Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Cenocracy (New Government)


In presenting the idea for the need to establish a Cenocracy (New Government), it is important to make a few references that were systematically gathered, one after the other, by typing in "actual democracy" as the internet search criteria via the 'goggle' links engine. The following are just a few examples:

And though, inasmuch as the above list is intended to describe a few instances of an "Actual Democracy", or at least provide a platform for comparing differences in models of Democracy... throughout the world there are those striving for some initial and sustained representative semblance of a Democracy, typically using some model such as that used by the U.K. or America as a desirable character to pursue... They nonetheless are seeking some measure of a Cenocracy. To this end, let me place at least one reference; that which is presently occurring in Tawian with respect to student activists storming the Ministry of Education, with a three-demand focus, even though many other struggles occurring throughout the world could be listed.

Here are their three demands:

Education Minister Wu Se-hwa's resignation, the mothballing of the new textbook guidelines (because they promote a pro-China view), and that the ministry drop all charges against the students.


In a separate internet search, using the words "We The People" with a deliberate attempt at securing the address for a "We The People" organization:

We The People link (5K)

Here's another variety of a one-stop-shopping for Democracy on the internet. It is but one of several variations much like shopping at a Walmart, corner drug store, convenience store, Big Lots, Family Dollar, etc... (that so many of us use). Such an analogy is not a disparagement, it is a simple comparison illustrating the lack of an Actual Democracy, with respect to fairness. For example, not all products available are being offered. Only those that the store merchandise buyers want to provide to consumers in order to get the greatest return. If the public is buying into one or another product, this is the product which will be pushed onto the public shelves of journalism. Then again, as it sometimes happens, journalists can work together to sell a little known product because it is advantageous for them to do so:

Democracy Now link (18K)

The next link is to the Congressionally funded National Endowment for Democracy:

NED (7K)

While those involved no doubt believe they are promoting the greater Cause of Democracy, no doubt many of them fully realize that the type of Democracy being supported in their efforts falls far short of an expressed Actual Democracy. In effect, in many instances, the kind of Democracy being advocated is the lesser of two evils. It is like a prisoner imprisoned in a torture chamber finding one abusive jailer a little less abusive than another one. However, the person remains imprisoned and is taught to imagine the realization of a greater level of freedom from a jailer named Democracy as opposed to a jailer named Socialism or Communism or Religion, or Business.

We The People are continually fraught with choosing between the lesser of two or more evils even if better alternatives exist, because they are not being offered since their participation would exclude the evils from grand-standing the political lime-light such as during an election. And to argue that while the present Democracy is not perfect but nonetheless is a viable consolation prize, because it is the best we humans can so far accomplish under the circumstances and increased burgeoning social complexity... such an expression is an excuse masquerading as a plausible answer to detracting fault finders. While such characters have been troublesome since they often offered little more than some dichotomy that was self-serving, those of use pursuing the present form of condemnation are offering a different respite by way of a multi- serving Cenocracy. Plain and simple, We The People want a better formula of governance, no matter what it is eventually to be labeled. If we need a new word to describe a better formula of governance, than so be it.

Each of these institutions (Communism, Democracy, Plutocracy, Socialism, Business, Religion, etc., which includes charities), maintains the same basic ideology of acceptable (social) confinement and segregation— because each claims they know better, that they know "The Way", as measured against what they believe to be a lesser value of some other belief... each with their own self-determined value flavorings and definitions of freedom, justice, liberty, prosperity, equality, fraternity, wealth redistribution, medical treatment, fairness, literacy, poverty, wealth, cultural identity, good, bad, right, wrong, etc... Some of them fully realize that the brand of Democracy, Socialism or Communism (etc.) that they are pedaling is a falsified expression provided under the guise of an ideal-to-be-achieved, yet never strive for anything better because they get a share of the available wealth in the capacity they hold, even while thousands and millions of others suffer. The presently fashioned Congressionally funded Democracy organization is a government organ of propaganda for a type of Democracy that is light years away from what is possible to achieve when its veil of duplicity is rent in two... if only its leaders had the vision to see it into a practice beyond mere philosophical discussions based on a myopic relativity.

In the above list, with respect to the the Princeton study link, I had to italicize and underline the expression "no longer". It's rather humorous since it is doubtful that the world has ever seen an "Actual" democracy, particularly not the United States nor Britain, for all the assertions those in authority may want to suggest otherwise... at least with respect to a large nation. Whereas many have claimed that America's Democracy is foremost, as if it were a god-like representation of supremacy without equal, no one has ever actually seen nor experienced this Democracy. It is laughably ludicrous to think that some people really believe that the brand of democracy being practiced today is an actual democracy! The only thing supreme is their naivete'.

