigrate that which is already in motion... if it appears to be a threat to their direct or indirect authority. In such an instance, they relish the ability to become the fulcrum of disorder as a means of implying they are an integral part of a process that can not function appropriately without them. They see "their" control and order in disruption and chaos as a means of giving themselves a bearing of self-identity that is lost in a conventional setting of order where they perceive their authority is either being questioned, threatened or on the verge of being lost.

Cenocrats know that shouting or screaming obscenities does not imbue someone with more righteousness in their cause, whether or not it is justified; since such clamoring may only 'cause' another to misinterpret one's unbridled enthusiasm if it is exhibited with an expression better suited for a different time and place; but is unconsciously voiced-out due to a long-standing habituation such as devised from one's frequently recurring attendance at a sporting event.

For example, A crowd at a football game yelling "Kill the Ref (referee)!" must be interpreted contextually; just as protest statements calling for the destruction of a sentimentalized monument or the death of a particular business community, law, or structural formula sometimes need to be tempered by the cold waters of rationalism and not the flames of over-reaction as is particularly visible during confrontations with law enforcement or military personnel... where emotions on both sides of the fence can get the best of even the most stoic demeanor (that, upon reflection during some futured distance, makes them sincerely penitent about for losing self control).

And it is of need to note that meetings amongst Revolutionists can not permit themselves to be divested of their energies and funds to accomplish the three stepping stone goals. They can not be turned into makeshift sessions by those who are more interested in voicing personal problems that are believed to have been caused by one or more government policies, or want sympathetic listeners to believe in a falsehood in order to receive social assistance from them in one fashion or another. Meetings amongst Revolutionists are not intended to be pseudo- forms of group-therapy whose members become identified by those waiting to take advantage of their vulnerabilities in order to swindle them out of their money, sexuality, or other personal property as if such were a neurotically defined entitlement since a person "participated" in the group's activity by simply showing up for a meeting.

Such foregoing statements are not an expression for having a lack of sympathy for personal issues, and nor are they just another form of the same callousness many feel is being thrust on them by one or more actions (or inactions) of the whole of the government, a specific branch, or a particular agency thereof. But if meetings amongst Revolutionists are permitted to degenerate into neighborhood counseling, consolement and gripe centers, the real means of addressing a person's or groups' problems will not be achieved. If you want to hold each others hands as an expression of empathetically acknowledged concern, than do so by marching hand-in-hand as you protest or on the day the three initial stepping stones are accomplished. Extending sympathy to others or feeling sorry for oneself does not solve social problems which can only be appropriately addressed by making the solutions accessible to the public through a New Government... a Cenocracy... by way of a Cenocratic Revolution.

"The Cenocratic Revolution" is meant as an appeal to others for their sincere interest and consideration in contemplating what our efforts, in conjunction with their own, if so administered; are meant to play-out for assisting the public towards helping themselves in altruistic efforts to improve their lives and the lives of others. [See: Call For Help]

In claiming or calling for a Revolution, is is of need to cite at least one major argument against that which one is revolting. In the present case it is the prevailing government process, be it one of the several forms of Communism, Democracy or Socialism. It is also of need to cite at least one means of resolving the perceived problem. Though other arguments against and applicable solutions for particular problems might also accompany the major crux, they need not, and should not necessarily be interpreted as alternatively equal.

However, we must also admit that the perceptions of Revolutionaries can be wrong on several points:

  1. Are based on deliberate lies to conceal ulterior motives.

  2. Are based on false information.

  3. Are based on faulty perception.

An example of "a" would be the manufacturing of lies to incite an uprising that may provide Revolutionists with an opportunity to assume control.

An example of "b" would be mis- or dis-information supplied one or more reputable sources that may or may not have their own ulterior motive for using others to start a Revolution.

An example of "c" would be due to misunderstanding and/or misjudgment.

But the foregoing "c" can readily be apportioned to the previous instance of "b", leaving us with the trio of Wrong- Mistaken- Correct, thus producing a rather serialized progression: From wrong to mistaken to correct. While this is not a traditional syllogism which includes the first two in a step-wise fashion to make a final deduction, a conclusion is nonetheless achieved in the present example by excluding the first two. As such, when the first two (wrong/mistaken) are relegated to what might be referred to as a non-sensical status, the conclusion of appropriateness must be to give the Revolutionists the benefit of the doubt.

However, some may want to wrestle with varying 3 to 1 ratios involving the trio. As such, each imparts the definitive by using the other two as a form of substantiation. For example:

  • The first is wrongly mistaken to be correct.
  • The second is mistakenly correct to be wrong.
  • The third is correctly wrong to be mistaken.
  • Etc...

Additionally, without substituting words and defining two of the words more negatively than positively (such as might be the case with "mistaken" and "wrong"), the falsity of claim might well out-weigh the truth... or vice versa. However, the criteria of truth based on a preponderance of evidence is in our favor.

As simplistic as the foregoing (derivatives) shell-game is, the intent is to provide an illustrative algorithm of the logistical parameters being surveyed amongst Cenocratic Revolutionists, just as Boolean logic was eventually overlayed (applied) to the underlying dichotomy of electrical switching used in basic computational theorizing imparted to computer software. In other words, it shows the underlying (source code) processes which can be corrected more easily as the complexity in structuring continues; the same way we are taught in elementary-school when delving into deeper and deeper levels of mathematical complexity. Such are the beginning stages of an advanced social self-governing formula.

Social issues are generally addressed with what amount to as primitive word problems being supplied to a group of well-intentioned wise men (and women) who gather together in a tower of babel. Like the blind men attempting to describe a different part of an elephant that all have an appreciable unfamiliarity with, social problems are being confronted by those who use the same words to describe different things, different numbers to represent similar generalities, and varying mathematical symbols applied to the same problem in different ways. Needless to say, that word substitutions, the usage of additional symbols such as in basic mathematics as well as differing applications of operational ordering can alter not only the result, but the initial formulaic expression. In short, while we all realize we need to achieve a consensus, many don't apply this same level of realization and determination for the need to apply a means at achieving a consensus. A Cenocracy will, eventually, enable this to come about.

As simplistic as the present rendering is, it is not meant to invite a similitude of predisposed expectation when addressing social issues. There are many variables to consider in our equations that are made unnecessarily more complicated by the addition of superfluous characterizations which may take on one or multiple forms. Such attenuates of design are deliberately thrown into considerations by those who deliberately want all problems to be solved by a single formulaic instance. Problem solving efforts are thus systematically made more confusing and distorted into abstractions by a personalized philosophy of "what ifs" suppositioning. By so doing they seek to make themselves appear to be the more intelligent, more wise with a greater foresight by introducing very many philosophical imponderables for no other purpose but to hinder any and all preliminary steps.

Such people want nothing less and nothing more to do than argue... which serves them well for concealing a cowardice towards personal action which, when others are convinced to do likewise, is meant as an indication that they are right. By so doing, they think to impress themselves and others with having a long range vision by pointing out possible pitfalls, obstacles and impasses, yet are unable to see their presumed long range vision as a short range perspective to begin any effort which would enable them to realize Cenocracy is a viable detour around, over, through any and all their fears for going forward.

With respect to a Revolution, the initial formula must be quite simplistic so that everyone understands the simplistic equation in addressing simple problems; hence, the need for 3 easily understood stepping stones. Once these fundamentals are understood, just like in elementary school, then we can move on to more complex problems requiring a joint effort at solving them instead of present social structural formulas displaying some Neanderthal-styled entrails reading sooth sayer.

Needless to say, some people are fast learners... sometimes referred to as a quick study. The faster we can all learn the basics, the sooner we will be moving collectively, into the domains of socially designed algebraic and geometrical formulas. As such, it might be said that present problems are the result of not only the incorrect math formula being applied but the same answers being achieved... but present government structures are not presenting their work in order for the rest of us to pin-point if the wrong problem is being addressed in the first place, where the deductive error occurred in the calculation, or if the correct answer was appropriately applied. Governments are trying to tackle complex social problems by using outdated formulas of computation and keep the whole process in their head.

Governing authority figures are like kids in a math class who won't show how they arrived at an answer because they don't want mistakes pointed out due to their experience with a long standing parental (fore-father/mother) figure who abuses them when they do make a mistake. A history of practiced concealment assists the parental figures in disguising a low self-esteem that wants their child to exhibit a greatness that they want to take credit for as an extension of themselves instead of being presented with a mirror-image of an imperfect person when the child openly displays a mistake... even though many of us know the child is still learning and has a right to make mistakes.

The child (either, in separate contexts: a society's citizenry or governing officials) are thus, in the present example, brought up to publicly exhibit a superficiality of exaggerated superiority that all others sharing a similar form of low self-esteem want to use as a desired image of themselves,... like so many who use the actions of a sports team or presumed doctrine of a religious figure: as a reflection of what they would like to be seen as harboring— a greatness, a "chosen one" especiality (such as those singularly elected to or selected for a given office/position).

The lower a society's self esteem is, the greater (and more desperate) might well be its efforts at seeking some status of superiority... real or imagined, freely interpreted as such or forced upon others to accept as a reality (through trade, war, bribery, threat, sanction, charity, etc...). Quite often, what they say and do are at opposite poles of actuality. Such abusive "parental figures" (to be found in some traditions, fore-father/mother views, government designs, etc.), prefer to indulge in the usage of illusions and delusions, and want everyone else to agree with their adulterated visions of supremacy.

This illusion of supremacy is exhibited in their unwillingness to show the process by which they calculate a problem because they don't want to show a possible mistake since it is easier to conceal when no one sees anything. Their unwillingness is thus projected as a right to defiance meant to be interpreted as strength of character instead of the insecurity for which it really is. But if they just happen to produce some simulation of an answer for a given problem; the lack of visible formula is suggested to mean it it represents some sort of unique talent, giftedness or even genius.

Clearly, governments need to explain a problem as they see it (because their perception might well be wrong), display what formula they want to use for addressing the issue, and show us the computation so we can all address mistakes before they are tested.

