Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Cenocratic Revolution
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Revolutionaries have got to out-think their detractors and direct opponents because they are already prepared to deal with those who use the tactics employed by previous revolutionaries... simply by reading history. Revolutionaries of today must develop tactical methodologies for which can not be found in history books.

Revolutionists can not be a multi-headed impulsive beast and imagine yourselves to be a group of young and intelligent individuals with a commendable cause just because one or more journalists say you are. You can not allow yourselves, particularly your self-image, to be manipulated by those who have learned how to "pull-your-strings" through journalistic sources. You don't have the luxury of being childishly gullible to the point of parading some self-esteemed reflection that postures your ego which you place as a feather in your cap. Get past your own ticker-tape parading where you set yourself up for being a target by a sniping journalist who is ever-ready to do the government a tit-for-tat good deed by pointing out someone as an Oswald in order to cover-up its own presence on a grassy knoll.

But let us, for the moment, interpret the "multi-headed beast" label in a positive way. Let us identify it with an individual or group that can multi-task like an office manager, housewife/husband, public school teacher, job-site superintendent, short-order cook, sports team, police officer, emergency-room personnel, fire chief, summer camp counselor, general construction contractor, jack/jill of all trades, do-it-yourselfer, general medical practitioner, nurse, florist, baker, orchestra musician, actor, actress, motion picture director, general mechanic, psychologist, psychiatrist, dentist, etc... In fact, in some ways, we all are all "multi-headed", though the word "beast" is not inclusive unless your a child who wonders how their parents seem to have eyes behind their heads.

Yet, such "multi-headedness" in a Revolutionary throng typically follows the "I can fix it without the need for looking at the plans" masculine mode of 'attacking the problem'... even though women are not completely exempt from this channel of mental participation when focused on a given task of repair or assemblage. Others use a mimicry approach after observing someone else appear to have accomplished a similar task. A third means of attempting a task is those who think that because someone else can do it so can they by way of reading instructional advice from those who may in fact know how to accomplish the task but are not as talented in conveying the procedural steps in a way that every reader can assimilate and regurgitate into a needed functionality.

True "Cenocratic" Revolutionaries must exhibit a plan, an action, and a philosophy that clearly represents a different way of thought that results in an enduring improvement and is not just a change in the personality or attire of those in a particular position.

  • When we talk diplomacy, let us talk a different form of diplomacy with an applicable effectuality. This is not the articulation of a rhetorical substandard intimation lacking coherence, but an enlightened form of diplomacy that standard protocols may at first find disconcerting because they are not accustomed to those who embrace a larger comprehension for which current policies ineffectually address. In as much as it may be difficult to converse with those who do not routinely think "outside the box" as is constructed by current paradigms of concentrated ego-centricities, we are obliged to pursue such an attempt with great diligence.

  • When we talk tough, let it be from a comprehension that is clearly understood as a viable alternative, but not necessarily as a desirable inevitability nor the wanton display of an adversarial chip-on-the-shoulder. Flexing muscle or beating combative drums is an easy exercise by those who are not capable of wrestling with objectives which require alternative and creative thinking applied with a talent, giftedness or genius that may involve unrelenting, but exhausting efforts; such as the three characteristics of genius described by Galton: Intellect, Zeal, and Power of Working.

  • And when we talk diplomacy and toughness, it will be both inwardly and outwardly applied. Such declarations of behavioral intent do not excuse a person nor group of people from effecting the lack of personal responsibility or moral judgment.

The Cenocratic Revolution is not intended to be a fire-spewing, mouth frothing multi-headed beast, but a "beast" in terms of resolve, rectitude, and resourcefulness; of one mind, one heart, one soul in accomplishing the three initial "stepping stones", by establishing:

  1. A National (if not International) Cenocratic Government party.

  2. A (Cenocratic) National (if not International) Referendum.

  3. A (Cenocratic) Peoples Legislative Branch. (Both on the State and Federal government levels.)

It behooves a political movement with the daring to call itself a "Revolution" to publicly state one's objective(s), the reason(s) for the objective(s) and the intended course of action(s). Yet, even when stating a non-violent lawful, intent; laws entitled under a rubric such as "National Security" can be used as a carte blanche edict to negatively interpret one's manifested philosophy as a "manifesto" generalized into a pronouncement of illegal intent... if you are perceived as a threat to the authority of those who precipitate how an organization's activities are to be defined in relation to their own methodologies. In instances where their paranoia instructs a degenerated logic into a subscription for interpreting every circumstance as a do-or-die survivialist campaign, a last ditch effort may be the instigation of calling for 'emergency legislation' and the enactment of some "Marshallized" law in an effort to effect a restoration of order... that is under their control and the people are once again made into puppets but spoon fed the illusion that they live in a "peoples" government; instead of simply conforming to the dictates of established businesses, governments and religions.

