Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Chinese War Is Inevitable
(The Chinese People are forced to Address the many issues of their Oppressor)

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The Chinese government like so many single-minded systems found throughout the world do not want to participate the demands of the people to have their freedoms secured. They want to control and tax the people for every single freedom, or force them into compliance by threats of imprisonment, economic turmoil, instigated internal or external conflicts, and various other machinations. Such systems like the US government rely on a system of education which participates in the dumbing down of the citizenry to make it more docile and stupidly patriotic to want to sacrifice all for the greater good of a few who could care less about the majority just so long as they get their cut of legalized illegal gains. It is the war strategy used by Genghis Kahn to herd people to slaughter, because like sheep and other domesticated animals, they are easier to herd, to brand, and to use for whatever economic interest is the prevailing socio-pathic stockmarket character. Without our freedoms we are slaves to do the bidding of a few who have their heads stuck in their back pocket... and we at Cenocracy.org are neither trying to be funny nor vulgar, but relay the depth of seriousness which continues to unfold as a dire social reality, not only in China, but the US and elsewhere.

Just because We The People in the US have not yet taken to the streets does not mean there is not a growing consensus amongst the people that only by a massively bloody Revolution will actual progressive improvement take place, because current systems of government are walls, are detours, and black holes of mind numbing status quo despair for billions of people being subjected to cult minded and cult organized groups such as the:

  • Disgusting matriarchically-driven LGBTQ
  • Ignorant anti-vaxers
  • Religious fanatical anti-abortionists
  • Science stupid anti-climate changers
  • Self-serving anti-true democracy promoters
  • and multiple other idiotic orientations that may well be human expressed symptoms of global climate change themselves.

One such profile of a Black hole showed up in a televised Democratic party bid-for-the-Presidency debate, whether the behind-the-scenes developers were conscious of their executed stage scenery or not, in which the prejudicially chosen line-up of those running for the Presidency were cast in the forefront of a pictorial representation of a Black Hole scenery in the background. Yet, it is the same representative Black Hole which is visually realized for all political parties and the entire process being played out not only in America, but elsewhere throughout the world. The peoples of the world are being subjected to Black Hole politics of never-ending nonsense decade after decade after decade... and is a nonsense exuding from education, entertainment and economic systems as well.

Leaderships throughout the world do not get it, and they are incapable of fully comprehending what is and needs to take place beyond the miniscule expressions of protest that mark efforts to make the transition into a realm of consciousness that no past or present day system of government and its presently pathetically styled leaderships is designed for; and those... for example, now campaigning for the US presidency, are oblivious to the needs of the Nation as a species that many in the public are also ignorant of because they participate patriotically in a backwards world-view orientation... such as those supporting Trump and those supporting any of the current contenders for the US presidency. They will take the US Nation nowhere, and yet this "nowhere" is often labeled according to some economic precedent such as the high valuation of the US stock market which does not automatically nor even eventually equate with a robustness of growth for the people in the entire nation and all the peoples of the world who are inter-connected by a global marketplace economy, where the needs of the differentiated farming communities are dealt a lousy hand of support, though they are primary need for all people everywhere. A Cenocratic political platform would greatly about-face this tragedy. Indeed. A developing Cenocratic political platform is exactly what the peoples of the world need in order to bring about a Cenocracy... a New Government.

There is a desperate need to develop a global approach towards the development of a committed single world farming system which protects the livelihood of farmers and farming communities not based on an investor driven profit margin as is presently designed in terms of fiduciary capital gains; but on a for-a-better-life driven margin designed in terms of human gains in the well-being of their health beyond a simple change in the vernacular of the philosophy being applied. For example, needs to be the restructuring of taxation coupled to retirement and one's domicile. Yet, designing a system of farming and cultivation away from the predation of investors whose sole concern is to feed their bottom line will require a forcefulness that must be backed by a stringent assertiveness of recalibrating what is meant by profit and how gains are to be measured in terms of a global human application of equality.

Another overlooked issue concerning retirement and taxation could be addressed for example, by a mandatory 20 year maximum requirement age which would provide for a person's 20 year lived in home to be retired from taxation. However, if they were to sell the property in which they have lived for twenty years, it would then be taxable to the next owner. Likewise, if the retired person moves to another residence, the new residence would be subjected to taxes until the twenty years maximum would be reached. Those jobs which do not customarily come with IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) would have to have an IRA set up with minimums, or such jobs would not be permitted to function. In a sense, the person's wages or overall net gains would be taxed for a personal IRA they could not take from unless under the more dire circumstances were being experienced, and such circumstances could be collectively interpreted by multiple people such as a courtroom jury selection of one's supposed peers. One's place of residence need not solely be determined by a fixed structure, since many people live in mobile homes, or are forced to be mobile by the type of employment they have. In such cases, they could claim any residence they decided to take up roots in as that which is to be designated their life-long home which would then be tax exempt. Those individuals that do not want to stop working would thus exempt their homes from the tax exemption as well, since the home would then not also be a retirement home, but a home where workers reside. Homes could not be used to house workers in which their wages or other benefits benefited the owners, who thus would use this as an incentive to get workers to share in the freedom enjoyed by a tax exempt home. In such a case, or any case in which a tax exempt home being used for a person who has been retired that the home is being used to lure a prospective tenant-like situation, the home/property would then once again become taxable. Part-time retirement, based on percentage of retirement, would thus determine the amount of taxation the home would receive. Trying to undermine the system meant to benefit retirees by retirees themselves, family members or others, would be subject to stiff penalties, including imprisonment.