There are a lot of people with ideas of what needs to be changed in the government, but for the most part, even with a very large public reading thereof, changes are not taking place. The present structure of government is too inadequate to address a very deep need of the public to effect changes, collectively, on its own behalf. We need a Cenocracy because reality differs significantly from what present governing systems purport it to be. For example, a Cenocracy will highlight and address the purported watchdog community existing at every government level:

Constitutionally-mandated public watchdog provision

All government activities and personnel will be placed under the scrutiny of the people which will not be a single watch dog, but a populace-wide pack of watch dogs that can do more than just bark (or whistle blow) as is currently practiced by way of letters, phone calls, e-mails, dead-ended petitions, journalistic assistance, etc...

For example:

  • A Cenocracy puts into lawful practice a means by which the people can effect accountability of all governing processes and all government employees; those whom are elected and those hired either part-time, full-time, or temporarily and by any other method, contractual, second-hand, under-the-table, or otherwise.

  • A Cenocracy can insure term limits and limits in government employment duration as well as preventing such activities as "double and triple dipping...etc." of funds, contracts, employment, etc...

  • A Cenocracy can insure that those selected for a given position are subject to dismissal if their performance suffers a prolonged disintegration of performance which can not be addressed adequately by current interventionist standards, with efforts of exception duly noted and exercised if conditions warrant such attempts.

  • A Cenocracy can ensure that those elected to a given position will not fail to effect campaign promises and that their given period of electedness will be given a periodic performance review to insure adequacy of ability (since circumstances may change requiring someone else with a particular talent); or the job is found to be decidedly more difficult than expected, or personal issues render a person's efforts into becoming overwhelmed or even an extreme mutedness of capability. This also reserves the peoples right to place a given employee into another position, even in the same context, that may be provided with a steady income since circumstances out of the person's control may have arisen.

  • A Cenocracy can insure that the public has the right and legal means to replace someone who is or might be more adept at tackling a given task under certain unexpected circumstances since social conditions are dynamic and not static. A Cenocracy will prevent any and all government employees and departments from giving themselves increases in wages, funds or working capital, without the approval of the public via a referendum as a larger expression of a "checks and balances" system; the present one of which being practiced by the U.S. government is wholly deficient.

Indeed, while on the one hand the present governing structures attempt to work fair-handedly to discourage the dispatching of whimsical, superficial and subjective policies; these same safe-guards become so embedded with routines they take on an embodied traditionalism which acts as a moat, drawbridge and high walls topped with intersecting ivory spires manned with illusions of cloud-filled grandeuring Constitutions for which no one can even fly a kite over in seeking greener pastures. We are simply led to believe no such greener grass exists other than that which we are illusioned to see... but we are given the freedom to dream anyway, so long as it doesn't get in the way of the contrived realities of present governing structures.

Revolutions are attempts by the people to scale the walls of governing processes when those processes are either felt to be unduly unjust, or restrictive of freedoms. Yet this is not to say that everyone can acknowledge the existence of an injustice or restriction to freedom. Typically, they are recognized by a single person who begins pointing out such to others, who may, in turn, do likewise. But, if some dire circumstance doesn't force the larger populace to seek a reconciliation of differences of perspective, one or more individuals may be left with the task of changing circumstances through applications of creative ideas which provide a representative model that piques the curiosity of someone who will act as a patron of a proposed change in ideas... that may sooner or later be called either a Movement or Revolution.

As such, let us be forthright by saying our views posit an untried hypothesis, like so many laws, military campaigns, experiments, recipes, etc., that have been carried out via an exploratory effort fashioned by educated guesswork, life experiences, and even luck as well as serendipity. With this said, let us begin by saying that the people need an effective forum for addressing concerns and making lawful changes to laws and the structure of the government as the public deems it necessary to do so. The structure of the government needs to be changed. Not with words, not with committees, not with juggling departments or personnel, not with memorandums, not with buying off journalists who will redefine the same nonsense in a positive light, not by offering positions to those voicing grievances, not by simply replacing one person with another who will perpetuate the same "business as usual" model of Representation, not by a face-lift of the old structure, etc., but by the adoption of a real, honest, new architecture designed by the people through a National Referendum.

  • Such is Cenocracy: A call for all peoples to begin thinking in terms of new Constitutions for their respective Nation and a singular International Constitution which far exceeds the contemplations of the United Nations Charter. Humanity must exercise considerably more intelligence, foresight and wisdom than it has ever done before.

  • Such is Cenocracy: A wedge to be placed in between the mortar and bricks of old enabling the dam of traditions to burst which will permit the waters of a new age to gush forth. In as much as this sounds to be counter-intuitive to present rationality, it is the very nurturance humanity needs. So get out your canoes, your rafts, your inner-tubes, your sail-boats and your surf-boards. It's time for humanity to take a ride.

  • Such is Cenocracy: A means of throwing timid people into the flow of a new life giving water (with life vests), who rush away from ensuing waves like the timid primates of antiquity that had imagined all kinds of possible evils lurking in the wavering grasses of the savanna prior to its evolution of walking upright.

Yep, the notion that the people should have their own collective National (if not International) Government partyA+, Constitutionally mandated Cenocratic form of Referendum, and a Peoples Legislative Branch on the National and Local (if not International) levels, may seem to be a crazy idea. Just like the usage of fire, the wheel, television, radio, airplanes, submarines, etc., not to mention the wearing of footwear or clothes. So before we of the Cenocratic Revolution make a march on Congress (or Parliament) and throw marshmellows at them for their cowardice against leading the way to a Cenocratic Reform, we ask that you take the idea for a ride around the block, kick the tires, and don't let the performance scare you. (Many businesses, governments and religions give the impression of being run by those whose mentality is in the push cart, horse and buggy, or paddle boat level of performance, despite the usage of modern machinery, electronics, and philosophy. Such is similar to the placement of a pencil in the hand of a Neanderthal.)

No doubt a lot of discoveries exist but they are buried in some cubby-hole of a patent office, desk drawer, shoebox, journal, wallet, purse, or even stuffed inside the glovebox of some vehicle in a salvage yard, which may never reach the light of day until they are "re-discovered" later on. As such, Cenocracy is not a new idea. It is a very old idea about having a society governed by the people. But only the country of Switzerland comes close to practicing it... albeit on a very small scale.

Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein and hundreds, if not thousands of others have met with nay-sayers when they came to make a public proposal for a new idea that may at first be reacted to as if a dog was barking at them and they had to fashion some type of intellectually defensive fence around in terms of various reasons to reject the idea, because it was not only unconventional, but unconventionally very strange. Generally, the public doesn't pay any attention or may scoff at a new idea as if it were an absurdity because they simplistically associate it with that which is more familiar and characteristically amusing aligned with other more typical mental meanderings analogous to firefly catching, or butterfly chasing... if not mosquito or fly swatting. Yet, if an idea doesn't show itself, regardless of the differing metaphors used in relaying the same message, it can never gain any ground towards becoming accepted... with or without adjustments, such as the following portraiture of Cenocracy:

A Sociological String Theory

Present societies, due to the ineffectualities of present governing structures, are like tightly wound balls of string that have various knots in them which causes the overall surface to exhibit "perturbations" of disturbance (let us call them "knots") which can not be dealt with simply by attempting to wind the string in another direction around the same foundation, though various laws and policies would give such an advocating pretense.

And while some would label themselves and their respective peoples as being hearty, strong, tough, or some other such reference suggesting an uncompromising quality of virtuous fortitude that would meet death with a dagger between its teeth and a glint in its eye:

  • Societies actually might well be viewed as quite fragile and resemble the princess who couldn't sleep atop the comfort of several mattresses because there was a pea beneath the bottom one.

  • Societies might also be viewed as oysters whose processes for making pearls is indicative of a poorly constructed system that rationalizes the pearls into a value because it hasn't learned how to think otherwise.

  • Societies can be likened to children having grown up together in a particular wild setting and develop views of right and wrong according to the "established" protocols of the social environment to wish they were raised; thinking that a nearby human society is strangely wild and the human society thinking the same of them... but neither considering they are merely distorted mirror-images of one another. Each perceives the other as having something wrong with it, even if the perceptions can not be well articulated... or verbalized and discussed at all... with each wanting to somehow prevent future generations of children from experiencing the ills they think they see and understand with respect to a given normalcy.

Current governing efforts at addressing perceived "problems" may only fore-stall the eventuality of larger social "protuberances" emerging from compounded smaller ones, that a future generation may try to solve the reason(s) for by racking its brain in wanting to decipher the cause; and which, we might add, was the initial impetus for developing a science concerned with the functions of society.

This "Sociology" (study of society) and its attendant 'Sociologists' were, in the beginning, supremely sincere and hopeful that a scientific approach (particularly from the time of Auguste Comte's impetus of using a "Scientific Sociology") as the means by which humanity could unravel the source or sources of social problems; and that we of today might refer to as a "source-code", given our penchant for "borrowing" terms used in other research fields. But as time wore on, and the answers to social problems remained stubbornly elusive and were compounded by disagreements amongst the Sociologist community; Sociology has surrendered its premier edict of solving social problems to a philosophically-based textbook preface of simply studying (and classifying) society... with the younger generations of Sociologists quite comfortable with this arrangement; given the fact there is no further burdening pressure to resolve large social problems... even though some may enter the field with a genuine desire to follow the sentiment of C.W. Mills: "Scociologists should not be passive observers but active agents of social change". It is a statement we Cenocrats can identify whole heartedly with.

There have been different schools of political and sociological thought (philolsophy) ranging through the vagaries of:

  • Spirituality (religion centered)— This includes such entities as (by divine right) goddesses, god-kings, church-centered, infallible monarchs, and the subsidiary influencers such as oracles, witch doctors, medicine men, sorcerers, diviners, etc...

