Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
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~ Chamber One ~
  1. We believe in the right of individuals to perceive their personally embraced ethic of social reform as a duty to present general rules-of-thumb views that can be alternatively changed to adopt and promote those ideas which will better serve the public's collective needs; as discussed and voted on by the People via a Referendum whose process and processing is owned by the Public and is free from any tax, tariff, trade, transference of deed, concession, bait-and-switch tactic, alteration or obliteration that any individual, institution or enterprise may want to impose... or seek some loophole to exploit against the collective Will and needs of the people. May the world judge us according to the rectitude of our earnestness to address social issues which are persistently ignored from the eminent qualification of a National Referendum.

  2. We believe it necessary that all grades in all schools be required to have a course in peace-and-conflict resolution for both internalized and externalized forms, or we will continue to have a socialized life-style with expectations that peace can only be achieved in dedicated (conventionally traditionalized) ways, by (ceremoniously) authorized individuals or groups, under specifically defined circumstances; and arbitrarily altered to suit the needs of a given political environment inclined to some pecuniary, military, or other objective that is contrary to the Will of the people... and is a perspective that government Representatives take upon themselves to assume that they know what is right and best for all, based on ridiculously contrived polls of selectively administered proportionism; but no actual National vote via referendum is ever taken (as a legalized mandate as a conventionalized practice in an Actual Democracy) and thus honestly surveyed so that a Nation's consensus of contemplations can be used to correctly administrate accordingly.

  3. We believe in the need for a New Ideological Perspective encompassing diverse subject areas because so very many conventionalized businesses, governments and religions have become little more than traditionalized institutions akin to a bad habit, that have left humanity without a respite from a persistently corrosive inter-generational exercise in articulated imperialistic selfishness, nationalistic arrogance, and an overall consummate disintegration of a greater global application of progressive human cohesiveness and progress. We are despondently left without a measure of promise to remove us from a suffocating quagmire entangled in the various falsifications of Communism, Democracy and Socialism— and desperately seek to revive one last fledgling effort called Cenocracy, that we view as being synonymous with a perspective of hope.

  4. We believe that although the government in its present form can be quite generous, kind, considerate, thoughtful, amiable, reflective, sensitive, and capable of expressing an attempted overall magnanimity; the present Bill of Rights and Constitution allow for too many recurring instances where the government exhibits the demeanor of a wolf beneath sheep's clothing— and requires not only a new script, scenery and lighting, but an open-aired amphitheater with a new cast, attendant support and direction by way of an adopted Cenocracy.

  5. We believe governments are inherently brittle and open to reverberating fractures— though they have an ability to be masterfully resilient to change if that alteration is not too radical; but if radical, must embrace a contiguity of bureaucracy for sustaining basic social provisions, or else be faced with an ultimate disintegration and vulnerability from attacks both within and outside a Nation's territorial, diplomatic and inter-global dominion of multifarious relationships.

  6. We believe that any belief whose social functionality is not embraced in the hearts, minds and souls of a given citizenry because of an adopted falsification of actual model being practiced, is not only receptive to threats both inside and outside its presumed dominions; but can fall to such a threat.

  7. For example, when it is claimed that there is a threat to Democracy in the U.S. (and elsewhere), or a threat to Socialism, Communism, etc., including one another religious belief; the threat becomes all the more poignant when it is realized that the U.S. does not practice an Actual Democracy but is a Republic attached to a phony enculturation of democracy embellished with an economically bribed believability standard based on tradition forcibly obligated to a reverential patriotism— and is in fact little more than an illusory model used as a means of manipulating a populace into deferring its collective opinion to that of a select few whose supposed Representation is little more than a specious contrivance based on a political and election system out of step with the reality perceived by the majority wanting to effect an actual formula of self-governance.

    ~ ~ ~
  8. We believe that the threat to America's presumed democracy is the result of perceptions embraced by those whose definition of democracy is as frivolous and embarrassingly archaic as ancient practices of animism, divination, human sacrifice, and trephination... and thus will be a duly welcomed liberation from such a tradition of patriotically deluded slavery... so long as the people take charge of the threat in order to create an Actual Democracy and not display the tactic of surrendering to a force whose size and strength are exponentially magnified by a collective submission... like historically recurring Jewish populations, Native Americans, Southern (American) Blacks, and others.

  9. We believe that in a battle against those who will take advantage of weak formulas of Communism, Democracy, and Socialism by offering the public a supposedly improved governing model in order to dupe the people into surrendering their efforts to assist currently weak systems they are most familiar with; it is a battle from which current models of business, government, and religion will not survive and can not be permitted to regain a footing to reestablish the same nonsense they have traditionally engaged in at the expense of humanity. In reality, it is not Communism, Democracy or Socialism that is threatened, but irrationalities of demented public subjugations to differently styled plutocratic aristocracies having learned how to conduct a moving target type of existence as a means of deflecting a populace of aggression against those whose selfishly effected personal entitlements permit them to exploit the public without fear of retribution. It is a battle in whose after-math will be the emergence of a phoenix fanning the flames of an algorithm to produce the warmth of a productive calculus the likes of which only the most imaginative of minds can visualize into a reality that all of humanity will be opportuned to take full advantage of.

  10. We believe current models of Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism and Religion are easy targets for being attacked and subdued because they are superficial representations of their greater ideals which make them all to vulnerable from a practiced weakness of misgiven loyalty because of insecurities wrought by uncertainty of design and direction promoted by the hypocrisy of what is said as opposed to what is done.

  11. We believe the greatest threats to Communism, Democracy and Socialism are those governments whose alliances with businesses and religions, effect sub-standard models of the greater ideals of these social philosophies for the personalized ulterior motives of self-centered leaderships seeking individualized aggrandizements of profitable entitlements that have little to do with the well-fare of humanity.

  12. We believe it is necessary to intentionally construct a government that is intellectually and morally superior to any that presently exist, because we can not sit back and wait for a presumed vehicle of evolution to reach a goal that can well be detoured and thrown off course by the mis-directions of those with selfish interests whose blueprints and maps for some expressed glorious future typically do not take into account the incrementally ongoing demise of the planet, planetary system, larger galaxy and the effects of such on an adaptive biology inclined towards the adoption of rationalizations which permit it to more easily succumb to the deteriorations.

  13. We believe that all beliefs, found in art, business, philosophy, politics, religion and the sciences are the products of "rationalized adjustments" needed for assuming a relative equilibrium in a deteriorating planetary environment in which adaptive biologies try to contour functionality in accord with; suggesting the adoption of a flexible rationale as "making the best of a deteriorating environment", is the creation of a type of tool that although serves many quite well in a given era, may be the acceptance of an inflexible traditional perspective in another.

  14. We believe that current government policies which exploit the people into believing that a Democracy exists but does not; is a threat to the establishment of an Actual Democracy and must be subjected to a Revolution the likes of which has never been recorded in human history in order to effect the establishment of a government based on the collective Will of the People... after they have freed themselves from a tradition of belief that taught them to surrender their consciousness to the falsification of an ideal that they might habitually incline themselves towards because they are unpracticed in self-governance.

  15. We believe if government policies exploit the people into believing that a Socialism exists but does not; is a threat to the establishment of an Actual Socialism and must be subjected to a Revolution the likes of which has never been recorded in human history in order to effect the establishment of a government based on the collective Will of the People... after they have freed themselves from a tradition of belief that taught them to surrender their consciousness to the falsification of an ideal that they might habitually incline themselves towards because they are unpracticed in self-governance.

  16. We believe that if government policies brutally exploited the people into believing that a Communism exists but did not; is a threat to the establishment of an Actual Communism and would have to be subjected to a Revolution the likes of which has never been recorded in human history in order to effect the establishment of a government based on the collective Will of the People so that they might choose whether or not to have a pure form of Communism... after they have freed themselves from a tradition of belief that taught them to surrender their consciousness to the falsification of an ideal that they might habitually incline themselves towards because they are unpracticed in self-governance.

  17. We believe that selfish business, government and religious interests throughout the world which continually exploit the public causing needless privation and suffering in order to achieve agendas counter-productive to the best interests of humanity's individualized growth and collective potential, is a threat that must be confronted.

  18. We believe that humanity has entered into an era where its very existence is at stake, and once pushed back against a wall, hidden rivalries, antagonism, sought retributions, avarice, gluttony, self-righteousness, and many suppressed jealousies will surface in the form of a lethality where individually defined inter-relationship mentalities will be used as the means of deciding who should live or who should die... in order to make more resources available to those who remain according to a personalized "chosen-one" preoccupation.

  19. We believe that the replacement of human workers with robotics and other automated systems, in the form and functionality to which they are presently used solely for the purpose of personalized profit for a few and not the many, is a direct threat to humanity because such applications are not under direct public control to enhance personal growth and overall human potential.

  20. We believe the government will take anything it wants at anytime from any individual or group by changing laws to fit whatever convenience it aspires to; if those in a leadership position deem the confiscation warranted by any conviction they can amalgamate into the logic of a given moment, such as the usage of patents, copyrights, deeds, contracts or whatever... and no person or group has any recourse against it, nor endowed with any legal means to require they be justly compensated for the loss of their presumed article of private ownership... and that the "just compensation" is in a kind and quality commensurate with that which was confiscated.

