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Some homosexuals no doubt have given up on the effort to seek some semblance of being accredited with a "normalcy that 'just' has a different perspective" on what having a relationship means in terms of interacting with someone of their own gender in more than 'just' a non-parental or non-relative familiar friendship manner. And though there is no greatly established link between cause and effect, some nonetheless scour the pages of written history in an attempt to identify homosexuals who have been noted as having some "normally" recognized attribute of talent, giftedness, or genius. The Narcissistic characters of some Homosexuals has even tried to claim themselves as an evolved "third" species!

In their mind, such noted people are those who or may not have had an actual homosexual orientation, but were claimed as such by those seeking to disparage them; perhaps because of some jealousy or retribution for having been intellectually bested during a social encounter. In fact, the historian themselves may have been the prime accuser of someone who simply practiced celibacy. Whereas homosexuals might readily disbelieve many other accounts of history, when it comes to a presumed homosexual, they are as gullible as a child. If they can't be recognized has being normal, in their own way, on their own terms; then they want to be super-normal in an attempt to console themselves or try to alleviate pangs of self-reproach and low self-esteem by claiming they are engaging in a behavior which enables them to apprehend and possess some unique above normal perspective of a seldom recognized reality that all the world would be better off if they shared in their sexual orientation. Compensatory behaviors take on many forms.

It is a terrible shame for someone; be they homo- or heterosexual, who relates to others and navigates themselves within the world, primarily in accord with an over-riding sexual orientation at the expense or exclusion (deliberate or otherwise) of existing sensory modalities.

If such is the case, and might well seriously be looked at as an expression of some person-specific dysfunctionality that has been overlooked for far too long; then the homosexual might well be interpreted as representing someone who is functionally "challenged" just are those with more observable, recognized, and understood handicaps (hearing, speech, dexterity, attention, gait, bowel/bladder control, etc...), and should be given the appropriate legal rights and assistance as are given other disability groups. The "specialness" some homosexuals want to interpret themselves as having, such as an intellectual sensitivity or some other vaguely defined attribute; may in fact be better associated with a compensatory act similar to the heightening of one sense when another sense is in what might be referred to as a "deferred" development... like the right hemisphere being used for a "speech center" when the typical left hemisphere location is dysfunctional; although left-handed individuals are said to sometimes have a dominant right hemisphere with a right hemisphere center for language and that "stunted" left handedness could precipitate a speech disorder.

Otherwise, it can easily be inferred that homosexuality is not a uniquely definable sensibility nor sensuality in terms of sensory imbued information contrasted with a more "normalized" person, though they might want to contend otherwise... that is of course, if we aren't all some expression of (or express) a person, gene, or culture-specific disability; then, from a psychoanalytical perspective, homosexuality might well more so be an expression of a personalized fixation at 'a' (one or more) particular psycho-sexual development stage(s).

And on the basis of a psychoanalytical approach applied to all of humanity, all of us may be not but differing enclaves of dysfunctionality, with the different religions, philosophies, governments, etc., (perhaps) as attempts to improve the species; while some such activities might well be intermittently occurring aggressive attempts to improve a regression to an earlier dysfunctional state by way of a larger body of like-mindedness (or like-mad—ness, like-insaneness, etc...). For example, a group's words may be interpreted to suggest improvement but their collective actions, like a herd, are directed towards a cliff into which many, if not all must fall because of the group's momentum.

The same word, person, activity, etc., can be one person's idea of good and another person's idea of bad. Some individuals, or groups such as Nazi Germany, may have been sincere in their desire to improve humanity, but the way in which they went about it was unabashed cruelty and what some might call the expression of decriminalized insanity for socio-pathic psychotics. (For example, whereas an individual may be an everyday variety of [periodic, "white-lies", occasional, frequent or even compulsive] liar on the one hand but then become a psycho-pathological liar when their lying inflicts injury on themselves or another such as taking money, property, etc., under false pretenses.) Being cruel is not a prerequisite for improving the species or anything else. But neither is the psycho-pathological assertion of a minority's claim to rights in which the majority's right to voice its opinion in opposition to, is badgered into silence.

