America's Political Guild System
America's Political Guild System

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We The People of today are in the same political position as were the Peasants of Yesteryear. We are kept outside the walls of the government's Castle in which all political and economic policies are formulated.

Because we are not permitted in the Citadel (city) grounds, our title of "citizen" is to be equated with the old designation of Serf or Peasant. Hence, in our present day context we are Peasant-Citizens or Citizen-Peasants.

In 1381 there was an English Peasant's revolt and in 1525-1526 there was a German Peasants war... both of which were undermined by the treachery of clergy, businessmen and politicians who were against the people striving to increase the wage and benefits of their Inalienable Rights that are today being denied to the people who have repeatedly asked for a redress of all grievances, but have met with bureaucratic obstruction.

Our efforts at seeking reforms through peaceful means have been to no avail. When we are confronted by:

  1. a pathetic option of "petitioning the government" nonsense (where in fact only the Executive i.e. the "king" branch is petitioned),
  2. an incongruous "contact your Representative" distortion of actual Self-Representative democracy,
  3. and the allowance of peaceful demonstrations that do not exercise any means of influence...

...It is time for us to increase our assertiveness, bringing us ever-nearer to the educationable three R's stages of Riot, Rebellion and Revolution.

For the people to begin their full enfranchisement into the political system, we need a Constitutionally-mandated Peoples Legislative Branch. Because those in the government, just like in days of old, have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, We The People of today... just like so many groups before us who had to force their presumed "betters" to agree to terms of greater enfranchisement, we of today are forced to do the same.

We The People of today are confronted by similar social class conflicts of those in the past. We can not trust the political, merchant nor military aristocracies which have created a social guild system which bars the majority from being able to acquire full membership. If we can not achieve full membership in the present system we will tear it down and create a better one for all of us. At present, the people are in a state of (cold) War with the government. A situation that could heat up at any time.

However, in tearing down the present formula of despotic government, the current mindset of most socio-political reformers focus on the possible opportunity of introducing their own political philosophy that... under traditional applications, will result in just another formula of despotism, albeit with a different name, different political bureaucratic ceremonies, and a different set of people having acquired a position in the aristocracies though different words are used to describe such echelons. In none of the alternative socio-political philosophies do we see the requirement of a Constitutionally mandated Peoples Legislative Branch to ensure that the people are entitled to a substantially increased wage of their Inalienable Rights and a Benefits package which includes a non-vicarious form of collective Self-Representation and Self-Determination. All of them want to centralize control of society in a mode and manner which effectively keeps most of the people from being able to exert any influence on economic and political policies. All of them express some measure of ego-centricity whether it is called Nationalism, Capitalism, Naturalism, or whatever... to conceal an underlying greed meant to assist a Few over the Many. All of them have their own type of against-the-public treachery, despite arguments to the contrary... even if a few are actually naive enough to believe in the spirit of their idealism that others will strive to take advantage of and the people are left without a recourse to make positive corrections, just as the majority of today are collectively ostracized, disenfranchised and otherwise barred from the political process... just like peasants of old were kept outside the castle gates but forced to pay tributes (taxes) to keep their disenfranchisers in power.

Let's take a look at the present state of the political guild system in America that can easily be adopted to the conditions of other countries. For those wanting an html version, see the bottom of this page in order to facilitate available internet translation devices: Guild Organized Governments

America's Political Guild System
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