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Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
ZeekRewards... A Petition and Protest to the Government

Initial Post: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

S.E.C's Ulterior Motives
(Stop S.E.C.'s Theft)

Note: This posting is due to the fact that the U.S. Government Petitioning process limits comments to a mere 800 Characters, including spaces. Imagine if King George had said the same to the early Colonists when the Declaration for Independence was written!

It is laughably absurd to think that no one would not want their money back under circumstances in which the money given in the first place was an attempt to procure additional funds. The S.E.C.'s handling of the ZeekRewards case, through its Receivership, requires a petition-level protestation when alternative avenues of complaint for the purpose of intervention on behalf of the people, turns into dead-ends. Here is the issue:

The S.E.C, took over the ZeekRewards operation under the allegation that it was conducting a Ponzi Scheme, after receiving, we were told, numerous complaints for questionable behavior. This is despite the fact that numerous complaints have been lodged against the Social Security System, which has become its own brand of Ponzi scheme. But this petition is not about the numerous double-standards engaged in by different government organizations. It is specifically about the S.E.C., through its Receivership, requiring former ZeekRewards members to make a formal request to have their money returned. The only fathomable reason for the S.E.C. to require such is to provide itself a means by which it can gain access to funds it can allege were never requested to be returned. Indeed, it simply needs to say it never received a request, thereby generating a veneer of legal respectability to acquire millions of dollars. It is using the process of requiring a request to be made for someone's money, in order to afford itself an avenue whereby millions of dollars can be acquired for its own usage. It is a scam being perpetrated on the public by the S.E.C. through its Receivership. This is the same tactic that has been used by other organizations and Corporations when the underlying intent is to defraud and provide itself with the rationalization of having done so in a legal manner. No doubt the S.E.C. learned this mode of thought by through a myriad of cases involving various criminal elements.

The need for a complaint such as this in requesting intervention by all government branches on behalf of the public, is that the public can not have any trust in an organization that places a silly obstacle in front of it that can only make sense to someone with an ulterior motive at acquiring that to which it has been placed in charge of for the distribution thereof. Such a lengthy sentence is the same type of small-print gobbledygook being used by jargonized forms of obfuscation former ZeekRewards members have been forced to deal with in trying to interact with the S.E.C. and its Receivership. The S.E.C., through its Receivership is in a position to rake in millions of dollars if it can somehow arrange to conceal its nefarious attempt to claim numerous former ZeekRewards members did not make a request to get their money back.

Complaints to the S.E.C. result in formulated responses which back up the actions of the S.E.C. and its Receivership. A complaint to the F.B.I. has resulted in silence, though an investigation may well be underway... we simply aren't told. A Complaint to the U.S. Attorney General's office indicates it is back-logged for several months. A complaint to the Attorney General's office in South Carolina (where ZeekRewards is head-quartered), resulted in an interventionist attempt, even though the S.E.C. did not respond to them until after a second request by the Attorney General's office. A response at that time from the S.E.C. resulted in little more than an admission that the Receivership did have information on file, but it in no way offered the admission that any funds would be dispersed. In other words, a former ZeekRewards member would be acknowledged, but no guarantee of reimbursement would be made. In other words, the S.E.C.'s complaint process provides a person with lip-service, to which many are then satisfied because they think their complaint will be duly answered in the terms to which it was rendered... but the complaint becomes trash-canned thereafter.

And in making a petition, the petitioners must be cognizant of the fact that it too may receive little more than lip service because the person or persons in charge of reviewing it may be just as opinionatedly self-centered as those the public must deal with when making a complaint to the S.E.C. The S.E.C. has a ludicrous form of Internal Affairs division. Whereby, in such a person's perspective, the merit of a petition may be judged in accordance with the number of signatures it receives. The nature and content of the petition doesn't matter to them. They value a petition solely by the number of signatures. It is the same attitude the British Government had when it read the Declaration of Independence which sprouted only a handful of signatures. The Declaration was not take seriously and I take it neither will this petition if it contains only one or a few signatures. Again and again and again the people have had to resort to a Revolution when confronted by a prevailing arrogance and elitism whose actions devalue the worth of the common person.

