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Does The US Government Represent the People?

Corruption is Legal in America

Amazingly, for those who have remained naive about the current and growing state of pathetic political affairs in the U.S., it has taken the presence of a Do-do bird in the White house (incredulously supported by the Congress, the Pentagon, Corporations and religious zealots who conceal, protect and defend the prevailing stark ineptness because to do otherwise would clearly denote how tasteless America's brand of phony democracy is); and otherwise show the world how really stupid and single-minded the U.S. political system actually is and that the government practices a despotic formula of democracy like Britain and other so-called democracies.

And to this list of demented confederates we have to add the Nobel Peace Prize committee which commits itself to the same level of degrading thought processing which has infected the American political system. By having developed a criteria of values for selecting particularized politically-oriented Peace Prize recepients as a supportive protest measure to voice an opinion about a conflict with resolution efforts that represent superficialities of peace for humanity, they indulge in a program akin to that seen in many systems of governance where to lie and conceal damaging evidence is the frequently resorted to tactic used to preserve a system of illusion and delusion bought and continually being paid for by a citizenry whose tax-based servitude is little more than the guild of a peasantry chasing after an apple, carrot or sugar cube. Since peace is so often described in terms of an absence of war and not an absence of hunger, pain, suffering, stupid religious ideologies, falsified democracy, cheating businesses, etc., an actual examination and thus definition of Peace is never undertaken.

A recognition of how incompetent the role of the President is by having his idiocy covered-up to justify a corrupt elections system instead of getting rid of him, describes the very reason many are calling for getting rid of the Presidential position all-together (if not the ludicrous Vice Presidency as well as other over-paid redundancies existing directly in government or government paid-for/sponsored positions) because it is little more than a tool by which the other two branches can provide an excuse to complement themselves or have a scape-goat that is often set up to take the brunt of recriminations for a failed system of governance due to the persistence of so much inequality and the absence of every single person having their basic needs met because this interferes with the profits of those who are egregiously wealthy and want more... regardless of who and how many have to suffer.

Yet, the practiced formula of the present political landscape kept intact by an outdated Constitution which ensures exchanging one set of politicians for another that makes the public imagine they have somehow participated in the adoption of a new system which nonetheless utilizes the same Constitution that is clearly out-of-step with the needed progress of the people— will not suffice to correct the imbalance of equality the people are being subjected to. The public needs their own Peoples Legislative Branch. However, all legal efforts by the people to enact necessary changes in the overall political and government system are esigned to thwart, to defuse, to interfere with and fatigue the people.

The system is designed to keep the entrenched institutionalization of nonsense as it is because far too many people have learned how to carve out a niche' within the currency of activity and those already enmeshed with the system... even if they are experiencing privation... are fearful of making changes to something that they are not familiar with unless they are appreciably forced to do so by one or another means that is not a conventionalized protest maneuver. Hence, those of us who want to push the public towards a progressive future are left with the option of attempting unconventional models of protest. Such an orientation requires that we begin listing the various options, however they may first appear and may cause emotionalized opposition to, including the development of a "rules of engagement" for protestors, as a step towards preventing the means by which conventional oppositional forces can effectively keep our progressive movement at bay.

Indeed, the growing number of us who fully acknowledge that there is a desperate need for a fundamental structural change in the type of government being practiced, must take the time to itemize the different protest options we have for bringing about corrective changes and make the list publicly known so that whichever way(s) is/are chosen the public and the many institutionalized functionalities which thrive because they have carved out a niche in the current streams of social sewage, must be fully aware of the rationale we are using to contemplate efforts along the avenues which are realistically devoted to structural and not mere superficial change... should make the necessary psychological preparations for the causal effects to follow. The so-called "rule-of-law" (phony democratic) system has failed so many people due to the increase in the many different inequalities experienced in various walks of life. Whereas those in power like the prevailing "rule-of-law" nonsense which protects the wealthy at the expense of everyone else, those not in power realize they must make more assertive measures to straighten out the corruption.

When authority (in government, business, media, etc.) convinces a given group of citizens to reiterate their claim that violence does not work in order to effect a measure of control similar to the "chemical restraints" used by psychologists and psychiatrists, a knowledgeable citizenry laughs at such a duplicitous maneuver which wants them to believe in such hypocrisy since the government itself uses violence or the threat of violence, incarceration, financial intimidations, social service stress, various scare tactics, etc... No less, when authority claims that crime does not pay and yet we very often encounter legalized forms of criminal behavior being used by the government to seize control of a person and/or their goods, we all notice that crime pays very well for those who are part of the authoritative structure which acts like a guild to keep the larger public harnessed to its many misdeeds.

A government that defines its greatness by the idiocy of its leadership is a repeat of the self-defeating nonsense the people of the Roman and other eras have experienced. Thus, the populace becomes aware that it is subjected to a cycle of irrationality that cause them to live in a heightened state of apprehension because the recurring cyclicity tied to the mechanization of a duplicitous formula of democracy will eventually create yet another type of wide-spread social deprivation... perhaps in the form of a recession, or depression, another war, or some other confabulated dire event used to excuse a fumbling and mumbling leadership that has no vision beyond the grasp of its own personal greed and monuments to themselves... as an incorporated mindset that has become institutionalized just as have charities— instead of addressing the means by which charities are no longer needed to fill a wide gap of insufficiency left by the incoherency of a rather fitfully moronic formula of democracy. The youth of the nation have little to hope for and must pursue a course of changing the government on their own behalf because they can not depend on a form of government out of step with their progress of inheriting a nation continuing to be riddled with social problems linked to inequality caused by receiving a miniscule wage of their Inalienable Rights.

