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Dear Congressional Leadership:

An open letter such as this is necessary because the "Petition The Government" process is a joke... It does not permit the public to petition the WHOLE government at once. Having a petition process controlled by the Executive branch is little more than an antiquated style of petitioning a Monarchy. No less, writing to individual Representatives is another laughable exercise since they do not represent the Will of the People, because the opinion of the public is rarely if ever asked for except to participate in a rigged system meant to undermine the collective view of the public. If the Congressional body of Representatives actually cared about what the people wanted, and the people could have confidence in an election system (which we do not), then there would be no Electoral College that is little more than a legalized conspiracy against the voice of the majority in a system of government hypocritically denoted as being Of, By and For the people. The point to be made is that you, nor the Executive, Judicial and Military Branches give a damn about what the people think... unless it is an echo of your own opinions. If you can not trust us, we can not trust you... and we don't. It is your role model of theft and dishonesty which is embraced by many in the public who are designated criminals because the government doesn't like competition using its same tactics of exploitation concealed under the rubric of some legalized justification of a practiced legerdemain logic. Despite its many laudable virtues expressed from time to time since its inception, the government has the inveigling character of a back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced criminal organization that appeals to like-minded others who position themselves to deal with the devil in whatever game is being played according to which-ever sociopathic personality is in vogue from one election to the next; wherein the rights of one or another may be violated because laws are contrived and often convoluted as such to be taken advantage of by those whose talents lay in exploiting loop holes for which no standardized law exists as a public security against these victimizations.

When the following image describes what the American public and world was confronted with in the American Presential election of 2016, it's no wonder that humanity is in the throes of that which is in the way of progress because it reveals a tower of babbling nonsense in not only the American political system, but political systems throughout the world attempting to develop their own mythologies in an attempt to increased their presumed historical significance:

Janus-faced coin of the American Government

One such victimization is the existence of an unsuspected collusion between some groups or individuals and the government whose insidious tug-of-war drama plays out in the proposition of a philosophy advancing the premise that our social course into a future that advances improved living conditions for one and all can be best obtained by reducing the size of government so that a select few can best attend to addressing the needs of the many... if only they are put in charge of the nation's resources to do as they think best. In the mantra of a "limited government" the public is to be aurally moved into a greater sensibility of appreciating some adventured possibility heretofore unrealized in any previous age, though analogies to some purported former age of genuineness, simplicity, and respectable social milieu may be provided in certain contexts in order to sway a particular audience that a speaker may have perceptually deduced as being receptive to such a romanticized message. Such a philosophy is problematic because it advocates a reduction in Democracy, and some believe it is made more so— when combined with an Open or Free Market perspective (based on individualized principles to favor those who favor it, such as criminal organizations which align themselves to take the best advantage of limited government and a government-free market place... because governments have become notoriously double-dealing with multi-various forms of double- standard favoritisms), and thus is a philosophy that must be scrutinized for what it is at its most basic declaratory hypocrisy:

The (very stupid)"Limited Government" Philosophy

Those claiming that reducing the size of government will result in improving the standard of living (i.e. prosperity), are advocating a reduction in Democracy. Since a Democracy, based on the premise that it is a government Of, By and For All The People; the size of a given population thus represents the size of government.

For example:

In a nation with 300 million people, the total population, or at least its eligible voters, represents the size of the government when an Actual Democracy is practiced. However, because an Actual Democracy is not nor ever has been practiced:

There Already Exists an extremely Limited Peoples Government.

(Hence, the existence of an extremely limited democracy is camouflaged by labeling it a "Representative" Democracy, only that the actual "Representation" refers to a social system with a government that is rigged against the people from being able to exercise an Actual Democracy.)

One must therefore conclude that the reason a person or organization wants to reduce the size of the government even more than it already is— based on their stated principles; is to permit themselves or their supported confederates to gain an advantage which can cement the security of themselves in a position which, if established, will create provisions that will enable them to exclude any means or methods by which the public could guarantee for themselves a fuller practice of an Actual Democracy... since an era of a "despotic Democracy" (or Democratic Despotism) would be the principle order of effected social patriotism to be taught and pledged allegiance to. It would be a "politically correct" orientation that would seek to buttress its phony perceptions of being something that it is not by aligning itself with those and that who would likewise be viewed as being privileged because they are similarly thought to exemplify strength and character... such as having sports figures of a national sport championship attend a public ceremony with one or more government officials who deem themselves to be political champions, because the once strength and character of an alignment with the church is no longer defined or accepted as a virtue to advantage oneself with in order to exploit the naive and gullible public. Whereas there is a "separation of church -and- state" law, there should also be a "separation of sports, entertainment, academics -and- state" law as well. The public should not be forced to practice an hypocrisy just to the fulfill the insatiable vacuous ego of a narcissist.

If we say that out of 300 million there are 200 million voters or 150 million voters, this number represents the size of the government. In other words, this is a HUGE government... or at least it is supposed to be under the practice of an Actual Democracy. A practice that has never been tried before on the Scale of a large nation, but has been accomplished on a smaller scale such as in the the case of Switzerland, which comes closest to the ideal of an Actual Democracy:

"Switzerland, with its blend of federalism and direct democracy is unique in the world and is considered central to the country's political and economic success. And Switzerland is indeed a major economic power, thanks to its long tradition of financial services and high-quality, specialized manufactures of items such as precision timepieces, optics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as of specialty foodstuffs such as Emmentaler cheese and milk chocolate. Switzerland is regularly judged to have among the world's highest standards of living. Switzerland has long been a model multiethnic, multilingual society, a place in which diverse peoples can live in social harmony and unite in common interest" [Britannica excerpt]

Those like the Cato Institute, Citizens United, Future of Freedom Foundation, Tea Party, Koch Brothers, and others; (not to mention those like the "Common Cause" organization whose aspirations venture the pronouncement of a blueprint for a presumed greater democracy— yet no actual architectural Blueprint is ever seen... only talked about like some word-of-mouth fairy-tale whose story-teller expects listeners to invoke some grandiose make-believe imagination as a projected reality because no actual construction will take place after their very many publicly announced ribbon-cutting ceremonies... which are all little more than a farcical show-and-tell social amusement meant to attract donations so they can sell their "blueprint" idea like a hawker of treasure maps in order to make a living for themselves by doing so, or use the amusement as a distraction for some other ulterior motive). "Blueprint" promoters... in their own way, are advocating a further reduction in the already sparse practice of Democracy so as to limit its control by those whose perspectives are similar to their own in advancing personalized agendas as a privileged entitlement that has nothing whatsoever to do with promoting the practice of an enhanced model of democracy on behalf of the people. In short, there is no actually drafted blueprint like that seen at a construction site... it is written on the clouds of supposition created by a fog of sociability which often accompany the mentality of emotionalized mob characterizations.

Where their primary concern of, by and for the people is to use them as a tool to pry open, wrench, and chisel themselves into a controlling political position that will permit them to manipulate the public into thinking it as acquired a greater means and purpose of participation in self-governance; a "Limited Government" philosophy is pure and simple ignorance. It's a modernized form of snake-oil medicine to be used as a substitute castor oil cure-all (of which only some older readers will be able to recall from childhood.) Like their counter-parts in government, we can use an analogy between horses and humans to describe those who practice one or another form of "Limited Government" propaganda; as those who seek to rally their carrot-oriented, four white-socked sway-backed followers to promote their cause which will enable a few (of their like-minded ilk) to acquire a controlling position that they will thus be able to influence... in order that they can then define the parameters of further social constraint in an already limited practice of a falsified democracy. They promote only that measure of democracy which they can best benefit from, but exclude any further development of democracy if it suggests the people are to be provided with a level playing field. They do not want a level playing field, but a system rigged so that they and 'most important' theirs can best benefit from their standards of manipulation.

