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Trump's Win Signals a Coming Cenocracy


While some view Trump's Presidential win as an indication there is a majority who want a major change in Government policy, those of us at Cenocracy.org and others in their respective political orientations, view it as a signal that what the people actually want is a major change in the structure of government; to include a Peoples Legislative Branch via a Eleutherocracy (liberated government).

A very powerful statement was no doubt made by the election, but the underlying statement seems less focused over the candidates and more about how America feels. It proves where many of those in the U.S stand overall and how they actually feel about their own system. The next years of America truly remain as delicate, as they do convoluted. The next president (and future presidents) are in a restrictive and controlled environment that may counter any attempted movements toward any drastic structural changes. Meanwhile, our ideologies may be the future for change altogether, above the two party scale. The work that we do now could well be parallel to the progression of pioneers.

Source: Eleutherocracy (via e-mail)

The foregoing is a rather insightful message for those sharing in the perspective related to the desire for reforming the government by establishing a new one, and not simply engaging in the old refrains of change that lead to more social program cul-de-sac's or social policy dead ends. But please, don't misinterpret the heading of this page. We do not view Trump himself as some savior of the people. He's a knuckle-head like so many other presidents who were little more than office managers... and the public is forced to endure costly monuments to so many of them, and regard such memorials as if their some heaven-sent angelic presence! And if Hillary had won, she would have presented the people with the bureaucratic plain Jane side of her. The Presidential campaign trail, along with the election, shows the world how screwed up the political and social-election system is in America. If Trump gets out of hand, he'll be assassinated and then Pence will become the new lap dog for varying money and control interests. And for those thinking that Trump's presidency might be great if he surrounds himself with great advisors and subordinates, we must wonder whether he has a history of doing so. Will his administration be CEO top-heavy, or those skilled at using sycophantic modeling techniques of manipulating someone that will serve to be little more than a figure-head for those with deeply invested interests... and let the people be damned if they don't like it? Will he repeal the business-as-a-person law that has caused the common man and woman so many problems? Whereas businesses want everyone to practice a socialism and bail them out when the get into trouble, they are permitted to act selfishly when it comes to profits. It is one of many double-standards that only a very great leader can adequately address... at the point of a gun if necessary.

The Presidential campaign trail of 2016 showed us how pathetic both the News Media and Pollsters can be. Time and again they tried to use their positions to manipulate the public only to be undermined by a rigged political/election system. Because of this, those who wanted a woman for President will have to wait at least four years for someone with enough money or connections to run yet another dirty, filthy, nasty campaign... all because of a disgusting media and those in business, government, and religion who want to manipulate the people to go along with their world view in which their survival is better equipped to deal with a world of growing uncertainties, and created heightened levels of apprehension and paranoia akin to the state of mind in which many people in the past had to live and seek some semblance of safety and security in caves, social groups, in military units, behind castle walls, a monastery, church or some believed in social governing ideal that was later found to be unsound and fell to some eventual onslaught from within or externally.

However, let us say: Come one, Come all! Let us Welcome all the degenerates listed on the dedicated poem of the Statue of Liberty— to America the hideous... hiding behind entertainment glitter and soap opera-like news media gossip and all sorts of ghastly used car sales showmanship! Become an American citizen and join in a rigged political and election system where the popular vote... as an expression of Democracy, can be dragged through the gutters by the hair being ripped from a kicking and screaming public scalp... because it is so easily usurped by a 'contrapted' lottery-styled voting apparatus... heir to numerous forms of 3 shells games, sleight of hand duplicity and raped consciousness by way of some drug-laced illusion.

Yes! let those who do not fear the death of infamy for telling the truth, tell you that a fully practiced Actual Democracy is not permitted in America despite all the many times movie and television script writers claim it as a reason to be spit out by one or another hero when asked why they commit the government-sponsored atrocities that they do, by way of a convoluted and contorted "Democratic" rationale. In the name of Freedom? Hogwash! In the name of Justice? Hogwash! In the name of Liberty? Hogwash! In the name of Democracy? Hogwash! The definitions of freedom, justice, liberty and democracy in America are arbitrary designations depending on who is controlling the purse and political strings at any given time... and whether or not a given person or group is to be sacrificed as a scapegoat or "example" to any and all who question the pathetic lies of the American government and its stupid election system. It is a system of government that is so backward that it acts as a third world dictatorially designed Communism, Democracy or Socialism and requires the United Nations to send people to ensure that an election system isn't rigged! What a disgusting indication of backwardness in a country telling the world that it is the most advanced, the most democratic, and the most desirable way of life. What an embarrassment! It is a system of lies that are permitted so long as it can bribe others to believe in its self-made delusions of grandeur.