American history, (though we are inclined to say World History)... with its many political documents such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights (or the lack of such in some countries which prefer unwritten traditions that can be arbitrarily interpreted), is thus revealed as a chronicle of how much and what type of politically obfuscated mental illness has been practiced up-to-date, as an interminable sequel to the story of the 'king parading about with no clothes on'— but everyone is afraid to tell the truth (except for a child) for fear of retribution in a cultural atmosphere of illusions inter-mixed with delusions based on antiquated ideologies. Hence, it may well have to be up to the young to carry out and take control of the desperately needed government Reformation and Revolution... because the old have gotten too set in their ways, too fearful of change for the better future for the young; quite possibly by way of an upgraded (modernized) Riotous model of self-expression because the system does not provide a means for appreciably correcting itself into a newer model with the young at its helm... nor letting the larger populace make the necessary corrections, but instead perpetuate more of the same policies which restrict the young from fully participating in that which is their government.

Declaration For Greater Independence

Everybody needs to stop voting. We The People must occupy every single elections venue. It is alright to have your many different individual reason(s) for not voting, but you must collectively assign it to the singular purpose of protesting against the government to force it to a social self-governance bargaining table in order to have all issues of grievance redressed... As an opening statement of our Declaration For Greater Independence!

It is an independence which many people want but do not yet know how to achieve without resorting to actions and activities which do not yet guarantee that the desired results will be acquired. They not only see the hypocrisies in the way the government is run, but also the hypocrisies in religion, economics, education and other subjects applied to social living standards. Simply telling someone that your religion, business or socio-political idea is better, does not dismiss the fact that the ones presently experiencing wide appeal offer some semblance of support and that by changing ideological direction, the people might be confronted by experiences much harsher than those which are presently prevalent under current social illusions and delusions. Because the future of humanity is not bright according to different perspectives, it is unrealistic to ask someone to believe in something that will "one day-someday" bring forth a glorious way of life. The people want some assurance that any short-term sacrifice they make in the present by pursuing a reform, restructuring, or larger revolution... will be overshadowed by a not-too-distant... soon-to-be reward of actual improvement and not mere words. They don't want the same political nonsense simply placed into someone else's hands, like giving the underdogs a chance to play the role of upperdogs but little else is changed.

Problems will arise if a reform program is not only unrealistic, it is embellished with falsifications that the public becomes disgusted with... such as the current formula of phony democracy that has become such a joke, but no one is laughing. The political clowns and Media circus barkers no longer entertain us. Many people know there are lots of faults with the current political system which is packed with inequalities and imperfections that nobody is trying to improve on... yet there are no alternatives being offered which they are willing to readily adopt if the initial stages of introduction appear to present them with a scenario that will cause so much harm it will take far too long to recuperate from. No one realistically wants to sacrifice what little they have if it is going to lead to greater unfairness... or more of the same they are already experiencing and they are left with no other choice. Yes, we need a New Government (a Cenocracy), but no one has yet come forth with anything but a different formula of the same old game of political musical chairs where opposing ideas of a given orientation exchange places according to the tempo of the social drumbeat being made.

It is ridiculous to change the name of the political game we practice if in practicing one instead of another all we have altered is the names and titles of those who essentially play out the same roles as their predecessors... albeit with a different gender or ethnic group using an alternative language. If we were to put all blacks, or all pacific islanders, or all Asians, or all Hispanics, or all Women, or all Native Americans, or all homosexuals, or all lesbians, or all NRA members, etc... in every "official" government, business and religious position, would this make society a better place for humanity to prosper in? If we made all of them millionaires, would society for the sake of humanity be better off? Or what if every position was held by Trump or his like-minded brethren? How much more political madness must the people tolerate if there is no viable way to make corrective changes in the political and governing system unless we resort to those very acts we would prefer not to, but have no viable alternative but to engage an enemy that more and more people are coming to realize we are at war with... even though many refuse to believe this and will go out of their way to deny the existence of such a realization because they interpret this to mean a disparagement of themselves as an individual or group? Non-vocalization of such will not make the idiocy of the situation go away.

While individual non-voters may become gratified that their non-voting view(s) have increased the currency of non-voting participants to their respective non-voting cause and clause, they are little different than other greedy Capitalists who hoard their own desired resources which does not benefit any collectivity because their wealth neither 'trickles down', nor provides an over-whelming increase in employment positions available to the everyday citizen instead of particularizing jobs in order to be enabled to use various out-sourcing methods to increase their chances of even more wealth supported by government policies which are not always favourable to the citizenry. In other words, just because you use the excuse that there are many others who also do not vote, irrespective of reason(s), and they do the same by including you in their excuse... each of you is acting like a greedy miser (a scrooge) who counts and stacks their money but provides no assistance to anyone. Not voting in and of itself is valueless unless all the non-votes can be utilized like a collective fund meant to produce a publicly acknowledged result.

As part of our collective non-voting efforts, we need to emphasize the necessity for severely renegotiating the so-called "social contract" in light of the fact that the present Despotic formula of Democracy is wholly inadequate to address even the most basic needs of EVERYONE... and not just some acceptable percentage created in the minds of those who do not suffer the privations of basic needs nor feel the social reverberations contiguous with the lack of such basic needs— by claiming a guesstimated percentage of social poverty/privation is agreeable— only because they are not one of those calculated on the substandard percentage level of poverty accordingly calculated to the measure of a living standard one is subjected to in their respective culture. Just because America and other countries may claim there is a higher standard of living doesn't mean there isn't a concomitant higher standard of poverty as well. Indeed, for example, the benefits received by the military... paid for by the taxes of those who do not get to share in the same benefits... should be deemed the Basic Necessities everyone must have and are not bureaucratically relegated by labeled as being "accessible" so long as a person jumps through a labyrinthine structure of requirements which effectively eliminates the greater percentage of people from being eligible because a social program is not meant to actually work, it is only meant to give the impression of working without being adequately funded or staffed in the first place. Programs which work are often the result of some unexpected fluke or application to a particular segment of society... though a program is presented as that meant for everyone in need.