And for those arguing that a system of government which supports an Actual Democracy would present us with a chaotic situation. Well, Duh... all governments have been set up by way of some type of chaos, some disorder, disarray, dissension, and disruption in mental as well as emotional routines. But how we define or describe the word "chaos" may more-so describe and define those who are arguing not for improvement, but a desire to retain some order that they themselves prefer because of its familiarity and their learned ability to navigate a certain type of social stream of thought and action for personalized agendas. Some want the overall social stream to reflect presumed religious ideals or a business environment that they can take advantage of, or some other peculiarly advantageous preference. For example, one individual supporting the status quo not only teaches textbook ideas concerning government, but has begun to rise in a higher position within their religious community. They think that a venture towards establishing an Actual Democracy will lead only to disruptions in our lives... as described in the regimes of interpretation being fostered by the ideas promoted in textbooks used to support the current (falsified) Democracy...

In other words, anything that appears to be different than promoting what is conventionally written and believed should be avoided, because they are on a personal trek of increasing both income and social status within the structure as it is being presented and practiced. They don't want to be detoured from the trail upon which they see bread-crumbs to follow in improving their lives. They are like many others who might well argue against a Cenocracy because a change in the social order means they would have to work out a new social and economic strategy for themselves and their family. They may well be quick to argue against anything which appears to be a wedge placed between the social trail being mapped out in their personal efforts. While they may be genuinely considerate of others and sincerely want the best for their community and humanity, present circumstances dictates a measure of self-concern over larger national and global interests being promoted by the idea of a Cenocracy.

Chaos may be called arguments, disagreements, opposition, skirmishes, strikes, dysfunctions, protests, Revolutions, riots, battles, wars, engagements, conflicts or whatever... such activities frequently precede the establishment of a treaty, resolution, charter, contract, Constitution, etc... Nonetheless, the people eventually see a clearing through all the fog. The present form of government is not a fog, it is a bog which mires the people in a hole that promotes conditions of spinning our wheels. Yes, the establishment of a Cenocracy, an Actual Democracy, may well produce a time of Chaos. But the people will work through it and prevail. Nations are built by do-it-yourselfers. It is time for the people to get out of their dugouts and collectively step up to the plate.

We The People need a means, mechanism, method by which we can alter governing policy on any and all levels we are being subjected to from the actions of business, government or religion. Present systems promote obstacles. For example, those in the United States are confronted by a ludicrous Electoral College usage in the selection of a President, and have no readily available means, except by way of a Revolution to remove an elected person should they prove to be an idiot moments (or days, weeks, months) after they have taken the Presidential oath. The Electoral System is but one of many different kinds of political doping activities being permitted by the present non-Actual Democracy being practiced. The falsified Democracy being practiced promotes a culture in which various political doping activities are allowed before, during and after a political race. It is the same type of culture which has encouraged the usage of doping in sports, and is being used in intellectual venues as well, though ascribed with names such as nutrition, energy enhancement, surgical alterations, etc... People are using various stimulants to give themselves an edge. The political environment permits those in political positions to assist them in perpetuating their dominance over the collective Will of the people. Some people will be against the adoption of an Actual Democracy because it upsets their believed-in measures of control that they have learned to use for personal gain or personal manipulation of others to keep them from assertions. Like a person wanting one or more others to suffer as they are, there are those who interpret their wealth by keeping others to wallow in the same distress they experience, however that distress may be defined and measured... and do not want anyone to gain if they themselves are not in a similar vein of comparable achievement.

In explication, because I have encountered even educated people misinterpreting the idea of a Peoples Legislative Branch: The adoption of an Actual Democracy being promoted by the idea of a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic Formula proposing a Peoples Legislative Branch is not meant to be a substitution for present Legislative processes. In is an addition to the current formula of governance. It is a means, mechanism, method by which the people can make direct changes to governing policies even if those in government feel or think their views are tantamount to being sacrosanct. For example, if the Will of the people doesn't like the policies being promoted and pursued by the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches, the people should and must be able to direct the actions of the Nation otherwise. This same ability of the people should be afforded them on the Local and State levels. No branch of government or person in those capacities of governance are infallible. The present means, mechanisms and methods of policy alteration or disusage are pathetic excuses for having an Actual Democracy. We need a new form of government to correct the nonsense we are being subjected to. We need a Cenocracy!

