Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
We The People


I had gotten out of bed shortly after 12:00 PM (the clock said 12:08 on this 21st Date of January, 2015), explicitly to look at the time in order to make a reference of the moment I had become a committed Revolutionist; though I have been, for some time, involved with the proposals being drawn up involving a Cenocratic ideal, as an explicit model for restructuring a government in dire need of some serious revision... which is widely known and agreed upon in many walks of life. The problem has not been a lack of appreciating this need, but what design should be projected as a viable candidate to replace the present form of governance, and the avenue along which it must travel. Needless to say, like all Revolutionary movements, be it science, art or religion, it is a work in progress. Sometimes such efforts take one person to begin foraging the trail, at other times it takes the efforts of several. Intervals of appearance and impact can be just as varied.

While I was tossing and turning, mulling over different considerations involving the need for the establishment of a New Government, I came to the acknowledged realization that I am not just a Revolutionist, but a Cenocratic Reform Revolutionist. In the fullest explication of intimacy, I am now what may be called a "Public Supremacist"... though I might alternatively be described as a "Publicly Cenocratic Supremacist". Hail Cenocracy! Hail Government Reform! And it is with some conviction that I note the existence of others who feel as I do, and are themselves "Public Supremacists", though they have not as yet come to entitle themselves with such a moniker, nor make the acknowledgment proudly and publicly portrayed on their personal web page. When many singular voices speak in unison, it is a voice that shall echo into a future exceeding the threshold of a thousand, million, billion, and trillions of years. It is a voice reaching into forever! Forever shall be our reign! Hail our Cenocracy!

With this in mind, and the consideration for committing these thoughts to a written form, I lay in bed a while longer before deciding to get up and formerly proclaim, by way of this documentation, that I have joined the growing ranks of those whom, from their own vantage points, have come to a similar realization that they too are seeking government reform for the whole of the public. And though our individual efforts to date may have been differentially organized according to our personal interests and experiences, we are nonetheless brethren focused on an overall singular objective. Each in our own way, have stopped running with the herd mentality as given direction by the prevailing governance. We have come to rear up our heads and say: Enough! is Enough! is Enough! Decade after decade We The People have been corralled, chuted, and made to suffer the ledges and pit-falls of various political round-up excursions without adequate Representation on our own behalf. We want to head towards a greener pasture called a Cenocratic formula by the route of a Cenocracy, or present authority, no matter who or where you are positioned, will be faced with a stampede the likes of which may well make the American Revolution and Civil War look like a Child's Birthday party on a Saturday afternoon.

But, it should likewise be stated that the need for a Cenocracy is not about any one person. It is about all of us. Neither is it about personal gain, though my experiences in the Cenocratic enterprise has been personally rewarding because I have always wanted to be involved with that which would lead to the benefit of humanity. I am tearfully overjoyed by the prospect of finally having found a route into an unexplored realm which will yield an abundance of resources to be equally shared by all. I firmly believe that a Cenocracy, with a Cenocratic Formula, will do this. It is a testimonial that I hope others will come to make in their own way in their own time. We The People deserve such an opportunity.

Such are the times, such are the thoughts, such is the preparation for a Revolution.

But the character of this Revolutionist consciousness to which I speak, is one in which I must emphatically state that I am not an Anarchist. I do not believe in using Anarchy as the primary tool by which progressive government reform should or must be undertaken. Anarchy is the last resort of desperation when all other efforts have been exhausted. Indeed, a Revolutionist of sincere conscientiousness must accede to the rationale of conducting one's intentions as forthrightly as possible. Hence, I am a "Conservative Radicalist", or stated invertedly like an associative mathematical algorithm a "Radical Conservatist". These intentions must be made public and documented for purposes of historical definition and itemization which may later be used as precedents. Every effort must be made to permit current political leadership to assist us in our efforts. The beginning of such efforts must publicly state:

Demand a Cenocracy!

