Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum XVII


Besides the strange behaviors which accompany voting... is the phenomena of behavior by which many define what is and what is not representative of proper Democratic activity. For example, let's say in front of us is two or more individuals recognized as Legislators who are engaged in a whispered conversation while glancing up at us or at anyone who happens to be in front of them. You may or may not think that they are speaking about you or them, since looking about one's environment is a common activity. However, if these same politicians turn their backs on you and engage in the same type of whispered conversation, you might become offended... depending of course on your disposition of whether or not you are deliberately attempting to interpret one or another person in a given context is being offensive to you. On the one hand you may well accept the act of whispering amongst themselves as a social allowance (for whatever reason), but not if they turn their back on you when you think the occasion calls for them to extend to you a measure of respect suggested by a person not having there back to you as some sort of principal of social exclusion conducted by primates. If a group carries on a whispered conversation while faced in your direction, you may conclude it is an expression of democracy, but the other (with their backs turned to you) is an autocratic (social exclusionary) form of secrecy... all of which of course depends on one's sensitivity to such behavior. Nonetheless, the simple point being made is to represent the idea that different definitions are being used to describe not the content of their conversation, but their body language in relation to you and/or others. The same language being expressed differently by body posture can be that which is interpreted as a falsehood. While this is all pretty basic psychology, it is presented in order to ask what the present posture of democracy is. Has the posture become an expression of an unrecognized disability that is being covered up by language in order to conceal an underlying disease, illness, or routine created by the economic system in place?

Another instance of this is when you are in front of a panel of those in some authoritative position who may be standing or sitting faced in your direction. You may not feel offended if they were to whisper while faced forward, but may become angered or "disturbed" if they do the same thing with their backs to you. The geometric arrangement of the sitting or standing arrangement may or may not be recognized as a linear configuration. The same situation goes if the authoritative persons are in a circle facing you and whispering or if they have their backs to you and are whispering. The geometric figure of this group is circular. There are also occasions in which the configuration might suggest to you the design of a triangular schematic. Nonetheless, whether group members are facing towards you or away from you may be used as a means to judge whether they are being fair, honest, deceitful, secretive, rude, polite, democratic or otherwise. Again, we are describing posture, but a posture of the mind, of cognition such as knowledge, memory, creative indulgence, wistfulness, etc...

For a brief moment there is a need to bring to the fore a list of correlations which have been collected regarding the linear, circular, triangular trio since they relate to social postures in and out of government, and play out like the rock- paper- scissor(s) game which can be viewed as a syllogism not unlike the behavior which three branches of government sometimes engage in, if not a '3-shells' game with the people's Inalienable Rights as the pea being jostled about from shell to shell to keep the public for finding it. Such analogies (though there are others), can be helpful while engaging in contemplations of theoretical dimensions which allow one to wander a bit away from the conventions of an enumerative accounting tally which does not typically involve typically unindexed visualizations to become scrutinized as representing comparative models useful in analysis.

Paper, Rock, Scissors as linear, circular, triangular geometric forms 3 shells and 1 pea game

In the present contemplative assertions of a theoretical disposition the addition of analogical comparatives is of value to broaden the landscape of our intellectual entrepreneurial enterprise, such that variations of the linear- circular- triangular configurations noticeable in socio-political situations have a very large fraternity (and sorority) when other perceptual inquiries are made from divergently acquired subjects that establish the existence of a conceptual continuity occurring with the human brain which uses different forms of "language" similarly indexed by such abstract notions as the "language" of music, art, visualization, contemplations, nuances, ephemeralities, juxtapositions, dualistic-triangularities, prepositional inferences, intermittent memorizations, conjectural transparencies, etc...:

Here are a few examples of Linear, Circular, Triangular expressions:

"3" Basics Formula Linear Circular Triangular
3 galaxy/universe items Our galaxy through space Motion of galaxy Expansion/Contraction  {<>,X}
3 basic Earth motions Earth+Moon+Sun Rotation of Earth Precession of Earth's axis
3 forms of matter Liquid Solid Gas
Most familiar states of matter
3 fundamental forces (N)electro-magnetism(S) Gravity Nuclear (+)(-)(+/-)
3 conceptual models:

A dual form of singularity
A circular form of duality
A plurality of threeness
Primitive (Singularity)

Primitive singularity (1K)
Native American (Duality)