While the old idea of a "social contract" between the governed and govern seems a tenable philosophical exercise, it initially illegitimizes the defining presence of a democracy as being Of, By and For All the people... though this clause is not part of the supposed social contract which does not in fact exist as a legal document... and is therefore not enforceable unless believed in or manipulatively imposed on the public as an illusion. There is no actual contract, no actual democracy— only a Representative... nay, only a smudged and distorted facsimile model— of a democracy speciously and romantically defined by Lincoln's "Of, By, For The People" Gettysburg phrase (truncated from a sermon given by the Abolitionist preacher Theodore Parker who may well have gotten it from an inscription by John Wycliffe), and there is no honest definition of "people" when it is used in legal political documents or speeches. If we are to have an actual and honest contract. The idea of a "social contract" between the governed and those who govern is a statement identifying the presence of a despotic formula of democracy and not one based on the presence that the collective will of the populace have any actual Self-Representation or Self-Determination as a result of having a "peoples" government, where the world "peoples" is contractually defined on behalf of the people and not those who presume to be their betters. The notion of a "social contract" must be under the realization that it is a contract amongst all of us and not as a bipartisan arrangement...

  1. which allows a few to continue using the present formula of despotic democracy for personal agendas
  2. which dismissively alienates the majority from being able to fully participate as a member in the political system
  3. which is presently configured like a guild society with divisions and levels of participation advanced as an equality to serve the purposes of a few over the many.

Here is a 3-part timeline of the above mentioned phrase (though others may have used their own variations in other contexts not readily identifiable), from which the arbitrarily used notions of "people", "self"-government, and the "social contract" theory can be deduced, leading to the current conditions of needing a New Government... because the present one is a montage of nonsense being used by an autistically oriented and functioning bureaucracy whose egotistical "chosen-one" politicization of a religious theme introduces illusions and grandeured delusions by which they come to interpret themselves as being special because of a self-defined speciality, regardless of the over-valued mediocrity of their mundane office manager activity often co-partnered or co-authored with those in religion and business who exhibit varying degrees and types of the suite of mental disorders called the Schizophrenias. (Schizophrenia does not refer to a single disorder nor a single degree or variation thereof. It refers to the multiple variations of reality distorting perceptions we find amongst not only individuals but large institutions as well). Notice that the word "all" is used by one of them but not all three.

  1. John Wycliffe, (1384): "The Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People".
  2. Theodore Parker, (1858): "Democracy is direct self-government, over all the people, by all the people, for all the people."
  3. Abraham Lincoln, (1863): ..."and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Social Contract, and "people" References:

It goes without saying that the entire public needs an increased wage in their Inalienable Rights which includes the benefit package of Self-Representation and Self-Determination instead of the present despotically-aligned aristocratically-organized Representative formula of Legislative representation. The people need their own Legislative Branch. In terms of benefits, let us start by giving everyone the same value of goods and services that military personnel have:

The Benefits in the Military should be for everyone

Yet, let us be realistic. Since we are confronting a repressively Despotic formula of oppressive Representative Democracy, we must be prepared to initiate a successively "earnest" form of progressive protest because the behavior of Despotic governments is predictably focused on making all others conform to its autocratic rule embellished with democratic labels, instead of agreeing to reform itself according to the collective will of the people because it is neither interested in equality or an advocated increase in the wages and benefits of our Inalienable Rights, whether or not you personally believe in such rights and thus set yourself up for believing yourself to be a champion by excluding yourself from the possibility of despair and defeat through the adoption or deletion of the vernacular and ideological parameters typically used in socio-politico-economic discussions. Nonetheless, despite this digression for pointing out an hypocrisy embraced by would-be promoters of the 'non-voting' population that may spend an inordinate and needless amount of time subjecting themselves to one or another anti-citizen incriminations...

Non-Voting Self-Flagellations image 1 Non-Voting Self-Flagellations image 2 Non-Voting Self-Flagellations image 3

...Let us purge ourselves from such a non-voting silhouette of self-flagellations in order to not overlook the fact that there is no calumny of enterprise that the government will not use in its efforts to force compliance of its status quo orientation because those in its service have learned how to navigate a system designed to keep the majority of the public disenfranchised from a direct participation in government activities to make it more accountable to the needs of the public and humanity overall. In effect, the majority are kept outside the walls of the main body of political and economic influence just as were the serfs of old... and have thus transported the majority back in time to being a "selective servant of the state" characterized as a peasant, with the term "citizen" used as an illusion to make people think they are a full member, instead of a perpetual want-to-be apprentice of the larger political guild.

However, for those who are die-hard voters that unerringly believe in the system, we suggest the following posters be tacked onto your wall:

American Indentured Citizen Proud Christian American!

One Nation Under God

Nonetheless, despite the foregoing digression, let us be further realistic in acknowledging the U.S. government was not and is not set up as a functional attribute of creating a social environment of overall equality... much less ensure the adoption of specifically outlined equal rights; and therefore does not advance a definitive "mission" statement with "bylaws of Constitutionality" which preeminently focuses on enforcing an inviolable right of the people to honestly exercise a "peoples government." The idea that America has a progressive democracy is as much a joke as a person being unable to recognize that the Social Security system is a Ponzi Scheme, even though it was not intended to be when the idea was first drawn up. It has become yet another gaming technique of the government's which appreciably describes there exists an underlying attrition... an incremental deterioration in the practice of social self-governance. The government has no real interest in equality other than those lip service measures which are enough to induce a level of inebriation in the public to overlook the fact that they are being subjected to a Despotism... a government by a few for a few by exploiting the many. Those who recognize this have acquired a sobriety that is no longer deluded by the illusions being espoused by well-intentioned, but otherwise naive public school teachers who still believe in the textbook nonsense being handed out as a standard social narcotic given to the young. Metaphorically speaking, there is no relative incorporated legislative mechanization which exhibits the three states of natural matter (solids, liquids, gases) such as:

  1. a mandated (solid) provision for the people to be able to advance their collective voice into law...
  2. a viable liquidity between the government and the populace which recognizes and defers to the public as the funneling fulcrum...
  3. nor a (gaseous) "spirit"-of-the-law deferment to the Collective Voice of the People as the True sovereign of the nation.

