1st, Everyone Must Stop Voting
1st: Everyone In The Nation Stops Voting!!!

...and signify their refusal to vote as a national protest!!!

—for definitive Government Reforms which exhibit the Will of The People—


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That's right, we get everyone to stop voting as our first but not only tactic, ... even though some will defy us because they are like the...

Tories and Loyalists of old:

Despotic Democracy Versus Revolutionists
  • An American who favored the British side during the American Revolution.

  • A person, group or entity upholding the cause of the Present Despotic government against the supporters of a Declaration For Greater Independence.

  • A supporter of traditional political and social institutions against the forces of reform; a political conservative.

Conservative Stubbornness
  • A person, group or entity that is resistant or reluctant to accept changes, new ideas, new methods and stubbornly prefers to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions and is aligned with the once denoted (singular-or-masculine) bourgeois or the (collective-or-feminine) bourgeoisie.

  • A person who is loyal to their allegiance of a political cause, party, government, or sovereign (especially in times of revolt to bring about corrective changes in a disenfranchising political system).

  • A person who continues to vote, no matter how corrupt and rigged a voting and elections system has become, because they prefer to participate in activities with known evils instead of accepting the challenge to make needed and necessary alterations so that voting becomes an honest and forthright practice that everyone can be proud of because it is an expression of a true democratic equality colloquially referred to as being fair and just. They are afraid of change even when it is the right thing to do.

  • An extremely demented form of conservative may be encountered especially when discussing political and economic principles... since their obsessively compulsive rationale can become berserkly reckless with a fomenting mouth of savagery and insane fury which mimics a rabid dog foaming at the mouth and must be 'put down' before getting a chance to infect the prevailing mental innocence of many in the public.

A Conservative Berserker

Types of rabies that may be seen in Conservatives:

(And remember, despotic governments like the U.S. are institutions of practiced conservatism sometimes referred to as the status quo, bureaucracy or tradition, though it often tries to claim itself as being progressive by engaging in aggressive acts to establish or maintain its own desired level of expressed conservatism that it wants others to mimic, and is routinely seen as a cultural dimension between a flip-flopped mirror image reflection of the Stock Market Index in order to give themselves a conservative, middle-of-the-road presence of whistling between two frightfully appearing extremes that they often have a hand in developing by either doing more of the same or nothing at all if that which is presented to them does not occasion a repeat of the usual with or without a disguise in ceremony, dress, setting, person, or language. The presence of perceived extremes is used as a guide rail by those who are otherwise blind. Conservatives will go out of their way to instigate the presence of extremes [such as poverty/wealth] in an effort to establish a make-shift compass bearing even though they have no idea where they are going unless it is in a circle on a social, political and economic merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, or skating ring.)

  1. Furious Rabies– The rabies symptoms associated with this form are categorized by exactly what the name implies. They may be very agitated or extremely aggressive towards (a) objects, (b) other animals (especially, but not only... humans nor limited to animals since there are multiple other life forms which may become a recipient of their wrath), and (c) sometimes even their own limbs. The aggression toward their own limbs often results in self mutilation. (Such as Tattooing or holes for jewelry?) They also drool excessively in most cases, which explains the "foaming at the mouth" associated with rabies.

  2. Dumb Rabies – Animals with dumb rabies may often seem tame and don’t appear to be bothered by people. They can appear lethargic and often seem paralyzed. Because of the paralysis, the animal may drool ("foaming at the mouth") and display odd facial expressions.

