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Trump's Pathetic UN Speech

North Korea's Prime Minister Hears the bark of a disease infected American dog breed (That many Americans are complaining about but there are no adequate noise ordinance laws with respect to insuring that mouth-frothing noise makers don't disturb the peace.)

Trump displays insensitivity to the African peoples (Whose lives have been tortured and enslaved by the get-rich-quick schemes of whites and their non-white confederates who could actually care less whether the African people enjoy the benefits of the resources they supply to the world.

American Hypocrisy is once again shown (Not only because the American government can say one thing in public and then privartely claim to mean another, there is only one vital diplomatic route to the North Korean situation and that is to kill the rabid-mouthed Trump.)

"America First" slogan is as incoherent as it is irrational. (But should be of no surprise coming from someone as the spittal spewing senile Trump.)

America needs to take its lead from China, Russia and South Korea with respect to North Korea and stop acting and reacting like impulsive and emotional school kids. The real threat to the world is the American government's lack of diplomatic skill and intuitive grasp of the economic and psycho-dynamics of this and other regions it wants to keep under its antiquated Imperialistically-minded thumb... secured by the fetters of potential or probabilistic threat. We can not blame the North Korean population for a leadership headed by an egotistical maniac who is emotionally disturbed, just as the American public can not be blamed for its own egotistical maniac in the White House which, along with Congress, the Supreme Court and the S.E.C. (with their various legalistically-defined hired guns), exemplifies a neurotically impulsive group of emotionally stunted sociopaths exhibiting a skewed sense of social responsibility and global conscience for the sake of humanity. Both the North Korean and US government systems are rigged against progressive rationality and the collective voice of the people who are forced to serve the dictates of a few who think they are entitled to the lion's share of all profits, regardless of what form they may take. The US government's erratic and irrational emotional responses to North Korea is a disrespectful spit in the face to all those who fought and died to preserve peace. If need be, someone must "neutralize" the real threat to world peace by making sure the collateral damage is wide enough to include all war-mongering confederates and their drooling-for-action support base.

North Korea could not have developed its nuclear program without help from those who are looking at military conflict— or the drama involved with escalated tensions, as a way of increasing their own resource base and prestige... though they themselves may cower from personal attendance in order to acquire those rewards supplied to those who present themselves as an humanitarian in the aftermath, since conflict is a public funded ATM machine for charities, and other presumed innocent bystanders who are actually vultures... like the American Red Cross, whose executives should be amongst the first to experience the effects of collateral damage first hand. Those nations who eager for a return to the distorted realities propagated by militaristic glorification and justification to carry out ulterior-motivated alliances for personal gains, will side with Trump's madness. America has a far greater number of enemies both in, near and outside its borders than at any time in the past. Many of its present so-called allies will quickly join in the feeding frenzy when America succumbs to licking its wounds.

It goes without saying that the resources of America would be put to better use for the sake of humanity if they were in the hands of some other Nation's people such as the Germans, Scandinavians, Japanese, etc... War mongering is big business, not only because it provides journalistic copy and awards, it also conceals how many terrible faults the U.S. government has gravitated towards... and seeks to find some imaginary way to thwart its own implosion... an implosion that is inevitable, and can not be delayed indefinitely... just as was the fate of the Roman Empire when it acquired an over-abundance of self-serving politicians, businesses, and military leaders. Revolution is coming. The writing is on the Wall, and it can not be white-washed over forever. Long live the coming Peoples Cenocracy! Today's generation of young may well be those who sign the death warrant of America by surrendering its stalled development to the hands of a progressive realization now in the making.


It is clear that America needs a new President, Vice President and Congress; to which we should add the Supreme court, SEC, and various other political appointments. America is in trouble and with it many other countries as well because of how they are inter-twined politically and economically. In as much that many of us realize America (and other countries) are governed by systems of a phony Democracy cast in the guise of varying rationalities (Representative, pseudo-monarchical, parliamentary, pseudo-socialist/communist-democratic, etc.)— and that no Philosopher King (or Queen) has yet shown themselves to the public in a manner by which they would be described as such; we are left with choosing amongst those who have sought to direct the governance of the Nation on behalf of the people, by running for the presidency.