In addition to the foregoing list of examples of discussion concerning Democracy, for those interested in the Tax Protest Movement, you should see the dark side of activity some of its proprietors have constructed:

If you disagree with the tax structure, or that taxes are being used wrongly, or that taxes are illegitimate, or whatever, then we need to change the structure of government. Committing or instigating combatant activities is tantamount to the antics of an adolescent with a chip on their shoulder. Killing an IRS agent or bombing a federal agency is not going to alter the tax structure. Such activities are like pulling a spark plug wire from a running vehicle and expect the engine to perform better. Depending on the number of cylinders, the engine will interpretively miss, noticeably falter or stop running altogether. However, as it is presently structured, it is multi- and not singularly- cylindered... as well as having multiple and not just two strokes in its cycling modality. Simply stated, the government is not a two-stroke engine.

Don't expect the killing of a government agent or destruction of government property to be commensurate with putting a potato in the tail pipe, sugar (etc.) in the gas tank or some other mechanism of sabotage. This only makes many of those in government and many in the citizenry, angry against the perpetrators whose main diplomacy gives the impression of being heavy-handedness and an exercise in a like-minded bullyism. Killing and destruction are actions of last resort... after the public has protested en masse (in support thereof because all diplomatic efforts have failed to accomplish the Will of the People). Assuming to know that Will without having attempted to formulate a petition, is self-deception. Taxes do a lot of good when appropriately directed. It is not that taxes are bad, but those who are in charge of using them under legislated guidelines frequently apply taxes poorly. If We The People think we can do a better job at governance, then let's change the structure of government by creating a New Government (a Cenocracy) which promotes an Actual Democracy beyond its present superficiality. The new formula will thus be a type of Cenocratic formula.

On this date (Tuesday, June 23, 2015), we find the following on the MSN Home page:

WASHINGTON — No actor or actress can match Meryl Streep's 19 Academy Award nominations, and only Katharine Hepburn has bested her three Oscars for acting. So maybe it's conceivable that Streep's letter Tuesday to each member of Congress can somehow revive the Equal Rights Amendment, politically dormant since its high-water mark four decades ago.

"I am writing to ask you to stand up for equality - for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife or yourself - by actively supporting the Equal Rights Amendment," Streep writes. Each packet includes a copy of "Equal Means Equal," a book by Jessica Neuwirth, president of the ERA Coalition.

While her actions are laudable, it is rather stupid that We The People of 2015 would have to even be discussing something as common-sensical as Equal Rights. No less, her voice shouldn't have any more import than the voice of a petitioning public or any of us asking for the same thing. The fact that the media chooses to imply a portrayal of Streep's acting career has having more merit than the career, advocation or protracted ardent interest of others is another example of different forms of cultural nonsense the public is subjected to. In addition, it is not Congress that should be deciding on the adoption of an ERA, but the whole of the public. And to this we can add the question about the Confederate flag, Homosexuality, and numerous other issues that should be decided by the public. If the people in the South want the Confederate flag, that should be their collective decision and not some collection of Legislators whose arrogance claims they have cornered the market on intelligence, wisdom and numerous other qualities... and thus entitles them to impose their minority will on the majority. The same goes for Judges who legislate laws from their Judicial bench, such as the Supreme Court that needs to have its abilities contoured to the Will of The People. The country does not belong to the Legislators, Judges, Business executives, Media Conglomerates or Religious leaders, it belongs to the people! We need a new form of government to put such legislative, legal, business and religious idiocy into the dustbin of history. The present form of government should be in a museum. We need a Cenocracy! Speakers and Writers of social reform need to get your heads out of your back pockets and demand a Cenocracy!

On this date: (Saturday, June 27, 2015) we find the following on the MSN home page:

When Friday began, there were 14 states where same-sex couples still could not legally marry. By the afternoon — after a confusing day of orders and counter-orders by governors, attorneys general and county clerks — couples had married in all of them but one.

The one holdout was Louisiana. There, Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell (R) condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling, which legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, as “federal government intrusion into what should be a state issue.”

Whereas the Attorney General for Lousiana got it right about government intrusiveness, he got it wrong about the ownership of the issue. His usage of the word "State" does not refer to the majority of the people, but a minority labeled as a Legislature or as a Judicial decree. What a ridiculous notion of "rule by the people" described as a Democracy. The question about same-sex marriage and its social placement should be left up to the people. Not the judges, not the Legislators... the people. We The People need a new form of government. A Cenocracy with a Cenocratic Formula.

In different moments of history we encounter alterations in the conceptual frame-work of humanity which compresses multiple enterprises, ideas, actions, etc., into a singularity. For example, before the concept of a singular God, there was a wide- spread reliance on multiple gods. The same goes for the development of a National military which was preceded by divergently acting combat groups. Instead of separate street vendors hawking their wares without warranties, we now have stores. The same can be said for education, science, currency, technology, and multiple other activities, for better or worse... because we permit them to deteriorate. The presence of multiple social problems and an ineffectual government structure demands that we address the situation with a similar contemplation of focused action. Protesting for a Cenocracy does this.

