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Welcome to Cenocracy! While the term "Cenocracy" is meant to convey the concept of a "New Government", it actually encompasses a much larger perspective involving many subject areas that at first may not seem to be the idealized intent, since many discussions appear to be centered around a specific social issue. Alas, it is because there are so many different issues that are not being adequately addressed by conventional thinking, we have had to approach all of them from a much larger appreciation necessarily involving different philosophies and methodologies of inquiry. One of which is to review the ideas of others such as can be found at a companion site: Threesology Research Journal and, for example at this site....

Let's begin by introducing an idea by Lawrence Lessig as viewed in a video where he engages in the administration of an idea to manipulate a predisposed believing schoolroom-prepared audience like a country preacher "speaking in tongues" but instead uses the medium of speaking in a cartoonish language. (School rooms around the world train millions of kids to adopt a cognitive style wherein they are trained to listen, learn, and think in a given story-telling way as the adopted standard of rationality... from which so much irrationality is being produced and many of us have begun to question as to its effectiveness in promoting and producing productive change that many are describing as the Need for a Revolution):

Lawrence Lessig: We The People, and the Republic we must reclaim

Essentially, his idea of reclaiming control of the (American) "Republic" {note he does not say "American Democracy" since it is well known by many of us that America does not practice a democracy}... is that we should establish a statute which distributes a more even political clout amongst the public so that campaign contributions can reflect the sponsorship of political candidates which more clearly exhibit the interest of the overall public and not just a small minority who have been able to wield a disproportionate amount of influence for their selective interest(s). While this type of campaign reform gives the impression of being more democratic, it is of value to remember that America is not an Actual Democracy, it is a Republic based on the practice of Representation; that provides the illusion of a Democratic practice. If you begin practicing more democracy, you then begin practicing less (Representative) Republic-anism. (However, America's Republic-anal-ism should not be confused with the word "Republicanism").

Analism (anal retentiveness)


In Freudian psychology, the anal stage is said to follow the oral stage of infant or early-childhood development. This is a time when an infant's attention moves from oral stimulation to anal stimulation (usually the bowels but occasionally the bladder), usually synchronous with learning to control their excretory functions—in other words, toilet training. Freud hypothesized that children who experience conflicts during this period of time may develop "anal" personality traits, namely those associated with a child's efforts at excretory control:

  1. Orderliness (inflexible- mechanistic bureaucracy, socialist-communistic militaries run as dictatorships, etc...)

    An example of America's Military using a Sociailist-Communist formula of operation can be seen in the following image. If the so-called "Democracy" being practiced by various countries was as strong and good as it is presented, then it should not have to rely on a Military with a dominant Socialist-Communist design for protection. Because so-called democratic countries utilize this type of Military operational design for protection and imperialization, we must acknowledge that the present formula of Democracy being practiced is extremely weak and hypocritcal. In addition, the following so-called military benefits should be redefined as basic necessities needed by everyone. (Soldiers do not get to vote on leadership. But neither do workers, or students.)

military (60K)

  1. Stubbornness (might is right, love it or leave it, manifest destiny, imperialism, etc...)

stubborness (12K)

  1. A Compulsion for Control (double-standard laws, desenfranchizing the public's collective Will, falsification of Democracy, etc...)

control image 1 (37K) control image 2 (37K)

If these (above) 3 anal qualities continue into later life, the person is said to be "anal-retentive". Conversely, those who reject anal-retentive characteristics are said to have "anal-expulsive" personality types...

Although Freud's theories on early childhood have been influential on the psychological community and the term anal retentive survives in common usage, the concept is largely regarded as unscientific "pop-psychology" and therefore discredited by the majority of psychologists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Research suggests that the overall pattern of parental attitudes has a much more concrete effect on how an infant will grow up. There is no conclusive research linking anal stage conflicts with "anal" personality types.

Source: Wikipedia: Anal Retentiveness

Note: if "overall parental attitudes" has more of an effect on how a person will grow up, then the social practices of a given nation describe the collective practice of adults... or at least those few who run a country since the majority out left out of the equation in most instances.

