Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Cenocratic Revolution
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With respect to this "Sociologically-molded String Theory", attempts to solve or mitigate the surfaced social "discordances" in one or more 'balls of string'; preeminently (and thus predictably) use typical, and let us say traditional approaches which may include not doing anything at all. Such responses are generally focused on adding more of the same string in a kind of colloquially-infused "more is better" orientation that many a physician has counseled patients against adopting as a given rule-of-thumb.

To such a recurrence we encounter presumably educated "problem solving measures" using more (and more and more) money in a similar fashion, in an attempt to remove or at least mollify one or more social problems. However, if in addressing a problem no result is forthcoming in terms of finding an actual solution; increased funds will, momentarily... so everyone can catch their breath, quiet the loudest vociferous wailings... in a fashion of oiling a squeaky wheel and hoping that the system will somehow self-correct to some parity of socially fundable sustainability. 2

But the presumed results frequently produce either a yo-yo, spinning top, or intertwined-string-with-fingers puzzle effect; as if the social problem is a distended bladder or bowel with contents that must "naturally" come out in one way or another... or else create a worsening social condition. "Relativatively" speaking (that is if a physics term can be thus permitted to be jargonized), let us for a moment consider the perspective of viewing people as atomic particles and governing processes as a proposed quantumized (quantized) reality (of 'universal laws'). Each governing process is thus both a self-designed and self-defined microcosm of a macrocosm (microcosmic macrocosm) in an attempt at fusing or 'inter-lacing' disparate threads in what is thought to be a coherent pattern, called individual (or global) communities, states, territories, or nations.

These overall "logical" patterns (or systems) are accentuated with yet other (microcosmic) patterns in an attempt to produce a cohesion of interactiveness, as one might imagine when tying one's shoes in the face of complications such as the laces being too long, laces being too short, the wrong kind (or color) of laces, laces with torn ends and we might even include an unpredictable such as (dress) shoes not needing laces but the usage of tennis or gym shoe laces is called for... And even though the metaphors used may be simplistic, they are nonetheless instructive... at least in a generalized way.

But the desire for cohesion by way of these laws persists in producing "social unravelings" (social problems) like proteins subjected to a process of denaturation. Simply put, we're using unnatural laws that are wrong for the human species given its present evolutionary development under the present environmental (Earth) circumstances that are changing... in other words, are dynamic. At this beginning juncture of intervention, we need to adopt a "reverse psychology" approach regardless of what instigated humanity to take a self-punishing course that we, as a species, traverse along in a process of periodic social unraveling in one form or another.

Let it be said that a Sociological String Theory views the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism not as dynamic systems of evolving life, but as primitively sustained life-form expressions that are 'flexibly reactive' like Venus fly traps, Sunflowers, sneezes, coughs, burps, flatulence and rigor mortis.

This is not to be construed as a discussion about creating a legalized social atmosphere of intermittent or sustained lawlessness to provide humanity with a periodic social re-alignment similar to a readjustment of clocks or one's Circadian rhythms after a trans-atlantic or trans-pacific flight; in as much as this might seem sociologically profitable. Such a realignment process can be "built into the system" by metaphorically thinking in terms of a new governing model that is presently providing Cenocracy as a sociological brand of Mass -to- Energy equivalency formula. Such a formula gives stability to a social system that, in many respects, has traditionally contoured its behavior in an orbital (planetary) arrangement using alternating social system centers, like those once claiming their respective kingdoms were at the center of the world and later that Earth was the center of the heavens.

By using such a formula, the whole of society is thus brought into the dynamic exercise of a Manhattan Project-styled experiment... With Robert Openhiemer's famous (but dichotomously dark) quote to be re-cast in a positive three-patterned light as:

"If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once upon the sky:
That would be like the splendor of Cenocracy. . .
I am become Life, the Creator of worlds."

