Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Cenocratic Revolution
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When the word "Revolution" is used in the context of political efforts, images of violence, or even terrorism may be evoked.

This is especially true when placed into a government-subsidized era of subverting laws through a variety of perpetrated threats, deceptions and hostility using such 'cloak room' disguises as "National Security", "credible evidence", "collateral damage", etc., But such a statement is rejected by assumed authority and those who pretend some intellectual primacy by being called the perception of a conspiratorial theorist or even someone who is paranoid. They are quick to assault those with a penchant of not only recognizing, but acknowledging and denouncing their hypocrisy.

Whereas many of those with an above-average intellectual acumen sincerely seek the truth to their perceptions, they are sometimes too quick in their analysis and respond reflexively and not reflectively. What they judge to be incorrect is not the perception, but the language being used to describe a perception not seen from their vantage point. They forget to apply an Einsteinian Relativity standard in that, metaphorically speaking, the train being described may be the perception of someone (with different first hand experiences, education, etc.), standing at a different position on the train station's platform. Businesses, governments and religions frequently want to start a fire and have the citizenry sing songs, and roast hot-dogs as well as marshmallows on one side of the bonfire, while someone is burnt alive on the other side... whereas the public can be cited as not only participating, but advocating the circumstances.

Authority uses various tricks up its sleeves, pant-legs and under its hat... in order to carry out individually personalized ulterior motives; which, when scrutinized outside the dim lit, crowded, and smoke-filled corridors of business, political and religious machinations; can be seen for the incredulity which they are... Yet, the players involved think it otherwise because they live by the adage that "all is fair in love, war and business" in their efforts to gain some margin of social ascendancy.

Such machinations have taken the place of earlier uses of dictatorial law used by Kings, Queens and Despots. And Instead of claiming an injunction imparted by a God, legislatures are used to create laws to force the public into submission. Each in their own way have claimed to be a Representative of either a god, a religion, or the people themselves. History is filled with examples of insurrections, rebellions, and revolutions attempted by those who sought a greater personal voice in the development and administration of laws meant for an equality to be shared by all, and not measured by way of a scale with one side being pushed down by the thumb of the reigning authority. All the insurrections, rebellions, and revolutions sought a greater level of independence from those tyrannies commensurate with a given era. Such is the case today.

While motivating the public to accept a given proposition is not wrong in and of itself, it is wrong when the people are forced to accept a proposition without the ability to collectively decide for themselves without the decision having to go through some mechanism of filtering in order for reigning authority to control and take advantage of for its self-interests. And although we are angered by the arrogantly applied absurdities of present governing processes that we know must be changed by a collectively voted on distinction and definition... that is controlled by the people themselves; this anger will be channelled into resolute efforts to press for definitive alterations in the structure of government which will ultimately bring about changes in both business and religion as well.

Whereas millions of people are not as gullible and naive as the aforementioned three entities would like to think we are, they conclude that without corroborating evidence and witnesses, mere belief is not enough to convict them of any presumed wrong doing. But even if witnesses and evidence would be provided, in the present era, they would not have to be Congressionally sworn if they provide campaign funds to anyone on a Congressional panel, and they will not have to plead any guilt... even if ordered to pay a substantial fine. Additionally, they will nonetheless be able to receive their retirement pension and leave any remaining conspiratorial ideas as a means of perpetuating their legacy into a prolonged history of public consciousness instead of dying out quickly like so many historical figures. In other words, the public has no recourse to bring them to a state of rendering equitable justice or similar accountability when they are being protected by those and that which are products of the current business, political and religious structures. However, Cenocracy is intent on changing such instances which have plagued humanity for hundreds of generations.

The Cenocratic Revolution is intent on giving the people a means by which it can right many perceived wrongs of Liberty, Justice and Freedom; most of which are not herein outlined for they are multi-numerous and multi-varied. But such intent will require the efforts and energy of an entire nation to support it, or reject it, by way of a Constitutionally mandated ability to conduct Referendums as often, and for what purpose, as the public deems fit by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch. And if at all possible, those involved with the Cenocratic Revolution, whether they call themselves a Republican, Democrat, Cenocrat or some measure of Independent... including those claiming no affiliation with any political party at all, will strive to implement the needed changes in a coherently lawful way.

