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Steps by the Government to increase Security Measures for Legislators and other federal workers whose activities are set against the public will not work... because the people will simply "remove" those who are placed into positions of security... even if those so assigned are likewise assigned with their own security details and those security details are provided their own security... and so on and so forth. Succinctly put, the people will necessarily target those assigned to security details and the army of lobbyists set against the people... even if it means addressing the issue of effecting a more honest Democracy if family members of security details (and lobbyists) must be placed into the equation. This is not about advocating Anarchy, riots or creating a social mood of terrorism. Nor is it about some simple-minded religious nonsense, acquiring fiscal wealth or wielding power as it now functions on behalf of selective lobbyist interests. Yet, if security details are not going to stand down in order to preserve the right of the people to over-throw the government and create a better one, and instead choose to protect idiots in business and government whose philosophical premise is to undermine the Will of the people to create an Actual Democracy or whatever form of government best suits the people in a given era... as determined by the people themselves; then those in such security positions should be fully aware that they may well receive the same fate as so-called social leaders when the people are forced to confront them in efforts to secure a better form of self-governance. Let them all be fully aware that we are heading towards an extremely violent confrontation in order to secure a better way of life for all those who share in such an altruistic perspicuity... because putting a gun to the head of various social leaders for the good of the public is not enough... we will be forced to squeeze the trigger.

Because government and business officials have become immune to the public's usage of traditional protest methodologies; whereas protests have to be used when no existing means of altering bad governance exists as a logical 'given' in a system of government that strives to undermine, subvert and controvert the Will of the people— the public is being forced to develop more definitive strategies with an accompanying rational and trenchant philosophical temerity supported by a system of unconstrained mathematical syllogistic indices... whether or not particularized common-place public articulations indulge in such language sophistications instead of the trite political and legal 'integuments' used by wanna-be intellectual social leaders.

If such aforementioned security details choose to wear Kevlar vests, they can be shot in the head and/or groin or some extremity. If they decide to wear Kevlar helmets, underwear, socks, etc., or some other similar protective gear, then Molotov cocktails, flame throwers or various forms of grenading can be used against them... particularly during daily moments of vulnerability such as when using a toilet, eating, having sex, telling bedtime stories to their kids, etc... Whatever is used to protect idiots who protect yet other idiots who do harm to the public, such exercises will initiate the need for escalated retaliatory measures. Generations of Electronic Gamers already think in such terms... albeit such perspectives are not yet directed against the idiocy of government officials and their counter-part protectionist dummies. If every hacker and gamer turned their sights towards the government, it will signal the end of the stupidity the Nation has to suffer generation after generation because of a phony democracy. For all their claims of performing some ludicrous "official" government action on behalf of the public, the public can use the same terminology when labeling such enemies "officially" dead. And they may be buried with all the commercialized honors they want... just so long as they can no longer wreak the havoc they do on so many innocent lives. The only reason "they" are presently winning is because the public is playing by their self-serving rules. The system need not collapse, if taken into account, when the rules are altered to fit the real needs of the Nation and overall species. More and more are preparing for an eventual Cenocratic assault on the present government of nonsense in order to create a better way of life.

The people need a new form of government even though at present some are confused, disoriented and otherwise unsure of what form of government would be best... since the form of government they have been subjected to is an erroneous democracy, socialism, and communism... and more in tune with a self-serving Coporatocracy or Aristocratic-Plutocracy or the British formula of monarchical nonsense. Eventually those in power will come up against those in the public arena whose efforts to eradicate them will be most formidable and not the garden variety of politically neurotic would-be assassin. All that is needed is funding. Since a very "assertive" protest is already being mentally constructed as a necessity in various walks of life amongst both men and women... young and old; individualized attacks on government officials is assisting in creating a public callousness... nay, a hardness against feeling any sympathy for those who are viewed as being anti-thetical to a greater promise of future viability for the Nation and all of humanity... but the present form of government is in the way. It prefers to instigate conflicts so as to feather its cap aligned with its traditionalized chip on its shoulder to give the impression of toughness and greatness instead of its inherent insecurities and weakness. (It is of value to notice that there is no outcry, no collective public condemnation (except for government aligned journalists) when a politician is attacked since there is a widespread disconcern for those whose efforts are not supportive of the public's short and long-term needs.

