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Yet, reports like the following excerpt have got it half wrong. It is just as lopsided as are the reports favoring White Supremacy. It's a flip-flopped perspective akin to the ancient practice of Sympathetic magic... using one supposed good charm to combat a perceived bad charm. Likewise, when we look at the topic of Voodooism or any religion, we find that the "charms" are represented in effigies, signs, symbols, prayer-chants, ritualism, confessionals, discussion groups, bible studies, Koran studies, Torah studies, Vedas studies, Tipitaka studies, etc... To combat evil and provide some semblance of a sanctuary, sacredness, sacrifice, sanity, specialness, etc..., sometimes referred to as the chosen people, chosen nation, chosen person, chosen destiny, etc...

The pathetic verdict shows not only a victory for White Supremacists, but a means by which all minorities can now up-the-ante of their claims for feeling disenfranchised, whereby they conclude they are justified in calling for some type of reparation (for some long-endured personal suffering created in a distant past), and that they can now be involved in various models of protests and riots because the "system is screwed up", or at least heavily skewed against the "little people". Minorities are now winners as well, because they have been given a means to pursue whatever measure of underdog relief they can contrive, whether it be stealing from the rich or even their neighbor whose race, gender or sexual/political/religious/sports/academic/business/wardrobe/vehicle/alcohol, drug, coffee preference differs from their own preferred orientation.

The verdict to not convict Trump is a present day ongoing expression of an accepted insanity that appears to be a means by which separatist orientations can not only thrive, but increase in their self-centered interests whereby those poised to benefit from further social disruptions, can make a bundle of money. Getting Trump off can be seen a deliberate means of instigating further tensions so that the government can create various forms of reprisals such as creating yet another security force office as enhanced protection for itself in the eventuality that a Revolution is forthcoming.

Indeed, many of the public don't want the country to return to its formal "normal" activity, because it means they are going to be subjected to the same inequalities. The defined "White supremacy" as a label describing "how things are done" in America fail to state that this is because all the rest do nothing —collectively— unless one or another of their grouped-together protests is meant to support only one of the membership... which in the minds of Blacks means them, and in the minds of Native Americans means them... and in the minds of Hispanics/Latinos means them... and in the minds of Pacific Islanders means them... and in the minds of the LGBTQ means them... and in the minds of the religious means their particular faith... and in the minds of Asians means one particular group of them (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Korean, Mongolian, etc...) is more important than another group and is superior to all other considerations, just like all the others feel... and just like the White Supremacists in their respective ego-centricities... and just like Congressional (and other business, government, religious leaders) feel in comparison to "their" respective publics.

Instead of all those who were taken advantage of by... the absurdly ridiculous verdict... joining together and marching on Congress to demand retribution for such a travesty of justice, they sit back and will wait for warmer weather so they can protest and demand to be given a cut of one or another perceived ill-gotten gain that they are now entitled to. Getting Trump off has now spurred many more to claim that they are deserving of some entitlement granted to all those who participate in a social system where the name of the game is confidence scamming in one form of graft or another that is geared to take advantage of a public that sits back and does nothing because the verdict did not directly affect them... as far as they can ascertain within the small world vision in which they gravitate their personal interests. The acquittal only confirms that the U.S. government can not be trusted... then again, what government can?

Here's a perspective by a Black woman (promoting her book like all the good White Supremacists do) whose views are nonetheless shared amongst many non-Blacks as well:

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial acquittal will go down in history as another victory for white supremacy
Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu
February 17, 2021 11:46 am

When 43 Republican Senators voted that Donald Trump was not guilty in his impeachment trial last week, they sent out the message that the former president was correct in his 2016 prediction that he could "stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters".

Trump was acquitted of inciting the invasion by his supporters of the US Capitol building on 6 January 2021 which led to five deaths, numerous injuries and put the lives of every Senator in the building in imminent danger.

A white privileged wealthy man getting away with a heinous act is practically sewn into the fabric of America. This impeachment acquittal is yet another victory for white supremacy and example of how it is the standard, the rule of thumb, for how things are done.

Let’s break down, in very simple words, what these 43 Senators did. They voted to acquit the man who encouraged the mob to kill them. They voted to acquit the man who tried to commit the greatest crime against the US constitution in recent history by attempting to overturn a fair and legitimate election by mob rule.

Even Senate Minority Leader, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, confirmed that the House impeachment managers who brought the prosecution against Trump proved their case. In his speech on the Senate floor after voting to acquit Trump, he said "Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the e vents of the day."

