Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Prologue


After the colonists of Early America won Independence from Britain, the full emergence and application of having acquired their inalienable rights which included the Right of Self-Representation and Self-Determination, was left disproportionately in the hands of a few who were involved in the early development of constructing a Federal (National) Government. For the most part, the general public was disincluded from being able to enjoy the fruits of their labors, which they had fought... and many died for. In fact, Women, Native Americans, Blacks and non-property owning white people were not even permitted to vote for those who took it upon themselves to practice the self-endowed entitlement to experience the lion's share of the Independence bounty which became described as a process of practiced democracy. While most inhabitants of the United States are now enabled to vote (with some regulatory exceptions regarding citizenship, age, incarceration, infirmity, political party affiliation in general elections, etc.), they yet remain unable to experience a full measure of their Rights. In effect, one might say that the measure of democracy the general public is permitted to have, is less than a quarter of the eligibility to experience an equal share of the very democracy their ancestral forebears fought to secure in the American Revolution. In fact, if a person did not acquire some of the spoils from the war, in most event they ended up with less than they had, and any measure of Inalienable Right was at a meagre subsistence level. Metaphorical speaking, any intimated offer of gaining more Inalienable Right eligibility was provided as a verbal I.O.U., that one may describe as an illusory "American Dream". It is a bill-of-consciousness, so-to-speak, that the people must now collectively submit together, and negotiate the release of funds being held in a long-overdue Constitutional escrow payment account.

At present, the citizens of today are not entitled to experience a full measure of their Inalienable Rights because the scales of that measurement are weighted heavily in favor of a few over the many— leaving the people with a miniscule proportion of a greater level of equality they should rightly have as an inherited Independence endowment that has been confiscated through an unjust and adulterated civil asset forfeiture practice akin to a right of imminent domain clause against which the public has no Representation protecting us from such a denigrating taxation. The people have a right to securing for themselves a full measure of those equalities guaranteed as our inalienable rights asserted through a won Independence and established: (1) either by birthright, (2) solemnity of patriotic oath, or (3) as a fully functional member in the civil activities of consensually interactive commerce from which taxes are drawn and abidance to laws give credence to the fact that such acts constitute a participating allegiance deserving of an unmitigated status of citizenship. By being denied the Right of Self-Representation and the Right of Self-Determination, from which the standards of equality are proportionality drawn... the people are in effect being treated as subjects of a watered-down, bitterly mixed, modern day distinct form of Regalized Aristocracy. This is the practice of a disproportioned democracy that must, by its character, be defined as a phony democracy and relegated to the dust bin of historical infamy.

We of today are collectively witnessing a resurgent awareness of an increasing discrepancy to our sovereign Rights promoted by the self-ingratiating policies of a despotically-oriented government aligned with an insatiable avarice of commercial interests— over the basic needs of the populace defined by the conditions of the era in which they live— whose many requests to the governing body to address issues of urgency and long-standing sufferance go unanswered, are excused as a negligibility or are otherwise delayed, denied or made legislatively dysfunctional ... and therefore define an abusive disinterest culminating in barriers of language, ideology and the mutual civilities of personable regard, cultural respect, and shared rationality. Because such a state of affairs offer us a stark resemblance to those activities exhibited in America's past colonial years, it is of a relative recognition that we describe those who support the prevailing inequities of tradition as an about-face retrieval of a membership previously identified with the labels "Loyalists" and "Tories". Those of us who claim the Right to a full measure of Democracy, a full measure of equality, a full measure of their inalienable Rights such as Self-Representation and Self-Determination, also claim the right to be described as the New Generation of progressively-oriented, forward marching Patriotic Revolutionists who embrace a Just Cause, by way of making known our Declaration For Greater Independence!

With this then, standing forefront as the emboldened signatures of those who will likewise sign in order to be recognized as having committed themselves to this Declaration— to the liberation of the people from their inequities of a disproportioned democracy— we hereby draw a line in the sand. You are either a Loyalist and Tory who fights for the retention of oppressive, suppressive, and repressive traditions promoted by the presently regimented formula of a phony democracy; or you are a Revolutionist that strives for a reformation of government in order to achieve a full measure of democracy and obtain the inalienable Right of Self-Representation and Self-Determination... without being interceded by go-betweens of policy or person which can undermine the Collective Will of the People. No less, let us further acknowledge the accountability of those who think to straddle the line as an opportunist, be prepared to be viewed as a scoundrel, as a traitor... and will well deserve their Just treatment... accordingly.

As our deliberations to restore a full measure of our Inalienable Rights step up and forward, let us again make an appeal to all Military and Para-Military law enforcement personnel to stand down in order to stand up for the Right of the people to collectively choose which type of government and economic system they think is best for them... that is, after we have secured a full and binding allowance in our Inalienable Rights wage and benefits package which Constitutionally mandates that the people have a Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination. Hear Ye Well. For the dawn of a Cenocracy is newly risen. And this day foretells a lengthy passage. But at its end, we shall have a New Government... With a Cenocratic formula of governance!

Date of Origination: Thursday, 18-January-2018... 4:11 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 22-Jan-2018... 10:50 AM