  21. We believe that under currently focused economic conditions, the personality of the government as an expressed "personhood", is a selfish, egotistical, self-righteous, duplicitous, arrogant, self-entitling adolescent bully whose behavior is so deeply ingrained in its sense of self-identity as a "one-of-a-kind" entrepreneur whose goals are as specious as its practice of democracy; that it will take a devastating plague (through human intent, accident or natural event... such as brought about by human ignorance), environmental catastrophe, severe economic depression, a Third World War, asteroid, civil war... or a Revolution in order to make the necessary corrective changes by:

  22.     dispelling its neurotic one-sided world-view (to increase the value of the public's liberty).

    √√   'equilibriating' its necrotically Capitalistic-oriented self-indulgences of revenue-generating obsessions (to increase the value of the public's equality and justice).

    √√√  fractionating 'nepototic' inclinations to concentrate wealth and political power into trusts and monopolies (to increase the public's managerial value and control over anti-democratic— as well as other discriminatory interests and practices).
~ ~ ~
  1. We believe that the practice of personal ownership is little more than the token tribute of an illusion of Democracy, in that all property is at best a long-term lease program granted on behalf of the observances held by a given government's leadership; who could very well request a return of said property because it holds a perpetual lien on it, thus enabling the "safe-keeping" public to make one or another form of rental payments to sustain the illusion of personal ownership in the form of taxes, insurance, licensing, registration, compliance-conformation-confirmation of usage propriety, re-issuance of permission-to-hold-and-use permits/stickers, etc...

  2. We believe that if the German, Japanese and Scandinavian peoples had the resources that are available to Americans, humanity's progress would be exponentially increased because they embrace that which is lacking in so many other groups which, if they had the same resources... they might well give us (speculatively speaking as well as keeping in mind that those who have been deprived of resources for multiple generations may not make could use of them— like a poor person winning a large lottery, and instead wastefully squander them like the American businesses, government and religions do so that science, industry, production and the arts suffer unimaginable losses... all in the name of some sort of get-rich-quick social profit by exploiting the majority). For example:

    • Middle East: Autocratic clannish Communism's would increase with warring factions trying to force most resources under the control of a single person or a selective few, and the majority would suffer a pay-as-you-go, indentured servitude form of privation.

    • Africa: Kinship brand of Communism-Socialism with a culturally imposed brand of democracy.

    • Canada: An Actual Democracy might one day be constructed in order for the people to begin its practice of an honest self-government and thus collectively choose to develop a meaningful type of Democratized Socialist-Communism.

    • France:: A democratic Socialism would be forced into existence by a people learning to become comfortable with cultural practices of exploitation by a select few who try to keep out of sight in order to be out of the public's mind so that their Aristocratic-styled selfishness is overlooked.

    • Australia: On again, off again democracy, socialism, legislated authoritarianism, etc...

    • Mexico: Autocratic Communism's where the majority suffer indentured servitude privations leading to perpetual forms of intermittent protest, rebellion and revolution.

    • South America: Autocratic Communism's where the majority suffer indentured servitude privations leading to perpetual forms of intermittent protest, rebellion and revolution..

    • Great Britain: The people would force the government into a democratic socialism after an interlude of riot, rebellion, and revolution... and public "execution" of hoarding capitalists.

    • Spain: An aristocratic model of squander leading to sustained cycles of recession, depression, and severe privation.

    • Greece: A monopolistic/trust model of exploiting the people to serve the greed of a few.

    • China: Would construct more bridges leading nowhere, more buildings to be unoccupied, greater systems of state-focused education, and intellectual as well as emotional walls rivaling that of the Great Wall... as projections of a government's fruitless ego to dominate all in its purview... without any real goal beyond its historical obsessions with empire building.

    • Portuguese: Aristocratic model of Capitalism.

    • Taiwan: Practicing too much of an "ancestral obligations" presentiment contained within intra-familial contexts lacking in a global application of the same values for all of humanity as a singular family that must incorporate a different rationality in order to be effectually beneficial for the human species.

    • North/South Korea: Self-absorbed because of a distorted reflection and thus can not see beyond its own grasp.

    • Vietnam: An ability to grow, if it can make a full transition away from its primitive past.

    • Baltic States:: Engrossed in hyper-vigilance because of Russia.

    • Russia: Great potential but many of its people live in a dark past which makes it difficult for them to see any light up ahead. Central authority would dictate who could own what, how much and what kind of communism, democracy, socialism and economy could exist. Recurring privations would be as seasonal as the weather.

    • Vatican Christianity: Absence of democracy, Centralized control of all resources to force public compliance to yield to its authoritarian obsessions of creating a State which allows charity to be practiced, whereby severe privations of austerity would be defined as being good for the soul... all the while its own leadership gets fat and expects everyone to pray for (state-defined) sins of public wantonness, thereby making it legal to ask for tithing to be given every day... and three times on Sunday.

    • Islamic Mohammedism: All resources in the hands of those under the control of factionalized leaderships expecting the people to engage in rituals of obsessive-compulsion in order to be supplied with basic necessities in a reward system of clannish privilege; creating recurring culturally defined and expected instances of protest, rebellion and inter-group revolutions.

    • Hinduism: Resources placed under the control of those who enable a following to agree to its perspective of permitting severe privations defined as being a necessity for achieving some fabricated state of Communism that uses mandalas as a visual type and mantras as an aural type of hypnotic drug in order to subdue the masses into compliance instead of using overt violent repression.

    • Buddhism: A meditative black-hole useful for those who control the populace from its edges so that they can control all resources and the public experience privation seduced by rationalization.

    • Mormon Christianity: Authoritative Communism without democracy unless it is forced upon its leadership by an undercurrent of Socialism which questions explicit hypocrisy because of suffered privations all the while another temple of expressed egotism is built by socially expected taxation called tithing.

    • Black Christianity: Black Nationalism would increase to force present standards of humanistic regard into a silence so that most resources could be owned by a tribal-oriented few whose arrogance of displayed wealth would cause inter-group riots, rebellion and perpetual guerrilla warfare because the majority would be expected to live in a welfare state of poverty, under some modernized model of kingship and "tribal elders" arrangement.
    ~ ~ ~
  3. Confucianism: Self absorption seeking a forward path by reflective pragmatic preoccupations bound to a bureaucracy of tradition whose character of compulsion imposes a stability of sense and order within the context of change producing rhythms of repetition to produce a "commonism" (comune-ism/communism) of Socialism whose democracy is obtained by acceptance of order allowing a growth of consumption leading to widespread privation because even the most diligent of conservation programs are too self-obsessed to appreciate the extent of an encroaching environmental deterioration which a tradition of bureaucracy is too inflexible to respond with appropriate levels of intervention except for more of the same self-defeating moderation.

  4. Daoism/Taoism: (Similar to Confucianism except that it is a) Self absorption seeking a forward path by reflective metaphysical preoccupations...

  5. We believe humanity can and must bring an end to the many existing poverties (and not simply create bureaucracies of "accessibility" or "opportunity" and the many contrivances of privatized exploitation which go along with them). For example:

    • Lack of a globally applied adequate nutrition for every man, woman and child.
    • Lack of a globally applied adequate supplies of fresh water for drinking, bathing and clothes washing.
    • Lack of globally required toilet facilities which are not "privatized" to exploit citizens or travelers.
    • Lack of a globally applied adequate housing.
    • Lack of a globally applied adequate medical care.
    • Lack of a globally applied effort to ensure everyone is adequately clothed.
    • Lack of a globally applied basic income.
    • Lack of a globally applied living wage.
    • Lack of public transportation services that everyone one in business, government and religion would choose to use, without making excuses for themselves by using rationales of self-entitlement such as security, specialized purpose, etc...
    • Lack of a globally applied employee and employment protections.
    • Lack of a globally applied Workers Compensation.
    • Lack of a globally applied National and Inter-national Referendums.
    • Lack of a globally applied taxation on the wealthy comparable to everyone else.
    • Lack of a globally applied anti-trust/anti-monopoly protections.
    • Lack of globally applied animal/insect (such as pollen carrying bees) protections.
    • Lack of globally applied environmental protections.
    • Lack of a globally discussed and voted on resolve to deal with over-population, Capitalistic hoarding, absence of an international goal for humanity, economic-based definitions of war and peace, self-centered religious doctrines, and many other pollutions of mind, body, and spirit.
    ~ ~ ~
  6. We believe that the idea of an ideal democracy represented in the expression "that a government Of the people, By the people, For (all) the people, shall not perish from the Earth", is a traditionalized illusion of consciousness because it suggests the practice of something which does not in fact exist... and therefore can not actually perish because it isn't real. Something must first be alive before it can die.

  7. We believe humanity has great potential but this ability to progress is being severely stifled by being restricted to the consequential changes of planet Earth whose course of incremental deterioration demands that human physiology and its divergent psychologies effect what can be described as an "adjustable rationale" to accommodate the deteriorations. Hence, all present day business, government and religious ideologies are representative models thereof and that as the ages progress towards an ultimate demise, there will be increase human investment in adopting strict conservative measures in attempts to deal will a loss of resources and an increase in population.

  8. We believe it may be necessary for the millions of people who realize that humanity's various ideologies are mere survival mechanisms adapting to deteriorating environmental conditions; to secretly begin plans to construct several arcs with which to effect an exodus from the multitude of business, government and religious nonsense becoming increasingly inflexible... and thus no longer adaptable to the increasing severity of environmental changes which will befall all life forms on planet Earth.

  9. We believe there are millions who realize that the term "Earthling" represents a repertoire of behavior coinciding with the functionality of human physiology subjected to a particular formula of environmental phenomena and that if the human species were on another planet or living in a space vessel distant from any planet, its physiology would adapt as needed and thus develop a mentality in accord with the environment presented to it, whereby a representative model of survival rationalism would develop.

