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A word about copyrights is in order. Please understand that while individual writers may provide some indication of themselves for a given idea, it remains that the existing realization is for the adoption of a Cenocracy and not for a single person to be "THE" Representative of a Cenocratic ideal. In other words, none of the writers are attempting to put themselves before the idea. They are not running for any political office. They are not attempting to promote themselves, but a Cenocracy. However, some writers seem a bit inclined to force the promotion of a Cenocracy into the content of a page whose main theme seems other-wise directed. Please do not interpret any one perspective as being representative of the views of all professing a Cenocratic orientation. Each view is shown through the filter or prism of a given personality at a given moment. Such filtering and prismatic mechanisms do change over time.

As such, while the Cenocratic Organization does acknowledge individual contributions and provides individual authors the right to retain full Copyright honors, the Organization presents itself as the collective copyright owner for purposes of public display in the present context in terms of a copyright notice. While the information is at present, freely distributable, as long as a link to the source is provided, please don't plagarise. All authors are due the respect for their individual contributions whether or not they directly assign their name to a given production in the present context of usage.

Some authors feel obliged to express their humility through honesty. This being said, they would like readers to be aware that their ideas about the development of a Cenocratic government is a work-in-progress. They freely admit they make mistakes and revise their ideas from time to time... and that they are not perfect... but are seeking to per-fect a Cenocratic Ideal. While there are a few who will no doubt view Cenocracy as reverently as those seeking to per-fect a Christian Ideal, or an Islam Ideal, or a Buddhist Ideal, or a Bahai Ideal, or a Judaic Ideal, or a Latter-Day Saint Ideal, or a Democratic Ideal, or a Socialism Ideal, or an Economic Ideal,... etc., others will come to acknowledge it as a commonly adopted philosophical perspective. There are some who have already begun to refer to themselves as Cenocrats and have made note of such on their personal pages such as Facebook. In other venues they may well refer to themselves with a "We The People" identity. For one reason or another, their minds are already geared for an upcoming future... that they know is needed and must be realized if humanity is to prosper beyond its many present inequalities perpetrated by so many so-called Authoritative Ideals advanced in present Business, Government and Religious cultures that treat the public as a dues- paying, on-call or cue-card "participating" audience whose own collective voice is minimized in terms of self-representation and maximized for those whose practiced authority is much like a puppeteer who threatens the public as if We The People are a puppet whose sole purpose for existence is to suffer for them— or else they will:

  • Throw we the puppet-people into a fire (the religion puppeteer).
  • Ostracise/disenfranchise we the puppet-people (the government puppeteer).
  • Extort*[exploit] we the puppet-people (the business puppeteer)...

...That is, if we the puppet-people don't refrain from seeking to Declare a Greater Independence which provides for an actual parity in a fair redistribution of Equality, Justice and Liberty... as well as socio-political power, instead of keeping us bound to insecurities derived from perpetrated fears of which many are contrived-into-actuality so as to promote further dependency on them for everything they care to promote as being necessary and needed so as to ensure their sovereignty over the people.

*More than a few think that businesses all too often migrate towards a type of pure, no holds barred Capitalistic perspective which primarily evinces a collective orientation towards fulfilling motives of insatiable greed... instead of retaining a centralized Humanistic goal which may have helped to initiate the objectives of the business in the first place— and thus prefer to use the felonious word "extortion" instead of its socially deprecated counter-part known as "exploitation"... with respect to those efforts; and pejoratively denoted as tactics of manipulation which are used to get the public to purchase their respective product(s) affixed with a self-promoting ideology.

This too is true for Congressional legislation, Supreme Court adjudication, and the wielding of Executive 'power' which, by an antiquated Constitutional design, engage in an anti-trust (we can't trust them) monopolization against The Right Of The People To DIRECTLY Participate In Their Own Governance by way of a Cenocracy (New Government) which provides for a Peoples Legislative Branch and a fully functional, non-hoop jumping process of Referendum that presently requires the usage of some politically degenerate signatory requirement designed as an obstacle, by way of a politicized rationality, in order to obfuscate an effective "Will of the People" social governance formula.

A "Representative" form of government as presently practiced permits the people to INDIRECTLY participate in their own governance... thus (metaphorical speaking), exhibits the practice of a shadow, echo, and meta-physical government which frequently contours the Will of The People through a prism of distortion and leads society into a state of greater dysfunctionality which has a reverberating influence on other cultures to sometimes mimic a like-minded caricature of neurosis. Such a state of affairs is unconscionable and must be remedied... peacefully or otherwise. Make no mistake. We are on the path towards a Revolution. Viva La Cenocratic Revolution!

