Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
— In Search of a New Government —


The following excerpt was taken from the Cenocracy's Chemistry page after the author posted it:

...For example, let us take the situation in which U.S. citizens are forced to pay for having a Military complex by way of taxes.1 Under the guise of the rubric "Military Base", what we see is the activity of a Commune (as in Communism). It is a commune, a made-up world with its own laws, own police force, and in short... is the practice of a government with its own social order... The Military Complex is a large Communal setting that practices a Socialism used as a form of protection for the so-called larger Democratic State (because the so-called democratic government is too weak on its own merits... due to the fact that no democracy (or Republic) today is the practice of an Actual Democracy):

The Socialist practices of a Communistically-based Military

  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Health care system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Basic income program (Everybody has an income).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Legal system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation allotments.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Communistic) clothing requirement (everyone dresses alike).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) retail outlets (Post Exchange).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as large Communes.
  • Etc., etc., etc...

...and the government practices an extended, but diminished role in perpetuating the Universal Heath care Service by providing a public-funded Veterans health care system2... much of which involves providing treatment for non-service connected medical issues... along with which some receive a monthly pension in accordance with some war-time service criteria, because of employment difficulties wrought by one or more factors that would otherwise make them an undesirable social statistic reflecting poorly on the military and government; but the government refuses to provide these same Health care and Guaranteed Income provisions for everyone because a complete social program would then be defined as a Socialism— but remains as a Democracy or Republic if only a few are given the service provisions as an (Aristocratically practiced/Aristocratically driven) entitlement!...

When a select few are provided with the above entitlements, their roles are defined in terms of honor, privilege, patriotism, duty, humility, magnanimity and a cherished Democracy to give one's life for. But if everyone were given the same entitlements, the event would then be defined as a gross error in public judgment, antagonisms to freedom, justice and the traditionally established values of liberty; as well as an exercise in the multifarious evils of Communism and Socialism. Such is the state of affairs the publics of the world live with today. A supreme hypocrisy. So very few bring to mind the realization that if the present formulas of Democracy are so great, they would then need not rely communistically-socialist military organizations to be specialized body guards, hired guns and contract killers. Clearly, the so-called Democracies of today are whining rich kids who will do anything to keep what they have, get what they want, and let all others be damned if they get in the way.

Communism and Socialism are alive and well by being concealed under the guise of a falsified Democracy. The so-called American brand of Democracy, for example, is so weak-kneed in its applied phoney "peoples government" principles that it must enlist 3the aid of a 'Communistically-Socialist Military Dictatorship'3 program as a body guard and strong arm tactic to fend off those in other countries who see the social governing situation as the reality of an hypocrisy. In other words, America can not stand on the legs of its own presumed Democracy, because they are little more that knotted wooden stilts used by a few to give themselves lofted social positions; while the majority are subjected to varying forms of social privation for which they have no alternative but to lean against the stilts and help to prop them up... unknowingly to their own disadvantage.

The Democracy of America is a filthy, disgusting lie because it is unable to stand on its own merits as an Actual Democracy. This is why so many feel it is right that they should follow the lead of their (government) mentor, their (government) role model by conforming to the practice of a social communication system of lies equal to that being practiced by the government... though it prefers the people to do as it says but not as it does. Nonetheless, a democratic government shouldn't need a Socialistically oriented (military) body guard to protect it if its values were as precious, honest, fair, and judicious as they are presented to the people in the fashion of an historically outlined public education system of propaganda. It makes the entire citizenry into a bunch of liars who lie to themselves, each other, the world and even to God. Every time someone looks into a mirror and say they are living in an actual democracy with democratic principles... they are perpetuating the particular lie called a Fantasy... and being deemed a "white lie". (See: 3 Buses of Human Governance)

Because so many veterans feel that their "Service"4 is to be equated with some exemplary human performance, even though most veterans:

  1. Do not see any actual combatant action...
  2. Perform no super-human heroic deed...
  3. And work at a job that thousands of others could do as well (if given similar free training)...

— It's no wonder that the Government's Socialist/Commune-istic operational (military) formula is trying to be hidden by sentimentalized patriotic rhetoric instead of being defined as a: System of Spoils5.... Organization of Bribery... or a 'Propagandized Patronization' of Manipulation— that it is...

— But to think or say such is to be subjected to under-the-table social deprecations in an attempt to silence such a view instead of insisting on the right to Freedom Of Speech"...

— A slogan whose definition is narrowly defined according to those who claim they are entitled to reach the verdict of a distinction according to their political orientation.

It is little more than propaganda to get people to think they are something more than they actually are by becoming a member of a military service organization. The government needs the public to accept the ridiculous persuasions of having performed some exemplary conduct by being in the military, because the reality would keep so many away that the military would not be able to meet its hiring quotas based on a "civilized" blood in - blood out gang membership model in the form of a discharge formula that is held over the head of an individual for the rest of their life... and is in fact similar to the manner in which working for any government entity entitles them to forever holds its thumb on all employees as a point of social compliance.

Since many military actions have been viewed as echoing an anti-Communism— anti-Socialism perspective (due to the bizarre practices put into play by over-zealous authority figures in different countries who have used the terms "Communism" or "Socialism" to conceal personal goals at the expense of a public)... a so-called Democratic or Republic-an (popular) government can not be seen as practicing behavior that it has previously represented as an incomparable evil; by way of its propagandist motives which are ulterior-laden with trying to represent its formula of falsified Democracy (or Republicanism) as being the most desirable formula of governance. In other words, a so-called Democracy or Republic (popular government) as being practiced by the U.S., Britain, or Canada can not be seen to practice an overt expression of Communism or Socialism because they had fought against such in the past. They must intentionally re-define any usage of such with terms that are best at creating a public's illusion for not having such practices even when they clearly do. All three countries, and many others, are practicing Communism and Socialism but are trying to keep the realization from their respective publics whose liberty, justice and self-governance is being relegated to more and more irrelevance and minimization.