  10. We believe all businesses, governments and religions represent adopted mechanisms of rationalized adjustment to both social and planetary environments coincident with human physiology; whose potential is severely hampered by various poisons it consumes... thus producing a global society which reflects such pollutions of mind, body and spirit.

  11. We believe all businesses, government and religions are inherently disposed to be antagonistic towards humanity's greater potentials ever being realized, because their philosophies incorporate an adaptive inclination to follow the demise of the planet which some ideologies refer to as "Mother Earth".

  12. We believe the present fledgling character of humanity's development makes it vulnerable to embracing those ideologies which best suit the needs for reinforcing that which assists in perpetuating its insecurities and dependencies. Thus, humanity may well have to be forcibly removed from Earth, its solar system and the larger galaxy, because its many social institutions thrive on producing machinated systems of social dependency, that influence humanity to remain symbolically, ideologically and physically tied to social functionalities characteristic of an artificially arranged extended umbilical cord attachment.

  13. Hence, humanity may well have to metaphorically experience the trauma of being extricated from the entangled social cord(s), pushed out of its nest, or kicked out of its den... so that it may begin the first flight of steps of a journey away from the present cacoon called Earth.

    ~ ~ ~
  14. We believe humanity will eventually be faced with making the decision of reducing current population sizes and dramatically altering human activity (so long as its preoccupation is to remain on Earth) due to a dwindling environmental resource base; to an extent various considerations will be discussed and acted on with increased application of more and more deliberately used stringent efforts in order to deal with increasing survival conditions of severity as a permanently experienced new reality, such as for example:

    • Enforcing the usage of standardized surgical contraceptive measures applied to most people.
    • Enforcing pregnancy on those whose offspring may be of value in solving global problems.
    • Rationing of all food, beverage and medicines.
    • Restricting all forms of production to products most useful.
    • Dramatically altering all eco-systems/eco-spheres to be most productive most quickly.
    • Disallowing pet ownership. (All animals must be a food source.)
    • Outlawing the usage of water for washing clothes or bathing.
    • Outlawing the usage of water for swimming pools, lawns, sports fields, parks, etc...
    • Outlawing the usage of salt to melt snow.
    • Birth of children and all life forms will be strictly controlled as much as possible.
    • Elimination of all gatherings where food and beverages are to be served.
    • Elimination of all restaurants.
    • Outlawing all forms of distillation used for producing alcoholic beverages.
    • Outlawing all beverages and foodstuffs which increase dehydration or the need for excess water for metabolism.
    • Elimination of all plants and animals using too much food and water.
    • Outlawing the usage of water in vehicle cooling systems.
    • No one will be permitted to ration rations for any one or any group, except the larger governing authority.
    • Outlawing all physical activity whose exertion creates a need for more water than a person is rationed for, such as:

      • All religious pilgrimages will be banned.
      • Long hikes or daily exercises will be banned.
      • All sports activities will be banned (thus making most sports players an unnecessary redundancy).
      • Physical activity of children will be constrained to motivate increased mental activity.
      • Etc...

    • Under increasingly severe conditions, cannibalism of family members will be permitted.
    • Community designated lottery systems of Cannibalism will be permitted.
    • Suicide pacts of families, neighborhoods, cities, states and nations will be permitted.
    • Execution of those whose religious doctrines advocate large families, non-abortion, etc... and they refuse to rewrite beliefs,
    • Execution of those whose body type requires too much food, beverage or medical treatment.
    • Poisoning water/food supplies to eliminate fringe colonies refusing to comply with conservation standards.
    • Obliteration of entire cultures that refuse to comply with strict global contraceptive laws.
    • Execution of most, if not all "for-a-profit" business hoarders who have no other value.
    • Any and all who are not making a social contribution will be superfluous and be designated a resource waster.
    • Increased executions: of all prisoners who do not give any indication of being able or wanting to alter their behavior from a life of crime.

    • All large-bodied people will be eliminated from existence.
    • All redundant small-bodied people will be eliminated from existence.
    • All primitive human cultures will be eliminated from existence.
    • Usage of biological, chemical or nuclear population control methods will be used.
    • Execution of all whose mental or physical capacities require life-long assistance and they can not make a viable social contribution.

    • Elimination of all commercial outlets dealing with food or beverages and replaced with distribution centers of allotted food and beverage allowances.
    • Execution of redundant workers, bureaucrats, entertainers, sports figures, educators, soldiers, intellectuals, theologians, etc...
    ~ ~ ~
  15. We believe it is necessary that all monuments, memorials and money assigned to political, military or other government-related figures through business, familial or other relationships— be replaced with named and illustrated designations to the promise for a pursuit of peace for the present and all future efforts; and not be intellectually contoured by personal interests to suggest an interest in actual peace is being conveyed through a representative egocentrically illustrated idea; is not the presumed greater idealization in some purported case identity through artificially manufactured, personalized interpretations of assumption that are displayed metaphorically by way of traditionalized standards of politically associated egotism.

  16. We believe that a "Pentagon" of Peace needs to be constructed and named accordingly, with the provisions of:

    1. ... a budget equal to that of the largest military, para-military law enforcement or other aggression-oriented expenditure using any form of language or behavior signifying a "might is right" emphasis (instead of exhausting all diplomatic or other efforts for finding a sustainable, equitable solution to a conflict or disparity); such as a show of established government force when confronted by those using protest as the only means of communicating disagreement because all other government-sanctioned means of communication are meant to minimize, fragment, exhaust, ignore, abuse, scape-goat, punish, intimidate, isolate, disparage, make illegitimate, demonize, coerce, etc., all protestors into submission (unless they can be used to establish a government mandate that reinforces the self-interests of a given government executive)... until such a way is found to shut the protestors up through some legislated legal mandate that "officializes" government aggression against its own citizens... (but tries to claim the initial aggression came from somewhere or someone else whose evility conceals the government's own duplicity)— with no interest in conducting a dialogue with the intent to resolve an issue on equal terms with the public... such as the absence of an Actual Democracy.

    2. ... an industrial alliance to create products with the intent focused on sustained peace, and the means to provide lush contracts to a select few contractors (just like the government does), whereby kickbacks in one or another form can be concealed and make the people feel good about being able to deceive the government just like those in government do when they engage in some loophole against the public, so that it can use tax monies to fill the pockets of select favorites of people, companies, etc...

    3. ... an identical military-minded philosophical mandate "To make the world safe for Democracy" (involving an underlined emphasis that some rationalized and hypocritical governmental design or program should not be THE solely-objectified pronouncement at the expense of humanity); in that the collective interest of a given people may want an alternative model of government after an "Actual Democracy" is put into affect and once the practice of a "Collective Peoples Will" is established and functions without contortion, deceit and manipulation by variously institutionalized business, government and religious communities of liars, cheaters, thieves, swindlers, ambush and scape-goating artistry, as well as robber-barons and hypocrites... who are born into such environments and therefore are unable to recognize anything wrong in their behavior or world-view... making efforts for establishing resolutions based on equality a head-butting issue that needs to be surmounted.

    The usage of the word "Pentagon" is due to the familiarity of the word and not because it represents an advanced formula of 'geometrized' thought which many poets, artists, musicians, mathematicians, biologists, philosophers, mechanics, gardeners, and so many others intuitively grasp, but that so very many bureaucracies are filled with those that don't have a clue of what is being portrayed in such a comment. Decidedly, the actual geometry of thinking in the military and overall government is pretty simplistic, thus requiring theatrically-emblemed electronic and other forms of ceremonial embellishment; and does not begin to enter into the area of calculus needed by a growing population amongst a lowering resource base amidst an incrementally deteriorating global environment and planetary-solar-lunar effects (slowing rotation, burnout, departure).

    ~ ~ ~
  17. We believe that although we have the necessary mathematics and physics knowledge to construct a better human globalization of progress, architectural and engineering perspectives are constrained from transgressing current impediments of intellectual articulation because of an amalgamated nonsense created by self-serving business ventures, grossly ineffectual government policies, and pathetically demented religious interpretations.

  18. We believe that current models of well-intentioned progress of human potentialities is stunted by those, who attempt to use their "language" (art, politics, music, science, etc.) in the context of conventional models of articulation, and therefore can not accurately convey an applicable draft of advanced thinking because they conform to a sociability of habit that restricts and muffles their yawning (awakening) views which stand at the precipice of an enlightened consciousness that is struggling to create a personality of a culturally expected sameness... of conformity, within a conserved philosophical atmosphere that they do not belong in because no culture has a right to claim ownership. Such context-driven social entities attempting to claim a deed of contractualness is like a makeshift corral meant to restrict the movements of a wild stallion in some fruitless and frivolous notion of wanting to tame it for human usage under personalized control... typically as a tool of exploiting something or someone. The problem is that it is misinterpreted as a wild stallion because that is the language of perception being applied; when in fact it is a new species of thought having barely begun to mature. It is like trying to claim ownership of an extra-terrestrial by locking them in a facility under the pretence of protection, or claiming ownership of god by chaining a particular perspective thereof to a given religious doctrine. Such is the simplistic inclinations of far too many people.

  19. We believe that all long-standing internet sites dedicated to exposing government hypocrisy, revealing government corruption, and promoting government reform though their various philosophical inclinations— because the overall-strategy of too many governments, the United Nations and government-assigned task forces are with the various publics of the world that seek sustained peace and growth for humanity:

    1. ... must advance a dedicated discussion and examination of Peace, and not just provide a chronology of assumed peaceful efforts that are eventually recognized as being short-term applications of calm and quiet to represent a temporary truce.

