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American Democracy is another word for Hypocrisy

All the millions of dollars being spent on a ridiculous series of Congressional hearings would be better spent on removing Education debts, addressing homelessness, addressing the lousy Health care system, addressing the criminal in-justice system, assisting farmers, establishing term limits, etc.... Instead, millions are being spent on a self-serving Congress who are putting their own interests before the immediate needs of the people. The wasted millions of dollars by the Democrats in Congress in order to discredit Trump so as to eliminate him from the Presidential lineup of competition, is the tip of the proverbial iceberg that portrays an underlying collective mentality of so-called Representatives of the people who chase their own tails and accomplish little to nothing for the public. The money being wasted for such a stupid Democratic base of idiots is the same myopic orientation found in the SEC, Military, Security services, Dept. of Transportation (particularly Amtrak), and multiple other segments of the government, where so much is need in agriculture, health coverage, Social Security, welfare, and other programs directly in touch with the day to day needs of the people.

The Democratic party has become overrun by a coterie of women who enlist the schoolgirl tactic of gossip-mongering in an effort to sway public opinion in order to promote the presence of some female into a position of government by way of a differently styled beauty pageant, promoted by what amounts to as a celibratory popularity contest regularly occurring in Jr. High and High school venues. Like so many of their male counterparts, they think they are somehow automatically endowed with an unequal intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and foresight after receiving a government title, which separates them from the common throng and that the public should not only defer to their judgment, but demonize their opposition and demonstrate an unyielding fealty so as to consecrate a perception that all of human society would be better off if the present patriarchal political obsession was replaced with a matriarchal one. For all the practicality some women are noted for, there are just as many who are noted for wasting money frivolously, as is the present case in the ridiculous impeachment hearings.

A waste of money due to gossip mongering

Even if Trump were to be convicted of committing some version of a Democrat-sponsored, interpreted and defined unpardonable Quid Pro Quo that everyone in Congress engages in within the scope and capacity of their respective offices, Pence would simply pardon him of any wrong doing; which is part of the landscape of the current socio-pathic mentality existing in the White House and multiple other places in the Government, which practices the pardoning of the quilt from any wrong doing, so long as it serves some neurotic purpose. And after all is said and done, the American people nor their global allies will be better off since the dynamics of the of commercial, political and religious orientations will simply flip-flop back to the previous bipolar world-views which provided little next to nothing for addressing the issues of violence, impoverization, homelessness, ignorance, prejudice, judicial inequalities and double/triple/quadruple standards, health care short-comings, lousy taxation, the SEC's self-serving criminality, the overall Judicial system's self-serving criminality, the prison system's self-serving criminality, and the multiple other concerns that the present formula of phony Democracy, phony Communism, phony Socialism and other idiotic political systems can not adequately address because all of them are part of the problem including the stock market and every single religious orientation.

Plain and simple, the present Congressional hearings on whether a Quid Pro Quo situation occurred, is absolutely stupid since quid pro quo is a common occurrence, even if the people involved are not consciously aware they are participating in such a system. It exists throughout every sphere of humanity. Here is one example of attempting to be honest about the presence of using a quid pro quo system of interaction, that should rightly be expanded to all forms of interactivity in and out of politics:

"Asking people to do something in order to get the foreign aid, that's a relatively common occurrence with all of our foreign aid. You could say all of our foreign aid is quid pro quo," Texas Rep. Mike Conaway, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee, told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

'It doesn't matter': House Republicans embrace 'quid pro quo'

It is a routine practice of the US government to withhold various types of assistance and aid if a country does not comply with its wishes. If a country supports some ideology or practice that those in government do not like, they are excluded from getting any help. No less, how often do separate entities within the government engage in quid pro quo tactics amount to ransom, bribery, theft and numerous other criminal activities such as the CIA is so well known for, yet is permitted to engage in; just as the military does and excuses itself by claiming any so-called wrong doing is part of the process of war and war is a dirty business.

The Republicans should have come out with the Quid pro quo honesty at the very beginning, and go on the (philosophical) offensive of highlighting the presence of a Quid Pro Quo reality throughout the human sphere of day-to-day interactions. Using a quid pro quo is not something to be ashamed of, it is simply the standard operating procedure used by humanity even on the basic cellular level of symbiotic activity. Grow up humanity. Quid pro quo not only occurs in foreign aid, but every single aspect of government. Sometimes a person does something for a paycheck, other times some people do it because you think God is watching and will provide some eventual remuneration. The ridiculous costs in time, energy and other resources on the Democrat-led impeachment hearings is a testament to the pathetic state of mentality which exists in Congress because the desperately needed overhaul of the Constitution does not take place in order to remove this nonsensical cycle of repeated idiocy.