Be it known that it is not impudence that makes us so forthright; but a seasoned humility of determination to assist ourselves and all future peoples with an opportunity to grow beyond themselves as a collective species that is not being afforded us by current forms of business, government and religious social structures; each of which might want to claim it is not they but one or the other of their counter-parts who thwarts their own efforts at assisting humanity. Nonetheless, an intervention is called for.

But we, as a single people, must want to effect such an intervention— and upon so doing, make a solemn effort with this intent; from which we must not permit ourselves to be diverted from... even in the face of dire privations, a wide-ranging cataclysmic social illness (economic or otherwise), global pandemic, conflict or war, nor even if Charon himself appears to be piered (moored) at the outskirts of our consciousness, imagination, and traditionalized rationale. This is not impertinence nor mischievous rashness but a dauntless courage to trespass known frontiers of contemplation as a means of throwing light on old shadows and taking the necessary steps forward.

Though our commitment might well suggest caution when looked retrospectively at from the the hindsight of ages hence, because of all the sufferings humanity has endured; this circumspection is not to be equated with a timidity of irresolute purpose, reticence, nor permit enculterated restrictions to impose self-defeating impositions. Although yet to be described as foresight, intuition, or even a serendipitous chance by way of taking a gamble; such a task is not an easy one, for it may well require simultaneous revolutionary changes in the very institutions we have stood faithfully by without reservation. Each of us during this time and that which follows in the years to come is at this juncture in human history. Such a moment as outlined is at hand... For us to take stock of who we are, where we are, and where we want to go. The vehicle for transporting us to a deserved future is called Cenocracy, by way of a Cenocratic Revolution.

The Cenocratic Revolution is not about perpetrating the images of a marching lynch mob calling themselves comrades, patriots (or "citizens" as during the French Revolution 1); with a directed course initiated by over-zealous impulses suggestive of a wild thirsty herd rampaging towards a direction offering satiety; even though some revolutionists might imagine the pooling of authoritative blood as a ritualistic form of watering hole that might be re-interpreted as such from the following historical phrase of Thomas Jefferson:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

The "patriots" in the foregoing phrase are those who are loyal to the tyrants. It is necessary to point this out since those who would fight against a tyrant are patriots to a Cause as well. As such, the foregoing phrase might be re-written as:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and their patriots. It is its natural manure.”

Cenotree (150K)

However, the "tree" metaphor in the context and manner used by Jefferson is rather (out)-dated because of its simplistic representation. As such, we can introduce the usage of a similar metaphor with an expanded complexity that nonetheless is easily understood because the general population of today has a greater literacy than those in Jefferson's time. The image to the right, though keeping the image of generality, is more definitive in today's terms of an intended Cenocracy with a cenocratic formula. The former "tree of liberty" illustration is now no longer remiss in its exclusion of a needed attendance to the ideas of justice and equality, much less for the inclusion of the people in their own self-Representative Peoples Legislative Branch which will greatly improve the circumstances of a "Separation of Powers" and the "Checks and Balances" Provision... as well as dismiss the "Power of Attorney" role that those in Authority have assumed over the people. The present form of governance give elected officials the notion that they are entitled with such an auxilliary of position. Such a practice must be, if necessary, forcefully removed from their inclined dispositions to effect.

  • And nor is the Cenocratic Revolution about a torch and banner-carrying frenzied group wielding clubs, rifles, chains, tire irons, knives, machetes, shotguns, pistols, Molotov cocktails and an assortment of both homemade and 'confiscated' explosives heading towards some semblance of a ruling class with the intent of subjecting them to a mock trial before they are shot, poisoned, hanged, tortured or be-headed.