Instead, we find:

  1. a solidly administered arrogant recalcitrance of obstinacy against the public in its repeated requests for a redress of all grievances;
  2. an attitude which prefers liquidating the peoples' resources to assist in enjoining the personal wealth of a few...

    1. by viewing the people as the undeserving poor who like to suffer and think it their 'station in life' to endure privation for others as an unspoken martyr for humanity... thus attesting to their believed-in personal physical strengths and mental as well as emotional resilience—

    2. by viewing the people as insignificant collateral damage who may complain but otherwise accept what they are given because they are too cowardly to do otherwise on their own... having been socially taught they must do everything as a group... to be a team player with a herd mentality—

    3. or the people become used as patriotically labeled cannon fodder or democratically defined sacrificial lambs in wars instigated for nothing other than some commercial interest as the underlying character of real intention and motivation concealed in specious claims of assisting others in freedom, liberty, justice and a level of "real" democracy that their own public does not themselves have—

  3. or as a worthless commodity which burdens the States' coffers with requests for assistance and would be better off if the people permitted themselves to be used as a gaseous fuel on the pyres of some industrialist's furnace so that their wealth can be increased all the more and provide a kick-back to those in the government (or some confederate) who assisted them in their insatiable striving for more of this, more of that, more of anything and everything ... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like it.

What sort of equality is it when equality is defined by the majority believing in the lie that there is equality or that there is an honestly practiced democracy... albeit in demented representations thereof? Has the greatest level of equality been achieved when everyone is just as blind as everyone else in being unable to perceive the level of inequality and non-democracy which actually exists because their dependency on the illusion is like an addict on a specific drug? What a stupid sense of equality to believe that a corrupt and rigged elections/voting system actually has your best interests at heart! What a profoundly stupid level of practiced equality... where an entire society equally believes in such nonsense. Yes, as a socially taught team player, let us all wait for the other person to believe differently so we can be part of the group. And for those that have already recognized the hypocrisy of government in which we live, we fully acknowledge that you are awaiting some social transformation to take place in order to lift the entire population out of its cesspool of believing in so much ignorance and simply go along with the present game because those are the presently practiced rules being handed out.

Yes, let us all practice the same herd mentality of what equality means so we can be just as stupid as everyone else in being screwed by the politicians and rich who want nothing more than to advance a culture in which being a "team player" in sports, school, employment, religion and all social venues can be used as a means by which ideas and acts of revolution can be suppressed... because everyone waits for others to think, say and do something first. To be a leader means to be a leader of the deluded. However, for those who do achieve some measure of sobriety and see through the social-governing nonsense, we find that the first thing most people do is find some escapism. Some place to go off by themselves. And if confronted, they may become angry and ask, very pointedly, what do you want me to do?!!!... because they have not spent much time thinking for themselves and want direction! Unfortunately, that direction very often is along some course which substitutes one acceptable social narcotic for yet another one, be it some religious group, criminal group, gang group, garden group, exercise group, working group, alcohol drinking group, etc... even if you sit alone... some group is nearby and you measure your presence thereby.

When you live in a culture which does not encourage individual thinking and even rewards those who think of the group whether to assist or exploit, and enforces socialized attitudes of joining this or that group and deferring to the dominant judgment of someone who may be as dumb as a bag of rocks though they have nice clothes, car and house... what are you to do but bury the "you" of who you truly are to that which is an amalgamation of the group... a group that doesn't even recognize that they do not live in a democracy and either participates via a rigged voting system or doesn't participate... advancing some personalized retrospective philosophy without effecting any fruitful changes, because in an effort to be individualistic it has joined a national group of leave-me-aloners instead of participating as an individual in a joint effort to maximize the strength of individuality to be gained from restructuring the government instead of reacting negatively or defensively to this present suggestion and come up with yet another personalized point to advance themselves yet even more deeper into their fortress-of-solitude from which they imagine to lead an army or followers in their personal crusade or preach a fruitless sermon of non-voting rationale from their mount... which has become a pseudo-religion... a cult of non-voters who make plans for nobody, but imagine some personal exaltation and viable epiphany.

Though we humbly implore all military and para-military personnel to please stand down in order to stand up for our right to create a government which best suits our collective ideas and ideals as a precedent stipulated in the first Declaration of Independence; a refusal on their part to do so will oblige us the necessity of interpreting their denial as a deliberate assault on our Inalienable Right of Independence— and will signify We The People are in a state of (cold) War with the Government... and the shot previously heard around the world will be fired again because once was not enough to insure the people against the imperialisms wrought by those whose Capitalistic endeavours are pronouncements of egregious pursuits with little interest in the effects it has on the lives of the many just so a few might be enabled to legally steal the last morsel of resource to feed a gluttonous spirit. It is a disgusting religion of personalized economics the rich want to force the poor into sharing a belief in, and that those who are able... must fight against.

Einstein's Vote against Voting

Stop participating in a corrupt and rigged system!

Occupy All Ballot Boxes!
Wendy McElroy's quote on voting
Act Responsibly: Don't Vote

David MCelroy's don't vote banner
If you participate in sham of voting, you’re responsible for what it creates
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Stop Voting For Masters To Rule Over You... Or You'll Always Be A Slave
Pew Research Center Poll
Pew Research Center, U.S. Politics & Policy
Every generation has its cannon fodder Shooting at lame ducks blindfolded


I don't vote protest button

Let us be clear, while we find it admirable that there are others who have taken the initiative to think for themselves by not following the herd mentality when it comes to blind-sighted voting, but simply not voting is not a productive enough protest against an identifiably corrupt and rigged system. The action of "NOT VOTING" must be aligned with a nationally recognized protest that seeks definitive changes in the form and function of government. Every single venue of voting must be boycotted by an "occupy" effort that overshadows the previous marches which left the public in a state of bewilderment when trying to figure out what the 'Occuparkists' wanted to specifically accomplish except for the letting off of vociferous steam and the venting of emotionally-laden personal narratives. (The word "occuparkists" is used because several of the groups occupied parks.)

