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A Letter to Snoop Dog
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Despite the conventions of salutations, I will omit the customary and begin with the introduction that this letter is not meant as a personal disparagement... though it may appear that one another remark signals the decorum of rudeness. But it is a decorum some may not otherwise be able to comprehend a given digression and would thus be lost on the deaf ears of some readers who indulge far too often in an environment where shouting, cursing and rudeness are interpreted as a vocal garment of nomenclatural identification. Your expressions against the remade retelling of the dramatized Roots production has opened the door for a much larger conversation that needs to socially unfold. While it would be overwhelmingly gratuitous for all if a dialogue could take place without the racial invectives and emotional under-currents which many feel and have been harbored for generations via familial traditions, some misunderstandings of other personal issues have no doubt been sublimated onto more socially accepted venues over-scored by the rubric of "political correctness" when dealing with a generic variety of cross-racial tensions. One of these sublimations is called Rap. It is a genre that does not lend itself well to philosophical, sociological and psychological studies as an effective means of communication, since much of the language used is frequently denoted as basement, viaduct, or restroom wall graffiti; if and when the level of articulation transgresses the garbled transpositions of those who are concealing insecurity, ignorance, or plain age-appropriate insipidity.

So, you want to talk about the stupidity of the Roots Saga as being chosen as "THE" representative model of Black history? We agree with you. But so should the Blacks involved in the production. Far too many Blacks have accepted the production as something that epitomizes the "rags to riches" civil rights story, except that the "riches" of Black advancements are not being shown ... just as you have said. All the good that Blacks have and are accomplishing is being subjected to yet another form of enslavement... that can be noted as out of sight, out of mind. The Black community is being used as a repository of indentured servants, but so are so many others— white and otherwise, who must play different games of tug-of-war, dog-eat-dog employment in attempts to secure a job by hook, crook or cultural look... Yet, it should be said that many non-Blacks feel that if a "Roots" Saga is so important to Blacks, then Blacks should stop creating fanciful renditions of made-up ideas superimposed on the accumulations of scattered facts; and simply return to a deeper, more meaningful experience of their roots by going back to Africa... or wherever they think they came from, since there are blacks in Asia and Australia who have been similarly subjected to various culturally rooted hardships at the hands of both white and colored people.

If their ancient Black Roots history is of so much necessity in knowing their "true identity" by retracing a history of Black slavery, then let them go get a real experience of what it means to be an African, by going back to Africa. Let them look into the eyes and lives of those whose sufferings exist even today... at the hands of other Blacks because of a tribalistic mentality that American Black youth experience developmentally in their attempts to mature in social enclaves of employment deprivation and cultural depravity with no visible adult organized rites-of-passage... and the adult Black community wants to dismiss its responsibility and distract attention from themselves by using the White society to scapegoat. So many youth, Black and otherwise, are stuck in transitional developmental stages of maturity because the adult Black community is trying to accommodate itself to the same nonsense that White and other colored peoples are in their rudderless sojourn of a falsified democratic governance.

Indeed, let all Blacks return to their African roots so they may embrace what it truly means to be a Black amongst a nation of Blacks whose first inclination is not to scapegoat whites, but their own kind differentiated by varying formulas of tribal defined superiority... whose government programs attempt to mirror those of whites... yet we know have little effect in producing a genuine solution... because of problems caused by the dysfunctions of a government practicing a falsified democracy based on an inequitable system of economic policies. But then again, to which part does one or another go to if they don't know which African tribe they initially belonged to, or if they were from a past that did not experience slavery?

If a "Roots" identity is so important, go to Africa and tell your people about the history of their ancestors who were sold into slavery by Black Slavers or White Slavers, or Brown Slavers. Interestingly, as a corollary, we must ask why there are no American productions of the ill effects of Slavery on Africans left behind in Africa... because American Blacks are ignorant of the facts concerning multiple horrors experienced by Africans at the hands of other Africans... even today... because of a engrained tribalism that many Black Americans experience like a developmental cornerstone of their mental and emotional development that emerges if and when they are subjected to certain disparate conditions... and thus play out different roles of inter-tribal conflict... with blacks killing blacks more often than any other non-black culture killing one another.

Why not tell the world about all the heart-breaks and sorrows of those in Africa who were subjected to the trials and tribulations of your especial slavery that no one but another black can fully appreciate? Where is their "Roots" story? There are no such motion picture productions done by American Blacks because such Blacks are ignorant of their own roots story that begun long before their ancestors came to North America, South America, some island or spent their lives never leaving a ship. Like so many instances of American history that have been made up and continues to be made up by historians, journalists and biographers. For example, there are those who are telling the tale that Bush Jr. was a good president... even though his administration was as evil as a summer day is long. Such writers are surely living in some Outer Limits-defined Twilight Zone culture to even be able to conceive of such nonsense and sell it to a gullible public because publishing houses know how to spoon feed trash to the public.