  • Likewise, an expression such as "Over-throw the Government" is not meant as a 'catch-all' phrase to evoke images of an armed insurrection carried out through a destructive anarachism whose membership over-turns vehicles, smashes windows, disrespects the rights of by-standing citizens, perpetrates arson and trespassing to loot businesses; and engaging in other mayhem and lawlessness by way of "exaggerated enthusiasm" or malice aforethought.

  • No less, the word "Anarchism" should not be misinterpreted to suggest the presumption of orientation towards a regressed mentality one might think embodies a reckless abandonment of social mores and personal responsibility as one might think accompanies the rule-of-thumb exhibited by a school of frenzied feeding piranha. ("Anarchism" actually means social rule without a government which is dependent on if not mutual respect, then at least the voluntary cooperation of individuals and groups.)

Cenocrats do not want to cause a stock market crash or ruin some industry of society as an expression of pent-up frustration for some real or imagined wrong that the infamous "they" did. Businesses close down on their own everyday, and the stock market appears to have an internalized cycle of crash-related mechanisms already in action... because the present economics being practiced is out-dated and needs to be significantly altered to effectively deal with a cyclicity being used by those whose livelihoods will not be significantly altered by a stock market crash. In other words, they use the economy as if they were playing some monopoly game irrespective of how many lives will be affected.

In fact, they may resort to using economic troubles as a means of asserting influence on the public to maintain a social and economic system which best suits their greed. They commonly instigate incremental changes to the economy in order to "see what happens" so that they might produce a circumstance that will reveal a means of making more money by way of an opportunity that they may be overlooking. This is why widespread poverty persists... which also is supported by charities whose own livelihood depends on the continued existence of poverty. Charities do not prosper unless there are continuing conditions for them to prosper in. Social policies and laws which would mitigate those conditions are antithetical to their survival. (The very ancient activities of foraging, scavenging and working in symbiotic packs are very much alive in business, politics and religion...)

Our Cenocratic position is not to be, nor even appear as a threatening entity, but as an enterprising entrepreneurialship which, metaphorically speaking, views a nation as a singular corporation... or all nations as inter-departmental advocates of a singular global in-corporation with a self-serving equitable objective for everyone, despite all the negative reactions from those harboring objections for one reason or another. Mutual cooperation is possible by ridding the world of self-serving entities... be they individuals, groups, businesses, governments or religions who have no loyalty to anyone but themselves... at the expense of all of humanity if need be.

The enterprise of a Cenocratic Revolution can not instigate, can not provoke, nor effect the spilling of first blood. If our opponents spill first blood, then we will seek legal recourse to address it. If and only if legal recourse is not forthcoming or is highly insufficient to deal with the magnitude of an assault, whatever form it might take; then and only then will the consideration of retributive parity take place. If we are met with laws, actions or inactions that to the common person are unconscionable efforts for no other purpose but to thwart our pursuit of a social self-governing program which best suits the better needs and desires of the overall public; we will then be forced to voluntarily dispose of such governing edifices to secure that which is most amiable to the overall public sentiment.

A person can be a Revolutionist but still remain courteous and respectful. In such a case, the word "Revolution" in terms of social dynamics might be better expressed as "Revelation" since new ideas are being fostered to develop a new way of life via a government restructuring. Hence, clarifications of usage might be more easily acknowledged if the terminology of "Cenocratic Revolutionist" is applied as a moniker.

Cenocrats want a lawful alteration in the government structure as designed and ratified by the whole of the public via a Constitutionally mandated ability to have Referendums on any and all issues affecting the nation... if not the world. Cenocrats want the collective voice of the public to be heard and not adulterated by vicarious forms of Representation (or some stupid Electoral College provision as practiced by the U.S.). There are so many government laden incongruities which perpetrate what can be referred to as a stacked "checks and balances" deck of cards; that it is inevitable there will be a confrontation between the public and those whose acumen is sported towards manipulating the government with respect to singular selfish ends.

In expressing a specific concern and consideration for inclusion in a Referendum (because it is a widespread irritant amongst many):

  • Cenocrats want those to be selected for the highest court in the land (the Supreme Court), and the Attorney General to be chosen by everyone and directly answerable to the people (if so established by way of a Referendum).