In other words, (and this is not to be interpreted as a publicly announced threat or premeditation... but is a point of fact when using an armchair vantage point of analysis and observational strategy being used by many in the public): there is a way to get to politicians (and others in social power positions) if the people want to... and we have no need of using social media to announce our intentions... as a type of bragging used to mollify feelings of uncertainty and boost confidence prior to an assault— intentions that will make sure the targets within one's sights are not to be wounded nor maimed... but torn asunder so that they can do no more harm to the people... so their insanity will eventually meet with the fate described by John Donne in his "Death Be Not Proud" poem. The people do not have to conform to some ridiculous logic of presumed "fair-play" and status-quo rationality to fit the desires of those whose idealisms are out of step with the needs of the public. Labeling a person or crowd as something irrational, unpatriotic, illegal or undemocratic will not forestall the eventuality of righting so very many wrongs perpetrated on the public by the government aligned with protectionist-oriented corporations and the military-industrial complex. All the disgusting self-serving patriotic, moralistic, family values rhetoric used as an act of public manipulation will not suffice to stop the people from creating a better government that does not act like a back stabbing, double-dealing and two-faced criminal! Americans are being forced to resort to the usage of violence because there are no provisions for the voice of the people to be heard and respected in terms of creating laws voted on by the people instead of so-called Representatives who don't actually work on behalf of the People! If they did, the people would not have the pathetic Health Care system they do and businesses would not be allowed to rape the coffers of the public to satisfy their greed. When countries such as Cuba, Canada, Britain and others have a better health care system and the GNP (Gross National Product) of the United States dwarfs them all, there is something decidedly rotten, smelly and festering in U.S. politics.

America's Phony Democracy, Be Not Proud

America's phony Democracy, be not proud, though some have called thee
So Mighty and dreadful a government, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor false Democracy, nor yet canst thou kill truth.
From poverty and corruption, which but thy imperialism be,
Much displeasure; then from thee much more continues to flow,
And soonest the worst men and women with thee do go,
Rest of their greed, and malfeasance delivery.
Thou too art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate idiots,
And dost with intimidation, war, terrorism, and Trump nonsense dwell,
And cocaine, armaments, and lousy health care can make us sleep as well
And better than thy double-standard stroke; why swell'st thou then?
One short
Cenocratic Revolution past, we wake eternally
And Trump stupidity shall be no more; phony Democracy, thou shalt die.

At present, according to the unseen statistics provided by the web page hosting service... the 2ns most frequented article is Homosexuality: The New Nazism. While the most frequented article has been: Military Benefits are Basic Necessities (that every citizen should have), where the organizational profile of the military is outlined to illustrate its practice of a non-democracy... such as the following criteria:

The Socialist Practices of a Communistically-based Welfare system designated as a Military Program:
  •    The Military has no interest in practicing a Democracy.

    (It is viewed as a bureaucratized dictatorship.)

  •    The Military's pseudo-economic system is based on a (specialized and extremely expensive) Welfare State.

  •    The Military claims to be a champion of democracy but refuses to practice democracy itself.

  •    The Military has No Voting System..

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Health Care System.

    (Everybody has 100% coverage without being forced to abide by protectionist insurance rackets
    or pharmaceutical company nonsense in order to make a few people rich.)

...The Veterans Administration's Health Care program is an extension of this
Socialist Doctrine
— that is denied to the citizens whose taxes pay for it... —

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing System.


  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Basic Income Program.

    (Everybody has an income.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.

    (Everybody has a job.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Legal System.

  •    It is an hypocrisy to promote a democracy that is not permitted amongst one's own personnel.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Religious Services System.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Feeding/Nutrition system.