And it should be noted, for those interested, that typing in the word "Occupy" will provide various examples of those involved with the "Occupy Movement", that has now received a singular definition being ascribed to it in a Wikipedia article:

The Occupy movement is the international branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement that protests against social and economic inequality around the world, its primary goal being to make the economic and political relations in all societies less vertically hierarchical and more flatly distributed. Local groups often have different focuses, but among the movement's prime concerns deal with how large corporations (and the global financial system) control the world in a way that disproportionately benefits a minority, undermines democracy, and is unstable. It is part of what Manfred Steger calls the "global justice movement".

Wikipedia: Occupy Movement

Here are three additional references:

Before the word "Occupy" there was the "Sit In". And before this one might speak of the "Stand IN" used by some workers staging a protest at their jobs. In the past, there was the "Boxer" rebellion in China; a word coined by a Journalist to denote the two-fisted expression of protestors related to a perspective involving personal protection developed by way of a practiced regime. Another example is the French Revolution which is frequently denoted by the usage of the guillotine, though other references also exist. In other times and other places, there were specific characteristics which did or could have been used to define a group... instead of the ideology being supported. This is a short-coming that protestors need to overcome so as to forestall being identified with something that suits the whim or impulsivity of someone influential enough to propose that which might be used as a disparagement. As protestors seeking an expressed and truly practiced Actual Democracy, let us promote our own Moniker(s) with the words "Cenocracy, Cenocrats, and Cenocratic Formula" to define ourselves because these advance an encompassing ideology.

If we take the efforts of those wanting to establish an "Actual Democracy" as a prima facie account of sincerity to speak of that which is felt and thought to be a more fair... a more equitable distribution and practice of the trinitarian sets typically displayed as Of, By, For All the people and Equality, Justice, Liberty; then by this same recurring veracity of expression we must acknowledge they are all asking for the establishment of a "New Government". When we translate this two-word phrase into a singular concept, we come up with Cenocracy. It is little different than using the singular word "Democracy" to denote the two-word phrase of "people rule" though it may be literally taken to explicate the longer phrase of "rule by the people."

However, I have been encountering otherwise articulate people having some difficulty pronouncing the word "Cenocracy". Whereas there is a "C", they are replacing it with a "K", so let me walk others through the pronunciation:

  • Keep the word "Democracy" in mind.
  • Bring the time period "Cenozoic" to mind which begins with a type of "S" sound.
  • Replace the "Demo" in Democracy with "Ceno" and use the "S" sounding 'S-eno'.

And there you have it. Cenocracy. Instead of having a "Demo" (as in a superficial Demonstration or a many-generations removed facsimile) of a government, we can move on to the real, the "Actual Democracy" by adopting a Cenocracy. The "Demo" that has been displayed for centuries as if it were a product being sold by carpet-bagging hucksters, needs to have its snake oil remedies replaced with an honest functionality. All those in favor, say CENOCRACY!

Note: We presently are in the Cenozoic era. It would appear rather appropriate for us to begin a Cenocratic Epoch despite the claims for an Anthropocene Epoch because of humanity's effects on the environment. However, we might, if permitted a measure of creative license, want to engage in some amalgamation and produce a term such as "Anthropo-cenocratic-scene Epoch".

Using the word "Cenocracy" does not mean you advocate everything being brought up on the Cenocracy.org site. Similarly, you may use the word "Democracy" in conversation but this doesn't mean you agree with the formula being practiced. It's alright to use the word "Cenocracy" in reference to the desire for a 'New Government' without having to adopt all the ideas being discussed at this site. Coined words are a part of the process for developing a new vision requiring a new vocabulary so that others may see differences more clearly.

Those of us writing with the intent of stirring public opinion to adopt the notion of a Cenocracy, can not expect someone else to take the lead and draw a line in the sand against the prevailing phoney (non-actual) democratic governments. We are at point... to use a military term to describe the vanguard of a mission being undertaken. While some of us writers and spokes-persons are waiting for others to begin a protest march so that we can join in, these same others are expecting the same of us... in a type of "you go first" deference which blurs the line between confidence, courage and politeness. Those trying to use the internet to stir up emotions (or incipient intellectual prowess) in order to get a following that they can then exploit to make a buck off of through paid subscriptions or advertising gimmickry... must put their own time, energy and money where their mouth is. You must stop measuring your assumed worth by how many people are counted as having viewed one or more internet pages you author. Viewing, interest, and understanding are different animals and not simply quirks of one's personality. If Facebook or some equivalent had existed during Einstein's fledgling years when he first introduced his 1905— to-become monumental papers, the lack of understanding he received from the then physic's community would have been translated into disappointment. The physic's community was wholly unprepared for such a visionary trek into a new era of conceptualization. His ideas were far removed from the common sense of the then established professionals. Fortunately, there wasn't any superficial internet-worth-valuation and he prevailed by way of old fashioned patience, perseverance and personalized persistence. The public had to be trained how to think differently. This was not only true for Einstein's ideas, but Germ theory, Heliocentricism, Radio, Telephone, Television, Computing, Animal husbandry, etc., etc., etc...