Source: Misunderstood Rabies Symptoms

And let us add a third category profile to the above list since it is so frequently observed to the point of resembling a frothing-at-the-mouth mental illness:

  1. Passive Aggressive Conservativism- The symptoms associated with this form are multi-various in that they are expressed in different (social, electrical, computer, mechanical, infrastructure, etc...) subtleties of undermining progressive efforts, to include sabotaging, blockading, obfuscations, double-speak...lying, setting-up-for-defeat, ambushing, cheating, stealing, confiscating, verbal abuse with a smile, financial ruin, censorship, policing of media, attempt to dominate media with a conservative pathology, gang raping public confidence for asserting itself to demand changes in institutional policies, doling-out patriotic inebriations, drugging educators with increased wages and benefits, instigating public distractions (war, economic strife, Congressional dramas, Judicial play-acting, engaging in pretentious dialectical disfigurements routinely involving taxes, allowing budgetary increases to those whose agendas— although advancing threatening dispositions with a stockpile of armaments) nonetheless support conservative models of agreed up measures of potential violence against agitators for progress, deliberately stirring public debates and internal group contentions to fatigue and distract would-be organized protest efforts, allocating tax dollars into frivolous ventures so as to leave none for real progress, disseminating false ideas through mainstream journalism channels, creating arguments amongst those striving for structural change in government as opposed to those who seek reforms for personal opportunisms (such as higher wages, health care, public welfare)... etc.

A rabid Conservative image 1 A rabid Conservative image 2 A rabid Conservative image 3

A Conservative's profile image 1
Image source: 100 Years Of Zombie Evolution
A Conservative's profile image 2
A Conservative's profile image 3
Image Source: Smallville Zombies

Tories and Loyalists of old, continued...:

Conservatives and their security blankets
  • A person, group or entity who is neurotically insecure and clasps tightly to traditions much like a child clings to a security blank, bottle, or stuffed animal— and experiences increasing levels of intensifying fear or desperation when confronted by the possibility of losing that which acts as a A conservative when confronted with change narcotic-like dependency; and invokes withdrawal-types of panic-stricken insecurities, irrational levels of vulnerability, anxieties, including a mental trauma that may be accompanied with excruciating physical forms of phantom-limb phenomena... as well as precipitating hostilities towards those or that which suggest anything resembling a weaning-from or severing-the-umbilical-cord process.

  • A person, group or entity that takes on the personification of a Janus-faced proponent of ideas which has historically participated in establishing a developmental insecurity of social existence with respect to concepts of dualist ethicalism (such as good/evil, right/wrong, heaven/hell) from which necessarily springs forth an ambivalence which provokes the construction of a dichotomous mind-set advancing a complexity of internalized fears, prejudices, and suspicions against those or that suggesting a departure from the familiar... like an evolving hominin who no longer clings tightly to the limbs of jungle trees with a canopy under which they can conceal their many social dramas, theatrics and intrigues... and instead walks forward onto the larger territory of a savannah called the future that we of today play a small part in.

Jekyll and Hyde Conservativism

In as much as we can make fun of the antics of some Conservatives, they could just as well create a comical review of Reformists and Revolutionists. To be fair, Conservatives can be a welcomed anchor in a troubled sea of social discord... even though while in positions of power they often instigate such discordant conditions in order to "come to the rescue" of the public and appear to be the good guy... like fire fighters of old who wanted to be full time firemen paid by taxes, instead of unpaid volunteers so they had to artificially create burning situations to advance the public idea that they were needed and a vital necessity. They often exhort caution with respect to practicality, yet... often times to a fault, which causes needless stagnation and repetition that can create traditions of mediocrity which engage in unseen (overlooked) incremental deteriorations against which their tenacious hold on-to traditions allows them to play the part of the captain going down with their ship... yet having forgotten to tell everyone else to abandon ship because if they must suffer so should everyone else as an expression of their defined equality.

If you want the routine of a visionless perspective, than the Conservative orientation is right for you. However, we Revolutionists and Reformists have been exhorting the need for repairs (in the government) which have gone ignored for too long. We can no longer simply reform the present government as one might repair a vehicle whose starter, battery or alternator have gone bad. The vehicle's underlying frame is bent and cracked. It can neither be straightened nor welded. Putting on a new paint job and detailing it with spit and polish won't resolve the underlying issues which include that the system is too antiquated for pursuing the needed journey of the Nation's future, much less humanity. Inclinations towards preserving the old based on sentimental traditions must accommodate the required expansion into a new realm of perspective by placing the old vehicle into a museum for those interested in reviewing what the present system was like... just as one might view the early excursions into automobile design as a feature of curiosity... though at the time of inception they were considered a technological break through and marvel.