The "Democracy" to which is spoken of by those seeking to establish a true, an honest, an Actual Democracy, is not the present back-stabbing, double-standard, self-centered philosophy being espoused by the current U.S Democratic Party, because it does not represent the best interests of the People... a people who are rarely given an opportunity to collectively represent themselves via a Constitutionally mandated Referendum that supercedes any frivolous, piece-meal campaign contribution control statute being offered to those who are more interested in being entertained like school children during story-time, than actually contributing to making worthwhile governing changes. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats... nor any presently active third party ideology adequately confronts the many social problems that can only be addressed with a New Form of Government. The so-called American brand of "Democracy" is a joke. "They", meaning the government, will not give the people a better brand of democracy unless it is forced on them to do so. There are too many with much to lose by handing over greater control of the government to the collective Will of the people.

While many like the idea of campaign contribution reform (which actually means wrestling control of campaign contribution reform from a few in one political camp and giving it to a few in another political camp), we are nonetheless confronted with the realization that America's formula of governance has long been based on a model of gaming... choosing between one or another... of falsification that uses the word "democracy" as an advertisement gimmick just like Lessig who repeatedly uses the word "democracy" yet did not take the time to convey what his definition thereof is, nor fully explain that America's practice thereof is a "pseudo-democracy... that it is phoney. In other words, the American system of government has been... and remains fixed (like the governments of so many other nations)— against the majority. So even if the people begin to practice what is thought to be a method by which a presumed "broken system" can be fixed, the system nonetheless remains and takes on the character of another gaming plan that, on a very basic level, is a survival mechanism that adjusts itself to the ongoing decay of the planetary system in an effort to establish some measure of equilibrium. The more turbulent the environment is in a given era of planetary decay, the more turbulent will be the attempts at social adjustment in an effort to achieve some relative stability in a dynamic planetary system headed for lifelessness. Analogously, one can easily view the planet Earth as a large casino in which different forms of business, political and religious games -of- gambling take place used as efforts to achieve some relative stability in one's life suggestive of "growth" that may be described as a "win".

Earth is the Milky Way's number one casino (194K)

Here's a few articles that may be of interest to some:

A Misunderstanding about Democracy/ By John Spritzler
Mises Institute: Does Democracy Promote Peace?/ James Ostrowski
Democracy Doesn’t Exist/ Dan Jacob Wallace

Is America an Oligarchy?/ John Cassidy...
... Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens/ Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page

Democracy, and why there isn't any/ 2 old guys

It is particularly naive to think that generations of political- creature habit(s)... trained by a Republic form of rigging-the-system are going to somehow vanish by altering the program of campaign contributions to establish a presumed greater equality that is not what a Republic form of government embraces as a basic philosophy; or that such gaming interests are going to disappear because of some statue calling for fairness. The American government was originally set up as a rigged system to insure that the business and religious interests of those involved in the establishment of laws were fully enabled to exercise their Will on others, and most of the others were not even permitted to vote. Wide-spread voting only occurred after those in business and government (guided by religious inclinations), had contrived a means to get what they want by some other political avenue. In other words, Women, Native Americans, Blacks and non-property owning white men were given the vote after business-connected politicians had figured how to game the system to their advantage by other means.

Just as Abraham Lincoln sought first and foremost to keep the Union intact with or without freeing the slaves (which was viewed as a secondary issue), businesses and politicians have their own goals and will not give in a little (such as allowing a majority to get the impression of being able to vote in "free" elections or by agreeing to assist in a campaign contribution reform), unless they can offset the loss of being able to game (rig) the system with a similar or greater gain. While the spots of some leopards (crooks) can be changed, most of them simply take on a different camouflaging technique or enhance their arsenal/toolage of bribery, manipulation, intimidation, imperialism, colonialism, etc... It is rather absurd to think that everyone is going to play nice simply because the sand in the social sand box is evened out. If one company can't achieve dominance on its own by getting a politician into its pocket, it will work with one or more others. If this isn't sufficient, they will ambush, bribe, intimidate, etc., those who get into office. In short, changing one aspect of a political process that embraces an underlying philosophy of gaming the overall system so that the majority's efforts produce the dynamic effect of an indentured servitude, is a rather short-sighted philosophy. While Lessig's idea is more promising than others, it too... unfortunately, falls short of the greater ideal.

It's not that Lessig's argument is unsound, it is simply a variable in a much needed expanded social governing equation. Equalizing the system of campaign contributions does nothing to afford the people with the assurance of getting the best candidates for a given political office, nor does it ensure that those who get chosen by a political appointee will likewise represent the best interests of the public. When there exists the situation in which the President hand picks numerous others for different positions, and they are then first and foremost answerable to the President but not the people, we have a system that remains rigged against the people. Such a gaming process is evident in the very first words taken by the President during the oath of office where preserving and protecting the people is not even mentioned:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And when the reality shared by politicians distorts their perception of the world in which the rest of the public experiences, there is a severe discordance of personal, civil, and collective values which many politicians try to exploit as a means of manipulating a public into thinking they harbor the same perspective but they don't. In short, the public's choice of candidates for a given office... regardless of how equal a campaign contribution process may be; is very often reduced to choosing not a leader, but a glorified office manager because this is what the Republic form of gaming system requires.