If you reduce the size of the government, you are thus telling a greater portion of the population they are not nor ever will be permitted to participate in a democratic self-governance, or that their participation must be limited according to the dictates of those who want unlimited or most of the control over a government's resources... because they privately think that the public is too stupid to know any better; except that the people are supposed to be momentarily smart enough to vote in those who assume themselves to be more intelligent, more experienced, and better suited to make governing decisions based on a presumed erudite wisdom... according to their self-procalimed standards.

So who is to be excluded? Shall we exclude all Blacks, Hispanics, Red Necks, Rappers, Jews, White Supremacists, Christians, Islamists, the LGBTQ colonies, Native Americans, non-land owning whites, women, etc.? How about those with less than a billion dollar bank account? Or those with less than a 200 I.Q? Or everyone over 30? Or those without a job? Or those who don't belong to a Libertarian, Anarchist, Communist or Socialist organization? How about all musicians, poets, sports players, or those in some other entertainment industry? How about all blue collar workers? No collar workers? White collar workers? How about all Asians or Pacific Islanders? How about all Veterans? How about all non-Veterans? Or how about active duty Military personnel who are used to a non-democratic situation in their command-structured communist and socialist circumstances of living in what amounts to be a government subsidized welfare community? Since most people are already disenfranchised from effectively voting in laws based on the opinion of the majority, most people are already excluded from participating in an Actual Democracy; and instead must defer all judgments to those whose perspectives can't be trusted.

Those calling for a reduction in the size of government are practicing a philosophy of anti-democracy. They want to disable the public from being able to collectively choose the course of the nation so that they can lead the people by the nose along a trail which will best benefit their personal agendas under the guise of a (falsified) democracy.

By promoting a philosophy which reveals itself to be a hypocrisy, the current formula of governance is perpetuated (thus the insidious collusion); because the people feel they might be subjected to a worse situation if the "limited government" philosophy being advocated by some is permitted to freely practice a like-minded, self-serving free or open market without safeguards. Necessarily so, the usage of any safeguards thus admits that the so-called "open" or "free" marketplace is only as free and open as those who are placed into positions overseeing their interests. Who is to protect the people from being exploited when the present Constitution and Bill of Rights permits exploitation as part of its design to limit the public's ability to effect an enhanced checks-and-balances provision by way of an adopted Peoples Legislative Branch, which would enable it to protect itself? Both the American and British governments (not to mention so very many others), are logically unsound. And of course they appear to work because they all share the same stupidity, thereby enabling one another to cite faults in order to bolster their own illegitimized personas of would-be greatness. If idocy is the primary game being played from one Nation to the next, there is no standard by which the public can easily access a model of comparison to which is better suited for humanity. In short, we don't have to live in a world with so many utterly ignorant forms of government that do so much harm to so many. We can do better than this... but not within the current pathetic practices of government. We need a new formula of government... a Cenocracy.

From one Administration to the next, from one Congressional meeting to the next, from one election to the next; the people are subjected to a system of governance that is as erratic as a compass in an alternating magnetic field, because the people are not permitted to act as a containment chamber to effect progress, due to the lack of an Actual Democracy in which the voice of the people not only must be heard according to an established Constitutional Amendment (that at present, does not exist) which mandates the usage of a Referendum effected by an established Peoples Legislative Branch (basically formulated on a jury-duty form of jurisprudence which sets the precedent for the public having such a government functionality); and it is the Will of the People decides the laws of the land without them being subjected to the recurring pathetic back-scratching deals made with corporations, whose untrustworthy activities are sighted as being lawful, without having to admit wrongdoing, regardless of how many lives are virtually ruined... so long as the government can collect its share of ill-gotten gains by way of fines paid for by fees that have been calculated as a necessary "just-in-case-we-get-caught" fund by corporations doing business in a government-sponsored "open market" atmosphere of robber-Baron piracy in permitting one or another public to be duped into giving up their life's savings. The political and elections systems are so unstable the American people are viewed as a colony of neurotics venturing towards a psychotic breakdown. And the government doesn't give a damn so long as certain members are enabled to set themselves up with a lucrative self-defined benefits package and nest egg. A few prosper at the expense of the Many. And so the deterioration of democracy continues unabated because so much idiocy is allowed to run freely and has now become a required aptitude in order for someone to be elected... or selected to support them.

The following three images (concerning the enhancement of the "Checks and Balances" model of governance) illustrates the aforementioned "Peoples Legislative Branch" idea quite succinctly:

[1] Present Checks-and-Balances model
used by the U.S. government:

Present Checks-and-Balances government model (49K)
[2] Legal profile of a Checks-and-Balances model
using a Will-of-the-People jury:

legalCandB (26K)
[3] Enhanced "Checks-and-Balances" government model
utilizing a Will-of-the-People Legislative provision:

PLBcandb (150K)

(Unlike the Fench system where the president is empowered to bypass the parliament and submit referenda directly to the people, or even dissolve parliament if they want to; the Peoples Legislative Branch would be able to bypass any and all 3 Branches to effect the disposition of proposals when the government acts like a three-headed idiot as it presently does in the U.S... The present American, British and French systems of government are too antiquated for the needs of a public whose incrementally recurring stagnations —which are erroneously labeled as progress aligned with ambition— need a new formula of government so that humanity can truly evolve.)

As it is presently practiced, the three branches of the U.S. government in effect act as three independent governments, each with their own respective public following. For example, while some think that it is a privilege to visit the White House, others think those who presently fill the White House have made it into a back yard out-house with a quarter moon cut into the upper portion of the door, and the resources being provided are as cheap as old news papers, magazine, and grocery sacks. And while some hold the Judicial Branch in the highest regard, others view it as a practiced criminal organization... having learned their tricks from the very many criminals they have pursued, prosecuted and imprisoned. However, along with the Executive Branch, it is the Legislative Branch which gets the brunt of disparaging labels from those who do not feel that it represents a purported peoples Representation. No less, the three divisions with its three separate followings presents us with the tale-tell sign that the U.S. is a nation that is not divided, but "trivided"... thus requiring a Peoples Legislative Branch to tie all three together by way of an enhanced Checks-and-Balances provision.

The Economist (journal) recently revealed its interpretation of America's Democracy in its typically Libertarian-Conservative manner: America's so-called Democracy has been downgraded from a "full democracy" to a "flawed democracy" because of a further erosion of trust in government and elected officials there. Flawed?! You've got to be kidding. Is this the best label the Economist could come up with? Besides, the usage of the word "full" leaves open the question of what the American government is full of; that many a person would no doubt be quite happy to give you their own personal rendition. Those at the Economist seem to be historically oblivious to how many in the public voiced this opinion when the Founding Fathers engaged in keeping the vote from slaves, women, and others, and their like-minded political heirs forced Native Americans off of their land and later political offspring jailed (interned) innocent Japanese Americans during World War II as the continued practice of a Plutocratic-Aristocracy wearing the moth-eaten robe of a decrepit democracy. America's democracy isn't faltering, it's a failure and needs to be replaced with a new form of government. The purported "American Dream" speaks nothing of those very many occurrences of a Black and White American Nightmare concealed behind a red, white, and blue facade involving various inept business, government and religious leaderships.
Nightmares behind the Dream facades

(It is because we note that dreams and nightmares exhibit various inconsistencies and incoherencies that we describe as being illogical states of momentary experience and existence, that when we are confronted by a so-called social reality of repeated illogical conditions such as those existing in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere; we must inevitably conclude we are being subjected to a state of being which lacks a needed sobriety of consciousness, and may be evidence of a socialized form of institutionally ritualized somnambulism [sleepwalking].