1769 Cugnot Three-Wheeled Vehicle 1894 Karl Benz automobile
1895 Early Duryea car 1901 Early Automobile
1909 Model T Ford Renault automobile driven by Marie Curie in 1914
Volkswagen transitions
Example of a Chevy Corvette Convertible Volkswagen Beetle and Buses
Some Futuristic vehicles

The underlying frame of the government has been cracking for a long time and can not be repaired, particularly not with the chewing gum, bandaid, superglue, duck tape and other typical do-it-yourself applications made by Congressional Representatives. They neither have the skills, knowledge, or comprehension needed for creating a better functioning vehicle of social self-governance.

Whereas we might attempt to use something other than vehicles in general (or a specific model) as an analogy in describing transitional stages of development, various mechanical devices such as automobiles readily illustrate advances in different areas: production (such as the production line introduced by Henry Ford), training (vocational, on-the-job, skills aptitude identification), expertise (draftspersons, electronic/mechanical engineers, finance administration, human resources, plant/department management, fluid mechanics, etc...), as well as ownership. (Reflexively, let us imagine what the worlds' economies and cultures would look (and function) like if we had not progressed beyond the horse, wagon and buggy days.)

Advances in automobiles can help more people easily identify the developmental changes attributed to human behavior than say the development of the horse or some other animal/plant breeding stock for human usage and/or consumption, since it may at times be difficult to sort out which characteristic was deliberately introduced by some human behavior as opposed to some natural or serendipitous event with or without the presence of human activity. While there are those who have developed a specific interest in a given area of plant or animal research that are familiar with man-made versus nature-made models, such knowledge is not as wide-spread as are the changes that have taken place in the automobile industry and its representative economic and political value for the present discussion about the desperate need for revamping the government because it represents an antiquated type of guild.

However, let us take the commonly known corn-with-a-cob plant of food:

Simplifed configuration of corn's evolutionary stages

Despite the prominence of corn in the late archaeological record of Mesoamerica, the origins of this crop are still not clearly understood. The oldest recovered corn cob is from GuiláNaquitz and dates to between 6300 and 6000 BP, but corn was probably not domesticated in this part of Mexico, because it appears suddenly and in an already domesticated form. Among the wild grasses—including teosintes (e.g., Zea diploperennis and Z. mays parviglumis), the best candidates for the wild ancestor of corn—none have the extraordinarily robust and productive cob structure of corn. In one model a series of massive mutations has been proposed to account for the development of the corn cob, but how to account for these mutations is problematic. Instead of requiring mutations, a recent genetic analysis indicates that a third grass, gamma grass (Tripsacum dactyloides), crossed with teosinte to produce a hybrid with the cob structure typical of corn. Although teosinte is not particularly palatable, Tripsacum has a history of being used for food. People may have recognized teosinte-Tripsacum crosses in the wild and selected them for planting. Another possibility is that teosinte and early corn were exploited first for the sugar content of their stalks and leaves. Ancient Mexicans chewed the leaves and stalks of early corn for their sweet flavour, and the sugar and starch from corn were also useful in making alcohol, an important comestible in many types of social interactions. Corn kernels would have been less important in these contexts, making it less likely that they would be preserved. This might help explain the rarity of corn in the early archaeological record. Whatever its origins, corn became a staple crop of the Americas, where it was often prepared as a potage or by boiling in limewater and grinding. Cornmeal paste was then made into tortillas, flat cakes, or gruel.