  • Cenocrats do not want Supreme Court Justices nor the Attorney General selected for singular consideration by one person (such as the U.S. President who frequently shows themselves to be little more than an office manager with an average I.Q. but still doesn't know how to fix a stuck toilet).

  • Cenocrats do not want such important government positions to be contoured along a further selective ("weeding out") path which isolates the public from having any say so about candidates as if who is to run the government is none of our business.

  • Cenocrats want to firmly establish that the government is the business of the public and that who ever is chosen for a particular position must be approved by the real boss, and that real boss in the public. As is presently practiced, the public is relegated to the position of a window shopper when they in fact own the business.

  • Cenocrats want to expressly place themselves into the primary leadership position as is presented in the phrase "a government Of, By, and For ALL the people". They do not want this absurdly compromised into displacing the public into a subsidiary role by way of a governing style which practices multiple forms of vicariousness termed By-proxy, Representative, substitute, temporary, pinch hitter, stand-in, electoral college, etc., and various other surrogate approximations which often amount to devices equivalent with loaded dice, magnetized roulette wheels, marked cards, slanted billiard tables and Mickied drinks.

The confirmation or denial of a professed "suitable" candidate chosen by a single person's political motivations, is by a Legislature whose membership often has less common-sense credentials and intelligence for making such selections than the public at large. If such Representatives think they are as god-like as they would like us to believe, let us test their theory by placing a gun to their heads and squeezing the trigger... figuratively speaking, of course.

Another irritant in the U.S. is the usage of the Electoral College nonsense for the purpose of choosing a President (and he or she gets to choose a Vice President!). The Electoral College was set up as, believe it or not, a "compromise" between a Popular Vote, Congressional Appointment, and selection by way of Inheritance... such as in the case of Monarchial rule passed from one generation to the next. This so-called "publicly chosen" compromise was selected by the Congress and not by the people through any Referendum. Again and again and again the people are duped into thinking that the decisions of the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive branch are the best choices. To use a colloquial expression: They're full of it.

It is a given that Authoritative figures, or those striving to achieve some semblance there of, generally do not want their constituency, their flock, their membership, their employees, etc., to usurp their authority by being smarter than they are. Such figures tend to find some means of distracting or deluding such a perceptability. When words, laws, or threats do not suffice, they may try to find a weak spot such as sexual orientation, financial difficulty, falsified documents, illegal transactions, or even create evidence to give the impression of some irregularity... all with the sole intent of distracting not only someone they perceive to be a threat to their authority, but also distract others from viewing the one or more persons as eligible candidates to replace them. In short, they don't want you to express a greater clarity of vision which can be described as a sobriety. They don't want you to be sober. They want you intoxicated and will go out of their way to find out which drug(s) (money, sex, fame, alcohol, family, church, education, music, etc.), can be used against you.

Authority, generally speaking, want you to be just as sober as they are, even though the practiced sobriety may itself be an illusion or delusion. Unless of course your differing sobriety is directed towards assisting them in their drunkenness for prestige, power and control. In effect, they want you to join in their form of "getting high", for however long it can last... like teenagers smoking pot and taking a roller-coaster ride. They want you to jump off your sobriety wagon and join them in the saloon of their choice... with all its different forms of gambling. Once they get you hooked, they want to be the soul supplier of the type and duration of sobriety as they see fit. Such is the case for present businesses, governments and religions.

The "Powers That Be" might well try to dissuade the people from implementing the formulations of a Cenocracy in order to insure they remain in poser and control. These "dissuasions" may take any number of forms such as causing social discord so that disharmony preempts attempts at creating an organized attendance of activity which is coherent and decisive.

Such dissuasions might well be in the instigated form of:

  • Large masses of unemployment (which might seem illogical).

  • Usage of illogical activities which seem antithetical but gives them the appearance of innocence and opens an opportunity to "suggest" directly or indirectly someone else as the perpetrator of a social problem.