    (No One Goes Hungry.)
    There is no need for Food Banks or )

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.

    (Cafeterias, Mess Halls.)

  •    The Military has no need of Food Banks, Charities, or Unemployment Compensation practices.

  •    The Military is slowly adopting the practice of recruiting a cadre of enlisted personnel as a temporary workforce to use and abuse and be able to refuse them the allowance of retiring from the military with a pension... and eventually even Veterans medical benefits— as cost-cutting efforts to provide more money for armaments; and to reserve more resources for a growing aristocratic-plutocracy of officers who are fashioning the military into a militarist society of electronic "gamesters".

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Communistic) Clothing Requirement.

    (Everyone dresses the same and exhibit similar embroidered tattoo significations.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) Retail Outlets.

    ("Commi"-ssary/Post Exchange.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as large Communes.

  •    If democracy is as great as the Military claims it is, then it would practice it.
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So what are the citizenry angry about? Let's initiate this short discussion with the example known as "TrumpCare", which follows on the heels of the former "ObamaCare"... even though there are multiple other issues which arouse the indignation of the public. Simple put, the so-called "TrumpCare" is a masquerade for an emphasized "Trump-I-don't-care" system in which the public once again gets screwed by politicians serving themselves and their campaign donors.

The "TrumpCare" system...

(actually refers to:)

The "Trump I-don't-Care" system

Such presumed National Health Care programs (as ObamaCare and TrumpCare) are personalized with a Politician's name in the same respect there are other virtually useless monuments dedicated to former Presidents (not to mention the naming of public schools after Presidents who had the education of a moron... like Trump); mainly due to a persistent puerile egotism that goes on display because of the immature design of the overall government. With this said, because of the many millions of people who suffer due to such displays of arrogance, "TrumpCare" is better written as Trump-I-Don't-Care", because he and the Congress do not actually care about providing the people with what is truly needed... and there is no one to stop them unless the public resorts to violence because the political system does not afford the people a direct means of expressing their collective views and having those views become the laws of the land... without being subjected to Federal Government nonsense.

When the American people (and let us include the citizens of other countries) are increasingly subjected to a political system which presents a line-up of status quo incompetents every four, eight, twelve, sixteen, etc... years as competitors in a fixed Presidential race whose outcome invariably leaves the American public with a federal government whose policies are not the collective interests referendumed by all the people (and that all publics of the world must cope with); it is clear that the American government is too antiquated for the needs of the American people and the world at large. It is not a progressive government but a government that is directly opposed to a desperately needed evolution. The people need a new form of government... a Cenocracy! Yet, none of the present governing strategies are adequate enough. Not Anarchist philosophy, not Communism, not a Dictatorship, not the persistent usage of a falsified (phony) Democracy which exist in America, Britain and elsewhere, not Leninism, not Libertarian doctrine, not Marxism, not Monarchialism, not Religion, not Socialism... etc., or any of their variants. All of them have serious failings. The business of government can not be centered on either a business-as-usual fixation nor an "All's fair in love, war and business" ego-centricism that disregards a full appreciation of knowledge regarding environmental issues, the practice of an Actual Democracy, the right of the people to collectively choose their own destiny, the limitations of Earth's resources, over-population and a host of other issues that need to be comprehensively addressed... but those who are typically elected (or chosen by the elected), routinely show themselves to be inadequate to the larger tasks of government in a global community. Indeed, the U.S. government is an hysterically laughable example thereof... particularly evident with the presence of an idiot like Trump and his chosen co-horts.