Source: "agriculture, origins of." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

3 divisions in a guild

No matter how advanced and productive the people may want to be, no matter how future-bound their aspirations, the system in which they are provided the leadership which is enabled to effectively administrate the realization of the necessary conditions... workplace and overall business atmosphere must exhibit the same qualitative aspirations and not the arrogance of an collective-aristocracy. Hence, in order for societies to prosper with all the talents and available resources, the systems of administration must be equal to the task. As it stands, the current processes of election and voting do not enable the people to acquire the needed and necessary leaderships to make progressive transitions possible... the people are stagnant, in a rut, in a mud bog, an ant-lion pit of sand. Whereas we talk about the transformation of workplace talent and training methodologies to keep abreast with technological advances which describe increasing skills requirements amongst those who share a given trade... once regularly referred to as guilds (merchant or trade: Apprenticeship- Journeyman- Master) and then generally relabeled as unions (at least for trades); we fail to include the roll in which government leaders play as an expressed guild system itself.

In plain language, we have an elections and voting system which perpetuates a political system (that in turn perpetuates a self-serving voting and elections system) that has taken on the disposition of being a guild that became, in its present form, an antiquated body for future usage— though it was useful in the fledgling development of the Nation. Let me say this again more boldly:

The circularity of oppressed progress

Government systems are being run like the guilds of old and are oppressing the development of both social and economic growth.

In the following excerpt, one need only insert the present governing system into that which is being discussed concerning the old guild system, in order to realize the parallel circumstance the people of today are being subjected to. In other words, the present government is an old guild system being perpetuated by an antiquated elections and voting system that keeps humanity from progressing onto the next stage of social and economic development. It is a riotous, rebellious, Revolutionary-level event:

In their heyday from the 12th to the 15th century, the medieval merchant and craft guilds gave their cities and towns good government and stable economic bases and supported charities and built schools, roads, and churches. Guilds helped build up the economic organization of Europe, enlarging the base of traders, craftsmen, merchants, artisans, and bankers that Europe needed to make the transition from feudalism to embryonic capitalism. Yet the guilds' exclusivity, conservatism, monopolistic practices, and selective entrance policies eventually began to erode their economic utility. Apprenticeships became almost entirely heritable, and masters set ridiculously high standards for apprentices to become journeymen and for journeymen to become masters. The guilds worked exclusively for their own interests and sought to monopolize trade in their own locality. They were frequently hostile to technological innovations that threatened their members' interests, and they sometimes sought to extinguish commercial activities that they were not able to bring under their own control. The merchant guilds became parties of aristocrats who dominated the town and city governments, sometimes over the opposition of the craft guilds.

Source: "guild." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

But for those of you who have difficulty in translating the above into modern language:

In their heyday from the 19th to the 21st century, the various government guilds gave their cities and towns relatively workable government and semi-stable economic bases and supported charities (via tax concessions) and built schools, roads, and churches (out of enforced taxes on the people). Government guilds helped build up the economic organization of Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America, enlarging the base of market place traders, economic craftiness, monopolistic interests, cartel, trust, syndicate, (etc...) merchants, creative accounting artisans, and voraciously hungry bankers that the world used to make the transition from feudalism to embryonic capitalism. Yet the guilds' aristocratic exclusivity, imperialistic and colonial conservatism, monopolistic practices, and selective entrance policies have long begun to erode their economic and social utility. Apprenticeships into the guilds have become either exercises in heredity, political-guild party membership, and despotically contrived campaign financing, while the guilds' reigning masters (without term limits) set ridiculously high standards for apprentices to become journeymen and for journeymen to become masters. The guilds work almost exclusively for their own and close collaborative interests and seek to monopolize all political trade in their own locality. They are frequently hostile to technological voting and elections innovations that threaten their selective members' interests, and they sometimes seek to obstruct commercial activities that they not able to bring under their own control in order to force one business or another to provide a kick-back directly to themselves or someone with whom they are associated so as to conceal their receipt of any gains. The political guilds become associated with various business aristocracies who dominate the town and city governments with lobbyists or personalized advantage, very often over the opposition of the public who has little to no say so over their own collective lives.