    2. ... must list, side-by-side, similarities and dissimilarities amongst all contemporaneous social reform ideologies as a preamble to the establishment of a national, if not inter-national conference for arriving at a consensus of basic needs provisions that must be met for all peoples.

    3. ... must uniformly agree upon, and explicitly state the need for establishing a Cenocracy with the same language, with the same word, with the same intention to force all governments to comply... on behalf of a fully established and functioning "Will Of The People" Representative government body.
    ~ ~ ~
  20. We believe that the peoples of this planet are forced to live under the plans of a select few whose egos define the limits of their knowledge, experience and logic as being foremost... simply because they say so as derived by way of their own relatively shared calculations of presumed self-importance— irrespective of what the overall view of the majority might be; and that even if all the world's greatest social reformers arrived at a consensus to create a better global society... those who manufacture and hold the cards as well as print and control the value of resources such as money... there still would be no useful change until the cards, card holders and manufacturing thereof, along with their form of bartering system... have been worn out into an irretrievable obsolescence.

  21. We believe so long as the current systems of government effect an extremely stingy formula of democracy as to make it a wholly negligible exercise in self-governance— which does not transgress:

    1. illusory contexts.
    2. confabulated content.
    3. "capricious calculations of contemporaneous culturally confused or contorted credibility" (or other neurotically-derived clang-associations subjugated into some sub-cultural slang observance).

...It is of little value for the public to realistically expect monumental or even incrementally sustainable change in terms of national or global improvement in the lives of everyone... simply by the inclusion of a woman, black, non-politician, Hispanic, African, Asian, Pacific Islander, or well-meaning idealist from any social genre into a social leadership position... regardless of sincerity and selfless intentions for humanity— the public's of the world will be subjected to the same irresponsibility of progressive denial year after year, decade after decade, century after century.

~ ~ ~
  1. We believe that if actual progressive social/governing change is to come about through public intentionality, the former political mandate in creating a literate public so that it might better understand the spoken and written commentary of social leaders whose previous difficulties in getting public support was due to a lack of literacy; must now likewise be educated to elucidate the need for literacy itself to undergo the comprehension that literacy itself, albeit highly commendable, may be an exercise resulting in a sustained minimal educational achievement which has produced a life-long obstacle to further education because of the methodology employed to pursue a national mandate better suited to an antiquity with a sub-standard relevance to present needs for increasing knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom... or the humanity of humanity will be stuck in the rotting pages of a literate arrogance enabled to articulate the depth of its ignorance.

  2. We believe that although the various games of chance (marriage, business development, contractual deals, beliefs, etc...) are presently being run by those whose invested stake in winning undermines the ability of greater profitability to be equally shared by all to be a practiced reality because of prevailing greed advanced by a monopolistic few; there is a need to promote more enlightened convictions, proposals and discernment; because those in the future more enabled to bring about corrective changes on behalf of all humanity will need the establishment of philosophical ground work to be laid bare.

  3. We believe that conventional political "changes" will not provide for the length, depth and breadth of corrective measures that need to be brought to bear on a governing system that is increasingly becoming more and more problematic because vested interests have conventionalized an institutionalism of belief; that makes allowances for the legalized victimization of the larger public through bureaucratized exploitations by way of a market-based economy that has become Monopolized to serve the interests of a few at the expense of the many... and violations of anti-trust are not only permitted to occur because the government is then provided a cut of the ill-gotten gains through its self-serving system of fines; while those who are caught are permitted to excuse themselves without guilt, though the occasional sacrificial lamb is hoisted up as if to quell an assumed public lust for blood.

  4. We believe the government has no interest in establishing an Actual Democracy or its efforts would preeminently be focused on seeking out, making an honest tabulation of, and abiding by the Collective Will of the People.

  5. We believe the government has no interest in Actual Peace or there would be a dedicated Branch of government so named and authorized, because the pursuit of establishing Peace does not provide the different social values of culturally defined wealth that small and large conflicts may provide an opportunity for various business (sales), government (empowerment) and religious (doctrine/charity) interests.

  6. We believe there is a need for a new formula of Government (a "Cenocracy") the very least of which should be the practice of an Actual Democracy and not a continuation of the present phony "Republic" model of democracy. The so-called "Republic" needs to be revised to practice a "Re-publication" in the form of an Actual Democracy.

  7. We believe the collective Will of the People should be a preeminent force in their government.

  8. We believe that in instances where a select majority of the population can be directly and dramatically, on a personal basis... affected by a given legislation, such as in the case of planned parenthood and its inclusive corollary topic of abortion; legislation can only be justly and equitably addressed by a vote rendered by all citizens, and the results of that vote should be made into law— without revisions, amendments, distortions, or other disabling effects so typical of present day legislative activity.

  9. We believe the present form of Government does not adequately represent, nor provide for the actual Representation of the Collective Will of the People.

  10. We believe the present forms of government to be rigged in order to diminish, ostracize, and disenfranchise the Collective Will of the People, if not by intent, then as a result.

  11. A rigged political/election system(s) is viewed by some as a cloaked form of dictatorship which enables a few to increase their odds of affecting the potential for controlling events of governance by offering the public a falsified exercise in equality that in reality functions as a discrimination against the majority; thus enabling a few to undermine the Will of the Many in what amounts to be a system with a practiced sleight-of-hand, bait-and-switch duplicity... that leaves the consensus of the many without any real ability to make any necessary and needed changes to governance on its own behalf... unless it engages in violent forms of opposition to those few who want everyone to see the world as they do and live their lives according to that which will serve to improve the lives of a few— and let the people be damned if they don't like it... supported by a system of laws which act as obstacles and various arresting methodologies to keep the truth suppressed, thus fomenting the growth of a discernible change in the architecture of sub-cultural views into a mainstream realization of government oppression aided by some journalistic sources either due to ignorance or deliberate intent of sustaining a status quo in which they have learned to prosper.

    ~ ~ ~
  12. We believe that those who on the one hand assert that the "system" is rigged (be it a system of business, government or religion), but then alter their protest to accept the provision of participating in the self-same system based on the presumed logic of an advanced pragmatism defined by such a rationale as "this is the way things are"... as if there were some over-riding moral necessity to abandon one's conviction to support a presumed "peace-keeping" concession designed by the very standards that one opposes; can thus be viewed as an act of self-denial and self-flagellation to prevent oneself from exerting a sustained opinion and effort against adopting a conventionalized practice of habitual reconciliation that compromises oneself to the dysfunctionality of the rigged system, instead of bartering for the subjugation of its retirement from public service with a pension of historicity— thus enabling the usage of a equitable and progressively fulfilling system for humanity to become the new tradition.

  13. We believe that an exercise in granting concessions instead of adopting changes based on the collective Will of the people, under the rationale that there is a necessity of pragmatism involved due to participating in a role because of a practiced tradition to do so; is a deal-with-devil capitulation to a lower standard of morality and/or ethics— because vested interests in the preservation of a status quo formulated from an argument architectured by a tradition without conciliation to the opinion of the majority... is the absence of any interest to raise one's standards for including a greater equality unless they are enabled to have an upper controlling hand or acquire the greater value to be used at a later date as some form of currency to advance a former cause from the position of an alternative perspective whose ultimate aim is to undermine any present concession(s).

  14. We believe that the government is not too Big, but is too Small; given the fact that an Actual Democracy, a "Peoples Government" necessarily means a Nation's entire population represents the government. Those who advocate that a government is too big typically are those who want to be included in a select minority permitted to be placed in a position of a majority control without ever promoting the need for an Actual Democracy to be practiced.

  15. We believe that humanity must prepare itself for the eventual emergence of a philosopher king who will view business, government and religion as three different tools to be use to assist humanity achieve a more worthwhile goal than any singular or combined agenda these three tools might want to represent and provide as an illusion in order to manipulate the public into helping them acquire their individualized personal interests.

  16. We believe it is necessary to point out politically-based ideological strategies in order to form a better comprehension as to why they represent similarly different perspectives of how to crack open the same egg (as in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels voyage to Lilliput); in order that the "Egg" (a government, business, religion, etc...) be used to achieve what amounts to be the same results... eventually ending up as human waste, because humanity is such a wasteful creature made worse by the collective ideological result of the egg-splitting agendas of business, government and religion:

♠    We believe that those advancing a Conservative agenda frequently engage in passive aggressive or blatant forms of "persuasion" (sometimes described as retribution) in order to force or punish a person/group into, or because they won't... submit to their Will or world-view.
♠    We believe that those advancing a Liberal agenda frequently engage in blatant or passive aggressive forms of "persuasion" (sometimes described as retribution) in order to force or punish a person/group into, or because they won't... submit to their Will or world-view.
♠    We believe that those advancing a Moderate agenda frequently engage in passively blatant or blatantly passive forms of "persuasion" (sometimes described as retribution) in order to force or punish a person/group into, or because they won't... submit to their Will or world-view.

