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Whereas the "National Homosexual Movement" does not claim itself to be a political party, per se; it is clearly attempting to act as one by foraging a trail along a path which will assist in forcing the inclusion of a Constitutional Amendment for its singular objectives which have nothing to do with encouraging the establishment of an Actual Democracy where the Referendum is fully established as part of the central political process involving a Peoples Legislative Branch. Like the Nazis, they seek to legitimize their cause by forcing their distorted perceptions of realty on others by way of holding positions of authority that all others must respect; since they think that conventionalized positions of presumed respectability automatically makes the person a normal and rational human being instead of a repository of corruptibility on social mores.

In fact, some of them may want to establish the Homosexual Community as a Nation that should be given a seat in the United Nations with its own charter of objectives. Oh, and let's not forget that the presumed "Homosexual Consciousness" needs to be recognized as an individual whereby it deserves its own U.S. Supreme court-provisioned "Personhood" status (that might well be sought after by all groups interested in fighting the ridiculous "Corporate Personhood" ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court). The position of the Supreme Court, like so many other authoritative entities is so obsessed with "Constitutional Law" as a sacred process and procedure, it fails to take into consideration what a strict adherence to such will have on the people. It lacks both the necessary and flexible ability to counter-man a decision that is later found to be unjust for the people. Equality, Justice, and Liberty are primarily being addressed from the perspective of whether or not a particular process or procedure was carried out according to adopted standards.

The collective body of the Homosexual Community, we might assume based on its self-oriented objectives, wants a separate identity to afford it especial legal rights to be imposed on the public just like Corporations want to impose their will on the public by being afforded the declaration of being a "Person", yet be free of those consequences which can be rendered onto a person should they do wrong.

Without knowing it, and largely overlooked by the public, the U.S. Supreme Court has opened up a can of worms that could, if groups were smart and courageous enough to think differently and thereby effect a judicial precedent by way of incorporating itself through a Cenocratic political party:

...And thus become a jack-in-the-box with an uncompressible spring and a lid which disintegrates upon being opened. (In other words, once opened, Jack nor Jill could be placed back into the box... and if the Supreme Court tried to, it would then show demonstrable and credible evidence for the very biasness with which it operates... aside from all the absurd rulings which have instigated social problems such as the 1857 Dred Scott Case which inflamed and divided the country to spill out the already bubbling conditions for a U.S. civil war. Needless to say, the selection process of Supreme Court Justices needs to be sorely revised since the present process has a cyclical way of choosing ones who appear to have little more than an ambulance chasing mentality.)

But most groups are too naive to see the parallels which could be an effective argument against Corporate Personhood and use it as an effective modern weapon against the short range black powder Corporate blunderbuss which would blow up in their many faces. Nonetheless, instead of the Homosexual Community using the Supreme Court as its singular legal tool of choice, it is trying to achieve its own Personhood declaration by way of incremental steps via individual Judges and Legislatures who take it upon themselves to pass an edict without consulting the public via a Referendum. These small legal bodies assume too much and sooner or later the ever-growing powder keg beneath them is going to be lit with a diminutive fuse.

Corporations see the label "Personhood" in the same manner many of us view the title "Robin hood" which has been romanticized into a welcomed hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. From the perspective of the rich, the "poor" is regarded as a singular "person-hood" who has most of the money, albeit in smaller divergent proportions, like someone wearing a multi-pocketed pair of trousers in which are kept different percentages of money. On some occasions the title can be seen as "Robin the hood", which evinces to speak of the character as was seen through the eyes of the law during the era that the Robin hood character is said to have existed in England's Middle Ages. Robin hood engaged in theft that the poor thought was acceptable since he helped them to take from those who took their meager earnings, while the rich thought he was a crook, for reasons only personal greed could calculate. It was unacceptable to the rich that someone would steal from them the money they had stolen by way of contrived legalities. Similarly, those who sought the "Personhood" for their Corporations wanted to have a legalized means of committing theft not only from the people, but from other companies as well... and yet not be a real person from whom money could likewise be taken or have the person subjected to the effects that legal consequences do. They wanted to be viewed as a Robin hood who was engaging in acceptable underdog activities to right wrongs created by what they perceive to be an unbalance of wealth. In their mind, being rich was a state of poverty compared to those whom they thought are the real wealthy.

