Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective featuring a Tricameral Legislature
(Adopting the use of a Tricameral Legislature)

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Let us begin by providing relevant information as to why there is a need for an upgrade in the practices of government, though some readers already feel they need no additional assistance for views they already have in this respect.

There is a precedence for adopting a Tricameral model of Legislative government within all legislative bodies because it is a currency of thought processing evident in multiple subjects as well being a standard of human anatomy. However, we are not blind to the fact that such a change will require the use of force, because those in power will used force to keep themselves in power no matter what logic or evidence is provided. But let us begin by providing some examples of why we should turn our attention to the consideration of adopting a new structure of government that uses a "three" theme far more intensely and effectively than a mere act of compartmentalization and abbreviation usage for many main government entities such as the NSA, CIA, FBI, DOD, etc... (Our thanks goes out to Threesology.org for use of the images.)

Nature loves the Number three

Three separate historical accounts for using three languages on inscriptions

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Some three patterned distinctiions by different philosophers

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In essence, "Cenocracy" references the practice of a specific formula of Tricameralism. While a model of Tricameralism is practiced in those Legal systems utilizing a Jury Duty form of legality, typically for major crimes; this then establishes the presence of a precedent for the need of such a democratic practice applied to the Legislative process in order to further the development of Democracy, beyond its present rudimentary expressions embellished by patriotic fervors concealing multiple frailties and failings as currently advocated as quintessential representations of Democracy at its best for the one, and for the all. However, no national government, democratic or otherwise, is currently organized along Tricameral lines. To do so means to wrest government control from a select few which guarantee themselves personal entitlements (along with the illusion of being better endowed to confront complex social issues than a populace viewed as being naive, self-indulgent and even politically ignorant); into the hands of a more informed many who are willing to practice a model of government based on the opinion of the majority through self-representation.

Date of Origination: Thursday, 12th January 2023... 7:03 AM
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