Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Best of Communism, Democracy, and Socialism


The present essay is the presentation of ideas to be considered for formulating the criteria by which the notion of "best" may be ascertained.

It is considered that we can improve human society by combining the best qualities of Communism, Democracy, and Socialism into a single concept. Hence, this formula is like many 3 -to- 1 ratios cropping up in different subject areas... perhaps the best known is the Christian Trinitarian concept of three persons in 1 godhead. The problem is that in attempting to describe what the word "best", best describes, can be as difficult in trying to amalgamate everyone's concept of beauty, love, peace, truth and various other topics which are representations of personal interests. Even though we may use singular words such as beauty, love, peace, etc., they most often are subjectively defined. While we are permitted to indulge in preferences, these "preferences" can otherwise be described as prejudices or discriminations... but without referring to the usage of negative attributions these words often invoke.

No matter how inclusive we attempt to be of multiple perspectives, in an effort to be Communistically, Democratically, or Socialistically fair and equal, we nonetheless arrive at a description of prejudices. Even if we were to include every single person's perspective, this perspective nonetheless is limited to the cognitive ability of humanity living on this planet, in this solar system, within this galaxy and the galaxy within this presumed Universe. Though these discriminations may not be widely perceived or understood until some later day and age, it is necessary that one's philosophy, one's perspective, does not set itself up to be a perspective of permanence... or as a universal law that will persist for eternity. Limitations impose an inclination towards discrimination and thus prejudice that can be incorrectly interpreted to suggest an all inclusive definitiveness that is wrongly deduced as some sort of Universal... and thus stable, occurrence. Karl Marx's "Scientific Socialism" is an example of a view felt to be a Universal truth and law that demanded that all people comply with its formula as an established formula of fact. Unfortunately, it was later found to fall far short of expectations, because it did not incorporate the perspective that it too was a prejudice based on the subjectivity of a given era. Such is the case with the singular concept of "God", which in effect is no different than the generality of words such as beauty, truth, peace, happiness, justice, etc... For all we know, the concept of a single universal God could be little more than an expressed prejudice induced by the pressures of an environment headed towards decay, subject to the rule denoted as a Conservation of energy whose definition is prejudicially being interpreted to mean that which is ascribed to it by physicists. In other words, the change from various past ideas involving multiple gods to a common idea involving only one God, may be a human-based reflection of a Conservation of energy effect that is said to be a given rule occurring in the Universe... as far as we are able to surmise from our Earth-born perspective, acting as a closed system.

If we were to look at the planet Earth as a type of closed system, the range of bio-diversity examples can be seen as expressions of conservation in that they are limited to only a few areas. In other words, bio-diversity is not abundantly prevalent over the entire globe, though in ages past, such as before the continents began their expansion away from one another, bio-diversity may well have been a universal given, but is on a path towards both limitation and occurrence because of varying types of destruction (natural and human-natural):

Example of conservation (102K)

If we take a look at the idea of multiplicity of occurrence directed along a course of singularity with respect to phenomena occurring in the Universe, we not only see an interpreted analysis of distinct "conversion-conservation", but that there is the usage of a 3 to 1 ratio with respect to the diversity of content in a closed system... (there are 3 items of content occurring in the 1 Universe). Though this is not to say that the content of the Universe was not more varied a trillion years ago, the illustration describes a recurring model-pattern of thinking that is already being practiced in our social governing models, even if we are not socially aware of such. The presence of Communism and Socialism being practiced along with Democracy is but another representation of this 3 to 1 pattern which can be improved if we intentionally adopt a recognized usage thereof instead of trying to conceal one or another practice thereof in order to persist in the delusion that we are practicing ONLY a Communism or Democracy or Socialism because of a practice prejudice and discrimination against other models of governance that are supplied with negative labels in order to establish some assumed greatness to the presumed type of government in use.

