Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
A Letter to Snoop Dog
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Like so many others, Blacks don't want to be true leaders in the sense of an ancient path finder of a nomadic clan, they want to be followers... to be keepers... to be custodians... to be protectors and defenders of the hearth and flame, or give counsel to those who follow a set plan of action in accordance with observed traditions. This is how they come to know themselves and their place, their given niche', and expect others to abide by their roles and the ascribed rules which govern. To belong, to be a part of, to share in... these are the basic tenets. However, if they do achieve a position of vocal prominence, it is for the context of being a spokesperson for something that is already established... or is substituted for that which will engender them with further rewards. For example, to achieve a faster speed in an established race, instead of trying to get others to see their way in accepting a new type or style of race. Or get a perfect score in an established test, instead of trying to get others to value a test they have created. Or to be recognized for having achieved the mastery of an established craft... though many other exampled instances might well be provided.

Such people will push the boundary of an established terrain, but not explore a terrain of their own making, since such creative thinking takes an amount of courage and perhaps sacrifice that very few are willing to ask of themselves... particularly if their emotions precipitate events involving a relationship that requires the practiced expectations of indulging in commonalities... such as traditionalized notions involving a family. It is a well-known fact of philosophy that the means to the end for all one's philosophy must be able to provide at least a livable level of sustenance... though it is well recognized that many a philosophy, social or otherwise, are engaged practices of intellectual intercourse or masturbation... if not a shared orgy of mentality like so many songs, poems, and Rapped currencies of socialized indulgences are. Likewise, many a preacher's "words of god" would lead them to destitution and starvation if it weren't for a tithing-supportive flock backed by a tax exempt law... which necessarily means that religions are subsidized by the government, because religion is a good narcotic by which millions can be subdued into compliance with laws established by governments, even if they contradict religious beliefs. Hence, the Black Community is made up of suckers. Just like the White, Asian, Hispanic and Pacific Islander communities... no matter how many people are suffering at the hands of a falsified democracy that many falsifiers would deny the existence of, and would instead defend with whatever tools and weapons their given interest or occupation uses.

However, for those who recognize this, many are driven to express their disapproval by engaging in activities that are detrimental to their well-being. They fail to temper and redirect their perspectives into channels by which alterations in the system will change so that they are not "used" as an indentured servant. Instead, they exhibit and practice the behavior of exploitation that they believe they are being subjected to, and for which wealth is the only means of achieving some semblance of escape... or at least escape to the confinement of a larger, less crowded social landscape of exacting servitude from others as part of the servitude they are forced to participate in, though few readily recognize what is otherwise quite easily seen if it were not blinded from viewed by the glittering trinkets bought by increased wealth. Just because a person wears gold chains about their neck instead of gold plated ones, does not in any way remove them from participating in a social mindset where chains are worn. Putting handcuffs of gold or platinum on a person doesn't change the fact that they are handcuffed. Likewise, substituting long-established feelings of iron chained servitude for gold chained servitude does not remove the existence of the conditions in which such feelings are repetitively established. For example, Blacks that had gained their freedom by way of emancipation found that their lives were actually changed very little when subjected to the harsh realities of working for others (such as the railroad) who took advantage of a social situation where jobs were hard to come by... and treated workers as badly as they wanted.

The Roots Saga and varying other renditions found in social protest and songs will not free Blacks from a servitude caused by the beatings doled out by the practice of a false democracy that mollify such beatings by various definitions to the contrary; made all the more acceptable by those who can not even imagine a better way of life. It is astonishing to come across so many people who have not the slightest inkling that there exists a better life beyond the practice of the present falsified democracy. Like ancient Egyptians and others throughout history who knew of no other life, and could only think of salvation in terms of some religious context by way of wishing for a Saviour; the peoples of history have been subjected to the whippings of a hereditorial gang boss variously called Monarchial- Aristocracy, Communism, Corporatocracy, Democracy, Diarchy, Dictatorship, Plutocracy, Socialism, etc... All are but different generations of socially practiced servitudes that different eras most often accepted as their fate... because they were unwilling to look beyond the boundary lines of their social enslavement. Those that did, frequently had to resort to rebellion, riot and Revolution... with varying results. All too often, time and again, the usurpation of one social control methodology is replaced with the control of those who practice a variation of the same because they do not permit themselves to think beyond the filthy, disgusting social functionalities already defined and subjected to self-defeating traditions. Present democracies are thus the modernized versions of ancient practices that are sometimes denoted as an exercise of democracy, yet when subjected to analytical scrutiny, are found to be anything but an ideological vagary hidden by custom and customized labeling... such as the socialistic-communisms of military organizations, peer reviews, peer judicial proceedings, etc...