It's of interest to note that the mentality of humans has not really progressed that much from its more primitive social past. Like in days of old, when someone living today starts making a claim against another (person, person's property, group, institution, business, government, religion, etc.) for some perceived impropriety, even if others see the same impropriety but do not speak up; then the person making the claim becomes viewed as having something wrong with them if two or more of the accused begin to accuse them of having an improper perspective.

3 bikes (9K) It's like a child being thrown into a dungeon because they pointed out that the King was parading through town without any clothes on and everybody could see the same thing but no one said anything... not even the child's parents who are supposed to be the child's greatest advocates! Freedom of speech isn't being preserved in its forthright form, it's being contoured to fit the psychopathology of the group with the loudest voice attacking its dissenters with the same (such as "homophobic") weapon of choice as if it were a battering ram. Such batterers might well be in position to have hot tar and oil dumped on them, followed by an igniting torch.

If Homosexuals are permitted to have the loudest and longest enduring voice, this might well become the accepted adopted standard; and those who don't exhibit their perspective will become unnormal, strange, weird, anti-social and may even be bullied, beaten, incarcerated, hospitalized for "their" own good, or even killed... by some socially acceptable "accident" (and claimed: "It was out of my hands."). Such a process of mental standardization sometimes starts very early in age under various circumstances and guises. Freedom of speech, thought, feeling, etc., are not as free as most people might be inclined to imagine. Though we might want to "professionally" label it as socialization or enculteration, it is nonetheless a given era's form of brainwashing. The Homosexual "community" is attempting to standardize its own brand of brainwashing techniques.

frog (27K) Those inclined towards a lynch mob-styled mental reflex become accustomed to reacting spontaneously without a single moment's reflection because they become predators. Like a spider, a snake, or frog that uses its tongue to lasso some unsuspecting insect; they camouflage themselves with words and phrases suggesting themselves to be as innocent as a field of nectar-filled flowers, as sensitive and benign advocates of an enlightened mentality, and even an unrecognized offshoot of the human lineage that should have its separate distinction called the third gender... whereby they should be protected as an endangered species. It's all a con game using similar tactics like those who were involved with deceptive business practices when the internet was (and still is) being used as a "front" (camouflage) to conduct activities which took advantage of the unsuspecting. (Governments use such words as Communism, Democracy, Socialism, patriotism, freedom, liberty, justice, national anthems, flags, etc., as a small part of its camouflaging ensemble; and religions as well as businesses engage in their own varieties.)

Those harboring a prolonged lynch mob-styled mentality which becomes standardized into being defined as a perspective of normalcy, makes them blind to the infiltration of those who pretend to be "one of them" if not in their sexual orientation, then some other acceptable perspective of like-mindedness. Homosexuals and other minority groups are so hungry for converts to their "cause" they naively perceive anyone who is marching, walking, talking, eating, (even sleeping), living next door, yelling or screaming along with them, that these people are on their side and do not have some ulterior motive that is attempting to use the "Homosexual movement" as a vehicle for their own interests; which may be nothing more than carrying out the requests of those who are paying for the infiltration.

Such infiltrators may have agendas that involve the instigation of a larger social discord for the purpose of creating conditions so that their employer makes money or acquires a certain piece of property. If not discord, then they want to create a division as a social distraction in order to conceal the movement and effects of that and those who might otherwise be in the public's view. Such a division and discord keeps the public from adopting a concerted effort and organization to bring about positive changes in governing policies. The patrons and mentors of the infiltrators fear a concerted public effort in any governing process which they can not manipulate by way of positioning themselves in key authoritative spots if the "movement" should actually accomplish anything beyond its tactics of brow beating, bullying, and bombastic protestations. They want to be in position during the formative moments as a point of persuading the "community" they were there in the beginning, in the trenches, in the mud and guts and therefore make good candidates for leadership... a leadership for other social and sexual mud wallowers.