One of the reasons that so many social problems continue to plague humanity is that no government is designed to attract the talents of the best and the brightest. For example, the current line-up of candidates for the U.S. presidency do not exemplify the Nation's foremost thinkers to provide the necessary leadership for a brighter future. Indeed, if one were to suggest that they represent the best and brightest that money can buy, then the public is being severely short-changed. Yet, such a comment is not meant as a disparagement, but an observation of the political system that wants to promote the inclusion of those who will best help to maintain a governing system that has fallen far short of the expectations the people deserve. However, because the present design of electoral governance is designed to attract more mediocrity... or mediocrity that is inclined towards some representative extremism if given the opportunity to exercise it— then all the candidates meet this criteria. Some of them would sincerely make excellent office managers by delegating authority to those more competent than themselves; but none of them... either individually or collectively, have the depth and breadth of vision humanity is in need of to help it reach and quite possibly exceed its potentials. Current forms of government do not emphasize a means by which society can be presented with electable selections that will not only offer all of society an enlightened goal to move towards in unison, but provide the resource means for achieving such.

As a result of having governments which do not attract the best and the brightest of a Nation's thinkers, the type of government that is perpetuated and inclined towards incremental decadence relies on those whose methods of governance, of legislation and departmental policy directives, rely heavily on the methodological implementation of bribery, intimidation, ambush, persecution, lies, cheating, brow beating, intimation, coercion, seduction, theft, masquerade, murder, character assassination, ostracism, derision, obstruction, bait & switch, exchange & barter, and various other forms of intended manipulation to get one's way; all because the ideas being submitted are not enabled to stand on their own in expression nor interpretation.

It matters not if one's ideas are superior to others... if they can not be understood by a majority of those in authoritative positions whose participation requires for them to experience a certain type and duration of being groomed, tailored, petted, and otherwise "smoozed" in order for them to accept and support or reject and attach a particular view. Their vote, for good or ill, is for sell and those adept at maneuvering conditions, like pieces on a chess board is the name of the game in the present forms of government all the world's have to contend with. Such is the dominant thinking of the players, their supportive media representatives, and those who likewise find a niche by engaging in a like-mindedness of playing the actual game, or being playing the part of a noted spectator whose like-minded brethren create their own sub-culture similar to that which they observe and consider to be a mark of intellectual supremacy instead of the idiocy by which it has been constructed to play out the part of being a puppet on a string. Again, such government's do not attract the best and the brightest, but those who can quickly learn how to get what they want, on a personal level, by participating in those-behind-the scenes extra-curricular-government activities that amount to the actual type of government in vogue. But all such players are little prepared for a public audience that is growing tired of the government's games and those who wish to perpetuate it... at any cost, no matter how many in the public get hurt or what is confiscated from them for no other reason than because the government is a vengeful bully.

Yes, present governance is being effected as a game with its own set of rules that may change dependent on context, assumed conditions and personalities of the players. This is the foolishness of the governments existing in the world today. Where its players act out roles in which they imagine themselves to be someone more than they actually are, and want others to be duped into accepting the same image upon which to attach their own delusions of character. Like social gatherings amongst actors and actresses that are little more than extensions of Jr. High and High school parties with the only difference being is that most of the attendees have greater wealth. Such is the same atmosphere found amongst governing authority, albeit attendant with a greater level of hyper-vigilance, suspicion and "working the room" in one's motivations and attempts to conceal themselves from placing any particular thought or emotion on one's sleeves... thereby creating an atmosphere of guarded phoneyness.

Many of the players actually think their activities is a manifest expression of some particularly acute intelligence, insight and overall ability that is superior to any idea which may be drawn up on behalf of the people... unless they are the one's involved in the manufacture and application thereof. Then again, superior ideas of governance can not be fully utilized within a government structure whose inherent design limits applications of more profound ideas which would exclude the need for such nefarious antics that are presently used as a required for producing a social program... good or bad. Though serious as the are, the functions of government rely heavily on a dependency of exercising childish social interactions by those who are not the best and the brightest a nation has to offer, yet want such a definition attached to their ideas of mediocrity and superficiality. In other words, the people are subjected to a base of authority that perpetuates a social life cycle amounting to quicksand, a bog, or spinning one's wheels generation after generation and want everyone to insist that their way is the best way... representing the brightest of intentions and that nothing exists which is better.

It is unfortunate the present formulas of governance throughout the world are getting in our way because they are not designed to attract the best and the brightest, but those who are adept at getting what they want so as to implement ideas which are best for perpetuating them and their ilk in positions which will ensure a continuation of things as they are... under such a method of control. Current religious orientations are not being helpful and nor are self-serving market-place entrepreneurial efforts. We need a new plan of action... We need a Cenocracy (New Government) that embraces a philosophy as dramatic as were past announcements when a few trail blazers claimed that it was the Earth which revolved around the Sun, and not the other way around. Yes, we need a governing philosophy that is both heretical in its implications when confronting the status quo and Renaissancial in its application. Alas, one of the obstacles is the public itself. No doubt in many instances, the public will have to be forcefully weaned from the umbilical cords of tradition existing in both the overall culture and its subterranean (sub-culture) counter-parts. The new philosophy of governance will be enmeshed in a perspective that will be pervasively applied into the organizational enterprises of the overall economy. We have no choice if we want to avert the present herd-mentality trodding along a path of incremental decline. Equality should never be used as an excuse to promote mediocrity as the most desired standard, nor portray some measured elitism as deserving of unequalized entitlement based on the merit of definition proposed by authoritative decree, alone... and We The People have little or no say so one way or another.