If we have to drag the government by the throat to a social self-governance bargaining table while it is kicking, spitting, biting, and screaming out threats and obscenities, you must be willing to commit yourself to the duration and not give in to the rantings of a problem child that will act like a spoiled rich kid when it doesn't get its way. If the government is too feral of a child, as many already believe it to be, and it can not be domesticated to the Will Of The People, we can not permit the child to wreak havoc on our lives by allowing it to live unsupervised. While there are many issues which need to be addressed, we can similarly protest initially for the same ones such as getting rid of the Electoral College, 20 year retroactive term limits for all government employees, strict campaign finance reforms, strict lobbying rules, no wage or benefits increases for Congress or any Congress assigned tasks..., etc... without the direct approval of the people who are to be permitted to establish their own Peoples Legislative Branch.

We Can Do This... You Must Believe In Yourselves!

If you tell someone that you don't vote, they may or may not say anything, though one or another may wonder to themselves how you can possibly think this way when they have been brought up to believe that voting is the main, sole, superior and legal way in which to bring about change. People actually believe that their singular vote combined with others can bring about change... and it does, but not in the respect implied by the desired reforms which will definitively resolve the many issues the people want addressed. It is not only to get people off their conveyor belt inclinations and motivations for voting, just as it is get those off their conveyor belt mentality of not voting... with respect to using it as a useless form of protest like marching down the middle of a street with a sign or banner, that only a few may read. Those who vote and those who don't vote have both got to change their tactics if they want to bring about actual reforms beyond a mere exchange of one politician for another. Only by showing that non-voting can bring about progressive change for the better will we be able to claim more adherents to our Cenocratic (New Government) Cause.

A few more Links:

And some more Links:


The following video is not for mature, intelligent, and informed viewers.

It is clear to us that the forthcoming lineup of Status Quo Representatives have read so many scripts in their lives they are unable to actually think for themselves beyond an indulgence in mimicking the mannerisms and maligned misguided delusions running rampant in the American Culture and elsewhere. Do they actually want the public to persist in participating in a way of life which indulges a level of idiocy that believes what they say has any respectful logic? It is astonishing to find so very many misinformed people who have not yet learned to live outside the concocted fairy tales in which they spend so much of their working time... and has now shown that their played-in make-believe worlds have intrusively entered their day-to-day existence as well.

The public is dumbfounded and disappointed to find so many deluded perceptions being voiced from the same corner of the entertainment industry and hope this is not a common dementia amongst other industry venues. It is supremely regrettable— to find so very many whose personal talents have brought so much value to the minds and hearts of millions— have constructed a type of reasoning that reflects a pathetic rationale incongruous to the development of an intellectual incentive wanting to create a National Movement where actual and honest reform takes place instead of the scripted lies, excuses and disfranchising dismissiveness heard so often from all political candidates once they get into office. It is extremely embarrassing for all of us who have held so many entertainers in such high regard, that we must present the following video as a disgusting assortment of those who share the same clueless appreciation of the public's growing collectivity against a status quo government that is out of touch with the pathetic political reality the people have been oppressively forced to endure so much nonsense... and has infected the lives of those who should know better. The old "Lights! Camera! Action!" adage is now heard as "Darkness in a Chamber of mindless Conformity."

This is a Generic Ballot for a Despotic form of Government

this is a generic despotic government ballot

This is a generic ballot which may contain other specifically-listed political parties depending on the context of a given election.

A person who wants to use their vote to "make a statement" typically does so by selecting the candidate whom they think is the lesser of two or more evils. This formula of using the ballot to "voice their opinion" is little more than a continued participation in the election system of a Despotic government. It makes little difference whom you vote in with the desire to bring about actual reforms when the overall political system is rigged against the people having a collective voice to effect desired and desperately needed reforms in the fundamental functioning of the overall government process. Everyone must stop voting in order for their voice to be collectively heard. The people will get the reforms they want or the people will stop participating in a system that refuses to abide by the collective Will of the Population, and not just a minority of eligible voters who help to perpetuate the disgusting Despotism currently being practiced. In an effort to get needed reforms, a progressive three-step philosophy can be initiated (because a Despotic government has no real interest in practicing real equality or a real democracy... without being able to rig the system so that a Few can take advantage of the Many.

In the present despotically-organized-democracy, funding for public services is compulsory through taxes which are often not equalized between individuals and corporations or the rich versus the poor. Most services have an underlying economic-based orientation (such as roads used for commercial activities and schools/training for employment). But not all services are used by all people or the services only "service" a particular population according to some standard such as a sport or exercise routinization... and in some cases, there is an attached "user" fee on top of the taxes the people have been forced to pay... very often without the approval of the majority of citizens— because the voting system is not set up to identify the collective voice of the people, only the "majority-few" who vote. And even if the people vote against a measure, the government can step in to override the vote of the people if the government thinks that a service is needed. (For example, years ago the people of Salt Lake voted against the Trax system but the government chose to ignore the voice of the people... and some people still don't understand why there is a growing population of people who have given up on voting because the current system of voting is despotic and not democratic.) The government can effect an "eminent domain" rationale on anything it wants and the people have no say so whatsoever... unless they engage in riots, rebellion and/or Revolution. When the public seeks a redress of grievance, the despotic government's ludicrous response is to provide for a pathetic "ballot initiative" practice that is plagued with the same bureaucratic nonsense the people are already subjected to!

