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The Socialist Practices of a Communistically-based Military Welfare Program:
  •    The Military has no interest in practicing a Democracy.

    (It is viewed as a bureaucratized dictatorship.)

  •    The Military's pseudo-economic system is based on a (specialized and extremely expensive) Welfare State.

  •    The Military claims to be a champion of democracy but refuses to practice democracy itself.

  •    The Military has No Voting System..

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialst) Health Care System.

    (Everybody has 100% coverage without being forced to abide by insurance
    or pharmaceutical company nonsense in order to make a few people rich.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing System.


  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Basic Income Program.

    (Everybody has an income.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.

    (Everybody has a job.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Legal System.

  •    It is an hypocrisy to promote a democracy that is not permitted amongst one's own personnel.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Religious Services System.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Feeding/Nutrition system.

    (No One Goes Hungry.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.

    (Cafeterias, Mess Halls.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Communistic) Clothing Requirement.

    (Everyone dresses the same.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) Retail Outlets.

    ("Commi"-ssary/Post Exchange.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as large Communes.

  •    If democracy is as great as the Military claims it is, then it would practice it.
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The "TrumpCare" system...

(actually refers to:)

The "Trump I-don't-Care" system

So what are the citizenry angry about? Let's initiate this short discussion with the example known as "TrumpCare", which follows on the heels of the former "ObamaCare". Such presumed National Health Care programs are personalized with a Politician's name in the same respect there are other virtually useless monuments dedicated to former Presidents; mainly due to a persistent puerile egotism that goes on display because of the immature design of the overall government. With this said, because of the many millions of people who suffer due to such displays of arrogance, "TrumpCare" is better written as Trump-I-Don't-Care", because he and the Congress do not actually care about providing the people with what is truly needed. If they were really concerned about the people, a National Health Care system would reflect this perspective in both practice and Name. As it stands, the present joke of a National Health Care system is actually a National I-Don't-Care System that we can just as easily call it the "Congressional(I-Don't)-Care" National Health system as we can the "Trump"(I-Don't)-Care" National Health system... since neither Trump, his administration or the Congress actually care about how much the people are getting screwed, just so that a few can get enormously wealthy. The lack of a quality and just Health Care System for the people reflects the level of greed and disconcern both Trump and Congress has. They don't care how much people will have to individually pay into a Health Care system they can excuse themselves from participating in. They don't care how many millions will be under- or uninsured. They don't care whether the entire public gets the best health care, so long as they can excuse themselves from any feelings of guilt or shame by saying that "adequate" health care is being made "available" irrespective of how much misery it produces in peoples lives due to attached fees and regulations that are not in the best interests of the people. Trump is in a position that is so far over his head, he attempts to conceal his ignorance by allowing Congress and others do whatever they want so as to get their support... because they can easily manipulate a dunce.

Thus far, protestors in America have only resorted to threats against Federal Legislative Representatives, though those few who have become rather over-zealous in their efforts to express the out-rage so many people are feeling; are either over-reported by the press, under-reported, or not reported at all. Despite the increased incidents of anger by one or another public in given instances of public meetings, the voices of the people are not being listened to. The reality which the people are being forced to abide with is a different reality when Representatives get together in Washington and create laws to serve the interests of their campaign donors. In other words, threats against them are not enough. Many people have reached the conclusion that meetings with Congressional Representatives must be catapulted into an ambience of direct and unequivocal violence which sends a clear and unequivocal message. In other words, contemplations of maiming or killing Representatives is more openly contemplated, and being looked at as a chess piece to be moved onto the playing field in order to effect the mood of a crowd or individual to act out what many people want to do. Indeed, if someone were to Kill Trump, Pence and the rest of their confederates in government, business and religion, they would be hailed as a National... if not International hero by the public... despite the negativity some idiots in the press and government agencies would profess because they stupidly think the present government is doing the best that can be done for the people.

