Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum XIII


I must reveal to the public a highly guarded secret. Now you may be of the persuasion to accept the following as mere fiction, but it is a fact. To wit, there is rather a strange phenomena which occurs from time to time... like some weather condition which alters behavior to assume a propensity to transform a person into a personality which can add multiple layers of clothes or to venture outside or remove most of them and lay about on a beach. While there are other instances that most people have acknowledged and generally taken for granted, the relative point to be made in the context of this Cenocratic Manifesto is that there is a type of cultural weather condition which occurs during an election that affects the mood and mind of the population. For some as yet unfathomable reason, the entire voting populace is somehow spontaneously transformed into a massive body of super knowledge, wisdom and intellect so that it can choose between the good/bad, right/wrong, just/unjust political candidate who is thought to be best to Represent the people for a given office. It is astonishing that a lineup of people vying for a political office allow themselves to be subjected to such a forceful interrogation of collective interpretation. Nonetheless, they do and thus are inclined to think of themselves as "The Chosen One."

Oh, but my tale does not end here. It is but the bare beginning of this very strange phenomena. Whereas the population mass which was somehow seemingly transformed into this great repository of wisdom, intelligence and discerning insight capable of choosing someone who is best at Representing them, they are then... like having broken through the fever of an illness, once again automatically and dramatically transformed into a large gelatinous mass of idiocy! I realize how utterly fantastic this sounds, but it is true. Whereas the public somehow acquires a great level of perspicuity allowing to choose the best person who is to Represent them in Government, after they have made their selection they are transmogrified into a greater complexity of complete and utter ignorance which disables them from being able to collectively Represent themselves in choosing which law for a given issue can Represent them! Whereas the people somehow undergo a transformed contortion into a state of retardation, those they selected undergo the contortion of having somehow been automatically been transformed into having osmotically acquired a great intellect, a great wisdom, and an overall... all around super colossus embodiment of an ultra leadership capability!

How is such a series of transformations permitted to continue? Is the present formula of Democracy the center of this cultural phenomena, or does it exist in all socio-political practices? Why in the world do we let such a "disease" persist? (I say "disease" for want of a better explanation as to the cause of such a strange occurrence.) Is there something wrong with the education system? Does it teach the public to effect a behavioral routine of super intelligence, insight, knowledge, wisdom and similar attributes only during elections, and then use some unrecognized mechanism for releasing this expanded consciousness? Or perhaps it is religion which has taught the public to exhibit a more sustained level of yearly ignorance because such a behavior is more conducive to its idea of humility... a behavior in which a person's emotional and intellectual guards are let down making them more susceptible to being manipulated into a subservient role, dependent on a church leadership's guidance which permits it an opportunity for easier exploitation? If not the education and religious systems, then is it perhaps due to the type of economics being practiced? Or perhaps it is the formula of government?

3-tiers of inequality though you only see two

If one asserts that the people don't get stupid, that they simply defer their attributes to someone whom they think will faithfully serve their best interests, what happens when it is realized that the collective Will of the Representatives do not Represent the Will of a People who have stupidly permitted themselves to be legally prevented from exercising their collective Will on behalf of themselves, when the so-called Chosen Representatives do not adequately address a mounting assemblage of social issues the people want resolved? What good is the Collective Will of the people when it has been swindled into preventing itself from legally aborting their elected selections when those who were selected are found to have conned their way into the good graces of the public in order to place themselves behind a fortress of legalized politicization which prevents the public from easily exerting the same Will against those that was used in selecting them? How is it that the super-intellect of the public has permitted the development of a government which forcefully permits the many to be directed by the few who were selected by the Many who are then forced to surrender any ability to correct its mistakes of choice? What idiots decided this was an expressed practice of equality? No less, the once highly discerning public somehow overlooks that the minority in government who dictate their terms of compliance to the public, are themselves appreciably influenced by yet a smaller few who have accumulated a larger deposit of financial liquidity? The reason the scales of equality are so unbalanced in favor of a few, is that the few have an unrecognized mass of many different groups of "few" whose inter-activities add weight to the scales in order to make them unbalanced, though they can claim they have no part in the misbalanced scale... but they do.