From the Britannica: Philosophers have long noted the similarities between reality and dreaming and the logical difficulties of distinguishing in principle between the two. The English philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote, "It is obviously possible that what we call waking life may be only an unusual and persistent nightmare," and he further stated that "I do not believe that I am now dreaming but I cannot prove I am not.")

Because REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep is used as an indication of dreaming, it is suggested that the REM observed in what is called the (presumed) waking state, actually is an indication that most people are inter-acting in a dream-like state similar to that which the ancient Greeks did when they assumed that the voices being heard were the comments made to them by gods. Because of the many sources of electronic-driven "voices" situation produced by radio, television, movies, etc., personal voices are most often drowned out or become inter-mixed. Indeed, in case after case it can readily be cited that people turn away from being alone with their own thoughts... and instead seek out a medium in which their own thoughts can (appear to) be diminished... from which is received comfort because they find others doing the same thing... and thus share in a dream-state, of which the present falsified practices of democracy is the reality of those who have banded together to keep the concerted voice of the public in a muted state for their own self-centered motivations.

So, how do we wake everybody up, and will their arousal be followed by something better or worse? Hasn't humanity been asleep long enough? Hasn't business, government and religion been allowed to use enough of their own individualized narcotics to keep everyone in a stupor? Isn't it time for humanity to get rid of all its addictions instead of substituting one for another such as it has does with blood-letting sports to take the place of blood-letting wars?

And now with a troop of rabid monkeys in the White house backed by a morally retarded Republican Congress (of apes) wanting to stuff its own pockets at the expense of the public... having now given the self-entitling wealthy the keys to the Treasury, the situation has gotten worse... and then some, when we include the voracious drooling of the Military-industrial complex. The only reason, one might assume, that the Economist doesn't want to print the truth about how much democracy has been lost (when there was so very little in the first place), is because everyone would then more readily recognize the despicable level of democracy being practiced in Great Britain... and is increasing elsewhere in the world due to an unrecognized mental illness (or pandemic sleeping sickness) suspected by some as being caused by various food, water, medicine, and air pollutions like the disastrous effect the lead in gasoline had contributed to with respect to an incriminated population whose offspring are so politically naive and gullible their demented world-view is an array of misguided rationalizations based on the episodic suppositions of reality TV contrivances. And yet a complimentary foolishness would be to think that a Democratic Congress would be able to effect a greater level of democracy, when they too have have shown themselves to exhibit the necessary caliber of leadership which would direct their concerted efforts to righting so many wrongs created by a continued practice of the present falsified democracy. Indeed, the word "Democrat" is itself a far distance from the practice of an Actual Democracy. The words "Democrat" and "Democracy" are not synonymous. Instead, there exists a widely practiced mental illness called "Representative Democracy"... because it is neither representative nor democractic.
America is nothing but a chip off the old "exploit the people" block that Great Britain is so well known for and is encapsulated by recalling its disgusting treatment of the Irish during the potato famine; just so a few could continue making a buck in order to maintain their lavish Buckingham palace-like lifestyles... and let the Irish be damned... so that the King (or Queen) lives on in their own household museum! Both Great Britain and the U.S. have filthy forms of Democracy... with America nothing more than an extrapolation of its English origins and self-centered traditions... like so many other disgusting nations whose ideologies effect the stink, stickiness, or crippling sting of something that clings to the bottom of humanity's every step. Those at the Economist need to pull their head out of their leather-backed ledgers and give an accurate account instead of 'fudging the numbers' to maintain an appearance of solvency; so that the bottom line accurately reveals Democracy is sorely deep in the red heading for a bankruptcy— from which will emerge the inevitability of a Cenocratic Revolution!

And while we speak of a Revolution, others speak of an Evolution. The socially accepted word to define the apprehension of a perception in recognition of some under-going alteration in consciousness. And yet only by way of a Revolution shall it emerge triumphantly. It is the kind of Revolution known to science, to religion, to music, to politics, and to art... amongst other venues of prescient relativity in the human course of events; all of which must be attached with a defining commonplace algorithm. And thus, let us speak of this indistinct recognition of under-lying change by way of comparing the very much in vogue social governing practices with the perspective designed by Australopithecines. A bipedal animal whose brain retains the architecture of an antiquity so many of us have grown away from, yet is allowed to take a commanding role in various business, government and religious enterprises. It is their world-view to which the rest are forced to endure. It is a world-view which expresses itself as the call of a wild which now inhabits the highest office in America. The call of a wild so many have matured well beyond... and yet the design of government permits its distorted interpretations of life to take charge... to be led by one whose brain has not the capacity for advancing into the evolutionary domain being expressed in protest after protest; and takes the political form of Congress having to baby-sit an executively expressed atavism who should have a diaper placed over their mouth for the amount of soiling which spews forth as a diarrhea to undermine so many useful efforts put into place by the concerted efforts of previous diplomats who truly worked hard and long... with selfless sincerity, on behalf of America's humanity— that the present dimwitted simpleton wants to undermine... yet manifestly substantiates the need for impeachment due to an incompetence that those in the Legislative, Judicial and Military branches have no business in running interference for, in order to clean up his personality-effected two-year old tantrumed messes.

Because Trump is very much like a bull in a china shop who is breaking things, it will no doubt be necessary to distract his single-mindedness by waving an "official" cape ... red or otherwise ... monogrammed especially for his Mussolini-like ego so as to assist him in concealing his incompetence by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, so as to either keep him so busy he can't get into trouble or set him up to either have a heart attack or use his assassination as a backdrop to further some other political agenda that will assist a few in getting wealthy... because all the world's a stage and we are but actors and actresses... or stage props for the director and their scene setters. The problem with breaking things in government, because of inherent fragilities, there is no way to put the humpty dumpty porcelan figures back together again, at least not in the same way as they once were. Not even by those self-proffessed principled officials who have suprisingly been silent about the ridiculous situation America is in with that present idiot and his band of like-minded stooges.

In repeated instances, the Congress has become more of a puerile institution acting as a glorified babysitting, daycare, or retirement center service for elected members of government than as that which is supposed to be dedicated to effecting the conditions so that the citizenry... as part of a global community, can obtain the best life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as detailed in the Declaration of Independence. In essence, they need to fire not only the creature perfunctorily holding the highest office in the Nation, but get rid of his supportive entourage of would-be cabinet members as well. Alas, America now has a leadership that is a disgusting disgrace whose Executive presence signifies how far America has fallen in its world leadership capabilities without having to resort to threats, badgering, intimidation, and a Nationalism that seeks to imprison the people from being able to express a concerted wish for global peace and progress for all of humanity.

That which is on display for the world to question the sanity of American politics is a mindset for which the Constitution and Bill of Rights makes a provisional allowance as an established concession for such an 'Australopithec' species to thrive and keep the progress of humanity bogged down... to keep it in those jungles and woodlands it feels most secure in. The developmental change of which so many speak of in protest is a progress, an evolution that such bipedal creatures as those which inhabit various leadership positions have not the ability to comprehend even in its most stark simplicities. They are a species that has no interest in changing anew unless it is to confirm that which they already are and solidify their positions all the more. Nor can they be taught, beyond some rudimentary sense, to experience the evolutionary ideals that many now embrace. Hence, such an evolution can not take its place at the head of the Hominin lineage without an accompanying Revolution against those that deny its emergence by seeking to delay it by any manner they might impose. We must either force the address of our evolutionary advancement, or have ourselves bound head and foot to live out a disgusting existence in the blacktop and concrete jungle which they have built to perpetuate themselves and their ilk. They are what they are and we are what we are. We can not be like them and expect to evolve even more... and we can not expect them to be what they have not the means to evolve into. One must stay, and one must go. Evolution always wins out... we only need to help it along. Let us for the moment pause in the vantage point of an anthropological reflection upon the developmental exercise of evolution and procure some assumptive speculations regarding different sociological tenureships associated thereto:

Lineage of social and economic theories

("Transformational Capitalism can be viewed as different economic theories such as supply side, consumer side, trickle down, development, pricing, banking, trade, employment/labour—human resources, agricultural, government based (political), corporation based, demographics oriented, behaviourist mapping (actuarial), growth, freedom, competition, entrepreneurial, etc...")