  • Mechanistic (commerce centered)— For example, René Descartes thought that all animals were complex machines; which included humans, and by extension, we can include human societies. (Though some venture to include a quantum mechanical model, electronic model, architectural model, as well as other "scientific or artistic" models.)

  • Organismic (life form centered)— Such as for example, that which was propounded by Johann Kasper Blutnschli (1808 - 1881) who thought that the state passes through the same developmental stages as a human. "Organismic" includes evolutionary discourses in terms of biological dimensions.

And despite an approach which claims to practice a governing policy which separates church and state, it has been found impossible to do so because we humans are all three... or at least one or two of the three plays a dominant role. It has proved to be impossible to dictate, legislate, or give a person's "democratic free will" the controlling agency of separating one from the others. While we may not claim some god commands authority to legislate an appropriate type of society, thoughts of one's religion often play a dominant role in their political decisions. Others are dominated by economic concerns. And still others attempt to encourage a more altruistic approach so that we might all live (and grow) in harmony together (with the latter being most often described by some sort of metaphysic)... even if the majority don't actively think this way.

Paper, Rock, Scissors, people (17K)

By themselves, each of these three are a minority. Like the betting game using the hands to circumscribe representations of a rock, pair of scissors, and piece of paper. Where the rock can break the scissors, the scissors can cut the paper, and the paper can cover the rock. The three are antagonistic to one another, each with their respective abilities; causing an endless historical cyclicity which can be depicted by the image to the right. It sums up the state of affairs in human society throughout the world. Some are on the daily tredmill, others are sitting back watching the world go by, some are agressive, others assertive, some play the run, catch me and follow-the-leader games learned in childhood, some fall down but pick themselves up, and some are even shown falling through the cracks.

If any one of them should falter, then one of the other two will come to dominate, though there have been instances where two of the three have worked against the third to enforce their will. Businesses, governments and religions have alternatively exercised usage of all three implements, with varying end results. While the means of improving the situation is more easily done in a smaller or isolated setting, it is much more difficult when one country must now interact with multiple countries, each utilizing the three implements in various ways and degrees. Nonetheless, a global restructuring can take place.


With respect to this "Sociologically-molded String Theory", attempts to solve or mitigate the surfaced social "discordances" in one or more 'balls of string'; preeminently (and thus predictably) use typical, and let us say traditional approaches which may include not doing anything at all. Such responses are generally focused on adding more of the same string in a kind of colloquially-infused "more is better" orientation that many a physician has counseled patients against adopting as a given rule-of-thumb.

To such a recurrence we encounter presumably educated "problem solving measures" using more (and more and more) money in a similar fashion, in an attempt to remove or at least mollify one or more social problems. However, if in addressing a problem no result is forthcoming in terms of finding an actual solution; increased funds will, momentarily... so everyone can catch their breath, quiet the loudest vociferous wailings... in a fashion of oiling a squeaky wheel and hoping that the system will somehow self-correct to some parity of socially fundable sustainability. 2

But the presumed results frequently produce either a yo-yo, spinning top, or intertwined-string-with-fingers puzzle effect; as if the social problem is a distended bladder or bowel with contents that must "naturally" come out in one way or another... or else create a worsening social condition. "Relativatively" speaking (that is if a physics term can be thus permitted to be jargonized), let us for a moment consider the perspective of viewing people as atomic particles and governing processes as a proposed quantumized (quantized) reality (of 'universal laws'). Each governing process is thus both a self-designed and self-defined microcosm of a macrocosm (microcosmic macrocosm) in an attempt at fusing or 'inter-lacing' disparate threads in what is thought to be a coherent pattern, called individual (or global) communities, states, territories, or nations.

These overall "logical" patterns (or systems) are accentuated with yet other (microcosmic) patterns in an attempt to produce a cohesion of interactiveness, as one might imagine when tying one's shoes in the face of complications such as the laces being too long, laces being too short, the wrong kind (or color) of laces, laces with torn ends and we might even include an unpredictable such as (dress) shoes not needing laces but the usage of tennis or gym shoe laces is called for... And even though the metaphors used may be simplistic, they are nonetheless instructive... at least in a generalized way.

But the desire for cohesion by way of these laws persists in producing "social unravelings" (social problems) like proteins subjected to a process of denaturation. Simply put, we're using unnatural laws that are wrong for the human species given its present evolutionary development under the present environmental (Earth) circumstances that are changing... in other words, are dynamic. At this beginning juncture of intervention, we need to adopt a "reverse psychology" approach regardless of what instigated humanity to take a self-punishing course that we, as a species, traverse along in a process of periodic social unraveling in one form or another.

Let it be said that a Sociological String Theory views the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism not as dynamic systems of evolving life, but as primitively sustained life-form expressions that are 'flexibly reactive' like Venus fly traps, Sunflowers, sneezes, coughs, burps, flatulence and rigor mortis.

This is not to be construed as a discussion about creating a legalized social atmosphere of intermittent or sustained lawlessness to provide humanity with a periodic social re-alignment similar to a readjustment of clocks or one's Circadian rhythms after a trans-atlantic or trans-pacific flight; in as much as this might seem sociologically profitable. Such a realignment process can be "built into the system" by metaphorically thinking in terms of a new governing model that is presently providing Cenocracy as a sociological brand of Mass -to- Energy equivalency formula. Such a formula gives stability to a social system that, in many respects, has traditionally contoured its behavior in an orbital (planetary) arrangement using alternating social system centers, like those once claiming their respective kingdoms were at the center of the world and later that Earth was the center of the heavens.

By using such a formula, the whole of society is thus brought into the dynamic exercize of a Manhattan Project-styled experiment... With Robert Openhiemer's famous (but dichotomously dark) quote to be re-cast in a positive three-patterned light as:

"If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once upon the sky:
That would be like the splendor of Cenocracy. . .
I am become Life, the Creator of worlds."

The people are tired of the lethargic go-between Representative model of governance which frequently resembles a snake-headed contortion primarily concerned with its own individually focused interests; that may each be labeled as a "voice of the people", but the words "voice" and "people" are collectively being used to conceal a narrowly-margined representation of a select few. Such a model of Representation can be, literally, termed selective hearing... or if you prefer, selective listening. Government processes may present themselves as being "Democratic", but actually function in an "Antitrust-worthy" way since even a purported "checks and balances" regime as practiced by the U.S. government permits a single industry to raise its prices at the expense of the public. 3

  • The actual "people" in terms of the majority, need their own Constitutionally mandated Peoples Legislative Branch in Congress (or Parliament) backed up by a similarly mandated process of Referendum to carry out changes even if the traditional branches of government vote against the measures of change that are submitted.

  • The people must have the ability to out-vote separately, or collectively, all traditional branches, divisions, operations, etc., of the government.

  • The people must have total control over the government or it is not a government that is truly Of, By and For ALL the people: it is a Communistic, Democratic, or Socialistic dictatorship servicing the selective perspectives of varying Plutocratic-directed organizations.

When a government refuses to acknowledge, much less grant the public its right to govern itself, it is time for a New Government. A Cenocracy! Hence the need for a Cenocratic Revolution.

However, the actions of Revolutionaries typically resemble those who fail to remember the past and repeat history. If the Cenocratic Revolution is to engage in an "Enlightened" approach at making productive governmental and hence, social reforms, we must be mindful of this. To this end, let's take a look at history from which can be procured a reference between the "Governing State" and the common throng:

Hydra (15K) From Alexander Pope's "The First Epistle From The First Book Of Horace":
Lines 120 to 123:

Well, if a king's a lion, at the least
The people are a many-headed beast.
Can they direct what measures to pursue,
Who know themselves so little what to do?

Note: The line: "The people are a many-headed beast" was a term used by Socrates in Plato's Republic.

Typically, those engaging in a political Revolution do not have a "game plan" for improving circumstances they find intolerable, except to remove that which they believe (or are led to believe) is the reason for their troubles. On some occasions, both animate (typically human) and inanimate (that which belonged to or is associated with the animate) object, will also be removed, generally through some destructive process. After the smoke clears and fires are put out, the revolutionaries are dumbfounded as to what to do in terms of running a government they are now in charge of but don't have the slightest inkling of the magnitude of social problems they are now called upon to address. Very often they may resort to the usage of idealist ventures which can work for small, immobile communities, but not for the complexities of interactive communities whose members are very mobile.

Likewise, Revolutionaries of old most often conducted their rebellious activities with stark overtones of violent opposition without a "game plan" of considering the consequential need for replacing not only the most prominent of the dissolved, disintegrated, or destroyed structural component of their focused aggression; but the rest of the organism which came to fail because it participated in a symbiotic fashion. Such Revolutionists do not generally conduct "surgical strikes" to remove, replace, or rebuild the offending and diseased limb... they characteristically involve the whole of the structure through non-reflective assaults because there are no over-riding control(s) of those Revolutionary elements which sought to prosper, in one fashion or another and either for short or long-term advantage, by effecting anarchy.

The typical art form of a Revolution is an expression of raw, impulsive violence. It's typical science form is an improvised or impromptu (ad hoc) application of this art form's after-math rendering that is guided by a "rationale and logic" of unbridled emotion which pretenses itself as a justifiable excuse for any and all atrocities "that could not be helped" because they were caused by a level of disharmony, discord, and disenchantment which required a parallel level of responsiveness in order to right a wrong. Hence, they engage in a "two wrongful acts to make a right" drama to diminish and even exclude the emergence of a guilty conscience for presumed, wrongly perceived and even pretended injustices.

Yet, rarely do the Revolutionaries take the time to consider that the focus of their assaults perhaps are, proverbially speaking, but the tip of an iceberg... like a figure-head meant to give a false and mis-directed impression of a more egregiously avarice character skulking about betwixt various socially acceptable curtains and corridors which conceal various passageways of escape if and when detected. Revolutionists frequently fail to establish a working frame of collective deductive referencing that such a tip had to have underlying support and that this support must be excised or fashioned to contour to the needs of the public.

