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Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
ZeekRewards... A Petition and Protest to the Government

At this initial juncture, let it be abbreviated that ZeekRewards was an old Penny Auction Site that was shut down by the S.E.C's claims that it was operating as a Ponzi scheme. Even as much as one might want to argue that the U.S. Social Security system is being run in a Ponzi-like manner, and whether or not your want to agree with the S.E.C., that has never had to take the ZeekRewards management to court, since its Will is that accepted as the definitive interpretation... the fact remains there are numerous shady activities taking place with respect to the totality of the overall circumstances. The attached PDF file is one person's experiences and their opinion. While some former members have received a portion of their money, not everyone has. Indeed, without an actual tally being conducted by the public itself and not some government-hired advocate, there is no way of telling how many millions of dollars are being kept by the S.E.C., its agents, and perhaps others associated with them.

While the author has placed the information into the context of applying a Cenocracy perspective to it, they hope there are others who share in some points and will forward the document, or at least a link there-to, in the direction of those in government and elsewhere that might find it of some interest.

Date of initial posting: Sunday, May 10, 2015 3:06 PM