Conservation by way of decay (61K)

Imaginatively, we can view the above image as representing the values of 3, 4, and 5, as we might the Pythagorean theorem of 322 = 52 as an integration of three value-contents to one equation. Whether we cite the change due to a fusion of content material or dissipation, it does not change the fact that we are being presented with another 3 to 1 value that is cropping up in different ways in different subject interests... including dispositions for improving social conditions as a mechanism of behavior being altered to stabilize into an equilibrium like the structure of our inner ear with three semi-circular canals.

With the topic of the ear now mentioned as an example, it is of value to elaborate on this example because the structure of the ear exhibits a recurrence of a pattern that no doubt affects language and thus affects thought which affects our ideas of social governance.

Patterns of 3 in 1 ear (22K)

Language development may be directly related to how we hear:
(All these examples of "threes" occur in 1 ear structure, and can therefore be viewed as 3 to 1 ratio examples.)

3-Patterned Ear Structure
3 overall divisions: Outer ear~ Inner ear~ Middle ear
3 middle ear divisions: Tympanum~ Epitympanum~ Mastoid antrum
3 eardrum membranes: Cutaneum~ Collagen fibers~ Mucosm
3 semi-circular canals: Used for balance (equilibrium)
3 bones: (ossicular chain) Incus~ Stapes~ Malleus
3 main malleus ligaments: Anterior~ Lateral~ Superior
3 incus anchorage points: Malleus~ Stapes~ Bony fossa wall
3 cochlea sections: (Scala) Vestibuli~ Tympani~ Cochlear duct
3 extrinsic muscles (Auricularis): Anterior~ Superior~ Posterior
3 sound conduction paths: Electrical~ Mechanical~ Fluid
or: Bone (solid)~ Air (gas)~ Fluid (liquid)
3 nerve stimulation paths: Mechanical~ Chemical~ Electrical
3 outer hair cell rows
(see images at source page indicated below)
typical in mammals
but some sources give 3, 4, or 5
Neurotrophin-3 (NT-3)
Is synthesized by inner and outer hair cells of the developing organ of Corti.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is also synthesized.
(Prestin is the motor protein of the outer hair cells.)
3 sound qualities: Pitch~ Volume (intensity)~ Tone
3 sound wave propagation processes: Diffraction~ Transmission~ Reflection
3 main forms of ossicular chain fixation: Fluid~ Mechanical~ Otosclerosis
3 classes of ossicular lever action: Force arm~ Resistance arm~ Fulcrum
3 acoustic distortion forms: Frequency~ Phase~ Amplitude
3 basic properties of vibrating bodies: Inertia~ Elasticity~ Dissipation
3 principal types of deafness: Conduction~ Nerve~Stimulation
3 types of hearing loss: Conductive~ Sensorineural~ Mixed
3 (inner ear) organs of balance: Semicircular canals~ Utricle~ Saccule
(collectively called the vestibular organ {3-in-1})

(Please see source for examples of Threes involving grammar and related language examples:) Language 3s page 1.

(Also see this page for examples of 3's involving anatomy:) List of threes in human anatomy by Dr. John A. McNulty, Ph.D

While consistency over a long duration of time, whether coupled to multiple events or not... is no guarantee of eternal consistency, it is a general rule of thumb used to denote an occurrence whose repetition observed during a given era for particular circumstances; is a predictability that persuades some people to advance the notion of a Universal law... though this could very well change at sometime in the future. Nonetheless, the occurrence is noted as a "law" due to its repetitious occurrence being observed over a prolonged distance of time, and appears to be unabated and for the most part, unchanging... and influences human perception like a role model whose behavior may be emulated (copied) intentionally or unknowingly... like a child who incorporates mannerisms of someone else whom they are subjected to for an extended period of time or during some impressionable moment. For example:

  1. The galaxy in which the solar system resides is expanding. If we look about human behavior in terms of seeking out examples of expansion, we could say that family members move apart, communities sometimes grow, and companies sometimes expand into larger markets. Nations have also engaged in physical expansion efforts called colonialism and mental as well as emotional expansion by way of imperialism.