Both the profile and intimate scaffolding of this Cenocracy (New Government) must be in the prescription of a Cenocratic Formula.

Let such a pronouncement be the preamble to our formal:

Declaration For Greater Independence!

It is an independence from the stultifying effects of a present design of Democracy where the rights of individuals have become subservient to some supposed over-riding value of established protocols, processes, procedures, rules, rituals and regulations... giving rise to the predilection of (elected) officials to presume that they are likewise anointed with a "Power of Attorney" precedent over our collective Will, to disassemble, disfigure, or dismiss it according to their own. It is a Democracy that was, in former years, predicated on the allusive promise of effecting laws which would reflect the collective Will of the People, through a vicarious form of Representation, in order to promote the highest ideals of fairness in Equality, Justice and Liberty... but has now been relegated to the creation and support of interests that are counter-productive to the public, because they are in fact implemented without our say-so; like so many publics have had to suffer the consequences thereof.

Because there is no presently practiced or legalized way in which the people can collectively give direct support of— redesign, or reject ideas or actions promulgated by elected officials or their agents, let us bring the following points to bear on this presented commentary:

  • It has for too long been misconstrued that silence on the part of the public is meant to define an agreement therewith (to proposed, practiced or legislated ideas).

  • It has for too long been the accepted standard to constructively minimize the means by which the collective Will of the people can reject, modify, or initiate their own measures of legislation through self-Representation. Such a form of self- Representation is practically nullified and made severely dependent on the Authoritative Will who direct our Will to be relegated and regulated along a process and procedure of Referendum that amounts to a gauntlet administered by and for the discretions of various Authoritative directives, which, analogously stated, places the public into the position of harnessed draught animals attached with blinders and a carrot held out in front of it via an extended pole and line which metaphorically define an increasing disconnection of like-mindedness effected by a telescoping pole.

  • Arguments which present the in-place government as the best formula of social governance, adopted by way of a Constitutional practice, attempts to mitigate the objectives of those wanting to establish a government and Constitution created and enforced by the Will of the People; and not the objectives of those who would prefer a retention of the present governance formula because they have learned how to navigate its pre-established artificialized waterways to their own advantage— that, explained by way of analogy, is used by them as a stacked (marked) deck of cards. It is a deck of cards which has been so traditionalized into a sacerdotal-like practice, those who support their usage, are not only unable to recognize themselves as relying on the marks; but are equally unable to observe that We The People clearly recognize their dependence on such a deck that they want to force us into fully accepting without question, or to question without expectation of receiving a coherent response!

Once we have made the foregoing request, with its constituent Declaration... which must be in the form of a demand as a means of describing a committed resoluteness to formally assert the affirmative of a deep seriousness; we will have begun the trek towards the establishment of a New Government. These initial steps will be accompanied by the first notes of the long awaited horn, and the first heart beats of a drum that those whose souls share in the Revolutionary spirit... will know it is their time, it is their moment in history to come forth and be recognized as the generation whose courage trespassed into the many unknowns of foraging a New Government, a Cenocracy! Our assertions will be like that of a flame which will begin to make the desired ideals of Democracy more ductile to being recast into the sculpted image which better exemplifies the Will of the People. It is a Will that is consistently denied and even abrogated by the usage of an electoral college... as yet another anti-public process and procedure.

Necessarily so, in order that those of us yet desirous of insisting for a better formula of government above and beyond the present governing practice and not a worse one... it behooves us to acknowledge and prepare for the eventuality; that the state of Democracy may become so vulnerable that those with different ideologies, particularly those wanting to advance some prejudicial concern, will attempt to impress their Will as the dominant frame upon which the social structure should be etched. Thus in our assertiveness to remold Democracy into that which will better serve the collective Will of the Populace, we will likewise have to stand as vanguards against those whose design is anything but honorable because it is motivated by self-inclined ulterior motives. With Democracy thrust into a vulnerable state, ideas of old may be tossed into the fore-front concealed by the garments of modern terms and practiced persuasion. We must be wary not to fall victim to such con-artistry that may be backed by enormous resources which may have no qualms about using any method whatsoever to esteem their point of view in the eyes of the public to render support... such as freeing the public from some social ill that they have perpetrated on the people.