The tax burden of a family unit brought about by a heterosexual orientation, even when there are tax exemptions in place, amounts to a gargantuan financial responsibility that homosexuals want to be excluded from having to participate in. And to stave off the knee-jerk reactions of those homosexuals or homosexual advocates who are little more than mules with blinders on. (The word "financial" in the present sense is being largely, but not exclusively used, metaphorically.) Homosexuals are consumers of and not participators in a Nation's future population. They want more and more presumed latent homosexuals to see some "proverbial homosexual light" in order to join in the "homosexual cause", heedless to the realization that less and less children are produced; under various rationales of over-population, dwindling resources, too many homeless children, etc... Homosexuality adds to the burdens of a Nation's future. If a Nation's minority of homosexuals wins the ability of becoming the majority perspective, then the Nation itself becomes a minority that eventually recedes into oblivion.

Homosexuals are not exempt from the actions of any person or group resorting to its own form of twisted-to-their perspective logic, by referring to a person who dislikes homosexuals a person who is homophobic. The homosexual "community", like many other communities not engaging in moments of deep self-reflection, is rife with hypocrisy. But theirs is an hypocrisy they are trying to badger others to adopt as an unimpeachable rationale.

  • On the one hand they speak of a misunderstood conception of love, compassion and soul-entrenched intimacy, and yet they attack with the viciousness of a rabid animal.
  • On the one hand the male and female homosexuals want separate identities and thus use the words "Homosexual" for males and "Lesbian" for females, yet the singular word "Homophobic" is used to describe all (both males and females) who disagree with their lifestyle.

While it may be true that some people express anger and hatred towards homosexuals as a concealment for their own underlying inclinations towards having sexually-linked affections for someone of their own gender, many people have affections that are not sexually-oriented. Hence, the word "Homophobic" is being used just as myopically as those who use the word "Nigger" to describe their dislike of some or all blacks, or "Infidel" for those who don't share the same religious orientation. It is little different than a group of children participating in a concerted effort of engaging in an "arbitrarily-specific" game of "you've got the cooties" name calling. While the so-called "community" of homosexuals and lesbians want to view themselves as sensitive, loving, enlightened and want everyone else to adopt their perspective as an acceptable (and thus "normal") world-view, they haven't even the intelligence to establish a singular word to describe themselves in accord with their presentiments of superiority; as in the case of all peoples of Earth being singularly described as 'humanity'. Surely the intellectual elite of their ilk can come up with a word to coherently describe their single-mindedness. We could call them Lesbo-sexuals, or Hom(o)les-sexuals, or, get them to develop a word which looks past the childish preoccupation with their sexuality as if they are children playing "house", "mommy and daddy", or "Doctor".

Like so many Nazi assertions, if an idea does not pass the muster of a homosexual review, they want it to be altered until such time that it resonates with an underlying over-bearing homosexual advocacy; and yet be concealed from having effected any form of intimidation. They want "equality" in so much as they have a dominant say, and can prevent any and all lesser minorities from becoming a voice which over-shadows their own. They want to be the leader of all minority perspectives and mold them in such a way as to be used as an alternative tool to start an argument for their singular objective. Metaphorically, they want to become THE mainstream business, government and religious entity in that they want their own homosexual by-laws, their own homosexual constitution, and their own homosexual bible that must be owned and worshiped by every household as an acceptable and exceptional syllogistic truism.

They want their own homosexual flag, their own homosexual national anthem, their own homosexual currency, their own homosexual banking system, their own homosexual credit card, their own homosexual radio and television stations, their own homosexual Hollywood, their own homosexual internet and computer language, their own homosexual university and public school system, their own homosexual armed forces, their own homosexual city, their own homosexual Olympic's, their own homosexual dictionary, their own homosexual state, their own homosexual hospitals and homosexual medical staff, and their own homosexual nation... distinct, separate, but equal to all other nations (whom they want to supply them with more homosexuals). In short, they want everything and everyone to revolve around their world-view like some early church doctrine... and when they reactively attempt to argue a diametrically opposed contrast to such a listing, their blinders prevent them from seeing this as an itemizable argument advocating for this very same singularity of orientation!