The support generally remains out of public view and will, after a time and fashion, begin to impose its support for another tip... It is a tip that may eventually be found to likewise be counter-productive to overall public concerns and considerations; but was not seen as such during its inception because it was the same item re-packaged with a different cover or title, and re-introduced as something "new" in a distant venue where those who share in the values of an out-moded cognizance, are oblivious to the circumstance they are to be duped by authoritative figures. Evil has many guises and talents of deception. They and their supporters would, of course, deny the existence thereof as part of a general strategy to deflect the attention of the public onto someone or something else in order to better conceal themselves.

Take for example the Revolutionary stance of the previous (recently-dated) anarchy-styled U.S. "Occuparchist" Revolution whose main, but not only grievance, was the "Personhood" of Corporations that was established defacto due to a U.S. Supreme court ruling... a court which has a history of providing what some refer to as "tainted" rulings based on a rather routinized process of variegated interpretations of the U.S. Constitution in accord with the flavor of politics being heartedly consumed at a given moment...

Without knowing it, and largely overlooked by the public, the U.S. Supreme Court has opened up a can of worms that could, if groups were smart and courageous enough to think differently and thereby effect a judicial precedent by way of incorporating itself through a Cenocratic Government party.

But irrespective of established government failings, the Occuparchists themselves failed to take an account of the fact that many of those who joined the protestors were doing so in order to express a personal grievance which had a local, and not national concern. Like Nazi Germany, they were fighting on too many fronts. In other words, the "Occuparchist Movement" was biting off more than it could chew... despite the fact it didn't as yet have any teeth... it was in the early stages of teething.

Note: While some may view the foregoing coined word "Occuparchy" in a humorous light, it is in no way meant as a disparagement. We are sensitive to the overall sincere intent and efforts of those involved, even when we may disagree with the manner and methods which were exercised by this or that individualized group. While not every "Occupy" gathering occupied a public park, some did; (an act highly reminiscent of the old "sit in" tactics used by a previous generation of Revolutionaries who chose to "occupy" buildings, offices and stair-wells).

"Occuparchy" is relevant when we expose it as:

Occupy + Park + Anarchy = Occuparchy
Those thus involved were "Occuparchists".

When large numbers of individuals become disenfranchised, or at the very least feel they are whether they actually are or are not; they might well congregate together and become an angry group dubbed as a lynch mob, anarchists or revolutionaries... with some preferring to label themselves as Freedom Fighters... though the words Union, club, gang, congress, etc., might alternatively be used. The first two (lynch mob, anarchists) are generally given negative connotations while the latter two can straddle the line between being interpreted either good or bad, depending on one's relative position from the point of observation.

In an attempt to divest or divorce oneself from a label which may result in public disapproval, a group may choose some term of self-referencing that provides a public image of being in the right; in that their cause is just, commendable and supportive. Hence, it takes on the presentation of being "the tip of an iceberg" supported by a large and perhaps, 'unpublicly declared' base. In effect, they too become a framework like that which they think is necessary to direct their attentions towards in order to create lasting alterations for improvement. While they may imagine themselves towards one or more activities which will assist them in cutting the head off the serpent or reptile of their presumed opponent(s); they may in fact unknowingly be attacking the other end of the creature which as the ability to re-grow its tail.

Corporate, Political and Religious entities sometimes use the tactic of displaying what the public may think is the "head" of an organization, when in fact it is the other end. It is a type of camouflaging protective mechanism which is meant to ensure its longevity. In fact, that which the public may think is a "vital organ" of the organization, is in fact superfluous skin, fat, hair, and nails... all of which are replenishable over-time. Yet this same tactic is rarely used by a Revolutionary group. Typically, at the outset of development, they leave themselves vulnerable, even when individualized operations appear to be representative of separate "individuals". Such individuals act in a symbiotic way to one another... in other words, they use one another in a dependent fashion for self-existence. Yet this existence often exhibits an impulsive expression of growth like the spread of a fire, a rotating tornado, an over-flowing dam, a raging ocean wave, and similar "unregulated" 'explosions of behavior'. While such, as yet untamed events can create large swaths of destruction, the energy and force of destructiveness that some may want to ideologically say are of some larger "designed intent", but realistically:

  1. Usually dissipates.

  2. Is not coherent with a focused intent and may in fact be sporadic (and idealistically be defined as 'guerilla warfare').

  3. Is not similarly strong and energetic in its constructiveness.

Although it was not discoursed in the form of a succinct trio as the foregoing, such an understanding has been noted before:

...a revolution can create nothing— that has not been fully discussed, planned, thought out and explained before hand. Otherwise a revolution merely destroys a government, a dynasty, an organization, as the case may be. A revolution is an excretory operation not a creative one.

(Page 887, volume II, The Outline of History by H.G. Wells; with a revision and updating by Raymond Postgate.)

And as noted herein, Revolutions without a "game plan" are inclined towards destruction, not construction. This is what makes "The Cenocratic Revolution" unique in its approach with respect towards mapping out a path by introducing the first three initial "stepping stones" that need to take place so that a deliberate alteration in the structure of the government is a coherent and concentrated effort involving the whole of the nation, if not the world. This is not about getting a single person into office, but giving everyone an equal opportunity to directly, and not vicariously, participate in developing laws which the majority agrees with. (Which includes provisions for minority perspectives so that the word "Majority" and its subsequent acts do not effect a derisive single-mindedness that so many businesses, governments and religions have practiced.)

The lack of focused objectives by a group professing to have "Revolutionary" ideas reflects nothing more than a repetition of history. Such a repetition is reflected in the behavior of those involved in such revolutionary schemes in which they find themselves in power and yet don't know what to do with the power. They frantically start jumbling together some sort of "make it up as we go along" schematic that pretenses itself to be a coherent formula of enlightenment. In short, they don't know what to do with the power and act more like college kids who have stolen another college's mascot that they must now protect and defend as a badge of honor.

All revolutionaries, regardless of the name they attach to themselves, must convince the public they are different than the disgruntled "multi-headed" hordes in the past who carried out independent objectives; whose ultimate results were social disruption, discord and further disharmony because nothing substantial occurred unless there was a concerted effort towards purposeful measures.

If you're going to have a Revolution tell the public what kind of revolution, the reason(s) for it, how it is to be conducted, and what you hope to accomplish. Nobody wants a group of idiots supplanting another group of idiots leaving us in the same or a worse condition. When you're not intelligent enough to conduct a Revolution with a coherent plan of action, how can you (or we) expect you to run the country in a coherent intelligent fashion? You've got to be more intelligent than those tunnel-visioned individuals who define the word 'Revolution' with the word anarchy.

You must exhibit more intelligence in order to garner support, unless you intend to run the country with the same tactics of propaganda, manipulation and force that is presently being used to create various illusions and delusions and then call them belief, patriotism or S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).

We don't expect perfection, and we realize mistakes are made during a learning process. But the mistakes must be honest ones and you must own up to them and then move on. The public typically is slow to learn in any collective sense. If you have a better idea, a better plan, then you must persevere... intelligently. Yet, you must remember that creative efforts often require moments of incubation. (You only have to hit the head of a nail so many times before it is flush with a board. Unless it's to be counter-sunk, unless of course you are going to develop some life-affirming philosophy to a single activity.)

The measures you outline in the preface of your Revolution's Declaration (or if you prefer: Manifesto), must remain the focused objective(s) even if the primary speaker(s) for the movement should become ill, incarcerated, or die. The next primary spokesperson(s) must carry-on in the same direction and not let the organization falter into a disjointed "multi-headed" beast that attempts to go in too many directions at one time that results in standing still or "spinning one's wheels".

You can not permit the Organization to fight on too many fronts at one time like the Nazi war machine did; which resulted in thinning out resources so much so that it eventually dissipated in its own wistfulness like a dreamy indulgence when looking into a campfire's flames. By not engaging in over-zealous ego posturing or over-indulging in sentimentality; both of which can be consuming distractions, we become associated with the idea of a "moving target" should the need ever arise in response to those detractors attempting to get any one of the assumed Cenocratic "leadership" in their sites in an effort to stir public disinterest for some presumptive allegation of wrong doing.

Generally, the notion of a "moving target" is viewed in terms of that which is moving away or staying at a distance from a source of attack. But it can also be used for a tactic employed in assertiveness. Such assertiveness can be adopted by Revolutionaries by way of acknowledging their need for a "tactical warfare" methodology used by those who are attempting to assert their views on others. Be it through advertisement, investment, lobbying, dress, deportment, specialized vernacular, etc... Revolutionaries of today, at least those who wish to remain lawful, must use similar tactics on those that are being used on them; but do so in more inventive and creative ways.

Revolutionaries have got to out-think their detractors and direct opponents because they are already prepared to deal with those who use the tactics employed by previous revolutionaries... simply by reading history. Revolutionaries of today must develop tactical methodologies for which can not be found in history books.

Revolutionists can not be a multi-headed impulsive beast and imagine yourselves to be a group of young and intelligent individuals with a commendable cause just because one or more journalists say you are. You can not allow yourselves, particularly your self-image, to be manipulated by those who have learned how to "pull-your-strings" through journalistic sources. You don't have the luxury of being childishly gullible to the point of parading some self-esteemed reflection that postures your ego which you place as a feather in your cap. Get past your own ticker-tape parading where you set yourself up for being a target by a sniping journalist who is ever-ready to do the government a tit-for-tat good deed by pointing out someone as an Oswald in order to cover-up its own presence on a grassy knoll.

But let us, for the moment, interpret the "multi-headed beast" label in a positive way. Let us identify it with an individual or group that can multi-task like an office manager, housewife/husband, public school teacher, job-site superintendent, short-order cook, sports team, police officer, emergency-room personnel, fire chief, summer camp counselor, general construction contractor, jack/jill of all trades, do-it-yourselfer, general medical practitioner, nurse, florist, baker, orchestra musician, actor, actress, motion picture director, general mechanic, psychologist, psychiatrist, dentist, etc... In fact, in some ways, we all are all "multi-headed", though the word "beast" is not inclusive unless your a child who wonders how their parents seem to have eyes behind their heads.