If people want a better society then it must devise a better governance which incorporates a design by which the best and the brightest of inclined leadership capability will be enabled to fulfill their life's worth in a position of public service. Our design in governance must provide for the talented to speak up on behalf of the people as a servant who will lead the way along the dim-lit paths of uncertainty, because they would want to be the first casualty if a wrong turn has been made. Such is the burden of true leadership... in having both vision to look beyond the conventional length of the social grasp, and courage to take the first step forward in order to test the reality of that which they see. Alas, the present design of government allows different departments to sacrifice one or another of the public in its various experimentations, while those in a respective service are shielded from any harm. Hence, multiple social iniquities continue to emerge because governing formulas practice both a crudeness and coarseness which permits and clamors for a similarity in its authoritative direction. It is an orientation the the larger society uses as a role model by which most other activities echo a similarity of design and action in order to appear more authoritatively normalized themselves... thereby instigating more of the same social ineptness which continues to permeate social functions into unrecognized negligibility and irrelevance.

Nobody in their right mind would want to develop any of the types of government in effect today. Particularly not one that emphasizes the "system" (like a ritualized game) as being more important than truth, justice or one's overall well-being. Yet, many of us have witnessed that those in authority are more interested in retaining the practice of patterns (labeled as "bureaucracy", "ceremony", "procedure", "protocol", "rule", "plan", etc...) in law, legislation and labor because they have become a recognized routine that is used as a substitute for truth and justice... and sometimes viewed as a preservation of morality. Authority all too often exercises activity according to unchecked reflexive practices that, even when death or destruction result, they define the actions as natural and therefore necessary... and their authoritative peers will agree to them as a proprietary responsibility because they hold the same frame of mind and must obligingly do the same thing... no matter if the majority thinks their actions are stupid.

Their practices are a formula and so long as the formula is adhered to, all is right with the world they inhabit. The rest of us are merely a tool sharpening stone by which the practitioners make a name and living for themselves and the practices can be perpetuated by those given the authority to dictate when and what actions are supposed to occur in what manner, in what time period, and in accordance with texts defined as legal, sacred, or some greater right often tied to some notion of the "lesser evil" for a given context. They are, metaphorical speaking, the cooks, and the chefs; with legal documents as collections of recipes to be used in whatever fashion a particular chef's school (legal entity) wants to apply them in creating whatever meal they want the public to consume... and will force it to swallow like castor oil was once used, and is now called Civil Asset Forfeiture, Right of Eminent Domain, or some other-wise designed "it's good for you" or "it hurts us more than it does you" rationalization.

The rationality for standardizing practices has turned into an irrational practice of standardized acceptance that, if you get caught up in, can swallow you up like a concentric spinning drain that exits into a wilderness of institutionalization that buries you and uses you as a statistic in order to claim that "the system works"... at least more often for those in positions whose lives are defined by an adherence to some routine which they get paid to support and maintain as a well-oiled machine... even if the public is experiencing it as an iron maiden manufactured into different forms of public torture... though the word "torture" is being erroneously defined with an ancient perspective, thus concealing its debilitating effects in the present era. Your innocence or the verifiable truth does not matter... even when authority knows you are right and they are wrong... but would never openly admit it because they adopt the commensurate practice of having no sense of a moral contradiction.

It's not that the governing systems have faults, because we are understood as an imperfect being, but that we aren't looking to improve upon the 'game plan'; instead of accepting it as being the closest we can get to perfection maintained by our imperfections. We accept the imperfect system as being the closest to perfection we can get under the present circumstances... related to the observed rules... even if the rules are based on multiple inaccuracies compounded by efforts to repair them as a viability, and even when the repair no longer exhibits a resemblance to the poorly constructed architecture upon which we have now attached an embellished facade of illusions.

So many are caught up in "playing the game" they develop a playing strategy of "working the system" by getting to know the dominant players, their strengths and weaknesses as well as motivations. Even those that try to "get over on the system" by using loopholes, and taking advantage of both people, places and things that perform their daily functions in such a routine manner that they become an easy mark for those intent on manipulating the rules played by others so as to benefit from them... and they think themselves more intelligent because of. Yet they are unaware of themselves as being a part of the game and existing as a variable of consideration for those who can think one step ahead of them to their own advantage. Not only do they know the system and the system used by those trying to take advantage of such a circumstance, but they see both instances as rules of the game not everyone is paying attention to. But..., no one is trying to improve the overall system. Everyone is simply trying to find a spot in which to participate, even if it is in a position of thinking themselves to be detached, and thereby safe from the ravages.

Clearly, upholding the "game" has become all important because it defines the roles in which individuals can play out, and who would otherwise be lost without such a framework. And even though a system may be bad, may in fact be wrong in many instances, they need a guide by which to establish a working ideology... however fantasy-filled it is. The public and the players all act as participants in the structure... though the structure may be potentially hazardous. Like rats and mice and cockroaches in a run-down tenement, all seek out some niche in which to inhabit... convincing themselves this is the way things are and they must make the best of it. The game rules are used for perpetuating the integrity of the structure, instead of altering the structure to improve the lives of the people. The rules as they are, can not possibly provide the necessary philosophy for developing a more viable structure. Abiding by the rules, though they change over extended periods of time as part of a larger incremental deterioration taking place with the environment and its effects on all of biology; is all that matters because it helps to sustain an habituation of activity denoted as tradition. Instead of traditions being altered to improve the lives of people, it is the people who are impressed upon to play out their lives in an orbital-like deference to the traditions as they are interpreted by a given culture in a given era. Abiding by the rules is all that matters in so that they conform to the wishes of those who are authorized to administer, enforce, and define the limits thereof.

Reason and rationality are nullified by a socially accepted practice of insanity to perpetuate a rule-of-thumb which succeeding generations of authority have become adept to use for their own survival pursuits. The system of a practicing authority is all that matters, regardless of how stupid and irrational it is like those wearing wigs in the British practices of jurisprudence... like kids playing dress-up and never growing out of the game... this is the practice of many businesses, governments and religions. They are at a loss for defining their individual life's role if they are not involved in some such game... and will use the recognition as a suggested reasoned excuse to continue the same game without trying to improve upon the whole set of games permitted as a collection under a governing system which is itself but a game— regardless of the seriousness with which the game is undertaken and accompanying words such as "professional", "expert", "life-affirming", etc,. are used as part of the applied structuring of categorizing human ego. It is the "system", viewed by many of us as a "game", and one's participation in that practice which is held in highest esteem... because authority is caught up in a consuming drain of resources that they don't want to get out of even if they could... because they would "lose their place" and all its presumed entitlements (such as being permitted by the game rules to spinning in the drain on a ship of social luxury and the rest of us are slaves chained to its oars). It is an Age of Irrationality that the people the world over are subjected to, and yet many are oblivious of.