Getting Trump impeached or at the very least reducing his credibility so as to prevent him from winning the next Presidential race will not serve the public when they will once again be faced with a formula of government that is supported by a Congress that does not have the vision to make the changes to itself that are needed, such as instituting a Peoples Legislative Branch so as to diminish its own stranglehold on the public's throat. The US Congress and Supreme Court are disgusting institutions that need to be wholly revised as to how their memberships are arrived at. Most memberships require public oaths which describe non-partisanship and non-self serving agendas, but in private that is exactly what they do. They serve someone's career who inturn helps a few others and then uses their ability within the scope of their office to wrangle-out those interests which are claimed to be "serving the public", but do not describe the "public" as being a small minority of those interested in a given outcome, like children hopeful that their next throw of the dice lands them on some resource they can own or is at least a "safe zone" that doesn't cost them anything, like playing a monopoly game in which their actions are meant to preserve a certain level and type of status quo so that they can be effectual within the scope of their small-minded limits. They don't want to engage in broad reforms that will remove those antagonistic players who make for politics to be a sport-like contest and create an atmosphere of competition that they think they are advantaged more so than others. If their are to be antagonists, they at least want to have some manageable understanding of the persons they are dealing with, as expressed in the old adage of dealing with the devil they know and not one they are unfamiliar with. Hence, homelessness, violence, and various inequalities are imbedded into the current system of practiced government because they are known evils and can be managed to the degree at least in which the public does not seek them out for blood loss. The current social ills are evils accepted by Congress because they are envoys of the devil that the public do not protest vehemently enough about to the extent of forcing change in the very nasty business-as-usual formula of government that both the Democrats and Republicans want to perpetuate in the image that they think best reflects their distorted realities of logic, common sense, and rationality... because the public is too cowardly to take up a violent protest against both the Republicans and Democrats who are myopically neurotic.

Both Republicans and Democracts are myipically neurotic

If given the chance, we at Cenocracy.org would be first in line to slit Donald Trump's throat, as well as those who support him. However, we will not sacrifice common sense, logic and rationality to back the play of those who would gladly do so just so they can carry out a lustful vengeance against him by trying to create the impression of his actions in a given Ukraine setting are an impeachable offense... when they are not. Quid Pro Quo is a standard operating procedure for every single relationship in business, government, religion and day-to-day interests. Those who are throwing stones need to be throwing them against the pathetically ridiculous formula of government which permitted such an idiot to run for President, much let get into the office in the first place. What a stupid, stupid, stupid form of government that exists not only in the US but throughout the Earth because of a filthy, disgusting humanity that practices the establishment of institutions which encourage the repetition of nonsense. The phony brand of so-called Democracy being practiced in the US and elsewhere is a disgusting problem akin to a virulent disease as bad as homelessness, the faulty education and judicial systems which have created an over-burdened prison system and the wide-spread increasing impoverization of the public that is slowly encroaching on civilization like a sprawling desert and decreasing shoreline.

Though Trump is a problem, he is but a symptom of a much deeper issue involving a system of government, commerce, religion and self-centered groups like the LGBTQ whose interactions not only permit, but promote the development of people like him... and there are many of them. For all we know the mentality of Trump, the LGBTQ and anti-vaxers may all be symptoms of an incrementally increasing global warming that produces an environment making it more hospitable for blood sucking and venomous vermin to increase their numbers. They are suffused throughout the socio-pathic boardrooms of corporations whose primary concern for the public is how it can help their bottom line... and let the people be damned otherwise. It is the same mantra, the same motto being used by those in Congress who would serve the public better if all the millions being spent on the stupid Impeachment hearings were focused on addressing the same desperate issues which have been confronting the people for decades, but are side-stepped with various types of excuses and actions which allow Congress to distract the public from expecting such issues to be resolved except by way of yet another decade of illusory intentions. Both the Congress and the Supreme Court, not to mention the Military and SEC, to name but a few, are problematic institutions whose actions not only assist in perpetuating social ills, but perpetrating them as well.