If they were really concerned about the people, a National Health Care system would reflect this perspective in both practice and Name. As it stands, the present joke of an American National Health Care system is actually a National I-Don't-Care System that we can just as easily call it the "Congressional— (I-Don't)-Care" National Health system as we can the "Trump"(I-Don't)-Care" National Health system... since neither Trump, his administration or the Congress actually care about how much the people are getting screwed, just so that a few can get enormously wealthy. The lack of a Quality and Just Health Care System for the people reflects the level of greed and disconcern both Trump and Congress have. They don't care how much people will have to individually pay into a Health Care system they can excuse themselves from participating in, or else vote themselves in a cost of living allowance (out of taxes) which will enable them to pay the costs... yet the people don't have the means to do the same for themselves. Like so many other governments in the world, that of the U.S. is a legalized criminal organization that engages in one duplicity after another including confidence scams, protectionist rackets and Ponzi schemes (such as the Social Security System. (The Social Security System doesn't have to be run like a Ponzi scam, but it is part of the prevailing mentality in the U.S. government.)

Trump nor the Congress cares how many millions will be under- or uninsured. They don't care whether the entire public gets a lousy health care system, so long as they can excuse themselves from any feelings of guilt or shame by saying that "adequate" health care is being made "available" irrespective of how much misery it produces in peoples lives due to attached fees and regulations that are not in the best interests of the people. Trump is in a managerial position that is so far over his head, he attempts to conceal his ignorance and lack of administrative skills by allowing Congress and others to do whatever they want so as to get their support... because they can easily manipulate a dunce.

The longer the Trump idiot remains in office the deeper the present resentment and animosity towards the falsified American Democracy becomes because more people begin to realize that the political system is not able to correct itself of its mistakes. The American political system is too slow and too inefficient... not to mention corrupt... for which the only relief from may once again be through an epidemic of disease like the black plaque, an environmental devastation or a war that runs amuck into the upper echelons of wealth and power to dramatically upset its cyclicity. The present design of government does not reflect the Will of the people... but the selective view of a few who use established laws to manipulate circumstances in accord with their idiocy. The design of the government is based on such a sub-standard philosophy that it doesn't matter who gets elected... since they are Constitutionally forced to abide by an adopted idiocy which has grown out of a system of laws which conflict with a holistic view of reality. This is why the system can not have honest people in political offices who can see the larger reality. It is a system which requires a narrow-mindedness which relies on a type of presumed truth dictated by duplicity, deceit, deception, lies, theft and a complement of other qualities and characteristics which are anti-thetical to the growth of the species beyond the present boundaries of social, cultural and historical values which are acting as disincentives for human progress throughout the world. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have resulted in the configuration of a mindless automaton whose maintenance needs but a cadre of bureaucratic idiots without a consciousness. This is the true American character known by different names because it is prevalent in so many other nations as well.

Trump is a disgrace that millions of people no doubt claim as an embarrassment to those ideals which once embodied a noble American pursuit for all of humanity, despite the abuses rendered by so very many charlatans of political leadership since the inception of the U.S. government. Whereas Trump stands on a political platform for making America Great Again... he himself is anything but an exhibition thereof. But neither is Congress or the Judicial Branch. America can not be respected when such an idiot is permitted to represent the Nation who can now only be viewed as a bad joke and a disrespectful slap in the face to every citizen, no matter what country they live in. The American Dream has now become a bubble that has hardened into a shell with a three-branched crack making it vulnerable to a Revolutionary breakage. Even if a Presidential election were to take place without the ludicrous operation of an Electoral system, far too many citizens believe that the so-called democracy of America is a sham, a scam, and a thoroughly soiled stain on a flag whose stench pervades all of history. And those who are calling for its destruction are not terrorists harboring some neurotic religious perspective nor those seeking to gain political or commercial power, but the everyday people who strive to find some semblance of living in harmony with all peoples that governments don't give a damn about.