Problems occurring and persistently re-occurring in a society due to a government that in effect is a working model of different forms of government revolving around a ""moving target" lineup of a Corporatocracy, Oligarchy, Plutocratic-Aristocracy, Republicanism and various degrees of other governing practices; because its usage of the term "democracy" is the articulation of an illusion and superficiality thereof— requires that the public forcefully engages in activities which will cause this merry-go-round type of governance to stop... all the while being fully cognizant that riders clinging to the hand rails with jubilations referenced as patriotism, traditionalism and the like... will be effected by a disorientation which will them attempt to recreate, at any cost, symbolical expressions or formulaic appearances thereof (philosophical, mechanical or otherwise), because individualized and collectivized social functioning habituations produced their own types of narcotic-emblazoned addictions which make it difficult for society to progress with the full scope of its abilities.

~ ~ ~
  1. We believe the means to produce corrective government policy change through communication with elected Representatives to be a wholly insufficient form of so-called "Representation".

  2. We believe the Electoral College practice and any other practice of election/voting manipulation against establishing the Will of the People must be nullified (and not replaced by some other deviated machination). Violations are to be treated as treasonous.

  3. We believe it is time for the collective Will of the people to discuss, draft, and then collectively vote on, without any bureaucratic interference; a new Bill of Rights and Constitution.

  4. We believe the present structure of government makes a Revolution necessary.

  5. We believe the present "Petitioning the Government" provision to be a falsification of the greater ideal and thus constitutes a denial of our right to petition the (whole) government and an affront to principles dedicated to the practice of an Actual Democracy.

    1. The Executive Branch alone is petitioned and not the whole of the government.
    2. There is no Peoples Legislative Branch to collate petition requests and bring concerns to be presented to the whole of the public.
    3. The perception of a petition is relegated to those who are assigned by the Executive branch, but in fact may be biased against a certain appeal, whereby their reply thus constitutes an official reply and the people have no recourse except to engage in a violent form of protest or be satisfied with what amounts to be a response of little regard.
    ~ ~ ~
  6. We believe the present form of U.S. Presidential oath is an articulated callousness representing an avowed insensitive "Personhood" that is faulty on several counts:

  7. I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    1. The People nor their right to Equality, Justice and Liberty aren't even mentioned as being of first and foremost importance.

    2. The emphasis is on protecting the Constitution and not the people and their Right to dictate the terms of their Rights as they collectively see fit to embrace in accord with the development of their collective conscience.

    3. The assertion of protecting the People's Right to have an Actual Democracy or any government the people want is not specifically outlined and is a bold-faced disrespect to the sovereign Will of the people to collectively decide their own fate.
    ~ ~ ~
  8. We believe the people have a collective Right to collectively choose their independently-arrived-at collective decision to determine their collective destiny, without being subjected to any form of individualized bureaucratic vicariousness.

  9. We believe that previous political/government revisions effected through various paths of cultural experimentations (music, drugs, sex, art, education, etc...) have not yielded the end results which former social reformers sought; whether such idealisms were comprehensively articulated or not... and thus requires the application of a concerted, unilateral approach of all divergent pathways to forcefully charge the government in order that its "granary bins are opened to those that filled them"... meaning the people receive an equitable just reward for their efforts in providing taxes for so many years... and that this reward will be defined by the collective Will of the people and not some self-serving bureaucracy.

  10. We believe that many contemporary expressions in art, music, New Age consciousness exploration, Education theory, subtle energy interpretations, religion, science, sports, etc..., exercise the practice of a philosophical regression acting as a conciliatory acceptance to "toe-the-line" in accord with political agendas that engage in various forms of brow-beating tactics to impose their Will on others— and enlist the assistance of those whose creativity is made malleable by way of attacks on their fledgling sensitivities and sensibilities that demeans the development of courage necessary for exhibiting true originality and genius. The progress of humanity is suffering greatly because so very many artistic expressions are re-modeled versions of old perceptions born from the mindset of those living in eras with antiquated social perspectives.

  11. We believe that an attack against a government entity does not automatically qualify as an attack against the whole of the nation or its citizenry, and should not be described nor defined as such.

  12. We believe that an attack against a government official, their family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, business associates or something they own or have a personal interest in, does not necessarily qualify as an attack against the Nation or its people.

  13. We believe that an attack, as a protest against the government, is not an attack against a presumed type of government (such as a democracy), when no such formula actually exists beyond the practice defined in the minds of those who use the illusion of such to selfishly profit from at the expense of the larger public who imagine a government participation where none actually exists.

  14. We believe that because of variously vested personal interests involving businesses, government departments, and religious ideologies; there are those who have no qualms in instigating destruction and/or death against one or another citizenry in an attempt to foment conditions which will provide for the possibility of an opportunity by which they can advantage an interest... and they will try to conceal their machinations in producing and promoting such.

  15. We believe the current usage of the word "Democratic", "Democratic Party" and "Democracy" are not synonymous except that all three equally represent a falsified practice of an Actual Democracy.

  16. We believe that both the "R" insignia of the Republican party and the "D" of the Democrats are a shared "R & D" (Research and Development) reference which illustrates three share identical program interests to effect government controls suitable to ends that can not be acquired if a program of actual sustained Peace is ventured, because of vested interests have learned to prosper otherwise (such as in the case of a revenue-generating War, or through privation-induced conditions serving the pecuniary and philosophical preoccupations of various charitable institutions, which very often are circumstances which can be quite profitable— financially, socially, or otherwise.):

    1. Those institutionalized preferences for instigating War/conflict- mongering issues for instability involving the assistance to the military/industrial complex and those that attach themselves to such entities like symbiotic organisms.

    2. Those institutionalized preferences for instigating Security issues requiring increases in expenditures to entities whose mentality foments an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and apprehension in order to fulfill agency/departmental interests.

    3. Those institutionalized preferences for supporting the infamously referred to "1%" social class of self-serving wealthy practitioners of various back-scratching methodologies typically at the expense of a public deliberately made vulnerable by legislative efforts traditionally focused on undermining the public's ability to have any collective ability to effect the results of a voiced opinion to institute any measurable rationale of equality, liberty/freedom or justice in contrast to the various types of prevailing governmentally oriented irrationality.
    ~ ~ ~
  17. We believe the Supreme Court positions must be, at the very least, chosen and ratified by the public as well as being answerable to the public.

  18. We believe there is a discernible need for the adoption of a guaranteed income social provision in order to cover basic costs of biologically necessary sustenances (such as food and water), clothing, shelter (and associated utility costs), and practicable public transportation, or some alternative form of equitable transportation when public forms of transit in those locations where it is not typically available.

  19. We believe there are those who reject ideas concerning environmental issues is due to either their brains are principally wired to react primarily to immediate threats (such as seeing a tornado a short distance away or believing weather reports because recurring devastations of tornados affect peoples lives close to their immediate peripheral sensory system; or they deliberately deny warnings because they feel their is some immediate personal advantage in doing so.

  20. We believe in the need for a National health, home, vehicle, and life insurance policy run as a single, public-controlled business with strict wage and profit control margins whose excesses are to be routed to a "for public use" fund that can not be used by or for any politically oriented purpose; because the customarily employed methodology of privatization of insurance into a supposed "market economy" uniformly results in government-sanctioned forms of individually offered exploitations of a public whose vulnerabilities are exponentially magnified because of those in government that generate policies based on egregious socio-philosophical, multi-subject deficiencies.

  21. We believe that when a government embraces a Corporativism enabling a Market-place economy to pursue profits by an over-riding interest in promoting the exercise of privatization... which enables the development of a culture in which individualized instances of exploitation may occur and large or small-claims courts will not assist the public in the recovery of losses; the potential for increasing the chances for instigating the conditions for revolt, rebellion, and revolution are manifestly made more probable.

  22. We believe that when a psychotic valuation of a 'Market-place' mentality secures a neurotic public following, it is prone to practice a promiscuous perversion of privatization in its pursuit of profitable predictions akin to the pretensions of prognostication proffered within the parameters of priestly promoters noted in historical antiquities; thus revealing a revival of prejudicial presumptions paving the way for an eventual demise of that nation which permits such a presence of mind to pre-dominate as a nationalized obsession.

  23. We believe there is no perversion of principle, policy, or politics too bold or wicked that will not be advanced, when a government's dominate character resembles that of a pimp under the guise of a corporate or religious entity; and is best served by a historical review as the personality of a single (one-eyed)- visioned profiteering pirate in the pursuit of a treasure following the dictates of an internalized map of privatization— when it is enabled to be unfurled onto the conference tables of diplomacy that have been altered into gaming sessions where even public privacy is given a price tag that can be prostituted to the highest bidders on an open market.

  24. We believe that when a government's reigns of diplomacy primarily rest in the hands of a Corporatocracy run by a borderline characterization of psychosis developed in the course of a life subjected to overbearing abuses which prevented the development of an emphasis on procuring sentiments invaluable to a globalized appreciation of humanity as a species born with promise and possibility.

  25. What the public is faced with are those who will engage in a contemptible bastardization of whatever economic philosophy needs to be contrived in order to persevere in an insatiable pursuit of profit. There is no prejudice, no seduction, no vice, no villainy, it will not resolve to incorporate in its culture of greed that amends, discards, abuses and contorts for its psychotic rationale to own everything and label it freedom, liberty, justice or whichever social governing label meets the necessary criteria (such as Anarchy, Communism, Democracy, Free Trade, Open Market, Socialism, Trickle down economics, etc...) for being packaged and sold to represent its culture of selfishness under the guise of some environmentally necessitated standardization of equality... that has been privatized for the purpose of furthering profit margins— unless there is an accepted return to using slavery, human sacrifice or some other emotionalized mental whoredom can be revitalized in some future era where some other profitable psychoses can be engendered to suit the prevailing socialized avarice.