Yet, such "multi-headedness" in a Revolutionary throng typically follows the "I can fix it without the need for looking at the plans" masculine mode of 'attacking the problem'... even though women are not completely exempt from this channel of mental participation when focused on a given task of repair or assemblage. Others use a mimicry approach after observing someone else appear to have accomplished a similar task. A third means of attempting a task is those who think that because someone else can do it so can they by way of reading instructional advice from those who may in fact know how to accomplish the task but are not as talented in conveying the procedural steps in a way that every reader can assimilate and regurgitate into a needed functionality.

True "Cenocratic" Revolutionaries must exhibit a plan, an action, and a philosophy that clearly represents a different way of thought that results in an enduring improvement and is not just a change in the personality or attire of those in a particular position.

  • When we talk diplomacy, let us talk a different form of diplomacy with an applicable effectuality. This is not the articulation of a rhetorical substandard intimation lacking coherence, but an enlightened form of diplomacy that standard protocols may at first find disconcerting because they are not accustomed to those who embrace a larger comprehension for which current policies ineffectually address. In as much as it may be difficult to converse with those who do not routinely think "outside the box" as is constructed by current paradigms of concentrated ego-centricities, we are obliged to pursue such an attempt with great diligence.

  • When we talk tough, let it be from a comprehension that is clearly understood as a viable alternative, but not necessarily as a desirable inevitability nor the wanton display of an adversarial chip-on-the-shoulder. Flexing muscle or beating combative drums is an easy exercise by those who are not capable of wrestling with objectives which require alternative and creative thinking applied with a talent, giftedness or genius that may involve unrelenting, but exhausting efforts; such as the three characteristics of genius described by Galton: Intellect, Zeal, and Power of Working.

  • And when we talk diplomacy and toughness, it will be both inwardly and outwardly applied. Such declarations of behavioral intent do not excuse a person nor group of people from effecting the lack of personal responsibility or moral judgment.

The Cenocratic Revolution is not intended to be a fire-spewing, mouth frothing multi-headed beast, but a "beast" in terms of resolve, rectitude, and resourcefulness; of one mind, one heart, one soul in accomplishing the three initial "stepping stones", by establishing:

  1. A National (if not International) Cenocratic Government party.

  2. A (Cenocratic) National (if not International) Referendum.

  3. A (Cenocratic) Peoples Legislative Branch. (Both on the State and Federal government levels.)

It behooves a political movement with the daring to call itself a "Revolution" to publicly state one's objective(s), the reason(s) for the objective(s) and the intended course of action(s). Yet, even when stating a non-violent lawful, intent; laws entitled under a rubric such as "National Security" can be used as a carte blanche edict to negatively interpret one's manifested philosophy as a "manifesto" generalized into a pronouncement of illegal intent... if you are perceived as a threat to the authority of those who precipitate how an organization's activities are to be defined in relation to their own methodologies. In instances where their paranoia instructs a degenerated logic into a subscription for interpreting every circumstance as a do-or-die survivialist campaign, a last ditch effort may be the instigation of calling for 'emergency legislation' and the enactment of some "Marshallized" law in an effort to effect a restoration of order... that is under their control and the people are once again made into puppets but spoon fed the illusion that they live in a "peoples" government; instead of simply conforming to the dictates of established businesses, governments and religions.

The collective Cenocratic party is not meant to endorse any person for a particular business, government or religious office, though individual Cenocrats may choose to support anyone they wish to. The Cenocratic party is intended solely for the support of the Cenocratic party, the Referendum, and the Peoples Legislative Branch.

It is well noted by many observers of life that violence is an easy commodity to provoke in a species whose ancestry had to rely on a recurring frequency of its expression as part of its day to day survival. Saints and sinners alike have witnessed its intermittent revival that has been at times both successfully and unsuccessfully tempered by a conscientiously remorseful silence or obligingly rejected when faced with enforced restraints born of threats by an even greater violence or more enduring restraint of one's other freedoms. Cenocrats are reflective of such an accountability. There is far too much needless pain, suffering and sorrow which frequently accompanies expressions violence. But for good or ill, violence does bring about change. Yet, Cenocrats must publicly be advisory in their preferred respect for non-violent civility when making usage of the word "Revolution".

To effect and condone an atmosphere of violence is a terrible and dreadful thing; but it is a more horrendous deed for established authority to falsify and minimize the illegality of censoring a protest against its weaknesses that the people want to effect duly warranted improvements thereof.

Likewise, it is a disgusting act of incredulity for any country to permit any individual or business from making a profit off any conflict, regardless if it is labeled a war, police action or whatever. And such is a point of departure from what was, is practiced by the current government, and will be practiced by a Cenocracy. Simply stated, no one, in any capacity is to be permitted to make a profit off of any form of conflict. Everything thing will be "at cost" and those costs will include basic wages for all employees in order to prevent instigating a profit by way of initiating the topic of cost over-runs. Necessarily so, all manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of any goods or services used in a conflict, military exercise, or any similar government program will not be permitted to acquire a profit.

In terms of violence, such a feral revolution will not be a welcomed state of affairs by any conscious rationality because counter-thrusts by the current forms of social governing providence may undoubtedly create the conditions for an escalation thereof. Cenocrats abhor the usage of violence in attempting to create, by way of force, an atmosphere for the peaceful resolution of different social self-governing perspectives. And to our historical credit, we will attempt, with full deliberation, our utmost efforts towards a positive and peaceful application of the Cenocratic alternative. By thus, should historians measure our right to appeal and have that appeal addressed by the propriety of the public's right to govern itself as the majority so deems it necessary by way of a National Referendum, irrespective if current social laws discourage, dismiss or forbid the usage of a National Referendum.

However, even though we declare an over-riding interest and preferred propensity against the usage of violence, we are aware that criminal elements of varying caliber will be attracted to a circumstance which they think may afford them the possibility of concealing their efforts to carry out their chosen conventionalisms of misdeeds; colloquially referred to as "M-O", which stands for 'modus operandi' or mode -of- operation. In such cases it is our civic duty to apprehend, under the notion of "a citizen's arrest", or cause their apprehension through civil authorities, so that we may the better attend to our lawful protestations and not be subjected to misleading social defamating stigmas associated with adages such as 'guilt by association' or mis-judging a book by its cover.

Yet, if a criminal's attendance, or attendant criminal deeds by a non-criminal are an intentional placement by those exercising a frame of mind centered on creating a "disruption from within", as an attempt to thwart our Cenocratic efforts; through a calculated prescription meant to discredit us such as through frivolous allegations made public by journalistic hired guns; it is our right to become the reigning civil authority and effect justice which best befits the circumstances at hand... if the lawful authority shirks or prevaricates its responsibility to properly adjudicate the situation.

The patience of the people will not unduly suffer acts meant as exasperations to our justified cause. Our rights as individuals and as a collective body of individuals in a concerted effort does not in any way diminish our legal rights... even when laws governing those rights are set aside by a governing body attempting to interfere with our protestations; under the guise of adjudicating a higher authority that is not restricted by civil statutes such as being defined as a state of Marshall law.

Such efforts meant to usurp our processes of protestation will be tantamount to a deliberate provocation for civil war. And so we must make a plea for the abstention of rash announcements before any such action were to be contemplated which might set free the dogs of war that might now be more merciless due to repeated scenarios of combativeness seen in electronic games, recurring televised historical reviews and multiple motion pictures. Do not permit the howling and frothing dogs of war encircle your encampment that raises a dust which blinds you from making wise, rational and magnanimous decisions.

Restated, if the reigning authority will not lawfully assist us so that we may carry out our legally-mannered protestations free from criminal elements to an extent which it has an ability to do, or such laws that exist are found to be undesirably wanting; it will be our solemn duty to replace such inadequacies of authority and law with that which will best assist us in our lawfully directed countenance.

Furthermore, if the present forms of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, however so named under differing government systems; shun, ignore or disavow our entreaties for a Cenocratic governing process, we will thus be forced to carry out the practice of such a process as if it already exists as a Constitutionally mandated governing formula... which expressly denotes our right to hold a Cenocratic form of Congressing. Whereas we would prefer to have a National Referendum to duly note its acceptance, a National acceptance or denial thereof remains as an unknown since an honest Referendum is disallowed or negated before it can ensue... because of presently practiced political "hoop-jumping" requirements related to holding a Referendum. Processes of holding a Referendum should not encounter subjugations to a condition reminiscent of a gauntlet or a deck of cards that is stacked and/or marked in favor of the dealer.

The Cenocratic Revolution is, in effect, an attempt to establish a new legal contract of a peoples government which details the process of an enhanced form of social self-governance. The aforementioned 'Congressing' will entail some preliminary tasks:

  1. Collect signatures for promoting and establishing a public-acknowledged "Cenocratic Goverment Party".

  2. Collect together all materials of those who have begun to rewrite the Constitution giving them full credit for their contribution in order not to slight those whose documents have sensitive "ownership egos" attached.

  3. Collect 3 Representatives from each State (province, territory, etc.,) to attend a preliminary to a Federal level PLB (Peoples Legislative Branch) Congress for submitting proposals to change laws that are specific to the Nation and are not local jurisprudence matters.

But we must also strive to remove public inclinations towards a usage of "urban legend-generated" materials which foster emotionally charged grievances that have no functionality towards redressing the government for conducting an illegality towards the people. For example, some people claim the (U.S.) government does not have a right to tax the citizens; but the Constitution does in fact state this as a point of permissibility. If the people collectively feel this is unjust, that the country and its people would be better off without a form of taxation, then this could be decided by a National Referendum instead of burning down Congress.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, is known as the Taxing and Spending Clause. It is the clause that gives the federal government of the United States its power of taxation. Component parts of this clause are known as the General Welfare Clause and the Uniformity Clause.