While some reacted by lighting fires in streets to express an anger not so much because of Trump's win, but because their interpretations of falsified news media reports and polling contrivances expressed a poorly contrived mental algorithm. In short, because their logic was shown to be false and they want to conceal this fact by tearing down something in order to boost a falling ego. Instead of licking their wounds and quietly retreating to a self-made sanctuary where they might reassess the overall situation, some strike out and break the law. Perhaps eventually they will come to realize the need for a New Government, a Cenocracy. And though time and again it has been note that the system is bad, very few accept the realization and create it as an embraced slogan of perception in order to manifest it into a call for an improvement in governance beyond the mere superficialities of policy change and electing yet another idiot to play out some office managerial role.

It is not policy change we need because such policies are little more than acts akin to changing the furniture in the same house. The American people and so many other people in their respective countries need new houses. The American people need a new White House, Congress, Supreme Court, tax system, Health Care system, Police forces, Military forces, etc... The American people must, for their own sakes, remove the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, Mount Rushmore, etc..., all of which are legacies to individuals who were Presidents, and yet it is the people who should have such memorials. Traditions of honoring so many Presidential (etc.) idiots who are immortalized because of some war effort, is a disgusting testament to a pervasive mental illness that exists in country after country, nation after nation; because it sustains the need for creating conditions which enable the same preoccupation of death and destruction to be perpetuated by emulation.

To claim oneself as a "war president" or "war correspondent" as if they were badges of supreme honor is a pathetic mindset. Indeed, America retains this military minded nonsense in titles such as Attorney "General", Postmaster "General", Inspector "General", Physician "General" and and even the usage of "General" Accounting Office, "General" election, etc... It is an engrained militant-oriented perspective that is overlooked and will no doubt be argued against by those wanting to make excuses for an underlying government-practiced warring mentality that plays out in varying formulas and adaptations in business, government and religion... all of which intermesh their internalized beliefs (philosophies) with an aggressive/assertive orientation that most might well rationalize as a social if not biological necessity. Nonetheless, in terms of politics and elections, people standing in voting lines look like those who stood naked in Nazi gas chamber lines before being slaughtered... and political campaigns turn into forms of military strategies for beating the "enemy". This is the teeth barring, chest beating, and whooping primate charging at an opponent in its contrived social and governing jungles.

With the loss suffered by the Clintons and their followers... those who felt confident in their choice because it seemed the most logical, the most intelligent, the most moral, etc..., they may come to question whether the voting system shares their same values. Like children, some have deluded their feelings into thinking that the election system is an animate being with feelings and a consciousness equal to their own. Few realize that it is an uncaring mechanism that is set up like a rigged lottery system... no matter how much effort is expended in trying to make it fair. An Electoral College is NEVER fair. Whereas those who select the winner like the rigged system because it shares in their same mentality, those who lose may afterwards claim it to be unfair, but no one is trying to make it more fair! No one is trying to make the widely recognized imperfect (government) system better by creating a better system. It is a system which cons the people into thinking that "change for the better" means altering a given policy or replacing one idiot for yet another elected idiot. Far too many think their government is THE better mouse trap by which to ensnare the best way of life... even if it means practicing a phony Communism, Democracy and/or Socialism. Instead, they continue, decade after decade, of letting themselves be led to a slaughter house that deprives them of liberty, justice, freedom and equality... all because of some stupidly observed tradition(s). The American way of life, like so many other ways of life elsewhere in the world, is a system of many stupid governing traditions.

Yet, getting rid of the Electoral College nonsense to increase fairness based on the (gasp!) rationale of equality due to a practiced democracy, as well as changing the system of campaign contributions; will not, by themselves, be able to prevent the governing system from being undermined... because things designed by people invariably create loopholes that others will come to exploit; but there are no laws created to address the overall loophole situation as a fault. People don't want laws to govern faults, because they want the illusion of being better than they actually are, even if millions of innocent people get taken advantage of. It is a situation that not only takes place in America, but in many different countries. Humanity is in desperate need of an evolution so as to rid itself of all the phony systems of Communism, Democracy and Socialism being practiced, not to mention those phony perspectives being exercised in business and religious beliefs. Humanity needs a new form of government, a Cenocracy. However, it is troubling to think that a bloody and destructive Revolution will be needed to rid humanity of the many who are so well adapted to current systems of ridiculousness. One great (third) World War may be needed... even though previous wars were thought to be wars to end all wars... a recurring social/behavioral regime that may have its influence as a recurring "biological equilibrium adjustment mechanism" on a decaying planet... and the only way to stop it is to remove the human species from the planet, the solar system, and perhaps even the galaxy.

We are at the beginning stages for developing a Cenocracy (New Government) because the present one is not good enough and allows too many anti-public to get a foothold because it encourages a "wealth" of disenfranchising individuals to gravitate to positions in government. While some may view Trump as a breath of fresh air, and use his naivete' as a means of taking advantage of him whereby he promotes ideas that reek of ego-centricity; he might well become defensive and resort to the usage of a restrictive bureaucracy as a means of obtaining control needed to assuage feelings of insecurity.