Indeed, no one in their right mind would conceive of practicing so much nonsense in so many venues of concern. For example; it is incredulous that a government such as the United States pretends to have... as being dedicated to a so-called Democracy (Peoples Government); would use acts of Civil Asset Forfeiture to defend Robber Baron tactics which are now being implemented by law enforcement in the guise of justified procedure based on probable cause searches... as a means of supplementing their income— but never having to register how much, what kind, or from whom the income was forcibly garnered... and the people have no recourse in seeking restitution because the courts are heavily weighted to accept the perceptions of government bodies because laws have been fashioned accordingly... and many of the participants are unaware they are committing any violation of equality upon the citizenry. They don't know how to view equality except from the position of being provided entitlements which provide them with a level of super-standard equality... and they don't even see it being effected because it is a normal part of the workplace environment they inhabit.

And those who do come to realize it, may also come excuse their usage thereof by claiming they deserve it... which means we are automatically placed into a position of being non-deserving... even though they don't voice these words, they create the same effect on our lives. We are a nothing and nobody to them, less than a pawn, and always placed into a category below themselves... no matter how much they may fall in manners, morals, and social membership; yet always elevated to a level accepted as a means for them to establish a name for themselves in their career that many of them see as a challenge, or will force some of us into playing out a part that can be defined as a challenge in order to support their rationale of defining a personal accomplishment. If they come to wallow in scum, they want us below their heels and at their beckoning call to assuage a moment's self-reprisal when their dead conscience is revived ever so briefly following a period of self-immolation. Needless is it for us to say that the people are without an honest legal means of defending themselves against a government whose independent agencies frequently act out their role with self-serving ulterior motivations and there is no one to turn to for assistance. Such a practice of governance acts as a recruitment call for those whose personal philosophies want to be in a position which permits them to legally exploit others for personal gain, however it may be individually measured. Socio-paths, psycho-paths and various individuals inclined to practice their own standards of legality, abound in business, government and religion... requiring the public to adopt protective methodologies in response thereto... all of which contribute to an increasing cultural aura of socially accepted insanity frequently denoted as common sense, normalcy, or some other cultural doping mechanism sometimes referred to as brain washing by repetitive association.

Similarly, in another type of public asset forfeiture, if a person finds money or some property and turns it into law enforcement, the money or property can be kept by those in government who now profess ownership, and does not have to be returned to the finder if no one claims it. In one way or another, it is simply added to the coffers of the law enforcement body taking control of the found item. The message to be interpreted is that when dealing with a government body, honesty is not necessarily the best policy because law enforcement has learned how to make the most of criminal activity learned from criminals through its various repeated dealings with them. If they can influence the public to think in terms of criminality, though criminal acts may not take place, the mentality of the public becomes a standardized model, a sort of game with set rules, that law enforcement can reign over because its enforcement is made possible by made-up laws to accommodate the rationality of those in authority.

Laws are typically drawn up to punish and/or make money for a governing body or agency and are not used as a tool of wisdom and socially productive instruction. Governments can be extremely vengeful entities against its own citizens whose lives are little more than a means to the ends of those in authority at at given time and place. Government does not place itself in the position of self-sacrifice for the people, but frequently calls upon the people to make more and more sacrifices for those in authority, as did J.F. Kennedy: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". Laws and governments are not necessarily designed with the specific intent of doing what is best for the citizenry according to the established Collective Will of the people... who rarely, if ever, get to voice that Will in any sustained and recurring manner.

Multiple historical references, such as vote denial, lack of equal or civil rights, segregation after being forced from one's homeland, treaty violations, colonialism, imperialism, and the like; give a clear indication that government after government relies on various methods of manipulation and disenfranchisement that deprive the multitudes of Liberty, Justice and an avowed freedom to design and run their governments according to the collective Will of the people. Such a practice of an Actual Democracy is both specious and illusory. Unfortunately, far too many people are immune from the realization that they are participating in a government just as blind as governments in the past have been, and subsequently replaced.

The majority of the public appears to be so caught up in the insulated routines of their day -to- day lives they do not see themselves as cogs in a squeaking and worn-down social wheel. A wheel that can not be adequately rejuvenated by adding the snake oil of some other reconstituted economic policy meant to overhaul the system as one might a vehicle engine; when the vehicle itself needs a new design to accommodate growth towards a new future of human progress. Society needs to be re-tooled in order for a New Age to unfold. Present social governing philosophies are too fault-ridden. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to think or perceive the world in any other way because it is a perspective immortalized by sentimentality and observances passed down from previous generations and incorporated into rationales buttressed by assimilated religious-based philosophical practices. Their mentality is the same mindset of those in the past who accepted their fate as the life style of that to be defined as being their rightful place, their dutiful station... like so many an indentured servant or slave has done. They have found their little corner in which to carve out a living for themselves and that is all that matters to them because government standards is one in which public impotence in self-governance is the rule-of-thumb people are expected to live by; and leave the running of the government to those who delude themselves into thinking they are uniquely gifted for such activity and thus deserve specialized entitlements the rest of us are to defer to. Many in the public do not want to be concerned with anyone else in a large societal effort because no one seems to be unduly concerned with them and their well-being. When they do not see the presumed intellectuals of their society making a fuss about social conditions, such inactivity provides them with an excuse to continue playing out the reticent part they do.