Wealth and theft go hand in hand. For example, even though employees get a wage, one of the primary losses in revenue for a company can be employee theft. For whatever personal reasons, many employees engage in theft. It is a given. And even though companies may go to great lengths in discouraging theft, employees find a way to circumvent the rules and regulations as if they were obstacles in a personal challenge to one's inventiveness. Yet, what is not being recognized, is that employee theft takes place throughout the spectrum of employees. In other words, not only does it occur with those who receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wages in terms of being paid by the hour, but also by those who receive salaries. In short, management on all levels also engage in theft. This is why many owners or stock holders pay their executive pool of employees such high salaries: So they won't steal from the company... so they won't have to even think about stealing from the company.

But let's be fair, some acts of theft are not deliberate, they are merely the result of a series of behavior whose intent was not to intentionally steal, but occurred as an accumulation of events like some unrealized mouse trap-erected game. In other words, some instances of theft occur by way of accident, even though some readers might opt for the consideration of an unconscious motivation corresponding to an underlying primate orientation who comes across a piece of fruit as they go about dodging those who try to engage them with a participation in one or more kinds of theft. Some people become quite good at deception and lying (providing excuses) in their efforts to avoid engaging in questionable or undesirable activities. Some find that by distancing themselves from the common throng of activity, they are quite good at foraging on their own.

Even though some people claim they don't steal, these are those who don't realize that theft includes things such as that acquired through manipulation, deception, stubbornness, etc... It could be that one steals a few minutes more at lunch or during a break, or lies to stay home due to some pretended illness. No matter how much it is rationalized or sanctioned by available sick leave, you still steal by "taking" time off from work. Some spend a few more minutes in the restroom, getting a snack from a vending machine, getting a drink of water, jumping in front of someone in a lunch line, or slowing down a task in order to get more time on the clock so that their paycheck will be larger.

Some like to steal the attention of others by what they say, don't say, wear, eat, or simply because they can by way of their position, etc... Some accidentally steal company property such as pens or pencils that were absent-mindedly placed into their pocket as they walked out the company door. One employee with whom I had rode home with one time, had about fifty to one hundred pencils and pens thrown into their glove box and center console. They were brilliant at what they did, but they were eccentrically absent-minded... just like someone forgetting to wear socks, wearing mix-matched shoes or zip up their zipper before standing in front of a class... whose name I will withhold for fear they might receive condemnation and ridicule for being a sock, shoe or zipper-phobic kind of person. Shame on them for being lost (unusually segregated) in the spaces of their ultra-high I.Q.!

And it doesn't matter how you may minimize these socially "acceptable" sorts of theft, they are nonetheless theft. It appears to be an attribute of the human species that may be derived from our primate past where things such as mates, fruits, insect burrows, branch swinging paths and favorite lounging spots were stolen ("used"). For whatever reason(s) a person may consciously or unconsciously think they deserve whatever they are stealing, theft occurs. Taking advantage of a situation or person is theft. Opportunism is theft because you take it before anyone else can take it.

Corporations are dens of thieves who work at bending, undermining, and stretching, laws to carry out their brand of thievery. These dens of thieves combine their skills of theft, deception, etc., towards a singular goal... even while each of the players may have personal ulterior motives as well; such as trying to maneuver themselves into a position of receiving more money, more control, more benefits, etc... They will use their personal tools (sex, innocence, verbal skills, social skills, work ethic, extra-curricular interests, intimidation skills, etc.,) as a means of attempting to persuade others to provide them with deference. Corporate officers, as well as other wage earning employees, lie, cheat and steal... in socially acceptable ways. In some instances, acceptance is presumed because no one can get others to equally say anything against the activity... which is similar to much of the homosexual nonsense the public is subjected to. Those who are voicing an opinion against homosexuality are not being supported well enough by those who should practice their freedom of speech. Homosexuals should not be permitted to define what is or what is not meant by such a freedom.