The publics of the world are engaged in a survival battle against predatory businesses, governments and religions... each with their own types of sharpened teeth, claws, poisons and physical attributes such as speed, agility, bulk, a whipping tail, stealth, camouflage, flight, burrowing, symbiotic relationships with other predators, jumping, etc... Some of them are not adverse to hunting in packs, though they may originate from different territories. This is the world that a fledgling species of public lives in and very often thinks in terms of some impending holocaust, as if it were an ingrained image having been deposited into their consciousness from a past when meteors supposedly fell and caused enough destruction so that a more advanced species could emerge without fear of being preyed on and evolve. We have large predatory dinosaurs like the United States, Russia, China, and even the bulk egotism of the presumed "Great" British Government. Yet there are many lesser predators who try to effect a large territorial presence such as Belgium and France, though other nations have tried to exert themselves as a dominant presence in the past. And while smaller predators must adopt adaptive methods of refined camouflage, speed, stealth and using various confederates... with or without their knowledge, with respect to the U.S., its size makes it sluggish to act and slow to stop once it gets started... like a sleeping one-eyed myopic giant with the brain of a snail or like a seemingly inanimate runaway snowball down a hill which turns into an avalanche... and let any and all publics of the world be damned if they get in its way. It's sharpened claws, teeth, bulk and poisons are concealed in its predatory formula of pretended democracy that abides by laws of commerce which do not permit competing predators in its domain unless it can get a portion of the captured kill. Thus, it permits a predatory financial market because it has developed a means by which it gets a hefty portion through fines, fees, and under-the-table graft.

Under the U.S. government's auspices is a predatory Military and associated industry. No less, there is a predatory FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland security, U.S. Marshals, Border patrol, Coast guard, Forestry, Department of Agriculture and numerous others using their own tactics of seeking increased funding and resources to carry out personalized agendas under the guise of some protectionist or civil mandate... and could care less if the public must suffer because of their protectionist philosophy that justifies all of their rationalizations. The three branches of government can be viewed as different types of predators whose activities create a social atmosphere which is best suited for their desired predations, which may change from one election to the next. They do not want to share in the booty received from taxes and other personalized exploits by adding a Peoples Legislative Branch, or the public would be able to effect a more logical and rational usage of tax dollars and other resources. And though some readers might engage in some bemusement to the comparisons being made, the analogy speaks of a very serious deliberation of analysis taking place in many corridors of society— who have concluded we can not continue as we are and also realize that in order for humanity to progress, such predators must be eliminated so that humanity can evolve into a species that does not prey on its own or other living entities. It is a comprehension involving a perspective largely recognized by those who are fearful that humanity will one-day encounter an extraterrestrial species whose own laws forbid it to carry out predations on their fellow beings, but has no such restriction against a species whose predatory behavior assigns it to being labeled as fair game to hunt and exploit as a sporting event.

Thus, it is becoming widely recognized that the citizenry are dealing with what amounts to be different types of hominids based on the mentality that they profess, and presents us with a situation tantamount to trying to reason with embattled troops of warring primates whose rationale is established as a world view from the perch they occupy in their respective jungle venues that they want to perpetuate. Similarly, by extending this analogy, we must deduce that we will be unable to reason with such creatures whose limited peripheral vision stems from their chosen jungle of activity... such as greed, or power, or control; that is inclined to increase and continue the jungle which best fits their primitive interests. It is this jungle, and those who inhabit it without concern or regard for those whose stand at the fringes wanting to expand developmental horizons; yet are being forced by arms, by laws, by traditions, threats, manipulations, badgering, etc., to remain as indentured servants. And like so many historically noted episodes of slaves seeking freedom from their oppressors; this is what we seek... and they know it foreshadows the doom of their pretended civilization. How many business, government and religious oppressors must we have to kill before the whole of society is set free from the slavery to which we are subjected in this jungle of falsified democracy?

Out of public desperation and exasperation by way of a functionally destitute political and election's system, a self-serving idiot has been placed into the highest public office of America to which others scramble and attempt to ingratiate themselves with... an anthropoid degenerate representing a disparate and disenfranchised one-third of the population commensurate with a percentage of people who believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth; thus permitting someone who has been given a chance to choose a like-minded self-serving cabinet and other department leaderships— like a wealthy kid having often been excluded from neighborhood games because of his social and mental deficiencies; and thus harbors resentments and an underlying desire for retaliation and retribution; like someone choosing a team to play in some child's game of red rover- red rover, cops-and-robbers, hide-n-seek, neighborhood war, kick ball, and various other taken-for-serious-fun entertainments having been transformed into adult political sports under different names in a multitude of venues. He is a person that is so inept... like so many of the wealthy, who could not get a job in one of his own businesses if his money and identity were lost or stolen. He is a person whose only vision is to turn back the clock of progress to some imagined former moment of enterprising purpose and direction that is already well-known to have been ill-fated— though a public that is used as a sacrificial lamb has a poor memory of history when its pupils (like a mutton head) remain horizontal to a social landscape aligned vertically; just as his opponent and all the other candidates would either have kept the clock of progress repeating the same lazy, late afternoon degenerate wistfulness— or equally harmful "eleventh hour" perspicuity as a means of keeping the public in a state of hyper-vigilance due to alarm and suspicion... so as to facilitate a much easier means of exploitation and manipulation which permits the adoption of policies which reduce freedom, liberty and equality... divorced of equity. All of them are hostile to actual global human progress and instead define progress in terms of individualized personal wealth, socialized esteem, or a presumed entitlement to power... to control other's lives though they have difficulty running their own. They must be stopped. All of them. During breakfast, lunch, or supper. While in bed, in the bathroom, or on a public bus. At the job site, on their way to work, at their homes or while on vacation. During moments of entertainment, on their yachts or the golf course. While under the guise of some falsified, safety exercise... or a machinated and masqueraded social affair. They must be stopped. Permanently stopped. It is a waste of time and resources to attempt to reason with those whose perception of the world is formulated by way of a conveyor belt mentality, whether it is the conveyance of a self-centered business, politics or religion. Since their life represents the potential for an accident, injury, or disaster waiting to happen, such a vocation must be instructively removed from existence.

With respect to the type of equality being practiced the very many predatory governments of the world, let us make note of the absence of equity. A world that can be used to describe a greater level of equality by bringing attention to the absence of the "al" ("all") in that equality can be spelled "equ-all-ity" and thus practiced as such accordingly. By using an Indo-European tripartite formulization to illustrate the idea, the following image is instructive:

Equality and Equity distinctions

Source for initial graphic: The problem with that equity vs. equality graphic you're using

(Note: the usage of a wooden fence and wooden boxes are rather dated materials. Most fences... at least those enclosing non-major league baseball fields, are of the chain-link type. And as for wooden boxes, such items would necessarily be collected for firewood, or to be used for some type of container such as garden planters, worm sellars, etc... No less, one must wonder why three white males with short dark hair were selected, and why the outfield is so short from home-plate, why the legs look like flat paper match sticks and the arms/hands look like the ends of a (uncolored) wooden match stick.)