Homosexuals want their perspective to be a new Manifest Destiny like that once used by the U.S. government in support of its view for having the right to claim and expand into any territory it wanted, even that which was owned by Native Americans. Homosexuals want to assimilate (and not be assimilated by) others into their world-view, just as the American government forced Native Americans to accept its views. The American government cheated, lied to, bribed, murdered and herded Native Americans into accepting its views just as Homosexuals are attempting to do in many respects, to the larger public in a reverse order sort of way. And like the U.S. government which was and remains backed by self-defined legalities supported by a plutocratically-driven administration, homosexuals likewise seek a legitimacy of purpose and deed if they can manipulate the wealthy, political and religious to see things their way. Theirs is not a symbiotic mutuality that is sought, but a sprawling egotistical effervescence which exclaims a preponderance that is laughably labeled equality.

Like a clinging vine which embraces the usage of a floral camouflage that conceals an underlying act of smothering; homosexuality is, in effect, just another form of socially parasitic venereal disease that is being permitted to grow as a culture in an interactive three-sectioned petri dish called Communism, Democracy and Socialism. And like the three stages of Syphilis, if the appropriate social anti-biotic such as a Cenocracy is not administered soon and plentiful enough, its actions of deforming the host body might well reach its most tertiary stage of exacerbation and further erode the foundations of society... if it is permitted to become THE, or one of the dominant cultural perspectives it is striving for, despite what a Referendum would say.

(It should be noted, some observers believe human societies are already crumbling for various reasons, with homosexuality but a minor example.)

In order to gain a greater foothold in their striving for a dominant social position as "a preeminent alternative lifestyle", homosexuals very often adopt the practice of enlisting the help of one or more other minorities... refashioning and re-defining a perceived wrong or injustice along lines which is fortuitous for their own strivings. Like disparate marauding clans of old that would band together against a more dominant figure... at least until such time as it was conquered and each minority began to assert itself as THE dominant presence which then gave them the right to eliminate all rivals. To such an end, we very often see an alignment between those asserting a homosexual perspective (whether or not they are in fact actually homosexual), and the experiences of black peoples... particularly those in America whose ancestry was one of slavery. Fortunately, many blacks do not let themselves be taken in by the subterfuge. They know all too well that the struggles of blacks is wholly different in substance, deed and depth from that which is viewed as a myopic perversion of one's humanity that is not towards... but is against humanity... in the sense that a homosexual orientation is antithetical to human existence when viewed in the light of procreation.

Yet, some view the presumed increase in anti-procreation as part of a larger disintegration and homo-sexuality and its like-minded brethren are mere expressions of an overall deteriorating planet and planetary system.

Just as most blacks are not niggers and nor are they homosexuals, they would not readily sell their soul to the wailings of the devil's emissary, or the devil himself by advocating that which is not pro-life; but is in actuality, an avocation of pro-obsolescence if the homosexual perspective becomes the dominant life-style not only amongst humans, but all life forms.

Very seldom has it been considered that the centuries long struggles of blacks may be a God-directed program of training. A means of preparing humanity for a time in which an indomitable spirit, a wider vision of mental magnanimity, a compassionate stature of heart, and a devil-defying strength of soul coupled with an endurance of body, will be needed to shoulder a far greater burden. But the Black struggle has always been one which advocates a pro-humanity. Homo-sexuality, on the other hand, if realized to its full extent, will be the extinction of all life. The Black struggle for equal rights was several magnitudes distant from that which is being sought by homosexuals. To be equated as a parity is just another point of slavery by homosexuals trying to force them into a servitude for their cause.

The present human-practiced homosexual perspective is a disrespect for humanity. It seeks to use all of humanity, and in particular, the past and present struggles of Blacks, as a self-centered reverberated cadence meant as the march to a drum-beat of servitude for its single-mindedness. It is a cancerous disease that must be excised. Whereas many different kinds of diseases and poisons exist in the world in various forms, they do not attempt to assert themselves as a preeminence. But when the natural forms of Congressional checks and balances do not assist us because the present form of government needs to be replaced... (America needs a Cenocracy), then We The People must take it upon ourselves to be that which, in effect, will be much like the very effective underground during the era of the Nazis.