However he voted to acquit him on grounds of constitutionality by claiming "Trump is constitutionally not eligible for conviction", as he no longer holds office and is now a private citizen. This was despite the Senate, as a body, already voting that the trial of the former president was constitutional and McConnell refusing to accept the article of impeachment while Trump was still in office claiming there wasn’t enough time. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rightly called him out for his disingenuous speech as well as the cowardice of the 43 Republican Senators....

American Justice is a Fallacy. The good ole' boys network is alive and kicking. The acquittal of Trump demonstrates thee is an "Us Versus Them" Model of legal standards being practiced whereby the general public once again gets shafted by a double and triple standard legal practice.

The instigator of a protest (that the media described as a riot because of their animosity towards Trump), is Congressionally enabled to get off legal prosecution but those who followed his lead are left holding the bag and do not have the same brand of one-sided legal and legislative counsel to assist them. The halls of Congress have bred more corruption and disrespect for the US government. Biden should pardon all those who played a small part in the protest, since the largest and main part of the instigation got off without any jail time or other recrimination.

The People can not trust the Government nor the Legal system. Since Trump violated his Presidential office of confidence, the decision of whether to impeach or not should have been put to a Nation-wide vote... and not those who make up a "one of their own" political club.

"So Much For"... (An expression of dismissiveness, disappointment, disregard, or resignation; something said upon rejecting, giving up on, quitting, or disposing of something. For example: For years, Volkswagen cars were designed to cheat on emissions tests. Hence: So much for "German engineering".)

  • So much for the existence of an Actual Democracy existing in the United States.#
  • So much for majority vote when a handful of Senators representing only a few million constituents can determine the outcome of a trial whose evidence points to guilt but they can disregard it.
  • So much for legal due process in a situation where those being tried are confronted by a small group of Congressional Representatives who take on the role of being sole Judge and Jury.
  • So much for the so-called Democrat (party) controlled Congress.
  • So much for the Supreme Court upholding a Constitution that permits it to be subverted ... and is now seen to be part of the overall farce of American Democracy; because it enables the highest court in the land to wash its hands of any deficiency that is deliberately written into a Constitution which is a collection of laws that permits Congress to subvert any law it deems fit; and these politically appointed judges can support the minority that helped them into their position. They read into the Constitution any interpretation they want, so as to support whatever rationale is the preeminent "politically correct" perspective of a given era existing in the culture of Congress.
  • So much for the Legitimacy of Congress, Democracy and the Justice system. All three were on trial and all three were convicted.
  • So much for the so-called "Make American Great", since it is defined by those who have no interest in truth. The "Greatness" is in how well they can not only subvert the system, but be enabled to cheat the people to whatever ends they rationalize as being appropriate, despite reality.

#: Assuming that a Democracy rests on the firm notion of the people being able to vote for that which affects and gives direction to their lives... it must be recognized how so very many people resort to relinquishing their personal freedoms in order to participate in one or another group under the auspices of a single person or small group of people who are given the ability to collectively or individually determine what is best for all those involved; and that once such a situation has been established and practiced year after year, the act of repetition conjures up the notion that this institutionalized activity attests to some unquestioned standard of legitimacy... and with it, entitlements which represent a type of Aristocracy behind differently exercised facades. When we encounter so many day-to-day situations in which a type of (miniaturized) dictatorship prevails, it is difficult to imagine how any in the populace can have an active mentality that pursues the practice of a Democracy. Talk about saying one thing but doing another... For example, here is a list of the titles in which different types of dictatorships play out, that is if the reader can pull themselves away from defining the word dictatorship as being related to large political scenarios:

  • Military officers- No enlisted man is enabled to vote in their leaders.
  • Sports coaches. Sports Teams Should Be Owned by the Public by Ben Burgis, 12.28.2019
  • Classroom teachers/Professors. The Dictatorship That Is School by Jennifer Osborne, 23 March 2019
  • Bosses, managers (businesses) How to tame the office dictator
  • Clergy. (When did you last hear of an election for the Pope, Islamic leaders, Buddhist monks, etc...?) Did you vote into office your preacher, your Bishop, your priest, your rabbi, your minister, etc... or were they chosen by a select group... or some supposed election convened by god, represented by the insistence that god spoke to them and claimed they were "the chosen one" or the "chosen people"?
  • Bank "officers"/loan "officers"... or any person in a position that could affect your finances and economics. (Notice the military designation of "officer" found also in the antiquated military oriented titles of Postmaster "General", Attorney "General", Secretary "General" of the UN, "General" Services Administration, Surgeon "General". Military titles have no place in positions that should be used to portray a role model of peace in the minds of the public.)
  • WWW (World Wide Web) consortium- the public is forced to abide by their rules such as which HTML version is required. (Since 1996, the HTML specifications have been maintained, with input from commercial software vendors, by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). However, in 2000, HTML also became an international standard (ISO/IEC 15445:2000).) HTML
  • etc...