All organizations which rely on government support by being given grants, subsidies, tax exclusions, tax deferrals, etc..., participate in the scales of inequality against the public. In some instances, equality would negate their reason for existence. Whereas many people may echo the cry for greater equality, in practice, they don't want equality... they want a measure of entitlement that someone else doesn't have because they have an active ego. If you remove a person's ego, it is not their self-identity which vanishes, but the need for having a hand in disproportionism. But if we can't get away from human ego, how is it that we can accomplish reforming the government to practice a greater equality nonetheless?

In order to rebalance the scale of equality we need to acquire the density provided by an increased wage in our Inalienable Rights. By acquiring a Full Wage of Self-Representation with the adoption of a Peoples Legislative Branch, the legislative weight of the few in government and the weight of the few rich who can influence them, will be offset to balance out. But let us approach this perspective from another venue by using a simple calculation. Let us say that the "Many" are represented by the value of "three" since in primitive counting systems it is noted that there is a language equivalent word for the quantity "One" and the quantity "Two", but that any quantity beyond the "Two" was considered "Many". By this same basic formula of one-to-one relatedness between a number and a representative word, we can describe the word "Few" with the numerical value of "One" because of our interest in making a contrast, and not so much that the word "Few" could well be used to describe a "Many", though it would necessarily represent a different kind of "Many", just as would the words "bunch" "a lot" "several", etc... Different words can relate to different quantities depending on context, usage and the person making a given reference. For our purposes, in short, the quantity "3" will be noted as "Many" and the idea of "Singularity" signifying the quantity "1", will be used to distinguish the "Few" attribute though the value of "1%" has been used in the context of describing the rich.

The Few ("1") are used to define the disposition of the Many ("3"), even though in the case of voting it is the many who choose the disposition of the few. For some unfathomable reason, this situation becomes reversible and is described as an expression of equality!... as some sort of inverting mathematics principle that is so simple that it is not yet discovered by mathematicians who are blinded by the complexity of advanced mathematics! At voting time, the "many" ("3") is the dominant value, but after the election the "few" (1) is allowed to assume the greater value! We of Cenocracy.org must (embarrassingly) confess that we all missed this basic rule of mathematics in all our years of schooling. In fact, if you were to suggest this to any grade school child, they would probably think you're pretty dumb. If nothing else, it indicates the level and type of irrational logic being played out in the current system of governance. However, the "3 to 1" relationship does in fact have some relevance in that there is a biological precedent for its usage. This precedent is seen when we look at both DNA and RNA. For both of them share the same three amino acids known as adenosine- cytosine, guanine... with a defining singular amino acid which for DNA is Thymine and for RNA is Uracil. Hence, we have a three-to-one ratio... or a "Many to Few" Correspondence. In this instance, the single amino acid defines the characteristic of the three (many). While some readers may rush to tell their friends that the inequality being experienced as some underlying biological influence, we need to look at this pattern in the context of the government's schematic of using three branches. Whereas we have three branches, there is no defining singularity... nothing to direct the association to be a "whole" model or statement as are the 3-to-1 ratios of DNA and RNA. Without the presence of an active singularity, the three are undefined. It is therefore prudent that we add a defining singularity as a Peoples Legislative Branch.