Homosexuality Movement, Be Not Proud

Homosexuality Movement, be not proud, though some have called thee:
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow,
you have not yet died poor Homosexuality, nor yet canst thou kill humanity.

From distress and weeping, which but thy pictures be,
Much displeasure; then from thee much more must unfortunately flow,
And soonest though some men and women with thee do go,
Rest of their scarred flesh, bones, and blackened soul's delivery.

Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and a desperate ken,
And dost with poison, war, insanity and sickness dwell;
And using drugs or tongue lashings so that many will not tell
And better than thy neurotic stroke; why swell'st thou then?

One short sleep past this Age Of Irrationality; Humanity wakes eternally,
And Homosexuality shall be no more; Homosexuality, thou shalt die.

The poem is an adaptation from John Donne's (1572-1631) poem entitled "Death, Be Not Proud." Here is one link:

--- John Donne ---

It is rather disgusting to witness public (peer) pressure being placed on those whose disagreeing opinion about homosexuality (or any topic) is viewed as a social disgrace, but that the usage of such pressure is not. It is pathetically ridiculous to think that everyone who practices homosexuality, heterosexuality, or otherwise, is exercising their activity based on some normalcy that is viable to one's culture, nation or species. There are those who experience problems with their sexuality regardless of their preference or orientation. People should be permitted to voice their interpretations of a topic whether or not it is found to be an acceptable to a desired social standard or not. This is how beliefs and morals are established. Trying to impose one's belief(s) on one or more others without them being able to exercise their free will, is much like the ignorant formula of voting that is being used. If homosexuality is so great, good and wonderful as some believe it is, then homosexuals and their advocates should have no problem with bringing the topic to a public vote that is free from all the political nonsense so many social topics are inter-weaved with. Homosexuals don't want to hear the actual opinion of the collective citizenry, they want to develop an undermining social acceptance amongst the few who hold political, legal and journalistic positions which are ganged-up on. Homosexuals are hypocrites. Let us all Hail their brand of Nazism! Hiel Homosexuality! Let us all participate in a more promising future for all humanity by adopting the homosexual mentality! Sieg Heil!!!

It should be noted that for some, their "coming out" expression of homosexuality is illegitimate because it preeminently represents a form of defiance towards one or more social traditions that they find wanting for one reason or another... Such a statement is a point of departure for those so-called homosexuals privy to a nearness of political service activity by way of an appointment or election that either they or someone they are in close contact with from time to time, leave an open window or door for them to peer into. In short, they become disheartened by witnessing the very many behind-the-scenes political processes which are wholly felt to be dishonest, from their sensibilities which may have born from the same illusions taught to so many of us in the public school system. Yet, the "homosexual" identity of belonging to a group of presumed like-minded others does little to alter the actual underlying troubles of a social structure they ineffectively perceive or much less articulate. Only a new form of social self-governance, a New Government... a Cenocracy, can do this.

A Cenocracy (New Government), is a structural change so that issues such as homosexuality, rape, child molestation, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, voting, candidate selection, etc., can be addressed by way of a larger public forum and voted on by the public... which is followed by law enactment of the results. Any and all issues that the public want to address can be discussed, voted on and then put into practice by way of a law. This in no way implies that social issues will be solved, resolved or answered by a single Referendum voting occurrence. It may take several... each centered on improving the first if it is felt to be inadequate, or other unforeseen issues arise. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes. Lots of ideas that people have are idealistic and well intentioned, but will not work well when applied to given circumstances. Some ideas are person(s), place(s), and time(s) specific, even though the language employed in the description of an assumed solution to a social issue has a "Universal-centered" application. Present governing structures fail to take advantage of the larger pool of experience, intelligence and wisdom which exists in the public sphere. Cenocracy permits the people to really, truly, honestly, sincerely, and factually help themselves. It re-enfranchises everyone.

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