And as has already been mentioned, let it nonetheless be explicitly noted that the primary role of this Cenocratic Revolution is neither to advocate the removal or election of any person to public office. First, because we have not publicly made any request for assistance, and secondly, because no one running for political office has formerly announced their desire and intent to promote and pursue the adoption of a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic Formula. In the first circumstance, to effect our jurisdiction over the employment of any and all elected officials as well as their own selective appointments, including those chosen for the Supreme Court, we must publicly and formerly ask them to:

  1. Lead us! into a functional Cenocracy effecting a Cenocratic formula of governance,
  2. Follow us! into a functional Cenocracy effecting a Cenocratic formula of governance,

  3. or...

  4. Vacate The Premises!

If an elected public official, or those they have selected, refuses to abdicate their position at our request... so that we can replace them or have them replaced with someone whose interests are oriented towards the establishment of a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic Formula; only then may we choose whether or not to direct our assertions along a course of more aggressive efforts. These efforts must first entail an attempt to isolate the official from being able to conduct any official business. A denial to resign from their position at our request will be duly noted as an obstinate arrogance. The very temperament recurringly acknowledged by so many in the public as a pervasive ambiance which precipitates a disconnection of like- mindedness between the governed and those who govern. In simpler terms, it is an authoritative chip placed on their shoulder which permeates an atmosphere of conflict requiring the usage of protest that is often provoked into escalated forms. It is a circumstance which we must assert a formal directive against. The attempted creation of an authoritative citadel behind a facade of legality is the very door upon which we will knock. When we are presented with such a chip, we will, if need be, in succession:

  1. Knock It Off (Affirmably request that you knock off your activities and resign.)
  2. Knock You Down (Affirmatively state the public has no confidence in you.)
  3. Knock You Out (Reaffirm that we will use any manner of any method to remove you.)

At each knock of this three-noted Pied Piper's travail, we will ask, if the circumstances presents itself as a necessity, that all law enforcement or alternative forms of supportive interventionist actors, to please stand down. We will assert our Right to alter or abolish the government as We The People see fit as was outlined in the Nation's initial Declaration of Independence. To deny us this Right might well be an accelerant to precipitate the occasions of a rational posture being forced into the propagation of a needless inflammabilityY— whose flames, sparks and embers may be long enduring. We ask that cool heads prevail, and that would-be antagonists accede to the rationale of our Just Cause.

Those officials who obstinately refuse to abdicate their presumed throne of power, that they have forgotten is a publicly provisioned position; must be fully cognizant that we will go to any lengths that are necessary to effect their removal. If current laws are not in accord with the public's desires, such laws will be exchanged for those which better serve the Will of the people. The observing and quite possibly, advisory public, must be fully aware that we do not wish to engage in destruction or violence that might lead towards the physical, mental, or emotional harm of anyone. We are not without the compassion nor magnanimity so many citizens have been subjected to when attempting to get the redress of a grievance because of some government-centered exploitation. Nonetheless, We The People expect the compliance of any and all elected officials, and/or their chosen placements, to acquiesce to our requests. We will not permit the laws of the land to be used against the people, when it is Of, By and For, and not Against the people that laws are supposed to be put into effect. Stubbornness on the part of an elected official or those they have personally selected to fill a position, who then attempts to use some policy and procedure to act as a legal justification for interfering with our intentions, will not be tolerated.

In the event that any law, process, procedure or mere claim based on an assumed right to effect the arrest of the public's intent and attempts to engage in a Cenocracy, with a Cenocratic Formula; then it will be the avowed Right of the people to abnegate any such advertisement, promotion or manufacture. Such a denial of the Right of the people to engage in a reformulation of their government as they see fit to do so, may be used as a declaration of war by the people against those seeking to vilify, detour, or compartmentalize that right into negligibility.