Digressively speaking, such writers and movie producers are far removed from the reality of actuality... because in so doing, their writing or movie production careers of reality falsification is the name of the game being practiced in a social atmosphere where a falsified democracy is the rule-of-thumb to steer one's duct-taped life preserver in. To see, speak or know the truth is tantamount to a social death sentence because you need to harbor the mentality of fantasy when living in a social atmosphere of fantasy. You must either be or at least appear to be just as deluded or insane as everyone else in order to live in a socially practiced delusion or insanity... Reality checking can be a dangerous occupation that many intellectuals and perceptive others can find themselves practicing and precipitating social conflicts or other forms of social discomfort since it is often difficult for such people to find suitable employment without engaging in the same type of ignorance as a given workplace peer group.

But many of us have gotten so sick and tired of so much nonsense it is time to speak up. In the present example, Bush Jr. and his daddy were a joke. The people who think otherwise have such a low standard of reality they need to skew honesty along a channel of make-believe. It is the same stupid perception which is being used to tell the tale of Black History. Whereas you see the tale of the Roots Saga as a stupid story, or at least an incomplete tale... so do many non-blacks, yet it is the story being produced and left for future generations to view as a mind-numbing repetition akin to a relentless brainwashing technique... because an insightful Black Community is not making a truer version... because such Blacks are being forced to hold their tongue by those who prefer to tell practiced versions of make-believe.

We have multiple generations of Blacks who have been subjected to truth mixed with half-truths, and fanciful impressions, like any made-up fairy tale... coupled by production staff who buy into such nonsense because it is profitable for their career to do so. But it is just as much a Black lie as that told by historians of the Bush Presidential Saga. Whereas the Roots Saga is a tale told about distant past generations, the Bush Saga is more recent but provides ample evidence of how a tale can be told with so many lies. Instead of a factuality, present and future generations of Blacks are being told (via acted-out misperceptions and lies) about some conjectured whole of the Black Roots experience... because so much of the history is lost from ancestral knowledge and memories now displaced by more poignantly personal tales. The Nation is filled with a bunch of educated liars that is compounded by the misinterpretations of those with enough money to make a production about their half-witted ideas only because the public has been made susceptible to accepting such fabrications as validity. It is the same stupid situation we encounter in popular music and Rap. Rap is filled with misperceptions and out-right ignorance being fed to naive youth who inculcate such nonsense as if it were logical truth based on an emotional calculation derived from a shared simple-mindedness.

Yet, the adult Black community is trying to develop an extension of this inclination towards a tribal mentality by establishing a Black nation within the existing larger non-black dominant one. Whereas they may work alongside non-blacks, they exist inter-dimensionally in a singular frame of mind that non-blacks may enter, but are treated as auxiliary social components like some tool or discardable kleenex, tampon or bandaid. Time and again can be witnessed a group of blacks gravitate towards a tribalism... just like other non-blacks frequently do as well. Whereas the word "tribalism" may be labeled a cult, a congregation, a gang, committee, team, social group or whatever... a tribal mentality is prevalent... but does not necessarily result in aggression, assertive arrogance, or some insinuated superiority. Whereas we see many a black person thinking they speak for all colored people or trying to rise to a position of spokesperson leadership; we don't see the same readily apparent assertion amongst non-blacks. It is the Blacks who call for all "people of color" to stand beneath their banner... and not a banner designed and voted on by all. It is the blacks who want to play out the role of being the tribal chieftain, because it is the chief who gets the lion's share of reward and social deferment. It is the Black Community which stresses a bannered point that Black lives Matter, and not that All lives Matter or that the lives of all colored people matter... because blacks want black lives to be first and foremost.

All the Black community wants to do is substitute Black individuals for non-blacks in leading economic, political and other social positions. This is the Black Community's stupid rationale for solving social problems... primarily in the Black community. Yes, let's make all Blacks into millionaires in order to solve Black problems... except that such a dispersal of funds would only bring to light a magnification of social problems that are necessarily a product of the Black mentality... which very often only mimics white or other non-black behavior because cultural differences are misinterpreted as being superior. Removing all non-black peoples from every leading social position and substituting them with Blacks will not, and can not solve social problems brought about by the dysfunctions of an illegitimate Democracy.