The people are tired of the lethargic go-between Representative model of governance which frequently resembles a snake-headed contortion primarily concerned with its own individually focused interests; that may each be labeled as a "voice of the people", but the words "voice" and "people" are collectively being used to conceal a narrowly-margined representation of a select few. Such a model of Representation can be, literally, termed selective hearing... or if you prefer, selective listening. Government processes may present themselves as being "Democratic", but actually function in an "Antitrust-worthy" way since even a purported "checks and balances" regime as practiced by the U.S. government permits a single industry to raise its prices at the expense of the public. 3

  • The actual "people" in terms of the majority, need their own Constitutionally mandated Peoples Legislative Branch in Congress (or Parliament) backed up by a similarly mandated process of Referendum to carry out changes even if the traditional branches of government vote against the measures of change that are submitted.

  • The people must have the ability to out-vote separately, or collectively, all traditional branches, divisions, operations, etc., of the government.

  • The people must have total control over the government or it is not a government that is truly Of, By and For ALL the people: it is a Communistic, Democratic, or Socialistic dictatorship servicing the selective perspectives of varying Plutocratic-directed organizations.

When a government refuses to acknowledge, much less grant the public its right to govern itself, it is time for a New Government. A Cenocracy! Hence the need for a Cenocratic Revolution.

However, the actions of Revolutionaries typically resemble those who fail to remember the past and repeat history. If the Cenocratic Revolution is to engage in an "Enlightened" approach at making productive governmental and hence, social reforms, we must be mindful of this. To this end, let's take a look at history from which can be procured a reference between the "Governing State" and the common throng:

Hydra (15K) From Alexander Pope's "The First Epistle From The First Book Of Horace":
Lines 120 to 123:

Well, if a king's a lion, at the least
The people are a many-headed beast.
Can they direct what measures to pursue,
Who know themselves so little what to do?

Note: The line: "The people are a many-headed beast" was a term used by Socrates in Plato's Republic.

Typically, those engaging in a political Revolution do not have a "game plan" for improving circumstances they find intolerable, except to remove that which they believe (or are led to believe) is the reason for their troubles. On some occasions, both animate (typically human) and inanimate (that which belonged to or is associated with the animate) object, will also be removed, generally through some destructive process. After the smoke clears and fires are put out, the revolutionaries are dumbfounded as to what to do in terms of running a government they are now in charge of but don't have the slightest inkling of the magnitude of social problems they are now called upon to address. Very often they may resort to the usage of idealist ventures which can work for small, immobile communities, but not for the complexities of interactive communities whose members are very mobile.

Likewise, Revolutionaries of old most often conducted their rebellious activities with stark overtones of violent opposition without a "game plan" of considering the consequential need for replacing not only the most prominent of the dissolved, disintegrated, or destroyed structural component of their focused aggression; but the rest of the organism which came to fail because it participated in a symbiotic fashion. Such Revolutionists do not generally conduct "surgical strikes" to remove, replace, or rebuild the offending and diseased limb... they characteristically involve the whole of the structure through non-reflective assaults because there are no over-riding control(s) of those Revolutionary elements which sought to prosper, in one fashion or another and either for short or long-term advantage, by effecting anarchy.

The typical art form of a Revolution is an expression of raw, impulsive violence. It's typical science form is an improvised or impromptu (ad hoc) application of this art form's after-math rendering that is guided by a "rationale and logic" of unbridled emotion which pretenses itself as a justifiable excuse for any and all atrocities "that could not be helped" because they were caused by a level of disharmony, discord, and disenchantment which required a parallel level of responsiveness in order to right a wrong. Hence, they engage in a "two wrongful acts to make a right" drama to diminish and even exclude the emergence of a guilty conscience for presumed, wrongly perceived and even pretended injustices.

Yet, rarely do the Revolutionaries take the time to consider that the focus of their assaults perhaps are, proverbially speaking, but the tip of an iceberg... like a figure-head meant to give a false and mis-directed impression of a more egregiously avarice character skulking about betwixt various socially acceptable curtains and corridors which conceal various passageways of escape if and when detected. Revolutionists frequently fail to establish a working frame of collective deductive referencing that such a tip had to have underlying support and that this support must be excised or fashioned to contour to the needs of the public.

