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There are three main types of law being practiced in the United States. One for the poor, one for the rich, and one for the politically connected. The FBI ruling about Hillary's illegalities involving a personal server for government information that should have remained in a channel of "protective services", clearly denotes that the FBI had a preconceived inclination to interpret any and all information to be buttressed with a supported rationalization of "negligent... but innocent" declaration, as if all involved are to be viewed as naive children that need to be verbally scolded. The FBI, in conjunction with Obama and the Attorney General's office, carried out a political move... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like it. None of them can be trusted and the people can not have any confidence that everyone will be treated the same, and that no one is above the law. Every single one of them should be removed from having anything to do with any government activity whatsoever, after such a disgusting display of snubbing the American People... because those in Washington don't give a damn what the public thinks, so long as it doesn't cause too much disrupttion to their selfish interests. The U.S. government can not and should not be trusted. Any thing the U.S. government does or says should be looked upon with suspicion since it practices a triple standard of Justice... and the people have no one to turn to for assistance. It is no wonder the social system is deteriorating. The only standard being practiced by the government is a criminal one... and there is no one on our side except for those wanting to effect change on behalf of the people by committing stupid acts of terrorism instead of selectively targeted attacks against both high ranking government officials, their corporate sponsors and those in the media who use their podium for particularlized forms of propaganda.

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In light of the irrationality being practiced by the government as demonstrated by the atrocity in its efforts to deal effectively and honestly with the Hillary email and the Clinton foundation cases; nothing the government says or does can be respected. Any country that is being forced to address a situation involving its sovereignty such as China in the South Sea against the U.S., must regard the U.S. as an entity effecting a disturbed mentality. All alliances with the U.S. government must be held suspect because the government is not thinking rationally. There is a pervasive mental illness being exhibited and concealed by way of rationalizations, bribery and intimidation. The U.S. is headed for both internal and external conflicts in its attempts to maintain some semblance of sociability as its state of dementia continues to deteriorate. It will need to be restrained and eventually constrained, in order that a New Formula of Governance be practiced according to different philosophical criteria. At present, in order to protect their sovereignty, countries must be extremely wary of the U.S. government because it is expressing non-rational ideas... and is a condition that is spreading to others it is interacting with. In such a growing state of disorientation, other countries will find that humoring the U.S. is not sufficient enough to keep it out of their way. Like a petulant rich kid that is used to getting its way, when it is confronted by those and that which do not "toe-the-line" in a similar frame of mind... its irritations become violent. The schizophrenic level of ambivalent mindset exhibited by the FBI in the Hillary email problem, clearly indicates it recognizes criminal behavior but is inclined to deny its existence. The American people have a serious problem on their hands when those in the federal government are exhibiting an incapacity to interact with reality except in the frame-work of a self-created delusionary fantasy.

Sometimes, a cartoon needs to be just a bit more detailed in explanation:

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Cartoon by Ted Rall

After former President Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a secret meeting, Lynch’s Justice Department announced that it would not indict Hillary Clinton for her private email server and destruction of public documents, because she had no obvious intent to break the law, just extreme carelessness for it. Whatever happened to “ignorance of the law is no excuse”?

Forbes.com: The Hillary Clinton Defense

Here's a revised version of the same cartoon applied with "entitlements" typically called the application of a "creative license":

< Hillary Clinton Defense Cartoon 2 (263K)

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The U.S. government, like so many other governments, frequently exhibit bipolar orientations. For example, Saddam Hussein was an ally of the U.S. against the Russians, but then became its enemy with an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (created out of a U.S. fantasy), when Bush Jr. wanted to attack him because he supposedly tried to kill his daddy at one time. It's too bad Saddam didn't succeed if the event actually ever occurred in the first place. It's not that Saddam wasn't a tyrant, it's that his actions were vastly over-shadowed by the evil the U.S. government perpetrated. The U.S. government has been imperialistic, colonialistic, and will lie, cheat and steal its way into confidences... only to assert an about-face, without notice, guided by some other self-centered impulse. This is the role model the citizenry is supposed to look up to. The government makes up rules to suit whatever whim it has, and will gladly interpret any and all laws in accord with whatever political disposition it has. The U.S. government is neither emotionally nor mentally stable, and should not be a world power. The U.S. likes to train and arm groups to carry out stealth programs of destruction and violence, only to use such groups (or individuals) at a later date as an excuse to carry out some nefarious deed for exercising its greed. It likes to carry out programs outside the U.S. where it is easier to conceal Rights violations.

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The system is rigged against the people who are caught in the middle of different political forces playing out against one another at the expense of the people. And Obama even shoves it in everybody's face by giving the criminal-prone Hillary a ride on Air Force One, though the common person is without this entitlement because of supposed security risks! Known criminals are pampered and viewed as being innocent, while the rest of the public is deemed guilty and forced to endure the TSA nonsense at airports.

If the public and press backlash for the stupid ruling increases, the FBI and the government in general will no doubt go out of its way to find some person or incident to scapegoat in order to give the impression that it is fair and does everything "by the book"... though it's book is clearly crammed full of ways to undermine and circumvent the law... no matter how hard it tries to prove otherwise.

There is an on-going culture of deceit and law-breaking in the U.S. government. Not only are very many Americans unable to trust "their" government, neither do millions outside the U.S., when it's understandable since they are not "protected" by so-called laws that American Citizens are supposed to be... but clearly aren't. The American public is being screwed. If terrorists would kill only those in government, the people would not be so readily against them. Killing innocent civilians who dislike the same government terrorists do because of the sham democracy being played out. When the Federal laws of the land no serve the people, they do not have a federal government to rely on... except to continue taking advantage of the people.

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Americans Don’t Trust Our Institutions Because They Fail To Prosecute Crooks Like Hillary

Judge Jeanine: Never more ashamed after Hillary decision

Darrell Issa: Loretta Lynch, what were you thinking?

(In the above video, Darrell Issa not only asks the question he wants to pose to her, but provides her with an expected answer, whereby he can than lead the "congressional interview" towards achieving nothing, when he says that after such a response, the topic of conversation can move on... as if his comment of what she is expected to say, will suffice... as if her actions are those of a young kid. In other words, he is going to supply the script for a public showing as a perfunctory exhibition, though she will simply be scolded while the public has to suck up such nonsense and accept the show as a bona fide investigation. He's just as delusional as Hillary, Bill, Lynch, Obama and the head of the FBI. What a farce! The public needs to be the one involved in the interrogation not some government stooge.)

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