  2. The solar system, with an emphasis on the word "solar", is undergoing change due to the expansion of the Sun as it heads along the trek of an eventual burn out. This expansion of the Sun's "body" is thought to get so large one day, that the innermost three planets are going to be consumed... though the actual size of the expansion is still a question to be more fully answered. If we look to human behavior to see (presumed) examples of this influence, we note that the bodies of people tend to enlarge (gain weight) and their energy levels dissipate.

  3. The Earth's rotation is slowing down thus making the length of each day a bit longer, to be contrasted with more accelerated daily occurrences in centuries past and that the "Cambrian Explosion" of multiple species occurred during a time when the rate of rotation was in a faster 23 hour duration rate, while we of today live nearer to a 24 hour length of day. In comparison, insect life forms having accelerated life cycles (perhaps) as a representation of the era in which they evolved having an accelerated day and night (life and death) occurrence; while humans, having evolved at a later period when the acceleration rate was slower, has a more lengthier life cycle. A lengthier life cycle, seen in an extended childhood (requiring a prolonged nurturance) and adolescence (with some adult children living at home delaying a departure from the nest or den instead of being pushed out or encouraged to make a life for themselves)... and the incidence of adults, in general, able to live longer lives; may be due to an increasing length in the day... even though energy levels are depleted, they become depleted over longer periods of time— like an extended length of daylight.

These three cosmological events effect behavior which is reflected in social structuring. If we wish to extend a further analysis of the Earth's slowing rotation by including commentary involving the Sun and the Moon, the three "moments" of the Sun known as "Dawn- Noon- Dusk" are fusing together, producing a "three -to- one" (or 3 into 1) formula. Hence, we see a behavior influencing natural event that is is changing over time, coupled to the effects of a receding Moon that is causing a cessation of tidal behavior. In other words, the tidal "washing machine" activity of the oceans is being altered... and will eventually cease to occur. By so many cosmological events taking place simultaneously, unraveling which one(s) and to what extent, are having a particular influence on a given human situation... may be difficult to ascertain beyond generalities... but they are nonetheless recognizable patterns that need to be incorporated in any Sociological theory aimed at producing what is desired to be a better formula of governance. And this is despite the realization that any sort of formula must contend with the fact that humanity, so long as it remains on this planet, in this solar system and galaxy, have role model influences leading it along a path of ultimate death. Because of this, humanity should invest all its energies and resources towards a concerted effort to get the species away from these role models.

The development of philosophical and/or religious ideas which emphasize a "middle way", a conservation of attitude and behavior that some may refer to as moderation, is the establishment of a mentality which goes along with the Cosmological role modeling directing the species towards an ultimate death, that does not necessarily have to be. For example, religious ideas involving some life after death is but a psychological dimension of a physiological adaptation to a cosmological environment that is particularly persuasive in getting all life forms to get their developmental cues from it. Likewise, the 3 to 1 ratio found in DNA and RNA are a reflection of an influence which may well represent this same pattern, as suggested by the incremental changes taking place with the Sun in it relationship to the Earth. No doubt the developmental design pattern of DNA, RNA and Proteins have their own cyclicity and expressed impressionabilities that may not be directly observable in larger expressions of human and social behavior, though many instances of a 3 to 1 profile are available for consideration.

Item --- Three the same --- --- One is different ---
DNA = Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine Thymine
RNA = Adenosine- Cytosine- Guanine Uracil

In terms of from a simple design to greater complexity, as seen in simple and complex life forms and the differences observed in simple complex social structures (such as insects or the large herds seen in multiple mammal groups); we also see this in terms of plant breeding occurrences of both natural and artificially induced instances as can be deduced from the following illustration, though some readers may have difficulty in making the analogical comparison between it and increasing sociological structures exhibiting an underlying usage of a three to one ratio, across time periods and generations:

3 -to- 1 ratio example (9K)