The support generally remains out of public view and will, after a time and fashion, begin to impose its support for another tip... It is a tip that may eventually be found to likewise be counter-productive to overall public concerns and considerations; but was not seen as such during its inception because it was the same item re-packaged with a different cover or title, and re-introduced as something "new" in a distant venue where those who share in the values of an out-moded cognizance, are oblivious to the circumstance they are to be duped by authoritative figures. Evil has many guises and talents of deception. They and their supporters would, of course, deny the existence thereof as part of a general strategy to deflect the attention of the public onto someone or something else in order to better conceal themselves.

Take for example the Revolutionary stance of the previous (recently-dated) anarchy-styled U.S. "Occuparchist" Revolution whose main, but not only grievance, was the "Personhood" of Corporations that was established defacto due to a U.S. Supreme court ruling... a court which has a history of providing what some refer to as "tainted" rulings based on a rather routinized process of variegated interpretations of the U.S. Constitution in accord with the flavor of politics being heartedly consumed at a given moment...

Without knowing it, and largely overlooked by the public, the U.S. Supreme Court has opened up a can of worms that could, if groups were smart and courageous enough to think differently and thereby effect a judicial precedent by way of incorporating itself through a Cenocratic Government party.

But irrespective of established government failings, the Occuparchists themselves failed to take an account of the fact that many of those who joined the protestors were doing so in order to express a personal grievance which had a local, and not national concern. Like Nazi Germany, they were fighting on too many fronts. In other words, the "Occuparchist Movement" was biting off more than it could chew... despite the fact it didn't as yet have any teeth... it was in the early stages of teething.

Note: While some may view the foregoing coined word "Occuparchy" in a humorous light, it is in no way meant as a disparagement. We are sensitive to the overall sincere intent and efforts of those involved, even when we may disagree with the manner and methods which were exercised by this or that individualized group. While not every "Occupy" gathering occupied a public park, some did; (an act highly reminiscent of the old "sit in" tactics used by a previous generation of Revolutionaries who chose to "occupy" buildings, offices and stair-wells).

"Occuparchy" is relevant when we expose it as:

Occupy + Park + Anarchy = Occuparchy
Those thus involved were "Occuparchists".

When large numbers of individuals become disenfranchised, or at the very least feel they are whether they actually are or are not; they might well congregate together and become an angry group dubbed as a lynch mob, anarchists or revolutionaries... with some preferring to label themselves as Freedom Fighters... though the words Union, club, gang, congress, etc., might alternatively be used. The first two (lynch mob, anarchists) are generally given negative connotations while the latter two can straddle the line between being interpreted either good or bad, depending on one's relative position from the point of observation.

In an attempt to divest or divorce oneself from a label which may result in public disapproval, a group may choose some term of self-referencing that provides a public image of being in the right; in that their cause is just, commendable and supportive. Hence, it takes on the presentation of being "the tip of an iceberg" supported by a large and perhaps, 'unpublicly declared' base. In effect, they too become a framework like that which they think is necessary to direct their attentions towards in order to create lasting alterations for improvement. While they may imagine themselves towards one or more activities which will assist them in cutting the head off the serpent or reptile of their presumed opponent(s); they may in fact unknowingly be attacking the other end of the creature which as the ability to re-grow its tail.

Corporate, Political and Religious entities sometimes use the tactic of displaying what the public may think is the "head" of an organization, when in fact it is the other end. It is a type of camouflaging protective mechanism which is meant to ensure its longevity. In fact, that which the public may think is a "vital organ" of the organization, is in fact superfluous skin, fat, hair, and nails... all of which are replenishable over-time. Yet this same tactic is rarely used by a Revolutionary group. Typically, at the outset of development, they leave themselves vulnerable, even when individualized operations appear to be representative of separate "individuals". Such individuals act in a symbiotic way to one another... in other words, they use one another in a dependent fashion for self-existence. Yet this existence often exhibits an impulsive expression of growth like the spread of a fire, a rotating tornado, an over-flowing dam, a raging ocean wave, and similar "unregulated" 'explosions of behavior'. While such, as yet untamed events can create large swaths of destruction, the energy and force of destructiveness that some may want to ideologically say are of some larger "designed intent", but realistically:

  1. Usually dissipates.

  2. Is not coherent with a focused intent and may in fact be sporadic (and idealistically be defined as 'guerilla warfare').