You say you want something better Of, By, and For Blacks... yet you and the rest of the Black Rap community don't practice what you preach. You don't know what "Better" actually means. You pretend to think that it is reflected in making a name for yourself and being able to hoard money taken from a presumed legitimate enterprise... that is little more than the slave trade of a different color... where the characters of black views are traded for bartered exchanges... and the once indigenous Black Consciousness becomes further diluted into irrelevance and obsolescence just so rappers can make a buck by selling their black souls to the presumed white devil and their black accomplices— who readily rationalize otherwise because their hearts are blackened by the same evility practiced by ancient Black slavers who had their own era-specific Rap... one in which they would do or say anything to anyone in order to increase their individual wealth. Many Rappers of today are of this mindset... ever- ready and willing to adopt any language idiom or behavior necessary to increase their social standing and personal wealth; even selling out their own and still consider themselves as a respectable entrepreneur...

But all Rappers are totally ignorant of the fact
because intellectuals cut you slack:
that the nonsense espoused in Rap,
feeds society with more and more useless crap
That perpetrates greater social divisions...
based on corrupted doggerel revisions
displayed in idiotic pubescent rhymes
which denote hideous linguistic crimes—
Concealing an established mental illness
sold as promiscuous drink and narco- pill-ness
in order to overlook the repetitive stupidity
yet your ignorance calls it creativity
Because you're all deaf, dumb and blind
a truth remiss of understanding... so never mind—
since rappers are ignorant of the fact,
intellectuals cut demented fools some slack
and to suggest you want a war of words
you must first outrun the rapping herds
in order to gain some greater proficiency
by learning logic, language and Black history
Since many Blacks are ignorant of being Black
but assume they do by rapping black
which is different than rapping white
and the others who can't get it right
Black goes much deeper than a tint of skin
deeper than a Roots saga of unrelated kin
hidden by the rapped crap of a comedic's din
so that at this end a true Black may begin.

Like babies needing to be rocked to and fro', the rhythm of Rap is the security blanket being held on to by a large population that refuses to grow out of its adolescent thinking skills. And by placing the letter "C" in front of "Rap" to denote a specific genre of cultural orientation, the "C" placed in front... produces the amalgamation of "C-Rap" or "Crap", thus serving the dual purpose of highlighting a type and grade school level of indulged-in perspicuity devoid of an expressed perception beyond mediocrity. When will Rap mature into B and A forms on the college level? Whereas it's easy to point out deficiencies in this and that social circumstance, comedic observations notwithstanding, it takes a whole different mindset to develop and promote socially productive and applicable alternatives.

If you're sick and tired of so many Black repetitions as seen from a Black perspective, you've now gotten a hint of what non-Blacks are sick and tired of as well. But non-Blacks are not allowed to say so without being branded a racist. It is an hypocrisy of the so-called Freedom of Speech right. Blacks want to practice the standard afforded by a Bill of Rights and Constitution, but force everyone else to practice something different. It's the same double-standard nonsense Blacks claim they are being subjected to by Whites. Blacks don't want a National dialogue, they want to impose their Will on others, just like Homosexuals and other minorities. You don't want to settle issues by a National vote, you want your minority vote alone to dictate terms to a majority whose voice is muffled not only by the shackles of a falsely practiced democracy, but by the tongue slashings and whippings of minorities. Instead of creating an honest Bill of Rights and Constitution, discussed and voted on by the entire nation, every single minority wants some exalted exception... including those holding government offices!