If Corporations can't "artistically" sculpt laws towards specific ends by way of finding some desired loophole to assist them in their foraging-for-wealth and/or power and/or control, they try to get laws legislated through which they can carry out their brand of theft and yet conceal it from others so that they can't take advantage of some "loophole". Corporations, like groups or individuals, can maneuver other entities to serve their needs, and the other entities are not even aware they are being used for such. It is a game. While most do not engage in murder like the "corporations" of organized crime, they engage in a rough and tumble free-for-all in their respective industry. While the public hears the phrase "industry standard" to suggest excellence in both product and ethics, it does not hear about those standards of behavior which are cut-throat, single-mindedness, etc... Anyone who has been involved in groups or individuals vying for funding know all too well how merciless professionals can be.

And corporations know all too well that they may be caught at stealing, so they set aside a "rainy day fund" to pay for court-related costs. And because there is a possibility of getting caught, they must make sure that the amount they steal will be sufficient to make a profit even with court expenses.... and, besides, they won't have to admit any guilt because corporate theft is a standard behavior of doing business. It also is a standard of behavior of some government agencies like the S.E.C. when it takes over a case. Those in the public who are innocent, may well have to request a return of their lost money by way of a time-constrained process and procedure which can be used as a means to deny a person a return of their money because they are defined as someone who didn't comply with the "game rules".

The public is taken advantage of because there is little recourse since those agencies a person may contact for assistance engage in their own formulas of theft. They typically defer a complaint made to them back to the S.E.C. so that the S.E.C. can promote another example of its in-house routine of lying to the public so that the public's money can be kept, through its methodology of legalized theft. Since everyone does it, it is normal and natural and the government knows it and accepts it because it too engages in the same criteria with respect to its dealings with the public. It lies to, cheats and steals from the citizenry and uses patriotism, human rights, peace, justice and other feel-good-about-oneself sentimentalities as tokened acts of humility that are little more than excuses used to cover-up definably disagreeable acts typically resulting in murder sanctioned by laws they make up, redefine, and otherwise justify to support personalize ventures; as they go along in their generally haphazard way of "let's see what happens if we do this... or this... or that...".

It is difficult for the people to hold an entity accountable when the entity has control of legislation and the legislators as well as other offices will support efforts at concealing theft, cheating, and lies so long as their budgets are increased and all the players involved can eventually resign with dignity and get a full pension. No one has to be sworn under oath, no one has to admit guilt, but we can find a suitable scapegoat, whipping boy, or even the remains of a body, if need be. The U.S. government, through its agencies, in different eras, is one of the most back- stabbing, double-dealing two-faced criminal organizations on the face of the Earth. And it isn't alone. This does not mean to say there aren't thousands of decent, law-abiding people who work in the government, it simply indicates that work-place cultures can develop a mentality that acts in disaccord with the desires of the people. And yes, the government gets away with it... like its complicity in the 911 attacks on the twin towers. Such an attack could not have otherwise taken place. Al Queda was never that sophisticated.

