Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Down-sizing Government


A frequent exercise amongst those trying to sell a product, be it a book, movie script, or political motive, (to name but a few examples), is to repackage it with a given title that may generate more interest. Thus, the title of this page is a re-packaging effort of a previously mentioned topic involving the idea held by some as a necessity in order to fix social problems; thought to be caused by or unable to be adequately addressed by— a needlessly expanded government that gives the impression of having three major branches acting like a bumbling consort of three stooges.

A government that is predicated on the notion that its credibility is to be valued as the ultimate statement of fairness because it claims an Of, By and For (ALL) The People premise of functionality; is simply saying that its reference as a "Peoples Government" (Democracy) means that everyone, collectively, represents the government. As such, a down-sizing in government means a reduction in participation that is above and beyond the limitations already imposed on the people by way of a vicarious-styled "Representative" formula.

A "Democracy", defined as a peoples government, when taken at face value, is a government involving everyone. In actuality, however, we witness that the effective ability of the people to run "their" government is variously diminished by way of laws which minimize their means of collective action to either discuss, vote on, and enforce the result of the vote into becoming the law of the land. In short, so called "Democratic" governments are set up to be managed by a few that are selected, in one way or another, by varying proportions of the whole. And these few very often are given or presume the entitlement to choose supportive staff or those who will be given the ability to lead a particular auxiliary department... according to the perspective of those who arranged their employment.

With respect to the United States, the Judicial Branch of government is selected by the reigning Executive Branch of government (namely the President), whose choices(s) are then denied or confirmed by the Legislative Branch (Congress). The people themselves, the so-called majority membership of government, are left out of any decision as to who they would like to serve in this branch or that this branch of government should be directly answerable to them. The manner and method really is an hypocrisy to the notion of an Of, By and For (the) "Peoples" government.

Democracy, as it is widely practiced in different countries, are varying forms of limitation. Whereas when taken literally; a Democracy means a "Peoples Government" or "Peoples Rule", in that everyone represents the government... those calling for a decrease in the size of government are calling for an increased limitation of government Of, By and For All the people. Those governments which limit Democracy work best by having small organizations. Those who call for a reduction in government are displaying a mentality for advocating a government that practices a limited Democracy. This is particularly troubling when it is acknowledged that a democracy denotes a "Peoples Government" and not a (selective) "persons" government. Problems occur when those in authority, or those striving to obtain an authoritative position, try to effect a greater representation of this hypocrisy. The United States like many other countries, are a Democracy in name but not in deed. Social conflicts occur because the people are given little means to correct the contradiction which is so unsettling to the consciousness of multiple millions. They demonstratively express their frustrations to such a circumstance in a myriad of ways. The problem is compounded by the situation in which many people may not be able to appreciably articulate their perceptions of the contradiction being viewed in different instances; and thus contribute to the development of 'scenarios of misperception' that may turn into conspiracy theories, urban legends, culturally laced senses of commonality, etc., Some are out-right lies, others half-truths, while some are so explicit in detail that their sobering effect acts as an addictive narcotic.

Present Communisms, Democracies, Socialisms and Theocracies of the world limit truer forms of Communism, Democracy, Socialism and Theocracy to emerge. They are stifling to the development of achieving a human consciousness beyond its present plateaus. Present social governing structures are different paths to a point of converge, but they have gotten into the habit of following detours that they back-track so often humanity is left chasing its own tail by going over the same trail again and again and again. The exercise of a truer government can be realized by the adoption of a Cenocracy (New Government) which embraces a much larger, and much needed expansion of practicing an Actual Democracy. Despite all the obstacles to be encountered in blazing this trail, and the moanings of those who will want everyone to turn back to the present or some former governing structure; most of us are resilient enough to make the necessary transition to a fuller expression of Democracy... a democracy that exists as an underlying tenet in Communism, Socialism and Theocracy as well... because the word "democracy" is but a shadow of its own true nature waiting to emerge out of its cacoon. Because all such theories of governance want what is best for the whole, yet the whole is only marginally aware of its potentialities to be more than it can now imagine; such is the territory of discovery to be made by the adoption of a Cenocracy.