Sometimes incrementally, and at other times more abruptly... the publics of the world are being subjected to varying models of prejudice and discrimination in order to fulfill the agenda of those in authority who have no business being in the position they occupy. But once elected or selected, they entrench themselves with a rooted system of bureaucracy that has been uniquely contoured to fit the mind-scape of those inclined towards a sociopathic or psychopathic orientation; hidden by the many garments of civility which can afford them to carry out their Janus-faced duplicity. Such practices as these, though there are many more, are the result of piece-meal reactionary efforts developed by way of a cadre of incidents provoked by myriad forms of an unrecognized dementia which has led us to the present historically definable "Age of Irrationality".

It is an Age in which, under the guise of some presumed Democracy: mini-forms of Aristocracy, Communism, Corporatocracy, Plutocracy, Socialism and other governing systems have been permitted to prosper in the workplace, sports organizations, classrooms, and other civil public and private activities. For example, the Citizens of the United States can be described as a whipped lap dog whining with its tail between its legs, because its so called Democracy is so impotent it requires its world advertising gimmicks to be promoted and protected by a Military practicing a Socialist-Communistic doctrine that advances Socialist practices within a communal setting. Free speech and free thinking are only permitted so long as it conforms to standards imposed by a select few who dictate law away from a Referendum practice; and most citizens are apparently unaware of mental automation.

But not only does the so-called American brand of democracy rely on a Socialist practicing military, the very practice of enforcing taxes (and the collection thereof with possible incurrences of penalty) is a socialist activity. By pooling money from the collective citizenry in order to let a few select (how they think is) the best way to redistribute the money to serve the needs of the public; the government is practicing Socialism. It is a Socialism which strives to incorporate the practices of Capitalism into promoting altruism and calling it Democracy. But it is not Democracy. A Democracy entails the right of the people to vote on the propriety of taxes before they are even carried out; the tax scale, and how the taxes are to be spent, unless they are placed into a rainy-day fund. The same goes for being forced to commit a certain amount of one's wages for a Social Security fund, or a Workers Compensation Fund. One would think that creating a fund for a National Health care Service would be a logical step in the same pro-society mentality, instead of being subjected to the Willful greed of Health care businesses objecting to a rational health care functionality.

Whereas on the one hand we have a national industry of medical service providers, many of whom take the Hippocratic Oath upon graduation, which in brief says that they are to do no harm; we find that the oath is subjected to medical school revisions and individual interpretations when someone begins their practice. It is a practice that permits its morality to be defined by Capitalistic interests defended by a morality based on whatever rationalization is needed to indulge in as much greed as they can. In so doing, the American Medical Association and its counterparts in various specialties, (which includes the insurance industry); create a coalition defending treatment needs that involves multiple service providers that support a compliance to create a high cost medical atmosphere. The medical professions nor any related service provider want to have their ability to make as much profit as they can, regardless of how many or who is burdened.

The text of the Hippocratic Oath (c. 400 BC) provided below is a translation from Greek by Francis Adams (1849). It is considered a classical version and differs from contemporary versions, which are reviewed and revised frequently to fit with changes in modern medical practice.

I swear by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation—to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this Art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art. I will not cut persons laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption; and, further from the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice or not, in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times! But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot!

Source: "Hippocratic oath." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

The Hippocratic oath, just like a Country's Constitution, can be altered to fit the whims of the authority set in place to interpret what is written. This is why there are so many problems existing between a populace who takes such written materials to heart, but assumed professionals interpret them in whatever fashion suits their motives for a given time and place... and the people have no real recourse to effect a change in law according to its Collective Will without that Will being subjected to a governing process which minimizes that Will into a negligibility or is contoured to fit the inclinations of a select few in a Legislative body, however so named and described. In other words, though it is called a Democracy, America's brand of it is a deceit upon the people. It is a bait and switch tactic giving a few elected-proprietary rights over large swaths of resources under the guise that such resources are being utilized in a formula of "what is best for the most", but the words "best" and "most" are typically defined in narrowly selective terms.

This so called brand of American Democracy is unable to protect itself without resorting to the usage of other brands of governance (because it is merely a rogue shadow of being a real entity)... It must rely on non-democratic actions such as imposing tax burdens that the public has rarely voted on, (and never gets the chance to vote on in every single tax year), before the yearly implementation takes place... and hence the reason for describing Americans as whining whipped lap dogs cowering in personalized enclaves with their tails between their legs. The people are forced to abide in the practiced habit of not practicing an Actual Democracy but are only enabled to label it as a Democracy, because an Actual Democracy would not put up with such nonsense... A nonsense that some try to relieve themselves up by participating in the election of a non-standard person for a political office who will nonetheless succumb to an overall government structure that is anti-democratic.

Collective bargaining on behalf of the citizenry, in terms of a naturalized national Referendum, is not permitted as a standard law-defining practice. Yet neither is the application of itself as a Collective Legislative body, effected as part of the Checks and Balances formula in order to protect itself from a government that refuses to let the people practice an Real Democracy. The people are expected to comply with the Constitutionalized Dictatorship begun by the Founding Fathers— like any whipped dog is, and subsume its constrained independent logic to the rationale of imposed rationalizations dictated by far too many idiots in authoritative positions.

Yet, realistically, if the people "won" the right to exercise an Actual Democracy with a People Legislative Branch effecting laws drawn up by a Congressionally mandated National referendum (for National issues) from which laws of the land would be established; the "windfall" of such an ability would be like so many who have just won a very large lottery. Some would become frivolous in their thinking and others would become hoarders. Some would exercise selective greed and others selective giving. Some would exercise their new found wealth with acts of charity based on giving to advertised charities, others would be focused on special interests. In other words, in hindsight, many would regret the "win", while others would say the had an opportunity to help others. Of course, there are other scenarios one might provide as an example of both good or bad results. But, nonetheless, this would at least be an honest expression of a governing practice as opposed to the present stacked deck scam being perpetrated on the public in a system many of us recognize as being rigged.