  • Claims of attacks by Terrorists (of which they are the instigators)... and may be a reversed usage of the act of early American colonialists who dressed up as Indians to throw tea into Boston Harbor.

  • Pretended (selectively directed) or actual biological attacks with materials they have access to (and were stolen or lost in shipment).

  • Create shortages of food, water, medicine, heating oil, petrol, electricity, etc.

  • Initiate an epidemic and provide marketable forms of "creditable evidence" for the need to keep them in power and control.

  • Initiate a war, pestilence, or assumed "act of nature" through proximal or distant sources and channels.

  • Destroy or kidnap buildings, monuments, people to incite outrage that will conceal an ulterior motive which involves those with pecuniary, strategic or other interests which the may practice and gain (knowledge, property, money, etc...).

  • Create dysfunction in the housing sector, insurance sector, or overall economy.

  • Bribery to individuals and/or groups to be more amiable to them and hostile to their detractors... or give a silent deference to by ignoring their detractors.

  • Create one or multiple disruptions to produce fear, disorientation and disorganization.

  • ...and other forms of fear-provoking propaganda.

The public direction towards a viable Cenocracy must be hyper-vigilant to events which are geared towards a disruption of their efforts because many of those existing in the "Powers That Be" realm do not govern their activities by the same sort of consciousness the general public does. They have no qualms about creating momentary or prolonged chaos which includes a stock market crash because they will not be unduly affected by such. Their resources and means of retreating to a more pleasant venue in the interim are not hampered as are the majority. They have no qualms about maiming, killing or destroying and claiming it was due to someone else. Compulsive lying is a second, if not first nature to them. And they might well do it with a smile, handshake and a monetary gift as they stab you in the back.

They would like nothing less than to disrupt any project in its initial process of activity, or denigrate that which is already in motion... if it appears to be a threat to their direct or indirect authority. In such an instance, they relish the ability to become the fulcrum of disorder as a means of implying they are an integral part of a process that can not function appropriately without them. They see "their" control and order in disruption and chaos as a means of giving themselves a bearing of self-identity that is lost in a conventional setting of order where they perceive their authority is either being questioned, threatened or on the verge of being lost.

Cenocrats know that shouting or screaming obscenities does not imbue someone with more righteousness in their cause, whether or not it is justified; since such clamoring may only 'cause' another to misinterpret one's unbridled enthusiasm if it is exhibited with an expression better suited for a different time and place; but is unconsciously voiced-out due to a long-standing habituation such as devised from one's frequently recurring attendance at a sporting event.

For example, A crowd at a football game yelling "Kill the Ref (referee)!" must be interpreted contextually; just as protest statements calling for the destruction of a sentimentalized monument or the death of a particular business community, law, or structural formula sometimes need to be tempered by the cold waters of rationalism and not the flames of over-reaction as is particularly visible during confrontations with law enforcement or military personnel... where emotions on both sides of the fence can get the best of even the most stoic demeanor (that, upon reflection during some futured distance, makes them sincerely penitent about for losing self control).

And it is of need to note that meetings amongst Revolutionists can not permit themselves to be divested of their energies and funds to accomplish the three stepping stone goals. They can not be turned into makeshift sessions by those who are more interested in voicing personal problems that are believed to have been caused by one or more government policies, or want sympathetic listeners to believe in a falsehood in order to receive social assistance from them in one fashion or another. Meetings amongst Revolutionists are not intended to be pseudo- forms of group-therapy whose members become identified by those waiting to take advantage of their vulnerabilities in order to swindle them out of their money, sexuality, or other personal property as if such were a neurotically defined entitlement since a person "participated" in the group's activity by simply showing up for a meeting.