We want to be civil, we want to be polite, we want to be nice. We want to be law abiding, courteous and respectful. We want a direct means of collecting, discussing, and legislating our collective grievances into resolutions that the People themselves Represent and vote on without being subjected to denials based on the spurious claims of those claiming a preeminence of right to do so in our stead, based on an antiquated notion of vicarious Representation. We will not be subjected to the dictates of those whose interest in their elected position is formulated on a predisposition to use processes, procedures, time constraints and other legal machinations, to pervert the definitions and measurements of equality, justice and liberty, to fulfill ulterior motives at the expense of the public.

Let it be stated plainly, that if we are pushed, we will try to move out of harms way. We do not want anyone to get hurt or to cause any destruction. But if the intent is to back us into a corner, or to isolate us in any manner deemed anti-thetical to the intent of the public to create the government that it wants, or to provoke us into provenances of disreputable infamy to instigate reactionary impulsiveness, we will push back.

Present Democracy is formulated on an obsession with time-delineated processes and procedures that are used to determine right, wrong, good, bad, legal and illegal. If a process and procedure are valid, as is so often asserted and used as a means to disqualify a public claim or complaint, there would be no need to lie about the validity of such a usage to keep it intact. This obsession, this desire to profit the retention of a practice as being more important than the people themselves, is a supreme failure of the Democratic principles being presently observed and preserved. Such a failure is not deserving of public support by way of continuing a practice of present governing standards, but of a concerted effort to force it into obsolescence. We need to make the usage of lying on behalf of a process and procedure, which has become an expectation developed in a work-place culture of an operational standard; a point of evidence that the present formula of Democracy is abhorrently malfeasant to the best interests of the public. It is an antagonism which must be forcefully and directly addressed by demanding its disusage and replacement with a better ideal.

Obliging ourselves to the formulas effected by contrived processes and procedures monitored by self-established time constraints, is the adopted deferment to that which best serves those effecting the usage of such rules and regulations, and not those it is supposed to serve best... namely, the public. Permitting ourselves to agree with such processes and procedures, rules and regulations, serves only to establish the compliance to and functionality of such formulas as being more important than those who are subjected to such. Put simply, the game rules being practiced by those claiming to exercise the foremost Democratic ideals, are faulty and need to be revised according to the collective Will of The People, who are the majority of players in the present social game. While the present social structure is a game, the usage of the word "game" is not a disparagement, but a means to simplify the characterization of complex social processes into an easily understood and identifiable model so that everybody has an opportunity to invest their personal opinion in the overall protestations being voiced; and not let the characterization become isolated into a specialty of concern through the usage of a vernacular meant to further isolate and disenfranchise the public, by way of using intellectualisms and verbiage which enables a select few to take charge of a situation that the whole of the public has a right to be involved in... as a fully vested player and not as a mere approval rating cue-card effected audience or by-stander.

Elected officials like to segregate the public into a spectrum of minimization through the usage of various tools at their disposal such as rules, regulations, processes, procedures, and self-defined entitlement. A Cenocratic formula of governance will re-establish the right of the public to voice individual opinions and collectively decide upon an action to address concerns which are defined, discussed, and voted on by the public without any interference from any individual or group who have no other interest but to try to disengage the group. The usage of position, or resources will not be permitted to be used as tools of intimidation, though testimonies by some may well be more persuasive argumentation than others. In effect, the whole of the public will become re-enfranchised... though realistically, it has never been fully enfranchised in the first place, in many governing systems throughout history.