The idea of a Cenocracy introduces us to a new perspective of possibility, though varied life forms, including humanity, are frequently fearful of the unfamiliar. Humans have developed an entrenched practice of using its present governing systems because they are rooted in the experiences of a Monarchial past derived from an even remoter past in which a tribe or clan was led by a single dominant individual. A mindset developed in a long established trek of historical practices is a difficult task to surmount... particularly in the development of a governing system trying to develop a culture of greater equality. People frequently seek refuge into some variation of the past mentality by surrendering to the dictates of a single authoritative individual in their home, at work, at school or social relationships. Some may become so lost that they try to find themselves by increasing instances of confrontation which cause deliberate occurrences of authoritative intervention; sometimes creating conditions for incarceration, hospitalization or another social fetter... though they are actually seeking to find their niche in a relatively rational order of socialization that does not present them with hypocrisies and contradiction— that the present governing systems are increasingly becoming recognized for... because of the growth of population in awareness of itself and everyone else. Present governing systems want us to retain a selfish form of Nationalism, yet many people are adopting a Globalism which views the struggles of one as the unaddressed struggles of us all.

We create very many positions of leadership both in and out of government, and these positions very often do not practice a Communism, Democracy, Socialism or Theocracy. The people are inundated with non-forms of Communism, Democracy,Socialism or Theocracy so much so that the practice of such becomes an esotericism. Selective times and places are used for the practice of a "truer" model. Such practices are called religions, political parties, social clubs and other "member only" organizations, many of which require dues (or tithing) to support its functionings. And yes, people are sometimes forced, manipulated and otherwise "encouraged" to adopt a particular perspective according to the social culture they find themselves in. In order for a Cenocracy to take hold as the dominant cultural perspective, its presence as a word must find its way into the varying dialogues taking place in any given culture. From this acknowledged identity can emerge a presence of functionality with a personality exhibiting a greater expression of Democracy, though it may be presently practiced in the formulas of Communism, Socialism or theocracy. Yet, let it be emphasized that the social problem plagued limitations of the present practices of Democracy are not what we seek. Hence, in actuality, it is not the present nature of Democracy we are striving for, but that which abodes beyond it.

Present governing practices are imposed limitations of their greater ideal. The limitations are forced by bureaucratised structures which promote the internalized practices of selectively appointed positions which help to sustain the practice of limited Communism, Democracy, Socialism, and Theocracy (when used as a governing social system)... all of which have their own theories of how best to use available resources... which either helps or hinders the productivity for addressing public needs. And in most instances, the bulk of a governing system's leadership and workforce is not directly chosen by the people. It is a government in which the people are subjected to varying types of limitation in directing the course of a government they are not given ownership to, though a Constitution may provide marginal entitlements claimed as enormous gifts; it, nor a Bill of Rights, serves as a title deed to the government as their actual property. The people are born ostracized from "their" government.

Whereas multiple other instances of people being hired for government leadership positions without the direct application of the peoples Will could be cited, such as Attorney General, Postmaster General, various security operations, etc..., suffice it to say that the type of "Democracy" being practiced not only by America and other countries, is a model of limitation. From the inception of operation, democracies throughout the world "down-size" by way of minimizing the effective ability of the people being able to collectively effect the operations of "their" government. Instead, we find individuals and/or selectively motivated groups directing the course of governing events. And when a person or group wants to obtain or exert more influence, they very often voice the need for down-sizing the government... which actually means to increase the inability of the overall public from exerting influence. Those calling for government down-sizing are calling for decreased democracy.

The practice of an Actual Democracy is a government whose size can be measure by the extent of its population. In other words, if the population is the largest in the world, then it is the largest government in the world. Needless to say, no country on Earth is practicing an Actual Democracy. They are variations of the same theme used by a few to minimize the effectiveness of the many... under the illusion of fairness, justice, liberty, being fraternally (and maternally) practiced in an equitable way. When the way of the managing few are confronted by those exerting a different interest that best fulfills their desires, they may claim that an unresolved social concern is due to a government that is too large, and the people would thus be better off if we reduced its size... which is a means by which one select interest group hopes to increase their ability to direct government along a course best for themselves. The majority of the people are caught in the middle of these competing groups, and used in whatever fashion thought necessary to accomplish a given end... for the sake of a few.

In the face of this unrecognized practice of diminished Democracy, the people can become disillusioned by recurring or sustained social problems and seek solace by advocating a government run by Socialists, Communists or some theological doctrine; though others may prefer to use some other philosophical inclination such as Buddhism, Confucianism, etc... And should a person equate Democracy with they varying formulas of Capitalism that change hands from one controlling group or individual to the next, problems can be compounded into imagined percentages that increase. When a person says they think Democracy is a fool's errand, and we would be better off with some other governing model, they don't realize that so-called Democratic societies are not practicing an Actual Democracy, and neither are we practicing a parallel form of Capitalism. Not only are countries not practicing an actual democracy, they also are not practicing a true form of Capitalism. The Capitalism being practiced is just as phoney as are the so-called Democracies. An accurate definition of Capitalism can not be expressed if it evolves within a system of falsified Democracy. Capitalism is forced to accede to the pressures being imposed on it by the environment to which it is subjected... and must survive accordingly. In short, neither Democracy nor Capitalism are the bad guys. They are tools being used as weapons contoured to the needs of the particular group vying for dominance, and the larger populace is being made the fall guy, dupe, and accessory to nefarious deeds destructive of its needs because of which it bleeds, from one generation to the next.