By comparing the so-called "riot" induced by Trump because of his disaffection with the voting results, to the "riotous act" of President McKinley's assassination which was brought about by the instigations of Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, the Killing of McKinley by a supposed lone gunman that was executed, did not bring about a cause for legal reprisals against the two journalists. They wanted to stir the passions of the public against McKinley as a means to make more money by increasing readership, yet they were not held responsible for contributing to the instigation of McKinley's death. The Rich and Politically connected have their own system of justice and legality different from the common folk. Let us take a short review of the past, in an abbreviated fashion, so as to assist the reader in making the comparison a bit more viable as a topic of consideration. Instead of naming the assassin as a "Conspiracy Nut" (which is the current media-promoted ideology), the then used media-branded denigration was "anarchist". Hearst and Pulitzer got away with murder. If one looks at the headline of the forthcoming article "President William McKinley: Assassinated by an Anarchist", today's media representation might well be written as "President William McKinley: Assassinated by a Conspiracy Nut", or "President William McKinley: Assassinated by a disaffected Foreigner" or "President William McKinley: Assassinated by a terrorist (with or without ties to some Islamic fundamentalist group)", etc...:

...McKinley was a veteran of the Civil War and retained vivid memories of the bloody conflict. As president, he was reluctantly drawn into the Spanish-American War of 1898. At first he downplayed stories of Spanish atrocities against Cuban nationals. But the yellow journalism of competing newspaper publishers William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer fired passions after the battleship Maine exploded and sank in Havana’s harbor. Big business, looking to expand markets, added to the inexorable forces pushing the president toward war.

Spain proved little challenge though, as American forces easily defeated the outnumbered and out-gunned army and navy of the Old World power. As the victor, the United States gained Puerto Rico, Wake, Guam, and the Philippines. The Pacific Islands were particularly significant as they established an American presence in a new hemisphere. Moreover, the United States annexed the Hawaiian Islands that summer. American business concerns became ecstatic over the prospects for expanded influence overseas. But not everyone supported the president. Hearst in particular continued to publicly criticize him. The condemnation reached a low point on April 10, 1901, when the publisher's Journal printed an editorial that declared,

'If bad institutions and bad men can be got rid of only by killing, then the killing must be done.'

Although Hearst had been responsible for many attacks on McKinley, he maintained that the editorial had been published without his knowledge. He ordered the presses stopped, but a number of newspapers were already on the streets.... ( President William McKinley: Assassinated by an Anarchist)

Let us also speak to the acquittal of one or another government or agent thereof as an instigator of the presently defined Covid virus pandemic. While many in the public would not ever consider the pandemic to be orchestrated by a government or department thereof, or an external agent thereof, it is of need to do so because governments have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, and ready, willing, and able to cast one or another as the culprit, so as to keep themselves wearing a white cloak of presumed innocence. Every government, and religion and business has from time to time expressed themselves as an entity capable of being a back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced criminal organization. Psychopaths and sociopaths frequently gravitate to work in an office or organization which best fits the architecture of their mentality, albeit often diffused and collated into providing appearances contrary to these labels.

Since many people believe the U.S. government was behind the 911 attack in New York; where the government had no qualms about killing its own citizens by way of controlled demolitions and that the Pentagon attempted to portray itself as an innocent victim of a separate attack (seen as a farcical attempt to portray it had no involvement with the 911 attacks); it is not far-fetched to consider that instigating a viral outbreak in a country that is an economic and military rival (among other rivalries) as a biological weapons (real world scenario) field test "to see what happens", is a reality that needs to be taken seriously. When we have a Congress that can subvert justice to suit the personal desires of a few, killing a few million people... including one's own, is a useful strategy in determining the effectiveness and larger social effects of a biological weapon. Real world testing is an eventuality because of so much time, money and effort being exhausted... just as was the case for the usage of the Atomic bomb(s) against Japan, under the specious argument that it would save innocent American (military) lives, yet, the innocent civilian lives of Japanese were viewed as negligible, and would benefit those wanting to see the effects on humans. In other words, use of the Atomic bomb was a field test... "to see what will happen" under real conditions and not the frivolous mental experiments that were taking place at the time. Because leaderships do not experience the same hardships as the man and woman on the street, deliberated "field tests" of viruses (by way of expensive chemical weapons programs taking place, despite any treaty or laws against such); is a needed strategy to see how a given government might respond, and if those responses can be made non-viable or interruptible (as a military maneuver... for example...) whereby the very real certainty of future outbreaks are already being considered. It is even the case where to kill one or two political leaders is thought to be warranted if it enables the larger pool of leaders to be viewed as innocent.