While Blacks have taken it upon themselves to be the selective voice of all "colored" peoples, they don't actually represent any of them, including their own so-called singular "Black Community". Some Blacks want a "Rainbow" coalition under a Black banner with a Black leadership and Black philosophy...even if it can be had by a loose association with the rainbow flag of the LGBT group. Blacks do not represent the Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Hispanic communities, even though these communities are "people of color" supposedly being represented equally by some Black leadership. Again and again we see a farce and facade. Like other minority communities trying to give the impression of having a large following, it's an illusion concealed by those with a loud voice amplified by varying forms of social media that also have their own personal agendas. It's one large con-game perpetrated on the public... by business, government, religion and numerous groups as well as individuals... who all want us to follow their lead and yet they are no path finder for the nation, nor humanity... just their own kind of segregationist nationalism.

The Black Community doesn't want to have an open public discussion about social issues confronting all of us, it wants to winnow such a needed topic into a constricted channel by which Black speakers can take an inordinate amount of time introducing themselves with credentials as a socially accepted means of boasting and trying to make other Blacks envious of them. They want any and all discussions to be inter-weaved into some "Black matters" consciousness where all non-Black issues are viewed as secondary, tertiary or negligible. The Black community doesn't want to hear from Native American, Asian, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander Intellectuals, much less White thinkers who want to discuss social problems from a Holistic perspective without being required to formulate an expressed interest in Black-centered topics which will enable one or another Black an opportunity to boast about this or that which inordinately promotes themselves.

Blacks don't want non-blacks to speak their minds
without being accused of racial crimes
and though you call for a National face -to- face
it's to be about you, and only your race
Even the Black intelligentsia laughs at such a lark
knowing the end result will always end up dark
If Black Lives Matter as you say
and are victims of the White man's play...
yet think if together we were all to pray,
the Black Community would finally have its day
By badgering, beating and some other BS ploy
so you might enjoy some richman's toy
while nothing is resolved on the social stage
and another minority rants with rage
Because their equal right to be rich and dumb
can't be had by some honest day -to- day crumb
You want respect any way you can
and be seen as having only a darkened tan
who's deserving of this and deserving of that
if only a Black Nation could be a fact
You speak of equality but it's just a ruse
because tribal mentality doesn't like to lose
so you say you want counsel from many a mind's eye
but it's just another whitened black ass lie
You don't really want the Nation to speak
and neither the government, cause it's tired and weak
since if we could talk, and we could vote
we would have a Cenocracy, and that's no joke...
We'd burn the many beasts into the ground
and from its ashes a phoenix more profound
with knock, knock, knock as the sound—
of a greater opportunity to be found.

Well it's Snoop dog this and Snoop dog that
like the pooh-pooh theory of linguistic chat
or to Bow-Wow less and Ding-Dong more
rapping fairy tales on the Black man's door
That's made of wood from a Klu Klux tree
as an obliging way to set some free
and if truth be told from the other side,
the noose is a cross worn with pride...
Like those (young) embracing the nigger tag
as if some affection of which to brag
but no non-black is allowed to speak
without receiving a racist streak
Again, Snoop dog this and Snoop dog that
the media is good for serving us crap
if not what is said, then what isn't done
and so we're back to triple-O square one
We can't talk out loud policed by Blacks
who want to write history with one-sided facts
with the "Po ittle black child" as the theme
wanting taxes to indulge their every dream
And young whites fall into the snare
like Eminem playing this musical chair
all of whom are without a single clue
of what could be done, what can they do
But none will look beyond the box
they want to get over by picking locks
by running a scam as a business deal
like crooked big boys living large to steal
So you and I sit on opposite sides—
of Tubman's track beneath social tides
Both trying to speak as the train goes by
in a crow's nest while flying high
blaming one another for a crossbones flag
yet both are victim's of the fisherman's snag
like the whip and chains of slavery
all because of a phoney Democracy.

socialswitch (35K)