However, in using different analogical perspectives of sociological interest as reflections of underlying cognitive orientations, let us include the image of a constructed dominoes structure to represent the effort which undergoes the development of a modern civilization. Whereas many are impressed with all the progress and design initiatives involving talent, creativity, industry and even genius in some instances, we must recognize a wide-spread delight amongst people in seeing the construction topple over... like many a bystander watching a controlled demolition... though the unexpected demolition of the twin towers as a controlled handiwork of the U.S. government's confederates; also indicates that if any structure (business, government, religion) is to be toppled, it must be supported by the public. While some topplings take awhile to occur like the Roman Empire, others can be of a relatively short term.

Is this why we build magnificent societies... just to watch them gloriously fail as an item of entertainment when the entertainment associated with construction wears on us? Is this why we construct the way we do in our covert ideas and overt forms? Are Communisms and Socialisms more doomed to fail because of a basic flaw, or that their fledgling developments are undertaken by those who do not know how to build good sand or dominoes castles? Why do such ideologies always attract those types of builders who use straw or sticks instead of more sturdier ideological philosophies with enduring applicability?

Yet, it matters not if we switch from a Republic to a Democracy or a Communism or a Socialism or a Monarchy or a Theocracy. All of them represent a different model of social gaming. All of them represent different types of sand boxes in which very social activities take place and very often keep the majority from collectively looking beyond their fingertips. Regardless of what laws are practiced, many stay within the sand box parameter while others practice various types of excursions outside the contours... which include those in one or another position of authority who think they are entitled to do so... that there is a separate law for them and the rest of society as well as humanity. They devise their own entitlements and will even make laws which serve their attitudes all the better... and make it difficult for the majority to do likewise.

Pompeii (46K)

Even if we were to take the best of all social ideas and create a system of presumed greatest productivity which ensures that everyone has a job, that all medical and basic living needs were met; this does not mean more happiness would be prevalent. A person's personal goals can not readily be defined in terms of satisfying social goals tied to a governing system in which it is controlled by the goals of a few whose philosophical perspective is limited by how much personal wealth can be acquired... in an environment whose effects of decay are not being taken into account as a diminishing factor related to adaptive methodologies for maintaining an equilibrium. In other words, even if everyone in the sandbox is working and providing an "adequate" living for themselves (and family), this does not mean they are fully cognizant of how the changing environment external to their social preoccupations, can and does change their life. Many live out their lives like the inhabitants of ancient Pompeii who were unexpectedly caught in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, or those in the Middle Ages who get struck by an epidemic like the Black Plague. People are so caught up in the sociability of a given moment or era that the eroding sandbox parameter can be overlooked and become defined in accordance with distances now being measured by an increased population having to subsist on fewer resources.

The present forms of business, government and religion throughout the world are presenting the public with fewer and fewer resources of viable leadership candidates. It is an overlooked erosion brought about by a rigged system that has effected a social environment like a decreasing biological gene pool. The public doesn't get better candidates for political office as might be assumed for a species whose political systems suggest they are developing more improved governing methods. The people are getting more and more worse representative political candidates because they are a breed of animal that has been too severely pruned like a plant having been subjected to a process of schizophrenic (ambivalent) care-taking. Ambivalence on part of elected officials and ambivalence on the part of the public. Yet, metaphors such as this do not assist most people in comprehending what has and is taking place.

We can build any type of sandbox design we want... using all the latest architectural and construction materials available, regardless of cost. Yet, if we build a government platform on a weak environmental footing, there is no philosophy which can protect us from erosion. Whereas we can try to slow the erosion down, we can not stop it. Such is the case for every single type of governance that has ever been used. All of them are set up on a planet whose incremental rates of erosion are having an unseen, accelerating dramatic effect that we try to make adjustments for in various ideological ways as a survival mechanism that uses a model of change called adaptation. Increases in population density with an increased dwindling of resources produces accelerated effects like more and more atoms being bombarded in a fissionable situation, though dampening mechanisms sometimes come into play... making the chances for a larger socially explosive situation to emerge in the process.