America's Despotic Formula of Democracy

It is difficult for someone to recognize they are living under a Representative Despotic system of governance when they have been brought up to believe they are living in a system labeled as a "Representative democracy". The inability to recognize the reality is compounded into a larger problem when educators who are aware of the falsehood, are unable to express the "negative" truth and are forced... at the threat of a job loss, to continue teaching students the same "positive" illusion/delusion their parents and grandparents were brought up to believe in. The traditions of ignorance must be held up at all costs!

This is a Generic Ballot For
a Real Democratic Formula of Government

a real democratic ballot

For those who value their ability to vote as a precious commodity related to their Inalienable Rights, then every voting ballot should have a means by which a person's vote can make an actual difference by providing the option for their vote to be cast as a recognizable protest whose grievance must be redressed to the satisfaction of the public because the conventional means of protest have shown themselves to be routinely dismissed without the public having an adequate alternative to recourse themselves with. The idea that a ballot is to be used for a single idea is anti-thetical to the fact that the consciousness of the public is far more complex than this practiced antiquity of simplistic interest and experience— and needs a means by which an old idea can be transformed into a viability equal to the needs of the time period in which a given idea is practiced. The ballot box of old is too antiquated for the needs of a modern society whose formula of government has not kept pace with a growing population's need for either adapting the old with a new set of standards, or creating a new process to handle multiple tasks at once... just like employees are being asked to do by employers whose "business as usual" is several generations removed from the horse, plow, and scythe, ... which the present system of elections and voting is stubbornly reticent to give up because of an emotionalized tradition out of step with the beat of a progressive drum wanting to join into an orchestra of future possibility.

None Of The Above
  • Why aren't the people allowed to have "none of the above" automatically placed on every ballot in order to convey to government officials their growing dissatisfaction with their arrogance, lies, and lack of true leadership skills?

Conscientious Voter Objection

  • Why can't there be a "conscientious objector" provision similar to that permitted in the military because the situation with elections is a disgusting testament to a practiced irrationality?

I Invoke My Right to Vote In Protest!!!

And if the government doesn't give the people these three options on every ballot, (because they refuse to address the many social issues to the satisfaction of the people), then the people will have to take in their own red stamp with one (or all) of the three remarks in order to stamp the ballot sheets so that every single ballot box will be a collective voice of the people in protest! Yet better still, let We The People of the entire Nation speak as one by not voting at all!

Why can't the voting process be used as a method of effective protest when all other avenues of attempting to get issues effectively addressed are examples of an "open door policy" of government in the form of a revolving door experienced in different ways by different people?

revolving door image 1 revolving door image 2 revolving door image 3

The current forms of voting Ballot being routinely supplied to the public are the designs created by Despotic governments which forces the people to participate in a rigged system that does not permit the public to have their own voice via a Peoples Legislative Branch... so that the people can effect reforms that the Despotic government refuses to make— and creates excuses for not doing so in order to perpetuate its despotism under the guise of a presumed democracy. Despotic governments have no interest in practicing effective democracies with full measures of equality which guarantee a Full Wage and Benefits package of our Inalienable Rights! Instead, they want to hold our Inalienable Rights hostage!

It would be wonderful if we could have a 'heart-to-heart' talk with our Representatives who would then make the necessary changes in order to deal effectively with the issues we want addressed. However, it is because conventional methods of peaceful protest are ineffectual that we are being forced to construct a progressive system of non-cooperation against a system that is disregarding the Will of the people, and that a "ballot initiative" is a sucker and bandaid approach for public participation. The very fact that we are looking for a way to increase public participation in the governing process tells us that the system needs to be reformed... that is, restructured. The government must be made full aware that we mean business. Enough marching down streets and finding ourselves at a dead end. Enough of trying to contact Representatives that have their own personal agendas. Enough of the ludicrous "petition the government" nonsense. There has been enough talk, enough hand-holding, enough of the kum-ba-yaish sing-along street chants, etc... let's do something about the corrupt system. A despotic government like that of the U.S. will intentionally let the public suffer in order for it to give in, give up, and give out instead of addressing the issues the public wants to have resolved according to the Will of the People.

Initial Tier:

  1. A National Boycott of all elections. (Do not give in to bribes, scare tactics, manipulated patriotisms, threats, specious conciliations, etc... Replacing one political candidate for another who find themselves in an unworkable system is waste of time and plainly stupid.) Cooperatively participating in a system only serves to perpetuate it, like a dog chasing its own tail.

  2. Refusal to pay Federal Taxes (States should prepare to keep the money. If States give the money to the Federal government, all taxes from the State will be withheld as well.)

  3. Shut down the entire Capitalist system. (Stock pile supplies against the protracted stubbornness of a Despotic government that has no interest in effecting reforms in accordance with the Will of the People. It will use every dirty trick at its disposal to get the public to bend to its Will so that it can continue to subjugate the Many by a Few.)

Secondary Tier:

  1. Targeted Riots (corporate financials, government communications/media propaganda, etc...)
  2. Riotous Rebellion (minor armaments against specific targets)
  3. Revolution (full armamentation against specific targets)

Tertiary Tier:

  1. Destroying all politically-oriented monuments, street signs, building inscriptions, etc... (Overall infrastructure is to be left intact... unless we are given no choice but to do otherwise.)
  2. Attacking (subduing) specific Corporate and Civic leaders.
  3. Confiscation of all government activities on behalf of the people to effect a better government.

  1. Although well-intentioned, those at the "Common Cause" organization are misguided. The fact that the people are forced to engage in a "lobbying" effort to effect social-political reforms/reconstructions is a clear indication that a lousy version of a "peoples government" is permitted to exist. Those connected with Common Cause are participating in efforts to perpetuate the present formula of despotism, despite claiming their philosophy is to make changes by "working the system". By becoming used to working with the system as it is, they become institutionalized to it and perpetuate it because this is how they have learned to maneuver themselves in its many labyrinthine corridors.