The S.E.C. is trying to "legally" steal the public's money, and something needs to be done about it. Must the people resort to violence? If complaints go unheeded, if a petition goes unheeded; the people are left with little recourse. This in no way is a threat, but a fact that has been played out numerous times throughout history. The people can only deal with so much nonsense. Far too often the people have either let themselves be subjugated or have simply turned and walked away while shaking their heads in disbelief. But woe be to those who fail to recognize when the public does a collective about-face and marches in unison against its oppressors. Is the Executive Branch Listening? Is the Legislative Branch listening? Is the Judicial Branch listening? Is there no one left to side with the people but the people themselves?


Date of initial posting:

Sunday, May 10, 2015 3:06 PM

At this initial juncture, let it be abbreviated that ZeekRewards was an old Penny Auction Site that was shut down by the S.E.C's claims that it was operating as a Ponzi scheme. Even as much as one might want to argue that the U.S. Social Security system is being run in a Ponzi-like manner, and whether or not your want to agree with the S.E.C., that has never had to take the ZeekRewards management to court, since its Will is that accepted as the definitive interpretation... the fact remains there are numerous shady activities taking place with respect to the totality of the overall circumstances. The attached PDF file is one person's experiences and their opinion. While some former members have received a portion of their money, not everyone has. Indeed, without an actual tally being conducted by the public itself and not some government-hired advocate, there is no way of telling how many millions of dollars are being kept by the S.E.C., its agents, and perhaps others associated with them.

While the author has placed the information into the context of applying a Cenocracy perspective to it, they hope there are others who share in some points and will forward the document, or at least a link there-to, in the direction of those in government and elsewhere that might find it of some interest.

Update Added: Thursday, 06-07-2017, 11:38 AM

Kenneth D. Bell, in his capacity as court-appointed Receiver for Rex Venture Group, LLC d/b/a continues to seek more of his and the government's ill-gotten gains by going after former Zeek Rewards members who did not get any more money in return for their internet laborings (placing) than what they put into the costs. Because many of the former members did not make any money beyond what they put into the penny auction site, they decided not to register their name with Mr. Bell's call for former members to identify themselves as cooperating with his demands.— Demands which ensured the government and Mr. Bell (including all that worked on the case), would receive a sizable income instead of insuring that every single former member got their money back. But neither Mr. Bell, his associates nor the government are interested in assisting the public in any form unless they get the lion's share of the collected and seized funds.

Despite repeated calls for returning money to all those who lost money... which the Receivership would have full and total access to, the government and Mr. Bell have refused to acknowledge the right of all eligible former members to get their money back, because this would mean they would not be able to get the larger share. They use time constraints and internet services to act as stumbling blocks against the public as well as realizing that many former members would not have kept copies of Zeek Rewards transactions which they had years ago. The usage of time constraints and internet protocols to establish eligibility is used to legitimize a means to keep numerous former members from getting a return of their money, simply by the Receivership saying it never received any request... despite the record which the attached PDF clearly points out.

In addition, when letters are sent out to former members requesting them to surrender money to the Receivership, claims are made but no evidence is ever provided. Those receiving court documents to surrender a given amount of money, are never provided with the evidence and are simply told to comply with the intended claim that because the supposed court document was reviewed by a judge, the Receivership's claims are thus valid and legal. However, the way the Receivership and government have treated many of the people is a tell-tale reminder that their "intervention in a crime" against the people means they become willing participants in the supposed Ponzi scam because they then receive a monetary gain off the supposed gains ("winnings") others have made. The Receivership and government thus gain a windfall off the very people they are supposed to protect. Clearly, both the Receivership and the Government are little more than white collar crooks... and they know it but use the law to defend their greed.


Because the government and its hired collections thug Kenneth D. Bell and his associates are protected by a system of laws created with the explicit intent of taking advantage of the public's inability to actually do anything to protect themselves from their encroachments except to make complaints through a method and manner which diffuses their complaints in a calloused system of bureaucracy; the people are left with no option but to voice a growing negative opinion about the government (and Receivership) which will no doubt... in time... have larger negative consequences for the government and its hired collections thugs. Not only do millions of people in other countries hate the U.S. government, but so do millions of its citizens... frequently recited as a "unprogressive misdirection".

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