Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Titanic Revisited


Cenocracy is a statement that promotes an actual definition of the word Democracy to be practiced as an enhanced formula of Social Self-Governance. Democracies the world over typically take on the practice of limited Democracy... and those seeking political reforms very often want to merely increase the size of their member-ship with a larger below deck rowing force in order to navigate the prevailing governing water-ways to accomplish their goals; and thus perpetuate the prevailing system because it has been crafted to work for their particular agenda. Very commonly they're interests do not provide for an actual ability of the public to collectively discuss and collectively vote on social issues— so as to produce a law generated by the Collective Will of the People. Yet political reform individuals and groups more accurately describe the presence of differing types of row-boats, rafts and singular life-preservers that do not stray far from the shore that harbors the political vessel they are tied to by way of sentiment, culture, patriotism and other types of fetters used to adorn oneself as if they were priceless jewelry.

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Though some reformers may advance the idea of promoting a Blueprint aligned to a purposeful intent of constructing a new type of social sailing vessel, they very often only refer to a new paint job, interior re-decoration, change of sailing personnel and captain, and preference one cargo over another... while maintaining the same internal separations of social class accommodation like that practiced by the Titanic... a vessel whose builders had such large egos, they felt the presence for lifeboats need only be a small Representative body... thus setting up the conditions which caused the needless loss of life after it hit an unexpected iceberg. Global warming... that is, global social entanglements, has created the condition where the presence of more (socially problematic) icebergs are present..., and egotisically created "official" charts of individualized arrogance tied to protocols do not list them.

The different political parties and government reform groups typically promote their views as the best sailing vessel that the public should choose to climb on board. And very often, the vessel turns out to be dangerous either by form, function or being unprepared for navigating uncharted waters... because the public is told, by way of laws, to remain below deck and let the so-called experts deal with problems. Some vessels don't even prepare the passengers for the possibility of having to abandon ship, because in so doing they feel this is an admission of incompetence. Whereas a trained crew as well as passenger tally could be of immense assistance, the structure of vessels, just like governments, are not designed with the intent of training passengers to participate in the operations of the ship. Whereas the potential effects of disasters could be greatly minimized by a trained populace, those in control are niggardly obstinate in their desire for promoting a limited command structure.

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And let us not forget the role that religion has played in sociology by including it in the above lineup with its own designation.

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For all the well-intention variations of social reform, few cite the similarities or that they all represent variations of the same theme to produce what is best for all. The method and manner for approaching some assumed greater ideal typically sets itself apart from or even in contrast to other sociological ideas in order to try to profit its membership standing by initiating a better or holier-than-thou perspective as a means of capitalizing on a common theme of low self-esteem and portraying a brighter (thus symbolically "higher") model of truth or importance. All sociological theories are variations of the same theme that, if combined into an aggregate whole to produce a New Government, a Cenocracy, the convergence will produce that which each, on an individual basis fails to achieve because it artificialized competition where none need be. They set themselves up for disappointment because the practiced structures demand of such in order to create an image of greater significance usually based on semantics forced upon people to accept as factual.

While some reform groups (by placing themselves in a functional command structure within their organization) may even speak from a platform of pursuing a greater model of Democracy, like Common Cause's "Blueprint For a Great Democracy", it too reflects a severely restricted expression of a "Peoples" government by way of practicing another formula of limitation embraced by a title to promote an illusion contrary to any real increase in Democracy. Just because a group of people get what they want and claim it represents what "everybody" wants, though no actual National vote was taken in order to tally the Will of the People; this does not mean a truer form of Democracy is being practiced. In effect, sponsored groups that do not pursue the practice of trying to establish an Actual Democracy, even though they seek to gather public support in order to promote a specific change that numerous people want, are practicing their own version of a lobbying firm.

We very often pay witness to the event of a social reformer having joined in the political game by establishing their own team with its own roster of notable social reform players, but have done nothing to change the overall game. While the colors and style of uniforms may change, the public remains in the grandstands and are asked to cheer them on... and permitting them to gain a larger portion of the gate receipts. These reformers are not trying to establish a new game where everyone can participate. Most reformers do not think in terms of originating a new type of game... they prefer to adjust the rules of the prevailing game like those which were altered to accommodate the presence of black players into a given sport. The same sport remains, though governing rules have changed in officiating, personal protective gear, wages, benefits, recruiting, etc... Reformists have got to direct their attention towards changing the goals in order to more effectively alter the game itself. Otherwise, in others words, reformers have jumped head first into the prevailing governing system but have not actually helped to redesign the fundamental structure of government so that the collective body of the population can fully participate in governing themselves. Reformist individuals or groups very often do not want to increase the public's ability to govern itself. While they may want the public to believe it is being fully represented, it is they who want to do the representing and keep the majority in a limited functionality.

Well-intentioned political groups often do not seek to establish a New Government, a Cenocracy. Their vision of political change is just as short-sighted as the presently practiced formulas of governance... be they Communism, Democracy, Socialism, Theocracy or whatever. Their vision, despite all the well-intentioned desires, is a re-fashioned delusion of Democracy that has been developed as a reflex, a knee jerk response to the prevailing social environment of practiced Democratic illusions for which numerous rationalizations of acceptance are viewed as logical, sane, common sense, and otherwise rational.

In an Age of Irrationality..., such as that which we of the present are experiencing but people refuse to acknowledge because of their inability to self-reflect as an individual and collective society...; different forms of insanity can be defined as right, Righteous, Necessary, etc... Such individuals or groups desirous of honest and equitable reforms, ultimately require the public to imagine it has achieved the accomplishment of creating a better government by acting as their Representative agent, their vicarious stand-in to produce desired reforms, yet the reforms can be undone because the underlying mechanisms of actual governing control remains in the hands of a persuasive few. As a group, they have joined the ranks of being one of the persuasive few, who take it upon themselves to speak for the many, instead of insisting on the development where the many become the greater persuasion.

For all the rationality that a "Checks and Balances" formula appears to be as a point of irrefutable logic as a mechanism to ensure a measure of fairness, it does not provide for the people themselves to be a direct and dominant part of this syllogistic (logic) structure. The people are placed into an auxiliary status by which the few can accomplish their aims... yet frequently define it as the Will of The People. The people themselves must begin the trek to develop a formula of Democracy that is an expression of a higher ideal. The underlying governmental structure of how laws are formulated must be changed to include everyone... and not have the majority subjected to one or another forms of limitation whereby a select few have the majority opinion and decision making ability.

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Date of Initial Posting: Sunday, October 4, 2015