And don't kid yourself. Religions and Governments work on the same principles as Corporate-dens-of-thieves. Take for instance the theft of innocence of children by clergy engaging in Pedophilia or the theft of information by way of confession or "counseling" to be used for manipulation for whatever purpose... best serves the needs of the Church. Each in their own way run confidence scams... Or governments who selectively choose the same companies to receive government grants or contracts by way of routinized routes whose detours specific companies are given the heads-up about. They all lie, cheat and steal, because these are the needed currencies when dealing with any and all institutionalized entities... Or companies who take grants (of billions of dollars) and ask for more money since the project is running "over budget"... as if this wasn't already known ahead of time. In some cases, the company nor the legislators involved with the government contract weren't really interested in getting a project completed, they just wanted an acceptable excuse to take money from the people and fill the pockets of certain contractors who gave them a feedback... in one form or another. Whereas the Nazis stole lives, property and entire cultures, and the Inquisition stole lives and property; homosexuals are trying to steal freedom of speech and the rationality from those who oppose them.

Governments steal information from citizens and other governments. Others governments engage in the same behavior. It is considered normal and natural to spy on others. They use laws, words, and explanations which serve to justify their reasons for doing so; many of which are based on belief and have no actual confirmation. When confirmation is not readily available to provide as proof, they manufacture it. Be it a claim for rights violations, WMDs (weapons of mass destruction), chemical warfare, arms selling, etc., etc., etc... Governments even manufacture whole life histories or set up a person to reflect a particular history to convince the public of guilt such as in the case of Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. The more a government does things to make itself appear to be good, the easier it is for the public to be duped. The government frequently engages in bribery.

Governments engage in theft, lies, cheating and various forms of duplicity like any corporation seeking some expression of its greed. Governments are greedy. They forcibly take money from the public by way of taxes and subsidize things like the manufacture of pennies and Amtrack even when such entities are not cost efficient. Legislators engage in favoritism to help those industries which obligingly serve to conceal other activities such as the dispersal of funds into other areas that would be more easily identifiable if the ledger of disbursement wasn't intentionally made confusing. Legislators do not want the public to share in the greed more than they feel they are entitled to. Hence, legislators, like those of the U.S. government, will periodically vote themselves in a raise and give themselves other benefits because they think they deserve it, just like other professionals who keep raising the costs of their services.

Homosexuals want the public to see their choice of lifestyle as a service to humanity if their desired claims are given credibility. In their minds, it is a "service" in that freedom and liberty will be preserved and otherwise diminished or destroyed if they don't get their way. All of us are to feel privileged that the homosexual "community" is looking out for the best interests of all humanity. They want you to see them as normal and natural, even though snake and spider venom are also natural... yet harmful. They don't really care about widespread acceptance, they just want laws to agree with them, whether or not the majority agrees with the laws. They don't want the people to decide the laws, they want to give the impression that they stole their perspective into a socially acceptable position in the same way as a baseball player steals a base and thought to be exceptional in this respect. They want to be collectively perceived as an underdog, as a Robin hood, as a person... just like Corporations, Governments, and Religions do. Homosexuals are little more than an "oddity" act in a three-ring circus that is trying to be the main attraction.

"Personhood" is a means by which a Corporation can steal and have the theft sanctioned as acceptable behavior. Corporations use their size, their money and their team of lawyers to give you the impression that they are the dominant gorilla and you must subserve to their grunts, grumblings, and chest thumpings which entails you giving up your collection of green leaves (money). They want you to feel intimidated just like governments and law enforcement do. What they don't want you to see is that for all their posturing and fear inducement, is that they all have weaknesses.

Wicked step mother (8K) You can't stand toe to toe with a gorilla in their habitat without invoking anger which might turn to violence. If you do, you must be prepared for the violence. It can be a type and level of violence that looking in the mirror does not afford the homosexual's self-inflicted antagonisms, self-doubts and self-recriminations for not exhibiting some ideal of normalcy they do not need to attempt over-compensation for. Homosexuals as well as corporations and government are ill-prepared to deal will a level and type of personified imaging when it shape-shifts and presents them with something other than what they are expecting and desirous of like the Wicked Queen in the fairy tale of Snow White. And if the image is not forthcoming as expected, the presumed beauty becomes one of Macbeth's old crones that wants to poison those and that which it considers to be an obstacle for seeing itself as something pure.... such as in the fanciful notion of a pure or natural homosexual form. The poison apple of choice for many homosexuals is the word "homophobic"... particularly when the woodsmen they sent out decides not to participate in an evil deed against those that are innocent.