Because humanity, with its presently dysfunctional systems of business, government and religion refuses to take the initiative in dealing with a undirected growing population and losses in global resources, the situation will force us all to adopt a methodology of organization which will make discrimination and segregation the standard means by which people become catalogued through conflicting exercises of Nationalism ... like a person's personal library having gone from a handful of books to many billions of titles under various subjects. The present filing systems of social security numbers, social stratification indexing, passport number allocations, political perspective designations, credit card numbers, blood typing, product purchase recordings, sports team alignments, internet site viewer counts, driver's licenses, police records, registrations, telephone numbers, school records, tithing records, immunization (or lack thereof) records, club membership, IP addresses, genealogical (or VA stolen and manipulated) samplings of DNA, Military records, bank account numbers, who's who listings, demographic itemization, Forbes' wealth indexing, employee-of-the-month designations, Guinness records, Olympic records, cultural referencing, racial labeling, entertainment habituations, etc., represent a very large and disorganized system of categorization that will be replaced by that which Hitler and other eugenicist organizers have independently argued for and practiced with varying results. George Orwell's classic "Nineteen Eighty-four" describing a Totalitarian State comprising three warring factions will come to be seen as a comical satire when the collective social consciousness appends to its colloquial diary, the discernment of a consciousness that must eventually traipse through a tripartite ideological corridor that current systems of education are not preparing the public for. Later generations will be able to see it as a trailhead that was confused with an acquired freedom distinct from a previous path of dichotomization— in which the insecurity of millions have time and again, in different histories, eagerly accepted the enforced dictates given by those whose motivations of selfishness are projected onto the public to fulfill a falsified gratification, because they are momentarily experiencing the eye of an immense tornado gaining intensity in its engulfing dimensions which become inverted... and thus oppressive.

And the unfortunate results of which will make the gassing, burning and experimenting on Jews, the isolated mass killings of Islamists, Poles, and indigent Native peoples, as well as various political pogroms of internment, or economic isolationist and resource deprivation programs, etc., will be akin to a quiet, sunny day stroll compared to that which humanity is presently headed for... controlled by a small percentage of rich, political, and religious figures who are not intelligent, wise, compassionate or experienced enough from which the necessary visionary path for all humanity can arise and be oriented towards. And so they and theirs must be stopped. Not with words, not with imprisonment, but by a forgivable elimination so that the living heart, mind, and soul of humanity can all the better prosper... because we can not change them, and they have little incentive to strive for an improvement not required by the current Constitution, Bill of Rights nor social observances of tradition. For such government instructive instruments are little more than traditionalized lists of excuses masquerading as reasons for preventing the people to have the best form of government, the best leadership, the best freedom, liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness that the human mind is capable of creating if it were not for the presence and practice of such institutionalized articles which many of come to realize we can have no faith in. Present leaderships who take their preeminent cue from such antiquated instruments as the Constitution and Bill of Rights can not psychologically be transformed into that which they have not the capacity to be affected by any model of behaviorist intervention. And our only regret is that we have but one life to give for the greater Cause of humanity... like so many throughout history who have sacrificed their lives for something much larger than themselves... such as Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammed, Joan of Arc, and the many millions in the hundreds of wars in different times and places... religiously oriented or not; though their battles were much the different value that we of the present are now confirmed with advancing in our secular apprenticeship. We are left but with one choice, and that is to be against those whose ideals are better suited to an age of antiquity that has no place in the presence of those oriented towards a progressive future, and not a perpetuation of that which the world is presently engaged in. Humanity will have to be forced into its next evolutionary role so that the many generations yet to come will not be taken advantage of by those whose selfish interests would seek to subjugate the majority to play the part of being a maintenance crew for their system of roboticized industrialization used to automate their means of exploiting the public so as to increase their wealth and power many-fold over that which they already have... regardless of how many lives must be sacrificed along the way to their personalized numinous exaltation.

Such an engagement is an hypocrisy that exchanges the rationalism of an Actual Democracy to that of a quiescent Totalitarian State of the Military with a practiced civilian demeanor acting as a facade for internalized aggressive inclinations that can erupt into overt expressions on any citizenry at any time, by being given a legislated excuse to conduct themselves accordingly. If the so-called "Democracy" being practiced by various countries was as strong and good as it is presented, then it should not have to rely on a Military with a dominant Socialist-Communist design for protection. Because so-called democratic countries utilize this type of Military operational design for protection and imperialization, we must acknowledge that the present formula of Democracy being practiced is extremely weak and hypocritical. In addition, the following so-called Military benefits should be redefined as basic social necessities needed by everyone, so that they can not be used to justify imposing social development restrictions whereby the so-called "benefits" of Military duty would be recognized as an humanitarian right.

No less, if we were to permit members of the Military to be the governing leadership of the Nation, the people would find themselves in the midst of an organization which is run like a Socialist-Communism (instead of a democracy) that conceals its existence as a welfare program because it is not self-sufficient and must be continually supported by taxes. In fact, a short list of the Military way of life clearly exhibits its non-democratic nature:

The Military denoted as a Communist-Socialism Welfare State

While there are various arguments against the notion of the Military as a Socialism, Communism, welfare program (to which we could add businesses and religions because of tax subsidies and bail-outs, the most prominent one appears to be the reliance of an opinion that the practice of a Socialism (or welfare, or Communism) is that such descriptions involve a type of specific economic practice. In other words, the Military is not organized as a traditionally branded Socialist or Communist form of economic system (as opposed to a Capitalist-Democracy), and therefore is not and can not be a Socialist or Communist (or welfare) practice. Such a logic is like describing someone having to be in love because the are loving, and if they are not in love they therefore can not be loving. The argumentation being used to refute the claims that the Military is the practice of a Socialist-Communist (welfare) system are just as convoluted as those which claim the U.S. epitomizes the practice of Democracy and therefore means not only the nation is great, but because of an assumed virtue, it has to be and must be great... where as in actuality, the social structure is imploding and exhibits parallels to the beginning stages of ancient Rome's demise... all because of the false formulas of Democracy being used throughout the world.

Let it be plainly noted that our description of the Military as a taxes-paid-for practice of a Socialistically-Communistic welfare model is in pointing out the Humanitarian Aspects of Socialism and not its economic dynamics which needs to go through a serious reassessment based on the knowledge we have today regarding the evolved globally inter-dependent social realities. The dichotomy which arises between an idea of basic Socialist economic practice labeled "State ownership of the means of production" and the idea of a basic Capitalist economic practice labeled "private ownership of the means of production"... overlooks the fact that so-called private ownership commonly involves the situation in which actual ownership is more on the order of a long-term leasing program (due to required fees, taxes, insurance, etc...); which makes the assumed "private ownership" as much an illusion as is the practice of democracy.

Yet, in citing comparisons between the Military, welfare, socialism and Communism, it must be emphasized that no disparagement is intended. It is merely an effort to establish a greater level of perceptual truth so that we are not burdened by the wares of illusion which suspend social development because it is preoccupied with living in the realm of an accepted delusion that We The People need to wake up from and not create a functionality of dependence on various forms of contrived distractions which act as different types of drunkenness— that cause us to embrace personalized forms of socialized fairy tale narratives. It goes without saying that most of those who perform Military service do so honorably, yet this is not to say that all those receiving honorable discharges served honorably or those that did not receive an honorable discharge actually served dishonorably... because Military superiors can and do make faulty judgments. Analogously, a person who kills a pedophile or rapist in a civilian atmosphere because they are personally viewed to be an enemy to society, would most likely be labeled a murderer... yet a person killing those labeled an enemy of a State, or a country, or a nation in a combat designated theater would be called a patriot. Such discriminatory distinctions are part of an on-going hypocrisy adjudicated on the rationality of a disposed non-sensical logic articulated by the contours of religious inclinations seeking to abolish all forms of killing as its formula for addressing that which is too difficult for some authoritative minds to comprehend, resulting in far too much needless suffering amongst the truly innocent in various civilian walks of life.