The collective Cenocratic party is not meant to endorse any person for a particular business, government or religious office, though individual Cenocrats may choose to support anyone they wish to. The Cenocratic party is intended solely for the support of the Cenocratic party, the Referendum, and the Peoples Legislative Branch.

It is well noted by many observers of life that violence is an easy commodity to provoke in a species whose ancestry had to rely on a recurring frequency of its expression as part of its day to day survival. Saints and sinners alike have witnessed its intermittent revival that has been at times both successfully and unsuccessfully tempered by a conscientiously remorseful silence or obligingly rejected when faced with enforced restraints born of threats by an even greater violence or more enduring restraint of one's other freedoms. Cenocrats are reflective of such an accountability. There is far too much needless pain, suffering and sorrow which frequently accompanies expressions violence. But for good or ill, violence does bring about change. Yet, Cenocrats must publicly be advisory in their preferred respect for non-violent civility when making usage of the word "Revolution".

To effect and condone an atmosphere of violence is a terrible and dreadful thing; but it is a more horrendous deed for established authority to falsify and minimize the illegality of censoring a protest against its weaknesses that the people want to effect duly warranted improvements thereof.

Likewise, it is a disgusting act of incredulity for any country to permit any individual or business from making a profit off any conflict, regardless if it is labeled a war, police action or whatever. And such is a point of departure from what was, is practiced by the current government, and will be practiced by a Cenocracy. Simply stated, no one, in any capacity is to be permitted to make a profit off of any form of conflict. Everything thing will be "at cost" and those costs will include basic wages for all employees in order to prevent instigating a profit by way of initiating the topic of cost over-runs. Necessarily so, all manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of any goods or services used in a conflict, military exercise, or any similar government program will not be permitted to acquire a profit. Those who deliberately inflate costs in an effort to acquire a profit will be viewed as committing treason against the people and will be executed. This includes those who create any and all other auxiliary circumstances to substantiate claims for a profit to be realized. There will be not statute of limitations for those who commit such a treason. Any and all attempts to subvert the "no profit" decree will be viewed as treasonous.

In terms of violence, such a feral revolution will not be a welcomed state of affairs by any conscious rationality because counter-thrusts by the current forms of social governing providence may undoubtedly create the conditions for an escalation thereof. Cenocrats abhor the usage of violence in attempting to create, by way of force, an atmosphere for the peaceful resolution of different social self-governing perspectives. And to our historical credit, we will attempt, with full deliberation, our utmost efforts towards a positive and peaceful application of the Cenocratic alternative. By thus, should historians measure our right to appeal and have that appeal addressed by the propriety of the public's right to govern itself as the majority so deems it necessary by way of a National Referendum, irrespective if current social laws discourage, dismiss or forbid the usage of a National Referendum.

However, even though we declare an over-riding interest and preferred propensity against the usage of violence, we are aware that criminal elements of varying caliber will be attracted to a circumstance which they think may afford them the possibility of concealing their efforts to carry out their chosen conventionalisms of misdeeds; colloquially referred to as "M-O", which stands for 'modus operandi' or mode -of- operation. In such cases it is our civic duty to apprehend, under the notion of "a citizen's arrest", or cause their apprehension through civil authorities, so that we may the better attend to our lawful protestations and not be subjected to misleading social defamating stigmas associated with adages such as 'guilt by association' or mis-judging a book by its cover.

Yet, if a criminal's attendance, or attendant criminal deeds by a non-criminal are an intentional placement by those exercising a frame of mind centered on creating a "disruption from within", as an attempt to thwart our Cenocratic efforts; through a calculated prescription meant to discredit us such as through frivolous allegations made public by journalistic hired guns; it is our right to become the reigning civil authority and effect justice which best befits the circumstances at hand... if the lawful authority shirks or prevaricates its responsibility to properly adjudicate the situation.

The patience of the people will not unduly suffer acts meant as exasperations to our justified cause. Our rights as individuals and as a collective body of individuals in a concerted effort does not in any way diminish our legal rights... even when laws governing those rights are set aside by a governing body attempting to interfere with our protestations; under the guise of adjudicating a higher authority that is not restricted by civil statutes such as being defined as a state of Marshall law.

Such efforts meant to usurp our processes of protestation will be tantamount to a deliberate provocation for civil war. And so we must make a plea for the abstention of rash announcements before any such action were to be contemplated which might set free the dogs of war that might now be more merciless due to repeated scenarios of combativeness seen in electronic games, recurring televised historical reviews and multiple motion pictures. Do not permit the howling and frothing dogs of war encircle your encampment that raises a dust which blinds you from making wise, rational and magnanimous decisions.