--- Taxing and Spending Clause ---

Note: See comments about taxation near the bottom of this page: Cenocratic Declaration For Greater Independence

Whereas we prefer to avoid violence, it unfortunately may be an inevitability in our efforts for seeking a redress of grievances whose very processes, as presently practiced under the auspices of current government acceptability; entice the public to be confrontational against a bully with a chip on its shoulder. While such a statement is not meant as a comment about any individual, but an overall process, some individuals will subscribe to it as if they are being singularly addressed because they have erected their own forms of "lines in the sand" which no one readily sees, and thus can be alternatively and discriminatively redrawn depending on mood and disposition at a given moment.

Note well then:

  1. That petitioning the government routinely amounts to little more than dismissiveness because, for example:

    1. "Petitioning the Government" is not necessarily meant as a means to address issues directly with those in the government who can effect change with respect to the issue brought forth.

    2. The petitioning process is not meant to involve the whole of the public by making the petition a widely distributed valid point of public consideration.

    3. The petitioning process does not automatically lead to a Referendum nor even a consideration thereof.

  2. Voicing complaints through customary Representative channels amounts to little more than parried deflections by way of, for example:

    1. "Form letters" which are courteous, and may be, obligingly taken under advisement and studied so that it can be more fully answered (or not) at a later date.

    2. Issues of personal Representative interest thought to be more important take precedence.

    3. Are respectfully accepted as being valid but... some law or event, or Congressional timing prevents the item from being considered on the floor of Congress at this time.

...Thus are we left with the need of direct assertion.

It can not be over-emphasized that if our peaceful methods are viewed as a weakness whereby we are not taken seriously; that the reigning authority disabuses itself through mocking rejections of our most desirous collective appropriations to legislate laws of, by and for ourselves on our own behalf; that its real attempt is to try our patience with varying attempts to disengage our travail; an implacable alternation in our methodological approaches must and will ensue as a formidable consternation which will shortly thereafter be found as an indefatigable sentinel at its doorstep, in order to effect the furthering development of a Cenocracy.

While the Cenocratic Revolution does in fact publicly announce a preferential predisposition towards non-violent approaches to exercise its right to protest, to assemble, and to have grievances addresses to the satisfaction of the people; we must also give evidence for insisting upon the usage of a cogent wisdom by all observers. Please do not misunderstand our pacifism.

The "Cenocratic Revolution" (Movement) does not underscore or "bottom line" its efforts with an inclination towards simplistic or superficially intoned utterances as expressed by song-spoken phrase entitled "Give peace a chance"; because it is nothing more than a social group pacifier that does not produce actual results of solving social problems that can be solved through social self-governing reform.

The phrase "Give Peace a Chance" is easily seen as a security blanket, talking stuffed animal, or Jack-in-the-box musical distraction for those unable or unwilling to think beyond the confines of their reserved compliance to circumstances they react to as does a child in a baby crib... by whining, crying (often with out-stretched arms or hands wanting assistance), rocking to and fro, being mesmerised by an authoritatively-placed mobile, or sucking on/playing with some form of a commercially placed pacifier. It's time for the public to grow up and be weaned from the present forms of Communistic, Democratic and Socialistic bottles. The weaning and subsequent teething are about to begin.

Indeed, the word "peace" typically is defined as an absence of war, yet is rarely or ever defined as an absence of:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Basic/Poor nutrition
  • Basic medicine
  • Over-priced housing
  • Unemployment
  • Ignorance
  • Prejudice
  • Sex Offenders
  • Self-centered authority
  • Non-sensical "drunk on pacifism" (nesting) chants and songs developed by an antiquated mentality.
  • Idiotic music and other so-called "art" forms
  • Commercialization
  • Over-priced medical and dental care
  • Over-priced basic necessities
  • An anti-democratic U.S. Electoral College
  • "Protectionist" methods used by businesses, governments and religions which are "civilized" variations of the same methods used by criminals in the past and present... very often used in coverted concert with one another so as to conceal their anti-trust activities.
  • Corporate, Religious, Charity, Executive, Legislative and Judicial exploitation.
  • Recurring economic problems caused by stock market player manipulations.
  • Poor wages and lousy benefits yet the U.S. Congress can vote increases in such for itself the people have to pay for but the public does not have the same privilege.
  • etc...

And a word needs to be said about those countries which have a Volunteer Military. It must be realized that if there were enough well paying jobs in the civilian sector, military recruiting quotas would not be met. The youth who voluntarily go into the military do so in an effort to secure some semblance of steady pay with medical benefits. If an economy is doing well, the volunteer rates of those going into the military drop off. It is necessary for the government not to ensure that there are enough jobs for the young in order that its military will be well-stocked. A country with a military dependent on voluntary enlistment must make the circumstances of the military look promising. This is more easily accomplished if jobs are not available anywhere else. If people were going into the service primarily as a patriotic gesture "to serve their country", then the military would not have to discuss rate of pay, housing, medical, and other benefits.

"Give Peace a Chance" is the theme song of pacifists who are like slaves quietly accepting the fate of "servitude without indentured beatings", or like sheep who obligingly bleat in a form of patriotic cadence while circulating as cattle do in a contrived shoot of social encirclement as they make their way towards a "compassionate, respectful and humane" means of slaughtering them... as if their only birthright is to be a classless classification that could be labeled a 'specific usage' (instead of "collateral damage") due to a proximity with a given human population. The distortions of human thinking that is perpetrated and perpetuated by the various forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism are so multi-faceted that recurring social problems are not solved because those who are in a position to solve them have a mindset that can't recognize what the actual roots of the problems are.

We are well aware that Legislative Representatives with integrity, honesty, and sensitivity duly want to do the best they can for the Nation and the people; with no intent of making the people an after-thought as might be suggested in the trailing placement of their regard in a phrase of an expressed thought. We would like to believe that most, if not all of them have a far reaching altruism. However, we must also note that no matter their individual and collective talents, giftedness or genius, the system in which they are forced to work has insurmountable obstacles in place due to the structural formula being used by the current government. It is therefore up to us, in as much as we are able, to convince them that Cenocracy affords them with a greater means of helping the people and the nation achieve its greatest potentialities. While there is no guarantee we will be successful in our endeavours to this end, we our hopeful that if we can convince them that Cenocracy is the better social self-governing system and the people support it, Cenocracy will ultimately be adopted.

And yet, it is not well contemplated the extent to which the people, individually as well as collectively, represent a wide ranging and deep potential which routine thinking; brought about the current forms of social self-governance, forces us... as a nation, into a level of self-defeating mediocrity of same-mindedness and that the only expressions of independent thinking arise in the extremities of human social participation generally referred to as recognized or unrecognized professionalism and criminality. Such expressions can be likened to nerve-ending twitches of an organism confined to an examination table where routinized procedures of Standard Operating Practices want everyone to record the same observations and differences are to be labeled as irrelevant anomalies instead of characterizations of an underlying representation that something quite unique may exist.

In other words, the very things we are presently calling talent, giftedness, genius (and wonder why criminals can't use their "talents and energies" in socially useful and constructive ways) can be singularly defined as a social phenomenon of the physics modality called Relativity. Simply stated, they are labels describing different perceptions of the same vaguely defined "tip of an iceberg" with respect to human potentiality which can be unlocked if given the appropriate atmosphere of cultivation. Such a soil of nutrients is to be found in the adoption of a Cenocracy. The citizenry must not only be permitted, but be encouraged to develop new paradigms of thought and action and not let the current "authoritative" edicts in science, art, music, fashion, literature, politics, education, etc.; fuse everyone's brain into a conveyor belt mentality of political correctness.

Those who seek to reject the Cenocratic Revolution are those fearful of having their actual so-called "uniqueness" seen as a mediocrity if they should lose the present "authoritative" position diminished by the social changes following the adoption of a Cenocracy. The illusion of their presumed uniqueness would dissipate because prevailing auras of mystique related to their positions would be recognized for what they actually are: socially accepted authoritative formulas modeled on antiquated repositories of various superstitions concealed with modern garments, modern language, and specialized vernaculars all meant to induce a receptivity to manipulation which act as supplements to the increasing instances of "celebrating mediocrity" being fostered by present "dumbing down the populace" Communisms, Democracies and Socialisms which practice a guiding patriotism based on sameness of mind to enhance gullibility... a stultifying sameness which is pervasive in medical treatment, education, workplaces, etc... like ants in a colony who have no other role to play but to play a role of sameness... or like symbiotic creatures whose whole purpose is to assist with the perpetuation of the host, no matter how useless the host is in a larger grasp of reality.

It is a reality forestalled by present social governing processes which have self-asserting protective mechanisms written into a social code of conduct; that are reinforced by routines of mind fostered by routine perceptions in a stagnant, or very slowly changing governing a landscape as might a foundation though the visible structure may take on era-specific conventionalisms? Such a state of affairs entices us to ask how we go about changing the routines of such minds without dramatically altering the landscape such as through destruction? If not the visible landscape, than the landscape of collective interpretation or the underlying foundations without using fear, intimidation, threat, violence, etc.? Is the promise of a potential reward enough and must it be immediate or can it be delayed? Such questions are issues considered by a humanitarian-based reflective conscientiousness.

While some rhetoric used by a few Cenocrats will undoubtedly be expressions of bravado and chest-thumping, as is the case when a multiplicity of voices begin to speak with their own individuality of a subject in profile, they must realistically be viewed as an accented genre of literature. Similar "literary" expressions can be heard at sporting events such as the "kill the umpire!" remark heard at certain baseball games when one or more fans "warmly" disagree with an umpire's call. Clearly, the "authoritative" umpire is in no actual danger of being killed... at least not by any rational fan.

But, let us also make note of the fact that some fans (men or women) have what may be referred to as a "borderline rationality". They are those who seek out an event in which underlying anti-social inclinations can be expressed in a context which disguises their neurotic or psychotic impulses that are directed towards destruction of life and/or or property. These are those who attach themselves to one or another group or organization with the intent of vigilantly awaiting a time and place to effect an act of self-seeking opportunism without regard for another's life or property. Such people are not Cenocrats.