Though being president can provide some instructive direction, it is not a guarantee since they will have to contend with a Congress that has more often then not, shown itself to be an obstinate obstacle to true progress for the Nation (and not at the expense of the people or humanity the whole like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others have done). Nonetheless, the following list provides a hint that the people recognize that the government is in desperate need of a progressive philosophy and not a continuation of the piece-meal nonsense the people are subjected to. Unfortunately, though amongst these and those that will surely place themselves on the future platform of sincerely believing they can make a difference, how can the people make the right choice if they are subjected to an Electoral System which can undermine the collective Will of the majority? No less, how can the people choose the best candidate if all the candidates are not permitted equal speaking time and equal news coverage? If the news media does not provide a means by which the people can get to know those who are running, their choice of who or who not to cover ends up equating with being a representative model of fake news... in the sense of an in-house chosen selectivity by those in charge of a given news source. As such, we end up with a political environment where the wealthy village idiots are permitted to run amuck, and create their own social environment of irrationality that they feel most comfortable with, which is commonly at the expense of the public.

As told in various stories, there sometimes is someone who emerges from some nook-and-cranny obscurity (for example, David- as in David and Goliath, Joan of Arc, Einstein, Ford, A.G. Bell, Churchill, Gandhi, Hitler, Lenin, Marx and Engels, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohammed, various sports figures, scientists, Mathematicians, Wright Brothers, etc., even though others were born into prominence as a leader because they were groomed from childhood as such and conditions permitted them to exercise their skills; and eventually come to the forefront a leader the people can believe in... and someone they can trust with their lives. Others who fought for some perceived injustice may be recognized not necessarily as a revolutionary, but as a rebel, a few of which are listed below:

Rebels of ancient history:

  • Urukagina
  • Hammurabi
  • Hatshepsut
  • Moses
  • Cyrus II of Persia
  • Siddhartha Gautama aka Buddha
  • Ashoka
  • Confucius
  • Pythia or the Delphic Oracle
  • Thales of Miletos
  • Archimedes
  • Hippocrates
  • Herodotus
  • Lykurgus of Sparta
  • Solon & Cleisthenes
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Alexander III of Macedon
  • Publius Valerius Poplicola & Lucius Junius Brutus
  • Lucius Sicinius Vellutus
  • The Gracchus Brothers aka the Graci
  • Spartacus
  • Julius Caesar
  • Octavian
  • Rabbi Yeshua aka Jesus
  • Peter and Paul of Tarsus
  • Diocletian

Ancient Revolutionaries

Ten Famous Revolutionaries of History

25 Most Influential People in History By Attribute
Top 10 Enigmatic People in History
Top 10 Insane Rulers in History
25 Most Insane Rulers In History

Here's a short record of Western history's Roman influences that points to activities that are now concealed, but nonetheless practiced today, suggesting the decadence of old becomes symbolically and metaphorically practiced in politics, journalism, and business activities... With the last on the list speaking of insane leaders:

Top 10 Reasons Ancient Rome was a Perverts Paradise

Because the collective Will of the People can be undermined, as attested by the pathetically ridiculous situation the Federal government has come to exhibit and the Congress is going along with, it must be denoted as a perversion of truth, of justice, of democracy. Because this is the sordid reality in America (and elsewhere), it appears there is need for a Revolution, a violent one if necessary, in order to bring about the Fall of America's perverted politics supported by climates of journalism and business that effect an existence dependent on how they can best manipulate the "eccentricities" of one political leadership over another in order to further their own interests.

Let us emphasize, that in a political environment where choice and emergence are played out in labyrinthine obstacles with different types of legalized minotaurs, such leadership may have to resort to the usage of Revolution in order to simply be treated fairly and just. Where is the true leadership of the Nation to be found? By what route, by what manner, by what purpose of body, mind and soul will they make themselves known if they are forced to run the gauntlet of American politics with the news media wielding the largest clubs (inter-agency collaboration), sharpest swords (pens, pencils, tongues), and enabled to run to the front of the line to pummel more punishment... in order to increase their own participation, and assist their own 'chosen one' because they don't want the people to practice an actual democracy of free choice without being able to undermine its outcome?

Does a desperately needed leader exist in the following list of candidates... most of whom are, for the most part, virtually unknown to the people in a collective sense? Or will a leader arise from obscurity with the needed skills and acumen to fight the many forms of political perversion which effect to create their own opportunism?

The present leadership has chained the people away from their dreams, their hopes, and of the promise to pursue a better way of life. Dreamers aren't allowed. The American dream has not only shown itself to be a delusion in many instances, but a nightmare. Trump wants to get rid of all those who dream for a better life, because their dreams compete with his to make America into his own image of self-centeredness, selfishness, and do to whomever— whatever it takes to accomplish the construction of a monument to himself, about himself, for himself. Indeed, we need a New Government, a Cenocracy!

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