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Wieners, Whiners, Wimps, and Wusses

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The title of this page refers to the U.S. Democratic Party, so let us start of with them as part of an itemization which reflects upon different political parties analogically represented by different groups in many different school cultures. Our British colleagues tell us that they would have included the word "Wankers" in the title while another person suggested that we include "WWW" meaning (to them), Wicked Witch of the West. Two more words have been recently offered: Weasels and Warthogs, suggesting that several animals may or may not have a bad reputation, such as the "Wiley Coyote" (Wile E. Coyote). Then again we have worm, wacko, weirdo, and worthless that have now made this list.

  • Democratic Party: Wieners, Whiners, Wimps, and Wusses.
    • Let us include Journalists as their own party who had teeth and nails for Trump, but our now exhibiting baby rattles and babbling for Biden. Whereas they previously held up Trump's dirty diapers for the world to see; they are now engaged in changing Biden's diapers along with adding baby power.
  • Republican Party: Characteristic Rich boy (and sometimes girl) schoolyard bully that wants all laws to be under their whims.
  • Anarchist Party: Hookey playing fringers who like to play with matches, firecrackers and engage in other cultural antagonisms.
  • Libertarian Party: Idealistic participants who leave school grounds to smoke a cigarette and sometimes lose track of time making them late for class, requiring them to come up with not-so-creative excuses for their behavior.
  • Communist Party: Hallway guards who love to get others in trouble in an attempt to make themselves look good and get others to toe-the-line no matter how ridiculous or burdensome it is.
  • Socialist Party: Club-forming dues collectors ("for the good of the class"); class officer campaign directors, school paper editors and journalists, vote tabulators, etc...
  • LGBTQ Party: Which socially visible person can we manipulate, take hostage of, blackmail, ambush, flip-flop rules, etc.. in order to see things our way?

  • Date of Origination: Sunday, 21st February 2021... 1:36 PM
    Date of Initial Posting: Sunday, 21st February 2021... 2:19 PM
    Updated Posting: Thursday, 11th March 2021... 11:48 AM