Native American duality (1K)
Indo-European (Triangularity)

Indo-European triangularity (1K)
3 (hair) cross-sections African: ribbon-like Asian: circular Caucasian: ellipsoid
3 Earth shapes Earth is flat Earth is round Earth is a triaxial ellipsoid
3 Universe theories Universe is flat Spherical Saddle (triangular)-shaped
Linear, Circular, Triangular Universe shapes Linear, Circular, Triangular Universe shapes image 2
3 physics ideas String theory Particle theory Multi-dimensional theory
3 stone tool shapes Mono-facial Bi-facial Tri-facial (arrow heads)
Linear, Circular, Triangular stone tool configurations Iron Age tools
The shape of a person's palm in grasping an object adds an influence in the contour of the object to be held, and the mind of humans simply magnify these three basic configurations to create more complex shapes. Whereas the configuration of one's foot "palm" (sole of the foot) "grasps" flat (linear) surfaces better than round or sharp (triangular) shapes.
3 counting objects Lines (on bones, rocks, etc.) Pebbles, stones, (clay,etc.) Cones (wedges)
3 engineering tools Lever Pulley/Wheel Fulcrum
Linear, Circular, Triangular lever configurations
3 engine shapes In-line, Slanted, etc... Radial, Rotary V-shaped
3 shapes game Paper (flat-linear) Rock (round-circular) Scissors (X-shaped/triangular)
3 human face items Eyebrows Eyes Nose

When we look at the faces carved on pumpkins during the Halloween season, we see a repeated and interchangeable usage of linear, circular and triangular eyes, mouth, and nose. Not to mention that most pumpkins have a circular shape, most knives have a linear shape, and that some readers may use an argument suggesting a "triangular" opposition to explain this example way. (Thinking in terms of a triangular relationship that always results in conflict.)

3 playground items Monkey bars/See-saw Merry-go-round Slide/Swing-set support
3 in-vehicle views Road, Stick shift, etc... Steering wheel Perceptual view of distance
3 general tree configurations Palm tree, etc... Maple tree, etc... Pine tree, etc...
Linear, Circular, Triangular tree formulas Linear, Circular, Triangular terrains
3 early industry tools Staff, Poker Pottery wheel, Kiln Fire (flame), Bellows
3 pre-industry tools Stick Rock Fire (flame)
Linear, Circular, Triangular hand tool configurationsi
Linear, Circular, Triangular configurations in basic machines
3 cyanobacteria shapes Filamentous (string-like) Coccoidal (ball-like) Ellipsoidal (egg-shaped)
3 stromatolite shapes Flat-layered Domical/Columnar Conical
3 building structures Skyscrapers Coliseums
3 foot descriptions Heal to Toe line Balls of feet Arch of foot
3-in-1 necktie forms Fronts-piece covers buttons Encircles the neck Triangle slip knot
3-in-1 washing machine
cycle status symbols
Speed Queen Commercial washer Model # SWT91QN
vertical line

In Use
(vertical line)
circular curlique

(circular "curlicue")
triangular water symbol

(triangular water shape)
3 bird-flight formations Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical "Bunched up" V-shaped (also J/L/7 variations)

Diagonal (linear) bird flight formation
Diagonal line bird flight formation
J, 7, or L-shaped bird flight formation
J, L, 7 bird flight formations
v-shaped bird flight formation
V or Vee-shaped bird flight formation.

Note: I used the symbols {><} and {X} to portray expansion and contraction. Did the Universe expand like a bursting ball in all directions or a selected direction? It is not certain if the "Big Bang" occurred at a single point and then expanded in all directions. Unless we care to consider that our Universe is the result of an implosion, which is 1 idea, then there are 3 other theories we can consider, which brings our overall formula to a 3:1 ratio. The other three being a Linear- Circular- Triangular expansion after the Big Bang. Also, if the expansion is slowing down, is there to be an eventual "Big Crunch?"

Stromatolites are the result of mat-building communities of mucilage-secreting micro-organisms that have been on the Earth for billions of years. The key micro-organisms in modern Stromatolites are cyanobacteria. The most common forms of cyanobacteria are string-like (filamentous), ball-shaped (coccoidal), and egg-shaped (ellipsoidal). Hence, we have Linear, Circular, and Triangular forms:

Types of Stromatolites

The Domical and Columnar forms are said to grade into one another. The overlapping of these two would thus provide us with 3 types of Stromatolites:

  1. Flat~
  2. Domical/Columnar~
  3. Conical.

If we consider that all forms tend to overlap developmentally, in terms of overall evolutionary processes, then we have a single origin probability.