Writers and speakers of social problems and inequalities need to stop acting like gossip mongerers blurting out some impromptu expression from the crowd... and begin the measure of leadership they want someone else to assume. The "leadership" to which I speak of in this context is ideological. The idea of adopting a Cenocracy provides us with a footing, a cornerstone, an editable blueprint.

Millions of people may well feel as we do but they do not know that we exist... much less our ideas meant to assist them in their lives. But even if they did know, this does not mean they would readily join in a protest march. If you look back upon history, Revolutions, Revolts, and Riots do not involve the direct participation of the majority, like those who watch a parade, sporting event, or courtroom drama. For the most part, most people remain physically detached from directly participating in protests for one or another reason (age infirmity, illness, injury, location, transportation issues, work schedule, child care, etc...), though they may be emotionally and intellectually supportive from a distance. We can not expect everyone to crop, drop, or stop everything they are doing to directly join in chanting a protest slogan because we are beating some drum... especially if we are waiting for a crowd to gather so that a position of authority can be assumed by us yet we are not willing to initiate the leadership.

No doubt there are many people who would make a suitable leader in our efforts to promote, design and establish a Cenocracy. But the word "leadership" has multiple definitions related to context. The word leadership may mean 'office manager' to describe a person's competent managerial actions but don't necessarily entail an ability of path-finding foresight sometimes referred to as the unique quality of a visionary. Many would-be great leaders go unrecognized, are confined to a mediocre role, simply because they don't end up in a position which encourages their historical debut. Take any number of leaders in politics, science, medicine, music, art, etc., and place them in different time periods or context, and they may not have been able to shine as brightly.

And yet, there are those who already hold public positions of leadership that might do a better job for us but need us to promote the social and political context for them to step into the fore-front on behalf of the people. They don't want to jeopardize their present position by advocating one or more ideas that may be unfamiliar to most or that they are not to articulate as well as some pro-Cenocracy author, whether or not the word "Cenocracy" is being used. New ideas, particularly those which evoke some measure of uncertainty can breed fear if they are promoted as such by those who prefer to promote the familiar because they now how to navigate the avenues of a false Democracy and would be lost if the Highway of an Actual Democracy was constructed and found to be a more viable route for the present day and age and our future. It is up to us to provide the impetus for promoting their leadership abilities to blossom in the direction of the brighter light we are presenting for consideration. If they refuse to lead us, then let them follow our lead. If they the refuse both roles, then they should be forced to vacate the premises. One thing is certain, we can not permit those in governing positions, however described, to perpetuate the present nonsense.

Those of us providing a would-be forum for a few to vent their views must acknowledge that this recipe of public expression is not a nationally recognized forum for discussing social issues which has any legal standing with respect to creating laws. We The People are not heard because we frequently are not listened to unless some assertiveness is applied... typically by way of protest or riot. Yet, these acts do not guarantee we will be heard nor that our opinions will be heard or if heard, not contoured to the opinions of those in authority we want to actually and honestly address issues according to the views of a public who must make their interests known by way of extraordinary measures called the initiative and referendum. If politicians were expected to carry out legislation by the same methodology they have imposed on the people, they would thus get just as discouraged and angered as the people themselves have become... despite all the problems now faced by legislators because of the massive amounts of information required to survey for even a single bill's consideration.

Likewise, those of us providing one or another topic that we think should be voted on by the public must accept the realization that the would-be vote has no bearing with respect to altering laws. There is no process by which We The People can consistently and effectively introduce ideas for improving governing processes and the establishment of laws. Only a new structure in government will insure this for the People. We need a Cenocracy in order to establish the public's right to have political clout that is not minimized, derailed, or otherwise marginalized into neglibility by a host of bureaucratic stalemating and obfuscation. All of us interested in bringing about an Actual Democracy, though the present definition may nonetheless be vague, mired with multiple concerns and considerations, have got to establish a joint dialogue of speaking in unison. If you want to be personally recognized for your views and efforts, that is fine, but all of us must move beyond our personalizations and develop a concerted effort to move Upward, Forward and Onward together.