Source: "Government Guild." Cenocratic Encyclopædia Reference Suite, 2018.

In our efforts to provide the necessary skills, knowledge and comprehension, we have tried to get our point across by using the typical avenues for communication such as petitioning the government (where only the Executive Branch is actually petitioned), writing to our Congressional Representatives, and engaging in street-side protests. Yet all of these methods have been to no avail. We must now resort to a new tactic for creating a better government.

This tactic uses a progressively assertive methodology because we are confronting a despotic government whose willfulness wants everyone to yield to its presently practiced standards, even though they are clearly at odds with the best interests of the public. The actions and reactions of Despotic governments are pretty predictable in that they do not wish to conform to the Will of the people, but wants the Will of the people to defer to its judgment, regardless of how hypocritical it is. This we can no longer do.

In this new strategy we will 1st get everyone to stop voting and thus occupy all election's venues. It is a statement of protest against a recalcitrant government that refuses to provide the people with an increased wage and benefits package of their Inalienable Rights... which include a collective Self-Representation and Self-Determination.

However, as I said, we are going to use a progressive formula of protest because it is needed against such a stubborn entity as the government has repeatedly shown itself to be. The following is a preliminary list that may have to be modified once its practices are put into place and the government begins to forcefully react to stop our assertions instead of simply addressing the many issues we want redressed. Yep, instead of addressing the many issues the people want to be resolved to their satisfaction, the government will attempt to create one or another internal or external situation to provide it with an excuse to ignore the people and ask for the people to support it. All of which is a government contraption to enforce its despotic predispositions... and let the people be damned if they don't like it. Because of this attitude the people will have to engage in increasing levels of self-assertion... and make preparations to fight off those Conservatives who join in a Militia against us.

There is nothing those in the present government will not do (start a war, create economic strife, call for martial law, perpetrate internal conflicts, instigate political dramas as side show distractions, etc...) in order to try to stop those who want to reform the government through a restructuring effort, because a structure may well signal the loss of their position to impose their will on the public.

Initial Tier:

  1. A National Boycott of all elections. (Do not give in to bribes, scare tactics, manipulated patriotisms, threats, specious conciliations, etc... Replacing one political candidate for another who find themselves in an unworkable system is waste of time and plainly stupid.) Cooperatively participating in a system only serves to perpetuate it, like a dog chasing its own tail.

  2. Refusal to pay Federal Taxes (States should prepare to keep the money. If States give the money to the Federal government, all taxes from the State will be withheld as well.)

  3. Shut down the entire Capitalist system. (Stock pile supplies against the protracted stubbornness of a Despotic government that has no interest in effecting reforms in accordance with the Will of the People. It will use every dirty trick at its disposal to get the public to bend to its Will so that it can continue to subjugate the Many by a Few.)

Secondary Tier:

  1. Targeted Riots (corporate financials, government communications/media propaganda, etc...)
  2. Riotous Rebellion (minor armaments against specific targets)
  3. Revolution (full augmentation against specific targets)

Tertiary Tier:

  1. Destroying all politically-oriented monuments, street signs, building inscriptions, etc... (Overall infrastructure is to be left intact... unless we are given no choice but to do otherwise.)
  2. Attacking (subduing) specific Corporate and Civic leaders.
  3. Confiscation of all government activities on behalf of the people to effect a better government.

Though we humbly implore all military and param-military personnel to please stand down in order to stand up for our right to create a government which best suits our collective ideas and ideals as a precedent stipulated in the first Declaration of Independence; a refusal on their part to do so will oblige us the necessity of interpreting their denial as a deliberate assault on our Inalienable Right of Independence— and will signify We The People are in a state of War with the Government.

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