When we look at the development of the human species with respect to brain growth in general and brain cells in particular, the neurons of the cortex fall into three predominant types:

(1) Granule
(2) Stellate/Martinotti
(3) Pyramidal

These form a three staged construction of:

Granule >>> Stellate >>> Pyramidal

Here once again we can see a three-stage development process from a simple to more complex structure that results in a triangular (pyramidal) design. While the triangular shape of the pyramidal cell can easily be seen in the following image, the linear and circular designs are inferred:

3 principal types of neurons
--- AND Corporation ---

A different representation of the Linear- Circular- Triangular formula can be found on pages 145-146 of the book "The Long Trip" (A prehistory of Psychedelia) by Paul Devereux ©1997, ISBN 01401.95408 (paperback).

...He (Heinrich Klüver) accepted a more general stage progression (with respect to the narcotic experience of Mescaline) in which "very elementary visions are followed by visions of a more complex character," and identified four essential types of the elementary hallucinations, which he called "form constants."

  1. [Linear] One of these he refers to using terms like "grating... lattice... fretwork... filigree... honeycomb, orchessboard-design."
  2. [Circular] Closely associated with this was the "cobweb" form constant.
  3. [Triangular] A third form constant that Klüver felt deserved special mention was the "tunnel, funnel, alley, cone or vessel."

Today, we particularly recognize the "tunnel" image from the accounts of those who undergo near-death and "out-of-body" experiences. A very important property of this form constant is that it often heralds the moment when the subject stops merely observing the geometric and patterned motifs, and begins to enter into the hallucinatory or visionary world. The subject is engulfed by the imagery and begins to participate in it. The person's consciousness slips down the tunnel into the otherworldly realm. Klüver saw the "spiral" image as the fouth basic type of form constant, but this is essentially the same as the tunnel or funnel effect...

There are many other examples which might be provided in order to detail basic configurations of thought which arise in different contexts. One of which is socio-political theorizing, even if the theorists are not appreciably aware of their usage of such in their figurative drawing board illustrations or language constructions. For example, let us note the "circularity" of thought occurring in the usage of repetition as a mnemonic tool. Or the "pointed" comments of some. Still others attempt to "triangulate" supportive evidence for their position. And even if one attempts to indulge in an exercise of greater geometric complexity as an expressed ego assertion (because they imagine themselves to be superior in intellect, insight, knowledge, etc.), they too are using compartmentalized configurations of compounded simple designs as an intellectual scaffolding. By detecting such configurations in the ideological suppositions being offered in one or another socio-political (economic, philosophical, religious, etc...), we are able to recognize whether or not the blueprint of the premise is of a poor, good, or excellent architectural design which will have the merits of a practical application. As such, let us further note that the draft upon which the United States was built has shown itself to be inadequate for the people of today. While we may want to try to salvage it due to sentimentality, and perhaps even preserve some remnants of it as a museum piece, but the people have grown out of it to the extent they need a new design... a New Government... a Cenocracy!

However, because of a recurring pool of poor legislative maintenance, the old structure has been steadily falling into disrepair because the contracted firms authorized to fix small problems in the past, have now become big problems in the present. The government contractors chose instead to pocket the money assigned to create a better governmental structure by installing cheaply enacted legislative parts, having been consistently absent from the required work routine, and when working... have been negligent in their duties. And if the multiple requests for restructuring are met with a defiance from the current superintendents, then we may well have no choice... despite our misgivings and desire to seek a redress of grievances in a public courtroom with a civilized diplomatic discourse... we may well have to choose to burn the present government structure to the ground. We must have a wage and benefits increase in our Inalienable Rights or we will strike! What are the people to do when the foremans and owners of the present government structure will not meet with us at an open public bargaining table, and instead choose to reply that we are the foremans and owners!? They think the public retains the daftness of former generations and are satisfied with this illusion! It is they who are delusional if they think we will continue this tradition of exceptional stupidity. Instead of playing games of semantical illogicality, let these would-be purveyors of democracy meet with us either at the bargaining table or on the battlefield of our choosing the time, place and means at our disposal.