Those elected officials who claim to represent the Will of the People will be obligated to make every effort to effect the establishment of a Cenocracy. We can not continue playing the same social game of governance that we are. The desired adoption of a Cenocratic Formula to be the preeminent process of the Cenocracy, will have to be formally and firmly asserted by its advocates. Once we have begun the trek towards the demand for a Cenocracy, there will be no turning back. The landscape of our social consciousness will be forever changed. More and more people will be awakened to the realization that they too are a Cenocratic Revolutionist. Those advocating the adoption of some formerly recognized social governance structure such as Communism or Socialism, or a retention of that presently in-use Democratic-named "Representative" model, will be viewed as those harboring an archaic mentality (the mentality of a past we have grown out of).

It is a mentality that may very well react with obstinate defiance that provokes an escalation of protests from which might erupt the desire by some to use types of armament that can produce both wide-spread destruction and violence against individuals. If such a mentality persists, and will not accede to the demands of the public advocating a Cenocracy, and a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic governing formula, then a civil war may break out. With this said, it is necessary for those in public militias who will come to side with those of us calling for a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic formula, to be placed on alert. It is necessary that they take an inventory of their arsenal and prepare for the possibility of a protracted confrontation. However, this confrontation is not to be interpreted a break down in the civil order. Those in militias, if called upon or take it upon themselves to use militant force, must be directed towards a determination to avoid all forms of collateral damage. Such damage, against non-combatants can be viewed as an act of criminality. The rules of lawless carnage in wartime do not apply in a protest situation where war has not been declared. You can not take it upon yourselves to declare war if those you represent do not likewise make such a formal and public declaration, backed by the rationale of effecting an established propriety on behalf of the public. A Cenocratic Movement does not advocate Terrorism. Acts of militarism in an event that has not been publicly defined and supported as a necessary and needed means... for effecting a solution with those who are obstinate in their resolve not to accede to the demands of the public, are neither condoned and rightly should be condemned as criminal acts.

While some might say there is need for reconciliation to iron-out differences, there should be no need for such. If elected officials truly represent the people, there should be no need of protest. We should simply be able to make a written request and they should oblige the people accordingly. But, there is no public controlled means to have the collective opinion of the public be heard. If officials say that they are Representing the Will of the People based solely on being elected, and that we are little more than a whining, anti-civil rabble, then let there be a public vote that does not have to cater to the time-constrained processes and procedures dictated by them as a means of both manipulating public opinion and declaring some assumed legality to deny the Will of the People to differ from their own presumptions, accusations, and interpretations.

The rules of the game of the presently practiced Democracy are not predicated on fairness. Participation in the social game by an established set of observances which permits certain individuals in different instances to be most advantaged, is of paramount importance. Who, how and why one is participating is of most value. We are taught to embody the philosophy that it is not whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game. It is an advertisement used by those who make or control the rules, or the game, and want you to participate, so long as you make it possible for them to take advantage of you. Likewise, politicians want some people to engage themselves in the game of protest, but they don't want everyone to play. They only want enough to be used as an advertisement that they are advocating a game called Democracy, which involves the rule that protesting is permitted... so long as it does not effect an actual alteration in a government formula for which they have a controlling advantage of.

Some want to provoke controversy in order to influence an act of protest as a means of acquiring public attention that may be used as a staged bull horn to make an announcement for some activity that might otherwise have been ignored. And others participate in a protest not because they are truly interested in helping to bring about a change, but because it is a social event much like participating in some activity as others do while at a public park on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. While we are permitted the right to protest, public officials take it upon themselves to practice the right to ignore a protest. In other words, they no longer work for us, but we for them. Instead of being able to ignore or reject a protest, there should be a public means of having a protest publicly addressed, if the protest is directed towards that involving the public and is not merely focused on whether someone is liked or not. Whereas a person should have the right to reject a protest directed against a dislike for a given personal attribute, such is not the case when the protest involves an issue involving the public. Disregarding a protest using a formula of a public and formal request for redress, must be respected, but not those protests utilizing a lynch mob mentality.