  2. Because there are millions of people who fully acknowledge that the current political system is rigged against the Will of the People in effecting necessary reforms, the word "reform" has been reconstituted to reflect the need for a "restructuring" of government. The people must stop participating in the system and introduce graded measures of non-cooperation in an effort to bring about such corrective measures as for example: (1) Instituting a Peoples Legislative Branch [a Peoples Cenocratic (new government) Congress] (2) a removal of the Electoral College, (3) 20-year retroactive maximum term/employment limits for all government employees (4) Strict campaign finance reforms (5) Revamping the entire voting system such as standardizing it Nation wide and Reinstitutionalizing those who have served their time in a Penal institution (and those serving) (6) stoping the ability of Congress from being able to vote itself a raise and Cost Of Living Benefits benefits without public approval (7) addressing all issues (environmental, animal, education, health, insurance, abortion, vaccination, sexual orientation, woman's rights, etc...) to the satisfaction of the public.

  3. There is a desperate need for the people to effect their own "Peoples Legislative Congress" because of so many social issues going unaddressed, and that no conventional means of protest assists the public in getting a redress of grievances to their satisfaction. If those in government have answers to issues, they must then be viewed as deliberately denying the public their application, or that they actually do not have a clue as to what to do, or that they too are bogged down by a system of government that no longer works for the best interests of the public. No matter what excuse is put forth, all of them provide evidence of a corrupted system... without needing to place blame... since it is more important to correct mistakes creating such a disability. A government that works as a disabled system forces everyone and everything to make accommodations to its growing deformity which cripples the prospective gains of future peoples, like the binding of feet or breasts, creating traumas from circumcision, skull flattening, and other superstitious irrationalism sometimes excused by arguments referencing tradition. The people must be able to participate in its own self-governance on a full time basis, without all the bureaucratic obstructionism now in place (or as is suggested by a "ballot initiative" which is an extension of the despotic system), in order that the people themselves become a legalized formidable checks-and-balances measure against the existing branches of government who frequently work together as one branch against the best interests of the majority.

  4. Although one might suspect it as Well-meaning, those groups that advocate a reduction in the size of government are not taking into consideration that a "peoples government" relates to a given population of a Nation. Hence, a large population is, by its very size, a BIG government... In other words, the present government is not BIG enough to the extent that the people themselves do not have an effective means of participating in Self-Governance on a full-time basis in order to effect a "full wage and benefits" practice of their Inalienable Rights as defined by Self-Representation and Self-Determination. While those who advocate a reduction in the size of government by way of expecting the cooperation of the population at "large," they do not see this usage of the public as a contradiction nor hypocrisy to their "small" claims. In other words, while they want a BIG population of voters to agree with them to reduce the size of government according to their singular strategy, they don't want this same BIG population to interfere with their interests in running the government as a FEW see fit to do so without having to consult the BIG population unless it is a means by which they can run the government according to the interests of a FEW.

  5. Those advocating a "ballot initiative" in an effort to establish a means by which the people themselves can participate in their own "self-governance", is a foolhardy gesture in that this method insures that the people are forced to submit to current mechanisms of governance as a decisionary go-between which is another flavor of the current despotic government arrangement already in place.

Here is an example of a Ballot Initiative process for the State of California:

The ballot initiative process gives California citizens a way to propose laws and constitutional amendments without the support of the Governor or the Legislature. A simplified explanation of the initiative process follows.

Steps for an Initiative to become Law

  1. Write the text of the proposed law (initiative draft).
  2. Submit initiative draft to the Attorney General for official title and summary. *
  1. Initiative petitions are circulated to collect enough signatures from registered voters.
  2. Signatures are turned into county election officials for verification.
  3. Initiative will either be Qualified for Ballot or be failed by the Secretary of State, after verifications and deadline dates.
  4. California voters will approve or deny the qualified Ballot Initiative.

Detailed information about the complete initiative process, petition circulation deadlines and signature requirements can be found in the Secretary of State's "How to Qualify an Initiative".

* One of the many responsibilities of the Attorney General is to prepare a title and summary for proposed initiative measures prior to the circulation of qualification petitions. State law requires a proponent to furnish the Attorney General's Office with the complete text of a proposed initiative measure for preparation of an official title and summary. The proposed measure must be submitted with required certifications, and a $2000 filing fee, which is refunded if the measure qualifies for an election ballot.

In comparison to that above, here is the same process subjected to a "cleansing" of its despotic character for the proposed "Peoples Legislative Branch". It is not meant to be viewed as "THE" exact formula by which the Peoples Legislative Branch will operate:

  1. Either a proposer themselves, someone they choose or someone via the PLB can Write up the text of a proposed discussion (initiative draft).
  2. Submit initiative draft or idea to the Peoples Legislative Branch.

  • Active Measures are proposed initiatives.
  • There are no "Inactive Measures", only a prioritizing process of selectivity (the quantity of people requesting that a certain issue be discussed and voted on will determine roster placement unless there is extenuating circumstances requiring one issue to be discussed and voted on earlier than its roster placement).

  1. Initiative petitions do not require signatures, but all petitions may be subjected to a "triage" method of selection in order for the people to address the more outstanding National issues. Petitions involving State issues must be sent to the State and the petitioner notified.

  2. Any petition can be submitted by anyone in the country, whether they are a citizen or not. Good ideas do not have to meet a "citizen voter" requirement. If this were the case for all ideas, then many of the technologies we have today would not be permitted entry into our lives for consideration of value.

  3. No Initiative can be disqualified by any government official. Any Initiative that is to be disqualified by any PLB member must be placed before the public for approval.