Needless to say, role reversal will not result in curing social problems being experienced throughout the world. Putting exceptionally large reserves of money in the hands of most Blacks, as well as most non-blacks, is like putting a loaded gun into the hands of an imbecile... because when a society is largely based on money being used as a tool of accessibility, multiple problems can arise when there are no established standards of teaching how the tool can be most fruitfully used in a productive social role. And even when some are born into wealth they are often poor managers thereof. Like so many other things, money is a tool... unless it is used as a weapon. It can be used wisely, foolishly, selfishly, or with great compassion, utility and social generosity to do great deeds. The Roots Saga does not begin to reveal the depth and dimension of the Black body, mind, and spirit. It is a story for those with a kindergarten perspective of the world and their place in it.

However, let us imagine that your call for a revised thinking in all walks of life comes to some social fruition. Let everyone become aware of all the goodness and greatness of the Black community, the Hispanic community, the Native American community and all other communities who are being overlooked by the so-called dominant White community. But let us not forget that many people, regardless of a racially-defined "color" system, do not want to receive social attention... such as those receiving military medals, saving lives, and numerous other instances. Which includes Blacks who prefer to practice a life of quiet humbleness... and have learned to express themselves without resorting to adolescent expletives because they have acquired a larger vocabulary.

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Nonetheless, America owes past Black populations a debt of gratitude for many things, such as laboring for the construction of the First White House... that might well be, by right of character construction, be called the Black House. So, for the sake of conversation, let's call it the Black House or perhaps better still, the "Color House", even though this would necessarily exclude those populations whose skin color was not exhibited in the reality tested color spectrum... such as both Blacks and Whites. But we are a species that doesn't like to test reality and then subject ourselves to the results. We prefer to subsist on fanciful notions wrought by superstition, sentimentality, ego-centricity, ethno-centricity and geo-centricity. Indeed, as part of this mentality of fantasy, we see numerous people suggesting they are a conduit between God and the people, by venturing into various occupations related to a supposed "chosen" affiliation with a "place" called Heaven.

Yet this is not meant as a theological discussion. Let's base it, at least in part, on some facts. Such that when the first "Roots" production made its debut, it was received by numerous Blacks as a means to "tell their story", and have the public accept them into a larger sociological embrace. For some it worked, but for most, it did not. It did not provide the vehicle by which their personal standard of living might receive the level of reward that many thought they deserved for all their perceived trials and tribulations. Their ideas of having had family members and ancestors subjected to varying types of slavery, were not vindicated because the Roots production, inroads made by Black athletes, and Civil Rights allowances did not help them to achieve what they wanted, as opposed to that which they were individually capable of. Like so many in different racial and socio-economic stratifications... if an old analogy will be permitted: their eyes were bigger than their stomach. Far too many Blacks and for that matter, non-Blacks, don't realize that only a very small percentage of "their own kind" achieve some notable social position... whereby some try to create their own version in criminality, church service, or ad hoc civic ventures.

All too often we see Blacks... particularly Black Men, using religion as a fast track towards achieving leadership recognition with the title of "minister"... or Dr. This and Dr. That, as modernized forms of the ancient African Tribal occupations of Tribal Chief, Tribal Healer (Witch Doctor), Tribal Warrior, or whatever the actual designated tribal equivalents were. However, far too often we find that those provided with a title are not actually that competent... and are particularly not that competent beyond some specialty. In other words, they are not philosopher kings nor an eclectic handy-man... no matter how urgent they may want us to think they are the "go-to" person for any and all situations like Jessie Jackson has frequently tried to portray himself as. But in so doing, given social situations must remain intact, thus denying the Black community its rightful strivings to grow beyond the stagnant mentalities being presented by Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and Jackson's "Rainbow Push" organization. When there exists an anxious desire and need for the Black Community to evolve, it can not remain tethered to those assuming a social leadership position, when such positions are situation-specific, like a General needing a war... and will do whatever is necessary to perpetuate conditions which make their kind of war a viability... just so they can lead.