When a people are subjected to one or more in positions of authority that are a threat— a liability to the safety, security and pursuit of happiness outlined in a Constitution that nonetheless must eventually be re-written, those holding such positions must either be put out or taken out. They can not be trusted at their word for pursuing a course to make amends. History has provided too many examples of liars who hold some business, government or religious authority. And too many examples where all three institutions conspire together against the public in order to maintain their desired status quo. And though we prefer a more amiable resolution to our contemplations, trying to embrace the protestations which yearn to placate the sense of a greater morality through an authorship of diplomacy, no such line of communication exists between the collective Will of the people and the pretenders who hold such authoritative positions. Through repeated injury and insult they have replied to our invocations, and thus should the world pay witness to our travails of exhortation which binds us to a confessional doctrine of being left with little choice but to pursue a better way of life by the adoption of a standard to disregard them and theirs as they do the public.

Alas, attempting to communicate with them using a rationality with which all of humanity profits, and not simply them and their inner circle of associates, colleagues, friends and family; is a language they do not comprehend but frequently make pretended overtures to as a means of delaying acceptance of what the people think they want based on a misunderstanding of actual need to make society whole; in order to develop a new scheme by which they contrive rules and regulations that amount to just another form of rigging the system so that they will be better advantaged... and they know it... and they don't give a damn if the people are fully cognizant of it, so long as the public complies with their rules, their way, which involves dictating terms of who should be imprisoned and who pays for it, who should be given a job and provide a social or political gratuity to them, who should be given assistance by performing what hoop jumping entertainment, who should be ridiculed so that the esteem of neurotic others might be increased, who should pay what tax when, where, why and how much, who should be advantaged or disadvantage with what privilege according to the price tag they arbitrarily assign, who should receive what service at what cost, and should live or who should die according to their values of expediency or workforce needs.

The American system of pretended democracy is a comedy act that not only is no longer funny, and it must be dealt with. Whereas we would prefer that actual improvements (and not mere exchanges of self-entitling political scoundrels) occur in a diplomatically rational way, you have backed the people up against the proverbial wall. More and more of us have come to the conclusion that we must effect a highly undesirable bloody and destructive Revolution because we have no confidence in a government that is unfaithful to the people. Many of us are taking stock of our options to promote a constructive means of developing a progressive humanity by way of removing its greatest obstacle towards regaining an honest pursuit of happiness; which is the government and its many corporate alliances.

It's not that we don't think the government can't be generous, kind, thoughtful, considerate, reflective, wise, magnanimous and otherwise exhibit many another desirable virtue, it's just that in order for the government to practice such, it expects the public to pay an unequal dividend in return... as if the taxes paid by the public and to be used for our benefit is somehow transformed into a debt owed to individual members of the government who want their efforts for returning a paltry sum of the same tax dollars— to be reciprocated into a manifest individualized trust account. You have forgotten that this is supposed to be a government Of, By and For the people... and you need to be reminded of it. If protesting against the entire Congress in the halls of Congress is the only way to remind those in all authorities who pays the bills and must therefore have the maximum voice of how their money should be spent, then so be it... because the present Congress, Executive, Judicial and Military Branches are in the way of human global progress. But if a simple letter such as this could effect the necessary changes, all the better. Yet, if it takes the death of one, or ten, or a hundred or the whole of Congress, Executive, Judicial and Military branches before the people can regain control of their government... then so be it. Let them all die so that the world is reminded of what a democracy should be... because a better world is possible if we can only get rid of its obstacles... but not to create chaos, but a drive for a better future. And yet, Congress is not listening to this one small voice in a vast public wilderness where the din of a socialized savagery is permitted to effervesce like an hallucinogenic plant (from which its greed can collect taxes)— and is deliberately cultivated to keep the public habituated to nonsense.

Since protests, petitions and pleas do not work, perhaps slapping the government in the face will. If not a slap, then a kick in the shins, punch in the stomach, and a bloody nose. No doubt the government will act like the spoiled rich kid that it is, and choose to negotiate with an attempt to use some measure of force against the public... such as creating conditions for experiencing an economic privation that does not affect it and provides a means to excuse itself from having to address a social problem or can be used as an argument against those that want to effect a New, a Better government; a Cenocracy. No less, the retributive rich kid and its cohorts in business and tradition-minded religious zealots may choose to distract the public by creating a calamity, disaster, or even war elsewhere in the world, or engaging in any number of profit-rendering tactics using the instigation of fear and apprehension involving biological, chemical and or nuclear threats they have intentionally opportuned into existence. There are so many vile and contemptible people in various business, government and religious hallways that to think of one or another imposed harm on the public is part of their self-defined philosophy "serving the public, for the greater good"... a good that always involves themselves in some fortuitous position of gain... no matter how many must be sacrificed to obtain this result.

The public has witnessed so many nefarious deeds that social problems are no longer seen as accidents, but as someone's design to make a profit. Every government program, every government contract, every government activity or inactivity is seen as a design by which a few are to be enabled to exploit the public... sooner or later. Every single policy is viewed with suspicion because so many have been designed with one or more loopholes to be exploited at the public's expense... due to the lack of effective financial reforms sorely needed because the government is viewed by some not of, by and for the people, but of, by, and for Wall Street; thus the government is called a Wall Street government, particularly because of it's baby glove handling of the predatory financial district. Like a mischievous Leprechaun or other folklore literary trickster widely described as a situation in which a person is being forced to interact with a double-dealing devil or emissary thereof; this is the image more and more in the public perceive they are dealing with whenever the government is brought up in a conversation. As a wolf in sheep's clothing, the public has been forced to become calloused and hardened to a government that has no interest in actual peace, actual equality, an actual equal redistribution of resources, or an actual democracy. Instead, it prefers to use substitutions which mask its many practiced illusions thereof; as a gaming technique to rig the system to favor the interests of a few whose regard for the public is short-sighted at best. There is no remorse, no guilt, no shame for the egregious level of theft and sometimes moral turpitude engaged in by so many in the government, University business/economics departments, and Corporate financial centers; all working together in their separate niche's to increase their wealth despite so much harm caused to so many. And economists who can contrive a means to incorporate another subject such as psychology into their vocation might well be awarded a Nobel Prize... all because of an underlying pecuniary or reciprocated social award interest amongst the Nobel prize committee. Such is the character in the embellished games of a global system in which all of humanity makes few gains.

And to whom may the public turn to for succor when the government is a main partner in legalized theft against the publics of the world? A thief who admonishes and punishes those who attempt to emulate its behavior because they know that crime does pay, and it can pay very well to those who have aligned themselves with like-minded brethren in the Executive, Legislative, Judicial and Military branches of government; each of whom practice their own kind of one-armed, two-fisted banditry... and let the public, somewhere, sometime, suffer the consequences that so many executives walk away fromand will get a healthy bonus for doing so, after Congressional committees get through their investigative role-playing that is little more than an empty consolation prize to an angry public that will nevertheless have to absorb the loss that others have gained for themselves... and Congress gets a pat on its back for enacting its chained guard dog routine that barks loudly at intruders for their intrusions into public confidence, whereby Congressional members may be tossed a bone to chew on in their retirement. Indeed, let us ask again. To whom does the public turn to if not to its own collaborative contemplations to right so many wrongs against the public that the government, and all its horsemen, can not, and will not put Humpty Dumpty back together again; because there is great profit to be made by keeping the public unsolidified.