Since Obama was unable to do anything of great and lasting importance due to a Congress that stalemated his efforts, and would have done likewise if Hillary had gotten the Presidency; Trump's win signals a potentiality for gain on many fronts for established entities such as the Military, Police, Industry (especially those connected with the military), and the Stock Market (particularly those few who are aligned with the Trump mentality).

The Republican Senate, having created a situation where Obama could accomplish very little, was not a Congress whose main interest was the well-being of the public; but was a token of Solidarity for the Republican party...and let the people be damned if they don't like it. If the Democrats had control, they would do the same against a Republican President. For example, if Obama's Health Care plan was so bad, the Congress should have come up with something better... and there are better options... but the need for a complete National Health Care program that did not cater to business interests is not the agenda by which the Congress, nor the Executive Branch, nor the Judicial Branch orient themselves to. Now that Obama is to be replaced by a Republican in a Republican dominant Legislature, they will attempt to make themselves look good by passing Republican oriented interests, and let the people be damned if they don't like it. Like adolescents who knock someone or something down in an effort to make themselves appear to be anything but a bully, we can all look forward to a bunch of flim-flam chicanery; that would have also occurred if Democrats were in control. The current structure of government does not allow government officials to look beyond the conventions of its established policy borders unless it engages in death and/or destruction in order to provide an excuse whereby money and power can change hands and give the impression that change has taken place. And yet, it is the public that suffers again, and again, and again.

For those who backed Hillary, they will eventually come around to the realization that the United States needs a new government... needs a Cenocracy, just like millions of people throughout the world see as a need in their country; but are as yet unaware there are many who feel as they do. There are so many social problems stemming from government structures which are more of a hindrance to the growth of humanity than they are an asset; all of us need to adopt a new perspective in social self-governance. Whereas government after government speaks of Democracy, there is little of it actually being practiced. The same goes for Communism and Socialism, except in government-sponsored organizations such as the military, security services, and community police units that are becoming more militarized.

The people are in desperate need of a New Government formula which moves away from the many types of "Representative" government throughout the world, which is just another name for a minority ruling the majority, and the majority have little say so in directing the course of their lives. And though some may claim that an election affords the people with a change in government, this is a false interpretation based on a childish perception which conceals that change is to be measured in superficial terms because the structure of government in which such change is permitted to occur, is a means of restricting the ability of the public to create a new definition based on more realistic criteria. In other words, the practiced political and election process from which a supposed changed occurs, takes place in the restrictive environment of a governing context that wants to wield control, even if the adopted illusions of change must be elaborate.

While some see Trump as a godsend, others view him in the opposite light... or if you prefer, the opposite darkness. We see him as a foot stuck in the door of a tradition that needs to be put out to pasture so that the people can prosper in leaps and bounds by undoing so much anti-public policy and government structure which reeks havoc on the common man and woman's life just so those in business, government and religion can play out their self-prescribed machinations for self-serving motives, no matter what gets destroyed or who gets hurt... if only to perpetuate traditions a few are served egregiously well, because of and are comforted by helping to perpetuate such a means that help them to survive the better for and creates the social ambiance which enables their perspectives to be validated... as well as vindicate the usage of one or another evil so that their world survives— as the symbiotic cancer that it is.

We The People need to be liberated from the many formulas of governance which keeps the growth of humanity in a stalemated position. And those who would be quick to rejoice over a Trump win must be cautious that the initial exuberance is not met with a request for you to cater to his whims like a 19th century Aristocrat whose ambition for self-recognition is not commensurate by having an intelligence capable of exploration in multiple subject (and social) matters, in order to advance them towards a greater fruition.

However, in our desire and efforts to create a better society through better government, it is of need to recognize that the word "bureaucracy" can be identified with the word "automation". Policies automate processes which can become long term activities that can later be described as traditions or patriotisms, thus concealing the fact that they are forms of automation which can create error and those involved with fixing a problem can make matters worse. Governments, acting as regulators of automatic (bureaucratic) processes, can be viewed as a type of computer, irrespective of the fact that some readers might describe this computer by linking it with some derogatory analogy representing a broken abacus. Automation, though often intended to be of service to humanity that is then defined as a benefit and progress; creates problems, like the attempted automations of industry which displace humans from jobs. When looking at automation and its problems from within a different subject area and then comparing it to the situation in which we are interested... and note parallels; the following is of applicable value to be noted as a forewarning:

...Earl Wiener, a cult figure in aviation safety, coined what is known as Wiener’s Laws of aviation and human error. One of them was: “Digital devices tune out small errors while creating opportunities for large errors.” We might rephrase it as: “Automation will routinely tidy up ordinary messes, but occasionally create an extraordinary mess.” It is an insight that applies far beyond aviation.

Source: Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster (article by Tim Harford)

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