  3. Is not similarly strong and energetic in its constructiveness.

Although it was not discoursed in the form of a succinct trio as the foregoing, such an understanding has been noted before:

...a revolution can create nothing— that has not been fully discussed, planned, thought out and explained before hand. Otherwise a revolution merely destroys a government, a dynasty, an organization, as the case may be. A revolution is an excretory operation not a creative one.

(Page 887, volume II, The Outline of History by H.G. Wells; with a revision and updating by Raymond Postgate.)

And as noted herein, Revolutions without a "game plan" are inclined towards destruction, not construction. This is what makes "The Cenocratic Revolution" unique in its approach with respect towards mapping out a path by introducing the first three initial "stepping stones" that need to take place so that a deliberate alteration in the structure of the government is a coherent and concentrated effort involving the whole of the nation, if not the world. This is not about getting a single person into office, but giving everyone an equal opportunity to directly, and not vicariously, participate in developing laws which the majority agrees with. (Which includes provisions for minority perspectives so that the word "Majority" and its subsequent acts do not effect a derisive single-mindedness that so many businesses, governments and religions have practiced.)

The lack of focused objectives by a group professing to have "Revolutionary" ideas reflects nothing more than a repetition of history. Such a repetition is reflected in the behavior of those involved in such revolutionary schemes in which they find themselves in power and yet don't know what to do with the power. They frantically start jumbling together some sort of "make it up as we go along" schematic that pretenses itself to be a coherent formula of enlightenment. In short, they don't know what to do with the power and act more like college kids who have stolen another college's mascot that they must now protect and defend as a badge of honor.

All revolutionaries, regardless of the name they attach to themselves, must convince the public they are different than the disgruntled "multi-headed" hordes in the past who carried out independent objectives; whose ultimate results were social disruption, discord and further disharmony because nothing substantial occurred unless there was a concerted effort towards purposeful measures.

If you're going to have a Revolution tell the public what kind of revolution, the reason(s) for it, how it is to be conducted, and what you hope to accomplish. Nobody wants a group of idiots supplanting another group of idiots leaving us in the same or a worse condition. When you're not intelligent enough to conduct a Revolution with a coherent plan of action, how can you (or we) expect you to run the country in a coherent intelligent fashion? You've got to be more intelligent than those tunnel-visioned individuals who define the word 'Revolution' with the word anarchy.

You must exhibit more intelligence in order to garner support, unless you intend to run the country with the same tactics of propaganda, manipulation and force that is presently being used to create various illusions and delusions and then call them belief, patriotism or S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).

We don't expect perfection, and we realize mistakes are made during a learning process. But the mistakes must be honest ones and you must own up to them and then move on. The public typically is slow to learn in any collective sense. If you have a better idea, a better plan, then you must persevere... intelligently. Yet, you must remember that creative efforts often require moments of incubation. (You only have to hit the head of a nail so many times before it is flush with a board. Unless it's to be counter-sunk, unless of course you are going to develop some life-affirming philosophy to a single activity.)

The measures you outline in the preface of your Revolution's Declaration (or if you prefer: Manifesto), must remain the focused objective(s) even if the primary speaker(s) for the movement should become ill, incarcerated, or die. The next primary spokesperson(s) must carry-on in the same direction and not let the organization falter into a disjointed "multi-headed" beast that attempts to go in too many directions at one time that results in standing still or "spinning one's wheels".

You can not permit the Organization to fight on too many fronts at one time like the Nazi war machine did; which resulted in thinning out resources so much so that it eventually dissipated in its own wistfulness like a dreamy indulgence when looking into a campfire's flames. By not engaging in over-zealous ego posturing or over-indulging in sentimentality; both of which can be consuming distractions, we become associated with the idea of a "moving target" should the need ever arise in response to those detractors attempting to get any one of the assumed Cenocratic "leadership" in their sites in an effort to stir public disinterest for some presumptive allegation of wrong doing.