Such foregoing statements are not an expression for having a lack of sympathy for personal issues, and nor are they just another form of the same callousness many feel is being thrust on them by one or more actions (or inactions) of the whole of the government, a specific branch, or a particular agency thereof. But if meetings amongst Revolutionists are permitted to degenerate into neighborhood counseling, consolement and gripe centers, the real means of addressing a person's or groups' problems will not be achieved. If you want to hold each others hands as an expression of empathetically acknowledged concern, than do so by marching hand-in-hand as you protest or on the day the three initial stepping stones are accomplished. Extending sympathy to others or feeling sorry for oneself does not solve social problems which can only be appropriately addressed by making the solutions accessible to the public through a New Government... a Cenocracy... by way of a Cenocratic Revolution.

"The Cenocratic Revolution" is meant as an appeal to others for their sincere interest and consideration in contemplating what our efforts, in conjunction with their own, if so administered; are meant to play-out for assisting the public towards helping themselves in altruistic efforts to improve their lives and the lives of others. [See: Call For Help]

In claiming or calling for a Revolution, is is of need to cite at least one major argument against that which one is revolting. In the present case it is the prevailing government process, be it one of the several forms of Communism, Democracy or Socialism. It is also of need to cite at least one means of resolving the perceived problem. Though other arguments against and applicable solutions for particular problems might also accompany the major crux, they need not, and should not necessarily be interpreted as alternatively equal.

However, we must also admit that the perceptions of Revolutionaries can be wrong on several points:

  1. Are based on deliberate lies to conceal ulterior motives.

  2. Are based on false information.

  3. Are based on faulty perception.

An example of "a" would be the manufacturing of lies to incite an uprising that may provide Revolutionists with an opportunity to assume control.

An example of "b" would be mis- or dis-information supplied one or more reputable sources that may or may not have their own ulterior motive for using others to start a Revolution.

An example of "c" would be due to misunderstanding and/or misjudgment.

But the foregoing "c" can readily be apportioned to the previous instance of "b", leaving us with the trio of Wrong- Mistaken- Correct, thus producing a rather serialized progression: From wrong to mistaken to correct. While this is not a traditional syllogism which includes the first two in a step-wise fashion to make a final deduction, a conclusion is nonetheless achieved in the present example by excluding the first two. As such, when the first two (wrong/mistaken) are relegated to what might be referred to as a non-sensical status, the conclusion of appropriateness must be to give the Revolutionists the benefit of the doubt.

However, some may want to wrestle with varying 3 to 1 ratios involving the trio. As such, each imparts the definitive by using the other two as a form of substantiation. For example:

  • The first is wrongly mistaken to be correct.
  • The second is mistakenly correct to be wrong.
  • The third is correctly wrong to be mistaken.
  • Etc...

Additionally, without substituting words and defining two of the words more negatively than positively (such as might be the case with "mistaken" and "wrong"), the falsity of claim might well out-weigh the truth... or vice versa. However, the criteria of truth based on a preponderance of evidence is in our favor.

As simplistic as the foregoing (derivatives) shell-game is, the intent is to provide an illustrative algorithm of the logistical parameters being surveyed amongst Cenocratic Revolutionists, just as Boolean logic was eventually overlayed (applied) to the underlying dichotomy of electrical switching used in basic computational theorizing imparted to computer software. In other words, it shows the underlying (source code) processes which can be corrected more easily as the complexity in structuring continues; the same way we are taught in elementary-school when delving into deeper and deeper levels of mathematical complexity. Such are the beginning stages of an advanced social self-governing formula.

(1) Factious vagaries of the French Revolution have persisted through a process of exportation into other countries... even though other countries, including the U.S., have participated in the Exported instigation of conflicts for various political and economic reasons. Without indulging in too much enumeration, a single example might tellingly suffice when it is acknowledged that there was an abusive French military contingent which instigated the U.S. involvement in Vietnam... not to mention that it has been conjectured that French snipers were involved in the Kennedy assassination. Hence, the public does not generally understand the full breadth of the terms "Import and Export" with respect to government activities... be it food, clothing, weapons, sex trafficking, experimentations on homeless and runaways, money, fear, entertainment, disease, gang members, fuel, medicines, students, technology, etc... Governments can either import or export whatever it needs to suppress the people. [return]


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