    ~ ~ ~
  26. We believe that when a corporate atmosphere fully integrates itself into the government, efforts at privatization will attempt to excel the inclinations sought by religions over extended millennia, that claim ownership of god, morality, redemption and salvation; thus presenting humanity with legislatively-backed rationales in which water, air, public land, personal bank accounts, personal property, rain, snow, wind, air space, public toilets and so many other natural and human-made products— including biological waste, human birth as well as death... will be subject to values of ownership that permit profits to be secured... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like the enforced economic policy implemented by a few to take advantage of the many... in the name of progress... for themselves and those in their monopolistic clan.

  27. We believe that every citizen should be provided with an insurance policy protecting them from the self-serving interests of business, government and religion... because their individual and collective activities have frequently resulted in needless public hardships persisting from one generation to the next.

  28. We believe that no elected or selected person in or working for the government, should be permitted to have any benefit, including wage or salary, if it is not commensurately applied to the whole public whose taxes pay for such benefits. The needs of the present non-government public need to be met first and foremost.

  29. We believe when a literacy of profound ignorance gains the ground of being able to elect a Representation of itself into a dominant political position, what unfolds is an overt replication of the very prejudicial underpinning it has been subjected to by way of a government that practices a traditional secrecy of covert corporate self-regard at the expense of whichever public gets in its way of its interests in profitability.

  30. We believe those whose profitability rests in cultures provisioned by the occasion of war, conflict, secrecy and the like, must engage in war-mongering, war-instigation, and a predilection of espionage... and they need not even be aware they are married to such a relationship though its daily inter-course has, by way of an honest historical reflection, made at least a few suspect their exists an adulterous form of humanity which beats in the heart of their careers of presumed honor, glory, and unsoiled patriotism whose orgasmic missions breed the offspring of a perpetual like-mindedness so that future generations can have their own photo albums and history books of warrior memorabilia.

  31. We believe that maximum limits to wages and profits will have to be applied on a global effort as part of a rational understanding of the need for rationing such types of human exercises; as resources continue to dwindle, the population continues to increase, and the planet continues to decay... thus affecting the course of additional "adjustments to prevailing rationalizations" (of which all beliefs and philosophical considerations are rationalizations constructed to the best of human abilities and capacities which are permitted to have a wide-spread social voice... many of which are not).

  32. We believe that a free Higher education policy needs to be adopted to cover at least three degrees, with personal interests in additional educational pursuits to be paid by those who effect either an intermittent or sustained "professional student" approach to the education process, because of human inclinations to become habituated as denoted by the colloquialism "a person gets set in one's practiced ways".

  33. We believe that the present process of voting is an antiquated system out of step with the present age of technological advances, and presents the public with more incentives not to vote (such as the collective vote can be undermined on the local, state and federal levels through gerrymandering and the Electoral College; than promoting nationalized narcissistic values (called patriotism) which encourage a disincentive not to vote based on a fatalistically practiced "one person, one vote" fable historically narrated into a fruitless, nonsensical tradition. If voting is a measure of citizenship, then it should be tied to the overall reward system for being a citizen... instead of rewarding a citizenry for not voting in a convoluted process that is in desperate need of being rebuilt (and not simply over-hauled as many shade-tree mechanics have engaged in).

  34. We believe the Nation's voting age needs to be universalized and that if a person is legally able to marry or enter into a military service, they should be treated as adults with full voting privileges.

  35. We believe that at the very least, unemployment insurance, welfare assistance, and social security should be universalized and aligned with the realities of the economic system being practiced as a proposed measure of presumed democratic equality commensurate with obtained profits, salaries, bonuses and direct or indirectly available assets, no matter how the language of the tax system is used to permit evasion of paying an equitable share of income and hoarding allowance. Violations must be swift, definitive and globally applicable to any and all.

  36. We believe that many who propose an alternative form of government/society and think that their rationale is the eventual outcome of an historical development that must pass through a Democracy as a stepping stone; do not in fact want to test their theory by actively advocating for the adoption of an Actual Democracy. Living within the confines of their perceptions satisfies too many personal issues that remain privatized in their world-view that is like a treasure which they can hoard and share only inasmuch as another adopts a similar life-style of separateness from a majority... whereby an illusion of uniqueness is fostered, but is never willing to be put to the test.

  37. We believe many do not want to put their views of Anarchism, Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., to the test because they inwardly feel that the end result will not be to their imagined liking... that the reality of their presumptions, when put into the framework of an extended national or global application, will be far removed from their personal fantasy. They want to say they believe, and exhibit behavior that they want others to interpret is an expression of what they say they believe, but they do not actually want to put their belief to the test of producing it into any semblance of factuality because they would then have to create yet another social reform fantasy world in response thereto.

  38. We believe that so-called "re-habilitation" programs in institutions of incarceration (Jails, Prisons, Psyche-wards) should be preceded by social "habilitation" programs (education, training, social skills, etc...) prior to a person's incarceration. (One must have first been habilitated before they can be "Re-habilitated").

  39. We believe that when a person has fully served their time in an institution of incarceration, or that they have been either pardoned or paroled, their full citizenship rights should be restored. If they can not be trusted, they should not be free. They deserve a full re-integration into society such as being able to vote, and not be subjected to a prolonged period of social confinement which amounts to the practice of a cruel and unusual punishment.

  40. We believe that individuals who have been restored their freedom from incarceration must be given the necessary assistance to be fully reintegrated into society and not be subjected to a social system practicing an extension of imprisonment by creating an atmosphere of ineligibility, inadequacy, untrustworthiness that forces them to repeat a life of illegality in an attempt to procure some semblance of a livelihood that is denied them; and are subjected to unrealistic rules and regulations governed by time constraints many law abiding citizens would have difficulty in complying with if they had to submit to strict values of an antiquated religious "penitence" with little or no familial or public support base.

  41. We believe it is a particularly discordant, anti-social value for the government, and businesses, to practice what amounts to be a vengeance-rendering action against a former employee (or service member) to hold a person accountable for leaving a position of employment whose process of departure amounts to a montage of third degree drilling or an attempt to find fault with the individual when the fault may lay with the employer in that the employer needs to retain some sense of self-embodied perfectionism that can only be achieved by assigning some discredibility to the person wanting to escape an employment situation that they, due to their sensitivities and sensibilities, perceive themselves to be enslaved, caged, or otherwise being forced to commit themselves to a type of institutionalism that they found to be not to their liking... but can not simply leave without being subjected to a label of disparagement they are expected to wear the rest of their lives.... like a person on the run with a slave collar, whipping scars, or brand mark they must learn to conceal for fear of being ridiculed by those whose self esteems are so low they must seek a moment's presumption of embodied loftedness by expressing a condemnation of another because they fear to look too closely at their own deficiencies.

  42. We believe Small Claims courts must fully support their rulings so that they are carried out. The public can not be expected to pay filing fees, have a ruling in their favor, and yet be refused their due because one litigant disagrees with the court's decision. In short, the broken courts system must be fixed.

  43. We believe there are far too many social issues that are caused by political and government entitlements, that the recipients of such lack the incentive to create an equitable form of Democratic government. (They do not police themselves very well.)

  44. We believe that government-sponsored policies of promoting privatization of needed social institutions frequently results in individualized exploitations of the public and the public has not legal means of instructively making corrections in order to fulfill the larger and greater hierarchy of public (citizen) necessity.

  45. We believe that bureaucratic attempts to find solutions to social issues through the instrument of privatization based on a retinue of accommodated rationalizations that largely embraced antiquated religious notions of charity is a means of cataloging the deficiency of a government formula that can only be addressed by adopting a new formula of government.

  46. We believe that the government's definition of "public" is sometimes used to effect the interests of those in a particular government position and not the collective position of the public's needs.

  47. We believe that all no one should profit off of any war or conflict-related activities, and that any such profiteering is to be viewed as an act of treason against humanity.

  48. We believe that many business, government and religious leaderships do not want the conflict between Israelis and Palestenians to stop because the situation affords the opportunity by which money, power, and other negotiated resources, concessions and alliances can exchange hands that would not be available if actual peace were to prevail. However, we also believe that the situation is being viewed by some to have gone on long enough and that an ultimatum must be laid out in no uncertain terms... that the entire conflict must come to an end or it will be put to an end once and for all; by way of biological, chemical or nuclear means. Humanity has suffered enough due to their bickering dichotomy.

  49. We believe that the institutionalization of charities (i.e. United Way, Red Cross, Deseret Industries (Mormon), Goodwill, Salvation Army, Religion, Food banks, Flop housing, etc...) which are provided tax exemptions that amount to a public subsidy; do in fact perpetuate the need for charities that evolve embraced philosophies that help to perpetuate their existence and give an excuse to the government not to find a solution for social circumstances which continue to require the assistance of privately owned organizations whose presence advocates more of a business model than as a measure of how long and deeply the government's mismanagement of social concerns and needs is resistant to improvement in terms of being able to abolish the need for such charities.

Governments focused on a primary perspective of promoting/encouraging socialized forms of charity show themselves to be employed by a bureaucracy which attracts those who are particularly immune, calloused or desensitized to a host of wide-ranging social needs and concerns; thus revealing a presently established deficiency in its ability to best serve the public. When the public is subjected to a government chain of command acting as a multi-level hierarchy extending through the local, state and federal sectors of governance in a bureaucratic form of "trickle down" economic theory; the conduits of plumbing to serve the public's needs is often regulated by a distribution valve that is under repair, being used in another location, systematically applied along a labyrinthine channeling system meant to avoid detection by way of artificialized complexifications or legalized jargon, is waiting for an operator to return from lunch, the operator is away from their desk, or in a meeting, or on holiday, on sick leave, went to a funeral, are running late, is busy being used by another customer, the department's machine for dispensed queuing numbers is out and new numbers will be ordered as soon as the proper request forms are sent out after being printed up by a printer no longer in business... or the valve has slowed to a drip... because Congress is too busy voting itself in a raise and other benefits.