How ludicrous for authority to even think that such contemplations are the expressions of an insurrection, when it is they who have erected an edifice of discontent amongst the population! It is they who have dug the public into a pit of despair and hopelessness! It is they who have kidnapped and ransomed our Inalienable Rights! It is they who whip us incessantly into a dependency of indentured servitude! It is they who have risen the banner of special interests as a call to all Capitalists to take arms against the people! It is they who have constructed a Stock Market armory of economic weaponry to intimidate and supplant the people into playing the cowering fool in the trenches of privation and abject poverty which are meant to be our self-dug graves! It is they who do not hear the murmurings of a battle cry amongst the populations of innocents who have had Enough! Enough we Say! Enough of enduring a phony democracy and its embellished filth of tainted false equality. For if need be, like those ants which use the bodies of their fellow comrades in arms... we too will forge the divisions of our own social class divisions and move forth with the relentless fury that Nature's usage of swarming has integrated into the heart of Reformers and Revolutionists! Yes, a Revolution is a migratory swarm whose time and place are not so predictable using conventional tools of analyzing the praxis of human development. Simply put, once again, humanity has outgrown their present hive of government and it is time to move on to a better place of conceptualization on which to construct that which will take us to the next stepping stone of an evolving human pursuit.

But let us return to the aforementioned delineation of basic posturing as a simplistic recital of current observations regarding perception of everyday behavior as a tell-tale sign of judgmental interpretation from which is derived an acceptable appropriateness though in truth, there is little difference except for the superficiality of appearance that many do not realize they are engaging in.

The point to be made is that by facing towards the public, though the depth of conversations and content may take place behind shut doors in private and secret rooms, corridors, etc., the action of looking forward towards the public is somehow interpreted to mean that some grand value of Democracy is being expressed... when nothing of substance need be talked about or agreed with, much less be offered as a commitment. And even though someone may have been voted into office by the majority of those who voted... yet do not represent a majority of all registered voters... much less eligible voters... much less the entire population at any given moment... such politicians need only provide a socially acceptable appearance of being democratic... though they in fact don't really care what the minority of voters (who voted them into office) actually think... because this voting minority is not representative of the majority. It's a parlor game of pin the tail on the donkey, blind man's bluff, and musical chairs rolled into one, with politicians determining the rules as they go along so as to best benefit by them first and foremost. The political situation of not just Americans but the entire human race, is a ludicrous stage of buffoonery that those who assume some position of placing fun house mirrors in one or another position... give themselves the better venue for taking advantage of an unsuspecting populace. Welcome to Earth, the greatest gambling casino in the Milky Way galaxy with different governments acting as the dealers for varying collections of chance!

In other words, the American system of government has been... and remains fixed (like the governments of so many other nations)— against the majority. So even if the people begin to practice what is thought to be a method by which a presumed "broken system" can be fixed, the system nonetheless remains, and takes on the character of another gaming plan that, on a very basic level, is a survival mechanism that adjusts itself to the ongoing decay of the planetary system in an effort to establish some measure of equilibrium. The more turbulent the environment is in a given era of planetary decay, the more turbulent will be the attempts at social adjustment in an effort to achieve some relative stability in a dynamic planetary system headed for lifelessness. Analogously, one can easily view the planet Earth as a large casino in which different forms of business, political and religious games -of- gambling take place are used as efforts to achieve some relative stability in one's life... suggestive of "growth" that may be described as a "win".

Earth is the Milky Way's number one casino (194K)

Is it fate or a gamble by which we have arrived at this moment in history? Of all the places one could have been born and times one could have been born into, it is the here and now which we find ourselves. For those who look back upon their lives and pay witness to events which have led them to the present contemplations of engaging in an effort to protest for a Reformation of government on behalf of those whose day-to-day lives consume them so that they have not been able to take the time to recognize the collectivity of assertions we find ourselves presently with; we pause for just a moment an take a breath of air signifying a second wind has been reached and that we have now entered a "zone" of perseverance that many an athlete knows all too well of. But ours is the zone known only to Reformists and Revolutionists. Those who have committed themselves to a Just Cause sometimes described as a fight for freedom, fight for justice, fight for equality, fight for liberation... or else wise that describes a goal that is all too well known as a way-station for future Reformists and Revolutionists to begin the journey anew. It is a Capitalism of heart, mind and soul that is spiritualized into a flesh of endeavour for increasing the Inalienable Rights coffers of everyone. Even those who are now engaged in acts of oppressing the people... but we will only be magnanymous so long as we are not forced into a position to be otherwise.