If you look at the line-up of those given preference by the US news media as running for a Presidency that is bought and paid for and eschews the right of everyone being able to participated because of the requirement for having financial backing, you will see a line-up of rogues representing an old orientation that many in the public know all too well will provide the country with a continuation of an out-dated status quo. Because many of the people recognize this lineup as an appreciably gross and contemptible expressions of greed and self-indulgence... and more of the same nonsense the people have been subjected to for over 200 years because they will not appreciable assist to create a NEW GOVERNMENT by way of designing a NEW CONSTITUTION which gets rid of the Electoral College and debuts the existence of a Peoples Legislative Branch, despite campaign slogans, claims and insinuations to the contrary, it is quite likely that Trump will be elected again, since the people have begun to routinely elect a person for two terms (eight years), as an indication of a growing mentality desiring a monarchical form of government that is already, in large part, run by the military-industrial complex which is not interested in winning wars but perpetuating conflicts as a source for sustaining incomes and career celebrations, as well as other business-oriented ulterior motives which frequently are not in the best interests of the people in and out of the country:

US politics, like so many elections practices elsewhere in the world, they are exercises of a High Stakes Poker game, requiring a certain minimum of money or personal collateral to even get in the game, much less be dealt a hand that has not been subjected to insider rules and machinations amounting to cheating. It is a very dirty business that politicians often resort to varying types of linguistic cons and dramatic showmanship in order to gain funding and support, whereas so much of the deals take place on a quid-pro-quo basis.

The black hole of American politics

Ror a further exploration of the Candidates:US Presidential candidates, 2020

However, if Trump doesn't win he will nonetheless be used as a scapegoat by those who follow afterwards and seek a means to conceal their own inadequacies and ineptness.

Plain and simple: The business of government is business. The US government was initiated on this philosophical premise and it is the primary reason why the Revolution in the 1700s took place... because of money. While the people may think that Governments are designed expressly for helping them obtain better lives "and" ensuring freedoms, this is not the case. This is not the case because the primary focus is one of economics being exhibited by the ongoing mentality of those in government and who are attracted to a position in government... to ensure for themselves, their family, and if possible their friends as well as colleagues or those of their intimate relationships, without appearing to be biased, prejudiced or self-serving. Elections are always self-serving, for the candidates, their supporters and the voting as well as non-voting public. Be this as it may as an accepted given, the problem arises for the people when a candidate's self-serving interests become the main focus of their energies and efforts when they are confronted by what they interpret as detours and blocks for acquiring personal agendas which include, as secondary and tertiary interests, a means to help the people inculcate the feeling, the illusion that they too have gained something.

Often times those who gain a politically acquired advantage, use their resources in bullying the rest of the public to go along, usually by flexing some economic muscle... even though the Congress has a means to intervene on behalf of the public, it typically doesn't, unless there is a massively violent protest from the people and they can use the situation for some personal advantage. It is a quid-pro-quo system that plays out in many varieties. The governments of the world do not have spoken or unspoken rules-of-thumb, much less written-in-stone edicts, despite all the flavors of Constitutions existing today, which are formulated expressly on providing "The Rights of Man", "Voting Rights for Everyone", etc... In fact, the "Equal Opportunity" expression in use by US Federal law is a laughable piece of philosophy just as is the "Right to Work" nonsense perpetrated by the US business community so as to break up Unions, which, by their own fault for trying to exercise their growth as if they were a government in and of themselves answerable to no one but the upper echelon of those in a given Union and trying to dictate government policy for personalized self-centered Union interests... and let all other social interests be damned; are to blame for their own demise... not to mention the lousy system of dues expectations so many of them instituted as a tax that they workers were neither asked about nor permitted to vote on... as if being subjected to a dictatorship.