Yet, it not only is the membership of the Legislative body who must be sent the message, but those in corporations and Wall Street as well. Trying to talk "sense" to any of them may well get them to agree with the people when confronted by a crowd, but away from the people in some assumed sanctuary where various public exploitations are concocted, nothing changes. The people are not provided the needed Universal Health Care they deserve, along with a National vehicle insurance, and either Universal employment or some livable pension. But these three are not all the concerns that need to be addressed such that others insist that higher and trade/craft education should be free. Clearly the people can not rely on those in the Federal government to provide the needed Legislation, since so much of it is tied to personalized and individualized strategies of greed... that invariable takes advantage of the people.

The people are left with nothing to do but either threaten, maim, or kill those who are responsible, and could careless about assisting the people. Trying to discuss issues on a rational basis is a fool's errand. They don't care if the people complain and get mad... so long as they either keep their jobs (at doing nothing for the people) or can use it as a stepping stone for some career move... and let the people be damned if they don't like it.

There is no moral or rational reason for the people not to have Universal Health Care... where the word "affordable" is applied to every single person because everyone will have the same health care and not be split into a dichotomy emphasizing one for the wealthy and one for everyone else. We need a National Health Care system that has no double-standards and can not be undermined by anyone. Every single Legislator, lobbyist, Corporate boardroom member, investor and wealthy person must be forced to accept the same type of Health Care that they expect the public to take, or lose their position as a citizen and all their assets are confiscated.

But even those Representatives who are truly on the side of the people and want to use their position to attempt constructive changes by questioning different leaders in various sectors of society... as a means of intimidation; can not bring about useful developments when the whole of Congress is being viewed as a joke. Like the United Nations in so many of its exploits, committees created in U.S. Congress are seen as paper lions, tigers and bears in the form of shadows that are routinely dismisses as irrelevant. The stature and position of many a Congressional Representative is viewed as a farcical display of jestering. To have someone swear that they will tell the truth only means they have to tell the truth they believe in. Nothing is binding nor has the means of forcing compliance when their are hundreds of people who agree with them... and let the entire citizenry be damned if they don't like it. When such people live in a world where lying is expected and common-place, asking them to "swear to tell the truth" means little more than to speak of the currently accepted lies socially accepted amongst their peers.

When we have a Congressional leadership who actually believes they have come up with the best Health Care Plan for the Citizenry, but they themselves do not have to accept it, we're wasting our breath to try to convince them they are wrong. It doesn't matter if they are viewed as an honest, upstanding professional and kindly family person with a wonderful personality and jovial spirit. For all their good and great human qualities, they are a terrible Representative because they don't actually understand the whole of their constituents needs. Like the many good people who inhabited aristocracies of old, they live in a different reality than most of the public. This is the Congress, the White House and Supreme Court that Americans now have... but others in their respective countries know all to well in their respective social circumstances. It is supremely difficult to create a better world when there are so many governments who treat the people as shamefully as America's many (local, state, federal) governments do.

If such governments want to back the people up against a wall, then let them reap the consequences.

Ironically however, in seeking a Representative Government body to effect a greater reality, the public is left to choose between career politicians who know of nothing else but to perpetuate the old system of nonsense, and those whose careers have been focused on the alternative realities of theater in movies, television, or other personifications. The public becomes so desperate for a truly great political leadership, they are conned into believing that an actor or actress whose script exhibits a genuine concern for the people somehow translates into meaning that such an actor or actress would therefore make an inspiring for-the-people leader. However, once in office, these presumed reality stars show themselves to be more glitter and glamour than someone who actually knows what to do... even those who write the scripts would become easily daunted by the many tasks they would be confronted with in a situation based on reality and not some make-believe contrivance where variables from one scene to the next can be easily manipulated to serve the intentions of the writer, director and/or producer. Just because a person is likable on TV, in movies, or some other staged presentation, doesn't mean they can be an effective leader.

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