All our web pages amount to little more than pissing on a fire hydrant to mark some imagined territory of internet discussion and viability. The desire to establish a Cenocracy does not belong to you, or to me, but to everyone. Our desire for a Cenocracy, is extremely serious... even if the word Cenocracy has not yet entered into your personal vocabulary as yet. Our message to the public and those in Authority must be clear and unequivocal. We do not want a mob of people protesting individual interests which are not concentrated into a singular effort by which those individual interests can be addressed and have legalized political merit; should they become adopted by way of a nationalized referendum process owned and operated by the public that has full legal authority to draft laws. It is senseless for a mob of people to be marching in protest and yet the public is left in the void while seeking some centralized theme to focus on in order to be supportive thereof. All of us must speak together in unison. We have got to stop pissing on personalized fire hydrants or humping the leg of some numinous passer-by philosophy. I am not trying to be vulgar, but universally communicative with expressions most people will be able to easily visualize and correlate to an exercised human effort. We must work together and establish a singularly focused dialogue, despite all the rough edges to be encountered in our initial fledgling attempts to get off the ground.

The variety of web pages espousing views against this, that and another perceived wrong or injustice and thus providing a reason (or at least some presumed viable excuse) for developing an action (typically in the opposite direction but is nonetheless felt to be better), yet whose architecture may or may not be clearly outlined... are often being conducted as a type of personalized popularity campaign. Such web pages want more readership as if quantity is to be correlated with quality and thus produce, unintentionally, the fomenting of a mobacratic orientation where those involved can recognize themselves with a superficial label such as being one of the 99%, as if it were some emblematic patch of distinction to be flown as a flag, worn as a shoulder patch, or used as a three-symboled identification card (9- 9- %)... and thus, for a few, becomes a type of would-be authoritative voice enabling an aggressive demeanor with little need for accountability or oversight in a mirror-image fashion of government officials who, on occasion, do the same to the public... for example: (C- I- A), (F- B- I), (N- S- A), (I- R- S), (etc...), even though those carrying such distinctions may not consider themselves as participating in any questionable behavior at any time, and most, we want to believe, are sincerely directed towards various public protections.

These otherwise well-meaning web pages advancing themselves as a would-be public forum for airing opinions about perceived unfairness, without having to say it, are treating the public as if it were a herd of semi-domesticated animals that they are trying to stampede into a large protest that they can claim credit for... and possibly use as a tool to make social changes as they think they should be... yet they themselves don't have to participate in the front-line trenches with everyone else and suffer the possible consequences of direct confrontation with authority. If need be, they want others to be sprayed with water, gassed, beaten, or arrested, while they remain safe and sound at a distance like some general giving commands to those fighting hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The usage of a website which provides for revealing multiple social issues is like a soda-dispensing machine or a dine-in restaurant featuring a smorgasbord of different food-stuffs to whet a variety of appetites in order to attract multiple perspectives to acquire a larger quantity of readers... but not necessarily a broader quality in order to create the mood for a protest to begin in unison. For example, the stampede of protests in the occupy movement, though many of the participants were sincerely interested in bringing about progressive social changes; others acted more like animals having drank from the same Adbusters pool (or trough) laced with loco-weed, a substance some readers may not be too familiar with since it is rarely spoken of and has infrequently been mentioned in old (U.S. cowboy) westerns:

Locoweed: any of several species of poisonous plants of the genera Astragalus and Oxytropis, in the pea family (Fabaceae), native to the prairies of north central and western North America. Locoweeds pose a danger to livestock, horses, and other grazing animals, because they contain a toxin that affects:

  • muscle control,
  • frenzied behaviour,
  • impaired vision,
  • and sometimes death.

Most locoweeds, however, are unpalatable to livestock and are eaten only when other forage is unavailable. The level of toxicity appears to depend on soil conditions; decaying locoweeds release toxins sometimes taken up by otherwise harmless forage crops. (Locoweed article. (2013). Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite.)

The above list of symptoms seems not only to reflect many of those in authoritative positions, but some protest efforts as well. The "forage" is metaphorically aligned with ideas. Hence, when no definitive, collaborative effort (by way of a focused perspective) is available, the human herd ruminates on whatever is nearby.

It is beyond credulity for anyone wanting to take credit for creating a dis-joint-ed political effort promoted by what appears to many in the public as different groups of people having passed around the same Marijuana cigarette or pipe while listening to the old Beatles song about having a Revolution. It is time for those advocating a Revolution to stand at the front line with their own banner.