Image Source: 3 to 1 ratios page A

Both the establishment of a 3 to 1 ratio pattern and its subsequent repetition, gives the indication of a (generally) stabilized influential event... though it can be recognized that this "stability" is not eternal. It is subject to the incremental changes taking place with the cosmological events listed above. Hence, social stability is not a guarantee, and is made more unstable if the observed sociological philosophy (be it Communism, Democracy, Socialism, religion, etc...), has unknowingly incorporated a predisposition to an accepted and expected resurgence of occasional disruptions that it is dismissive of by way of adopted rationalizations. A 3 to 1 fusion is taking place and being expressed in a variety of ways and is being defined as reasonable, logical and natural. But it is a pattern that reflects a path of decay... even if most humans are not perceiving the existence nor effects thereof. Perhaps a few more examples from a variety of subject areas will provide enough evidence that such a phenomena is a reality that must, eventually, be taken into consideration for a more comprehensive social philosophy:

A variety of examples where a 3 -to- 1 ratio pattern can be recognized

3 1
3 grouped (drumming) beats separated by 1 emphasized beat (Native American)
3 ordinary dimensions: Length ~ Width ~ Depth 1 Time dimension
3 fundamental gauge forces: Strong - Weak - Electromagnetic 1 fundamental non-gauge force: Gravity
3 "even" amino acids: Adenosine ~ Cytosine ~ Guanine 1 "odd": Uracil (RNA), Thymine (DNA)
3 basic protein structures: Primary - Secondary - Tertiary 1 composite protein structure: Quaternary
3 (metal) vending coins: Nickels ~ Dimes ~ Quarters 1 relational (paper) form: Dollar bill
3 numbered potatoes: 1 potato ~ 2 potato ~ 3 potato 1 un-numbered 4 (child's counting game)
3 numbered bits: 2 bits ~ 4 bits ~ 6 bits 1 un-numbered: a dollar (cheer-leading)
3 face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 related Ace card (faceless)
3 typically used face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 less commonly used face card: Joker
3 rhymes: eeny ~ meeny ~ miney separated by 1 (mo) of another 3: (mo ~ toe ~ go)
3 indoor coverings: Curtains ~ Blinds ~ Shades 1 related outdoor: Shutters
3 God labels: He ~ She ~ It 1 relational: Non-Entity (non-existence?)
3 numbered bases: 1st ~ 2nd ~ 3rd related to 1 unnumbered: Home plate/base
3 customary years 1 relational: leap year
3 primary internal combustion engine cycles: Intake ~ Compression ~ Power 1 relational: Exhaust
3 "element" A-U-M = "OM"
(Birth~ Being~ Dissolution)
1 relational: Silence
3 step shampooing: Wet hair ~ Lather ~ Rinse 1 relational: Repeat as desired
3 female desires for a man: Tall ~ Dark ~ Handsome 1 relational: Rich
3 part call: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 1 relational: The court is now in session
3 part game call: Apples ~ Peaches ~ Pumpkin Pie 1 relational: Who's not ready hollar I
3 basic forms of matter: Solids ~ Liquids ~ Gases
(Earth- Water- Air)
1 relational: Plasma
3 (metrical foot) stressed syllables 1 relational unstressed syllable
3 guitarists (Beatles): Paul ~ John ~ George 1 relational drummer: Ringo
3 regular U.S. forces: Army ~ Navy ~ Air force 1 relational: Marines (Navy Dept.)
[Coast Guard = Dept. of Transportation]
3 times repeated cadence: Gimme' (give me) your left 1 related: Right (military marching)
Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left----- Right
3 consonants to (four-letter) Cuss Words 1 related vowel
3 (numerical) feet: 1 foot + 1 foot + 1 foot equals 1 related (word): Yard
3 common body crossings: Legs ~ Arms ~ Fingers 1 uncommon related: Eyes
3 Europeans: D.L. George ~ V. Orlando ~ G. Clemenceau 1 (U.S.A): W. Wilson (Paris Peace Talks)
3 at-bat chances to run 1 relational mandatory walk (ball four)
3 microorganism "vats": Rumen ~ Reticulum ~ Omasum 1 "true" stomach: Abomasum (Ruminants)
3 Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! related to: 1 Step Right Up (Circus Barker)
3 synoptic gospels: Matthew - Mark - Luke 1 idiosyncratic gospel: John
Trinitarian (3) concept related to Unitarian (1) concept
3 original musketeers (Athos, Porthos, Aramis) 1 add-on (d'Artagnan)
3 active brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta) 1 inactive brain wave (Delta)
3 types of cones to the human eye 1 type of rod to the human eye
3 traditional ice cream flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla 1 category of multiple non-traditional flavors
3 Piaget operational stages: Pre - Concrete - Formal 1 [non-operational] sensorimotor stage
3 Basic gaseous biological compounds:
Hydrogen- Oxygen- Nitrogen
1 Basic solid compound:
3 rows of outer hair cells (mammalian ear) 1 row of inner hair cells
3 imagined places: Paradise - Purgatory - Inferno 1 actual place: Earth
3 common growing seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall 1 less typical growing season: Winter
3 metal ages: Silver - Bronze/Copper - Iron
[Bronze is an alloy of Copper]
1 non-metal age: Stone
(Was there a bone or stick age?)
3 common alternate milk (with fat) forms: 1% - 2% - Skim 1 common standard form: Whole milk
3 interactive identities: i - j - k = 1 resultant quaternion identity: -1
W. Hamilton's quaternion formula: i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = -1
3 gasoline types: Unleaded - Regular - Premium 1 Diesel fuel oil
3 non-gasoline fuels: Diesel - Propane - Natural Gas 1 gasoline fuels
3 Earthly-bound Horsemen plagues:

War- Famine- Pestilence
1 Heaven/Hell-bound Horsemen plague:

3 (physically labeled) psychosexual stages:
Oral - Anal - Genital
1 (non-physically labeled) stage:
Latency period
3 (OK Corral) Earp brothers: Wyatt - Morgan - Warren 1 (OK Corral) Doc Holiday
3 Stanley Miller Chemical Evolution experiment gases:
Methane ~ Hydrogen ~ Ammonia
1 Stanley Miller liquid:
Art Maxim Percentages division:
Art is 75% perspiration (75% = 3)
"and" --- 25% inspiration (25% = 1)
3 basic tea types: Black - Green - Oolong 1 (basic) rare tea type: White
3 basic mathematical operations:
Addition- Subtraction- Multiplication
1 auxiliary mathematical operation:
3 (DNA) bases code for: 1 amino acid
3 customary laws of Thermodynamics 1 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics
3 types of bone: Cortical - Compact - Trabecular 1 relational: Cartilage (pre-bone)
3 U.S. Presidential debates (2004) 1 relational: U.S. Vice President debate (2004)
3 compulsory schools: Elementary - Jr. High - High school 1 non-compulsory school: College (or Trade)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Fred - Wilma - Pebbles 1 animal character: Dino (family pet)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Barney - Betty - Bam Bam 1 animal character: Hoppy (family pet)
3 "regular" corners to a building 1 principal Corner Stone to a building
3 foot bones of ancient horses Fused together to make modern horse hoof
3 at-base runners: 1st base - 2nd base - 3rd base 1 at-home-plate grand slam hitter
3 "traditional" size proportions:
Small- Medium- Large
1 commercial profiteering size proportion:
3 flexible downs in American football 1 play it safe or risk it all downs
3 word vulgar expression: God Damn It 1 (3 into 1) single word vulgar expression: Goddamnit
3 meal options: Sandwich - Sideorder - Drink called a (1) combo meal
3 single letter blood type designations: A - B - O 1 double letter blood type designation: AB
(positive or negative)
3 phase (U.S.) electric service is related to 1 phase (U.S.) electric service
3 fingers (or one thumb and two fingers) ...are commonly used to hold 1 pen, pencil or artist's brush

If I've told you once (1), I've told you a thousand (1,000) times...
(The value "1,000" is a 1 with three zeros. In current numbering systems, the ones, tens, hundreds placements are "collectivized" by the usage of a comma used to signify a separation occurring with the next number value which may itself be part of another "three -in- one" grouping.)

3 to 1 expressions used by a soldier on guard duty:

Halt, who goes there?
Approach... and be recognized.

(There is a distinction that can be made between the first word and the 3 (collectivized) words which follow.)