The pathetically stupid hearings now taking place as an to discredit Trump indirectly... vicariously, is the expression of a stupid formula of government that reflects not only an increasing level of idiocy gathering in Congress as Representatives, but the extent to which the dumbing down of Americans via a lousy system of public education has taken root. More and more criminals are gravitating to politics because it is a very lucrative business that is typically run by those who grease the palms of enough people that they do not try to attack you as the present Congress is trying to do with Trump. It is a lynch mob tactic more suited to some backwoods venue and not the halls of Congress... except that because it is occurring there, represents the state in which Congress regresses to when a number of Representatives are left out of the loop in information and some reward for whatever ill-gotten gains are the focus of the government's many activities of Imperialism both outside and inside its own borders.

Yet, it's not just the United States whose government has a person named Trump presently being accused of engaging in what might otherwise be labeled in a positive way as a tit for tat, incentive, or exchange of goods for services; but is being defined negatively as a "Quid Pro Quo" tactic of officiating his managerial duties of office... since every single government, business, and religion does the same thing. The fact that many in Congress do not like Trump, nor do millions in the public, along with a corp of Journalists, has caused a commonly occurring "routine business maneuver" to be viewed as a criminal act. Even though this writer does not like Trump either, does not mean I am to be blinded by the stupidly disgusting activity of Congressional Representatives who want to use an instance of the very same thing they are guilty of, as a means to lynch Trump. I don't like Trump. I think he is disgusting. But to go after him with an argument that he has engaged in a criminal activity is pure adulterated hypocrisy.

Every single kind of relationship is based on a Quid pro quo. You name it, there is some expected exchange. Some are vocalized and openly public, others are silent and subtle. If they are expected to be subtle and silent and they are otherwise, the person or person's involved may be viewed as having committed a social blunder or even criminal act. If they are expected to be boasted about and are instead kept secret, the person or persons involved might be viewed as incompetent or different, or strange, or unsocial or something less than desirable in any event.

In order to get elected, promises are made and expectations are placed on the table to receive a person's vote. This is quid pro quo. To receive something in return for something else, though promises are rarely kept and the public doesn't go after the perpetrator as if they committed a crime for which they are to lose their job.

In order to go to Heaven, people engage in all sorts of behaviors... thinking some god will look favorably on them... and if something is perceived as being bad happens to a person, they think they somehow have not kept up their end of some sort of bargain that they created in their own imagination! This is Quid Pro Quo.

You buy a product expecting to receive something in exchange (social status, power, performance, longevity, etc...), and if it doesn't give you what you want you either want your money back or a different product (like a different political candidate or elected person in office), only to make the same mistakes all over again the next election! This is Quid Pro Quo with an assumed guarantee, but the guarantee is just as stupid as the product and the philosophy under which the product was bought in the first place... and will be used again the next time around because of the hypocritical standards in which the Politics in the U.S. and elsewhere are being practiced.

In an attempt to keep the conditions of Quid Pro Quo out of the Supreme court, they are provided a life-term position... and yet their political appointment serves as a means by which Quid Pro Quo persists in the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court of the United States is a politically oriented and motivated extension of the Presidency because the stupid system of government allows the Presidency to chose the Judges! And yet Congress does not fix this idiotic system because it too is part of the stupid system that needs to be revamped and proportionally put in its place by the advent of a Peoples Legislative Branch. The present design of the government is an expression of pure ignorance.

We at Cenocracy.org dislike Trump immensely. Give us a gun and an opportunity, we would shoot Trump right between the eyes without batting an eye. Then again, we would kill everyone in the white house including the cleaning staff, grounds workers, etc., all because they are part of that pathetic regime. Likewise, we would have no problem killing most of the people in Congress, the Supreme Court, SEC, Garden City Group and those on Wall Street as well as on the boards of Corporations. We would do so not because we necessarily want to kill people, but because traditional protest methods are not working to bring about the desperately needed new formula of government that no conventional political ideology adequately addresses in the form of producing conditions for the development of a Peoples Legislative Branch.

Politicians the world over do not get elected without engaging in a Quid Pro Quo philosophy of interacting with the people. And strangely enough, even though all elections systems are fixed in one way or another, some people actually believe that their vote matters and can be used as a bargaining chip to get what they think they want, but most likely will never get it, and yet don't drag a Representative through a courts system to try to get rid of them, if only because they have no political clout to do so!