The case where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing is an active characteristic in many, if not all governments. Congress need not know about secret labs being conducted by the CIA or other government departments who are enabled to acquire funding for such activities by their own efforts at different types of confiscation. Yes, let us say it, China, America or any country involved in biological welfare development (openly or behind the scenes), eventually need to be field tested... and let the people be damned if they don't like it. However, when such a person begins to voice such an opinion the effect is to first attempt some discredit, and then to effect their financial situation, and then to have them killed and make it look like an accident, or some other situation that can be usefully rationalized. The typical response to making such suggestions is for the person or persons to be labeled a Conspiracy nut... though it is well understood that just because a person acts paranoid does not mean there isn't something or someone to be paranoid about. The perceptabilities from one person to the next can indeed be very wide. Some are more sensitive and vulnerable to given types of perceptions than are others. Just because the vast majority of a given collection of people deny the existence of something, doesn't mean they are correct. Such thinking can be a type of mob mentality.

When one says "the government" is responsible, It should be understood that this may refer to some segment within the whole, or some external segment receiving funding... and can thus be used as a scapegoat if necessary. Nefarious and illegal or immoral activities are frequently developed by those who always have one eye on a potential exit, if things go awry.

During the supposed U.S. instigated attack on its own people so as to pursue the individual agendas of different people inside and outside the government, such as furthering the intentions of Baby Bush to carry out a military operation whereby:

  • He could define his time in office as a "war president", as if this is to be interpreted as a great honor and distinction to be admired by history.
  • Carry out a campaign against Saddam Hussein by telling his followers that Saddam tried to kill his daddy.
  • Cheney could have a means to award his former employer Haliburton with a lucrative government contract.
  • Etc...

The attack on the U.S. on 911, perpetrated by various instigations of U.S. actors who also assisted in creating an elaborate cover-up by falsifying documents of so-called weapons of mass destruction, creating individual fall guys (and gals) among the military ranks, assisting the pedophiles and rapists and thieves to assist themselves to plunder and frame it all as "collateral damage" so as to cover-up theft and multiple other criminal acts; is then compounded by offering money to those who suffered a loss during 911, so long as they signed a contract that they could not sue the U.S. government... whereby the public's silence was guaranteed not to bring forth calls for justice... since minor players in the perpetrated game being played out could be used to distract public opinion.

Likewise, what do we see with the Covid-19 real world field test of a biological weapon? More money being given out to the public via the claim of helping economic distresses (which the money does), but also helps to alleviate the possibility of the virus being looked upon as a lab-created concoction to test the world's ability to address the situation of a rather "mild" biological attack. In proportion, it is the public which was killed, and not the reigning authorities. No doubt a vaccination was already made or already in the works or at-the-ready to begin testing for real-world conditions. Having a requirement of two doses means that more money can be made from simply one dosage of a vaccination. Whereas in many criminal movies the comment is made to "follow the money" in effort to extricate the players, we need to also look at the philosophy of a different generation whose financial situation is secure, whereby they need not worry about a downturn in the economy and are in a position to conduct large, real-world exercises due to unrestrained ideological pursuits. A very new breed of criminal has gained entrance in the halls of business, government and religion whose leaderships are, for the most part, personally unaffected financially unless someone or some institution is to be used as a sacrificial lamb to give the impression that everyone is "in this together" and there are no guarantees of survival because everyone is innocent against an attack supposedly created by a god... or at least those who are trying to play god.

Because governments are notoriously untrustworthy, just as are Religions, Businesses and Multiple media outlets (individual reporters as well as collective entities thereof), making comparisons with past activities to present ones can help to elucidate a similar mentality being played out. While such connections are used by different agencies within the government and academia, individuals who do so and are not part of these institutionally recognized insider clubs is characteristically named with some discriminating title, even though their collected information due to a raid and publishing, is used by such government officers, academics and ravenous journalists seeking to gain a (Pulitzer) prize named after someone who participated in the social mood which inspired someone to perpetrate the death of McKinley.

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