Where is America's so-called Greatness to be found? In its many duplicities, double-standards and practices of a hypocritical non-democracy? In having a Socialist and Communist-run military platform of incorporation whose benefits are bought and paid for by citizen taxes yet the citizenry itself is not only not permitted to have the same benefits; but in getting some representative marginal expression thereof (such as health insurance); the public is forced to pay for a sub-standard National Health Care System that those who impose such laws don't themselves use the system... because it actually is a system deliberately manufactured to take advantage of the public in order to make a few all the more wealthy as part of a grown Plutocratic Aristocracy (or Aristocratic Plutocracy) which has become increasingly dominant in the Military whose elitists in the ranks of officers want to turn the entire body of enlisted men and women into a type of temporary service by excluding the ability of enlisted personnel to retire from the Military... whereby they will have more resources available for themselves that would otherwise go to other retirees? Or perhaps we should ask if the greatness of America is to be found in its corrupt political system which provides the facade of a democracy in order to deceive the public, so that a few can ensure control of public resources... one of which is a body of laws tailor-made to burden the public?

Yet, let us also present an historical note of the situation in which whenever any spokesperson for the U.S. government speaks up, the public has to view the comments with a grain of sand because they are interminably subjected to more lies, more deceits, more confidence scams, more duplicities, more double-standards, more scape-goating and the many more obvious disbelieving antics the federal government engages in as part of its tool box of manipulations that are increasingly requiring the usage of laws to force the people to believe in... or at least go along with its very many views of nonsense... that many of them are actually stupid enough to believe their views have some sort of legitimate value because they were generated by those who over-value their government role and position due to an oversized self-conceit. Indeed, the people who listen to daily news broadcasts are every ready to wonder what lies they will be subjected to being spewed from a government that can not be trusted unless you want to partner with it in some "officialized" decriminalization of some con-game set against some citizenry, company or other nation's government. The U.S. government can not be trusted because it has no integrity.

The people are suffering from pollutants in the air, water, food, education, employment, entertainment, journalism, Wall Street, Corporations, as well as the Military/Industrial Collaborations, the various security services— not to mention local, state, and federal political systems... and there is no one nor any process to make the necessary corrective changes. If the people get a good President then they are routinely confronted with a pathetic Congress or vice versa... and as the present situation clearly shows... the people can be faced with an overall disgusting complement of Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch stooges. The government has deteriorated so much so that the protests against the government suggests there are millions of people who think they are paying witness to an American version of the Fall of Rome. The political process is so bad it can't create a better system or else the U.S. would not have the idiots it does in political leadership positions. The public is so desperate for relief from so much nonsense they grasp at straws in an attempt to keep from being caught up in a growing cesspool of a culture. However, many feel that even if all such polluters were to be killed, there are thousands of others who would take their place with the same mentality and attitude. What are we to do with such a disgusting state of affairs? When laws do not serve the best interests of the people, the people are thus to disregard and disrespect them, their originators, and those that support what can be referred to as an anti-humanity perspective.

Thus far, protestors in America have only resorted to threats against Federal Legislative Representatives, though those few who have become rather over-zealous in their efforts to express the out-rage so many people are feeling; are either over-reported by the press, under-reported, or not reported at all. Despite the increased incidents of anger by one or another public in given instances of public meetings, the voices of the people are not being listened to. The reality which the people are being forced to abide with is a different reality when Representatives get together in Washington and create laws to serve the interests of their campaign donors. In other words, threats against them are not enough. Many people have reached the conclusion that meetings with Congressional Representatives must be catapulted into an ambience of direct and unequivocal violence which sends a clear and unequivocal message. In other words, contemplations of maiming or killing Representatives is more openly contemplated, and being looked at as a chess piece to be moved onto the playing field in order to effect the mood of a crowd or individual to act out what many people want to do. Indeed, if someone were to Kill Trump, Pence and the rest of their confederates in government, business and religion, they would be hailed as a National... if not International hero by the public... despite the negativity some idiots in the press and government agencies would profess because they stupidly think the present government is doing the best that can be done for the people. There is far too much ignorance being exhibited in the news media... perhaps because this exemplifies the current condition of those in the government... and/or that many journalists harbor an antiquated mindset when it comes to embracing a worthless, non-progressive value of sentimentalized patriotism more suited to a Hollywood fairytale script.