  4. Voters will propose how the issue of an Initiative is to be resolved. (Voter registration needs to be updated Nation wide. All permanent as well as temporary residents should be permitted to vote even if you are not classified as a "citizen". Some homeless people do not want to register as a homeless person because they feel they will be targeted by one government authority or another just by identifying themselves as being homeless. While a person may be homeless, they do not want to be stigmatized as such nor placed into a category of bureaucratically-designed institutionalization akin to a debtors prison with a "catch-22" formula as outlined in the satirical novel by Joseph Heller.)

    (The "catch" in Catch-22 involves a mysterious Air Force regulation which asserts that a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but that if he makes the necessary formal request to be relieved of such missions, the very act of making the request proves that he is sane and therefore ineligible to be relieved. The term catch-22 thereafter entered the English language with the meaning "a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem" and later developed several additional senses... Source: "Catch-22." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.)

  5. Issues involving Constitutional or Bill of Rights matters may require the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights to be redesigned... according to the Will of the People.

  6. There is no filing Fee. Not everyone with a good idea has money. Requiring a filing fee disfranchises those who live hand-to-mouth.

  7. No government official can select which proposal for discussion is acceptable or not. The government will not participate as a "middle man".

  8. There are No (obstructive) deadlines or signature requirements. Anybody can take as long as they want to prepare a proposal, but it won't be discussed until such time as it has achieved some measure of intelligibility and 'discursive legibility'.

The primary responsibility of the Peoples Legislative Branch will be to assist the public in its efforts to bring about corrective changes that the typical process of government does not, can not or will not address for the satisfaction of the Public Will. Their attention is not divided by a supernumerary amount of Responsibilities where the needs of the public are prioritized according to some time, signatures, fees requirements... etc...

  1. In brief: A viable alternative to the "ballot initiative" proposal is the establishment of a "Peoples Legislative Branch" as a full-time publicly administered checks -and- balances formula. One man, One, woman, and one worker will be randomly selected from each of the states who will manage their own lists of self-designated contenders. There purpose will be to administrate any issue on the Federal level that the people want to have discussed by the public. After a national discussion, a vote will be rendered to select the ways and means of addressing a given issue. The result will then be sent to the Congress for approval or alternative suggestions. If the people do not want to incorporate any changes, the people do not have to. The peoples vote will also go to the President for his/her/their view. If both the President and Congress reject the measure stipulated by the people and there are no Constitutional grounds for inadmissibility, the people can then vote their measure into law. Those who are selected for the Peoples Legislative Branch will not be the voice of the people. They will insure a collection and collation of issues to be discussed, assist in the monitoring of discussions, render the appropriate measures for a vote and then submit it to the other branches. There is no go-between the people and the government by the usage of a Peoples Legislative Branch.

  2. The present formula of "democracy" being practiced in the world is a concealed form of despotism tied into the way the people are voting. It is rather naive of us to think that just because we have a right to vote that this right is an effective means by which we can make things right for all of us. In order for the people to readily see that the presiding government does not want to create a greater level of democracy involving an increased "wage and benefits package" of our Inalienable Rights, or that current political memberships do not have a clue as to what needs to be done to resolve numerous issues the people want addressed... the people must force the government's hand with three step-wise progressive tactics which amount to not participating— non-cooperation in the continuance of the present despotism, because in so doing, the predictable behavior of a despotic government will become manifest. Governments practicing a low level form of democracy resort to tactics such as either keeping one or another group of people from voting or forcing it to vote as a "compulsory duty". Our voting traditions need to be looked at in an extended (but brief) detail:

  1. The people won their Inalienable rights (i.e. their "property") upon achieving independence in 1783. However, the people did not get a full "wage and benefits package" of these rights saliently noted by the (lst) absence of an ability to vote, (2nd) an absence of Self-Representation and (3rd) an absence of Self-Determination. While the Inalienable Right of voting has been secured for most people, only those in Legislative positions are permitted to exercise a collective form of Self-Representation and Self-Determination. These three rights were confiscated in 1783 by the fledgling government who gave the people an I.O.U. for their deference (that Legislators used to secure ulterior motives for themselves); to make good on its promise that everyone was entitled to their Inalienable Rights in due course of the government's maturity, but that this property was actually confiscated by the government, and two-thirds of it remains in the hands of a government that is trying to reconfiscate the terms by which people may vote, because of gerrymandering and the Electoral College... not to mention the fact that the people are more frequently being subjected to a lineup of political candidates that they must choose the lesser of two or more evils from. In short, the people must collectively cash-in their I.O.U's and receive a full wage and benefits package of their Inalienable Rights. The right of "eminent domain" nor civil asset forfeiture applies in this context of property ownership. Wars have been fount over much less. The Government must return our property that it has as a hostage being used to mortgage a ransom paid for with servitude, dependency and exploitation.

  2. The inherited endowment of Inalienable Rights constitutes real property that is legally owned by each person whose entitlement was temporarily transferred by a an IOU promissory note form of "power of attorney", but never actually returned to their Full Ownership upon the maturity of the deed as designated by the growth and development of the government's ability to pay a full wage and benefits package... and has instead been used to effect both a modern day economic formula of a debtor's imprisonment and a 'redemptory payments' imposition authorized under the provisionary decree of 'citizenship'. The property of the public is being held as a hostage by the government demanding that an ongoing ransom be paid by various means such as an indentured servitude (because no equal payment of resources is allotted) and a protracted dependency (in order for a subsistence level of rights to be permitted under provisions such as 'civil rights' and those contained in various amendments); thus revealing the liability of the government to give redress for the injuries the public has sustained by an agreement which has since been rendered into a circumstance resembling theft which obscene's the notions of good faith and fair dealing, and therefore constitutes a breach-of-contract verified by the assented witness of the many millions of public persons (citizens, etc...) who have experienced affliction because of the neglect in rendering unto the people what is rightfully theirs.

Again, let us ask that all Military and Para-military Law Enforcement personnel STAND DOWN in order to STAND UP for the right of the people to have the government which they collectively think suits them best, and reflects the precedent set in the Declaration of Independence.

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