Having a "Right" is not the same as a guarantee. For example, the "Right to work" is not the same as a guarantee of a "worthy" (livable wage and benefits) job being available nor that the particular employment is not being "fixed" by a set of requirements authored by those who want the job to go to a particular person whose skills and resume almost ideally match the requirements of a certain position. And the "Right to have an Equal Opportunity" does not mean opportunities must be made available in order that such a right can be equal. Often times, businesses, like the government, look inward to promote "one of their own" than permitting the public to vie for some position. No less, the "Right to have an Attorney present during questioning" doesn't mean the right to have an attorney who is at all interested in whether or not you are guilty or innocent, or that they are competent (since so many public defenders are as dumb as a box of rocks and may have had to take the bar examine numerous times before passing it). The so-called "Right to Vote" doesn't guarantee you will be able to vote someone out of office after they are found to be worthless, or that you will have adequate candidates to choose from in the first place, or that your vote won't be subjected to a system that is enabled to use the vote in any way, shape or form someone controlling voting data or the setup can manipulate. Rights do not provide guarantees... only the illusion thereof.

You disgusting back stabbing, double-dealing Chinese government! You're no different than the U.S., British, and South American Governments, to name but three of the many examples of corrupt enterprises the peoples of the world have to deal with. Instead of executing some military intervention against the Hong Kong protestors you attempt to exert pressure by choosing an economic route. You stupid politicians. You actually think the people are going to fall for your machinations contrived through business contacts? You filthily idiots. You're just like the scum in the US and other governments who try to get the populations to turn on themselves in order to get your manipulative way, since you know that military actions will be a negative appeal to more people. Yet, a down-turn in the economy is not the fault of the protestors that your bought and paid for journalistic mouth pieces are trying to convince the public that it is because of the protests that the economy is suffering. This is not the problem of the protestors, but more single-minded government policies for an out dated system of government that refuses to grow up. You idiot politicians think you can sway the public to see things in your selfish and demented ways by focusing on the attempt to get the public to play the part of some militant action against the protestors will backfire you filthy scum. And just because the US stock market and other markets are striving doesn't mean the people accept the stupid government and its idiotic programs. High stock markets do not automatically equate with better economic conditions for everyone. We have not changed our minds. There needs to be a new formula of government the world over. The peoples of the world need a CENOCRACY! We are desperate for a New Government with a better formula of economics.

A war with China is Inevitable

A war with China Is Inevitable. It is not the desire of the people to seek out a violent over-throw of the government, yet when there is not realistic means to bring about progressive change, the people are left with no other course than to fight for the survival of their greater ideas and ideals. The Chinese people as indicated by the recurring protests in Hong Kong (and other places not covered closely by the Western Media so that such protests can be kept hidden from the world and the larger Chinese population, by the Chinese Government); are fueled by an inherent need for a Collectively Personalized Independence which so many peoples throughout the world are suffering an absence from... including those who suffer under the fanciful notions of a so-called Democracy.

Whereas Janis Joplin sang a song in which the phrase "Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left To Loose" is actually better understood and more appropriately applied when the word "Freedom" is substituted with the word "Democracy". There is nothing left for the people to lose because they can not lose what they do not really have in the first place. There is no Democracy. There is no real progress. There is only an accommodation to the tactics of survival of a few over the many which the many are not permitted to do anything about or suffer the consequences of financial, social, or physical constraints conferred on them by laws which are designed to keep the many oppressed by a few.

The Chinese government, like the American government, like the British government, the South American governments, the German government, the Spanish Government, the Italian government and so many others, are a joke. What we see before us is not the best we can do. It is far less than we all deserve with respect to the many resources available to us but are being hoarded by a few. What you see... what you imagine is a good thing... this assumed relative peace defined by an absence of war (and not an absence of homelessness, improvisation, health concerns, etc...), is not progress. It is a stagnation. A restrictive lull in growth and developmental creativity. The people must be forced out of their mindless complacency.

These so-called governments-of-the-people are little more than many formulaic expressions of phony democracy being practiced by various back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced criminally organized governments which assign to themselves some representative label of (falsified) social self-governance. Instead, they are vapid predatory creatures that seek to indenture one's heart, one's mind and one's soul to a prolonged and agonizing history of indentured servitude striving to enslave a personally collectivized self-representation— emancipated with a full measure of Inalienable Rights!

Indeed, War is inevitable when we ear mark such representative examples as the following with respect to the idea of necessitating a march towards freedom against organized oppression which is so often supported by the media who stoke the flames of egregious government responses in order to supply them with an opportunity to fulfill ulterior-motivated career objectives. Journalists want to see blood and so they should... their own for working hand in hand with the oppressors so as to perpetuate a status quo that they have carved out a niche in.

  1. You Must 'Be' (Bring About) The Change You Wish To See In The World. (Mahatma Gandhi)
  2. There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror. (Karl Marx Stephen Hicks, PhD, Philosopher)
  3. I am not a Liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves. (Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara)
  4. An ignorant people is the blind instrument of its own destruction. (Simón Bolívar) Latin American Revolutionaries
  5. It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws. (Lenin)
  6. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. (John Kennedy)
  7. Any people anywhere being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and force a new one that suits them better. (Abraham Lincoln)
  8. If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.

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