Three to One ratios

While this biological example may be interpreted by some readers to be an interesting analogical correlation, they do not have the import that say a group of "many" would hold in terms of providing evidence of an underlying cognitive construct that we should take into greater consideration.... though this is the very argument that the "many" citizens is trying to point out to be contrasted with the singular "few" in the government and amongst the wealthy. On the hand the few want a "many" group of representative similarities before making an assessment, but only in as much as the many is support of the few. Nonetheless, because there is a growing number of people who are not buying into the stupidity of logic being used by the government, there is need for providing them with more examples in order for them to conclude that there does in fact exist many analogical precedents from different subjects for creating a new formula of government. In other words, the idea of using a "3 to 1" ratio is not an abstract formula created out of thin air. It is a formula of thinking which is widely available to be recognized once one has acquired the mental frame work which permits the realization of its presence. By delving into the topic, we are exploring the philosophical or theoretical aspects of a new governmental design, just as when other ideas are formulated and seek out some representative model... be it a mechanical model used to describe the movement of planets, or a biological model when looking at the "body" of social concerns, or some other event in nature that may be used as a metaphor or analogy to assist others (and initially oneself) in grasping what parallels may exist to provide greater insight... and perhaps further the development of a newly hatched idea whose form and functionality may at first appear to be vague.

3 1
3 grouped (drumming) beats separated by 1 emphasized beat (Native American)
3 ordinary dimensions: Length ~ Width ~ Depth 1 Time dimension
3 fundamental gauge forces: Strong - Weak - Electromagnetic 1 fundamental non-gauge force: Gravity
3 "even" amino acids: Adenosine ~ Cytosine ~ Guanine 1 "odd": Uracil (RNA), Thymine (DNA)
3 basic protein structures: Primary - Secondary - Tertiary 1 composite protein structure: Quaternary
3 (metal) vending coins: Nickels ~ Dimes ~ Quarters 1 relational (paper) form: Dollar bill
3 numbered potatoes: 1 potato ~ 2 potato ~ 3 potato 1 un-numbered 4 (counting game)
3 numbered bits: 2 bits ~ 4 bits ~ 6 bits 1 un-numbered: a dollar (cheer-leading)
3 face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 related Ace card (faceless)
3 typically used face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 less commonly used face card: Joker
3 rhymes: eeny ~ meeny ~ miney separated by 1 (mo) of another 3: (mo ~ toe ~ go)
3 indoor coverings: Curtains ~ Blinds ~ Shades 1 related outdoor: Shutters
3 God labels: He ~ She ~ It 1 relational: Non-Entity (non-existence)
3 numbered bases: 1st ~ 2nd ~ 3rd related to 1 unnumbered: Home plate/base
3 customary years 1 relational: leap year
3 primary cycles: Intake ~ Compression ~ Power 1 relational: Exhaust
3 "element" A-U-M = "OM"
(Birth~ Being~ Dissolution)
1 relational: Silence
3 step shampooing: Wet hair ~ Lather ~ Rinse 1 relational: Repeat as desired
3 female desires for a man: Tall ~ Dark ~ Handsome 1 relational: Rich
NREM (non rapid eye movement)is divided into three stages REM is usually referred to as a single phase
(Despite the fact that a complex set of physiological fluctuations takes place in REM sleep.)
3 part call: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 1 relational: The court is now in session
3 part game call: Apples ~ Peaches ~ Pumpkin Pie 1 relational: Who's not ready hollar I
3 basic forms of matter: Solids ~ Liquids ~ Gases
(Earth- Water- Air)
1 relational: Plasma
3 (metrical foot) stressed syllables 1 relational unstressed syllable
3 guitarists (Beatles): Paul ~ John ~ George 1 relational drummer: Ringo
3 regular U.S. forces: Army ~ Navy ~ Air force 1 relational: Marines (Navy Dept.)
[Coast Guard = Dept. of Transportation]
3 times repeated cadence: Gimme' (give me) your left 1 related: Right (military marching)
Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left----- Right
3 consonants to (four-letter) Cuss Words 1 related vowel
3 (numerical) feet: 1 foot + 1 foot + 1 foot equals 1 related (word): Yard
3 common body crossings: Legs ~ Arms ~ Fingers 1 uncommon related: Eyes
3 Europeans: D.L. George ~ V. Orlando ~ G. Clemenceau 1 (U.S.A): W. Wilson (Paris Peace Talks)
3 at-bat chances to run 1 relational mandatory walk (ball four)
3 microorganism "vats": Rumen ~ Reticulum ~ Omasum 1 "true" stomach: Abomasum (Ruminants)
3 Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! related to: 1 Step Right Up (Circus Barker)
3 synoptic gospels: Matthew - Mark - Luke 1 idiosyncratic gospel: John
Trinitarian (3) concept related to Unitarian (1) concept
3 original musketeers (Athos, Porthos, Aramis) 1 add-on (d'Artagnan)
3 active brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta) 1 inactive brain wave (Delta)
3 types of cones to the human eye 1 type of rod to the human eye
3 Piaget operational stages: Pre - Concrete - Formal 1 [non-operational] sensorimotor stage
3 Basic gaseous biological compounds:
Hydrogen- Oxygen- Nitrogen
1 Basic solid compound:
3 rows of outer hair cells (mammalian ear) 1 row of inner hair cells
3 imagined places: Paradise - Purgatory - Inferno 1 actual place: Earth
3 common growing seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall 1 less typical growing season: Winter
3 metal ages: Silver - Bronze/Copper - Iron
[Bronze is an alloy of Copper]
1 non-metal age: Stone
(Was there a bone or stick age?)
3 common alternate milk (with fat) forms: 1% - 2% - Skim 1 common standard form: Whole milk
3 interactive identities: i - j - k = 1 resultant quaternion identity: -1
W. Hamilton's quaternion formula: i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = -1
3 gasoline types: Unleaded - Regular - Premium 1 Diesel fuel oil
3 non-gasoline fuels: Diesel - Propane - Natural Gas 1 gasoline fuels
3 Earthly-bound Horsemen plagues:

War- Famine- Pestilence
1 Heaven/Hell-bound Horsemen plague:

3 (physically labeled) psychosexual stages:
Oral - Anal - Genital
1 (non-physically labeled) stage:
Latency period
3 (OK Corral) Earp brothers: Wyatt - Morgan - Warren 1 (OK Corral) Doc Holiday
3 Stanley Miller Chemical Evolution experiment gases:
Methane ~ Hydrogen ~ Ammonia
1 Stanley Miller liquid:
Art Maxim Percentages division:
Art is 75% perspiration (75% = 3)
"and" --- 25% inspiration (25% = 1)
3 basic tea types: Black - Green - Oolong 1 (basic) rare tea type: White
3 basic mathematical operations:
Addition- Subtraction- Multiplication
1 auxiliary mathematical operation:
3 (DNA) bases code for: 1 amino acid
3 customary laws of Thermodynamics 1 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics
3 types of bone: Cortical - Compact - Trabecular 1 relational: Cartilage (pre-bone)
3 U.S. Presidential debates (2004) 1 relational: U.S. Vice President debate (2004)
3 compulsory schools: Elementary - Jr. High - High school 1 non-compulsory school: College (or Trade)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Fred - Wilma - Pebbles 1 animal character: Dino (family pet)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Barney - Betty - Bam Bam 1 animal character: Hoppy (family pet)
3 "regular" corners to a building 1 principal Corner Stone to a building
3 foot bones of ancient horses Fused together to make modern horse hoof
3 at-base runners: 1st base - 2nd base - 3rd base 1 at-home-plate grand slam hitter
3 "traditional" size proportions:
Small- Medium- Large
1 commercial profiteering size proportion:
3 flexible downs in American football 1 down to play it safe or risk it all
3 word vulgar expression: God Damn It 1 (3 into 1) single word vulgar expression: Goddamnit
3 meal options: Sandwich - Side-order - Drink called a (1) combo meal
3 single letter blood type designations: A - B - O
(positive or negative)
1 double letter blood type designation: AB
(positive or negative)
3 phase (U.S.) electric service is related to 1 phase (U.S.) electric service
(followed by a comma that both separates and compartmentalizes this three)
Whereby a "Thousands" place can be designated into a one-to-three formula:
— 1,234 —

Let's not provide a few images depicting the 3-to-1 ratio (though you may prefer to say a 1-to-3 ratio):

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