Despite all the flamboyance exerted in promoting themselves by way of a given title, with a circumspect type of knowledge and experience acquired, too many think such acquisitions are applicably amenable to other topics and circumstances... like a general, because of some expressed leadership during a military conflict, think this then makes them automatically the best candidate for leading a country along a path of peace... by way of using an inclined dichotomy that suggests they will strive all the more diligently for peace because they know all too well the horrors of war... and yet the positions are mutually exclusive from one another. If we thus remove a person from the equation and only deal with information provided by an actor or actress such as in the Roots Saga, we find... just as Snoop Dog contends, it is a square peg being forced to fit situations that have a different character profile. The Roots Saga has taken on the "peacock show" that so many non-blacks have recognized as part of the Black Character of an embraced cultural ethic of boastfulness... yet the Roots Saga is a lousy boast... because it does not fit with the profile of many Blacks who do not identify with an African heritage, nor do so many Africans identify with the orientation and ideologies of America-born Blacks. There is a disconnect that the Roots Saga does not and can not make whole. Blacks of today can not go back, nor do they want to go back... and neither do they want to be chained to it by the recurrence of a perspective called the Roots Saga.

Oh so many people are held back in the development of their mental and emotional maturity... and blame their failings, short-comings, or some perceived social slighting on a traditionally used scapegoat such as the connection between slavery and the White man, even though non-white people engaged in the slave trade as well. Very often this scapegoat is racially based, though religion, ethnicity, language, music interests, age, etc., have also been used. Be this as it may, and as you rightly note the repetition along which many Blacks "tow the line" ("toe" the line, as if to be in a regulated position and do as one is expected, such as when one is running a race) in the form of an affected behavioral status quo being shown by a remake of the "Roots" saga; we might want to admit that many non-blacks feel the same way... and have been saying so (amongst themselves) for a long time. But it's not politically correct for non-Blacks to speak up against repetitious Black nonsense like you are... because such comments would be viewed as racist remarks. However, where some see repetition, others see a practiced enthusiastic entrenchment labeled as intensification. So let it be said: We're sick and tired of it too... but those Blacks in the production see it as a means to make a name for themselves... to assist them in their careers, and get over-paid like so many in show (entertainment) business are... and your comments against the production are seen as but another black ploy to advertise the production that might otherwise go unnoticed. It is a well-known perspective of counseling that anger is frequently used as a means to get attention and involvement from others... though the attention and involvement may not be the kind one is actually seeking.

As a medium of teaching by a rote methodology, television, movies, music and cultural observances have affected us all. And in reflection, a lot of it is sentimentalized nonsense. No doubt you use repetition in your creative- described productions... which may well be perceived by some Blacks as your own obsessed "Blackdom" of ignorance, shared by those who perceive the world with the same quality of blinders you have on. Whereas you decry the lack of production efforts to extoll the many attributes of Blacks which have far exceeded the backwards looking Roots orientation... we ask that you put your money where your mouth is. Then again, please do not put your filthy mouth into a production meant for a majority of Blacks to see some sort of path you are trying to lay out for them to realize for their own good, because some of them are no doubt trying to distance themselves from the type of veiled Black Nationalism you are professing.

So what are we to do in a Nation which does not provide equal time for all beliefs to be aired in public? And those that do get aired, are very often so coarse and vulgar because they try to use such expressions of culturally accepted ignorance to conceal their idiocy... like so many political candidates. If you want the Black community to "clean up its act" with respect to portraying those virtues admired by Blacks, let's start with Rap and all its trash that should rightly be called Crap. But, Rap directed towards intelligent Blacks is much too difficult for those who lack the necessary level of intelligence to even begin. Whereas you want the entire Nation to focus on commendable Black achievements... you must first come up with a consensus of what this means. Surely you would agree that the necessary achievement the entire Nation should be focused on portraying is an absence of homelessness, poor hygiene, employment opportunities, drug abuse, authority victimization, and numerous other issues. Is detailing the wealth of another Black person more important than this? Instead of saying that All Lives Matter, we have a selection of Blacks obsessed with their own racially-defined ethnicity.

The showing of a "Black Roots" remake is indeed a problem when the entire Nation should be focused on identifying the root source of National problems affecting all of us, such as a lousy electoral and voting system coupled to a despicable level of democracy being practiced. But such topics become dismissed by all those more focused on themselves or "their kind". For example, if we were to flip-flop the social roles and accommodations played out by Whites and so-called "people of color", the same underlying social issues would simply change hands. They would not be solved. For someone to say they would like White people to suffer what persons of color have, is merely a statement of the very prejudice that they claim is being levied against them. In other words, they don't want social problems to be solved, they simply want someone else to live with them. For all the assumed clarity of insight and revelation being espoused by Rappers, where are the beneficial social changes that should be followed up by efforts sponsored by all the money they are making? How much of the income from wealthy Blacks is being used to create a better Black community? How many Black churches combine their incomes to promote a National pool of funding to assist the dire and desperate needs of millions, without resorting to excuses involving the scope and depth of social issues that no amount of Black boasting about wealth or position will solve? Instead, we find the same selfishness and egotism being practiced by more rich people, though some blacks do involve themselves with charitable ventures.