The following is but one expressed banner:

Cenocracy banner (54K)

Some authors feel obliged to express their humility through honesty. This being said, they would like readers to be aware that their ideas about the development of a Cenocratic government is a work-in-progress. They freely admit they make mistakes and revise their ideas from time to time... and that they are not perfect... but are seeking to per-fect a Cenocratic Ideal. While there are a few who will no doubt view Cenocracy as reverently as those seeking to per-fect a Christian Ideal, or an Islam Ideal, or a Buddhist Ideal, or a Bahai Ideal, or a Judaic Ideal, or a Latter-Day Saint Ideal, or a Democratic Ideal, or a Socialism Ideal, or an Economic Ideal,... etc., others will come to acknowledge it as a commonly adopted philosophical perspective. There are some who have already begun to refer to themselves as Cenocrats and have made note of such on their personal pages such as Facebook. In other venues they may well refer to themselves with a "We The People" identity. For one reason or another, their minds are already geared for an upcoming future... that they know is needed and must be realized if humanity is to prosper beyond its many present inequalities perpetrated by so many so-called Authoritative Ideals advanced in present Business, Government and Religious cultures that treat the public as a dues- paying, on-call or cue-card "participating" audience whose own collective voice is minimized in terms of self-representation and maximized for those whose practiced authority is much like a puppeteer who threatens the public as if We The People are a puppet whose sole purpose for existence is to suffer for them or else they will:

  • Throw we the puppet-people into a fire (the religion puppeteer).
  • Ostracise/disenfranchise we the puppet-people (the government puppeteer).
  • Extort*[exploit] we the puppet-people (the business puppeteer)...

...That is, if we the puppet-people don't refrain from seeking to Declare a Greater Independence which provides for an actual parity in a fair redistribution of Equality, Justice and Liberty... as well as socio-political power, instead of keeping us bound to insecurities derived from perpetrated fears of which many are contrived-into-actuality so as to promote further dependency on them for everything they care to promote as being necessary and needed so as to ensure their sovereignty over the people.

*More than a few think that businesses all too often migrate towards a type of pure, no holds barred Capitalistic perspective which primarily evinces a collective orientation towards fulfilling motives of insatiable greed... instead of retaining a centralized Humanistic goal which may have helped to initiate the objectives of the business in the first place and thus prefer to use the felonious word "extortion" instead of its socially deprecated counter-part known as "exploitation"... with respect to those efforts; and pejoratively denoted as tactics of manipulation which are used to get the public to purchase their respective product(s) affixed with a self-promoting ideology.

This too is true for Congressional legislation, Supreme Court adjudication, and the wielding of Executive 'power' which, by an antiquated Constitutional design, engage in an anti-trust (we can't trust them) monopolization against The Right Of The People To DIRECTLY Participate In Their Own Governance by way of a Cenocracy (New Government) which provides for a Peoples Legislative Branch and a fully functional, non-hoop jumping process of Referendum that presently requires the usage of some politically degenerate signatory requirement designed as an obstacle, by way of a politicized rationality, in order to obfuscate an effective "Will of the People" social governance formula.

A "Representative" form of government as presently practiced permits the people to INDIRECTLY participate in their own governance... thus (metaphorical speaking), exhibits the practice of a shadow, echo, and meta-physical government which frequently contours the Will of The People through a prism of distortion and leads society into a state of greater dysfunctionality which has a reverberating influence on other cultures to sometimes mimic a like-minded caricature of neurosis. Such a state of affairs is unconscionable and must be remedied... peacefully or otherwise. Make no mistake... We are on the path towards a Revolution. Viva La Cenocratic Revolution!

Historians should likewise make at least some marginalia comment of these earliest of beginnings as a reference for those who will have a different sense of social self-governing perspicuity in the future. Historians of the future will want to know which Historians of the past were aware of the beginning of a new future that, when viewed retrospectively from ages hence, will be a realized present, and the present we know of today will be a past that none may refer to as the "good old days" that used to, at least sentimentally, play out in colloquial conversations a few decades ago, but is remarkably absent from various forms of dialogue (print, television, radio...) in these "teenage" (2013, 2014, 2015, etc...) years of the 21st Century. Such comments are not an expression of a delusive grandeur (delusion of grandeur), but of Cenocracy's genealogy in-the-making. Imagine if the people in the past had the foresight for keeping absolutely accurate and honest records of everyone that was ever born and to whom they are actually linked by biology, ideology and sociology.***