In our determinations to increase the Wages and Benefits of our Inalienable Rights, we assume a posture of consciousness derived from the ability to recognize differentiations frequently described as social class divisions. Such divisions can be alternatively described as posturings, since the word "posture" is more flexible in the multiple contours of personality we see arising as a response to a varied social and planetary environment. Whereas the usage of the word "class" is appreciably static and rigid, allowing for little more than a delineated variability that is primarily related to economics... that old obsession of 20th and 19th century socio-political concerns that did not have an appreciable language of a developing human consciousness. While some socio-political theorists decry the usage of the word class, they have not provided the as yet unrecognized realization of observations attesting to a developing consciousness which is attempting to gain entry into social governing standards which rely on the scaffolding of a consciousness which is again to the makeshift structures used for housing which pre-dates colonial habitations of conjectured intellectualizations. In comparison to the attempted draft of a Cenocracy, the present formula of democracy is like a nature hewn cave, a nature hewn hollowed-out log, or a nature-hewn embankment furrowed into the side of mountain pass where waters used to travel many eons ago, as opposed to the instinctual complexities of insects (e.g. bees, termites, spiders) and animals (e.g. beavers, birds), whose structural designs appear to be constructed of a consciousness housed in a primitive life-form. As if they are edifications (an up-lifted enlightenment) giving evidence of some underlying consciousness (?) that is trying to convey a sense of its existence through different channels of receptive biological availability constrained by the physiological components of different life forms. And yet, to such an excursion of consideration we might well decide to include the appearance of Crop Circle designs in our attempted algorithm.

Indeed, that which is presently described in the formula of a Cenocratic Reform movement is but another example of an underlying consciousness (?) trying to break through (from? with? because of?)000 to this time and place which we can alternatively describe as a dimension (unless you prefer some other label). Imagine if you will a being, an entity with a higher state of consciousness compared to that of humanity existing on a plane of subjectivity (subjective objectivity? objective subjectivity?) attempting to communicate with us (or simply trying to emerge from a cacoon) that this planet is nearby to...) by the usage of a device that we might describe as a radio with a tuning dial. And the alternative frequencies (or simply volume) is illustrated by varying biological forms whose physiology is "attuned" to a given channel of receptivity and respond in the ways and means of its limited physiology whose evolutionary development has focused on one another attribute, whereby what we see as a remarkable repetition of industrial design is merely the "hook" of a song's repetition like the tune which gets stuck in our head and we have a difficult time getting rid of by replacing it with other repetitions which typically involve multiple repetitions which help to conceal from us that we remain in a state of mental repetitions. In other words, while we easily recognize the piece of a song or music which repeats itself in our mind, it is difficult for us to isolate the presence of repetition if it contains multiple or longer fragments of ideas, symbols, sounds, etc...

By viewing the present formula of democracy (and capitalism, religion, mathematics, music, etc...) as a repetition of thought processing (which is described in a way by the former list of basic geometric forms being repeated); and the usage of the word "posture" to describe the variability of such an expression formerly referred to as "class", there comes to the fore a realization that revolution may be an act by which a cacoon, an egg, or a placental animal gives birth... the emergence of a life form that can be alternatively described as an enlightenment. The seeming variety of Human social philosophies, like religion, are not actually that diverse, because the human mind is doing the filtering. Whereas they ideas may originate from a much broader and comprehensive meaning before the biology of the human brain takes them over and strains them through the pores of acceptability for whatever era they emerge into, we are nonetheless left with bits and pieces which may or may not involve a bit more clarity than what is already being practiced. As such, with each revolution of social and government development, we appear to be acquiring a bit more of the strained material. If too much of the material goes unstrained, that which emerges may be in a form that needs a form of articulation that conventional ideas and words do not provide us with an easy accessibility to comprehend. Hence, a person whose sensibilities permits them to witness more of the unfiltered information may not be capable of transmitting the date into a useful language of comprehensibility. Conventions of ideas, words and speech patterns limit one's ability to form and present the unfiltered information into a readily understood portrait... in other words, the person may give the impression of having "lost it"... lost the controls by which typical constraints of consciousness are labeled as normalcy.