Restated, if the reigning authority will not lawfully assist us so that we may carry out our legally-mannered protestations free from criminal elements to an extent which it has an ability to do, or such laws that exist are found to be undesirably wanting; it will be our solemn duty to replace such inadequacies of authority and law with that which will best assist us in our lawfully directed countenance.

Furthermore, if the present forms of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, however so named under differing government systems; shun, ignore or disavow our entreaties for a Cenocratic governing process, we will thus be forced to carry out the practice of such a process as if it already exists as a Constitutionally mandated governing formula... which expressly denotes our right to hold a Cenocratic form of Congressing. Whereas we would prefer to have a National Referendum to duly note its acceptance, a National acceptance or denial thereof remains as an unknown since an honest Referendum is disallowed or negated before it can ensue... because of presently practiced political "hoop-jumping" requirements related to holding a Referendum. Processes of holding a Referendum should not encounter subjugations to a condition reminiscent of a gauntlet or a deck of cards that is stacked and/or marked in favor of the dealer.

The Cenocratic Revolution is, in effect, an attempt to establish a new legal contract of a peoples government which details the process of an enhanced form of social self-governance. The aforementioned 'Congressing' will entail some preliminary tasks:

  1. Collect signatures for promoting and establishing a public-acknowledged "Cenocratic Government Party".

  2. Collect together all materials of those who have begun to rewrite the Constitution giving them full credit for their contribution in order not to slight those whose documents have sensitive "ownership egos" attached.

  3. Collect 3 Representatives from each State (province, territory, etc.,) to attend a preliminary to a Federal level PLB (Peoples Legislative Branch) Congress for submitting proposals to change laws that are specific to the Nation and are not local jurisprudence matters.

But we must also strive to remove public inclinations towards a usage of "urban legend-generated" materials which foster emotionally charged grievances that have no functionality towards redressing the government for conducting an illegality towards the people. For example, some people claim the (U.S.) government does not have a right to tax the citizens; but the Constitution does in fact state this as a point of permissibility. If the people collectively feel this is unjust, that the country and its people would be better off without a form of taxation, then this could be decided by a National Referendum instead of burning down Congress.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, is known as the Taxing and Spending Clause. It is the clause that gives the federal government of the United States its power of taxation. Component parts of this clause are known as the General Welfare Clause and the Uniformity Clause.

--- Taxing and Spending Clause ---

Note: See comments about taxation near the bottom of this page: Cenocratic Declaration For Greater Independence

Whereas we prefer to avoid violence, it unfortunately may be an inevitability in our efforts for seeking a redress of grievances whose very processes, as presently practiced under the auspices of current government acceptability; entice the public to be confrontational against a bully with a chip on its shoulder. While such a statement is not meant as a comment about any individual, but an overall process, some individuals will subscribe to it as if they are being singularly addressed because they have erected their own forms of "lines in the sand" which no one readily sees, and thus can be alternatively and discriminatively redrawn depending on mood and disposition at a given moment.

Note well then:

  1. That petitioning the government routinely amounts to little more than dismissiveness because, for example:

    1. "Petitioning the Government" is not necessarily meant as a means to address issues directly with those in the government who can effect change with respect to the issue brought forth.

    2. The petitioning process is not meant to involve the whole of the public by making the petition a widely distributed valid point of public consideration.

    3. The petitioning process does not automatically lead to a Referendum nor even a consideration thereof.

  2. Voicing complaints through customary Representative channels amounts to little more than parried deflections by way of, for example:

    1. "Form letters" which are courteous, and may be, obligingly taken under advisement and studied so that it can be more fully answered (or not) at a later date.

    2. Issues of personal Representative interest thought to be more important take precedence.

    3. Are respectfully accepted as being valid but... some law or event, or Congressional timing prevents the item from being considered on the floor of Congress at this time.

...Thus are we left with the need of direct assertion.

It can not be over-emphasized that if our peaceful methods are viewed as a weakness whereby we are not taken seriously; that the reigning authority disabuses itself through mocking rejections of our most desirous collective appropriations to legislate laws of, by and for ourselves on our own behalf; that its real attempt is to try our patience with varying attempts to disengage our travail; an implacable alternation in our methodological approaches must and will ensue as a formidable consternation which will shortly thereafter be found as an indefatigable sentinel at its doorstep, in order to effect the furthering development of a Cenocracy.


Initial Post: Monday, February 3, 2014
Posted Update: Saturday, January 24, 2015