If We The People are sincere and serious about wanting to bring about changes to the present form of governance, our request for a redress of grievance(s) must involve a list thereof. You would not want to be confronted by those who are protesting you with claims of participation in a corruption, and yet don't explicitly state what they perceive to be corruption. However, people do become so over-whelmingly frustrated from hearing about one or another multiple instances of some government mal-practice, that they are at a loss for words. Each instance of some government-involved wrong-doing becomes catalogued in some internalized file system which bulges one's emotions and thoughts into a magnified sphere of unverbalized and largely unvented distrust. The colloquial reference denoted as "Everyone knows" or "What else is new?" or "That's a no brainer", along with a variety of other expressions, are used as acceptable substitutes to itemize and justify the existence of a collectively public recognition that the "government" is in need of change, and yet is unable to create the necessary improvements because it entails the requirement for an architectural restructuring involving the basic foundation.

A foundational restructuring on the level to which we speak, will dramatically alter the political landscape of power. The wealthy will no longer have the means to influence political decisions which exclude the citizenry. If companies want to effect the usage of lobbyists, they will have to direct the bulk of their persuasive talents to the Peoples Legislative Branch who will have no direct means of altering the Will of the People; whose collective opinion will be by way of a National discussion followed by a National Referendum. An elected Official will be confronted with a significantly decreased ability to individuate their opinions and influences along a tit -for- tat exchange in terms of received campaign contributions. Since the Peoples Legislative Branch will be generated from self-appointed lists of randomly chosen selections who do not need to use any manipulative resource, the ability to sway the perspective of a PLB member by way of a bribe in the form of a campaign contribution, will be of negligible, if any possibility. No doubt, those who like their ability to bribe politicians, judges, and other public officials, will attempt to exert their influence to keep a Cenocratic formula from ever taken effect. Such an exercise on their part will help us to identify and selectively target for expulsion from their respective office.

No doubt fantastic claims resembling some doomsday scenario may well be put into effect to persuade the public, through bought and paid for media sources, that it should reject the proposal for adopting a Cenocratic governance model. No doubt some may try to exert their preference for retaining the present form of governance by way of perpetrating some undesirable social privation. And no doubt, We The People will prevail. We will also make note of and prepare for the possibility of having to instill an interim government if those who can not influence a retention of the present one which best suits their personal interests and objectives; decide to act as a peevish and petulant child throwing a temper tantrum and wants to create as much destruction, disharmony and disorder as they can, to retaliate against all those who decide that a Cenocratic formula is the better governing ideal. As such, it will be of need for those having an interest in playing a role in the reformulation of the governing structure to step forward and make such an interest known.

And yet, in an attempt to make an inventory of how the previously noted "need for change" in the government should come about, one might comes across few realistic alternatives when various members of the public are asked. Without a visible alternative in mind to suggest, they might well react by resigning themselves to some internalized grumbling... and yet the desire for a better form of government is not diminished. In fact, in many instances, such a desire is enhanced because people hate to think that the present design of social governance is the best that human imagination, ingenuity, compassion, sensitivity, intelligence and wisdom has to offer. They are literally disgusted by such a consideration. To think that there is nothing but a choice between two evils, and yet still having to live amongst both in a less-than desirable social-governing environment... makes some consider they are either in purgatory or hell.

A Cenocracy with a Cenocratic formula is a viable way out. But like all uncharted trails into an unknown territory, we will have to contend, from time to time, with those who come upon a personalized cross-road to give up, return from whence they came, or desire to settle down at a given comfortable spot along the way, despite the discussions of those wanting yet to go further into the unexplored horizon upon which the dawn is yawning into wakefulness. It is time for get our affairs in order and move on. I hope to meet with you along the road of the Peoples' Cenocracy, and I hope we shall find that which generations throughout the centuries have sought for, in a proposed and practice Cenocratic Governance Formula.

Date of Origination: Wednesday, January 12, 2015 1:04:58 AM
Date of initial posting: Saturday, January 24, 2015