From one Presidential election to the next, the people are subjected to a lineup of those who advance an incremental deterioration of leadership qualities, or good intentions that become undermined by a Congress and Justice system who favors their own opinions over the collective perspective of the people whom they claim to represent or is represented by an outdated Constitution; instead of letting the whole of the public develop a skill of self-governance via a national forum and national referendum on any and all social issues. As it stands, the public is so inexperienced at effecting a mutually beneficial form of self-governance, this is used as an excuse to keep the public from ever acquiring the skills. Instead, the public is forced to abide by the dictates of a government body that has mutated into a deformity like three pounds of clay subjected to the hands of various pretenders of diplomatic artistry who try to create images of themselves instead of designing the wares of basic public necessities. Thus, the public is being forced to take control of the clay... no matter how many of the pretenders must be extricated from roles they are not suited for.

Instead of listening directly to the public via a referendum, those in government derive an opinion by way of a small sampling in a given venue... because they don't really care what the people have to say... and only go through prescribed "letting-the-public-speak" motions wherein a practiced selective type of hearing-the-public takes place in an effort to confirm beliefs and convince the public to see things their way and provide allowances for excuses, delays and detours. Because if we had our say, and that say could be law, enormous changes to the functionality of the government and economic systems would take place. Many of those in government might lose their jobs, as they should; and the world of Corporate America would be so transformed that the refusal of its leadership to cooperate would quite possibly result in their execution. America must be transformed for the benefit of humanity, or it must be obliterated from existence so that humanity might once again return to a history of development, despite all the previous tragedies its developmental steps encountered. If the American government can be transformed to effect the necessary leadership for a progressive humanity, then let us begin the necessary metamorphosis. However, if its present standards of business, government and religious nonsense continue to prevent its maturity, then the world must combine their resources to rid the Earth of it. As it stands, far too many businesses, governments, and religions stand in the way of human progress. Because of this, many consider that to perpetuate the present existence is to perpetuate a redundant childishness... like a dog chasing its own tail, or as seen in the image of one South American leadership being replaced with yet another one, but the people remain unassisted in their efforts to pursue achieving the best life, liberty and happiness possible.

Yet, many of us are asking how we might prevent the usage of a riot, rebellion, or revolution to effect needed changes that represent progress instead of childish government ownership antics from one election to the next. Must We The People march into Congress and effect their death so that the vacuum is refilled by yet another Congress of bickering fools whose interests in privatization amount to permitting the development of individualized formulas of public exploitation that they can secure stock in? How many members of the Executive, Legislative, Judicial and Military branches would the public have to kill? And how many Corporate executives and their lobbyists would have to be killed? How many religious and academic leaders? How many Military, sports and entertainment leaders and/or their support staff? How many well-intentioned protestors and social theorists both in and out of academic institutions? How many of them are in the way of human progress? How do we best affect a domino effect to bring about purposive change that is real and not just another stage prop in order to perpetuate the current nonsense from one election, one Congress, one Judicial system, one Executive branch to the next like a mere changing of the guard for some pathetic aristocratic-style plutocracy? Or is killing not the answer because those who would follow in their absence would eventually assume the same sort of role playing because the Constitutional script perpetuates the rerun of a story-line akin to a panegyrist's eulogy of an antiquated mentality which should be buried without perpetuating its memory with a self-defeating ceremony called American Politics? Must the public effect the mentality of becoming a hunter to rid the world of so many predatory beasts wearing different guises of camouflage?

When we live in a society where the dominant business and political role model is peer-rewarded by those who can effect the best model of plundering the innocent; and where neither shame nor judiciary allegation has any effect to produce an advanced humanitarian perspective... other than to encourage such betrayers of public trust to practice a greater effort of concealment for their next effort of reaping the award of a gambler using other peoples money— that the government may also profit off of by delaying an attempted prosecution so that its fines may be more substantial... what is the public to do if its consciousness is inclined towards an honesty and selfless regard for their fellow man, woman and child? What are we to do in our desire to live a better way of life and yet are prevented in doing so by a government whose actions have become increasingly more unstable... and does not have a provision to test the mental competency of every single person in or entering into a government alliance in any capacity, if not business and religion as well,... without having to be suspicious of both the type of test and test giver being undermined to present a falsified image like that of the presumed democracy being provided?

And so the people speak openly of praying for death due to age or by way of assassinating the fool and his patronage who now inhabit a building that which represents little more than a museum of an ancient perspective that its different tenants absorb into their marrow and attempt to effect a like-minded repository of a falsified democracy, but their egos are too stupefied to recognize because of the culturally-practiced pretended adorations which accompany so many positions of leadership. Again and again the public is faced with those who advance a retreat into some forgotten burrow of thought wherein secrecies are created that are manifest violations of morality, legality and liberty... just so someone can make a dollar and another can exert a private retribution... like Cheney, Bush and their many co-conspirators did... having gotten away with theft and murder under the guise of contrived circumstances in which the parameters of legality are peripherally slackened. Though we would ask them and the whole of the government to admit its many shameful acts, it has not the capacity for shame because those who are its stewards know of no required obligation since shame is not part of their Constitution. Nor is equality, nor liberty, justice, or freedom of speech... since the mere verbalized exhortation of wanting to kill the President can provide one with the occasion of having to be faced with admitting the instruction of lies to the young or drinking hemlock. What a stupid race of myopic one-eyed giants ("socially gargantuanized diminutives") the public is force to Kowtow to.

Whereas in the case of so many protests there are no alternatives offered other than some suggestion to stop doing that which one is protesting against; it is rather difficult to suggest corrections to a system that its leadership is so accustomed to that they insist it be used to make the corrections within the auspices of its design... and thus initiate a prevention to being corrected when the problem exists in the blueprint drawn up by those in an antiquity whose first and foremost interests were to enable themselves a free hand in doing business as they pleased without restrictions to themselves (at least not without compensation), and unencumbered by protestant plaints of unfairness from the public, by making sure it had not the legal means to assert itself to improve the commodity of a common equality defined by a shared wealth instead of a shared poverty. You can not expect the public to choose better leaders when the system is that which permits antiquated mindsets to gravitate to electoral spotlights... and those few who share the views of an evolutionary direction of growth are restrained from having any real impact to correct mistakes from within. Amendments to a Constitution safe-guarding a deficient system is little different to throwing a life-preserver from the Titanic to a person caught in the whirlpool swell as it begins a sinking descent. Attempting to institute corrective changes in a corrupt system whose underlying historical pillars are encrusted with the trails and tailings of political termites due to observances of traditions advanced by a purported cause of patriotism, is a fool's errand.

At present, America has no real leadership. It is a perfunctory assemblage of those whose mutuality of incompetence buffers one another from being recognized for accumulated incipiencies portrayed as a just, honorable and matured endowment. And those presuming to be thus, are like a consortium of village idiots given a case of cheap wine, a loaded gun, and willingly express the same mantra of an inebriated fool voicing dim-witted opinions created by a near-sighted double vision due to the web of lies being spun because of the many intricate and overlapping deals being made against a public caught in its web and struggling for an existence that signals an entrapment. An entrapment where the people are subjected to living in one political reality and leadership is permitted to live in another, thus instigating a double-standard legal system.