It will be of interest to see what entire family, business or religious group is the first to refer to themselves as Cenocrats. And because California often takes the lead (aside from New York and places in Europe) in portraying progressive ideas, it will be of further intrigue to see which State will be the first to define itself, or be defined by others such as pollsters, journalists or political scientists; not as the flavor of some Democratic, Republican or Independent majority whose goal is to replace one politician for another, but as a (the 1st) Cenocratic Majority whose goal is to promote, establish and maintain a New Government design on behalf of the people and not some politician who wants a chance to role play in a system of governance which exercises an anti-trust (we can't trust them) monopoly of socio-political power against (over) the people. If politicians were actually focused on Representing the people, they would be supporting a Cenocratic Ideal. A Cenocracy not only provides the people with a soap box, a pulpit, and a lectern, but an actual means to make their collective will the law of the land without their ideas being mangled by the will of those whose ulterior motives frequently exhibit a self-promotion instead of promoting the actual collective will of the people. The following are examples of the "1st Cenocratic Majority" idea displayed in a t-shirt format:

California 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (18K) New York 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (26K)

3 views of governance (12K) *** Humorously put, some might consider that the idea of a Cenocracy came by way of spores inside a meteorite flung from some deep region of space and has begun to sprout after having fallen from a shooting star... and became embedded in those receptive brains amiable to nurturing the idea into a blossom from which will evolve a more viable and complex life form. Many usefully practical ideas have a birthplace in imaginative considerations... but a metaphor is sometimes not recognized as such unless it is deliberately defined analogously out of context and made less cryptic by being denoted as a clue. Many a treasure map is like this.

Leonardo Da Vinci practiced a simplistic form of this 'use of a code' by indulging in what has been described as "mirror writing" or "backwards writing" (writing backwards), as a means of concealment, and not necessarily revelation, though it is also now realized as an insight into how his mind worked at a given time and place of his life... he was far ahead of his time in multiple respects. Cenocracy is like this because it represents an historically greater ideal of Equality, Justice and Liberty in not only a redistribution of wealth, but a redistribution of socio-political power. Present governing structures (business, government, religion) prefer that the public remains naive enough to buy into their respective "products". They intentionally want to keep the public in a state of addiction, of dependency, of insecurity.

We need a new form of governance which permits, encourages and requires the public to develop its intelligence, insight, creativity, compassion, originality, talents, courage and yes, even genius. The public needs its own collectively-individualized voice which is Constitutionally mandated as THE governing legislative branch of their government, and not some sham derivative by way of vicarious Representation. Present governing systems have been developed and maintained like some undergraduate rats-in-a-maze (or social labyrinth) psychology test engaged in by students who repeatedly flunk and repeat the course because they fail to grasp the essential fact that it is they who are being tested by those who themselves fail to move beyond their own contrived nonsense being used as a means of verification and validation; for perpetuation of sentimentalized fictions deluded into a reality formulated into a tradition to be respected... because it assists them in exercising self-centered ulterior motives which praises the people in public but damns them in private as an irrelevance set against a graduated scale of personalized need to achieve personal goals and if the public gets hurt in the process, such suffering is obligingly washed off their hands by defining the action as collateral damage. Indeed, it is time for us to move beyond a Democracy to a Cenocracy.

Here are some additional "1st Cenocratic Majority" T-shirt examples:

Berlin 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (6K) European Union 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (8K) London 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (4K) Moscow 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (9K)
Paris 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (7K) Basque 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (5K) Madrid 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt(7K) Oslo 1st Cenocratic Majority T-shirt (4K)
Santa Cruz 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K) Indiana 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Michigan 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Budapest 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K)
Maryland 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Tennesee 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) New Jersey 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) New Mexico 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K)
Alaska 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K) Arkansas 1st Cenocratic Majority (7K) Mexico City 1st Cenocratic Majority (11K) North Carolina 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
Buenos Aires 1st Cenocratic Majority (16K) Colorado 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) Iowa 1st Cenocratic Majority (7K) Reykjavik 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
Hawaii 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K) Idaho 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Kansas 1st Cenocratic Majority (21K) Massachusetts 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
Tokyo 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Texas 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K) Illinois 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Utah 1st Cenocratic Majority (19K)
Wyoming 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Wisconsin 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) West Virginia 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Alabama 1st Cenocratic Majority (4K)
Connecticut 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Delaware 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Florida 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Georgia 1st Cenocratic Majority (5K)
Maine 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Mississippi 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Ohio 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) Nebraska 1st Cenocratic Majority (11K)
New Hampshire 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Nevada 1st Cenocratic Majority (10K) Montana 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Rhode Island 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
Kentucky 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Louisana 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Minnesota 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) Missouri 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K)
North Carolina 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K) North Dakota 1st Cenocratic Majority (8K) Pennsylvania 1st Cenocratic Majority (9K) South Carolina 1st Cenocratic Majority (6K)
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