Tower of Assumption, Babel and Confusion (105K)

As part of this moment in time, education systems have made a persistent contribution to this atrocious error of governance by not helping to create an enlightened public, but a Tower of Assumption, Babel and Confusion practiced by way of selective hearing, speech, and application thereof. A 100% literacy achievement does little to guarantee a shared intelligence to enhance a sociability of understanding. It only means that everyone can articulate their level of educated ignorance... not that any consensus of mutual appreciation will be achieved for the benefit of all. For example, education systems are consistently directed to produce students with the necessary basic skills which will best fit the desires of businesses whose leanings may be predominantly positioned toward experimentation with employees acting more as volunteers to fit production schedules; than having any actual intent of providing long term employment that a person can be confident enough about in order to begin a family and exercise the so-called political advocacy of family values. In such an instance, education has served to produce domesticated beasts of toil who can now read well-enough to follow the directions written down by an upper class that runs their companies from abroad, while they are on a perpetual vacation. They no longer need to stand nearby with a whip in hand... they use a government sponsored workplace philosophy as a substitute Overseer.

Who is the Us and who is the Them? (51K)

Yet many businesses are not the stalwart social functionalities owners once professed themselves to be; by defining themselves as pillars of a community which provided desirable role models of diligence, respect and hard work (despite all the workplace abuses that forced the people to Unionize). Businesses today are all too often volatile enterprises which desire employees to be a Jenny or Johnny-on-the-spot temporary worker, by embodying a work ethic in-tune with a psychotic level of ambivalent (schizophrenic) adaptability— that goes unnoticed because it has become a standard operating procedure rationale for workplace recruitment and out-sourcing that is disrespectful to the Nation's peoples and undermining community oriented goals.

Don't I have a Right to Work? (104K)

Whereas Businesses, the Government and Unions have contributed to the present employment nonsense because of their self-serving agendas, a "Right To Work" law needs to be revamped by a "Right to a living Wage and Benefits" law, without employees being subjected to exploitations by any of these entities; with full employment protections for everyone. Any and all loopholes should be automatically closed when noted as exploitations. Workers are subjected to a 3-shells game with employees as the pea or ball which is being manipulated because Businesses try to present themselves as both Unions and Government entities; Unions try to project themselves as power-of-attorney over business owners and government entities; and governments play an arbitration game which precipitates conflict in order that its services will be required and sought after by those in Business and Unions who will contribute to political campaigns. By using a polarized employment landscape effecting an open or closed shop practice, instead of a viable third option giving employees an actual choice, without some two-stepping repercussion... workplace problems will persist.

The work forces of nations are again and again being exploited as expendable commodities and forced to comply with laws that may appear to be worker supportive by claiming everyone has a Right To Work... and yet conceal the fact that this government-backed ideology does not guarantee the right to have a job nor offer workplace protections; because companies are permitted to employ people by a "Hired At Will" policy which enables workers to be "Fired At Will", yet the employee is deprived of the right to "Quit At Will" without being subjected to possible rehirement punishments or deprived of unemployment compensation... much less be hired according to a needed standard involving a living wage with associated benefits. Workers are not permitted to exercise their own judgment in leaving a job when subjected to undesirable workplace conditions that had accumulated over time, with respect to their individuality, without being subjected to one or another social admonishments.

When so many employees come to experience individualized realizations they are not suited for engaging in a particular business activity that is not fully appreciated until after a trial period of employment... and yet the decision of whether to hire or not is provided as the exclusive discretionary benefit of businesses; it is of social value to incorporate this acknowledgment on behalf of workers in order that they are provided the same measure of selectivity without undue reciprocity of employment-related disparagement. At present, laws governing workers are wholly inadequate to the reality of human variability and the need for workplace exploration to find one's niche'. Propationary employability periods should be the provision of both employee and employer since an act of employment requires inter-dependence. In addition, if employees are expected to provide a company with an employment record, the company should have to provide prospective employees with any similarly required document (references, criminal background check, financial statement, schooling, medical exam, outside interests, prohibitions, relationships which effect one's work, etc...). Such disclosure requests are reasonable and warranted because the U.S. Supreme Court declared that businesses are individuals.

To take but one example of workplace one-sidedness, American workers are being duped by economic policies which support an overall self-serving market-place business ideology backed by a government that is a vengeful Plutocratic Aristocracy but laughably calls itself a Democracy; and is supported by a military that is run with a Socialist doctrine of Communistic inclinations by using collective training, communal eating, communal sleeping, commonality of clothing, standardized pay scales and socialized medical treatment that is clearly tied to a Communist perspective (spelled as "commonism" or "communalism"). In both instances, the business and military communities advocate an underlying philosophy of strict compliance by way of a motto that is dictatorially expressed as "Yours is not to question why, Yours is to do or die".

One's non-compliance to expected behavior can result in the death of their career. Both the government and many businesses expect unquestioning subordination and will exhibit an inclination to vengefulness by way of declaring your behavior as being acceptable or insubordinate. In either case, it is their judgment which is used to create a social title by which others are to judge your character and treat you accordingly, regardless of accuracy or falsification and typically without an incentive to question the perspective of either the government or a business. Their statement can take on a life-long record which can either hurt or help you afterwards. Again restated, there are those who acquire government positions that can be an extremely vengeful and vindictive rascals that will seek out a means to undermine any and all those 'it' has taken a dislike to. And it will wait for years, if need be, to exact retribution for perceived wrong doing against it. Neither the government nor businesses advance the ethic of practicing Democratic standards set up to further your best interests, because present designs act as a vacuum that seek to attract and consume those whose inclinations will best serve the interests of an active non-democratic institutionalism.