Yet, it not only is the membership of the Legislative body who must be sent the message, but those in corporations and Wall Street as well. Trying to talk "sense" to any of them may well get them to agree with the people when confronted by a crowd, but away from the people in some assumed sanctuary where various public exploitations are concocted, nothing changes. The people are not provided the needed Universal Health Care they deserve, along with a National vehicle insurance, and either Universal employment or some livable pension. But these three are not all the concerns that need to be addressed such that others insist that higher and trade/craft education should be free. Clearly the people can not rely on those in the Federal government to provide the needed Legislation, since so much of it is tied to personalized and individualized strategies of greed... that invariable takes advantage of the people.

The people are left with nothing to do but either threaten, maim, or kill those who are responsible, and could careless about assisting the people. Trying to discuss issues on a rational basis is a fool's errand. They don't care if the people complain and get mad... so long as they either keep their jobs (at doing nothing for the people) or can use it as a stepping stone for some career move... and let the people be damned if they don't like it.

There is no moral or rational reason for the people not to have Universal Health Care... where the word "affordable" is applied to every single person because everyone will have the same health care and not be split into a dichotomy emphasizing one for the wealthy and one for everyone else. We need a National Health Care system that has no double-standards and can not be undermined by anyone. Every single Legislator, lobbyist, Corporate boardroom member, investor and wealthy person must be forced to accept the same type of Health Care that they expect the public to take, or lose their position as a citizen and all their assets are confiscated.

But even those Representatives who are truly on the side of the people and want to use their position to attempt constructive changes by questioning different leaders in various sectors of society... as a means of intimidation; can not bring about useful developments when the whole of Congress is being viewed as a joke. Like the United Nations in so many of its exploits, committees created in U.S. Congress are seen as paper lions, tigers and bears in the form of shadows that are routinely dismisses as irrelevant. The stature and position of many a Congressional Representative is viewed as a farcical display of jestering. To have someone swear that they will tell the truth only means they have to tell the truth they believe in. Nothing is binding nor has the means of forcing compliance when their are hundreds of people who agree with them... and let the entire citizenry be damned if they don't like it. When such people live in a world where lying is expected and common-place, asking them to "swear to tell the truth" means little more than to speak of the currently accepted lies socially accepted amongst their peers.

When we have a Congressional leadership who actually believes they have come up with the best Health Care Plan for the Citizenry, but they themselves do not have to accept it, we're wasting our breath to try to convince them they are wrong. It doesn't matter if they are viewed as an honest, upstanding professional and kindly family person with a wonderful personality and jovial spirit. For all their good and great human qualities, they are a terrible Representative because they don't actually understand the whole of their constituents needs. Like the many good people who inhabited aristocracies of old, they live in a different reality than most of the public. This is the Congress, the White House and Supreme Court that Americans now have... but others in their respective countries know all to well in their respective social circumstances. It is supremely difficult to create a better world when there are so many governments who treat the people as shamefully as America's many (local, state, federal) governments do.

If such governments want to back the people up against a wall,
then let them reap the consequences of a rebellion—
that they fomented with their anti-public philosophy.

Ironically however, in seeking a Representative Government body to effect a greater reality, the public is left to choose between career politicians who know of nothing else but to perpetuate the old system of nonsense, and those whose careers have been focused on the alternative realities of theater in movies, television, or other personifications. The public becomes so desperate for a truly great political leadership, they are conned into believing that an actor or actress whose script exhibits a genuine concern for the people somehow translates into meaning that such an actor or actress would therefore make an inspiring for-the-people leader. However, once in office, these presumed reality stars show themselves to be more glitter and glamour than someone who actually knows what to do... even those who write the scripts would become easily daunted by the many tasks they would be confronted with in a situation based on reality and not some make-believe contrivance where variables from one scene to the next can be easily manipulated to serve the intentions of the writer, director and/or producer. Just because a person is likable on TV, in movies, or some other staged presentation, doesn't mean they can be an effective leader.

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