Mendelian inheritance is usually described as the process by which one of two alternate alleles of a gene is inherited from each parent so that the offspring has one of the following combinations: two dominant alleles, two recessive alleles, or one of each. If both parents are heterozygous, that is, have one of each allele, the three genotypes will occur among the offspring with the following probabilities: one homozygous dominant, two heterozygotes, and one homozygous recessive. Phenotypically the two heterozygotes will be indistinguishable from the homozygous dominant. This results in the famous 3:1 ratio

(James C. King, The Biology of Race, 1981, page 28)

---Mendel's Genetics ---

List source: 3 to 1 ratios page C

Though some readers may prefer to use the designation of "four" or two dual polarities in describing the above examples, the labeling employed does not alter the fact of an existing pattern that is subject to change. And this includes the presumed "stable" and "Universal law" of a triplet-mentioned code in DNA and RNA. The existence of a 3 to 1 ratio is difficult to acknowledge unless DNA and RNA are compared together and the person analyzing is receptive to the analytical profile of using a simple numerical indexing base of representation.

For the most part, our genetics, general biology, our bodies, our societies, the planet, planetary system, galaxy and Universe can be viewed as closed systems within systems (which suggests the Universe also is within "something"). Prejudice and discrimination are closed systems. And even if we attempt to widen the system by being more inclusive (such as inter-racial marriages, dating, alternative sexual orientations, working at different types of jobs, eating a variety of foods, having friends from different socio-economic backgrounds, learning multiple languages, etc...), there is a limitation to the length, depth and breadth of our "openness" to multiplicity. Like restaurants whose menus do not provide every single type of food in existence, there is a limitation and that limitation is a prejudice determined by preference. Likewise will be our selection of choosing what is meant by the "best" qualities of Communism, Democracy and Socialism in our present era and inclined perspectives. No doubt we of today will appear just as stupid or naive as do those in the distant past, even though we may not want to be rude or disparaging in the labels used to describe them.

This also seems to be the case determining when and why people engage in a protest or Revolution. In other words, there is a limitation as to what constitutes a "reason" for protesting and involving oneself in a Revolution. No less, not everyone participates. There is a select number of people and this selectivity is another type of prejudice or discrimination... or conservation of energy. An entire population, much less an entire civilization does not typically expend all human energy (or resources) for a singular task such as over-throwing a government. Different reasons define the perspectives assigned with the notion of a given political/philosophical faction. However, because of the presence of conservation, a convergence of the different factions is a probability. In other words, those focused on one political perspective or another will at sometime converge as a type of conservation that may well lead to an explosion of energetic activity because the act of conservation is not itself conserved. In other words, the randomness of a system (its entropy) is exploited in an effort to restore a given measure of equilibrium... even though the "equilibrium" is directed along a course of decadence.

Conservation can be viewed as either a variable limitation, a limited abundancy, or an abundant limitation. For example, a dictionary from an earlier century has far fewer words than a dictionary from a later century. The same goes for the amount and type of information in an Encyclopedia. The same is also true when looking at the type and kinds of laws used in former ages in comparison to those of today. Even though there is an increase, the increase is nonetheless a limitation. Even if we include various kinds of dictionaries (medical, legal, technical, etc...), this abundant quantity is a limitation. Hence, limitations, limited abundancy, and abundant limitation can be surveyed. The same goes for human population size and resources. For example, though there exists multiple trillions of dollars if all the currencies in the world were combined, the total amount is countable. It is a limitation.

With respect to Revolution, three occurrences have been noted to precipitate Revolutions: Hunger, Violence, and Joblessness. And governments know this. By effecting policies which prevent these conditions from occurring, there is a good chance the public will not engage in a Revolution, unless a new ideology is presented to them which provides for an improvement over the governance they are being subjected to. Even though most people do not actively participate in a protest or Revolution, they are supportive if provided with a reason for voicing a concerted opinion against the status quo government. If they can be shown that their government's policy effect a path along a course of obsolescence, the people will assist in trying to alter the path, despite the pleadings of those whose views are little more than the explorations of a cave with an ultimate dead end.