Indeed, where is this so-called practice of Democracy, as defined by a "peoples government" when the collective voice of the people is relegated by one or another form of minimization which makes that Will an irrelevancy? Why aren't the people themselves a practiced part of the portrayed "Checks and Balances" formula that acts more like a shell game than a force of communal cooperation? Why is it that the people are invariably forced to elect what they perceive to be the lesser of two or more evils, if it is not the custom of the present governing structure to be a point towards which undesirable leadership models gravitate and used as figure heads for one or another cartel of business interests which serve the interest of the public as a minor incentive? Why is it that a National Health Care system, like that already practiced by a Socialist practicing armed military force; is not adopted by permitting the people to vote on it, as well as draw up the very provisions under which they are expected to participate in... since they are already paying for the Socialist model being practiced by the Military who claims it to be second to none? Why in so many of the so-called democracies the world over we find populations whose taxes support Socialist-functioning Universal Health Care coverage for military personnel, amongst other basic necessity coverages, yet the people themselves are deprived of a similar standard of supportive well-being? Such hypocrisies of so-called democratic governments continue to be compounded by more expressions of treating the public as second-rate or sub-standard.

It is extremely hypocritical for the military to claim that its efforts are to ensure the presence of Democracy by promoting some assumed fundamental tenets of a "peoples government", though neither itself nor the Nation as a whole actually upholds the practice of an actual Democratic doctrine. But, let us also make note that such an idiotic frame of mind is completely sensible when there is a wide-spread epidemic of neuroticism in this Age of Irrationality. And yet, it is an insensibility for which we must be vaccinated against by way of a Cenocratic Revolution!

The word Cenocracy means "New Government". Cenocracy.org is part of a movement to instruct the need for and development of a New Government. We do not know what that design will be, but recognize that others are approaching the topic from their own perspectives. While different reasons might be offered to explain why we think that we need a new government, let us presume some generality by simply noting the present one is the practice of an extremely limited Democracy. It is a superficial form of democracy which acts more so to enslave us in repeating a history of social problems brought about by a sustained inequality that we need to address as a Nation with a true realization of the "one man (person), one vote" rule of democracy, to establish a productive result of the "Collective Will" ideal acquired past the aches, pains and fears which may ensue as the public goes through a withdrawal from it present government dependency habituations. Changing the present limited democracy composition to an actualized democracy will require some alteration in the functionality of self-governance and thus result in a new form-ula of government.

For an expanded discussion of the Limited Democracy perspective and attendant ideas: → Democracy is a Big Government ← (being practiced as a Small or limited one).

While others may not be using the word "Cenocracy" to advocate government reform, they too are part of this movement. Though there are differences of opinion what shape the government should take, and how extensive the changes need to be, we all agree something more than the traditional routes by way of established convention must take place. If we need a Revolution to do this, then so be it. The entire nation must be fully informed that we are pursuing a trek that is a very serious venture. Though the line in the sand may have initially been an emotional one for some, others have taken to the inclusion of more decisive intellectual issues to be used as precedents for exerting the primacy of developing a Cenocracy. Clearly, the traditions of government will be significantly altered, but we are not insensitive to the usage of supportive habituations which assist in fulfilling Civil Rights.

Again, as noted elsewhere at this site, let us emphasize: we ask those in Authority to either lead us in establishing a Cenocracy, follow our lead, or vacate the premises. A Revolution need not be defined as a climatic event involving destruction and violence. While we prefer non-violence, history is full of examples where authority resorts to the use of violence and destruction in its obstructionist expressions of arrogantly defined rationalizations. We have no chip on our shoulder to be used as justification for engaging in a civil war. But, let us reiterate... a dominant intellectual line in the sand has now begun to be drawn on top of the emotional one used by previous protests.

Reiterated: The current methodology for seeking positive and lasting governing improvements by electing someone else to fill a political position, is like betting on the lottery. So too is a reliance on a Supreme Court that is not directly answerable to a public, because it has been given a non-sensical level of life-long immunity... as if its members are forever free from the disabilities of old age, based on an adherence to an anachronistic observance of venerance. The current political practice is a lottery system where the odds are worse than a roulette wheel, horse bet, or the toss of dice. The odds are favoring the established government (gambling house) which is continually running its operations on a budget of increasing deficit; forcing the house managers to take greater risks by gambling with our lives, without an appropriate Peoples Legislative Branch mandated with a checks and balances over-sight of the entire government. The people are without clout to do anything about those who act in anti-thetical activities against the best interests of the public. This includes members of the Supreme Court and all others whose positions were given to individuals chosen by a process other than an election. We can have no confidence in a Congress that fears a public to have a Constitutionally mandated means of administratively taking over the entire government, which is supposed to be ours; when those in government practice individual or collectively bad leadership... as should be defined by the public, and not those who want to reframe definitions according to their self-preservation... at the expense of the public's safety, security, health, education and welfare.

Examples of changes needed to occur:

  • There is an expressed inequality in voting between the elected and the electorate, that needs to be fully addressed. Not by lip service, not by a conflicted Congress that is rendered impotent... but a Constitutional Right to deal squarely with this practiced prejudice. We don't want it in the form of a policy or adopted procedure which can be arbitrarily changed or dismissed according to the whims of a governing body... it must be a law that only the collective Will of the people may administrate, alter, or abolish as the people see fit. The present government all too often creates principles of legislation which provide a means than enable it to undermine ideals in order to cover-up some deficiency of character involved in wrong-doing. Such must include the admission that any and all unforeseen loopholes can be closed by the Will of the Public, and that any and all actions utilizing such a loophole in order to avoid a penalty after closure, will have no statue of limitation.

  • The people must have a Constitutionally mandated Checks and Balances provision of direct participation superior to that of the traditional government so as to better effect its collective Will. Because the traditional three branches of government practice an unequalized Checks and Balances formula over that of the public, represented as a three-to-one ratio, by denying the public an equal voice of collective participation; the public must have their "of, by, for the people government", guaranteed by a greater offset to establish its rightful dominance, or democracy (as defined by "people- rule") will continue as an illusion, delusion, and a lie.

