Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
The Need for a Cenocracy
(a New Government)

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Since Britain is mentioned in the foregoing image as an example of a phony democracy, we should at least try to provide a supportive view in terms of what we perceive is a needed progression in the British isles. Outside the British Isles, there is an inclination by some to view the collective Islands by three different labels without much distinction, even though those living on the different islands may feel slighted that their self-proclaimed individuality associated with a given location is not being explicitly expressed with a label that clearly identifies their separate self-identity as a uniqueness which can (if they so choose to) be constituted as part of a collectivity; so long as they do not have to defer nor subsume to a single label which attempts to negate their existence or render it mute and of a lower class or negligible stature such as being an indentured servant:

  1. Great Britain
  2. England
  3. United Kingdom

Clearly, these three labels do not do justice to the other groups of peoples on the Island Collectivity. Seeking a separateness and yet a collectiveness has of yet not been fully achieved due to the squabbling amongst the different dominant groups. Indeed, it is past time for a different way of thinking to enter into the discussion.

Whereas the British Isles has at time been labeled collectively as "Great" Britain by those advancing the ancestral egotisms of those for the largest land mass called England, it is of need for the people to pursue a different self... but with a collaborative identity which acknowledges the Welsh, the Irish, the Scots and the English. In so doing, we can take the first letter of each of these groups and produce the moniker of W.I.S.E. Hence, the once labeled British Isles can be viewed as the W.I.S.E. Dominion... because what's in a name can well introduce the influence for a progressive orientation far superior than the common garden variety of National identity. The "W.I.S.E. Dominion" speaks to the consciousness on many different dimensions of the soul's integrity.

  • United Kingdom: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary government. (this is their flavor of Democracy)... It should be noted that when one speaks of a "Constitution" with respect to the United Kingdom:
    • The "constitution" is composed of the laws and rules that create the institutions of the state, regulate the relationships between those institutions, or regulate the relationship between the state and the individual. These laws and rules are not codified in a single, written document. The UK Constitution
  • United States: Constitutional federal republic. (this is their flavor of Democracy)
  • China: One-Party "peoples protectorate" Communism: (this is their flavor of Democracy)
  • Russia: Federal democratic state. (this is their flavor of Democracy)
  • France: Semi-presidential system of government. (This is their flavor of Democracy)
  • Cuba: Democratic centralist political system embodied in the "one state – one party" principle. (this is their flavor of democracy) What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have?
  • Argentina: Presidential democratic republic. (this is their flavor of Democracy)
  • Mexico: Federal Republic. (this is their flavor of Democracy)
  • Hungry: Multiparty parliamentary democracy. (this is their flavor of Democracy) The unicameral National Assembly (parliament) exercises legislative authority. (2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Hungary)
  • South Africa: Constitutional democracy with a three-tier system of government and an independent judiciary. (this is their flavor of democracy)
  • Canada: Constitutional Monarchy. (this is their flavor of democracy) Government of Canada

Constitutions come in different shapes and sizes. Some are entirely written (like the Constitution of the United States of America), and some are not (like the Constitution of the United Kingdom). Some are partly written and partly unwritten (like Canada’s Constitution). Some constitutions change often, and some stay very stable. There are good reasons why it should be difficult for a country to change its constitution. Because Canada’s Constitution is the country’s supreme law, changing it is a very serious matter. If a government could easily change the constitution, there is the danger that changes could be made that would benefit the government’s short-term interest at the expense of the principles on which it was founded. For example, changing the constitution to limit citizen’s freedom of expression may help a government silence criticism, but this is a freedom that most Canadians feel is in the country’s best long-term interest. (What You Need to Know About Canada’s Constitution|)

An "uncodified constitution" is a constitution made up of rules that are found from various documents in the absence of a single document or written constitution. The documents used as references may include commentaries by judiciary and legal experts. The uncodified constitution is sometimes referred to as "unwritten constitution" although this is not entirely accurate as its elements are written down in several official documents. Under the uncodified constitution, new conditions and situations of government are resolved by precedent or passing legislation. (Countries With Uncodified Constitutions)

