Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
What Constitutes A Manifesto?


For those of you contemplating a political manifesto, it is of value to appreciate that the idea of a Manifesto can be applied to different circumstances. A short review of "Manifested" view points is helpful not only in describing the seriousness to which a manifesto can be contemplated, but the light-hearted interpretations which can take place from varying perspectives. In short, while some intend for their perception to be received with the same level and strict acuity of implied determination it is proposed from their vantage point of a given artist or scientific endeavor, another may view the representation or illustration from a position of experience, education and personalized creativity and intellectual acumen that interprets the declaration as a simple generality.

A manifesto about manifestos

The following are but a few examples meant to keep on the lighter side of rendered manifestoes (hence, an image of the "Communist Manifesto" is ommitted), though one or another portrayal may indeed be viewed in a serious manner by some who are at a particular cross-roads in their life and find the manifested expose' a valuable signpost. Source: (A Google Image search of:) What Constitutes A Manifesto?

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