  • The people must be permitted to experience a practiced full measure of Actualized Democratic liberty with a means to protect themselves from an authoritative few who prefer to practice varying forms of autocratic, bureaucratic, or plutocratic rule— so as to fulfill personal agendas regardless of what gets destroyed or who gets hurt... coinciding with their rationalized moralities of justification. Such a means can be provided by the usage of a Peoples Legislative Branch, whose ability will include the referendum as a standard means of interacting with the Will of people on any and all issues to be brought before the traditionally practiced government. In any and all cases, the Will of the People will be the final arbitrator, to include Supreme Court matters as well.

Equality under the law is no guarantee that equality is given. Laws are frequently written with the express intent of defrauding a right of equality frequently expressed by the provision of some entitlement that only a few are permitted to exercise. The standard of both law and equality must be defined by the Collective Will of the People who have represented themselves in a one person, one vote tally without any vicarious form of intercessory.

Whereas it is not bad or wrong that the present democracies utilize varying forms of Socialism and Communism to effect better conditions for society, it is that when the people need more of these same applications and in so many ways are asking for them— they are denied them under the statement that they are not practices of Democracy... even though democracy is not being practiced anyway! For example, to reiterate what has already been mentioned, let us agree that a Socialist functioning Military and Socialist functioning social programs (social security, housing assistance, health care assistance, unemployment assistance, and other public-funded subsidies) are needed and necessary. Notwithstanding that they are exercises in an attempted Communism (Commonism); but when the people need the necessity of a National Health Care system over and above the current Medicade and Medicare provisions... only to be denied such because it is claimed such an action would be a practice of Socialism defined as being anti-thetical to a doctrine of democracy that exists in word but not in actual deed... is the philosophy of a practicing insanity!

It is an irrationality which necessitates a rational response of thinking in terms of participating in a Revolution based on both moral and ethical grounds that exposes those who would think otherwise, are co-conspirators against the peoples' right to a full Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness according to a Collective Will of treating everyone equally, without protected entitlements assumed by those elected or selected to public offices and positions therein or attached thereto.

The moment in time we are being confronted with is similar to that which has been deduced for the American Independence Declaration:

...The defects in the Declaration of Independence are not sufficient to force the conclusion that the document is unsound. On the contrary, it was in essence morally just and politically valid. If the right of revolution cannot be established on historical grounds, it nevertheless rests solidly upon ethical ones. The right of the colonists to government ultimately of their own choice is valid. Some of the phrases of the declaration have steadily exerted profound influence in the United States, especially the proclamation that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Although the meanings of these phrases, together with conclusions drawn from them, have been endlessly debated, the declaration has served to justify the extension of American political and social democracy.

Source: "Declaration of Independence." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Note: in the foregoing paragraph we of today might well alter the word "colonists" to "people" or "Cenocrats", and the word "men" (in all men are created equal), to "people" or even rewrite the phrase to portray: "all people are to be treated equally".

1A so-called "Democratic" taxation system is a Socialist pooling of money meant for improving the quality of life for everyone... at least that's what supposed to happen. In the real world, taxes are frequently collected for the sole purpose of assisting a single entity (such as the military) which necessarily involves a particular citizenry; or is explicitly used to target a social concern as defined by those in authoritative leadership... a leadership that typically does not represent the best and the brightest because the system of government in place is not formulated for this express purpose. The people are forced to accept choosing between one or another person with a particular set of mediocre or sub-par visionary skills. While they may be adequate status quo office managers, they do not have the leadership skills which assist in the development of something better than the recurrence of social problems brought about by a rigged system of Justice, Legislation and Executive action.return

2It should be noted however, that the health care being received by U.S. veterans is not comprehensive. Vision and dental coverage typically is not covered (though an eye-check may be authorized). In fact, many veterans who have a means of getting alternative medical care and insurance coverage will choose it over the Veterans Administration system of care because of personal bad experiences or word-of-mouth comments depicting the medical treatment as sub-par... with contrary opinions just as prevalent.return

3The "Dictatorship" reference is acknowledged by the fact that there are no communally-public elections by which all military members are permitted to democratically vote on the leader of their choice. All military personnel are chained to links in a command structure (like a dog chained to a staked leash), and must comply to commands given by those selected to lead them... for good or ill. This is why some commanders get killed in circumstances which enable subordinates to conceal their role in getting rid of a bad leader. Such actions are sometimes referred to as "fragging". The so-called chain-of-command frequently becomes a means of obstruction, obfuscation and officious deliberations to conceal ulterior motives not in the best interests of the men and women in a given command.return

4The word "service" in the phrase "thank you for your service" has been turned into a verbal badge of recognition that non-military service individuals whole-heartedly disparage and fully appreciate the reality that most people do not see combat action nor do anything spectacular. Requiring all military individuals to have a High School diploma does not increase the over-all I.Q. standards because the military organization itself is a history of idiocy placed into garments that are supposed to give the impression of a quality of character that does not exist. For example, dog or cock fighting is not improved if those in command require everyone to wear formal wear and drink champagne while sitting in plus booths. Historically, military activity is a dirty, filthy, stinking business, no matter if all the participants were forced to attend an academy, express a certain jargon and manner at social gatherings, and otherwise give some pretense of civility. There is nothing heroic about killing others under a government sponsored license-to-kill, regardless of all the pats on the back commanders receive from politicians whose usage of the military is convoluted with myriad forms of ulterior motives. Non-service individuals see the military as a brain-washing effect on millions of people who are led to believe in an over-valued patriotism where there is no great accomplishment to be proud of... because social problems are increasing. Many of those who go into a "Service" do so because they want the overall social benefits that are paid for by taxes but the public is not permitted to share in these benefits because they are redefined as something anti-democratic. Needless to say, hypocrisy is wide-spread in the U.S. and other governments.return

5A System of Spoils is a practice in which the political party winning an election rewards its campaign workers and other active supporters by appointment to government posts and by other favours. The spoils system involves political activity by public employees in support of their party and the employees' removal from office if their party loses the election. A change in party control of government necessarily brings new officials to high positions carrying political responsibility, but the spoils system extends personnel turnover down to routine or subordinate governmental positions. Source: "Spoils System." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.return

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