This would explain why those who offer a given political philosophy has having "more to it" than what the person attempts to describe, and that by an endured practice (of communism, imperialism, libertarianism, meritocracy, socialism, etc... ) there will eventually be an "emergence" of a greater truth, of a greater realization, of a greater "presence"... that is, if the decaying environment of Earth will allow for its nurturance.

Because the present "posture" of democracy creates many problems, we can deduce that its "message" is faulty. It is faulty because those in the past... and along the way... who were the interpreters of the message to be translated into a functionality of useful governance, did not and do not have the requisite mental nor emotional "apparatus" by which the message can be more correctly deciphered. What we are being subjected to is a repetition of nonsense speech with a level of intelligibility at the level of an infant's babbling. If there is some other "place" (dimension, plane of existence, etc...) from which enlightened ideas originate, and they are trying to 'break through from the other side' (or so we might philosophically conjecture), then we must from time to time permit the introduction of different perspectives as a consideration by which humanity might better formulate a closer approximation of the "message(s)" we are inclined to descibe as an enhancement, a reform, a revolution of that being practiced.

Interestingly, the above phrase 'break through from the other side' is reminiscent of the old song Break through to the other side by the Doors. Whereas the idea is somewhat reversed from the notion given here, one can not but wonder if in its own way, the song did not reflect a prophetic interpretation by those who were sensitive enough to musically portray the idea in a mirror-image (reversed) formulation? Perhaps it is not that which exists on "another side" which is trying to emerge into our reality, but we humans (or at least some of us) are trying to "break through to the other side"... even though the descriptive entailment of the night/day dichotomy is but a single part of a larger enumeration involving a one, two, three maturational development sequence, it nonetheless services a useful entry point for those unaccustomed to thinking in the multiplicity of divergent considerations which are being applied to a theoretical contemplation of the present discussion.

Doors song: Break on through to the other side

Despite the song not reaching a commercially viable "number 1" rating, it needs to be viewed in the context of having a broader meaning. Even if the meaning described by the artists seems rather banal to other perspectives which might be offered. Similarly, many a poet has been taken aback that the "meaning" of a poem offered by a reader or listener is profoundly more acute than that which the poet themselves had considered before, during or after the poem's construction. Clearly, the song touches a reverberating "cord" amongst many people whose sensitivities and sensibilities permit them to construct some relative approximation of a relatively stable inference dangling nearby in a region of consciousness so that they can configure a reasonable identification of that which may not be wholly distinct, but nonetheless provides an impression which retains some semblance that the expressions "tip of the tongue." "at one's fingertips," "between reality and dreams," "on the verge of consciousness," "existential diminutives"... etc., provides them an ability to promote the semblance of that existing "on the other side". While others use the materials of the subject matter most common to daily activities (music, art, science, math, politics, socio-political philosophy, architectural drafting, gardening, playing cards, shooting pool, fishing, etc...) , some people do not have an intensified usage of any one intellectual/mental tool(s) that they customarily use for interpretation, translation and illustration. Conventional tools of analysis, interpretation, and illustration may be too inadequate for them to make a comprehension out of which can be derived a larger and deeper analysis.

The Cenocratic Reform Movement is like a song, a poem, a piece of art attempting to convey others to another side of social self-governing possibility, that so many social Reformers and Revolutionists are likewise trying to convey with their politicized philosophical versions. All of us have mere fragments of a greater truth we are trying to unfold with the public's assistance... unfortunately, far too many in the public don't even know we exist or what we are trying to accomplish for everyone's sake. And who knows, the periodic thrusts of increased equality obtained through voting rights, civil rights, human rights, etc., may either originate from somewhere else and are strained through the pores of our semi-conscious intelligibility once a given social environment is a readily susceptible sieve adjusted to permit the diameter of a given perception to filter through, or we are the originators attempting to increase the aperture of the necessary sifter/screen so that it can emerge into the other reality we describe as government. Indeed, wouldn't that be rather disconcerting to discover the majority of the people live in one reality and those in authority live in another... Oh my gosh! This is the reality!!! We exist in a dimension of alternative social realities jumbled together! Laugh all you want, but this simple idea is a distant shoreline away from many in the government and other social leadership positions whose mental and emotional realities occupy some distant past. And we don't know why such enclaves not only persistently crop up, but why they take on the character of leadership functionalities. It's a recurring incongruency we hope to put a stop to in order to prevent future civilizations from having to endure the nonsense we are subjected to.

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