Similarly, giving to charities obviously doesn't solve the problem which created the need for the charity in the first place, because those effecting a charity-drive then want to remain as an institutionalized charity because it is quite profitable. Those in charge of a charity make a good living... though there are no doubt exceptions as well. And giving to political campaigns doesn't create the momentum for positive social reform either. American has had over two-hundred years of this ruse. Social problems are big business. Despite all the suffering, there are people making money ... and frequently make more money during socially troubled times than they do when there is relative social calm. No less, displaying virtues of Blacks is but another advertising model to be added to other types of advertising in order to sell a product... in this instance, that it is good for Blacks to achieve because they do great things... and if we commercialize this with a jingle, no doubt companies will want themselves to be attached to more and more Blacks... yet overall social problems remain as before.

While it is understood and appreciated that you sincerely want better stories told about the achievements of Blacks instead of content which tells about an issue you feel Blacks need to find a better footing for— in order to reach greater distances and more inroads of progress, let's say we start with a bit of honesty by getting all performers to use their real names and get away from so much affected phoneyness... If you want truth and reality to prevail, Blacks need to get away from their inclination to live out some fantasy or express some arrogant attitude by way of name... as if it were to be a believed-in substitute similar to the number given the James Bond character as a means of giving them a distinction which conceals insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

Such feelings of inadequacy often lead to acts of over-compensation but the underlying causative factors are never actually sated... or else-wise resolved. And this situation can not be adequately addressed even if the United States were to become an all Black Nation. If we were to remove all non-Blacks from the American society, the present social problems would not decrease... and in fact might well increase, since Blacks of today have established identities revolving around non-Blacks, and would thus be forced to indulge in a readjustment for the emptiness which would prevail, despite initial approval of the acquired situation. Simply Blacking-out the Nation would not resolve social problems precipitated by polluted air, music, education, food, economic policies, foreign policies, stock market crimes, government functionality, corporate policies, etc., etc., etc...

For Blacks to simply take over society as it is, without making constructive changes to the phoney democracy being practiced, the non-democratic run military services, ridiculous theological doctrines, lack of a National purpose beyond self-centered motivations, etc., social problems will continue. And they would continue if the entire U.S. became a Native American Nation, or an Asian Nation, or an Hispanic Nation, or a Pacific Islander Nation. Simply placing Blacks in all positions of society would only remove the scapegoating issues levied against non-Blacks... and be replaced with some other scapegoating tactic so as to dismiss the fact that some problems occurring amongst Blacks rests with them. America would then become a nation of individual Black tribal factions because Blacks would seek some individualized superiority against other Blacks. The Black Community doesn't seek happiness, it seeks to dominate. It doesn't want dialogue, it wants to speak and have everyone agree with it, and those that don't are to be defined as being racist. Whereas the self-imagined great Snoop Dog can speak with a foul mouth against "his own people" in a pseudo-ownership declaration of critiquing an ideological expression perceived as an anomaly; if a non-Black were to make such comments in the same way, they would be called a racist. The "Black Lives Matter" tribe would accuse such a person as violating some freedom of speech code as they think it should be written in order to force everyone to see things their way... and yet no one notices that the word "Happiness" is not part of their banner message. In other words, the banner doesn't display something to the effect of "The Happiness of Black Lives Matters". The word "happiness" is not routinely part of the Black vocabulary in social matters, though neither is it part of the vocabulary used by any group espousing social change.

What in the world do Black Lives Matter for? If all Blacks disappeared from the United States, or even the entire planet, this would not solve social issues caused by dysfunctionally designed governments and the ineptness of legislative bodies. Obama could not have done any great things for Blacks or/and non-Blacks even with an all Black Congress, because they would be too busy engaging in a peacock "show -and- tell" pagentry... like the present Congress does. Simply putting Blacks into authoritative positions does not automatically endow them with some superior knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. They only come to learn how to "work" or "get over on" the system in whatever nonsense manner it is being practiced by the majority. New Congressional members typically behave as herd followers. Whatever flow the Congress is in, new members simply jump in and hope they don't drown. Blacks, like so many non-Blacks do not routinely try to create better systems.... they merely try to leverage the contours of the system by contorting their brains to fit within the established paradigm. Most people are little more than joiners. They are not leaders, though they may want to think they are by espousing a particularlized point that gives them and perhaps others that their view holds a prominently unique point.

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