The story of Roots doesn't get to the root of the many problems Blacks and others are confronted with decade after decade. No matter how sincere the writers or talented the actors and gifted the Director, the Black Roots saga was over-played in its first production so many years ago. While to be sure that the dominant White society has created, and still creates many obstacles to Black advancement, this is true for millions of non-blacks, including whites... as well. Clearly we can not solve recurring issues by using the same governing functionality. It plainly does not work well enough. There are too many hypocrisies in business, government and religion. As stated previously, simply switching Black and White roles, like some flip-flop of chess piece positions, will not solve issues that have nothing to do with race or for that matter, gender. The Nation has no goal... and instead insists that its primary role is to permit and protect people so that they may achieve their personal goals... yet the people need the government to be a participating role model, and not be given a type of diplomatic immunity to excuse itself when government employees and elected officials do harm to the public interests. All it is offering is a spineless form of Democracy that is so weak it needs to be protected by a military that is run by way of a practice program of Socialist-Communism, easily recognized by having everyone dress the same, having its own police and legal forces, and not permitting enlisted personnel vote on leadership. All in all, in this day and age, military benefits are not benefits... they are basic needs for survival that all of us should be entitled to... particularly when taxes pay for such benefits.

The nauseating repetition of the Roots Saga was the same soap opera yo-yo nonsense seen in the Color Purple movie— not to mention the repetitious reading of the same book meant for children... as if there would be no available bible in such a rustic setting, though the presence of the Bible was often considered an essential tool for all households. But this can be said for many stories about whites as well, such as the ridiculous "Gone with the Wind" idiocy or "West Side Story" preoccupation amongst some high school English teachers who still see the world through the prism of an antiquated world-view due to the insulated characteristics which a rote teaching workplace environment instructs teachers to retain as a singular mindset. Just because those in the entertainment industry make a big deal about this or that production, doesn't mean the production has any real social value other than to line the pockets of some with money and permit extraneous social career themes to occur for a few. This is particularly true when the merit of a production is judged solely or primarily by a monetary standard reinforced by a gullible retinue of media representatives eager to be included in any social venue so as to think of themselves as a valuable commodity. Pathetic human ignorance knows no bounds. There are millions of idiots who will claim some stupid production is a fantastic presentation, just like the LGBT community who think they have created some Earth shattering civil rights movement by being able to publicly express their individual neurosis. The law permits mentally ill people to be free from forced confinement if they are judged not to be harmful to themselves or anyone else, though this judicial standard lacks the wisdom to determine what is harmful to the whole of society or the species, in the long-run. Far too many of our observed laws and those individuals placed into positions of defining such, are problems for us all... we just do not have a means of effectively addressing the issues without resorting to violence through rebellion.

Whereas so many Blacks talk about this or that social issue, why aren't Black rappers whistling a tune about a blueprint for creating a better society? Instead, even intelligent Black leaders in different occupations simply discuss sociological issues in terms of moving chess pieces around the current social board as if to suggest this will result in some great social win for the Black Community; but want to retain the same ridiculous rules and regulations, as well as the same game! They want to keep the same system... even though it is the system that is faulty. Not just the laws, but the underlying functionality of design. Instead of creating a blueprint for a better governing functionality, they look upon the ridiculous Constitution as if it were a sacred document. What incredible lunacy! Blacks not only don't want to think outside the present governing box, they are afraid to peer through the green leaves (money) of the asphalt jungle onto a Savannah which will enable all of us to begin an evolutionary trek beyond all the present puerile idiocy akin to the childish mentality illustrated by the adopted "colored emotional flavorings" exhibited by the LGBT flag.

And those Blacks calling for the establishment of a Black Nation with its own economic controls, self-monitoring police and governing systems are missing the point. Are you daft? We don't need to have two idiotic systems mirror-imaging one another so that the people can be blind-sighted by both. Whereas you want to develop your own social landscape to suit a Black perspective, you're not producing a blackboard equation that includes the realization that our resources are finite and we will have to devise a coherent means to limit population growth as the resources continue to dwindle over the decades to come. Blacks killing Blacks, gang bangers killing gang bangers, assorted criminals killing each other or innocent bystanders, and nations warring against one another, are stupid methodologies for reducing a given population. The Black community has got to think differently. It needs a whole new philosophy that does not permit itself to be sucked into the manipulations used by current formulas of economics, religion and governing orientations which have proved to be so problematic to the people of this nation, and so many others.