Historians should likewise make at least some marginalia comment of these earliest of beginnings as a reference for those who will have a different sense of social self-governing perspicuity in the future. Historians of the future will want to know which Historians of the past were aware of the beginning of a new future that, when viewed retrospectively from ages hence, will be a realized present, and the present we know of today will be a past that none may refer to as the "good old days" that used to, at least sentimentally, play out in colloquial conversations a few decades ago, but is remarkably absent from various forms of dialogue (print, television, radio...) in these "teenage" (2013, 2014, 2015, etc...) years of the 21st Century. Such comments are not an expression of a delusive grandeur (delusion of grandeur), but of Cenocracy's genealogy in-the-making. Imagine if the people in the past had the foresight for keeping absolutely accurate and honest records of everyone that was ever born and to whom they are actually linked by biology, ideology and sociology. ***

It will be of interest to see what entire family, business or religious group is the first to refer to themselves as Cenocrats. And because California often takes the lead (aside from New York and places in Europe) in portraying progressive ideas, it will be of further intrigue to see which State will be the first to define itself, or be defined by others such as pollsters, journalists or political scientists; not as the flavor of some Democratic, Republican or Independent majority whose goal is to replace one politician for another, but as a (the 1st) Cenocratic Majority whose goal is to promote, establish and maintain a New Government design on behalf of the people and not some politician who wants a chance to role play in a system of governance which exercises an anti-trust (we can't trust them) monopoly of socio-political power against (over) the people. If politicians were actually focused on Representing the people, they would be supporting a Cenocratic Ideal. A Cenocracy not only provides the people with a soap box, a pulpit, and a lectern, but an actual means to make their collective will the law of the land without their ideas being mangled by the will of those whose ulterior motives frequently exhibit a self-promotion instead of promoting the actual collective will of the people. The following are examples of the "1st Cenocratic Majority" idea displayed in a t-shirt format:

California 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (18K) New York 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (26K)

3 views of governance (12K) *** Humorously put, some might consider that the idea of a Cenocracy came by way of spores inside a meteorite flung from some deep region of space and has begun to sprout after having fallen from a shooting star... and became embedded in those receptive brains amiable to nurturing the idea into a blossom from which will evolve a more viable and complex life form. Many usefully practical ideas have a birthplace in imaginative considerations... but a metaphor is sometimes not recognized as such unless it is deliberately defined analogously out of context and made less cryptic by being denoted as a clue. Many a treasure map is like this.

Leonardo Da Vinci practiced a simplistic form of this 'use of a code' by indulging in what has been described as "mirror writing" or "backwards writing" (writing backwards), as a means of concealment, and not necessarily revelation, though it is also now realized as an insight into how his mind worked at a given time and place of his life... he was far ahead of his time in multiple respects. Cenocracy is like this because it represents an historically greater ideal of Equality, Justice and Liberty in not only a redistribution of wealth, but a redistribution of socio-political power. Present governing structures (business, government, religion) prefer that the public remains naive enough to buy into their respective "products". They intentionally want to keep the public in a state of addiction, of dependency, of insecurity.

We need a new form of governance which permits, encourages and requires the public to develop its intelligence, insight, creativity, compassion, originality, talents, courage and yes, even genius. The public needs its own collectively-individualized voice which is Constitutionally mandated as THE governing legislative branch of their government, and not some sham derivative by way of vicarious Representation. Present governing systems have been developed and maintained like some undergraduate rats-in-a-maze (or social labyrinth) psychology test engaged in by students who repeatedly flunk and repeat the course because they fail to grasp the essential fact that it is they who are being tested by those who themselves fail to move beyond their own contrived nonsense being used as a means of verification and validation; for perpetuation of sentimentalized fictions deluded into a reality formulated into a tradition to be respected... because it assists them in exercising self-centered ulterior motives which praises the people in public but damns them in private— as an irrelevance set against a graduated scale of personalized need to achieve personal goals and if the public gets hurt in the process, such suffering is obligingly washed off their hands by defining the action as collateral damage. Indeed, it is time for us to move beyond a Democracy to a Cenocracy.

Here are some additional "1st Cenocratic Majority" T-shirt examples:

Berlin 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (6K) European Union 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (8K) London 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (4K) Moscow 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (9K)
Paris 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (7K) Basque 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (5K) Madrid 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt(7K) Oslo 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (4K)
Santa Cruz 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K) Indiana 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Michigan 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Budapest 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K)
Maryland 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Tennesee 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) New Jersey 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) New Mexico 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K)
Alaska 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K) Arkansas 1st Cenocratic Majority (7K) Mexico City 1st Cenocratic Majority (11K) North Carolina 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
Buenos Aires 1st Cenocratic Majority (16K) Colorado 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) Iowa 1st Cenocratic Majority (7K) Reykjavik 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
Hawaii 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) Idaho 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Kansas 1st Cenocratic Majority (21K) Massachusetts 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
Tokyo 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Texas 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K) Illinois 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Utah 1st Cenocratic Majority (19K)
Wyoming 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Wisconsin 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) West Virginia 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Alabama 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K)
Connecticut 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Delaware 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Florida 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Georgia 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K)
Maine 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Mississippi 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Ohio 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Nebraska 1st Cenocratic Majority (11K)
New Hampshire 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Nevada 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Montana 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Rhode Island 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
Kentucky 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Louisana 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Minnesota 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Missouri 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
North Carolina 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) North Dakota 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Pennsylvania 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) South Carolina 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
Oklahoma 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Oregon front side 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
(Oregon front)
Oregon back side 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K)
(Oregon back)
Vermont 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
Washinton 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Virginia 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) South Dakota 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Athens 1st Cenocratic Majority (7K)
Cairo 1st Cenocratic Majority (15K) Havana 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Hong Kong 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Istanbul 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
Johannesburg 1st Cenocratic Majority (7K) Lisbon 1st Cenocratic Majority (14K) Toronto 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) Amsterdam 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K)

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