It is absolutely pathetically stupid to try to make Trump's Quid Pro Quo activity into some criminal act when practicing quid pro quo is a political standard seen in business, religion and every single type of relationship you can think of. The activities of those in Congress engaging in such a stupid activity only show the lack of talent and interest to address more important issues for the people because those in Congress are too incompetent themselves, and will gladly use Trump as an excuse for not accomplishing anything of value for the public. The US Congress just like so many other legislative bodies on the planet, is filled with lack-of-vision incompetent fools who chew on foolishness and want the public to do likewise, so as to overlook their lack of talent, intelligence and foresight.

Those in the US Congests going after Trump for an activity they too engage in, but do not do so publicly, which is an ongoing problem with Trump who likes to be childishly boisterous. He got caught doing what they do as part of the routine of being a manager and the Congress, the media and assorted others want to use his stupidity against him because there is no other provision printed in the Constitution which will allow for getting rid of a fool that is liked very much by many who participate in the stock market. When the primary business of government is business, Trump is effecting policies that is assisting the Stock market, even though its rise does not necessarily mean a rise in the value or standards of living for every citizen's life. Trump is an uncouth idiot who should never have gotten into office but because he did blatantly shows how stupid the elections system is... and Congress has not addressed this issue because all of those who got elected were elected by the same corrupt system and they do not want to change something that may be needed in the future.

And once Trump is out of office, whom shall replace him? Someone else who engages in various models of Quid Pro Quo behind closed doors and beneath the table? Someone whose own incompetence will be hidden behind accusing Trump of misdeeds that will take years to fix... or at least long enough for another incompetent fool to get out of office and secure for themselves a yearly pension?

When will all the Congressional Representatives begin to fulfill their campaign promises without providing some excuse for not doing so? Who do we get to replace all the idiots with when we are confronted by another lineup of idiots who will simply perpetuate the status quo of the same stupid government system which does little next to nothing for the people?

American Hypocrisy! The world's governments, businesses and religions are full of it.

The following article is an expression of the growing hypocrisy not only in the US but throughout the world. It is about bullyism, prejudice, discrimination, elitism, side-choosing, and multiple other childishness growing out of an increased realization of the persistent dumbing down taking place in official circles of conduct. It is not about truth, nor justice, nor freedom, nor any other supposed virtue of Democracy, because we don't have a Democracy. Nobody does. All so-called Democracies are phony ideologies just as are when a purported practice of Socialism and Communism take place. They are all sham practices meant to help a few at the expense of the many.

So what if we get rid of Trump and all his allies? We will have to replace them with those who are conducting the present day version of an Inquisition. When it matters not to what degree a person is innocent or guilt of an actual crime and more so that they are part of a group serving someone who is hated and that by hurting them the person in charge is somehow more soiled than they already are is a ludicrous system of justice and politics. And this is the problem. The person that a few in Congress want to hurt in order to help a colleague get their position, is not being hurt. They are not being charged with any criminal activity. Throwing mud and feces on them is an antic best suited for a primitive tribe of people and not a modern civilization, and yet because such a ridiculous activity is occurring, it's just another version of McCarthyism taking place, which means the mentally of Congress is cyclical and future generations are going to have to survive their own versions of the nonsense now in vogue. The problem is that Trump should never have been able to get into office and he did because the government system is lousy. Not only is he a liar, so are many, many, many Representatives and those who are going to testify. Their testimonies can not be trusted, even if they swear three times under an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, since liars often believe they are telling the truth because this is the way in which they get others to believe in lies that they can no longer distinguish as being a lie. It is easy to lie to a Congress that frequently engages in lying to the public, though Congress has adopted a policy of using other words to describe their behavior or lying in order to give the appearance of telling the truth and therefore not be guilty, unless of course they themselves become the victims of a witch hunt that Trump and his followers are. Trump's accusers simply want to hurt him in any way they can, with whatever interpretation can be believed in... whether factual or not, and whether or not they are guilty of the same quid pro quo standard operating procedure that they use also. Trump is hated so much, all objectives are focused on yielding some punishment that prevents him from winning the next election, and is not necessarily aimed at him getting a prison sentence or some other punishment. The actual intent is to discredit him so that he will not win. The objective is to misuse objectivity in order to achieve this objective. If he would resign or drop out of the Presidential race, the hearings would become a worthless objective.