Generally, the notion of a "moving target" is viewed in terms of that which is moving away or staying at a distance from a source of attack. But it can also be used for a tactic employed in assertiveness. Such assertiveness can be adopted by Revolutionaries by way of acknowledging their need for a "tactical warfare" methodology used by those who are attempting to assert their views on others. Be it through advertisement, investment, lobbying, dress, deportment, specialized vernacular, etc... Revolutionaries of today, at least those who wish to remain lawful, must use similar tactics on those that are being used on them; but do so in more inventive and creative ways.

  • An example of this is government-extended unemployment benefits for those unable to find work with a livable wage during a period of widespread economic instability. In effect, the government is practicing a form of fantasy thinking when it hopes for "Market Forces" to magically create employment positions which will enable it to scale back its assistance. Yet, the assistance is not kept in place to ensure that all the unemployed are re-employed, only an arbitrarily standardized quantity in which words such as "most" or "majority" can be applied in order to justify its actions. Government policies sometime exhibit a "partialized equanimity" in that not everyone has to be recorded as having gotten a job since many jobs may have become obsolete or the workforce has become larger than the requirements of the entire 'living wage' paying job sector. Those who remain unable to find a job and are removed from being eligible for further extended benefits are forced to accept whatever employment they can, turn to crime, or live off others until some sort of income such as perhaps a pension can be procured. [return]

  • Take for example the case in rising medical and dental services in the U.S... which does not presuppose nor automatically give credence for the adoption of a National Health care system which obviates the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for efforts towards living healthful lives. [return]

There is no "checks and balances" being practiced to keep prices at an affordable level because the entire medical and dental "industry" is collectively raising its prices and there are no laws to protect the public from this expression of this form of anti-trust. Likewise, there is no actual "checks and balances" anti-trust provision to protect the people from the whole of the government. The role of the public, as a consumer... in both cases, is left without recourse because of an unchecked and unbalanced greed which spirals the cost of living onto more difficult to reach plateaus whose eventual destruction of the economy because everyone wants to participate in the same game for gain which becomes a name game to blame when those with financial fame become lame and may revengefully maim society into becoming economically insane (for which conventional drugs such as alcohol, entertainment, and religion are not sufficient enough to keep the public from becoming agitatively destructive):

  • They are forced to pay the Medical and Dental industry whatever is asked— or,
  • They are forced to pay the Insurance industry whatever is asked— or,
  • They are forced to suffer— or,
  • They are forced to ask for a raise in wage or insurance coverage which increases prices for which others must follow a similar path as that which increased the prices in the first place...— or,
  • They are forced to take one or more extra jobs that deprives someone else of employment— or,
  • They are forced to find employment in a government position which has a better wage and benefits than many civilian jobs— or,
  • They are forced into becoming a politician to save the world but instead join in the publicly perceived shady world of politics— or,
  • They are forced into criminal activity for a short or extended term— or,
  • They are forced into becoming a compulsive liar or cheat— or,
  • They are forced into gambling, prostitution and the associated "abuse-scenario" pitfalls— or,
  • They are forced to kill someone— or,
  • They are forced to kill themselves— or,
  • They participate in a Revolution to improve the commonweal by making the overdue changes to the structure of the government and governing laws, such as a revision to the standards by which an anti-trust provision can be applied to instances in which a monopoly were unseen or had evolved beyond the initial circumstances which initiated the need for such a provision in the first place...

Likewise, even though the U.S. government has a foundationally-stated "checks and balances" philosophy, it doesn't work when the governing branches monopolize the law making processes and the public must pay the consequences or else be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. This is no different than Taxation Without Representation! Hence, it is time for a Revolution before the public suffers the consequences which will be exported and imported world-wide due to the interactive functions inherent in an inter-laced global economy which overlays a lot of "knots"... (they should not of done this, and they should not have done that, and particularly, not again!!!)


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