Let us reiterate:

A democracy, predicated on the notion that its design is one that actually represents a "peoples Government" with respect to claiming an Of, By and For ALL the people formula; means that its size is the number of people in its population. However, as it stands, there is no Actual Democracy being practiced by most countries claiming they are Democracies. The so-called Democracies are limited functionalities since varying types of culture practice different models of limitation. In other words, such democratic governments are down-sized from the moment of inception... readily seen in the process by which a Constitution and Bill of Rights are constructed... by the actions of a few.

Those who claim that social problems perceived to have been caused by too much government activity and can only be resolved by inhibiting its ability by down-sizing it, are actually suggesting the practice of increasing the limitations the public has in managing itself; and increasing the ability to be harbored by a select few. Down-sizing government is another word for decreasing Democracy... but one could just as well include Socialism and Communism, if not Theocracy.

By way of a simplistic analogy, let us say that the people are naive young children, just as many leaders might privately consider. These leaders must thus assume the role of parent and take the responsibility of feeding, bathing, clothing, housing protecting and providing medical care. A small group of leaders are thus responsible, but very often delegate this responsibility to others... like a mother having given birth to several infants at once. She nor the husband have the personal ability nor energy to take care of all their children equally. As the children grow, but the parents refuse them an active means of making decisions for themselves, problems mount... creating conditions for the development of a dysfunctional family. Present society is an illustration of this dysfunctionality. Similarly, the maturity of the children as an interactive unit, like the people in society, has been delayed because they have not been give the exercised opportunity for making collective decisions. Their collective decision making ability is particularly marginalized almost to the point of negligibility. As such, initial attempts to exercise greater collective independence can create further problems and unfairness, that some may want addressed by calling on Dad and Mom to limit the ability of the group from being able to develop its own collective decision making ability. But children must learn to work out their differences. Parents can not intercede at each and every complaint of unfairness if they want their children to mature. Nor can surrogate forms of parentage in terms of judges, or unelected bureaucrats be permitted to define what is meant to be fairness for everyone.

True Democracy nor Capitalism are that which create and sustain social problems. The greater ideals of Democracy and Capitalism incorporate the greater ideals of Socialism, Communism, Theocracy and secular forms of Philosophy. Recurring social problems occur because of a lack in seeking out to practice the greater Ideals. It is the selective reduction in a full expression of such. Diminished forms of these ideas create the conditions from which greed and self-disparaging egotisms are born and nurtured... finding expression is desires to increase the functionality of themselves by diminishing the abilities of others. For example, a monetary expression of this is found in the idea that taxes should be reduced in order to make more money available to individuals or groups, such as a business, which includes religions and charities. By reducing the amount of money available to the government, it is thought that its excesses can be curtailed, thus assisting the overall economic functioning of society by allowing the people to spend their own money. In other words, the people are thinking in terms of increasing Democracy but others are thinking in terms of increasing their own ability to develop a greater control of the populace by enhancing it persuasiveness. Those who practice an underlying desire increase their personal coffers can use the impression of generosity to maneuver themselves into a position that enables them to eventually exercise restrictions under the guise of some temporary measure. In other words, the public is manipulated by its underlying desire for increased democracy like a cart driver leading a horse by dangling a carrot or apple in front of it.

There are of course, variations to the above theme, but all of them do not entail a sustained increase in the practice of an Actual Democracy nor its comparable Capitalistic counter-part. Instead, both democracy and capitalism get bad raps, deservedly so because they are caricatures of the real thing. What we see and experience are the exaggerated images frequently seen in fun house mirrors. Similarly, the forms of Socialism and Communism that are practiced are distortions of their greater ideals. Again, all the greater ideals to be found in Communism, Democracy, Socialism, Theocracy and secular philosophies converge... but the people are prevented from experiencing a true realization of such because those presently in various authoritative positions would find themselves with the same types of reduce equality the rest of us have to embrace... yet none of us need to be. The people are given but a small sampling and are led to believe such representations are the actual greater ideal. The greater ideal can be achieved by adopting the trek of a Cenocracy... and it will be the path of development pursued equally by all of us.

Initially Created and Posted:: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Updated Posting: Friday, October 9, 2015