Shape-shifting imagery in terms of a projected image of oneself is not a customary consideration because it is thought to be the sole manufacture of some drug-induced hallucination. Those engaged in some form of narcissism (self-love) like religions, corporations, businesses and homosexuals, love themselves in a projected image of their own likeness which could be either (or both) animate as well as inanimate. They have difficulty in seeing past this reflection, as did Narcissus when he gazed at his reflection in a pool of water. In an attempt to see past a single image of themselves, some may strive to see a multiplicity thereof in some distorted form of logic which defines truth through numerosity, such as in a crowd of like-minded others, though all other sensibilities of logic are dismissed as having little relevance to their particular thrusts for "self"-defining.... for establishing some made-up measurement of personal value and worth. If multiple representations of one's narcissism can not be adequately achieved, such as, for example, in a corporation's expansionism, through a country's imperialism, or a religion's edifice (temple, church, etc.) building; they may strive to position themselves in a variety of settings and make a representation thereof such as with a "selfie", or personal portrait. However, for some, a simple picture of oneself with or without peers, may not be enough to capture some believed-in essence they want to believe they exude. Some may seek out distant places (such as through a vacation) and disregard social mores as well as common sense in order to render themselves in a time and place image, regardless of how disrespectful some such acts are of another culture's sensibilities. Only they and like-minded others matter... frequently to be shared by way of some social media channel. Along with such antics may be exhibited an underlying sociopathic inclination that they seek to find some occasion, often with others, for removing social constraints and inhibitions. Nothing is more important than them, than their views, their sexuality, no matter how irrational such ideas are for a culture, a nation, or a species. In short, homosexuality is a form of narcissism... a form of selfie-ism.

Narcissus (16K)
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Narcissism in terms of homosexuality, is self-love projected onto another of one's own gender in a relationship that frequently spouts distinctions of male and female role playing like children playing "mommy and daddy" or "doctor and nurse" or "house". Such games generally have references to sexuality. Some view this as a carry-over from childhood in that the young engage in "relationships", generally with those of their same age and gender... and one person assumes a dominant position. In such a regard, a homosexual might be viewed as someone who, for whatever reason, has not developed beyond a particular stage of childhood.

In terms of heterosexual forms of narcissism, what is often seen is the "his and hers" sameness activities which generally take on such things as wearing (size-differentiated) identical clothing articles, furniture (such as his and hers recliners), foods, medications, nutritional supplements, sports equipment, routines for exercising, entertainment, etc... Such "sameness" in terms of an underlying mirror-imaging narcissism is to be distinguished from activities amongst those who simply share similar interests. Narcissism is a deviated personality along a specific trek, whereas sharing a similarity of interest is a personality with deviations. In other words, the former is centered inward and the latter is centered outward.

reflections (16K) Because they have such a difficulty in seeing past this manufactured image of themselves, despite any cautionary sign, they engage in behavior that is meant to get others to see and agree with the same image, which includes any ideas associated with their perception of the image. If the mirror or pool of water in which the reflection is seen becomes broken or disrupted, they seek some other medium that may not itself have similar reflective properties, but becomes an unalterable stand-in like a photograph, monument, architectural structure, emblem, law, painting or sculpture. And thus the illusion manifests an enlargement of itself into a delusion that seeks confirmation through acceptability.

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The Homosexual Community is working along the same clandestined channels that Corporations often resort to and the Nazis did on a regular basis until such time they no longer cared who saw their questionable activities becoming manifest atrocities and criminality. The Homosexual Community doesn't care what the collective body of citizens think by way of a Referendum, and in fact want to subvert any and all collective opinions except for their own... otherwise: Homosexuals would be calling for a Constitutionally mandated Referendum statute!

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