The present series of impeachment inquiries is taking place by way of an aura and ambiance of McCarthyism infused with a flavoring of spiced-up lying by both Congressional Representatives and purported Witnesses... along with supporting Journalists whose only intended objectivity is to intimate, to insinuate, and manipulate; by which the stampede of a lynch mob mentality might ensue to convict Trump because of behavior that they themselves engage in, but in undisclosed ways... particularly not in ways which invite the female psyche to become incensed into a state of indignity and diminished characterization, like girls in a neighbor being excluded from a boys secret club and hideout. All the people against Trump with such a voracious appetite... nay, lust for vengeance... are primed to interpret any and all actions as a capital crime. Like Socrates or others subjected to a tribunal that has already made up its mind to convict them, this is the situation for Trump because he is so disliked. Whereas he is guilty for many social blunders and various very bad decisions based on ignorance and ineptitude, they are not criminal acts, just the actions of an idiot who should never have been permitted to get into the Presidential office; and the fact that he did represents a disgusting formula of government that the Congress is not addressing because it doesn't know how to, and all current Representatives got their positions by the same corrupt and corruptible system as Trump was assisted by. Very many of those in Congress who do not make a steady stream of news copy should not be in their positions either, for they have not the vision to assist the public into a desperately needed social self-governing Renaissance to be provided by the adoption of a Peoples Legislative Branch.

We need a new system of government that prevents idiots like Trump from ever getting a chance to be elected by addressing the issue of the dumbing down in the education system due to a deteriorating genetics in the overall population from a disgusting practice of allowing disfunctionality to breed freely and become a requisite for being a Congressional Representative, Corporate Leader, and Religious spokesperson. The hearings now taking place do not address the issue of the problems with the education level of those entering into government or allowed to run for a political position, and that thoughts about having a type of entry test will be subjected to the same process of being rigged that the current voting system is. And we at Cenocracy.org do not mean the conventionally viewed level of education— since many people are self-taught and have acquired wisdom, intelligence and foresight that can not be learned in traditional classroom settings or experiences. Not only the United States, but the peoples of the entire world have a problematic government, problematic business community, and problematic system of religio-philosophical ideologies.

It was a great day for American justice when the feds succeeded in taking down Roger Stone, who was convicted Friday of being a harmless liar.

True, Stone broke the law when he told government officials multiple lies about his role in the 2016 campaign. He lied about his overtures to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and he wanted other people to lie for him about it all, too. Yet no one during the trial testified that Stone had any meaningful contact with WikiLeaks or knowledge of the hacked DNC (Democratic National Conference) emails that WikiLeaks strategically released throughout the campaign to the detriment of Hillary Clinton.

Nope, Stone was just a liar and made the unfortunate decision to work for Donald Trump, who has been under hot pursuit by the feds since he became the Republican nominee in 2016. Trump's other associates, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, are serving sentences for bank fraud, tax evasion, and lying, as well.

This all goes back to Russia and its elusive ties to Trump. A slew of people are now in prison or are going to prison for something that, so far as we can tell, doesn't exist. Just ask Robert Mueller and his 500 witnesses, just as many search warrants, unlimited budget and time, 20 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, and nearly 3,000 subpoenas.

Yes, Manafort, Cohen, and Stone are all criminals. But it looks like their biggest crime was being on the wrong side of politics.

Roger Stone is a casualty of the increasing criminalization of politics by Eddie Scarry, 11/15/2019

The foregoing represents a system of purported Justice involved with people that like to waste money that isn't their own (like children playing a monopoly game who are given a certain monetary "allowance" to participate, but that this idea of an "allowance" is not permitted in the sense of a socially practiced guaranteed income provision which would allow more members of the public participate in the day-to-day "game"). Every single National and the International monetary system does work, but is a far cry from what is needed to produce a global equity amongst all. Yet, this is not the rule-of-thumb that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is actually working with, though its philosophy says otherwise. It wants to promote a goodwill of interactive monetary stability by using a system of commercialized philosophy which undermines its efforts and yet its members are oblivious to this rationale because they persist in using an old-school formula of binary (buy/sell, consumer/producer, double-entry accounting) economics, by efforts to pursue a higher form of economic calculus by the introduction of what is thought to be a superior formula of accountability called triple or quadruple accounting that are, at present, little more that embellished dichotomies, despite the good intentions. In other words, there is no actual "third" level of consciousness being reached or achieved. Present efforts are like an ant caught in an ant-lion burrow which symbolically represent the half-life of an hourglass that is running out of time for the existence of humanity.

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