In describing what is "best" in terms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism, we need to view them in terms of which will provide us first and foremost with basic human needs. Not philosophical needs, but physiological ones. For example, the Military views the accommodation of providing basic needs as if they were especial (psychologically valuable) benefits to be lauded as being something of praise-worthy value to be related to some supposed superior value that only a soldier is to be entitled with. Such a situation functions in the same manner of early Europeans using virtually worthless trinkets to trade for more valuable resources such as gold, jewels, and raw minerals whose value was not appreciated in the same way as early traders did.

While the Europeans had "access" to different information, the primitive peoples had "access" to items desired by Europeans because of their information concerning the uses of gold, and raw materials for smelting and other industry. Let's take a look at a short list of basic needs being offered by the military as value-laden rewards which can only be viewed as rewards if conditions in the overall society are such that such basic needs are forced into representing such a definition. If there were no instances of wide-spread privation in the public, the so-called over-emphasized value-laden benefits would be seen for what they actually are... as basic needs that should be a minimal standard for everyone during the present day and age. But by keeping such basic needs in short supply, or difficult to get, their value can be increased and thus defined as a reward... instead of providing a system of actual benefits worthy of the value being described by the government for those who choose to join a military organization... but whose "free choice" in joining is thereafter determined as a commitment tied to various later designations such as honorable or dishonorable behavior that affects a person's life like a good or bad life sentence which affects society nonetheless.

The Military denoted as a Communist-Socialism Welfare State

It is of value that we also note that America's so-called democracy is so pathetically weak, it must rely on the protection of a military system practicing a Communistically- styled Socialism. Mainly because, it is a phoney Democracy. It actually is a Republic (Representative government) that aligns itself with various illusions of Democracy as a means of manipulating the public to go along with a structure where a few, variously designated as a Plutocratic-Aristocracy, Corporatacracy, Oligarchy, etc., dictate their Will on the Many. The Many do not have any real access to alter "their" assumed government, just like the absence of an electoral system in the Military in choosing the Command structure the Majority must abide by, is manifestly vacant... thus describing the absence of a Military based on a democratic model.

With respect to the notion of "access", just like the misappropriation of the word "democracy", the word "access" needs to be replaced because it has been found to be used as a means to permit the inclusion of other terms designating different ways in which acquisition can be controlled; such as "affordable access", "means test accessibility", "opportunity based on race or gender", "tailored permissibility" etc., which generally refer to accessibility by way of some contrived policy meant to limit access because the amount of resources being allocated are themselves limited. Democracy, as it is being practiced, is a system of prejudice and discrimination. In fact, democracy is even prejudice against democracy, just as it discriminates against Communism and Socialism... unless they can be defined and/or viewed through the colored lenses of a view labeled as democracy, even though very little democracy is actually being exercised, as note by the methods of dictatorial teaching in classrooms and dictatorial direction used in various work-places. In short, "accessibility" does not have a built in guarantee that the eligibility of everyone will be guaranteed to be delivered to everyone... and that everyone is safeguarded from being exploited by anyone. Whereas it frequently occurs that tax dollars are used to purchase an entitlement for everyone, that which is purchased uses various types of middle-man delivery systems whose operations can take advantage of the public and thus use the "unused" portions as a bartering tool for some specialized interest of those whose occupation was assigned the task of delivering public goods... but instead use the vehicle to transport themselves into a position of acquiring personal entitlements.

For example, in providing a place where people can search for jobs as a state-directed public entitlement called an unemployment office, it is the workers within this complex that are the only ones being guaranteed employment... and thus a guaranteed income realization. The same situation occurs in federal government positions. While the public is being provided an accessibility to be "helped" against fraud, exploitation and injury in workplace environments, the help being received is less than the help being offered to those who occupy a position of employment in government positions which practice hiring and firing policies different than the public experiences. The government entitles itself to policies and practices that the public employment sector is largely exempt from. It is but one example of many involving a double-standard mentality that needs to be corrected when devising a new formula of government.

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