Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Unanswered Public Declarations


U.S. Public requests (declarations) for equanimity between itself and government employees largely go unresolved, and in many cases are dismissed by way of being addressed with a spurious rationale of justification. For example, with respect to pay, cost of living allowances and health care benefits, the so-called reason used as justification cites that the government must compete with the private sector in order to secure qualified employees. And yet most people in the private sector are hired "At Will"; meaning they can be fired or laid off simply because the company wants to, but the government uses a process whereby the removal an employee requires a labyrinth-like process, even if the employee has become useless. Here are just a few of other unheeded declarations (requests):

  1. Removal of all Electoral College processes.
  2. Usage of an automatic Referendum procedure (without the need of the public to secure and submit a certain quality or quantity of signatures), that must be a Constitutional provision... that can be used for any government activity affecting the public.
  3. Establishment of a Peoples Legislative Branch in Congress, to effect, for example: to ensure the rights of the public to the use of a Referendum without all the political hoop-jumping requirements used as a means to thwart a process that should be mandated in a Bill of Rights and overall Constitution written by and voted on by the public as well as ensure term limits of government employees is strictly observed, negate the ability of government employees to give themselves raises, cost of living allowances, etc.,.
  4. Term limits (not to exceed twenty years) for all government employees.
  5. Retired government employees can not be re-hired in any government position as a full or part-time employee without public approval for any purpose.
  6. Selection of all Judges in any capacity (Supreme Court, etc.,) must be made by the public and be answerable to the public.
  7. All government agencies will be answerable to the public.
  8. Any government employee over-stepping their authority will be placed on unpaid leave until the allegations for misconduct are reviewed by a public committee.
  9. Intentionally used false allegations will be viewed as treasonous to the people.
  10. Any attempt or exercise to engage in a loop-hole design to undermine a process or procedure for personal or extended-personal advantage will be viewed as treasonous to the people and the death penalty will be the only form of justice exercised.
  11. Any person in a public trust capacity who commits a crime with spend no less than fifty years in prison or, if they so choose, the death penalty may be used. A public Referendum is the only means by which the penalty may be lessened.
  12. No government employee can be pardoned for a crime against the people such as Nixon being pardoned by Gerald Ford.
  13. Public officials, such as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Mueller and their various military and civilian accomplices who perpetrated a Weapons of Mass Destruction lie, should receive the death penalty. The number of government employees involved in a public scam should not deter justice being served. None of them should be permitted to get away with all the murders committed due to their obvious lies. Such a state of affairs is no different than the Nazi high command perpetrating lies and murders on so many innocent.
  14. Requests by government officials for something or someone in the private sector to be stopped, fired or changed can be approved by the public via a Referendum... if the conventional government processes stalemate the officials' attempts.
  15. All issues, such as going to war, homosexuality, death penalty usage, abortion, drug usage, fire arm ownership, taxes, health care, taxation of religious entities (particularly when they are business oriented), etc., must be voted on by the people via a Referendum.
  16. A Referendum resulting in a "no confidence" vote against any public official can have them removed and a new election will then be held to refill the spot. But if the Referendum process is called on by someone or group wishing to impose their biased views on the whole of the public, they can then be viewed as acting in a treasonous manner.

Initially created: Saturday, July 26, 2014
Updated Posting: Thursday, December 4, 2014