If half the blacks and whites were killed off, some other minority would then try to dominate both. But any group you see, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics or some anomalous characterization, are not thinking outside the presently practiced conventions of governance. Purported ideas for creating some proposed "better society" revolve around ego-centricity, geo-centricity or ethno-centricity. Those promoting such don't know how to think beyond some socially accepted model of ulterior selfish motives... if not for themselves, then someone they select, or their ideas... as a legacy to themselves... mix or match as you will. Just as humanity walked away from its ancient cradle in Africa, it must now walk away from the Earth, by severing the umbilical cord of "Mommy Earth", from whose breast it must be weened. No doubt it was a Black who took the first step along the trek of human evolution, and no doubt it may well be a Black who will be the fist to venture beyond this solar system and eventually the galaxy, because all non-Blacks are cowards when facing the unknown.

Blacks have been porters for white trail blazers long enough, it's time for them to be the path finders beyond the present falsified Democracy, instead of keepers of traditional flames that have been used to brand them as slaves. The Black community has got to stop carrying the flames of governing traditions which have seared the X-mark of a signatory requirement for being good little niggers. The story of Roots neither defines who you are now and all that you can be if you are permitted to exercise a full expression of democratic freedom by having a government which practices a full democracy, and not the slip-shod imitation it now does. Every single community in the Nation needs to be freed from the enslavement of a phoney democracy that binds us all to servitudes that deny us the basic right of voting on every single social issue we want to, and have the vote of consensus become the law of the land.

The facade of today's practiced democracy's has gone on long enough. The present Democracy must be emancipated from the clutches of a governing design which denies the people its own legislative branch as the determinant checks -and- balances provision which will safe guard the larger populace from an inept Executive, Legislative and Judicial system... in order to assist the nation in its needed progressions. The people of this nation are sick and tired of being subjected to the whips and chains of a governing formula expressly meant to subjugate the people to do the bidding of a few who laughably claim to Represent the rest, and want us to believe that a dysfunctional electoral system will provide the people with the best, the brightest, and the most capable path finder.

Such fools and governing foolishness can not possibly know the hearts, minds and souls of a public grown disgusted by the quagmire of disillusionment that breeds a vilifying disenfranchisement from which the only escape is to redesign a system grown out of touch with the reality of a populace that seeks real freedom; and not specious allowances made possible by laws designed to keep us all on leashes of consciousness— by way of insidious forms of repetitious propaganda, like the Roots saga... a saga more at home with comic book strips used as teaching tools for the very young who must quickly grow away from a past that they can not be bound to; or else suffer the consequences of so many in the Black Community of today, who can not see beyond the finger-tips of a grasp clinging to the burdens of a commercialized sustenance that could care less whether they live or die... because no one matters to an insensitive and single-minded machine more interested in political machinations as a pastime of entertainment... no matter what black community gets destroyed or how many black lives are lost. Black lives do not matter to a governing system which forbids the collective voice of the Black community to speak, and have such a consensus voted on for the purpose of becoming a meaningful law that can not be undermined by Executive, Legislative or Supreme Court motivations to undermine the Will of the People.

The Black man and Woman, and all their children for centuries more... will never be free until democracy is liberated. Every single Black man, woman and child must become the Harriet Tubman of this age, and lead the people to freedom. A freedom that some can not even imagine... because they have been brow-beat, again and again and again by an economically-controlled system of brainwashing that uses traditions of patriotism and religion-promoted holidays (holy days), as a means of manipulation and enticement to keep things as they are, instead of letting the people choose a destiny best befitting that which is needed to challenge a population to exceed its own greatest expectations.

If the people are to bare the greatest burden of socialized indentured servitude from which enormous tax revenues and conventions of communal deferment must be given, they must in turn have a like measure of value in self-rule governance through greater autonomy. This can only occur if Democracy is emancipated from a formula of proportioned Representation that chains it to a tradition of practice that has cultivated the entire body of working class citizens into domesticated beasts, with minimized and marginalized accounts of parity amongst varying sectors of social leadership that more often denies them the right to control their collective lives through observed participation in what are supposed to be ideals of governance, though they may fall short of one another's definition of perfection.