The Cenocratic Revolution is the acknowledgment of those, from different walks of life, calling themselves Cenocrats, who prefer to carry walking sticks or other items they consider might be necessary as they travel towards an uncharted territory named Cenocracy. Cenocracy is not a singular moment in time and place to effect an instance of selfish opportunism even though some will try to use it as such under presumed provisions of current law. An example of this is those taking every economic advantage they can during the conditions of a war, pestilence, riot, natural disaster, or whatever situation they can wrestle another dollar out of. Such people wash their hands of all blame and guilt... and will simply ask for some charitable forgiveness if it is found that something they did or did not do which contributed to the exasperations of the event in one way or another.

While such a "Revolutionary" (Cenocratic) exploration might be said to be in some ways practiced by that which is called Direct Democracy as is seen in Switzerland, it has never been tried before with so many people from disparate walks of life who are coming together because they all share the same calling for this unique, once-in-a-life-time adventure.

Switzerland's long-held status of being a neutral country impresses a conservatism on the typical results and process of the peoples Referendum. However, America and many other countries do not practice a "hands off" approach towards wanting to express a global responsibility. Therefore, "Direct Democracy" as practiced by Switzerland will be considerably different from the Cenocracy practiced by Americans, Brits, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Russians, French, Portuguese, Bolivians, Danes, Germans, Slavs, Poles, Chilians, Hungarians, Fins, Japanese, Mexicans, Czechs, Filipinos, Italians, Canadians, Koreans, Africans, Australians, Argentinians, and others.

For some, Cenocracy is likened to the first-hand exploration of a new island, or a new continent, or a new planet. For others, the exploration of an unknown is a very fearful and forbidden thing. They might well claim there are too many possible pitfalls, quicksands and quagmires and that the majority of the public does not have the needed intelligence, resilience or fortitude for such an undertaking that is best left to so-called professionals. They might serve to render accusations as an attempt to conjure the very demons used by those of past generations who claimed the same for the usage of those beliefs which they view as unassailable commodities of a greater consciousness; be it called Communism, Democracy, Socialism or other doctrine of social ordering. Their fears may even suggest that a departure from the practice of their perceived truth might well lead to the reversion of some earlier primitive social governing process.

Those against the journey into the realm of Cenocracy suggest that, instead, we adopt a variation of the Cenocratic model by establishing a selection of committees made up of the citizenry that will simply make suggestions to the existing Executive, Judicial and Legislative bodies. But the usage of such committees is not even a close approximation to an equitable compromise. It would be little more than a subjugation of the Cenocratic identity to a mirage created in the desolate landscape of a wasteland with water-holes controlled by those whose governing authority was established by way of a self-defined, self-administered, and self-regulated lineage. It is a process by which we the people would be forced to yield to their demands before ever gaining entry to that which is heavily taxed, employment is becoming more difficult to acquire, and increased wages only effect increased costs for the basic necessities of life... while they, as part of a "wealthening" elite, enjoy the spoils supplied through our different forms of Communistic, Democratic and Socialistic serfdoms that some prefer to denote as a modernized form of slavery.

In other words, they want to add yet another sugar-coated, preservative layered, and artificially flavored idea to the illusion that we have a government that is Of, By, and For All the people.

The timidity of those who may well strive to go out of their way to interrupt our journey, impulsively urges them to waylay the courageousness of any budding curiosity and causes them to voice complaints against the initial outlines of a Cenocratic governing process. They prefer the presence of others doing as they themselves do and thinking as they themselves think, because such presumed "normal" and traditional behavior helps to reassure them that they are right in their views. They don't want anyone to begin charting a course into a new territory which does not mimic the boundaries of their world-view. In effect, you can't correctly color the page they set before you unless you remain in the lines so prescribed by their interests and beliefs. They want you to remain in your niche, regardless of how much you are suffering, because if everyone starts to alter their positions by adopting a new perspective, these self-assumed purveyors of knowing "The Way" might very well get lost (and start a revolution on their own behalf in an attempt to regain a desired functionality of their financial and other social status loses... in other words, regain a privileged form of liberty, justice and equality).

The antagonists to a Cenocratic perspective want everything and everyone to remain as they are because that is how they chart their respective life's course. But if a new course is charted, they want to be at the helm, and see it as "below their station" in life to participate in the laborings required for the initial undertaking of the journey. They prefer to stand on the shore lines with the expectation that all the initial crudeness of the course will be transitioned away to make their embarkation as comfortable as possible; so that they can be greeted and treated in the same richly rewarded manner they are accustomed to.

Such antagonists not only prefer that we conform to their perceived view of the world, but that we use the same words to describe their view. They want our "freedom of speech" expressions to be a mimicry of their own. They want to deny us the ability to create our own words, our own vocabulary, and the very placement of those words in a given structure for a given context. Neologisms such as Cenocracy, Cenocrat and Cenocratic are not permitted because they act as a kind of door-stop which permits in a breeze that might well change the stale odor of that which they have grown accustomed to... Like the stench of one's Toileting process which promotes the idleness of mind and body while waste products are permitted to accumulate instead of being routinely removed as they occur at their singular moment. They prefer that the next person, the next generation, (their heirs/"airs") be suffused with the same stench in an attempt to 'customate' them to perpetuating the same cycle of disregard for others. Such is the very same routine of mind and activity that present social governing processes are fostering as the best formulas for socialisation.

More plainly stated, the typically occurring behavior of someone defecating is to let their waste products remain as stench-creating processes while they ruminate in idleness such as day dreaming, read, listen to surrounding sounds, talk on the phone, etc... Most people, it would seem from what can be determined by personally encountered experiences, is that they do not flush the toilet at any time during their Toileting procedure, just afterwards, though some do so as a means of removing that which was left by a previous user. While some may want to defensively claim they are conserving water, they don't understand that the situation highlights similar unseen "stench"-creating routines of thought and behavior brought about by the routine "user" processes of Communism, Democracy and Socialism; though some consider it a far stretch of the imagination to call such processes as "user friendly" after having been subjected to filling out some government forms. The word "stench" in this regard is metaphorical and is being used as a wide-ranging generality involving numerous types and kinds of "waste"-ful effects that most of us are routinely interpreting as natural, normal, and unavoidable... whereby no improvement in that which can improve one's thought and behavior are needed... or even exists.

But these stalwart protectors of the present governing faith don't want to be seen as harboring any rebellious tendencies by being one of the first to step in the water in undertaking the proposed Cenocratic voyage beyond the present routines of mind and behavior called Communism, Democracy or Socialism because they might get wet. And they think socially important personages would laugh at them by being made the butt of a community joke. They further submit that... anyway, it is a folly of mentation if either they or others would come to suggest that there is an agreeably alternative perspective to their presently accepted perceptions of "proper" social practices which they have been brought up to believe are the foremost expressions of liberty, justice and equality.

However, it should be noted that it is unfortunate we might have to expend some effort on those who would insist on persisting with a negative perspective to coincide with a prolonged and dominating pessimism they have for human affairs and humanity. They want all of humanity to share in their personal sorrows (but never their wealth or privileges), and help them to sustain as well as proliferate their negativity into a self-fulfilling death-dealing prophesy for all of existence... except their own of course. Some of them may in fact resort to extreme methods to "prove" they are right because their deliberately destructive actions are an example thereof!

For them, at these early Cenocratic stages, it is thought to be incomprehensible to think in terms of considering that there exists a governing formula which exceeds the current institutions; particularly one which portrays the possibility of a greater human promise and progress that can be apprehended by a human form of consciousness. They think that to exceed the grasp of our present social governing endeavours we must have the assistance of an extra-ordinary proposal originating from a source of super-normal appreciation, if not a divinity itself... or that all of humanity must have died and are on a journey towards Heaven which introduces us to its forth-coming role by way of an inculcation to a new way of thinking.

Oh poppycock! they might say... with an intent of interjecting a bit of humor by the usage of a phrase seldom used anymore as a means of imparting disapproval of that which they would prefer to interpret as the pixilated musings of an inebriated imagination. To them, such regards should be vehemently opposed, rejected and immediately discarded because it represents a path that will lead us all to a point of no return or cause us to quickly lose our present Communistic, Democratic or Socialistic way with no recognizable landmark, working compass, or even breeze to which we might hoist our social governing sails. They think our views are not suggestive of a Revolution in thinking, but that we have all simultaneously escaped from a Bedlam. And that our collective laughter to such is a confessed admission of a new form of madness that may be the creation of an unrecognized plague whose infection perpetrates a symptom obliquely described as Cenocracy... yet they never consider that they may be indulging in an expressed form of projection which is actually illustrating the very conditions called Communism, Democracy and Socialism!

Cenocrats on the other hand, realize that any new undertaking presents the possibility of risks; but history quickly reminds them that this is the way of progress, whether or not the initially sought for and defined goals are to be found. Very often, one excursion leads to a far greater discovery and even treasures that are not well understood until some time afterwards. And it is also well known that serendipitous events are sometimes the earmarks of fortuitous legends and breath-taking vistas of consciousness for which no contemporary imagination can foresee as the realization of achievable potentiality. Progress is not always readily visible or adaptable to current notions of practicality; it is sometimes subtle, ambiguous or an astonishing simplification of that which has been traditionally viewed as a take-for-granted artifact of complexity.

For some members of the gathering expedition, they may be unable to accurately tell you why they have joined the Cenocratic enterprise... all they can say is that "they have to" join, which for some may be interpreted along the same lines as a child's "just because" or "just wait, you'll see". And instead of a pen-knife hewn walking stick, some will bring paper and pen, or pencil (or a laptop), in order to record what they see in words, or in pictures, or both. Others may see themselves as a modern day version of an entrepreneurial Christopher (or "Christine") Columbus, seeking financial (or provisions) support for this new route by an encouraging vote of confidence by way of possible stock market advantages through advertizing aligned with innovative thinking. And they will do such things despite those who may voice opposition; for they somehow know that they have been chosen to play a part in this historical event that is unfolding. They know that as more and more join in, the movement of individuals joined in unison produces a wave of momentum as clear as the sound of the ocean in a sea-shell.