~ ~ ~
  1. We believe that the current definitions and practices of peace promoting and support carried out by the United Nations and Nobel Peace prize committee are counter-productive in that peace continues to be unsustainable in spite of such well-intentioned efforts— thus emphasizing the need for a different type of analysis and concerted contemplation; and that both have rationalizations making the practice of war an acceptable alternative in many cases because diplomacy is carried out as an exercise that conceals ulterior objectives of underlying procurement commensurate with past acts of colonialism, Imperialism and "profit at any cost".

  2. We believe that both the Nobel Peace Prize committee and the United Nations represent groups of lobbyists with individualized ulterior motives, which at varying times be collated collectively to ambush, badger, brow-beat, use peer pressure, and other coercive or corrosive means to effect adoptions or changes that are not backed by a comprehensive appreciation of larger global facts which attempt to extend humanitarian efforts into the many centuries ahead based on currently available knowledge within the parameters of an emancipated human philosophy.

  3. We believe all political/government theories advancing a Utopian perspective, however sincere and well-intentioned, are non-rational ideologies given the fact that the Earth is headed along an incremental course of decay and humanity is obliged to adopt a perspective coinciding with an adaptive mentality that may be labeled an "adjustable rationale" in order to maintain some semblance of equilibrium in an ongoing environment of decay.

  4. We believe Capitalism is an economic tool and is not inherently evil. All too often it is used by those who can engage in public disparaging activities because government policies permitting such acts as a role model that encourages such behavior as a projection of its own frequently engaged in self-perpetuating interests, including acts to bring about social "theaters" (such as a "military theater") whereby questionable actors articulate scripts that intentionally create privation, discord, contention, antagonism, fear, apprehension, destruction and even death amongst various innocent populations... including its own citizenry.

  5. We believe that present legal and illegal Market-based (and other) practices of Capitalism represent antiquated models of economics which must be replaced, by force if necessary, with a new model of efficacy that will ultimately confiscate all assets of all plutocratic forms of Aristocracy in business, government and religion in order to assist humanity with individualized goals of assisting humanity to develop its greater potentials both on and off the planet Earth.
~ Chamber Two ~
  1. We believe that different political theories do not distinguish between three internalized social aspects of their beliefs which represent values which need to be identified separately, because current amalgamations create needless misunderstanding when different ideas are brought forth to be discussed in consideration of their merits... or lack thereof— which are more easily concealed when all aspects are lumped together instead of being itemized and differentiated:

  2. ♦   The Economic ("Ownership" must be clearly detailed and not based on presumptions. For example, in so-called "Private Ownership" circumstances the value of "ownership" typically revolves around long-term leasing programs due to fees from registration, filing, taxes, insurance, etc...).

    ♥   The Humanitarian (Overall support of citizen's basic needs such as food/water, shelter, toileting, clothing, health care, hygiene, peace practices, environmental protection, animal rights, etc...)

    ♣   Social/Cultural (Objective and Operational support of business, cultural development, education/training, global partnerships, etc...)
    ~ ~ ~

    For example, in our attempts to disclose the perceptions that the military exhibits the functionality of a Socialistically-Communist welfare system, repeated arguments to the contrary are dismissively reprehensive by stating that Socialism and Communism are types of economic systems and the Military is not. However, they do not point out that the Military is a type of government Welfare program and that the government itself is sustained by taxes, and that many businesses and religions are subsidized by the public's coffers through tax exemption or bailouts which obscure poor management, but many politicians own stock in a company or industry and do not want to suffer a loss, whereby support is given long enough for them to cash in (in order to cash out from the investment).

    ~ ~ ~

    In very many scenarios the government/government agencies attempt to engage in tactics to increase its revenue within the scope of its domain, much in the manner as many an unemployed or temporary worker adopts revenue-generating tactics in such behaviors as a general handyman or someone seeking extra income by participating in the selling of scrap metal, yard/garage sales, flea-market proprietorship, internet sales, dot-com schemes, etc..., though the government's methodology is to employ schemes related to industry, international bartering, trade tariffs, privatizing basic needs in order to permit individualized exploitation of the public, etc...

    ~ ~ ~

    Because the military does not normally engage in direct tactics to increase its income (though intentional indirect acts are well-known), an analysis of its functionality must primarily be viewed from an humanitarian and social/cultural perspective. As such, when we look at the following examples, there is a direct correlation between the military and Socialism, Communism, and Welfare. The lack of a voting system clearly distinguishes the military as a poorly practiced democracy, though it laughably claims many of its actions are directed towards establishing, upholding or protecting the rights of people to practice a democracy (i.e. to "make the world safe for Democracy")... yet it does not appreciably embrace an internalized promotion and practice of what it preaches. Nor does the usage of contracted services diminish from the provisional dichotomy distinguishing Military and civilian control of services meant specifically for military personnel and their family members.

    ~ ~ ~

    The Military's Socialist-Communist welfare practice (61K)
    ~ ~ ~
    1. We believe that the usage of any formula of "Binary Economics" which may get its impetus from a "dual process theory" of conceptualization, are extensions of a primitive exercise in the dichotomization of perceptions into what are sometimes colloquially referred to as "parallel ways of knowing"; suggesting that this model is the primary formula of cognitive activity and thus giving support to current binomial economics policies, is a selective aberration of personal indulgences to architecture a culture of artistically contrived social panoramas equal in structure and function to a casino filled with multiple schemes which enable a select few to take advantage of the many because they design both the rules, the games, as well as when and how they are to be played to advantage the greatest exploitability of the public.

    2. Such a perspective exhibits an antiquated mindset within the constraints of a consciousness which lacks an available appreciation of human cognition from which arises a world-view creating historically repeating episodes of human strife— when the realization of trichotomies (such as the Hegelian "Thesis/Anti-thesis... Synthesis") and other formulas of 'complex simplicities' that import the derived fundamental basics of differentiated thinking in different eras amongst different peoples... are of greater value and can be usefully applied to further a larger global magnanimity, when the obsession with dualities in their many faces (biasness, dichotomy, dualism, binary, opposites, pairing, etc...), can be put in their place within a more comprehensive awareness of the constraints of biology influencing a conservation law related to thinking as a system of "adjustable rationalization" acting as a gyroscopic mechanism in an incrementally decaying planetary system.

      ~ ~ ~
    3. We believe that senseless argumentation (and various "selective" results) being espoused and advocated amongst a multitude of social/government theorists (regardless of how sincere and well-intentioned they are)... who differentiate between the plus and minuses of economic systems based on the dichotomy of:

      "Private Ownership (of capital) in/used for the means of Production"
      (such as Capitalism)

      — and —

      "State ownership (of capital) in/used for the means of production"
      (such as Socialism... or Communistic collectivism under State control);

      are expressions and extensions of an ancient "two"-framed mentality cloaked in modernized jargon, idioms, and attendant rationales that social reformers must pursue a paradigm shift in their thinking in order to advantage themselves with a greater consciousness of expanded appreciation of the global human condition within a restricted planetary environment headed along an incremental course of decay.

    4. However, such a perspective is not appreciably advanced by attempts to introduce a presumed "three"-framed formula consisting of a "Mixed economy" juxtaposed between Capitalism and Socialism (or Communism) and are often labeled as Market... Mixed... Planned:

      $$$    Market economy /associated with Capitalism and Libertarian endorsement (open/free trade market frequently controlled-through-manipulation by Trusts, Monopolies, government alliances Anthropomorphic "King of the hill" approach to "self"-survival)

      $$$    Mixed economy (limited openness/limited planning/Anthropomorphic generalist approach to "club-membership" survival)

      $$$    Planned economy /Socialist/Communist/Monarchist- endorsed economy (planned, protectionist, sometimes strict and/or closed Anthropomorphic clan, tribe, totemic approach to "altruistic-focused" survival)

      (Very often, different social theories articulate endorsement of one or another of these economic systems in that fluid social conditions may call for a fluidic approach to the type of market system of best use under given circumstances... many of which are not foreseeable.)

      ~ ~ ~

      While the usage of a "three" formula would appear to provide an advantage over the constraint of a "two" formula, it actually represents a superficiality of economic theory because the definition of "ownership" has not likewise been advanced beyond its dichotomy of "Private and Public". Though some attempt to extricate the representation of a "Personal" brand of ownership, they do not as well itemize the definition of what it is meant as a separate entity' thus leaving interested others having to support a suppositional instead of a declarative statement that goes beyond the definitions encompassed in a macro/micro-economics divisioning. What typically occurs is a definition which overlooks the usage of some personalized amalgamation which can alternatively be described as a fusion or concretion of a perception rendered into an ideological conservation effect being triggered by an increasing population that is increasing the loss of resources which causes more of us to scramble for some purportedly reachable higher ground of wealth, religion, or philosophically applicable altruism sometimes referred to as a humanistic brand of Utopianism; leaving the majority trying to advance up an economic hill lined with a labyrinthine arrangement of business, government and religious palisades governed by arbitrarily initiated time- or variously listed demographic constraints. What is produced is an elaborate socialized gaming system with the odds weighted heavily against the general public whose only sanctuary is the depth of their illusions... if not delusions.