What is the design of the sandbox you live, play or work in? (93K)
Safetica Blog
The government's rigged sandbox divisions (119K)
Rainbow Play Systems

We have got to adopt a social governing system which not only takes into account the ongoing environmental erosions caused by humanity, but those underway as a natural process of decay involving the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the accelerating expansion of the Universe. We must not hide our heads in the sand. Social problems unrecognized as symptoms of the erosive effects of the environment's eventual demise, can not be solved by building new sand castles, new sand castle owners, or artificially beautifying the surrounding terrain of the sand castle. Humanity must adopt a social governing policy directed towards the goal of liberating humanity from the clutches of Earth, this solar system, and eventually this galaxy. A distant perspective which may well help us achieve a more far reaching appreciation of what is meant by the word "Universe".

In an attempt to understand how the patterns of Nature associate with planetary behavior and processes have and continue to affect our biology, physiology, anatomy, psychology and resulting socialization, it is of need to explore multiple subjects. In so doing, little by little we are developing a game plan with which to execute a governing strategy that endures over time, and is not a fleeting protest for a singular issue to be addressed in a governing system which is inadequate to the task. An exploration of such an effort has been begun starting with page 1 in the "Calling all Communists and Socialists" series.

We exam many different academic portfolios (biology, history, medicine, philosophy, political science, sociology, etc...) in an effort to develop a singular premise to be used to combat those whose efforts are directed towards maintaining the government structure as it is at the expense of the rest of us. Lawrence Lessig's perspective will not substantially alter that which needs to be changed on a more fundamental footing. While his perspective can alter the political landscape in the type of displayed (illusory) shrubbery to which many will ooh and ahh with aesthetic delight; his idea can not appreciably alter that which is rooted in a soil of a practiced (Republic) social-governing philosophy that is out of touch with the reality of an established planetary, solar system, galactic and Universe-erosion... which no current form of living system has the necessary rootedness to prevent the eventuality of social disintegration involving the larger environmental context. In other words, humanity's social governing practices are taking place in an eroding environment that no amount of alteration in the voting system can fix... they can only adapt to and be further overlooked. The larger issue is not individual issues nor the fixing of the present governing system, but that humanity must escape the clutches of an environmental system which will make all species that much quicker, in a head-long fashion towards extinction, the longer they remain chained to the present environment and its various mechanisms of survival.

We are on the path of a New Government, a Cenocracy... that is intended to liberate us from the current formulas of governance which have bound us to an endless cycle of self-defeating efforts culminating into more and deeper kinds of inequality, irrelevance and despair. We are reaching for a liberating form of self-government called a Eleutherocracy.

Whereas a lot of people are already familiar with the realization that a deteriorating gene pool can effect the quality of a species, a deteriorating environment can do likewise. The fact that Americans continue paying witness to worse and worse selections of political candidates indicates there is at least one deterioration taking place... though some have already suspected there is more than one reason for the deterioration... such as an unrecognized selective breeding program brought about by a governing system which prevents larger numbers of diverse (other than career politicians) candidates from entering a political contest that creates a system of further streamlining so that only a given selection are made viable.

bottleneck effect (174K)

Image Sources:
Bottleneck Effect
Non-adaptive Evolutionary Effects

rigged systems (47K)

In a recent article by the Associated Press: The Biggest Marine Animals Risk Extinction, can be used as an analogy if the same event is going to be true for "Big" Governments, Nations, Corporations, Religions, and over-sized people. Every single large "creature", be it Christianity, Democracy, Islam, China, Buddhism, Russia, Judaism, the Stock Market, Military organizations, Medical Associations, NASA, Universities, Language groups, certian occupations, Gang affiliations, Protest movements, Entertainment industries, Automobile manufacturers, the United Nations, Crime syndicates, Sports organizations, etc., may follow this same trend if we view such entities as dynamic, living organisms. The old adage that the bigger they are the harder they fall may come to pass as a wish fulfilling prophesy. Unfortunately, when a giant takes a stumble, tumble, or decisive fall, the little guys who are nearby can get crushed. While many companies are viewed as being domestic entities, they aren't actually ever domesticated. Most retain either a shark-like mentality, cling to the public in a viral... symbiotic relationship that slowly eats away at its host, or restorts to its more baser instincts of survival by biting the consumer/public hands that fee it if it is backed into a corner.

the bigger they are the harder they fall (88K)

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