For other members of the expedition into the Cenocratic unknowns, those whose lives have been tempered by the repeated hammerings and flames of personalized hells created by social circumstances permitted by the accepted legalities of present social governing models; they may at some time come face to face with the ending scenes of their life's drama in a circumstance which has forced them to stand with a back to a wall. For them, this is the final narrative of a senseless cinematic sequel that must be brought to a close by making sure all the actors are removed from their ability to ever again replay their distrustful roles. Such will be the moment of their true calling when they thrust everyone else aside from the line of fire... from whence emerges a beast of defiance singing a song of liberty only fellow Cenocrats understand. It is a monster of retribution which has lurked ever quietly below the surface and humanised to an acceptable level of civility by being assigned to a peripatetic pace of self control that, once unleashed, has not else to do but to charge their assailants and take out as many as they can in a blaze of all encompassing fire. Though they have prayed for the day to never come, and have been ever watchful not to participate in what may be described as a self-fulfilling prophesy; they know that realistically, the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism engage in periodic experimental trials with their own beasts which they feed or starve according to the dictates of their usefulness in controlling a given population.

But in portraying the foregoing in a matter-of-fact way, they know their would-be adversaries will attempt to minimized their losses by making a first strike; little knowing it is part of a pre-formatted strategy which takes into consideration that their antagonists will try to out-position them. It is but a ploy to avail an unrealized advantage for accomplishing an unrealized objective. Magicians often employ the same tactic. (Mirror, Mirror, on the wall; Oh, so many more Mirrors if you should fall!)

The Cenocratic Movement is at the same time unnervingly exciting and apprehensively disconcerting because it portends to provide us with a social structure that will be a whole new Sociology, though some may simply refer to it as a New Democracy. Hence, for them, the Cenocratic Movement may be described as a Ceno-Democracy (variously pronounced CenoDemocracy, C-nod-emocracy, or simply Cenocracy). Its growing social undulations are like enlarging concentric waves that even disquiets the conscious slumberings of those who think themselves to be exercising some rebellious expression in their present actions or appearance. But many of them are merely engaged in actually describing little more a new form of collective "anti-establishment status quo", by navigating their present social structure in a determined, but conservatively rebellious way by using it as their main landmark of tethered orientation for their sanity.

In other words, their acts of self-interpreted rebellion are economically-defined social class attempts at representing some individual uniqueness that closely circumnavigates presently established rules of demeanor and expectation in their respective social sphere. Thus, a disturbance in the status quo of their presumed rebelliousness is like the tantrums of a child subjected to the loss of a security blanket, bottle, or regularised bathing schedule before being put to bed with a fairy-tale (called Communism, Democracy, or Socialism). In other words, their rebelliousness exercises its own form of sub, or aside-cultural status quo with which they identify themselves and those who do or do not share in similar forms of self-identity characterization. Their presumed "individuality" is attached to the dominant culture they are in contact with. If the dominant culture becomes disturbed, a loss in their "individualism" ensues.

The ideas being fostered by a "Cenocratic Revolution" can fill one with mixed emotions like a full-blow sail hoisted against an erratic wind which intermittently tugs tautly at the lines of perceptions thought to be the foremost expression of a coherent reality. But the ideas sink ever deeper into the core of one's being to help them remain firmly anchored against antagonistic social weatherings. For them, the ideas will reach such a crescendo of inner reverberation that their entire rationality will be transformed and they will see themselves as if they are re-living an historical moment already experienced in a previous life-time...

...Like some reincarnated episode linked to some underlying genetic predisposition that has been, by trial and error, like a dormant seed awaiting the proper environmental circumstances for an appropriate level of emergence; so that the next stage in an evolutionary trend can be realized. For them, Cenocracy is the reality of both a time and place they already live in, albeit having been, like a plant, pruned time and again by the faulty forms of ("horticultural governance") being practiced by past and current forms of government. And though they readily understand the usage of the present metaphors in context, those who are close to them; existing in a world shared by a common mentality, may accept— but not understand them. Such is the case for all those who venture into the uncharted territory called Cenocracy. They see things differently for they are part of a future breed in the making.

Humanity has had a long, historically documented, gestation period in its ascendancy towards experiencing an ever greater realization. The different business, political and religious forms of Communism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Monarchy, Plutocracy, Socialism, etc., have been but kicks from within the womb no matter what location is viewed as the Cradle of Humanity. From this perspective, it can be stated that Cenocracy is the birthing process whose after-birth remnants are the many traditions and beliefs falsely presumed to be so important to a "true" existence on Earth and afterwards. From yet another perspective, the many forms of social self-governing can be paralleled with the stench of dirty diapers and Cenocracy as a toilet training methodology. Such metaphors are necessary not only to knock the arrogance of humanity off its unabashed high hobby horse riding, but to prepare for attendance at a school that it never knew existed... or could even imagine.

History is replete with examples of missed opportunity for individuals, for groups, for nations. While Cenocracy may not be viewed retrospectively from the future as "The" ultimate apotheosis, it is an opportunity enabling humanity to explore the possibilities of potentials yet to be realized, but achievable. Time will tell who would and those who would not take advantage of it.

Footnoted examples:

  1. Factious vagaries of the French Revolution have persisted through a process of exportation into other countries... even though other countries, including the U.S., have participated in the Exported instigation of conflicts for various political and economic reasons. Without indulging in too much enumeration, a single example might tellingly suffice when it is acknowledged that there was an abusive French military contingent which instigated the U.S. involvement in Vietnam... not to mention that it has been conjectured that French snipers were involved in the Kennedy assassination. Hence, the public does not generally understand the full breadth of the terms "Import and Export" with respect to government activities... be it food, clothing, weapons, sex trafficking, experimentations on homeless and runaways, money, fear, entertainment, disease, gang members, fuel, medicines, students, technology, etc... Governments can either import or export whatever it needs to suppress the people. [return]

  2. An example of this is government-extended unemployment benefits for those unable to find work with a livable wage during a period of widespread economic instability. In effect, the government is practicing a form of fantasy thinking when it hopes for "Market Forces" to magically create employment positions which will enable it to scale back its assistance. Yet, the assistance is not kept in place to ensure that all the unemployed are re-employed, only an arbitrarily standardized quantity in which words such as "most" or "majority" can be applied in order to justify its actions. Government policies sometime exhibit a "partialized equanimity" in that not everyone has to be recorded as having gotten a job since many jobs may have become obsolete or the workforce has become larger than the requirements of the entire 'living wage' paying job sector. Those who remain unable to find a job and are removed from being eligible for further extended benefits are forced to accept whatever employment they can, turn to crime, or live off others until some sort of income such as perhaps a pension can be procured. [return]

  3. Take for example the case in rising medical and dental services in the U.S... which does not presuppose nor automatically give credence for the adoption of a National Health care system which obviates the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for efforts towards living healthful lives. [return]

    There is no "checks and balances" being practiced to keep prices at an affordable level because the entire medical and dental "industry" is collectively raising its prices and there are no laws to protect the public from this expression of this form of anti-trust. Likewise, there is no actual "checks and balances" anti-trust provision to protect the people from the whole of the government. The role of the public, as a consumer... in both cases, is left without recourse because of an unchecked and unbalanced greed which spirals the cost of living onto more difficult to reach plateaus whose eventual destruction of the economy because everyone wants to participate in the same game for gain which becomes a name game to blame when those with financial fame become lame and may revengefully maim society into becoming economically insane (for which conventional drugs such as alcohol, entertainment, and religion are not sufficient enough to keep the public from becoming agitatively destructive):

    • They are forced to pay the Medical and Dental industry whatever is asked— or,
    • They are forced to pay the Insurance industry whatever is asked— or,
    • They are forced to suffer— or,
    • They are forced to ask for a raise in wage or insurance coverage which increases prices for which others must follow a similar path as that which increased the prices in the first place...— or,
    • They are forced to take one or more extra jobs that deprives someone else of employment— or,
    • They are forced to find employment in a government position which has a better wage and benefits than many civilian jobs— or,
    • They are forced into becoming a politician to save the world but instead join in the publicly perceived shady world of politics— or,
    • They are forced into criminal activity for a short or extended term— or,
    • They are forced into becoming a compulsive liar or cheat— or,
    • They are forced into gambling, prostitution and the associated "abuse-scenario" pitfalls— or,
    • They are forced to kill someone— or,
    • They are forced to kill themselves— or,
    • They participate in a Revolution to improve the commonweal by making the overdue changes to the structure of the government and governing laws, such as a revision to the standards by which an anti-trust provision can be applied to instances in which a monopoly were unseen or had evolved beyond the initial circumstances which initiated the need for such a provision in the first place...

    Likewise, even though the U.S. government has a foundationally-stated "checks and balances" philosophy, it doesn't work when the governing branches monopolise the law making processes and the public must pay the consequences or else be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. This is no different than Taxation Without Representation! Hence, it is time for a Revolution before the public suffers the consequences which will be exported and imported world-wide due to the interactive functions inherent in an inter-laced global economy which overlays a lot of "knots"... (they should not of done this, and they should not have done that, and particularly, not again!!!)

    Note: Instead of a Cenocratic "Political" Party as was previously documented, it is thought to be more appropriate to originate this as the "Cenocratic Government Party" since its intended organization has nothing to do with the traditionally used formula of collectively endorsing and supporting a particular candidate within the scope of a designated political party. It is specifically for the support and endorsement of the Cenocratic governing process as a primacy of accountable existence. Individual members can support and endorse any candidate they wish. It supersedes the notion of an "Independent" party. [return]


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