Such a declaration has historical precedents:

In Ancient Athens, where the roots of an Actual Democracy were established— in return for the tribute paid by the populace for being a standing Army, Navy and Marine division that was ever-ready to bare arms against any would-be foe; the people insisted on self-governance. Likewise, because the populations of today stand every-ready to bare the foes of Recession, Depression, and numerous miscreant social deprivations caused by the ineptness of a dysfunctional governance formula that can be manipulated by those placed into positions of social leadership acting as misleading demagogues or false prophets; the cost of such burdens must be offset by the ability of the populace to control its own destiny... by avoiding the foundational pitfalls of narrowness, shallowness and fragility that Communism, Democracy, Socialism and the many religions and philosophical traditions of the world so many have fallen victim to... yet we of today can buttress ourselves against by adopting an enlightened and enhanced basic civil and social rights doctrine in-tune with a larger appreciation of our environmental circumstances and their inevitable contingencies which will continue to play a greater role in future decisions of governance.

In a much later time, in order that the distant Colonies of the New World did not become financial and military liabilities, and instead were to grow in population and riches (so as to become sources of strength to the British empire), the people had to be given a substantial measure of religious, economic and political autonomy... meaning an enhanced formula of democracy was needed... as it is needed today, in order that the Nation, and the peoples of the planet may trek forward. At that earlier period of history, in invoking the right of self governance, the rule-of-thumb... The principles for such a right on which they meant to found a new commonwealth, were expounded in their Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
That, to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men (and women),
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."

(Note: the short comments related to Athens and America were derived from: "Government." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.)

In order for the Black man and woman to take another stride towards being Free at Last!, and for all peoples to acknowledge how they too have been undeservedly bound by traditions of an antiquated governance that have for too long subjugated people by creating the social conditions of strife— by fomenting division in order to facilitate internalized controls by way of conquering individualized groups by piece-meal deliverance of proportioned goods to their leaders... who are best prepared to exert the needed forms of manipulations for deferred indulgence; Democracy must be liberated from the clutches of a vengeful, spiteful, and cunningly evil process of government whose darker side of maniacal inclination periodically shows itself as an abusive parental figure that would readily sacrifice its own than let its own be free to choose their own path. Since each person's "self" is the property of greatest ownership that is being denied by a process of government tied to a past where all forms of ownership are regulated and relegated by a few dictating laws to the many, the task of our suffrage is to liberate ourselves from such tyranny. The lack of such private ownership is clearly seen in the dispossessed right to govern as an independent voice that is permitted the selectivity of collectiveness to decide their own path, and the path of their nation... a path which, under the present aegis of an ancient regime clothed in the garments, language and mannerisms of the present era, leads us again -and- again -and- again into the dire straits of various wastelands dependent on political rationalizations instead of a rational philosophy.

As with the two previous examples supplying historical precedents for advancing the need for an expansive formula of Democracy... above and beyond the present superficial government models differentially applied throughout the world... it is appropriate to mention the idea of communal assertiveness in the form of Revolution, though some might think it a needless topic for any extensive commentary to be parleyed; though it is of value for the development of philosophical predicates, thus we should supply a remark having reached a representative consensus amongst those who first tried to resolve differences amongst amicable measures of diplomacy, only to be met with what amounted to be an aggressive arrogance and caused the creation of an Independence Declaration, (despite excluding the naming of women as a necessary part of an institution involving men (to which women of the time may have accepted as a logical expression and extension of that which they had been subjected to for centuries):

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism,
it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.—

While the word "Revolution" is reviled by those seeking equitable formulas for adopting some representative Social Democracy formula out of which has sprung the custom of social welfare (even if some proponents of democracy might want deny any practice of socialism as having either value or purpose); and though "Revolution" descriptive value is part of a cherished vernacular amongst some writers disclosing advances in science, religion and other non-political venues... it must be noted that Revolution constitutes a communal form of lawsuit against those whose so-called rule-of-law governance attempt to disavow the right of the people to indulge in an equalized partnership of controlling their collective sojourn into a future that is little known to them (because human prescience is not an exact science)... except through the consequential vagaries of superstition, supposition and serendipity, as well as through the intimations of self-described fate and the pursuit of a desired happiness and prosperity.

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