Instead of providing the people with a desperately needed health care system by directing your efforts to addressing the egregious profiteering interests of those in the various medical/pharmaceutical services industries, you spend your time trying to rig up a market place system of privatized exploitation which you and/or your campaign contributors can benefit from; and have the gall to label it an affordable care system... because it is your interminable self-serving ingratiations that are permitted to define what "affordability", "access" and responsible "accountability" are to be used as a means-testing measure. The people are suffering and you are not dealing with corrective measures because you lack the willingness and wholesome respect for the people. And those few who in government embrace a heart-felt desire to effect purposive change on behalf of the people, can't do what is needed because the overall governing system was never designed to be applicable to the realities of today beyond the Capitalistic standards for which the colonial Nation initially sought out to serve the interests of those who had even denied the basic equality of voting to the majority... in order to ensure they could profit all the more. The sauntering soles of the present ludicrous health care system are those of a peripatetic foot-ware which were already deeply worn before the public was forced to shoe-horn them on themselves, or pay a penalty for not agreeing with Congressional nonsense; and are much too costly to repair according to the traditionalized old mercantile guild mentality standards which retain an active grasp on the type of Capitalism being used. That is why some think that all of you should be shot in order to be put out of our misery.

When it is widely understood that National conflicts (called wars or Military interventions) are caused not by disagreements amongst large populations of citizenry but small populations of business, government and Military officials who share the same types of physical, emotional and/or mental conflicts; if we want to honestly strive at developing strategies for peace, then we must question how can there be external practices thereof if pathetically formulated National Health Care systems fail to promote measures which assist in developing effective methods for combating internal (personal) physical, emotional, and mental disequilibrium states of existence— particularly if such systems are to be drawn up by those who supposedly have uncompromising access to the best level of medical care that they, in their greed for uncompromising quality... intentionally instigate conflicts in order to increase their own shares of some commodity desired, already hoarded, or engage in some personalized retribution like the court jester Bush-the-minor did? When protests by citizens are increasingly becoming miniature combatant situations addressed by authoritative escalations of militarist-styled confrontation because legislatures are unwilling or incapable of effectively addressing mounting social problems on behalf of the people instead of on behalf of corporations, the people are left with nothing but to seek some means of their expulsion. If they will not vacate the premises for the good of the public and humanity, then we must use any method at our disposal to effect such.

Metaphorically, the design of the government is the blueprint of a strong and duly provisioned medieval castle whose architects could not have even begun to comprehend the requirements of construction needed today. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are akin to an ancient Egyptian papyrus that needs to be placed into a museum of antiquated thinking. Whereas humanity hungers for progress, the American government is directly in its path holding up mobility because its over-arching insatiable greed is requiring a toll fee that is too costly, thus forcing many to turn back, pitch tents nearby, or try to go around it, often by way of illegal means. The Documents as they are written, have served out their usefulness. We need a a better blueprint of government. Just as the Bill of Rights and Constitution were created, we of today can create a better, unified one; while still retaining those functions for providing basic needs— like a plumber who permits household occupants to have access to running water for a toilet, taking showers and cooking, while major repairs are underway and does not create undue stress.

Are you listening Congress? Probably not... except in some selective hearing way by supporting the views of those who are in-tune with your own interests which assist in perpetuating the lack of an Actual Democracy, but enough specious democracy that enables you to manipulate a vulnerable public into basically keeping the government as it is... in its rigged format. And even you were actively listening to the concerted voice of the public that is never tabulated according to a referendum, it is generally accepted by many in the public that you wouldn't be able to grasp what is being said anyway because the veneer of government has become so thickened by it many self-indulgences nothing but a concerted poignancy (such as putting a gun to your head or the head of your loved ones) will be able to reach an inner core whose personalized immunities to the vagaries of a distorted governance have created a community of creatures whose world is set at too far a distance to the realities of disenfranchisement the public has long suffered because of. Alas, the present missive is like so many millions of other letters that are being ignored by different governments throughout the world. If you were listening:

  • The public would be able to vote on any and all issues such as planned parenthood, abortion, taxation, food and beverage ingredients, etc., and the tally of the vote would then become the law of the land.

  • The public, through a referendum, would be enabled to remove any person, elected or otherwise from the government or government association based on a no-confidence vote.

  • The public could rescind martial law, or any emergency or special powers statute which is intended to confiscate control of the public which could effect personalized objectives of those in the Military whose actions may or may not be at the behest of someone(s) attempting to force themselves upon the public to be their leader; without consequences for dispensing with any or all civil laws and/or other observances.

  • The collective Will of the people would decide all immigration, forestry, public parks, public lands, agricultural, etc... issues.

  • There would be no electoral college.

  • Politicians wouldn't screw around with gerrymandering issues.

  • No elected official (or those chosen as an assistant by an elected person) could get a job with anyone who was directly or indirectly involved with attempting to influence legislation to support any company; for a period of at least five years after leaving office. (In other words, they wouldn't be able to exploit their primary, ulterior motive for getting elected: which was to learn how to be an effective lobbyist where they could make more money being of service to a self-oriented company than being of service to the public... whom they duped into getting elected.)

  • An anti-loop hole law would be effected in order to prevent intended criminality by those whose efforts intentionally seek to exploit the people or government.

  • The Supreme Court would be chosen by the public and answerable to the public.

  • There would be a "None of the Above" selection on all ballots in order to force a better clientele of electable prospects to come forward for consideration.

  • The Bill of Rights and Constitution would be re-written by the whole of the nation instead of being traditionalized into a perpetuity which admits to them being little different than a standardized form-letter akin to some game board brochure on expected rules-of-conduct for which many a person has had to alter because of deficiencies, in order to make the game more fair to all players.

  • There would be a Peoples Legislative Branch fashioned similarly (and not exactly like) the present jury system as an enhancement of the checks-and-balances provision.

  • There would be strict term limits for all elected officials, government employees, or anyone having any connection to public service through the government, contractually or otherwise...

  • You wouldn't conduct legislative acts when the public is sleeping or use other sneaking legislative tactics to undermine the public's Will.

  • Social Security nor any pension could ever be tied to the Stock Market.

  • The Financial Industry executives and employees couldn't get away with theft. All their assets would be forfietured and they would either go to prison for life or be executed.

  • The government would not be able to benefit from the criminality of others... and thus would not be eligible to get a "cut" of ill-gotten gains through fines, penalties, etc...

  • We would have an honest and affordable health care system that didn't exploit the public and that the words "honest" and "affordable" would be defined by the public and not the government or its association with corporations through lobbying efforts or otherwise.

  • We would not have an education system tied to a system of commerce or industrialization which are not stable.

  • No one engaged in any activity involving the Military would be permitted to make a profit.

  • We would have environmental laws and animal rights that would appropriately address the concerns of the scientific community and public instead of having to wait in suspense for the eventual panic which will ensue when environmental extremes slap humanity in the face for which we will have no recourse to recover from.

  • Mandatory classes on Peace and conflict resolution would be a public school requirement for advancement to the next grade as well as graduation.

  • We wouldn't have the substandard democracy that we do...

...To name but a few of the items from a very long list... a list compiled by the public that you (the Congress), the Executive, Judicial nor the Military branches give a whit about... because the present design of the government views such a practice as a weakness, as an eccentricity, as a flaw originating in the mindset of a past in which leaders saw themselves as the best, brightest and most experienced; and the public was little more than a means to serve them... to serve their individualized claims to fame and profitability.

And we will serve you alright. Serve you up to be barbecued at the upcoming Cenocratic (New Government) Revolution.

Date of Origination: Thursday, 18-Jan-2017... 05:10 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Thursday, 18-Jan-2017... 10:10 AM
Updated Posting: Friday, 24-Feb-2017... 10:45 AM