Countries with uncodified constitutions

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Saudi Arabia
  • New Zealand
  • Israel

It is clear to many of us that the U.S. Constitution has major faults which can only be fixed by introducing a new form..., a new flavor..., a new and better future for true Democratic ideals; where the general public actually participates in a full measure as active members of their government and not by way of any vicariousness nor Representative go-between where the government apologists defend the failings of the US brand of Democracy by calling it a Republic, and thus borders on the absurdity because of the hypocrisy involved in such an effort to distort public perception of the perpetrated illusion that has in some cases developed into a delusion of grandeur, if not omnipotence.

Indeed, the US and other so-called Democracies view themselves with such righteousness, they seek to re-make... nay, to re-create all countries in their democratically-defined image; whereby such an effort substitutes as the new model of colonialism and imperialism. Instead of using force of arms and causing destruction, death and financial instability which the perpetrators claim to make reparations for... yet only in the sense that a greater share of a country's resources will become a lucrative cache to hoard from others, and offset any losses which citizens are forced to support without having any direct acceptance or rejection thereof.

If government Representatives do in fact represent the collective will of all the people, then there should be no objection to provide first hand evidence of such a hear-say statement, by allowing the entire public to vote on every single measure put before Congress, and those which the Congress or any other agency department or Branch of government is failing to do on behalf of the public. The only way to ensure that the public is truly being served its collective will, is to have a Peoples Legislative Branch which will ensure that a distinctly public Referendum practice is duly exercised by the Will of the people and not due to some government orchestrated requirement which serves as little more than a gauntlet or labyrinthine obfuscation to deny the collective voice of the people to be heard anytime it wants to speak and be heard; and not at the discretion of so-called Representatives.

Because the Jury system of legality is viewed as an expression of good, if not great Democracy, such is the precedent for establishing a Peoples Legislative Branch (PLB) based on this same premise, with a similar "citizen" profile but with enhanced abilities. In effect, for example, in the case of the U.S. government, 1 man, 1 woman, and 1 worker from each state, will be randomly chosen from lists where any citizen who wants to be considered, may do so without cost.

Note: A further elaboration of this idea will be forthcoming, as well as a list of issues to be addressed for the disposition of a New Government (a Cenocracy).

Let us begin with a list of issues since there are so very many:

  • Any and all those seeking a political position and those who are later hired by a person elected to an office, will be subjected to a pre-election, and/or pre-employment competency exam. Periodic exams thereafter must be taken and passed while in a government service. A dedicated vote-by-Referendum can be used by the public against any elected person or those chosen to serve in government or in a non-government position; when such a person's actions or inactions bring into question their competency.
  • All government employees must be subjected to a mandatory retirement at 20 years of service. Those with an expertise for which no present replacement is available, will retain their position for a limited time until a replacement can be found. If anyone creates a situation so as to deny another person taking over a position when they are able to do so, they will thus be automatically found guilty of treason against the Will of the People and subjected to consequences commensurate with having their full wage, retirement pension and all other accrued benefits confiscated.
  • Any and all benefits (wage increase, cola, insurance, etc...) voted in by Congressional Representatives for themselves, will automatically include all citizens as recipients as well.
  • The Supreme Court will be chosen and answerable to the Peoples Legislative Branch via a National Referendum.
  • The PLB will surpass the lethargic behavior, of the Traditional U.S. Congress (which in fact has only limited accountability)) effected by the usage of an outdated Constitution, and put forth a HAVE-TO-ACT-ON-IT national referendum which will force the legislation of a bill that would put in place triggers to automatically send regular payments out to eligible individual citizens if America faced certain economic (or other) conditions. (However, the present asking amount of $2,000 must be adjusted up or down according to economic realities.)

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