      ~ ~ ~
    5. We believe that the three prominent types of economy (Market, Mixed, Planned) being reviewed for discussion by many who are interested in some aspect of human socialization (even if the interest is particularly self-centered with a dominant "Me"-ism)— are selective types of illusory Democracy inherent with their own volatilities and vulnerabilities... none of which in their current forms and practices are specifically focused on Peace initiatives.

    The presence of three alternatives does little to persuade many individuals away for using some personalized "two"-framed orientation that prefers to use the two numinous descriptions of "Anonymous Market Forces" or "Automated Market Systems" instead of detailing or attempting to detail the levers, controls, dials and other generalized actuators; because these two mystiques are part of the general mood or ambiance of individuals involved in gaming activities... and is easily observable when children or adults are engaged in playing a game... as if they are isolated for a time, in a make-shift atmospheric bubble at a distance from the larger reality and acts like a type of sports referenced "zone" being sold and bought as a highly prized possession— even though variously named or simply perceived varieties occur in artistic, music, writing, mathematics, science, religion, business and other crafts... through sometimes subtly intuited from a skewed peripheral acknowledgment denoted as "something or someone is there... at the tip of one's tongue, fingertips, or edge of discernible consciousness".

    ~ ~ ~

    In other words, we acknowledge that the currency of one person's thought may be the metaphysics of another's, and that they would feel starkly enlightened to have the rather vacuousness of their ideation grounded into discernible language that is metaphorically portrayed by the illustration of someone reaching a long sought for summit of a perspicacious conscious awareness. In economic terms they want to know what the currency of their new found consciousness of wealth will be able to purchase, after trying to unravel what type of economy is best to use as a method of exchange without a government protected business philosophy of "caveat emptor" (without a warranty, let the buyer beware), from a practice of privatization which personalize exploitations that force those who have been taken advantage of to seek solace in those idealizations using various tinctures of delusion or illusion which some refer to as inebriation, insobriety, drunkenness or prefer the Marx (-attributed) phrase "opiate of the masses", though it is said he restricted his view of a social narcosis to that of religion.

    ~ ~ ~
    1. We believe that most social theorists waste too much time indulging in simplistic forms of socialistic theoretical juggling like instructors attempting to teach rudimentary arithmetic based on the assumptions they are dealing with an appreciably naive public, or as entrepreneurial advocates seeking (ad)venture capital from concrete-minded public investors unschooled in creatively contoured matrices; where in fact the public indulges social theorists who they think like to imaginatively engage in their own messianic formulas of historical role playing; whereby neither are introduced to the practicum of a calculus that needs to be geometrically scrutinized for its application as an advanced psychology of an engineered physics awaiting to be practiced as a living, breathing literature of music, art and significant anthropological dimensionality.

    2. We believe that the posited independence or freedom orientations of the Anarchist and Libertarian social philosophies rest on preoccupations with notions of economics more in tune with older systems of bartering consideration— and that both effect their own adaptive (laissez-faire) strategies that indulge in the two-framed perspective of "Anonymous Market Forces" and "Automated Market Systems" that are presumed to be self-correcting, fair, equitable, and largely non-injurious to the eudaemonia (prosperity, health, happiness) of the public.

    Social philosophies which espouse to apply mechanized effects resulting from human related behavior with the propriety of being just as much an individual as a person is (such as the notion of Corporate "Personhood"), are modernized forms of exercising a primitive practice of anthropomorphism (attributing animate qualities to inanimate objects)... and is representative of a recurring inclination amongst those with a predominant focus on self-orientation in an otherwise overwhelming social landscape; to indulge in the usage of a multi-faceted, two-patterned conservatism. The Anarchism insistence on decentralized governments and preferred local autonomies (masquerading as centralized leadership in smaller social units to better effect tribal or clan types of administrative control); and the Libertarian emphasis of an unrestricted market coupled to a social atmosphere of individualized liberty— unrestrained by government interference, and is subject only to the law(s) of a presumed "force" of inherently born natural order... are advanced by those advocates who appreciably lack any experience living in a "free for all" social situation where restrictions are subject to the will of the strong, be it a strength of muscle, money, machination, mischief/monkey business or madness.

    ~ ~ ~

    All economic policies revolve around three generalized issues stemming from three types of economic systems labeled Command, Market, Traditional... with the "Traditional" economy selection referring to inter-generational control determined by birth such as in a Monarchy/Aristocracy, but has been substituted, because of the wide-spread decline of such a tradition (in the traditional, but not modern variation); with the label "Mixed Economy"... as if there is an underlying psychic need to introduce another third item instead of leaving the older three-pronged listing vacant of one item. However, such simplistic renderings as those which follow, can become increasingly complicated by those advancing individual, regional, or national interests as opposed to global concerns for the overall well-being of humanity:

    1. Who or what is to control human labor and resources (who, what, when: production and distribution)
    2. Who or what is to control what is or isn't produced (why: for basic needs (health, education, welfare)? luxury? aesthetic?... etc... )
    3. Who or what is to control prices, wages, and quotas (how much, how little; Limits, quantities, capacities)
    ~ ~ ~

    With respect to social theories focused on governing, it is of need to point out that references such as Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., are theories of management... of managerial style, that typically are micro-managed by open, closed, planned or a presumed underlying exercise of modulation thought to underlie all social groups whose structure of control takes place on subtle instead of overt social mechanisms of bureaucracy; whose very definition is subjected to a bureaucracy of interpretation, application and referencing.

    1. We believe the old models of "ownership" do not and can not apply in the development of a Cenocracy (New Government) because they are both directly and indirectly undermined by the usage of "personhood" applied to corporations, which entitles them with a biological status where in fact none exists; unless the adoption of such an artificiality incorporates the vagaries of accident, injury, privation and death as well... or is substituted with a process of sacrifice in order to prove that they are just as mortal as humans are... and are not to be construed as being immortal and thus revered as a god, empire or evolved biological species.

    2. We believe it is customary for humans to interpret creative ideas and originality of thought through the forms and functions of old familiarities that, once sanctioned by social leaders, becomes the adopted rationale even if the creator or originator says otherwise; because the adopted application of new ideas to new drafts of consideration are not as easily apprehended with the conventions of a public consciousness unpracticed in looking further down the road towards a future outlined by contemporary inclinations of staying within sight of accepted contemplative shores.

    3. We believe there are millions of people who have reached a conclusion that the only real way of producing a better government will be to conduct a Revolution, because the people have no actual other means for effectively affecting change without having to submit to a contrived system of bureaucratic gauntlets meant to fatigue, arrest, distort, disparage, deny, dismiss, disunite and otherwise forbid any change to occur unless it is accomplished according to the dictates of a few who do not, and can not represent the combined Will of the people.

    4. We believe there are millions who have as yet not adopted the conclusion that a Revolution is necessary because of an inclination towards perpetual forgiveness for being wronged and taken advantage of; but that once they become aware there are millions whose perspective both sympathetically and empathically understands the nobility of spirit which they embrace, they will endorse our efforts to establish that which will thrive all the more because of the very same spirit we want to instill in the governing processes that have been turned into a vacuous emptiness we can no longer abide with and that no manner of prayer or hopefulness will succeed in rendering onto the public its just right to establish and actual self-government with a Peoples Legislative Branch.

    5. We believe there are millions who are awaiting at the threshold of consciousness which comprehends the necessity of stepping forward because of a prevailing inner voice that is all too often silenced by distractions because of no apparent position of protest they as yet see themselves advancing with.

    6. When they look for leadership they see various equivocations coming from the forested quagmires of Anarchist doctrine, the deserted oasis of Communist futuristic provincialism, the illusions of Democratic distortions of reality, the libations of Libertarianism, the solicitations of Socialism's sashaying soliloquies, and let us not forget Religion's resourceful reflections of retarded resplendencies, or economic's theories embraced as ecumenical necessities supporting specialized interests which take advantage of the majority so that a few might prosper egregiously so— and thus interpreted as a presumed divination of manifest destiny to cure all social ills, but ingratiates itself amongst world leaderships like a symbiotic cancer that eats away at the soul of humanity like so many maggot and rat-filled entrepreneurial-ships launched by social ceremonies that disrespect an indentured workforce whose brow is used as the bow upon which is broken a bottle of vintage wine from the vineyards of the government protected wealthy who are perpetually drunk on their own obsessiveness to deprive others any form of equanimity unless they can profit from it.

~ Chamber Three ~
  1. We believe there is a need to enhance the "Checks-and-Balances" design of the present government to include an active participation of the citizenry by way of a "Peoples Legislative Branch".
  2. For example, the following three images illustrates the idea quite succinctly:

    1. Legal profile of a Checks-and-Balances model using a Will-of-the-People jury.
    2. Present Checks-and-Balances model used by the government.
    3. Checks-and-Balances government model utilizing a Will-of-the-People Legislative provision.

[1] Legal profile of a Checks-and-Balances model using a Will-of-the-People jury:

legalCandB (26K)
[2] Present Checks-and-Balances model used by the government:

Present Checks-and-Balances government model (49K)
[3] Checks-and-Balances government model utilizing a Will-of-the-People Legislative provision:

PLBcandb (150K)

Needless to say, there are many social issues which need to be confronted but we feel can only be adequately addressed by establishing a New Government... a Cenocracy.

Date of Origination: Thursday, 29-Dec-2016... 01:44 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Thursday, 29-Dec-2016... 10:35 AM
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